Homer T. Bone papers, 1889-1967

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Bone, Homer Truett, 1883-1970
Homer T. Bone papers
1889-1967 (inclusive)
66.0 linear feet, (132 boxes)
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This collection documents Homer T. Bone's political career, his role in the development of public electrical power in the Pacific Northwest, and regional politics.
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Homer Truett Bone (1883-1970) was the son of James Milton and Margaret Jane Demaree Bone, and was born near Indianapolis, Indiana. He married Blanche Sly. The Bones moved to Tacoma, Washington, in 1899, and there he had a law practice. In the early 1920s, Bone served as an attorney for Tacoma City Light, the city’s municipally owned utility. He was a Democrat; U.S. Senator, 1932-1944; judge, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, San Francisco, 1945-1954. He was best known for his involvement in the public power movement for electrical utilities, including work as a Senator with the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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This collection contains the professional papers of Homer T. Bone. This includes a large amount of correspondence with businesses and politicians in Washington State and throughout the United States. Bone's papers contain his research and work on cancer legislation, public utilities, and his career as well as a small amount of personal and family material.

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The collection was calendared with a personal name index.

Related Materials

One oil on canvas painting in a political cartoon style of "the private money monopoly" (crowned by interest usury) suckling Uncle Sam and the "minor monopolies" while disregarding small business, labor, professional men, and farmers. Mailed to Senator Bone in Washington, D.C., from the home of S.E. Cox in Port Angeles, Washington, possibly in response to a campaign speech by Bone in Port Angeles in October 1932 and after Bone took office in 1933.

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I:  Correspondence, 1903-1967Return to Top

The Correspondence series contains Bone's professional correspondence with businesses and politicians.

Container(s) Description Dates
i: 1903-1923
Box Folder
1 1
U.S. Civil Service Examination results and Job offers
Bishop, F.S. Curtis, Dennett, F.H. Larned (2), James C. Stevens
1 2
Letter of condolence from workers at Tacoma Post Office
1 3
Letter of farewell from workers at L. Schoenfeld & Sons
1 4
George P. Fishburne, James Menzies to J.R. Bone
1 5
A.V. Fawcett, Murdoch McLeod, Burns Poe to Albert Johnson and Tacoma Tribune
1 6
George R. Moore
1 7
W.A. Bethel (2), Roger Morse Bone, Scott W. Bone (2), E.H. Crowder (2), Albert Johnson, Wesley L. Jones, S.A. Perkins, Arthur Wilson. Letters to Judge Advocate General of Army: M.C. Clifford, A.V. Fawcett, Per B. Heyman, James Menzies, Roy D. Pinkerton, John A. Rea, James C. Stevens.
1 8
Pamphlets: Officer Reserves Corps
1 9
Bruce Bielasei, Scott C. Bone, E.T. Hoopes, Marion M. Jackson, John Lowell, C.M. Riddell (2), Govnor Teats, Chester Thorne.
1 10
J.C. Hazelwood
1 11
V.B. Briggs, J.H. Brown (2), George P. Fishburne, H. Roy Harrison, Albert Johnson, R.H. Cash, J. Oliver MacDonald, Seth C. Maker, William Carr Morrow, Andy Raymon, Fred Shoemaker, Albert H. Sundahl (2). W.R. Glover to "Dear Sir"
1 12
Tacoma Commonwealth Club
1 13
Scott C. Bone, John Flemming, C.J. Hapwood, William P. McCarty, Claude H. Moran, C.J. Raberg, Robert Emmett Literary Society.
1 14
C.C. Dill, J.S. Taylor
1 15
J.C. Baldwin, A.W. Carr, Gary C. Dean, James A. Duncan, Oliver T. Erickson, R.J. Fawssett, A.S. Goss, Chas. E. Joy, Jessie Bullock eastner, Journeymen Barbers of Tacoma: Joeseph Nicholson, H.C. Pickering G.F. Nicholson (2), William M. Short, William Snell (2), Tacoma Typographical Union No. 120: Chas. Finley, A.J. Armstrong, W.S. Jennings Charles H. Heighton to Director of Public Works, E.V. Kirkendall to Charles H. Heighton
1 16
J. Newton Colver, E.F. Flynn, Thomas J.L. Kennedy, Ralph D. Nichols. E.H. Thomas to Mr. Fred A. Johnson
2 7
Memorandum - Notes
Early 1920s
2 8
Notes from Super Power League or State Power Conference
[late 1923-early 1924]
ii: 1924
Box Folder
2 1
G.W. Bryan, J. Newton Colver, Ira Davisson, James A. Haight, J.C. Unger Dwight Ware to Mr. E. Norgaard. Grant C. Angle to John Rea, D. Gerald Cloud to John Rea, Raymond V. Sykes to John Rea
2 2
J. Newton Colver, A. Emerson Cross, Chas. A. Foster, J.M. Geraghty, James A. Haight, J. Grant Hinkle, E.L. Robinson, J.D. Ross, N.L. Taylor L.A. Cincent to L.F. Handley
2 3
2 4
Judson king, Carl D. Thompson
2 5
James B. Anderson, C.J. Christopher, Fred H. Gaston, Miss Norgaard, J.D. Ross, C.A. Smith. John H. Binns to Washington State Chamber of Commerce, Chas. E. Brower to "Open Letter", Electrical Workers No. 46 (F.J. Heapes & P. Griffing) to "Open Letter".
2 6
James B. Anderson, G.A.B. Dovell, Chapin D. Foster, F.O. Hagie, C.A. Smith
2 9
Initiative 52 filed with Secretary of State
July 2, 1924
2 10
H.T.B. Initiative 52 - Speaking schedule
14 10
Notes for H.T.B. Speeches: U.S. Senate race? (Odlin vs. Schwellenbach)
iii: 1925-1927
Box Folder
3 1
George W. Norris, Carl D. Thompson Mrs. W.C. Munsell to Ruth Ridgeway
3 2
H.O. Berger, F.O. Hagie, J. Earl Langdon (2), W.E. Richardson, Carl D. Thompson (4), William Williamson
3 3
James W. Bryan (4), J. Grant Hinkle, J. earl Langdon (2), Dr. G.F. Messner (2), J.D. Ross, Carl D. Thompson
3 4
James W. Bryan, B.F. Jacobs, J. Earl Langdon, Dr. G.F. Messner, Mark E. Reed. J.W. Bryan to J.D. Ross
3 5
J.W. Bryan (3), Walter S. Davis, Kenneth Harlan, Roland H. Hartley, Kenneth Harlan to Ira Davisson
3 6
"Story of Aberdeen"
3 7
Norwood W. Brockett, James W. Bryan, C.C. Dill, J. Earl Langdon
3 8
J.W. Bryan (3), C.C. Dill (2), Kenneth Harlan
3 9
C.C. Dill, Llewellyn Evans, Robert M. LaFollette Jr., J. Earl Langdon, George W. Norris, Eleanor Spaeth. Howard W. Geisler to Tacoma City Clerk, O.C. Merrill to C.C. Dill
3 10
Claire Bowman, J. Earl Langdon (2), Philip P. Wells.
3 11
Claire Bowman (2), R.I. Ehrlichman, Edward B. Fussell, Roland H. Hartley, J. Earl Langdon, Samuel H. Mason
3 12
H.T.B. Speech and opening of Cushman Project Program
May 26, 1926
3 13
W.W. Briggs (4), Herbert T. Condon, Mathew W. Hill, Kenneth McKellar, George W. Norris (2), Carl D. Thompson T.B.B. to W.W. Briggs, W.J. Barden to "Circular Letter", Parker Hill to A.J. Steward
3 14
Walter F. Meier: Address at Aberdeen
June 26, 1926
3 15
Edward Keating (3), R.D. Lyte, Carl D. Thomspon
3 16
Hartley recall
3 17
Data on Tacoma Power Plant
3 18
Lowell Mellet to Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance
3 19
Confidential file: pressure to sell out
iv: 1928 Campaign Correspondence
Box Folder
4 1
May 1928
4 2
Amy Albright, Mark R. Colby, Claude H. Moran, C.A. Smith, R.A. Wiley (2) Albert Johnson to "Dear Friend"
June 1928
4 3
Carl A.Byrne, C.C. Dill, Jarvey Dodd, T.S. Galbraith, T.R. McAnally, Moses Votaw, E.S. Walker, R.A. Wiley. H.W. Hobbs to Albert Johnson, H.W. Hobbs to Tacoma Chamber of Commerce
July 1- July 23 1928
4 4
A.S. Goss (2), Fred W. Lewis, Henry Mahncke, John Soley, Walter S. Wilson, R.A. Wiley. A.S. Goss to: Fred W. Callender, Mrs. Graves Graveson, Mr. George Rine, Mr. George Twidwell, Mr. Walter S. Wilson
July 24-31, 1928
4 5
Anton Bang, Mark R. Colby, L.E. Garrett, William H. Ittner, Fred W. Lewis, R.A. Wiley R.R. Jacobus to Edward Keating
August 1-4, 1928
4 6
Carl A. Byrne, A.J. Croteau, George Dysart, O.R. Holcomb, Robert A. Leroux, R.V. Mack, C.E. Trombley Carl A. Byrne to Plumbers & Steamfitters Unions, Third Congressional District. George W. Callender to A.S. Goss, (8-1-1928) James L. Cassidy to: Homer T. Bone, George W. Callender, A.S. Goss, M.D. Guy, A.N. Johnson, Dr. Frank Killgore. A.S. Goss to C.W. Riddell
August 5-8, 1928
4 7
George W. Callender, Ralph C. Clyde, C.H. Eddy, Ernest Gribble, Olympia Building Trades Council, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Reynolds, Douglas J. Sterling, A.P. Stockwell , Ed Van Schaack Dorothy M. Duke to James L. Cassidy, Edward Keating to R.R. Jacobs
August 9-12, 1928
4 8
Dorothy M. Duke, A.C. Edwards, Victor H. Morris, A.P. Stockwell James L. Cassidy to: C.H. Eddy, Chauncey Grover, A.P. Stockwell. Agnes Gehrman to A.S. Goss, (8-11-1928) John D. Morris to "Chiropractors", Third Congressional District. Melvin G. Tennant to Albert Johnson.
