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Overview of the Collection

Burt, Olive Woolley
Olive Woolley Burt photograph collection
1835-1969 (inclusive)
1009 photographs, slides and negatives
Collection Number
The Olive Woolley Burt photograph collection consists of photographs used by Olive Burt as research for her works, many have been reproduced in various books and articles. Included are over 1,000 photographs of Olive Burt and members of her family.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 801-581-8863
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Twenty-four hour advanced notice encouraged. Materials must be used on-site. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.


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Olive Woolley Burt has written over fifty books beginning with Choice Recitation for Grammar Grades to her most recent Rescued! America's Endangered Wildlife on the Comeback Trail published in 1980. She has received recognition from the State Historical Society, 1964, University of Utah and Sigma Delta Chi, 1965, national League of American Pen Women, 1966, and 1967 Delta Kappa Gamma "Woman of the Year."

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This collection contains photographs from her books and articles and negatives; also slides of miscellaneous subjects.

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The library does not claim to control copyright for all materials in the collection. An individual depicted in a reproduction has privacy rights as outlined in Title 45 CFR, part 46 (Protection of Human Subjects). For further information, please review the J. Willard Marriott Library’s Use Agreement and Reproduction Request forms.

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Collection Name, Collection Number, Box Number, Folder Number. Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah.

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This collection is arranged topically and includes two addendums.

Separated Materials

Audio-visual materials were transferred to the Olive Woolley Burt audio-visual collection (A0244).

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 1-4
"Coal: Black Sunshine"
Photograph number 1-50: Pictures and illustration from Burt's book, Coal: Black Sunshine
1 5
"Ghost Towns"
Photograph number 51-54: Photographs from Ghost Towns
1 6-20
"How the Horse Helped Build America "
Photograph number 55-285: Various photographs and illustration used in Burt's book How the Horse Helped Build America

AnimalsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
2 21
Good Mothers
Photograph number 286-301: Pictures of various animals mothering different kinds of animals.
2 22-23
Photograph number 302-324: Various pictures of cats used for news articles
2 24-28
Photograph number 325-355: Various pictures of dogs for news itemsPhotograph number 356: Franklin D. Roosevelt with his dog Scotty out for a drive in the park, October 23, 1944.Photograph number 357-395: Various pictures of dogs for news stories.
2 29-30
Photograph number 396-412: NASA photographs of monkeys being used in the space program.Photograph number 413-419: Various photographs of monkeys used in news stories.
2 31
Animals, Prehistoric
Photograph number 420-422: Postcards of Vernal QuarryPhotograph number 423- 427: Dinosaur exhibits and art
2 32-39
Photograph number 428-544: Various pictures in a variety of settings for news stories.
2 40
Photograph number 545-558: Pictures of squirrels for news stories

