Fredric Lieberman recordings: Celtic music in New York City, 1978

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Lieberman, Fredric
Fredric Lieberman recordings: Celtic music in New York City
39 items  :  EC - 11 vcts (VHS) (plus 2nd copy of 86-38.3) - 21 vcts (U-matic); WD - 7 DVDs (digital, color) (copy of 86-38.3-5, .8-11 EC); Duration: 10:44:00; contents list for 86-38.18-32.
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A series of performances and events featuring Celtic music recorded in July-September 1978 by Fredric Lieberman at Boyle's Bar, NYC; Delia Clohassey's home, Brooklyn, NY; and Wesleyan University.
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Fredric Lieberman (1940-2013) received his B.M. from the Eastman School of Music, his M.A. from the University of Hawaii, and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a performer, composer, writer, and teacher at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His written works include "Planet Drum: A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm", and "Drumming at the Edge of Magic: A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion".

Lieberman's interests included organology, particularly with regard to taxonomic methods and systematic description, the musics of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, and South India, and American vernacular musics from Tin Pan Alley through contemporary rock. His taught courses on American Popular Music and World Musics. He had an especially keen interest in the music of John Cage and of the Grateful Dead and served as an ethnomusicological consultant for various Mickey Hart projects.

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Recorded by Fred Lieberman.

Contents (summary - see logsheets for detailed listing): 86-38.1 (VHS dub of 86-38.12) - Boyle's Bar-Joe Heaney - 7-28-78

86-38.2 (VHS dub of 86-38.13) - Boyle's Bar-J. Heaney - 7-28 & 8-11-78

86-38.3 (VHS dub of 86-38.14) - Wesleyan University - Concert by J. Heaney 8/5/78; part of workshop by J. Heaney, Almeida Riddle, Norman Kennedy, and Daithie Sproule 8/5/78; part of workshop by J. Heaney 8/6/78 (41:45) (copied to DVD 3/2010 at Evergreen State College; DVD copy has been divided into 5-minute chapters, not necessarily coinciding with content; 2nd copy made 10/2011 with chapter divisions by song or story).

86-38.4 (VHS dub of 86-38.15) - Boyle's Bar 8-11/Cable Arts party 8-10

86-38.5 (VHS dub of 86-38.16) - Cable Arts party-Heaney et al 8-10-78

86-38.6 - More Boyle's Bar (no date given)

86-38.7 (VHS dub of 86-38.17) - Macedonian dance band - 9-8-78

86-38.8 - Joe Heaney & Eileen Clohassey (her house, Brooklyn) 8-1-78

86-38.9 - Wesleyan University workshop 8-5-78 - Heaney et al

86-38.10 - Wesleyan University concert 8-5-78 - Heaney et al

86-38.11 - Wesleyan University workshop 8-6-78 - Heaney et al

For audio recording of 86-38.8 see ER6/81-29.1-4; audio recording of Joe Heaney from same week (but no video done) - ER6/81-29.5.

Additional musicians performing in this collection - Almeida Riddle, Lisa Null, Daithi Sproule, Eileen Clohassey, Bill Shute, Peter Bellamy, Norman Kennedy, Helen Schneyer, Riki Schneyer, Jonathan Eberhard, Margaret McArthur, Joe Hickerson, David Jones (information needed re: Macedonian dance band).

DVD copies of 86-38.3 (copy 2), 86-38.4-5, and 86-38.8-11 produced 10/2011.

15 additional U-matic tapes belonging to this collection moved from storage 2/2015 and accessioned as 86-38.18 - 86-38.32; contents duplicate material on other tapes in collection.

Documentation: Notes by Margaret Johnston

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    • Bellamy, Peter, 1944- (performer)
    • Clohassey, Eileen (performer)
    • Heaney, Joe, 1919-1984 (performer)
    • Kennedy, Norman (Musician) (performer)
    • Null, Lisa (performer)
    • Riddle, Almeida (performer)
    • Sproule, Dáithi (performer)