August 13-14, 1928
4 9
Winifred Baker, W.D. Fechter, Federated Press, Hj. Jensen, George W. Joseph, W.W. Woodeck. James C. Cassidy to George W. Joseph, Otto L. Jahn to James L. Cassidy, H.W. Stein to James L. Cassidy
August 15-16, 1928
4 10
George L. Barner, Ralph C. Clyde, Mary F. Burrell, W.H. Halloway, S.A. Lee, Royce H. Mitchell, Rev. U.G. Murphy, George Zamberlin, James L. Cassidy to H. Jensen, R.A. Wiley to James L. Cassidy (2)
August 17, 1928
4 11
C.H. Bowen, H.L. Bowman, Frank & Bertha Campbell, Robert Friedman, B.N. Hicks, Paul Jeffrey, R.V. Mack, Gordon Powers. James L. Cassidy to Clark County Sun
August 18-21, 1928
4 12
Peter Alvestad, Chapin D. Foster, W.J. Lindberg, A.M. Mecklem, William Moriarty, W.F. Smith. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen to all members of Bro. of L.E. and Bor. of L.F. &E. of the State of Washington. Frank M. Dallum Jr. to James L. Cassidy, George W. Joseph to James L. Cassidy
August 22-23, 1928
4 13
Scott W. Bone, Clark County Sun, O.R. Holcomb, Oakville Cruiser, W.A. Richmond, Mrs. Amanda Welch. James L. Cassidy to George W. Joseph, James L. Cassidy to William Moriarty, Edward E. Sweeny to Albert Johnson
August 24-27, 1928
4 15
Hoquiam American Editorial Controversy James L. Cassidy to german Publishing Co., Hoquiam American to Ryan's Weekly, Fred W. Lewis to Chapin D. Foster.
August 28-31, 1928
4 16
L.L. Brown, John Dolge, George Dysart, M. Nigro, South Tacoma Star, S.C. Watkins. S. Lowman to James L. Cassidy, Tacoma Central Labor Council to "To Whom It May Concern"
September 1-11, 1928
4 17
Mrs. M.G. Mitchell
C.C. Dill to Mrs. M.G. Mitchell (12-30-1924), Albert Johnson to Mrs. M.G. Mitchell (3-12-1924), Mrs. M.G. Mitchell to "Bone for Congress Club", Mrs. M.G. Mitchell to John Dower (Tacoma Chamber of Commerce), Mrs. M.G. Mitchell to "Johnson for Congress Club", Mrs. M.G. Mitchell to Chas B. Welch (Tacoma Defense Fund)
4 18
Ned Blythe, Scott w. Bone, Bismark Burnham, Fremond Campbell Jr., James L. Cassidy, Gery C. Dean, George Dysart, Frederick F. Irwin, Edward Keating, J.C. Unger.
September 12-13, 1928
September 14, 1928
Box Folder
5 2
Chas. Crout
September 15-17, 1928
5 3
Ralph C. Clyde, Chas. Crout, Charles H. Heighton, O.R. Holcomb, O.M. Nelson, Adolph Ponischil, Card D. Thompson.
September 18-23, 1928
5 4
E.N. Blythe, Scott C. Bone, James E. Bradford, T.S. Galbraith, O.R. Holcomb, O.M. Nelson
September 24-29, 1928
5 5
Walter S. Davis, Edward C. Finch, T.S. Galbraith, H. Alvin Moore, Carl D. Thompson, A.F. Whitney, R.A. Wiley. H. Alvin Moore to Republicans of the State of Washington
October 1928
5 6
Ralph Benjamin and Homer T. Bone to C.C. Dill
November 1928
5 7
(Outgoing Letters)
H.T.B Campaign office (79 letters) C.W. Orton to Melvin G. Tennent
August-September 1928
5 8-10
Issue - Timber Exchange Bill
C.C. Dill, Ethel L. Kirk (3), O.M. Nelson. D.K. Parrott, to C.C. Dill, E.A. Sherman to C. C. Dill Albert Hognson to Chapin Collins Maps (5)
5 11
Notes on Tariff
5 12
H. B. T. Radio Address
5 13
H.T.B. speech or radio address
5 14
Fred Marvin
6 1
H.T.B. Letters in regards to John A. Rea
6 2
H.T.B Speech
August 15, 1928
6 3
Assorted Notes for H.T.B. Speeches
6 4
H.T.B. notes on Herbert Hoover's Acceptance
6 5
Speaking Schedule
6 6
Assorted News Releases, Letters to Editors and Editorials
Henry Bras. Frank C. Ross - "Open Letter" J.R. Walker to Tacoma Times
6 7
Declaration of Candidacy
6 8
"Bone for Congress" Committee; minutes, membership, etc.
6 9
Assorted information on precincts, polling places, campaign workers, and prior Third Congressional District vote totals.
6 10
Ralph Benjamin estimate of vote totals
6 11
Brochures, flyers and pamphlets
6 12
Sample primary and final ballots
6 13
Map of Pierce County precincts
6 14
Financial material
v: 1928-1930
Box Folder
7 1
General Correspondence
J.W. McQuarrie L.F. Wiekoff James F. O'Brien to J.W. McQuarrie
7 2
L.H. Darwin Roy R. Gill A.S. Goss william A. Lawson D. Mitchell J.E. Nessly J.C. Unger
January - September 1928
7 3
A.C. McNeill Carl D. Thompson J.C. Unger Kenneth Harlan to: Otto Case; James M. Geraghty; J.J. O'Toole (2). Kion R. Holm to Carey & Harlan
October - December 1928
7 4
General Correspondence
C.C. Dill, Harold R. Johnson, George A. Virtue Otto Case to Kenneth Harlan (2)
7 5
Norwood Brockett address at Auburn
May 22, 1929
7 6
Memorandums and Speeches
7 7
Memorandum of interview with Norwood Brockett
7 8
H.T.B. memorandum on Hoover Chemical Company
Late 1920s
7 9
General Correspondence
Chester Biesen, John T. McCutcheon, Dana Sleeth, R.A. Wiley. F.C. Brewer to Mr. Ball, Ernest Dolge to Mr. George P. Wright, James McCormack to men & women of Tacoma & Pierce County,Wesley L. Jones to Anthony Savage, Robert H. Lucas to Republican Precinct Leaders.
7 10
James Menzies, Carl D. Thompson (2), J.D. Weed. Kenneth Harlan to Fred J. Chamberlain
7 11
Republican Party Convention - Pierce County
May 3, 1930
7 12
Spokane County Democratic Convention - Minutes of proceedings
June 21, 1930
7 13
Thomas J. L. Kennedy - Legal opinion on Initiative #1
7 14
H.T.B. Speech on Power shortage in Tacoma and Charles Francis Adams
February 24, 1930
7 15
H.T.B. articles and speeches for Inititative #1
7 16
Oregon Politics - H.T.B. Speeches
7 17
J.T. McCutcheon vs. Albert Johnson - H.T.B. speeches for J.T. McCutcheon
7 18
Information on rivers and harbors - government assistance to Washington
vi: 1931-1932
Box Folder
8 1
General Correspondence
Gersha V. Haney, Edward Keating, Dana Sleeth
8 2
Dana Sleeth
8 3
Kenneth Harlan (3), Lakeview Light E.K. Murray to J.P. Duthie, W.P. Strandborg to the editor of "The Nation"
8 4
General Correspondence
Ralph Benjamin, Carl Brannin (2), J.F. Cronin, L.H. Darwin, C.C. Dill (2), Andrew G. Haley, Arthur Heinemann, Jim Marshall, Miss Alfhild Sunde, Evan S. White, Col. C. Blethen.
8 5
A.J. Chitty, C.H. Foster, Judson King, Ralph R. Knapp, Frank Lawrence, George A. Read, Rufus Woods. A.S. Goss to C.C. Dill, Thomas J. Walsh to Kenneth Harlan
8 6
Rex Roudabush Platform; Sixth Congressional District Race
January 13, 1932
8 7
John T. McCutcheon announcement of entry into Sixth Congressional District Race
John T. McCutcheon (2) Adolph Ponischil to John T. McCutcheon
March 26, 1932
8 8
Provisions for initiating a bill
12 11
Columbia Basin Project
Correspondence & reports Elsworth C. French (1-25-1935), Charles C. Garland (1-15-1935), James P. Pope (1-19-1935), George Otis Smith (5-26-1933), James O'Sullivan (2) (3-14-1933) (1-12-1935) Frank R. McNinch to James O'Sullivan (8-31-1933)
vii: 1932 Senate Campaign
Box Folder
9 1
Saul Haas (3), Herb F. Love, Jim Marshall, C.E. Remsberg. Saul Haas to Edward Keating, Phil Ziegler to H.F. Love.
January - March 1932
9 2
J.F. Cronin, Helen Dahl, Kenneth Harlan, A.G. Laffin, Frank Lawrence, Herb F. Love, Jim Marshall, A.E. Reardon, Donn Wyllys. Herb F. Love to Chas. G. Ganty, Herb F. Love to W.J. Fizgerald & George F. Gaub
April 1932
9 3
John E. Ballaine, Helen Dahl, G.W. Laing, Dr. G.F. Messer, R.L. Ryan, Andrew Sorenson. Saul Haas to Walter Price, Albert Johnson to Dr. Frederick Messer, Wesley L. Jones to Dr. G.F. Messer (4-11-1932), Louis McFadden to Dr. G.F. Messer (2-8-1932), Dr. G.F. Messer to Wesley L. Jones (4-25-1932), Walter Price to Saul Haas, Charles I. Roth to Saul Haas.