Agriculture, Boats, Copper Industry, Aircraft, Miscellaneous, and DuplicatesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
3 41-42
Agriculture photographs
Photograph number 559-581: Various photographs of machinery and fields
3 43
Boats and ships
Photograph number 582: "Almota"Photograph number 583: "Lewiston"Photograph number 584: "Inland Empire"Photograph number 585: Steamboats at Lewiston.Photograph number 586: Celilo Fleet at Spokane with unidentified captainPhotograph number 587: Portrait of Captain Arthur RiggsPhotograph number 588: First steamer on the Colorado River.Photograph number 589: A beached boat.Photograph number 590: Steamer "Annie Faxon"Photograph number 591: "Annie Faxon" the day after a boiler explosionPhotograph number 592: Tow men at the helm of a boatPhotograph number 593: "John Gates"Photograph number 594: "Twin Cities"
3 44
Christmas Photographs
Photograph number 595:Photograph number 596: Christmas card display showing how Santa had changed through the yearsPhotograph number 597: Santa with a childPhotograph number 598: Illustration for "Santa and the Baby Sitter"Photograph number 599-602: Letters to SantaPhotograph number 603: Santa reading a letter.Photograph number 604-606: Christmas decorationsPhotograph number 607-608: Pictures of Santa Claus, Indiana
3 45
Circus Photographs
Photograph number 609: Monkey on a bicycle.Photograph number 610-614: Emmett Kelly creating a new clown face.Photograph number 615: Emmett Kelly's clown with a melancholy expressionPhotograph number 616-617: Emmett Kelly with author Joan ShepherdPhotograph number 618-620: Pictures of the Barnum and Bailey Circus Personnel
3 46-49
Copper Industry
Photograph number 621-633: photos from the Anglo-American Corporation projects in central Africa.Photograph number 634-644: Photos of machinery and their uses.Photograph number 645-654: Photos of things copper has been used in.Photograph number 655-658: Unidentified people and placesPhotograph number 659-662: Photos from Anaconda Copper CompanyPhotograph number 663: Gaspe open pit mine in Quebec.Photograph number 664: Mining in Bingham, UtahPhotograph number 665: Tunnel in a local mine.Photograph number 666-667: Kennecott Copper photos
3 50-51
Easter Events
Photograph number 668-673: Yagui Easter Ceremonial in Tuscan, ArizonaPhotograph number 674: Red Rocks ParkPhotograph number 675-676: Unidentified scenesPhotograph number 677-680: Provo Easter PageantPhotograph number 681-682: Unidentified scenesPhotograph number 683-686: Zion Park Easter Pageant, 1937-1940.
3 52
Photograph number 687-695: Various photographs from NASA
3 53-57
World War II Aircraft
Photograph number 696: Mary Churchill christening the new flying fortress, "Stage Door Canteen."Photograph number 697: Jackie Shea writing his name on the prow of the U.S.S. Shea (Super-destroyer named for his father)Photograph number 698: Sergeant Morley Ward Dangerfield of Salt Lake City, displaying a captured Japanese flag.Photograph number 699: Ogden Air Service Command at Hill Air Force Base.Photograph number 700-705: Various photos of planes in formationsPhotograph number 706: "Hells Angels"Photograph number 707-710: "Suzy-Q"Photograph number 711-713: Flying Fortress "Dottie Jane"Photograph number 714: Flying Fortress, "Knockout Dropper"Photograph number 715: Boeing Fortress, 'A Merry Can"Photograph number 716-718: Boeing Fortress, "The Swoose"Photograph number 719: B-19Photograph number 720: "Skymaster"Photograph number 721: Air Group Commanders with a scoreboard of toll in the Japanese South Pacific.Photograph number 722: "Desert Warrior"Photograph number 723: "Here's Howe"Photograph number 724-725: American Airborne troops kneel in prayer beside their glider, "Leakin Deacon"Photograph number 726: "The Flying White House"Photograph number 727: Lt. Colonel Clarence A. Shoop climbing out of his Lockhead Lightning P-38.Photograph number 728: Lockhead LightningPhotograph number 729: "Dear John"Photograph number 730: Major Richard I. Bong, first flying ace of World War II.Photograph number 731: "Loretta Young"Photograph number 732-737: SB2C Curtis Navy Helldriver.Photograph number 738: USAF Lightning P-38 after midair collision.Photograph number 739: Lockhead P-38, first plane to land in Dutch New Guinea.Photograph number 740-748: Unidentified World War II plane photos.
3 58
Photograph number 749: United States Capitol Building.Photograph number 750: Statue of Abraham Lincoln.Photograph number 751: Unidentified picturePhotograph number 752: Photo of lilies titles "Consider the Lily" by Willard Luce of Provo.Photograph number 753: Unidentified speaker with a marine guard.Photograph number 754: Unidentified parachutist.
3 59
3 60
Photograph number 755: Display about book Brigham Young (published 1956), January, 1962.Photograph number 756: Display about book Cloud Girl (Published 1951), January, 1962.Photograph number 757: Book Annals of Murder by Thomas McDade.Photograph number 758: Book American Murder Ballads (published 1958) by Olive Wooller Burt.Photograph number 759: Book Encyclopedia of Murder by Colin Wilson and Pat Pitman.Photograph number 760: Helen Collins in Haxton Place, Salt Lake City, 1963.Photograph number 761: Press Women's Convention, Brown County, Indiana, June 1963Photograph number 762: Thwnya Church in front of Old Ferguson Home, Brown County, IndianaPhotograph number 763: Tour Bus, Press Women's Convention, Indiana, 1963.Photograph number 764: Florence Hayes at Pen Women's Convention, April 1964.Photograph number 765: Anne Hafen and Florence Hayes in group at Pen Women's Convention, April 1964.Photograph number 766: Karl Hafen's house near Washington D.C., 1964.Photograph number 767: Karl and Pat Hafen, 1964.Photograph number 768: Ramona Weeks and husband at WAA Convention, Portland, Oregon, 1964.Photograph number 769: Mari Sandoz at WAA Convention, 1964.Photograph number 770: Paul Bailey and Nelson Nye at WAA Convention, 1964Photograph number 771: Rutherford Montgomery at WAA Convention, 1964Photograph number 772-773: Lunch at Dionysius Restaurant as guests of the Athens Press Association, 1967.Photograph number 774: Press Women on Antelope Island, 1968.

