Joseph S. Peery audio visual collection, 1949-1996

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Hunter, Tana
Joseph S. Peery audio visual collection
1949-1996 (inclusive)
21 16mm film
13 super 8mm film
1 u-matic
1 vhs
1 reel-to-reel audiotapes
4 digital audio file
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This collection provides a look into Dr. Joseph S. Peery's life through his home movies and speeches about his area of expertise, economics and finance.
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Born in 1911 to Joseph Stras Peery and Julina Clarissa Smith, Dr. Joseph Smith Peery pursued a long life of travel and study. He received his undergraduate at the University of Utah with honors, followed by his doctorate from Northwestern University. From 1974-1976, he was the Dean of the College of Business at the University of Utah. He was a professor of finance and economics, earning multiple awards like the Brady Superior Teaching Award in 1992. His work as a businessman began early on when he opened his own store, Seagull Drug, when he was 26. Over the years, he was a strong force in the business world including establishing an MBA program with the United States Air Force in Europe.

Peery was one of 9 children to Joseph Stras Peery. He had six sisters, Luacine, Julina, Elizabeth or Betty, Margaret, Nancy, and Jeanne. He had two brothers David and Paul. Many of the siblings can be seen together at varying ages in the first 8 parts of this finding aide along with his father, mother, and then stepmother years after Joseph Smith Peery's mother's death. The later films show Fern, Joseph's wife and mother of Teri and Tana. There is also footage of Peery's son as well as Fern's sons from previous marriages. Mainly the footage is of family gatherings and trips with his daughters, Teri and Tana.

Beyond his academic life, Peery spent a lot of time traveling. He was one of the first men to run the middle fork of the Salmon River. Many of the films in this collection include footage from around the world as he traveled first as a young man, and then later with Tana and Teri as well as his wife Fern. From New York in the 1930s to London in the 1960s, Peery documented all of these momentous events in his life which are now this collection of audio and visual works.

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The Joseph S. Peery collection consists of his home videos spanning his lifetime as well as lecture audio and video on his doctoral subject business and finance. All of the audio and video has been digitized and is available on CD or DVD.

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Some of the material is chronological and by format.

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Donated by Tana Peery Hunter in 2007 and J. Craig Peery in 2010.