May 1-15, 1932
9 4
Will Everett, C.E. Goldthorpe (2) (4-29-1932), Saul Haas (2), James B. Kinne, M.M. London, Dr. G.F. Messer, Marvin W. Smith. J.W. Bryan to Saul Haas, L.H. Darwin to Saul Haas, Knute Hill to Saul Haas, Edward Keating to Saul Haas, Lawrence J. Keplinser to Saul Haas, H.I. Kyle to Saul Haas, Marvin W. Smith to Saul Haas, Gomer Thomas to Saul Haas
May 16-24, 1932
9 5
Dr. Orville Beebe, Saul Haas (4), Edward Keating, K.O. Walters.
May 25-31, 1932
9 6
Lloyd L. Black, Judson King, James B. Kinne, M.M. London (2), Benjamin C. Marsh, C.E. Remsberg, Marvin W. Smith. A.H. Denman to Lloyd Black
June 1-10, 1932
9 7
J.D. Bone, A.G. Dentler, Nancy Dorris, Thomas G. Jordan, Frank Lawrence, Dana Sleeth, Vannettisch. Ned W. Douglas to Tom Jordan, William Green to organized labor in Washington, Thomas G. Jordan to Ned W. Douglas. E.J. Manion to members of the Washington State Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Judge Marks to James A. Farley, Chas. A Newhall to George E. Starr, John Wrabek to Saul Haas.
July - December 1932
9 8
John T. McCutcheon to "Grange locals", Seattle City Council Utilities Committee to William Randolph Hearst.
9 9
Issues - Air & Ocean Mail Contracts
C.C. Dill, Jim Marshall. Ralph Horr to George W. Osgood.
9 10
Issues - Prohibition
J.W. Bryan (4), John Geissler
9 11
Issues - World Court
Fred W. Shorter, Dwight C. Smith
9 12
H.T.B. Campaign Speeches
9 13
H.T.B. Campaign Speech Notes
9 14
H.T.B. Campaign Speech Notes on Veterans' Affairs
9 15
H.T.B. Campaign Speech - Delivered in Port Angeles
9 16
9 17
9 18
H.T.B. Speech
Circa 1929-1932
viii: 1933
Box Folder
10 1
General Correspondence
John Coffee, Dr. Harry W. Deegan, C.C. Dill, J.R. Edwards, Joe Gallucci, Effie Hyndman, Claude H. Moran, Paul S. Stackhouse (2). Paul S. Stackhouse to Martin F. Smith
January - February, 1933
10 2
John Binns, E.N. Blythe, A.J. Chitty, John Coffee (2), Kenneth Harlan (2), Frank Lawrence, Dar Olds, Joe T. Robinson. Statement on Present Banking Emergency: Knate Hill, Wesley Lloyd, Martin F. Smith, Mon C. Wallgren, Marion Zioncheck. William Green to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Edward Keating to Saul Haas, J.M. Perry to C.C. Dill, Will W. Simpson to Dar Olds.
March 1933
10 3
Ralph Benjamin (2), John Binns, Francis P. Garvin, Kenneth Harlan, W.E. Joyce (2) (5-12-1933), Robert LaFollette Jr., W.A. Linklater, Alvaro Shoemaker, Jennie E. Smith, Ross K. Tiffany. W.E. Joyce to W.A. Linklater, W.A. Linklater.
April 1933
10 4
Otto Case, John Coffee, Kenneth Harlan (3), Franz G. Myers, L.W. Roberts Jr., E.E. Summerfield. Horace M. Albright to State Park Authorities, Otto Case and Ernest Hutchinson to Monrad C. Wallgren, C.C. Dill to Ralph C. Clyde (4-11-1933), James A. Farley to Bert Haney (4-18-1933)
May 1933
10 5
Tom Connally, Arnold B. Hall, Frank Lawrence, Helen B. Thompson. Thad McGlinn to James Hamilton Lewis.
June - August 1933
10 6
Rial Benjamin, C.C. Dill, Frank Lawrence, Elmer Thomas, Hulet Wells. Jim Marshall to Frank Lawrence, C.A. Newhall to King County Democratic precinct men and women.
September 1933
10 7
Saul Haas, Alvaro Shoemaker. Jim Marshall to Alvaro Shoemaker (9-26-1933)
October 1933
10 8
Ossian Anderson, Paul H. Appleby, A.C. Edwards (2), George Gunn Jr. (2), Kenneth Harlan (3) (10-31-1933), Saul Haas, Philip LaFollette, Herbert M. Peet, Alvaro C. Shoemaker. A.C. Edwards to Harold L. Ickes, Kenneth Harlan to Frank McNinch (10-30-1933), W.P. Kenney to Harold L. Ickes, Philip L. LaFollette to Saul Haas, Clarence D. Martin to Reconstruction Finance Corporation (4-22-1933), Monrad wallgren to Harold L. Ickes.
November 1933
10 9
Carroll Healy
1933 December
10 10
A.J. Chitty, J. Charles Dennis, Frank Lawrence (4).
January - February 1933
10 11
Ralph Benjamin, Kenneth Harlan, Clarence D. Martin, Clarck Squire. A.E. McKee & Joseph H. Smith to A.J. Chitty.
March - April 1933
10 12
Power: Washington State S.B. #129
10 13
Kenneth Harlan, Frank Lawrence, W.J. McIntosh, Alfe Patterson, R.G. Suches
May - June 1933
10 14
Ira E. Shea
July - December 1933
10 15
Domestic Debt
George P. Hardgrove
10 16
Liberty Loan - National Economy League
R.E. Byrd (2), Jas. J. Murphy
January - April 1933
10 17
Liberty Loan - National Economy League
James A. Douglas, J.R. Douglas, W.M. Meachham, Chas. A. Turner.
May 1-15, 1933
10 18
Liberty Loan - National Economy League
Arthur Burston, R.E. Coontz (3), J.Ralph DeSpain, Leroy Kuhns, Frank Lawrence, Benjamin C. Marsh, A.w. Price, Dr. John J. Szczepaniak, Paul C. Wolman. Arthur P. Brien to Carroll Healy, R.E. Coontz to all Post, County Council and Department Commanders and National Officers of the V.F.W., Robert Gumbel to Carrol Healy, Gardner Jackson to Saul Haas, Leroy Kuhns to R.E. Coontz, Francis J. McCummell to Carroll Healy, L.V. Morrison to Carroll Healy, D.A. Skinner to Carroll Healy.
May 16-31, 1933
10 19
Liberty Loan - National Economy League
F.S. Buckley, Paul E. Burns, Henry H. Curran, Michael A.J. Doty, Joseph V. Flynn, Kenneth Harlan, Maurice P. Guy, Walter A. Lorell, J.H. MacBain, R.C. Morrison, George J. Rosenberg, Frank C. Schwartz, V.F.W. Post: Chicago #1604, V.F.W.: Natchez, Mississippi. Edward E. Hall to Richard E. Byrd, Sam Hill to J.W. Welch Sr., M. Rhoades to Carroll Healy.
June 1933
10 20
Liverty Loan - National Economy League
Henry H. Curran (2)
December 1933
10 21
Liberty Loan - National Economy League: notes
10 22
Narrows Bridge
C.C. Dill, Greater Bremerton Improvement Club: R.H. Lindall, O.H. Schultheis. Herbert S. Griggs, H.S. McIlvaigh, C.F. Mason, Charles T. Peterson, G. Frank Rhodes, Ralph Shaffer.
10 23
President Madison
Ralph Benjamin, Wedell Foss (4), A.F. Haines, George Harroun, Harroun, Maloy and Shidler (5), Walter S. Martin, Dar Olds (2). Ralph Benjamin to C.C. Dill.
11 1
Naval Affairs
James W. Bryan, E.H. Campbell, M. Standby. C.L. Bando to W.M. Flood, O.G. Murfin to Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Oswald F. Schwette to Claude Swanson.
11 2
Ship Subsidies
J.R. Guyton (2), G.S. Lincoln, Cornelius Mundy (2), Edgar E. Piper
January - March 1933
11 3
Ship Subsidies
J.R. Guyton (2), G.S. Lincoln, Cornelius Mundy. Bereau of Construction & Finance to U.S. Shipping Board, Kane Boiler Workers, et al to Hugo L. Black, Samuel Goodacre to Bereau of Construction & Finance, Tacoma Oriental Steamship Co. to U.S. Shipping Board.
April - June 1933
11 4
Veterans Affairs
John C. Fischer (2), Harry H. Hall. John C. Fischer to "Administrator", John C. Fischer to "Solicitor"
11 5
War Debts
J. Stewart Baker
11 6
World Court
W.C. Morse, Dwight C. Smith, Mrs. J. Hilde Smith, E.M. Starrett. Ed Fussell to Dar Olds
11 7
H.T.B. Speeches
11 8
An Act restraining District Courts from issuing injunctions to restrain the collection of taxes imposed under the laws of the states and territories
11 9
Citizens' resolutions on 1.) Federal Reserve Act & 2.) Reconstruction Finance Corporation
11 10
Speech by V.S. Von Szeliski - research division of the National Recovery Administration
ix: 1934
Box Folder
12 1
General Correspondence
Jim Marshall (2), Martin F. Smith, George E. Starr
January 1934
12 2
Ralph Benjamin (2), Julian Friant, A.G. Laffin, Jim Marshall (4), W.L. McCormick. Resolution: Frank S. Baker, Charles F. Ernest, Clarence D. Martin Frank G. Wisner.