Addendum IReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
Box 1 of addendum I 1
Olive Woolley Burt
Photograph number 1-3: PortraitsPhotograph number 4-6: Olive with friendsPhotograph number 7-16: On trips
Box 1 of addendum I 2
Photos taken on trips
Photograph number 17-30: People and places
Box 1 of addendum I 3
Crime articles
Photograph number 31: Tombstone of Pearl BrianPhotograph number 32-44: Esther Lee Lewis murder photos.
Box 1 of addendum I 4-6
Illustrations from "Danube I"
Photograph number 45-68: Industry and CommercePhotograph number 69-82: Museum piecesPhotograph number 83-86: RoadsPhotograph number 87-96: SceneryPhotograph number 97-134: BuildingsPhotograph number 135-154: DrawingsPhotograph number 155-210: People
Box 1 of addendum I 7-8
Illustrations from "Danube II"
Photograph number 211-221: Industry and CommercePhotograph number 222-228: SceneryPhotograph number 229-242: BuildingsPhotograph number 243-266: Museum piecesPhotograph number 267-294: PeoplePhotograph number 295-297: Maps
Box 1 of addendum I 9
Illustrations from "National Roads"
Photograph number 298-304: BuildingsPhotograph number 305-325: MapsPhotograph number 326-335: PeoplePhotograph number 336-343: SceneryPhotograph number 344-349: Business and CommercePhotograph number 350-352: Historic SitesPhotograph number 353-355: Miscellaneous
Box 1 of addendum I 10-11
Illustrations from "Old America Comes Alive"
Photograph number 356-371: PeoplePhotograph number 372-377: Written documentsPhotograph number 378-381: Ships and BoatsPhotograph number 382-386: MiscellaneousPhotograph number 387-430: Buildings
Box 1 of addendum I 12-13
Illustrations from "Peter's Sugar Farm"
Photograph number 431-434: Sugar beetsPhotograph number 435-448: FarmingPhotograph number 449-464: MachineryPhotograph number 465-469: Navajo workersPhotograph number 470-490: Processing and productionPhotograph number 491-493: Miscellaneous
Box 1 of addendum I 14
From "Snake Branding" file (Dr. Angus Woodbury)
Photograph number 494-495: Woodbury with snakePhotograph number 496: Photographer
Box 2 of addendum I 1
Photograph number 497: Edgar GuestPhotograph number 498: Carl SandbergPhotograph number 499-504: Osa JohnsonPhotograph number 505: Emily DickensonPhotograph number 506: Charles DickensPhotograph number 507: Zane GreyPhotograph number 508: William FaulknerPhotograph number 509: Margaret MitchellPhotograph number 510: John SteinbeckPhotograph number 511: Orson WellesPhotograph number 512: Irvin S. CobbPhotograph number 513: Sinclair LewisPhotograph number 514: L. A. WadsworthPhotograph number 515: Eugene O'NeillPhotograph number 516-518: Edgar Rice BurroughsPhotograph number 519-522: Edith Hamlin DixonPhotograph number 523-524: Willard LucePhotograph number 525: Daniel Webster
Box 2 of addendum I 2
Basques in Idaho
Photograph number 526-544: PeoplePhotograph number 545-551: Sheep
Box 2 of addendum I 3
Bray, Lawrence (Utah Organ Builder)
Photograph number 552: Bray with organPhotograph number 553-556: Bray working on organs
Box 2 of addendum I 4
Browning, John, Firearms Inventor
Photograph number 557: John BrowningPhotograph number 558: Browning Family in front of Ogden storePhotograph number 559-560: Browning familyPhotograph number 561-571: WeaponsPhotograph number 572-578: Armed services
Box 2 of addendum I 5
Early Utah Artists
Photograph number 579: Donald Beauregard portraitPhotograph number 580: Beauregard tombstonePhotograph number 581-585: Negatives of paintings by Beard of Coleville, Utah.
Box 2 of addendum I 6
Gilson, Sam, Discoverer of Gilsonite deposits in Utah
Photograph number 586-589: PortraitsPhotograph number 590-591: Paintings of GilsonPhotograph number 592-593: Portrait of Wife
Box 2 of addendum I 7
Hill, Joe, (Joseph Hilstrum)
Photograph number 594-597: HilstrumPhotograph number 598-601: John LinelbergPhotograph number 602-604: F. G. AndersonPhotograph number 605: Painting of Hilstrum's DeathPhotograph number 606-627: Newspaper clippings concerning Hilstrum (negs only)Photograph number 628: William Spry
Box 2 of addendum I 8
Hitler, Adolf, Julius Streicher
Photograph number 629-635: Hitler with Julius StreicherPhotograph number 636-340: StreicherPhotograph number 641: Leni Riefenstahl
Box 2 of addendum I 9-10
Photograph number 642-644: Indian groups with white menPhotograph number 645-647: Chief OurayPhotograph number 648: Cotoan-son of OurayPhotograph number 649: Chief SantaquinPhotograph number 650: Chief TabbyPhotograph number 651: Douglas (Ute Indian)Photograph number 652: Chief WashakiePhotograph number 653-658: IndiansPhotograph number 659-661: Indian grave sitesPhotograph number 662: Prehistoric Indian potPhotograph number 663: Uncle Sam (Ute Chief)Photograph number 664: Susan, sister of Ouray, wife of Chief JohnstonPhotograph number 665: Buckskin CharlyPhotograph number 666-667: Students at the Intermountain Indian School, Brigham City, UtahPhotograph number 668-674: IndiansPhotograph number 675-679: Hopi Snake Dance
Box 2 of addendum I 11
Indian Dwellings
Photograph number 680-684: Navajo hogansPhotograph number 685-696: Cliff DwellingsPhotograph number 697: Mud Structure
Box 2 of addendum I 12
Jackson, William H.
Photograph number 698: Camp Party, 1888Photograph number 699: Mesa VerdePhotograph number 700: Coalville, UtahPhotograph number 701: "Lower Falls: A View of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone from Red Point"Photograph number 702: Fremont Peak, Wyoming by W. H. Jackson 1878Photograph number 703: A water fall in the High MountainsPhotograph number 704: Mt Olympus in the Salt Lake Valley, 1870sPhotograph number 705: Paintings of handcart companies fording a riverPhotograph number 706: Photo of Jackson developing prints in 1872. Taken while on an expedition for the United States Geological survey
Box 2 of addendum I 13
Local Figures
Photograph number 707: John "Portugee" Phillips, remembered for his role in trying to save Fort Phil KearneyPhotograph number 708: Bedlam HallPhotograph number 709: John RenoPhotograph number 710: Jedediah Strong Smith, sketch made after his deathPhotograph number 711: Captain B.L.E. Bonneville (negatives only), established Fort Bonneville on the Green River, 1832Photograph number 712: Pioneer Family, supposed discoverers of Rainbow Bridge (neg only)Photograph number 713: W. J. Welles, on his missionPhotograph number 714: Billy HayPhotograph number 715: Buffalo Bill (William Cody) with exploration party of Utahns
