Richard E. Juday Papers, 1937-1994

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Juday, Richard Evans, 1918-2002
Richard E. Juday Papers
1937-1994 (inclusive)
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Mss 629
This collection contains Richard E. Juday’s papers from his time as a student at Harvard and as a chemistry professor at The University of Montana.
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Richard E. Juday was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 28, 1918. His father was a professor of limnology at the University of Wisconsin. Like his father, Juday studied limnology. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Harvard University in 1939 and his doctorate degree in organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in 1943. He came to Missoula in 1948 and was a University of Montana chemistry professor for 30 years specializing in limnology. He continued to be involved with the University until his death in 2002.

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This collection contains Juday’s papers from when he was a student at Harvard and as a chemistry professor at The University of Montana. Juday’s papers from when he was a student include notes from his classes. Juday’s papers from when he was a professor at the University include research materials, writings and publications, correspondence, grant applications, notes for courses he taught and papers from The University of Montana Water Chemistry Laboratory. There is a series of notebooks which list chemical compounds, their patent numbers and notes on specific compounds; these are indexed. Juday was involved with two professional organizations, the Montana Academy of Sciences and the American Chemical Society. This collection also contains papers from Juday’s alumni involvement with the University of Wisconsin.

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The collection is not divided into series and remains in original order

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated by Edward Keller in 2003