February 1934
12 3
Ralph Benjamin, E.W. Jorgensen, Daniel B. Luten, Basil Manly, Benjamin C. Marsh, Will W. Simpson, Willard L. Thorp. Basil Manly to Kenneth Harlan
March 1934
12 4
Evert Arnold, Ralph Benjamin, Aug. Bontoux (2-2-1934), Frank Lawrence, Jim Marshall (2), James & Lola Menzies, Clark Squire (2). Frank Lawrence to Clark Squire (3-24-1934), Benjamin C. Marsh to Elmer Thomas
April 1934
12 5
American Agriculturist: Frank E. Gannett, H.E. Babcock, E.R. Eastman. J.H. Ryan
May - June 1934
12 6
Alvaro Shoemaker, Burton K. Wheeler (3).
July - August 1934
12 7
Sanford Bates (3-12-1935), Claude M. Henry, Charles L. Newman (2-15-1934), Craig R. Smith. Claude M. Henry to Emil E. Hurja
September - December 1934
12 8
Saul Haas (3), Kenneth Harlan, Frank R. McNinch, Dr. L.A. Robinson, Telegram: Jack Denise, J.H. Ryan, Fred Chamberlain, Herb Alzlo, Marvin Smith, Evert Arnold, Kenneth Harlan. C.C. Dill to State Senator Stinson, Basil Manly to Kenneth Harlan, Frank R. McNinch to Kenneth Harlan, Harry L. Williams to Herb Algo.
January 1934
12 9
Ira Davisson (3) (1-24-1934), Basil Manly, Frank R. McNinch, Elwood Mead. Ira Davisson to Frank R. McNinch (1-18-34)
February - March 1934
12 10
Homer O. Blain, Marshall N. Dana, Ed Fussell (2), Basil Manly. Kenneth Harlan to Basil Manly, Frank T. Post to Washington Water Power Co. workers.
April - December 1934
13 1
Memorandum - Chaco
13 2
Fort Lewis
Ira Davisson (5) (11-13-1933) (12-28-1933), Melvin G. Tennent, Harry H. Woodring (3). Ira Davisson to Harry H. Woodring, R. McQuestion to Melvin G. Tennent (12-8-1933), Harry H. Woodring to Ira Davisson.
November 1933-1934
13 3
National Economy League
Henry H. Curran (4)
13 4
Naval Affairs
John Baer, James W. Bryan (4), H.L. Roosevelt, Oswald F. Schuette (3), William T. Stone. N.D. Alifas to members of U.S. House of Representatives, Harold Ickes to Oswald F. Schuette, H.L. Roosevelt to Oswald F. Schuette, Oswald F. Schuette to H.L. Roosevelt
January - February 1934
13 5
Naval Affairs
R.H. Fleet, E.J. King, Elsie Robinson, Park Trammell, J.B. Weaver. Lewis W. Douglas to Park Trammell, R.H. Fleet to John J. Delaney, W.A. Moffett to M.M. Patrick.
March 1934
13 6
Nye Committee
John Coffee, Gerald P. Nye (2), Robert Wohlforth
14 1
Ocean & air mail contracts - Baltimore Mail Steamship Co. vs. U.S.A.
Cornelius Mundy (2). H.I. Conner to William Stanley (7-12-1933), Cornelius Mundy to Simon E. Sobeloff (2) (7-7-1933) (7-5-1933), Simon E. Sobeloff to William Stanley (2) (7-17-1933) (7-19-1933)
July 7, 1933-1934
14 2
Ocean & Air Mail contracts
Andrew Furuseth, A.G. Patterson (2). James A. Farley to Hugo L. Black, Andrew Furuseth to Washington Herald, Richard W. Robbins to Franklin D. Roosevelet
February - March 1934
14 3
Ocean & Air Mail Contracts
A.G. Patterson, Elmer E. Rogers
April 1934
14 4
Ocean & Air Mail Contracts
Andrew Furuseth (3) Andrew Furuseth to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Andrew Furuseth to Labor Department.
May 1934
14 5
P.W.A. Projects: Hylebos Bridge
Arthur A. Cook (2), George Dern (2), Wesley Lloyd, E.M. Markham, Genevieve Martin (12-19-1933), G.B. Pillsbury. E.M/ Markham to Wesley Lloyd.
December 19, 1933 - 1934
14 6
P.W.A. Projects: Narrows Bridge
P.W. Bourgaize, Elbert M. Chandler, Frank Lawrence, Charles T. Peterson (2).
February 1934
14 7
P.W.A. Projects: Narrows Bridge
P.W. Bourgaize, Elbert M. Chandler (2), Arthur A. Cook, Mr. & Mrs. L.O. Olsen, E.V.D. Paul, John Prins, Melvin G. Tennent. Elbert M. Chandler to Melvin G. Tennent, Wesley Lloyd to Leonard Langlow.
March 1934
14 8
P.W.A. Projects: Narrows Bridge
B.H. Bennetts, Elbert M. Chandler, Oscar I. Chopman, R.W. Crawford, Robert Gleason, Harold Ickes, Don C. Winchester. H.T.B. & Wesley Lloyd to Clark Squire, Melvin G. Tennent to John Prins
April 1934
14 9
P.W.A. Projects: Narrows Bridge
John H. Binns, Elbert M. Chandler (3), Oscar I. Chopman (2), Harold Ickes (2), Charles T. Peterson, Henry M. Stein. Elbert M. Chandler to Leonard Langloe
May - August 1934
14 11
A Bill to create a national bank of U.S.
26 13
Naval Bills and Reports: H.R. 6004 (1934)
x: 1935
Box Folder
15 1
General Correspondence
J.A. Metzger, J.A. Reams, Alvaro Shoemaker (2), Lewis Schwellenbach (3-19-1935). John T. Raftis to Lewis B. Schwellenbach (3-15-1935).
January - March 19, 1935
15 2
General Correspondence
Elbert M. Chandler, William T. Chantland, Julian N. Friant (5) (11-19-1934) (1-8-1935) (1-12-1935), Harley B. Fischer, Ervin E. King (2-4-1935) (2-5-1935), A.S. Goss, Ernest Gruening. Elwyn L. Daniel to Lewis B. Schwellenbach.
January 16 - February 5, 1935
15 3
General Correspondence
James Walter Carter, Helen Dahl, Olaf Didrickson (2) (1-26-1935), Anthony J. Dimond, Emil Hurja, Warren G. Magnuson, Harry B. Mitchell, George E. Starr (1-23-1935), Alex McK. Vierhus. Don G. Abel to Olaf Didrickson (12-7-1934), Don G. Abel to "Whom it may concern", Harold L. Ickes to Emil Hurja (1-30-1935), Lee F. Root to "Whom it may concern" (12-7-1934), Jas. E. Sareault to Olaf Didrickson (12-8-1934), Lewis B. Schwellenbach to Woodward, Washington Congressional Delegation to Harry B. Mitchell.
December 7, 1934 - February 15, 1935
15 4
General Correspondence
E.K. Burlew, H.L. Cantley, Henry M. Curran, William Green, A.G. Laffin, [illegible name]. William Green to William Randolph Hearst, William Randolph Hearst to William Green, Martin F. Smith to H.L. Cantley.
February 16-28, 1935
15 5
General Correspondence
Fred A. Berlin, Douglas Bubar (2), John Carson, M.J. Flynn, A.L. Harbison, Lee Mantz, Lola Menzies, Henry M. Morgenthau, Jr. J.F.T. O'Connor (3-29-1935), Alex McK. Vierhus.
March 1 - 29, 1935
15 6
General Correspondence
Norman W. Baxter (2-6-1935), W.P. Bowers, E.K. Burlew, R.C. Davis (2), C.R. Jackson (3-13-1935), Stanley reed. T.A. Walter to Ellison D. Smith.
February 6, 1935 - March 31, 1935.
15 7
General Correspondence
Dr. J.R. Binyon (3) (3-11-1935) (5-15-1935), Robert S. Doubleday, F.L. Kerzie (6) (1-2-1935) (2-10-1935) (5-15-1935), Ervin E. King (2) (1-15-1935) (1-18-1935), W.D. Lane (1-10-1935), W. Forbes Morgan (1-23-1935), William T. Stone, Alex McK. Vierhus (2), Cliff woodward (2-18-1935), Preston C. Wright. Dr. J.R. Binyon to Saul Haas (2-2-1935), Fred C. Dean to Saul Haas (2-2-1935)
January 2 - May 15, 1935
15 8
General Correspondence
Quincy Adams, George H. Gannon, James K. McMonnies, James Menzies, Aubrey Williams. George H. Gannon to Mrs. Harriet N. Bell, George H. Gannon to E.W. Woodward. Lewis B. Schwellenbach to Sol A. Rosenblatt.
May 1935
15 9
General Correspondence
Saul Haas, L.K. Lear, Alvaro C. Shoemaker, Elmer Thomas. William B. Given, Jr. to Louis K. Lear
June 1935
15 10
General Correspondence
John H. Binns, Dr. J.R. Binyon (7-19-1935), George H. Gannon (3), Sam B. Hill. Ernest Gruening to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Calvert Magruder to Harold M. Stephens, Gerald Shaughnessy to Rev. Joseph M. Sullivan, William Sirovich to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Robert Wagner to Franklin D. Roosevelt.
July 1-19, 1935
15 11
General Correspondence
John H. Binns, E.K. Burlew, Committee for the Nation: Vincent Bendix, Frederic Frazier, James H. Rand, Fred H. Sexauer. Julian N. Friant, James Menzies (2) (7-11-1935), Alex McK. Vierhus (3). James Menzies, Jr. to James & Lola Menzies.