Box 2 of addendum I 14
National Figures
Photograph number 716-717: Amelia Earhart, 2nd photo of Earhart and husband at the Salt Lake Airtport.Photograph number 718: Grover Cleveland and sonPhotograph number 719: Clare Booth Luce on a Capri beach as United States Ambassador to Italy, 1953Photograph number 720: Dwight D. Eisenhower with David O. McKay.
Box 2 of addendum I 15
Utah Lawmen
Photograph number 721: Carbon County Sheriff S. Marion Bliss, April 23, 1945.Photograph number 722: Ernest E. Caldwell Salt Lake County Deputy SheriffPhotograph number 723: LeRoy Young, Sheriff, Monticello, UtahPhotograph number 724: "Chief" ?Photograph number 725: R. C. Jackson with a rogue's gallery of Salt Lake CountyPhotograph number 726: Police department with a table of possibly stolen itemsPhotograph number 727: "Investigator Jackson shows the 'Narcotic Coin,' a nickel hollowed out to hold drugs, but so neatly contrived that it can be used in a parking meter of telephone.Photograph number 728: "The Inventor of the Iron Claw demonstrates it's value"
Box 2 of addendum I 16
Utah Paces and People
Photograph number 729: Salt Lake Tribune editorial office, circa 1928.Photograph number 730-731: Farming (color transparencies)Photograph number 732: FarmingPhotograph number 733: Mulberry treePhotograph number 734-735: Utah residents
Box 2 of addendum I 17
Utah-Arizona Polygamy
Photograph number 736-739: Residents of Short Creek, ArizonaPhotograph number 740-741: Polygamous wives from Salt LakePhotograph number 742-752: Polygamous husbands who were arrested, convicted and sent to the Utah State PrisonPhotograph number 753-754: Polygamous familiesPhotograph number 755-757: Polygamists' homes
Box 2 of addendum I 18
Utah Women
Photograph number 758: Sally Kanosh, wife of Chief Kanosh and adopted daughter of Brigham YoungPhotograph number 759: Kate ShelleyPhotograph number 760: Eliza R. Snow, Mormon PoetessPhotograph number 761: Emmaline B. Wells, portraitPhotograph number 762: Emma SmithPhotograph number 763: Rumania Bernnel Pratt M.D.Photograph number 764: Clara D. YoungPhotograph number 765: Zina D. Huntington, 3rd General President of the Relief SocietyPhotograph number 766: Lucy Mack SmithPhotograph number 767: Plaque commemorating Utah women in the manufacturing of silkPhotograph number 768: Maiden's Grave markerPhotograph number 769: Mrs. Adolf HeufferPhotograph number 770: Mrs. Heber M. Wells, dress she wore to inaugural ball 1896 (date of photo unknown)Photograph number 771: Miriam Hemingway
Box 3 of addendum I 1
Photograph number 772-774: White HillsPhotograph number 775: Tombstone, before 1880Photograph number 776-777: JeromePhotograph number 778: First telegraph station in ArizonaPhotograph number 779: Two Mill stones located in Pipe Springs National MonumentPhotograph number 780: Territorial Prison, Yuma, 1955
Box 3 of addendum I 2
Photograph number 781-787: CalicoPhotograph number 788-790: ColumbiaPhotograph number 791-793: AllensworthPhotograph number 794: Grand Mountain Bar, gold mining community, 1849
Box 3 of addendum I 3
Idaho (and 7 negs)
Photograph number 795-812: Idaho City, 1952Photograph number 813-815: Kent Frost shooting rapids of the Snake RiverPhotograph number 816-817: FarmingPhotograph number 818: Sacajawea Museum, Spalding, Idaho.Photograph number 819: JarbridgePhotograph number 820: CuprumPhotograph number 821: Desk of Idaho Senator William E. Borah, Boise
Box 3 of addendum I 4-5
Photograph number 822-827: Virginia City, former boom townPhotograph number 828-831: Goldfield, gold boom townPhotograph number 832-836: Rochester, gold boom townPhotograph number 837-840: Tuscarora, ruins of boom townPhotograph number 841-842: National, boom town, circa 1910Photograph number 843: Manhattan, 1905Photograph number 844: UnionvillePhotograph number 845-848: Rock structuresPhotograph number 849-850: "Mormon Fort" near Las VegasPhotograph number 851-852: Tommy LakePhotograph number 853-859: Carlin Canyon near ElkoPhotograph number 860-872: Rock formationsPhotograph number 873: Boulder DamPhotograph number 874: Lucinda Duncan, grave markerPhotograph number 875: Grand CanyonPhotograph number 876: Mushroom rock, Death Valley, CaliforniaPhotograph number 877-880: SceneryPhotograph number 881-882: Miscellaneous
Box 3 of addendum I 6
Nevada, Pyramid Lake
Photograph number 883-887: LakePhotograph number 888-890: Surrounding landscapePhotograph number 891-893: BirdsPhotograph number 894: Opalized rock found near the lakePhotograph number 895: Chief Winnemuca, Paiute leader of the mid-19th CenturyPhotograph number 896: John C. Fremont, first white man known to have seen the lake and who gave it it's name
Box 3 of addendum I 7
New Mexico
Photograph number 897-898: BuildingsPhotograph number 899-900: SceneryPhotograph number 901-905: Rock FormationsPhotograph number 906-907: Indian ruinsPhotograph number 908-909: Miscellaneous
Box 3 of addendum I 8
Utah (and 7 negs)
Photograph number 910-914: Gold Hill, mining town, 1950Photograph number 915-920: Silver Reef, mining town, 1951Photograph number 921: Fort CameronPhotograph number 922: Park CityPhotograph number 923: Duchesne River Mail Station, 1889Photograph number 924-925: Miscellaneous
Box 3 of addendum I 9
Utah, Bluff
Photograph number 926-933: Photos of children at school
Box 3 of addendum I 10
Utah, Great Salt Lake
Photograph number 934: IndustryPhotograph number 935: Bonneville Salt FlatsPhotograph number 936-939: Boating
Box 3 of addendum I 11
Photograph number 940-943: Globe, copper mining town, 1880-1890Photograph number 944-946: BisbeePhotograph number 947: Grand CanyonPhotograph number 948: Meteor Crater, FlagstaffPhotograph number 949: San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, highest in ArizonaPhotograph number 950: Hole-in-the-Rock Mountain in Papago Park near PhoenixPhotograph number 951-952: Kaibab ForestPhotograph number 953: Tumacacori MissionPhotograph number 954: Scene near PhoenixPhotograph number 955: Salt River Valley
Box 3 of addendum I 12
Miscellaneous Locations