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Record book of research data 1977-1985
1 Record book of miscellaneous data, analyses 1983-1986
1 Record book of data from Missoula Valley Project 1977-1983
1 Notebook #1, miscellaneous analysis and special projects undated
1 Notebook #2, BLM samples and Montana Forestry undated
2 Trophic State
2 "Water Quality Report on Area Lakes," by Juday and Keller circa 1976-1977
2 QWRT Quarterly Report
2 Maps
2 Reports and data
2 Crude new data 1989-1991
2 new data
2 unmarked folder of raw data
2 Nutrients
2 Utah Study
2 Miscellaneous papers and correspondence
2 From Kathy, microfiche, reports and correspondence
2 Correspondence 1975-1977
2 Placid Lake Binder 1974
2 Algae binder 1976
2 Tabulated data-Alva
2 Tabulated data-Seely
2 Tabulated data-Placid
2 Tabulated data-Inez
2 Photos, Certificates, Chemistry Assignments
2 Research materials and Title I programs
2 Harvard Pamphlet
2 Harvard Materials, Sigma Xi pamphlets
2 Harvard Newspapers and Alumni pamphlet
2 Chemistry 13, 1st half notebook undated
2 Chemistry 13, 2nd half notebook undated
2 Chemistry notebook undated
2 Chemistry notebook undated
2 Chemistry notebook 1937-1938
3 Patented chemical compounds notebook, indexed undated
3 Patented chemical compounds notebook, indexed undated
3 Chemical compounds notebooks, indexed 1950-1960
3 Book 2, Chemical compounds notebook 1960-1963
3 Book 3, Chemical compounds notebook 1963-1966
3 Book 4, Chemical compounds notebook 1965-1966
3 Book 5, Chemical compounds notebook 1966-1971
3 Book 6, Chemical compounds notebook 1971-1976
3 Chemistry Department course experiments binder undated
3 Manuscript with data
3 Research data notebook 1979
3 National Science foundation project, research data notebook 1980
3 EPA project on sewer plant, research data notebook 1981
3 Notebook with miscellaneous analysis 1986-1994
4 Flathead 208, correspondence and data 1980-1981
4 Flathead 208 1982
4 Miscellaneous Wells 1977-1978
4 Surface Waters sample data 1977-1978
4 Montana Power Wells sample data
4 Coulometer invoices
4 National Cancer Institute data
4 Bio Assay, Instruction 14 manual, Screening Data Summary Interpretation 1972
4 HEW Correspondence, current
4 Bio Assay, Recent
4 Cancer Data
4 Instruction 14 manual, binder
4 Progress report on a Water Quality study of Placid Lake, by Juday and Keller 1976
4 EPA Sewer Project
4 Hebgen Lake algae bloom research with Wisconsin State University
4 Train derailment and acid spill, clippings nad correspondence
4 National Science Foundation proposal, "The Effect of Ash Fallout on Water Quality in Western Montana"
4 Science academies and associations, correspondence
4 Academy of Sciences, correspondence
4 Montana Academy of Sciences
4 Montana Academy of Sciences, TV Project, "Montana: As Science Sees It"
4 Grant Research
4 Photos and Slides of Placid Lake Water
5 Rocky "Catalytic" Water "Conditioners" binder
5 house Joint Resolution 49, Forest Practices and Watershed Effects 1988
5 Department of Health Service Correspondence
5 Environment Peripherals, Water Plans
5 Sullivan Flats research data
5 Hayes Creek research data
5 Industrial Services Company
5 Masteron Creek and alodine correspondence
5 Original data forms
5 Hamilton Fish and Game research data
5 Contracts and retirement, correspondence and contracts
5 Correspondence
5 Montana Water Plan
5 2100 Perkin Elmer, Equipment
5 Marc Gordon, Water Samples and Correspondence
5 American Chemical Society Conference 1984
5 Chemistry 521 Petroleum Articles
5 McGowan Company and Department of Health Services 1988-1989
5 Real Log Homes 1990
5 Chemistry 216 Notes and Articles
5 Extracts, Vanilla License
5 Correspondence
5 Correspondence and Advertisements for chemicals and supplies
5 First draft of data for water samples
5 Original sample forms for tables
5 Tranparencies and notes
5 Blank sample data forms
5 "A ToxinBloom of Anabaena Flos-Aquae in Hebgen Reservoir, Montana in 1977" manuscript
5 Inorganic, correspondence
5 Trout Lake Wisconsin, Names and Directories
5 Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin, correspondence with A. L. Beckel
5 Trout Lake
5 University of Wisconsin Newsletters and Correspondence
5 Wisconsin, Pictures
5 Organic Qualitative Manual 1977
5 Chemistry 216
5 American Chemical Society, 50 Year Members
5 Untitled Manuscript about Water Quality
5 "The Effect of Ash Fallout on Water Quality in Western Montana," manuscript by Juday and Keller 1984
5 Algae Counts Data 1982
5 Ash Extraction Results
5 Seeley Precipitation data and Partial Manuscript
5 Forms, blank
5 Original forms, blank
5 Dissolved Oxygen data
5 Placid
5 Inez
5 Seeley
5 Salmon
5 Alva
5 "A Spontaneous-Based Color Scale for Natural Waters," manuscript by Juday
6 Inez and Placid Research Data
6 Oligo and Post Office Lake Data
6 Streams
6 Montana Department of Forestry data analysis for Swift g. Drainage
6 Organic Qualitative Lab Reports
6 Missoula Valley Water Study manuscript by Juday, chemical section 1978
6 Stream sampling sites
6 sample data 1977-1980
6 Bills
6 Plasma-Arc data
6 "Acidity and Ion Concentrations of Precipitation in the Missoula Area of Western Montana,' manuscript by Juday and Keller
6 Latitude and Longitude of Sample Sites
6 Crude Data notes 1992
6 Jocko Lake Nutrient Chlorophyll
6 Water sample data
6 Analysis methods aritcles and guidelines
6 Streams
6 Lake sample data, organized data
6 Statistics and Blank Forms
6 Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen data Sample Sheets
6 Clearwater, Montana, flow data
6 Well sample data from Kathy Wilke
6 Acid, Water sample data
6 Water sample data
6 Don Herberger, data and computer printouts
6 Water sample data
6 AA Placid
6 Fluorometric testing for Chlorophyll
6 Atomic Absorbtion, Hidden
6 Atomic Absorbtion, Alva-Inez
6 Rough Tables
6 Finished tables 1984-1988
6 Hayes G. and Linda Vista
6 Travel
6 Vapor, Atomic Absorbtion
6 Paint
6 Microorganisms, DNA
6 Sulfate Table
6 Atomic Absorption Furnace
6 Missoula County Water Quality Advisory Group
6 Department of Natural Resources
6 Montana Barite Company, sample data
6 McGowan Water Conditioning, University of Montana Water Chemistry Labratory Analysis
6 Petroleum County Water Sample Data
6 Bureau of Land Management, Water Sample Data
6 Newman, Water Sample Data
6 Metcalf Preserve, Water Quality Report
6 Montana State Highway Department samples
6 Directories and Comments on Standard
6 Missoula City and County Health
6 Spratt, Water Sample Data
6 Cu-Anal Real Log Homes
6 USFS, University of Montana Water Laboratory Analysis Data
6 Satellite Photo of Sample Lakes
6 Partial Manuscript of Placid Lake and Clearwater Drainage study, final version 1, 2, 3, 4
6 Out of County
6 Western Montana Sports Medicine and Fitness Center, Water Analysis Laboratory Report
6 Montana State Land Board
6 USDA Fire Lab, Water Sample Analysis
6 Culligan, R. O. Matson's
6 Missoula Valley Water Study Project
6 Notes
6 Literature Search
6 Technicians, Open position
6 Computer Program notes
6 National Science Foundation, Monthly Summaries
6 New Analyses
6 Bottled Waters
6 University of Montana Water Chemistry Laboratory Analyses
6 Miscellaneous Papers
6 Color 1990
6 Color 1985
6 Color 1989
6 Missoula Valley Project, Color
6 Raw Color Data May-June, 1975
6 Color 1976
6 Color 1976
6 Color 1977
6 Color 1978
6 Color 1980
6 Color 1984
6 Color 1982
6 Color 1981

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Subject Terms

  • Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher)--Montana--Missoula
  • Limnology--Study and teaching (Higher)--Montana--Missoula

Corporate Names

  • American Chemical Society
  • Montana Academy of Sciences
  • University of Montana--Missoula--Faculty
  • University of Montana--Missoula. Water Chemistry Laboratory


  • Chemistry teachers--Montana--Missoula
  • Limnologists--Montana--Missoula.