July 11-31, 1935
15 12
General Correspondence
H.B. Benedict (7-29-1935), Joseph B. Eastman, George H. Cannon, James Menzies, J.H. Ryan (7-25-1935). Saul Haas to Lewis B. Schwellenbach.
July 25 - August 1935
15 13
General Correspondence
N.E. Engle, Dar Olds, Lewis B. Schwellenbach.
September 1935
15 14
General Correspondence
David J. Lewis
November 1935
15 15
Sam B. Hill - Federal Judgship
15 16
Pollack vs. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co. (158 U.S. 601) 1895
Lochner vs. New York (198 W.S. 45) 1905
16 1
Liberty Loan
T.J. Coolidge
16 2
McCarren Amendment - Prevailing wage
Sam M. Driver, Edwin C. Ewing (2), C.W. Greenough, W.C. Hushing, Robert Montgomery.
16 3
Undated Speeches
16 4
National Forests and Parks
Paul H. Appleby, W.H. Covert (8-29-1934), W.G. Peters (2), Robert A Wiley. John C. Kuhns to W.G. Peters, E.A. Sherman to Paul H. Appleby.
August 29, 1934 - January 1935
16 5
National Forests and Parks
A.C. Martin (2)
February 1935
16 6
National Forests and Parks
George Hutton (4) (3-8-1935) (3-14-1935). International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite, and Papermill Workers, Local No. 100 to Washington Congressional Delegation. Martin F. Smith to Lewis B. Schwellenbach.
March 8 - May 1935
16 7
Pensions - Social Security
John B. Andrews, Frank Dowd, Abraham Epstein, G.W. Hamilton, Knute Hill, Robert Sherman Hoar, Robert M. LaFollette, Jr., Otis Morgan. Robert Sherman Hoar to Knute Hill, Lewis B. Schwellenbach to "Dear Friend"
16 8
Narrows Bridge
Elbert M. Chandler (7), Resolution by Board of Pierce County Commisioners (1-16-1934): R. Lester Kelly, John Murphy, Cal Gunthrie, Harvey O. Scofield, Harry Slattery. Moran and Proctor to Elbert M. Chandler (1-31-1933), B.P. Thomas to Board of Pierce County Commissioners (1-8-1934).
January 31, 1933 - April 1935
16 9
Narrows Bridge
Elbert M. Chandler (2), Arthur A. Cook, Harvey O. Scofield, Clark Squire (2), C.E. Trombley.
May - August 1935
16 10
World Court
H.I. Harriman. Lewis B. Schwellenbach to "Dear Friend"
17 1
Nye Committee
Daniel J. Downing, Andrew Furuseth, Mrs. Laura Puffer Morgan, Stephen Raushenbush, Earl Shimmons, B.L. Stafford, Louise Wier. George W. Grupp to Earl Shimmons, Douglas Miller to Daniel C. Roper (12-4-1934), Daniel C. Roper to Gerald P. Nye (12-18-1934)
December 4, 1934 - January 1935
17 2
Nye Committee
Gult Industries: Lawrence R. Wilder, George Yard. Stephen Raushenbush. William Phillips to Key Pittman, J.E. Thropp, Jr. to Lawrence R. Wilder, Paul Topping to Lawrence R. Wilder (1-26-1935)
January 16 - February 1935
17 3
Nye Committee
C.K. Davis C.K. Davis to Gerald P. Nye
March 1-15, 1935
17 4
Nye Committee
Bernard M. Baruch to Gerald P. Nye (3), Bernard M. Baruch to Charles T. Russell, M.A. Boyle to John Z. Lowe, Jr. (2-23-1917), Gerald P. Nye to Bernard M. Baruch (4) (3-8-1935) (3-18-1935) (3-20-1935), Chas. T. Russell to Bernard M. Baruch (3-15-1935), Samuel Bell Thomas to supervising Internal Revenue agent (2) (1-26-1920) (11-30-1920)
February 23, 1917 - March 31, 1935
17 5
Nye Committee
Gerald P. Nye, Stephen Raushenbush, Philip H. Van Gelder.
April 1935
17 6
Nye Committee
Stephen Raushenbush, P.J. Williams (3) (6-12-1935)
May - June 12, 1935
17 7
Nye Committee. H.T.B. Speech
[May 18, 1935]
17 8
Nye Committee
John T. Flynn, James C. Moore, Claude A. Swanson, P.J. Williams.
June - December 1935
17 9
Neutrality: H.T.B. Radio Broadcast
17 10
Nye Committee - notes and memorandum
18 1
Kenneth Harlan (3), Joy Elmer Morgan. J.D. Ross to Frank T. Bell.
January 1935
18 2
Richard W. Bowden, Kenneth Harlan (4), Harrison W. Mason. Harold L. Ickes to Clarence D. Martin.
February 1-18, 1935
18 3
Kenneth Harlan & E.K. Murray (2) (2-14-1935) (2-16-1935), Kenneth Harlan (10) (2-7-1935) (2-11-1935) (2-12-1935) (3) (2-14-1935), Harold L. Ickes, B.H. Johnson, Frank Lawrence, E.K. Murray (2-12-1935), Alex McK. Vierhus, Robert F. Waldron (2-12-1935). R.W. Beck to Washington Branch, Public Ownership League of America, Kenneth Harlan to Clarence D. Martin, J.D. Ross to "The People" (2-16-1935).
February 7-23, 1935
18 4
Saul Haas, Kenneth Harlan (4), Harrison W. Mason, John C. Stevenson. R.W. Beck to Governer, Lt. Governor and Legistlators to the State of Washington. R.W. Beck to J.D. Ross (2-23-1935), R.W.Beck to Washington Branch, Public Ownership League of America. J.D. Ross to Robert Beck (2-23-1935), Carl D. Thompson to R.W. Beck (2-23-1935).
February 23-28, 1935
18 5
Edith DeMaris, Kenneth Harlan (2), E.K. Murray, Franklin D. Roosevelt, H.T. Schroeder.
March 1935
18 6
Ralph C. Clyde, Kenneth Harlan, Herbert L. Petty.
April 1935
18 7
Jim Carey (3), Ira Davisson (2), Kenneth Harlan (2), Emil Hurja. Ira Davisson to Spokane Spokesmen-Review, John P. Lycette to Ira Davisson.
May - June 1935
18 8
Marshall N. dana, Ira Davisson, C.C. Garland, Kenneth Harlan (5), Eberly Thompson.
July 1935
18 9
John H. Binns, James E. Bradford, George Dern, C.C. Garland (2), Kenneth Harlan (4), Lionel C. Kramien, Oswald Ryan, Eberly Thompson (7-25-1935). Fred J. Chamberlain to morris L. Cooke, Wesley Lloyd to Leanoard Langlow - Tacoma Times.
July 25-August 11, 1935
18 10
Russell Cook, Morris L. Cooke, Kenneth Harlan (3), Washington Bonneville Commission.
August 12-18, 1935
18 11
James W. Carey, Morris L. Cooke, Marhsall D. Dana, Kenneth Harlan, Lewish B. Schwellenbach. W.E. Herring to Fred J. Chamberlain (2) (8-13-1935) (8-16-1935)
August 13 - 31, 1935
18 12
E.K. Burlew, James W. Carey, Saul Haas, Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Paul A. Walker. James W. Carey to Frank L. McNinch, James O'Sullivan to William L. Chenery.
September - December 1935
26 14
Naval Bills and Reports: H.R. 7672 (1935)
xi: 1936
Box Folder
19 1
General Correspondence
Blanche Bone
19 2
Democratic Conventions
Dr. J.R. Binyon, R.M. Drumheller, Saul Haas, John S. Lynch, Warren G. Magnuson (3), Ronald Orr, Elsie Gardner Picking (3), George E. Ryan, Perry S. Swanzey, Dorian E. Todd. Ed (?) to Rodney L. Brink, Warren G. Magnuson to Credentials Committee, Democratic National Convention.
19 3
State Democratic Conventions: Minutes
Warren G. Magnuson
May 23, 1936
19 4
H.T.B. Campaign Speech
19 5
H.T.B. Notes for Campaign Speech
19 6
White House Correspondence Association
March 7, 1936
19 7
Roland Hartley File
19 8
Fort Lewis and McChord
Viola Markie (2)
19 9
Interstate Commerce Committee
Donald D. Coon (2), R.E. Freer.
19 10
Bills and Memorandum
19 11
National Economy League.
Harry H. Curran.
19 12
Nye Committee - Neutrality
Joseph Barber, Jr., Ray Murphy, Dar Olds, Stephen Raushenbush (12-31-1935), F.J. Sisson, Oswald Garrison Villard. J.C. Hackett to Gerald P. Nye.
December 31, 1935-January 1936
19 13
Nye Committee - Neutrality
Harry E. Gardner (2), H. Gerrish Smith, Walter W. Van Kirk, Barney Yanosfsky. Franklin D. Roosevelt to "The Press", H. Gerrish Smith to Gerald P. Nye.
February - March 1936
19 14
Nye Committee - Neutrality
Bennett Champ Clark, Gerald P. Nye, H. Gerrish Smith. Bennett Champ Clark to Gerald P. Nye, H. Gerrish Smith to Gerald P. Nye.
April - November 1936
19 15
"Senator Bone's Neutrality Plan": Vancouver Columbian editorial
December 29, 1936
19 16
Olympic National Park
Phil S. Locke, L.F. Nelson, Chas. A Turner, Mark Wienard.
January - June 1936
19 17
Skylines: Bulletin of the Northwest Conservation League
October 1936
19 18
Olympic National Park
Johnston and Schmitt, Fred W. Lewis, Warren G. Magnuson, Hugh B. Mitchell, Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Helen C. Sewell, R.K. Tiffany (3) (10-20-1936), W.H. Tucker. Olympic Peninsula Committee to Washington State Planning Council.