Photograph number 956: Buffalo, Wyoming, 1884Photograph number 957-959: Central City, ColoradoPhotograph number 960: Ashcroft Ghost Town, ColoradoPhotograph number 961: Grand Canyon, Colorado, trail party starting down the Bright Angel trail on the south rimPhotograph number 962: Sphinx, Rock formation in ColoradoPhotograph number 963-964: MontanaPhotograph number 965-966: Fort Bridger, WyomingPhotograph number 967-982: South Pass City, Wyoming
Box 3 of addendum I 13
Early homes and buildings
Photograph number 983-985: Interior of drugstores, 1890-1900Photograph number 986-992: HomesPhotograph number 993: Pleasant Grove ?Photograph number 994: St. George Tabernacle
Box 3 of addendum I 14
Early Wooden and rock dwellings
Photograph number 995: First log cabin in Provo?Photograph number 996: Lord Seott Elliott's first dugout home now serves as a cellarPhotograph number 997: An abandoned home in Rainbow, UtahPhotograph number 998: One of the first homes built by the Fayette pioneersPhotograph number 999: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 1000: Clarion ?Photograph number 1001-1002: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 1003: Small fortPhotograph number 1004: Small Cabin enclosed in another building, Dover, DelawarePhotograph number 1005: Cabin in Payson, UtahPhotograph number 1006: Railroad tie house near Ely, NevadaPhotograph number 1007-1008: Small square house with doors at the cornersPhotograph number 1009: Camp Floyd, established by Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston in Dead Valley, fifty miles from Salt Lake City.
Box 3 of addendum I 15
Photograph number 1010: Gold Roads Mining CampPhotograph number 1011: Millard, Utah Power Plant after the flood of 1923Photograph number 1012: School housePhotograph number 1013-1014: Survivors of the Scofield Disaster, May 1900
Box 3 of addendum I 16
Photograph number 1015: Nauvoo Temple BellPhotograph number 1016: Truman Angell, architect of the Salt Lake TemplePhotograph number 1017: Etienne Provot, early explorer for whom Provo, Utah is namedPhotograph number 1018: John C. Armstrong standing by rock in Fremont Pass in which has name is carvedPhotograph number 1019: Former President of the University of Utah (?)Photograph number 1020: Dr. LeRoy E. CowlesPhotograph number 1021: Dr. A. Ray OlpinPhotograph number 1022: Dr. Joseph KingsburyPhotograph number 1023: John R. ParkPhotograph number 1024: Dr. James E. Talmage
Box 3 of addendum I 17
A House
Photograph number 1025-1029: Florence Truelson House
Box 3 of addendum I 18
Utah Collectables
Photograph number 1030-1031: James E. Bacon, Frand HatPhotograph number 1032: Nauvoo moneyPhotograph number 1033: Salt Lake City moneyPhotograph number 1034-1041: Portrait of Brigham Young and close-ups of the frame which hangs in the City and County Building, Salt Lake City, UtahPhotograph number 1042-1045: Carvings in the Beehive HousePhotograph number 1046: Eagle GatePhotograph number 1047-1053: Early Utah Valentines and Greeting cards (transparencies)Photograph number 1054: Stained glass window of Pioneer women donated by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (transparency)
Box 3 of addendum I 19
Westward Expansion
Photograph number 1055-1056: ArmyPhotograph number 1057-1058: Wagon trainsPhotograph number 1059: Wells Fargo Lock Box
Box 3 of addendum I 20
Photograph number 1060: The "Wild Bunch," George Parker, Butch CassidyPhotograph number 1061: Freight-yard in AlaskaPhotograph number 1062:Drawing of Frank RenoPhotograph number 1063-1064: Kelton Ghost TownPhotograph number 1065-1066: Bridget Theresa GrayPhotograph number 1067: Maud Adams hand prints (negative)Photograph number 1068-1074: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 1075-1078: Fort Bridger, Wyoming
Box 4 of addendum I 1
Candy Cane King, Salt Lake City
Photograph number 1078: C. W. Hall, Candy Cane King of Salt Lake City, UtahPhotograph number 1079-1095: Production of the candyPhotograph number 1096-1098: Finished Product
Box 4 of addendum I 2
Photograph number 1099-1101: Utah Pumice and Perlite Inc.Photograph number 1102-1105: Coal mining
Box 4 of addendum I 3
Camels in the West
Photograph number 1106-1112: SketchesPhotograph number 1113: Tomb of Hi Jolly, Quartzite, Arizona.Photograph number 1114-1115: Camels
Box 4 of addendum I 4
Photograph number 1116-1119: SheepPhotograph number 1120-1122: Sheep Camp
Box 4 of addendum I 5
Photograph number 1123: clock face made in 1776Photograph number 1124: Spinning wheelPhotograph number 1125: Artist's sketch of the 1st remodeling of the Salt Lake International Airport.Photograph number 1126-1127: SleighsPhotograph number 1128: Father Escalante in UtahPhotograph number 1129: Salt Lake HotelPhotograph number 1130: Photo of wood engraving and a pony express riderPhotograph number 1131: TrainPhotograph number 1132-1133: Wild HorsesPhotograph number 1134-1135: ProspectorsPhotograph number 1136: Emigration westPhotograph number 1137: Utah CricketsPhotograph number 1138: Idaho State Museum, BoisePhotograph number 1139: Painting of Joaquin MuriettaPhotograph number 1140-1143: Spanish expansion into the Americas
Box 4 of addendum I 6-11
Photograph number 1144-1156: Navajo rug weavingPhotograph number 1157-1161: Navajo Sheep-herdingPhotograph number 1162-1168: FarmingPhotograph number 1169-1190: PortraitsPhotograph number 1191-1254: IndiansPhotograph number 1255-1236: DwellingsPhotograph number 1264-1282: MiscellaneousPhotograph number 1283-1289: Indian dancesPhotograph number 1290-1294: Sundance at Fort HallPhotograph number 1295-1302: Indian Modern DancePhotograph number 1303-1313: Hopi Snake DancePhotograph number 1314-1333: Ute Bear Dance
Box 4 of addendum I 12
Bluff, Utah
Photograph number 1334-1135: Students with books received from a "Book Shower"
Box 4 of addendum I 13
Well-Known women
Photograph number 1336: Edith Pohl Lovejoy, early Utah PhysicianPhotograph number 1337: Pocahontas, paintingPhotograph number 1338-1340: Olive Woolley Burt
Box 4 of addendum I 14
Photograph number 1341: Justina Warren Ford, physician in Denver Colorado, circa 1900-1950.Photograph number 1342: Clara BrownPhotograph number 1343: Lulu Mae Sadler CraigPhotograph number 1344: Albert "Speck" Welhouse, ferry keeper on Green RiverPhotograph number 1345: Isom Dart, Utah outlaw with the Wild BunchPhotograph number 1346: George Washington Carver, neg onlyPhotograph number 1347-1350: Black Workers