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Processed by Ellyx Jolley in 2014.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Home Movie 1
Color, Black and white, No sound, 9:42 minutes
This home movie includes different footage of Joseph Strass Peery, Joseph S. Peery's father, and his family over different years. It dates back to potentially the 1910s, around Peery's birth, and shows scenes from different times up until the 1940s.
2 Home Movie 2
Black and white, No sound, 6:16 minutes
This home movie shows a trip to Coney Island and other famous monuments on the east coast. It appears to be take sometime in the 1930s as the George Washington Bridge was newely opened.
3 Home Movie 3
Black and white, No sound, 7:55 minutes
A young Joseph Smith Peery drives cars around before the family poses for pictures including Joe, his two brothers, and six sisters. Jeanne, Peery's half sister, is a babe in arms and Paul, Peery's half brother, is a toddler. It also shows Joseph Strass Peery's mother,Elizabeth Letitia Higgenbotham Peery(d. 1938) and more shots of the family
4 Home Movie 4
Black and white, No sound, 12:21 minutes
The older children take a trip to New York City in the early 1930s as Hubert Hoover is still president. It shows multiple different tourist attractions like Time Square at night, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. It maybe around Thanksgiving as there is a shot of a large balloon of a turkey.
5 Home Movie 5
Black and white, No sound, 4:22 minutes
A young Joseph Smith Peery works in an office,typing. The family also travels to Sacred Grove, an LDS site in western New York. More shots of landscape follow including the National Monument, Plymouth Rock, and the Yale campus.
6 Home Movie 6
Black and white, No sound, 2:41 minutes
This film contains ski races and Joseph Smith Peery swinging a golf club.
7 Home Movie 7
Color, No sound, 8:40 minutes
This footage opens with a shot of Alta Ski Lodge sign. It contains footage of the lifts and different ski runs.
8 Home Movie 8
Color, No sound, 6:16 minutes
The home movie shows a fishing trip including shots of the cabin, tackle box, and fly fishing on a river.
9 Fern and Joe(1949-1953)
Color, No sound, 11:04 minutes
Includes footage from Joseph and Fern Peery's wedding, vacation with friends, and Christmas
10 Tana's First Year
Black and White, Color, No sound, 16:50 minutes
This reel mainly contains footage of Tana as a baby and into her first year. It ends with scenes of Christmas and a baby Teri.
11 Teri and Tana 1953-1954
Color, No sound, 17:35 minutes
This reel shows various activities with Teri and Tana including building snowmen, playing in the pool, and both of their birthdays.
12 Teri and Tana 1953-1957
Color, No sound, 16:56 minutes
This reel contains more footage of Teri and Tana starting at Tana's 3rd Birthday.
13 Peery Family 1960-1965
Color, No sound, 16:56 minutes
A selection of shots of of the Peery family including Teri and Tana has children. There are shots of their travels to Yellowstone and other locales.
14 Duck Hunt, Family Shooting
Color, No sound, 5:55 minutes
A selection of shots of of the Peery family including Teri and Tana has children. There are shots of their travels to Yellowstone and other locales.
15 Christmas 1951-1953
Black and white, No sound, 15:06 minutes
This reel spans three different Christmases including gift giving and present opening.
16 Christmas 1954-1957
Color, No sound, 10:44 minutes
This reel spans four Christmases with a variety of holiday festive scenes.
17 Christmas 1958-1963
Color, No sound, 10:08 minutes
More films of Christmases over the years. Teri and Tana begin to grow older and older.
18 Christmas 1964
Color, No sound, 4:25 minutes
19 Christmas 1965
Color, No sound, 1:41 minutes
20 England 1966
Color, No sound, 11:18 minutes
This reel contains footage of the Peery family in England. It includes many of England's famous sites including Buckingham Palace and the National Gallery.
21 Christmas 1967
Color, No sound, 3:39 minutes
More footage of Christmas, includes a shot of Peery in dean's robes.
22 London 1968
Color, No sound, 16:16 minutes
Contains various scenes of London including Buckingham Palace changing of the guard, Big Ben, and Parliament
23 Trip Leaving England 1968
Color, No sound, 11:15 minutes
Contains various scenes of England including Shakespeare's birthplace.
24 Burwell and England
Color, No sound, 9:42 minutes
25 Stonehenge, Bath and Longleat
Color, No sound, 18:05 minutes
26 Wiesbaden, Rheingau, Kronenburg, Rothenburg
Color, No sound, 16:03 minutes
27 Chartres and Paris 1968
Color, No sound, 20:38 minutes
28 Pisa and Florence 1968
Color, No sound, 13:38 minutes
29 Milan, Rome, Naples, and Pompeii 1968
Color, No sound, 25:59 minutes
30 Baden-Baden Garmisch 1968
Color, No sound, 6:33 minutes
31 Ramstein, Golf, and Driving on the Autobahn 1968
Color, No sound, 12:38 minutes
32 Berlin 1969
Color, No sound, 31:24 minutes
Interesting footage of Berlin including shots of Allied Checkpoints in West Germany.
33 Octoberfest 1969
Color, No sound, 22:28 minutes
34 Lake Powell
Color, No sound, 24:20 minutes
35 Sun Valley 1979
Color, No sound, 1:19:16 hours
Presentation made to the top executives of the Union Pacific--2 parts. Joseph Peery emphasizes the importance of real world experience for professors of finance. The three major points of his lecture are the recession, inflation, and 2 major long term problems: 1) Oil, energy, and finding alternative energy 2)Continual attack on institutions and profits.The second part is question and answer.
36 Salmon River Trips 1948, 1949, 1952
Color, No sound, 1:37:24 hours
This video contains a prologue by Perry explaining the trip video made in 1948,1949, and 1952, starting when he was 37. It is followed by a copy of the video of Middle Fork Salmon River.
37 Teri and Tana
Color, No sound, 42:09 minutes
Fern and Joe with Baby Tana, and Joe and the girls on Thanksgiving Eve-1959
38 Untitled
Color, No sound, 17:15 minutes
  • 1.Book of Mormon claims
  • 2. Experiments with records and recording
  • 3. Joseph Smith Peery wishing his family a Merry Christmas from John Wolf Studio.
  • 4. The poem "The Man with the Hoe" by Edwin Markham
39 Untitled
Color, No sound, 46:49 minutes
Side A, Joseph S. Peery talking about a variety of things.
40 Untitled
Color, No sound, 43:32 minutes
Side B
41 Untitled
Color, No sound, 59:31 minutes
Professor Wallis from University of Chicago and Dr. Joseph Peery discussing the Nixon and Kennedy Debate on KUED.
circa 1960

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