October 20- November 1936
19 19
Olympic National Park
Joseph H. Johnston, George Welch. George Welch to Lewis Schwellenbach.
December 1936
19 20
E.K. Burlew, James W. Carey, Saul Haas, Dar Olds, Chas T. Russell,
20 1
Hylebos Bridge
John F. Gallagher, A.O. Rowe (3)
20 2
Mercer Island - Lake Washington Bridge
Harold L. Ickes
20 3
Narrows Bridge
Harold A. Allen (2), C.C. Dill (2), Jerome W. Frank, Max Garretson, Haorld L. Ickes (3), M.H. McIntyre, Wallace Morrissette (2). Wallace Morrissette to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harold L. Ickes.
20 4
Veterans' Affairs
Emmett R. Carroll
20 5
Wiretapping-Glavis Controversy
William B. Auda, John Dickey Jr., L.R. Elkins, Ewing Y. Mitchell, Earl Reeves, John G. Silva.
20 6
20 7
H.T.B. Speech delivered before Young Democratic League of Colorado.
March 21, 1936
20 8
H.T.B. Speech delivered before National Convention W.F.W. - Denver, Colorado.
James S. VanZandt, Barney Yanotsky. Walter L. Daniels to Barney Yanotsky, James S. VanZandt to Walter L. Daniels
September 16, 1936
20 9
H.T.B. Speech delivered at Billings, Montana - Radio Station KGHL
September 19, 1936
21 1
Marshall N. Dana (3), P.H. Gadson, Ray W. Gill, Saul Haas, Ervin E. King.
January - February 1936
21 2
Marshall N. Dana (2)
March 1-7, 1936
21 3
Dorothy M. Duke (2-21-1936), Ray W. Gill (2) (3-20-1936), Will W. Simpson.
February 21-March 20, 1936
21 4
Fred J. Chamberlain, Ralph C. Clyde, Marshall N. Dana, H.H. DeHart, Ray W. Gill, Harold L. Ickes, Ervin E. King, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Albert Streiff, Eberly Thompson (2). Marshall N. Dana to Ralph S. Hamilton, Ralph S. Hamilton to Marshall N. Dana (3-6-1936), D. Harold McGrath to Eberly Thompson.
March 6-24, 1936
21 5
"Memorandum regarding legislation for the operation and maintenance of the Bonneville Plant": P.N.W. Regional Planning Commission.
March 25, 1936
21 6
David K. Alexander, george R. Buickerood, Fred J. Chamberlain, A.L. Donham, F.R. Johnston, Neal Swetland, G.W. Thiessen, Peter Zimmerman.
March 25-31, 1936
21 7
Marshall N. Dana, Ervin E. King, Louis Fohl, William F. Pottsmith.
April 1-15, 1936
21 8
Mary B. Abernethy, George R. Funk, Ray W. Gill (2), Kenneth Harlan, Dan Kellaher, James O'Sullivan, Peter Zimmerman.
April 16-30, 1936
21 8
Mary B. Abernathy, George R. Funk, Ray W. Gill (2), Kenneth Harlan, Dan Kellaher, James O'Sullivan, Peter Zimmerman.
April 16-30, 1936
21 9
Alan G. Blaker (2), W.E. Carty, Ray W. Gill, Steve Kahn, Ervin E. King, Eberly Thompson, W.W. Woodbeck, Peter Zimmerman. Alan G. Blaker to Vancouver Evening Columbian, Columbia River Development League to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ervin E. King to H.T.B., Knute Hill, and Lewis B. Schwellenbach. Franklin D. Roosevelt to Royal S. Copeland.
May 1936
21 10
C. Herald Campbell, Basil Manly (2). Basil Manly to Royal S. Copeland, Marguerite Owen to William B. Bankhead, John C. Page to Federal Power Commission.
June - July 1936
21 11
Morris L. Cooke, P. Heatherton, W.G. Hufford, Judson King. P. Heatherton to Washington State Planning Council, J.E. Ranking to Morris L. Cooke, Albert Streiff to Robert Beck.
August - December 1936
21 12
Power and Sixth Congressional District Politics
Kenneth Harlan
xii: 1937
Box Folder
22 1
General Correspondence
22 2
H.T.B. Speech delivered at Indianapolis, Indiana
March 4, 1937
22 3
L.H. Darwin File
L.H. Darwin (4) (10-26-1933)(10-30-1935), Mrs. F. Haskell (2) (9-27-1935)
October 26, 1933-1937
22 4
Federal Government activity in Washington State; Agricultural Information: Washington State
22 5
Fort Lewis - McChord
Harold A. Allen (12-22-1936), Francis W. Clark (2) (12-8-1936), Malin Craig (12-16-1936).
December 8, 1936-1937
22 6
Newspaper Guild: Seattle Star Strike.
Sam (S.S. Hahn?) (5), Ann Murphy, H. Richard Seller.
22 7
Kenneth Harlan
Kenneth Harlan (3), Ruth Harlan (5), Guy T. Helvering (3) (9-9-1936), C.W. Nimitz (12-4-1936), Ralph A. Noerenberg.
September 9, 1936 - 1937
22 8
Labor Unions - Sitdown strikes: an address by Byron M. Scott
22 9
Neutrality - War Profits.
H.E. Marshall. Malin Craig to Pat Harrison, Charles Edison to Pat Harrison, Wayne C. Taylor to Pat Harrison.
22 10
Democratic National Committee
James A. Farley to Warren G. Magnuson, Washington Congressional Delegation to James A. Farley.
22 11
Amos Pinchot: "Open Letter to F.D.R."
Amos Pinchot
23 1
Narrows Bridge
Horation B. Hackett (2), Harold L. Ickes, Viola Marfie, Wallace Morrissette (4) (1-11-1936) (5-5-1936). Horatio B. Hackett to John Coffee.
January 11, 1936 - 1937
23 2
Supreme Court Reorganization
Herb W. Algeo (2), J.W. Boyle (2) (6-3-1933), Otto Case, A.J> Chitty, Helen Dahl, D.L. Goldbach, H.E. Johnson, H.F. Kretchman, G.W. Lowttit, D.C. McLean, Einor O. Mohn, J.H. Ryan (2), The Sunday News (Staff), Mary Theobold, J.C. Unger, Frank W. Utter.
June 3, 1933 - 1937
23 3
Supreme Court Reorganization
Herb W. Algeo, Oscar Asplund, Harry E.B. Ault, John H. Binns, Dr. J.R. Binyon, E.N. Blythe, John C. Bowen, Rodney Brink, W.E. Carty, Otto A. Case, L.H. Darwin, John F. Dore, Saul Driver, Frank Fitts, Oscar E. Foster, Charles W. Greenough, J.C. Harrigan, Edward E. Henry, C.L. Holcomb, Benjamin H. Kizer, H.I. Kyle, Mark M. Litchman, Lee Mantz (2), Clarence D. Martin, Vic A. Meyers, Wilford A. Richmond, William W. Simpson, Frederick H. Stinchfield, William A. Sullivan, Leroy A. Todd, Harry Westfall, George F. Yantis.
23 4
Supreme Court Reorganization
George W. Acret, W.J. Kahle, Benjamin H. Kizer, J.C. McCleary
23 5
Supreme Court Reorganization: H.T.B. - Burton K. Wheeler Press Release
23 6
Supreme Court Reorganization: Two Articles
William Denman
23 7
Supreme Court Reorganization: King County Democratic Club - Resolution
July 24, 1937
23 8
Supreme Court Reorganization.
G.P. Fishburne, William Henry Harrison, William T. Raley, Otis Peabody Swift.
23 9
Townsend Plan
Saul Haas, Charles H. Leavy, Lew R. Thompson (7-?-1939) Boyd Curley to Saul Haas
1937-July 1939
24 1
F.E. Coulter, M.E. Damon, Ira Davisson, C.C. Garland (3), Benjamin Kizer. N.A. Boody to Charles L. McNary (12-30-1936), R.K. Tiffany to John A. Page.
December 30, 1936-January 1937
24 2
Rodney Brink, Ray W. Gill (2), David E. Lilienthal, Clarence D. Martin, Charles L. McNary, Stuart Whitehouse. Ray W. Gill to Charles L. McNary, Kenneth Harlan to Morris L. Cooke, R.K. Tiffany to Harold L. Ickes, Washington Bonneville Commission to Clarence D. Martin.
February - March 1937.
24 3
R.W. Beck, Howard J. Burnham, Royal S. Copeland (3), Ray W. Gill, Harold L. Ickes, Ervin E. King (2), A.H. reilly, Joel David Wolfson. R.W. Beck to Joseph H. Mansfield, Ray W. Gill to James Mott, Harold L. Ickes to Royal S. Copeland, Ervin E. King to Lewis B. Schwellenbach, David E. Lilienthal to Joel David Wolfson, Franklin D. Roosevelt to Frank R. McNinch (2) (3-24-1937) (9-8-1936), Clyde L. Seavey to Royal S. Copeland, Henry A. Wallace to Royal S. Copeland, Harry H. Woodring to Royal S. Copeland.
September 8, 1936 - May 1937
24 4
E.K. Burien, Fred J. Chamberlain, Ray W. Gill (3), Ervin E. King (2), Franklin D. Roosevelt, J.D. Ross, Carl D. Thompson (2) (5-21-1937). Fred J. Chamberlain to George W. Norris, A.J. Friese to George W. Norris, L.C. Kramien and George McGee to Harold L. Ickes, E.K. Markham to Frederick Steiwer. C.H. Olson, Lloyd Dubois, J.B. Dower, J.H. Wheeler & C.A. Perkins to Franklin D. Roosevelt.
May 21 - July 1937
24 5
James W. Carey, David E. Lilienthal, Harry B. Mitchell, Martin F. Smith.