Addendum IIReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
Box 1 of addendum II 1
Family Photographs
Photograph number 1-4: Amy Nichols.Photograph number 5-6: Olive at Amy's wedding, 1978.Photograph number 7-8: Kate Nichols.Photograph number 9: Kate and Robin.Photograph number l0-l3: Kate's Wedding.Photograph number l4-l5: Kate.Photograph number l6-l7: Amy or Kate.Photograph number l8: Olive at Sue's Wedding, 1978.
Box 1 of addendum II 2
Family Photographs
Photograph number l9: Dawn Burt.Photograph number 20: Sandra Haggerty and Family.Photograph number 2l-25: Miscellaneous Family Photographs.Photograph number 26: Olive and Clinton in Korea April? Novemeber, 1962.Photograph number 27: Mary Wickersham Woolley.Photograph number 28-33: Unidentified children playing at a lake.Photograph number 34: Sarah Carter Geneology.Photograph number 35: Unidentified child.Photograph number 36-37: Den or study.Photograph number 38-39: Agnes F. Woolley.Photograph number 40: Unidentified man and child.Photograph number 4l: Louisiana State University Southwest Campus, Lafayette, Louisiana, June 1965.Photograph number 42: Unidentified.Photograph number 1:2:43: Great grandfather Edwin Dilworth Woolley, known in Utah as Bishop WoolleyPhotograph number 1:2:44: Sister Mary Sylerkyise
Box 1 of addendum II 3
Olive's Christmas in Hawaii
Photograph number 43-50: Olive and friends at beach.Photograph number 5l-65: Scenery.Photograph number 66-75: Hawaiian festival (luau).
Box 1 of addendum II 4
Olive at the University of Utah Founder's Day
Photograph number 76-80: Olive at ceremonies.Photograph number 8l: Keith and Elizabeth MontaguePhotograph number 82: B. Williams, Ivy Ruckman, Olive Burt, Gloria Skurzinski.Photograph number 83-92: Olive at Ceremonies.
March 1978
Box 1 of addendum II 5
Olive's Profession
Photograph number 93: Book display. (Negative only)Photograph number 94: Olive at typewriter. (Negative only)Photograph number 95: Olive's book display. (Negative only)Photograph number 96-97: Children's books. (Negatives only)Photograph number 98: Brigham Young, by Olive Burt. (Negative only)Photograph number 99-101: Children's books. (Negative only)Photograph number 102: God Gave Me Eyes, by Olive Burt.Photograph number 103-104: Children's books by Olive.Photograph number 105-106: Children's books by Olive. (Negatives only)Photograph number 107: Sam Weller's Bookstore.Photograph number 108-118: Olive on T.V., 1950.Photograph number 119: Children's books by Olive.Photograph number 120-22: Olive with her works.
Box 1 of addendum II 6
Famous People: Autographs and Photographs
Photograph number 123: Col. James Burd.Photograph number 124: Henry W. Longfellow, June l3, 1881.Photograph number 125: Sarah Josepha Hale. (First Woman Editor is about her)Photograph number 126-127: Clement Wood.Photograph number 128: Autographed Photo of the Osmonds.Photograph number 129: Autographed Photo of Liberace.
Box 1 of addendum II 7
People, Miscellaneous
Photograph number 130: Bearded man. (Negative only)Photograph number 131: Nixon outside White House (?).Photograph number 132: Marjorie Rae Taylor.Photograph number 133: Donald Matheson with beard.Photograph number 134: Donald Matheson without beard.Photograph number 135: Berne Jr., October, 1944.
Box 1 of addendum II 8
Places in Utah
Photograph number 136-139: Brighton Ski Resort.Photograph number 140-146: Golden Spike Centennial Celebration, May, 1969.Photograph number 147-154: Moab area landscapes.Photograph number 155: Saltair.Photograph number 156: Great Salt Lake.Photograph number 157-158: Unidentified.
Box 1 of addendum II 9
Around the World
Photograph number 159-165: Afghanistan.Photograph number 166-179: Alps, Brussels (?).Photograph number 180: French Alps.
Box 1 of addendum II 10
Around the World
Photograph number 181-189: China. (Negatives only)Photograph number 190-195: People and scenes in China. (195-negative only)Photograph number 196: China. (Negative only)Photograph number 197-200: Children and scenes in China.Photograph number 201-206: Miscellaneous out-of-focus prints.Photograph number 207: Burma pagoda.Photograph number 208: Bonn, Germany. (Aerial photograph)Photograph number 209-22: Miscellaneous places in Germany.
Box 1 of addendum II 11-15
Around the World
Photograph number 223-229: Knossos, Greece.Photograph number 230-231: Greek Prime Minister.Photograph number 232: President of Cyprus.Photograph number 233: Jhelum River, India.Photograph number 234-241: Bombay, India.Photograph number 242-243: Kashmir, India.Photograph number 244-250: Pompeii, Italy.Photograph number 251-292: LaPaz, Bolivia, 1950.Photograph number 293: Bolivian Chalo and llama.Photograph number 294: Venezuela.Photograph number 295-298: Latin America.Photograph number 299-301: Iran.Photograph number 302: Lebanon.Photograph number 303-305: Unidentified.Photograph number 306-309: Olive's Pacific Cruise of 1978.Photograph number 310-320: Pacific Cruise. (Negatives only)Photograph number 321-328: Denmark.Photograph number 329-337: Norway.Photograph number 338: Barcelona, Spain.Photograph number 339-341: Miscellaneous U.S.A.Photograph number 342: Unidentified.
Box 1 of addendum II 16
Photograph number 343: Otter.Photograph number 344-345: Whooping Cranes.
Box 1 of addendum II 17
Photograph number 346: Veda Goff, murder victim.Photograph number 347: LaJune Mart, mug shots.Photograph number 348: Ella Watson, 'Kattle Kate'.Photograph number 349: Unidentified.Photograph number 350: Hole in the Wall Ranch, Wyoming.Photograph number 351-352: Cassidy Gang.Photograph number 353: Butch Cassidy's birthplace.Photograph number 354: Case of Duncan Johnson.Photograph number 355: Louis Wright, Salt Lake murder suspect.Photograph number 356: Elisio J. Mares, murder suspect.Photograph number 357: Howard (?).Photograph number 358: Harmon Valez.Photograph number 359: James Joseph Roedl, convicted murderer.Photograph number 360: Police Headquarters.Photograph number 361: Cemetary in Idaho City, Idaho.Photograph number 362: Don Bunbordner and Elvin W. Hennivger.Photograph number 363-364: Crime detection.Photograph number 365: Malad sherrif.Photograph number 366: John Deering.Photograph number 367-369: Salt Lake murder suspects, 1947. (plus two articles)Photograph number 370: (?).Photograph number 371-374: Hyrum Beebee.Photograph number 375: Hyrum Beebee. (Negative Only)Photograph number 376: Julius S. Eidl.Photograph number (plus typed paper on Montana vigilanties)
Box 1 of addendum II 18
Photograph number 377-83: IndiansPhotograph number 384: Crock made in Kirtland, Ohio.Photograph number 385: Mormon money.Photograph number 386-389: Decorations with Mormon themes.Photograph number 390-401: Mormon Decoration.
Box 1 of addendum II 19
Photograph number 402-405: Salt Lake Tribune office, l940.Photograph number 406-409: Sugar production, beets.Photograph number 410-414: Sugar production.Photograph number 415-419: Western landscapes.
Box 1 of addendum II 20
Photograph number 420-426: Olive Burt with her work.Photograph number 427-431: Afton, Wyoming.Photograph number 432-434: St. George, Utah.Photograph number 435-439: League Party, September, l970.Photograph number 440-442: Kabul, Afghanistan.Photograph number 443: Sydney, Australia.Photograph number 444: Melbourne, Australia.Photograph number 445: Bora Bora.Photograph number 446: Bulgaria.Photograph number 447: Cyprus.Photograph number 448: Jordan River.Photograph number 449: Sheik Suliman's home.Photograph number 450: Makarios.Photograph number 451: Turkish fortress.Photograph number 452-454: Peking.Photograph number 455: Ryeka.Photograph number 456-459: Tahiti.Photograph number 460-462: Fuji.Photograph number 463: Tonga.Photograph number 464: Venice.Photograph number 465: Anne Hafen.Photograph number 466: Girl's Chorus.

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9 1
Photograph number 467: Birthday cake for Olive Burt, l954.(also color trans. Number 794?797)Photograph number 468-471: Olive and friends.Photograph number 472-474: Unidentified people.Photograph number 475-476: Spor Family, Delta, Utah, l948.Photograph number 477: Etienne Provot, l949.Photograph number 478: Cowboy and family.Photograph number 479: Harry Nielson, Price, Utah hermit, l948Photograph number 480: Burr Frost, Mormon pioneer.Photograph number 481-482: Albert Hubert, rockhound, Springdale, Utah, l950.Photograph number 483: Sketch of dog, "Napolean" by Clifford Mc Bride.Photograph number 484: Adolph Hitler, autograph.Photograph number 485: Roosevelt, Harding, and Hoover, autographs.Photograph number 486: Charles Lindberg, Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsy and Joe Louis, autographs.Photograph number 487: Harry Truman, Clark Gable, Mae West and Bette Davis, autographs.Photograph number 488: Arthur L. Howard.Photograph number 489: Irving Berlin and Arturo Toseanni, autographs.Photograph number 490-491: Mountain Man Monument, Main St. and South Temple.Photograph number 492-494: Seagull Monument (Mormon Temple in background).Photograph number 495: Old City Hall.Photograph number 496: Rock Building.Photograph number 497: House where first Sunday school held in Salt Lake City.Photograph number 498: Unidentified log house.Photograph number 499-500: Monuments near Capitol Building (?).Photograph number 501-510: Buildings identified by Olive as Pioneer Village.Photograph number 511-512: Bluff, Utah Library.Photograph number 513-518: Coalville Grade School.Photograph number 519-520: Cove Creek Fort, central Utah.Photograph number 521-522: Garfield, Utah, Summer School, 1952.Photograph number 523-528: Holden, Utah, school and classes, 1952.Photograph number 529: Nephi, Utah, school, 1952.Photograph number 530-532: Roosevelt, Utah, farming, 1955.Photograph number 533-534: Vernal, Utah, Dinosaur Monument.Photograph number 535-539: Near Moab.Photograph number 540-544: Color negatives of Miscellaneous landscapes.Photograph number 545: Jordan River, Utah, August, 1941.Photograph number 546-547: Ogden, Utah, English Walnut Tree.Photograph number 548-557: Miscellaneous scenery.Photograph number 558-561: Green River, Wyo.Photograph number 562: Green River (?).Photograph number 563-567: Fort Bridger State Historic Site, Fort Bridger, Wyo.Photograph number 568-575: Hall Candy Factory, 723 5th Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah, December, 1947.Photograph number 576-605: Indians on reservation.Photograph number 606: Mounted Chief with mountains in background.Photograph number 607-613: Exhibits of Indian artifacts.Photograph number 6l4: Petroglyphs, September, 1948.Photograph number 615-617: Petroglyphs near Moab on Colorado River.Photograph number 618-622: Ute Indians.Photograph number 623-627: Indian Lore on stage, Professor Karl Young.Photograph number 628-634: Flurospar Mine, Delta, UtahPhotograph number 635-657: Placer Mine, Ely, Nevada.Photograph number 658-669: Payette Lake Monster Story, McCall, Idaho.Photograph number 670-692: Snakes with Dr. Angus Woodbury in field.Photograph number 693-718: Sugar production using sugar beets.Photograph number 719-772: Wool Growing: sheepherders, dogs, horses, herding, shearing, branding, lambing the sheep, wool processing plant.Photograph number 773: Cowboys working cattle.Photograph number 774-793: World War II Plants/Factories.