August - December 1937
24 6
Senate Joint Resolution 57
26 15
Naval Bills and Reports: S.B. 2603; H.R. 11526
xiii: 1938
Box Folder
25 1
Compulsory Military Training
25 2
May Bill
Ted Silvey to Robert J. Bulkey, Ted Silvey to Bryon B. Harlan
25 3
Josh Lee, Millard W. Rice, H.O. "Tommy" Thompson.
25 4
War Profits
Arthur Capper, Vic Donahey, Lynn J. Frazier, Ruth D. Holt, Felton M. Johnston (2), Roswell Magill, Arthur H. Vandenberg, Barney Yanotaky. Roswell Magill to Pat Harrison, Harry Woodring to Pat Harrison
25 5
R.J. Coar, Saul Haas, Louis Nash, Dar Olds, George E. Ryan (2), Mark Wienard. Saul Haas to E.W. Jorgensen, Lyle Keith to Saul Haas.
25 6
Ewing D. Colvin
Ben Ludlow. Ewing Colvin to Adam Hadalin, Viola Markie to R.A. Seelig.
25 7
Speech by Lady Willie Forbus, "A New Philosophy of Government at Work": Lewis County Democratic Convention - Centralia Washington.
June 18, 1938
25 8
Memorandum: K.O.L. Suit
25 9
Olympic National Park
E.K. Burlew, Harry Cheek (2), Benjamin H. Kizer, Thomas A.E. Lally, Clarence D. Martin, R.A. Silcox, Mon C. Wallgren. Clarence D. Martin to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frank L. McNeil to A.J. Chitty.
25 10
Note on Willis Mahoney
25 11
P.W.A. Projects (Includes information on Narrows)
Harold A. Allen, Wallace Morrissette, T.A. Stevenson.
25 12
H.T.B. Speech ?: review of New Deal Congressional Accomplishments
25 13
H.T.B. Speech ?
26 1
Naval Affairs
N>P. Alitas (4) (1-28-1937), J.G. Scripps (3). N.P. Alitas to J.R. McCarl (10-1-1935), J.R. McCarl to N.P. Alitas (10-29-1935)
October 1, 1935 - February 1938
26 2
Naval Affairs
Frank C. Kniffin, J.G. Scripps (3). J.G. Scripps to American Institute of Public Opinion, J.G. Scripps to Johnson Hagood.
March 1938
26 3
Naval Affairs
William C. Johnstone, William D. Leahy, William H. McReynolds, Franklin D. Roosevelt (1-31-1938), Claude A. Swanson, David Walsh (8-26-1937). Harry H. Woodring to David Walsh (8-27-1937)
August 26, 1937-April 1938
26 4
Naval Affairs: H.T.B., "Observations on Policing the World"
April 28, 1938
26 5
Naval Affairs: H.T.B. Speech
April 30, 1938
26 6
Naval Affairs
William D. Leahy (8-5-1937), Roswell Magill (2), Claude A. Swanson (2).
August 5, 1937 - June 1938
26 7-9
Naval Affairs: Congressional Records
26 10
Naval Affairs: Minority Views to Accompany H.R. 9218
26 11
Naval Affairs: A.G. Haley ?, "Strategic Position of the Philippines"
26 12
Naval Affairs: Pamphlet - "The U.S. Navy: 75th Congress, 1st Session", Senate Document No. 35
26 16
Naval Bills and Reports: H.R. 9218
26 17
Naval Bills and Reports: H.R. 8993
xiv: 1939
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
L.E. Atkins, E.A.Bader, L.L. Bates, Mr. & Mrs. John Beaurman, John Boettiger, John G. Brady, W.E. Carty, Bennet Champ Clark, Jack R. Cluck, Charles E. Cone, Lee P. Hill, Robert F. Howarth, Daniel B. Hutchings, Chesley W. Jurney, Thomas F. Kelly, Harry B. Lear, R.R. Mattison, Rev. John McAstocker, Sam Nicholls, Charles W. Orton, Miss Marie A. Proctor, D.M. Reid, Ivan H. Suphellan, Robert Thorne, Alfred H. Tisch, Dr. G.O. Walters, Fred M. Weil (Includes brochure: "Grand Coulee and the Pacific Northwest")
August 28, 1939
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
W.G. Andrews, C.L. Bouve, John C. Bowen, A.O. Burmeister, Harry Butcher, Arthur A. Cook, Rev. Robert Dillon, A.B. Donaldson, E.H. Drum, Rev. & Mrs. W.L. Edwards, F.X.A. Elbe, Ed Fussell, C.C. Garland, Harry Grant, S.S. Hahn, Julie Butler Hansen, Henry Hedberg, Edward E. Henry, Sam Hobbs, Thomas J.L. Kennedy Ralph R. Knapp, J.G. Luhrwen, B.O. Lum, Willin Mahoney, Harry J. Martin, Robert Maus, William McDougall, D.W. McKellar, Frank J. Nicht, Arthur O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Osgood, Mrs. T.L. Page, Feorge Henry Payne, Drew Pearson, William C. Rave, John A. Rea, Clyde M. Reed, Leo B. Reed, Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Will W. Simpson, H.B. Smith,Tom Smith, Mrs. Benjamin Snyder, W.B.A. Spray, Melvin Sutton, Mrs. Louise S. Taylor, Pete Thompson, L.E. thorpe, Charles L. Vaughan, Robert F. Waldron, Thos. R. Waters, Harry Westfall (2), Leon L. Wolfstone (4).
August 29, 1939
27 3
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
Emile P. Antonovich, Leslie L. Biffle, Mr. & Mrs. John Coffee, A. Lou Cohen, Frank C. Dean, Chalres Edison, George P. Fishburne, Richard Francis, Larry Hansen, D.G. Hartsuck, E,R, Hoffman, Francis Howard, Rufus J. Hewes, Lule Keith, Mr. & Mrs. A. Kraemer, Harold Kreidel, Walter H. Maloney, E.D. Manchester, A.G. McCraney, Lacey V. Murrow, National Association of Letter Carriers, Jay Olinger, Mr. & Mrs. Oxholm, Terry Pettus, C.C. Phipps, H.J. Quilliam, Railway Mail Association, Harry T. Smith, T.A. Stevenson, Ralph Gunn Sucher, Charles E. Sullivan, Harold Woodworth.
August 30, 1939
27 4
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
Henry Andrak, Everett Arnold, Oscar C. Baker, Grover C. Brown, H.C. Cleavinger, George F. Cotterill, Helen Dahl, Frank E. Day, Anna Falconer, Delbert P. Hawks, P.E. Healy, Dr. Bay Jacobs, Rinaldo Keasal, Henry E, LaBounty, P.S. McDermott, Joseph J. Pemberton, Mr. J. Peters, Walter S. Pollitz, Belle Reeves, D. Schuetz, E.T. Tannatt, Dan Young.
August 31, 1939
27 5
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
E.N. Blythe (2), B.F. Grimes, Edwin A. Halsey, G.W. Hamilton, Mrs. Mary E. Hess, Knute Hill, Dr. E.O. Holland, John F. LeCocq, Charles L. McNary, J.W. McPherson, Miss Mary Mladinov, Regina M. Mohrmann, J.L. Parsons, Robert Schindler, Miss Jean Stovel (2), James O'Sullivan, Rufus Woods.
September 1, 1939
27 6
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
M.L. Callahan, Guy B. Groff, Dr. Ernest L. Gruening, William G. McAdoo, E.W. McCroskey, H.H. Meyer, Martha Mikkelsen, M.C. Miller, Mrs. Philo Noble, M. O'Connell, David E. Rhea, Larry Ruddell, Samuel Estill Whitaker.
September 2, 1939
27 7
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
Paul H. Appleby, E.K. Brown, Arthur Capper, Fred W. Catlett, Conway P. Coe, Estille E. Collier, Eugene V. Dennett, George H. Eckels, J. Carter Fort, Oscar E. Foster, Mrs. Evelyn Gibson, Robert W. Ginnett, Dolly Greenup, William W. Grogan, F.O. Hagie, Dail Harvey, C.C. Hockley, Basil Hoke, Florence Hollister, S.M. Jackson, Louis Johnson, J.B. Lawrence, Charles H. Leavy, Thomas H. Mansfield, Rev. David P. McAstocker, W.C. McClure, James J. Meade, M.S. Millson, James P. Pope, George Russell, Joseph R. Sheehan, C.D. Stephens, Elbert D. Thomas, Mrs. Alex McK. Vierhus, Miss Carmen Vincent
September 5, 1939
27 8
Hip Injury, Letters of Condolence
Mrs. Wilna Allen, Chester Biesen, C.J. Christopher, Ewing D. Colvin, Mrs. Warren B. Francis, Ernest W. Gibson, Max Lowenthal, Francis G. Michaelis, Anna Music, James North, Dr. Thomas Parran, Mrs. James C. Stevens, David Whatley, Mrs. W.P. Yarnell
September 6, 1939
xv: 1943
Box Folder
28 1
General Correspondence
28 2
H.T.B. Article, "Leadership in our History"
James North (2)
28 5
Medical Record: Hip Injury
Dr. Ralph K. Ghormley (3), Dr. C.E. Irwin, Dr. M.N. Smith-Peterson, Dr. Edward H. Rynearson (4), Dr. Philip D. Wilson
xvi: 1944
Box Folder
28 3
General Correspondence
Filipo L. De Hostos, Saul Haas (3)
28 4
"Men in Washington: III", The New Republic
April 10, 1944
28 6
Medical Record: Hip Injury
Dr. R.K. Ghormley (7), Dr. Edward H. Rynearson (6), Dr. Charles H. Slocumb
xvii: 1945-1962
Box Folder
28 7
Medical Records: Hip Injury
Dr. Ralph K. Ghormley, Dr. Edward H. Rynearson (3).