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10 1
Miscellaneous, Utah
Photograph number 794-797: Olive and her birthday cake in the shape of a book, 1954. (see negative number 467)Photograph number 798-799: Flowers for Olive's birthday, 1954.Photograph number 800: Olive on picnic with friends.Photograph number 801-814: Dollmaker Mrs. Briggs and samples of her work.Photograph number 815: Drag Racing, Ab Jenkins with racecar, 'Meteor'.Photograph number 816-817: Chef, George J. Douvos at Lake Mead Lodge.Photograph number 818-821: Colored Glass collection belonging to Mrs. Theron Parmelee, 1360 Princeton, Salt Lake City, May 1951.Photograph number 822-38: Indians, Navajos.Photograph number 839-43: Indians at Brigham City School, UtahPhotograph number 844: Indian dress worn by Mary Helen Guilford.Photograph number 845: Indian dress (Cheyenne) worn by Rita Gilbert.Photograph number 846: Indian dancers portrayed by Professor Karl Young and his son, Provo, Utah (Photo by Paulsen)Photograph number 847-848: Jade.(Photo by Ray Jones, August l95l)Photograph number 849-851: Paintings by Bettina Steinke.Photograph number 852-856: Paintings, at University of Utah.Photograph number 857-863: Rockhounds in Cedar City, Utah (Photos by Paulsen)Photograph number 864-865: Rockhound and bird-watcher, Chas. W. Lockerbie.Photograph number 866-877: Capital Building and grounds.Photograph number 878: Downtown Christmas decorations.Photograph number 879: Mormon Temple.Photograph number 880: Salt Lake City, August, 1950.Photograph number 881: Antelope Island.Photograph number 882: Great Salt Lake and Garfield, UtahPhotograph number 883-884: Brighton, 1950 (with snow)Photograph number 885-890: Brighton, 1951, in July with 'Mother and Beverly'.Photograph number 891: Snow Basin, Ogden, Utah, 1950.(enclosed note: Tom Liston, Herb Hollister, Ray Grohne on mountain lion hunt.)Photograph number 892: Bluff, Utah, Red Bluffs. (Photo by Ballough, June 1949)Photograph number 893: Bryce, Utah, "Forsythe at Bryce".Photograph number 894-897: Capitol Reef, UtahPhotograph number 898: Dead Horse Point, UtahPhotograph number 899-907: Delta, Utah, Flurospar Mine (December 1948, Photos by Paulsen, see negative numbers 628-634).Photograph number 908: Elephant's Feet, near Navajo Mt., April 1952.Photograph number 909: Mercur, Utah May l953, "With Clinton".Photograph number 910-911: Rainbow Bridge, 1949.Photograph number 912-917: Rainbow Bridge, April, 1952, "With Ray and Helen Jones.Photograph number 918-926: Rainbow Bridge vicinity, April, 1952.Photograph number 927-928: Rock Candy Mountain, 38 miles south of Richfield, Utah (Photos by Ray Jones, 1950)Photograph number 929: Southern Utah.Photograph number 930-938: Timpanogos Cave.Photograph number 939: Utah Lake.Photograph number 940-953: Utah Sand Dunes, summer 1953, "With Nell Taylor and Fotochrome (?) Club.Photograph number 954-969: Grand Canyon, South Rim, April, 1952, "With Ray and Helen Jones".Photograph number 970-989: Lehman Caves, Baker, Nevada, March, 1950.Photograph number 990-1002: Yosemite, June l95l, "With Mabel Hammer, Genevive Hard, Beth Walker.Photograph number 1003-1004: Miscellaneous landscapes.

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Southern Utah
f1-f5: Southern Utah

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