Correspondence & Clippings
29 1
General Correspondence
Jesse Bone (2), Charles Bragin, Congressional War Parents Association: Francis P. Bolton, Styles Bridges. Sherman Minton (2), Max Radin, Miriam Stuart.
29 2
Washington State Press Club Bulletin: "Harry Truman Visit to Seattle"
29 3
Daniel M. Ogden, Jr.
Daniel M. Ogden, Jr. (3)
29 4
William O. Douglas
Edith Allen, William O. Douglas (7), Saul Haas. Saul Haas to William O. Douglas.
29 5
C.C. Dill
C.C. Dill (3)
29 6
General Correspondence
Harold H. Burton
29 7
General Correspondence
Ted F. Berry (2), Albert W. Stone. William Denman to J. Earl Major, J. Earl Major to Henry P. Chandler.
29 7
General Correspondence
C.W. Taylor, Jr. (2)
29 9
General Correspondence
Albert W. Stone (2). Kirby Billingsley to Mrs. J.D. Ross
29 10
General Correspondence
Henry M. Jackson
29 11
Dr. M.E. Borsook, James M. Carter, Dr. Edmund L. Kenney (2)
29 12
Louis B. Blissard (2), Evelyn Cochran, John Soderman, Paulson Spense, Clark Squire. Arthur M. Boal to Richard H. Chambers
29 13-16
Saul Haas - KIRO
Saul Haas (3). Saul Haas to Sol Taishoff, Loren B. Stone to Saul Haas, Sol Taishoff to Saul Haas. T.A.M. Craven, Saul Haas (2), Lincoln Miller Saul Haas (9), Andrew G. Haley, John L. King.
Correspondence and Clippings
30 1
Frank E. Holman
Frank E. Holman (2)
30 3
Kirby Billingsley, Tom C. Clark, Edith Demaris, State of Louisiana: Jimmie H. Davis, Shelby M. Jackson, Wade O. Martin, Jr. Mrs. William E. Lynd, George W. Norris Centennial: Marive Zeldin, Gus Norwood, Clark Squire (3)
30 4
General Correspondence
Lloyd R. Bell, E. Elwood Caples, Blossum Herwitz, E.K. Murray, Paul J. Raver, Vic Reinemer, Albert W. Stone.
xviii: 1963-1967
Box Folder
31 1
General Correspondence
John C. Airhart, C.A. Erdahl, Albert W. Stone. Darwin H. Anderson to John C. Airhart, R.H. Chambers to "Memorandum to Associates" (3), R.H. Chambers to Judges Stephens, Bone, Orr, Pope, Hamlin, Bowen, Weinberger, Roches, and Roley, Royal E. Jackson to John C. Airhart, Glenn C. Petty to John C. Airhart.
31 2
General Correspondence
Clark Squire
31 3
General Correspondence
Warren Olney III, William R. Sweeney
31 4
General Correspondence
Richard C. Berner, Linsay Cowen, Viola Markie

II:  Papers, 1889-1966Return to Top

The Papers series contains Bone's professional documents related to his position in public office. The material was organized into subseries according to the major initiatives Bone focused on during his career. There is a small amount of personal and family material present as well.

Container(s) Description Dates
i: General
Box Folder
30 2
Clippings: Connally Reservation and World Court
30 5
Tacoma Light Division Annual Financial Report
C.A. Erdahl
30 6
Notes: Conference with E.K. Murray
November 26, 1962
30 7
Essay: "Murders"
30 8
Article and Notes: "The Power Fight in Washington"
31 5
Cushman Power 40th Anniversary
C.A. Erdahl
May 24, 1966
32 1
Population Bulletin: Population Profile
August 1961-April 1964
32 2
The California Historical Society Quarterly
September, 1963
32 3
Articles - Race Relations
ii: Legal papers
Box Folder
33 1
"John Marshall and Roger B. Taney", Louis Dowdin Georgetown Law School
May, 1936
33 2
Legal Articles
33 3
Legal Articles
33 4
Legal Articles
33 5
Community Property - Articles and Clippings
33 6
Reports - Judicial Conference of the United States (2)
1964, 1965
34 1
Articles and Cases - 14th Amendment
34 2
Memorandum - "The Bill of Rights as a Part of the Due Process of Law by Virtue of the 14th Amendment"
December 4, 1947
34 3
Due Process - 14th Amendment--notes
34 4
Newspaper Clippings: 14th Amendment
34 5
Ninth Circuit Court Decisions
34 6
Articles and Address by Walter L. Pope
1959, 1963
34 7
Tuscon Gas, Electric Light and Power vs. Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc.
35 1
Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government
Paul M. Sanford (2)
36 1
Roy Stritmatter vs. State of Washington et al.
Betty Bloomer, George H. Boldt (2), Richard H. Chambers, Eileen Erspamer (4), William Lindberg, Edgar Scofield. Brockman Adams and Payton Smith to John J. O'Connell and Joseph L. Coniff, Arlis W. Johnson to Stephen Reilly, John J. O'connell and Joseph L. coniff to Charles T. Wright, John J. O'Connell and Joseph L. Coniff to Lester Stritmatter, Edgar Scofield to John J. O'Connell and Joseph L. Coniff, Edgar Scofield to Lesterstritmatter, John J. O'Connell and Stephen M. Reilly
36 2
Cord vs Smith
36 3
Port of Brookings vs. United States and Interstate Commerce Commission-- "Judge Bone's File"
36 4
Part 2: Port of Brookings vs. United States and Interstate Commerce Commission
Keith Burns (3), Don Roberts, Gus J. Solomon. Richard H. Chambers to Guy J. Solomon, Sidney I. Lezak and Charles H. Habernigg to Keith Burns
36 5
Part 3: Port of Brookings vs. United States and Interstate Commerce Commission
Keith Burns (2)
Admirality Cases and Articles
iii: Cancer
Box Folder
38 1
Cancer - Correspondence
Saul Haas, Thomas Darren (2), Franklin D. Roosevelt
38 2
H.T.B. - Radio Cancer Speech
April 8, 1937
38 3
Invitation to H.T.B. - Laying of the Cornerstone/National Cancer Institute Building
38 4
News Release - "New U.S. research Institute Attacks Cancer Problem"
38 5
H.T.B. Speech - "Attack of Silence Against Cancer Gathers Headway"
June 24, 1939
38 6
Dr. J.R. Heller (6), Warren G. Magnuson.
38 7
H.T.B. Statement
July 15, 1955
38 8
"Cancer Legislation" - Homer Bone, Jr.
38 9
Photograph: National Cancer Institute - Bethesda, Maryland
38 10
Warren Magnuson Campaign Brochure - H.T.B./Warren Magnuson contribution to cancer research
38 11
Dr. Thomas Carlile, Mrs. Donal Eby (3)
38 12
Seattle Times - Tribute to H.T.B.; work in cancer field
January 24, 1962
38 13
Newspaper Clippings - H.T.B. Recieves American Cancer Society's Highest Award
May, 1962
38 14
National Cancer Institute Bill and H.T.B.'s Remarks on Bill
May 31, 1938
38 15
Congressional Records
38 16
Newspaper Clippings on H.T.B.'s Contribution to Cancer Research
38 17
Newspaper Clippings on H.T.B.'s Contribution to Cancer Research
38 18
Newspaper Clippings on Cancer (H.T.B. not mentioned)
iv: Cancer Legislation: Journal Articles
Box Folder
39 1
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
August, 1940
39 2
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
August, 1957
39 3
Henry S. Simms, "The Future of Medical Research"
January, 1945
Cancer Legislation - Tribute to H.T.B. from the Farmers of Washington State
Cancer Legislation - Tribute to H.T.B. from Organized Labor of Washington State
Cancer Legislation - Tribute to H.T.B. from Women's Organization of Washington State
v: Diaries and Personal Memorandum
Box Folder
43 1
H.T.B. Diaries
43 2
Correspondence (Originally located in the diaries)
LIllian Coffee, Saul Haas, Nell (Stevens?). Viola Markie to Mrs. John Coffee
43 3
Personal Memorandum
43 4
H.T.B. Odds and ends - Notes
43 5
Tacoma News Tribune Column: Looking Backward
vi: Family papers
Box Folder
44 1
H.T.B. School Suspension
44 2
Wedding Invitation Lola Bone to James Menzies
October 8, 1889
44 3
Miscellaneous Cards
44 4
"Impressions of H.T.B." F.L. Holensinner
44 5
Photographs of H.T.B.
44 6
Jessie D. Bone
44 7
James Menzies
44 8
Articles of Incorporation of the M. & S. Investment Company, Inc.
James C. Stevens, James Menzies
44 9
Helen Menzies
44 10
Harold Menzies, Jr. and Robert Menzies
44 11
Ellis Sly
44 12
vii: Power
Muscle Shoals-T.V.A.
Grand Coulee
Columbia Basin Project
Oregon Power Fight and Politics
Oregon Power Fight and Politics
viii: Political Career
Box Box
60 61
Third District Congressional Campaign
Senate Campaign
H.T.B. Speeches
1) Young Democrats - Denver Colorado. 2) U.F.W. - Denver Colorado
May 11, 1936 and September 1936
Veterans' Affairs - Liberty Loan
Veterens' Affairs - Liberty Loan
Pensions: State and Federal
Pensions: Townsend Movement
Relief: State and Federal
H.T.B. Voting Record: 73rd and 74th Congressional Sessions
Newspaper Columns: 1) Harry Elmer Barnes 2) Jim Marshall 3) Hill Billy (Dana Sleeth) 4) Clark Squire
81 80
Supreme Court Reorganization
Supreme Court Reorganization
88 87
Senate Campaign
Speculation on Senate Campaign and H.T.B.'s Court Appointment
Air and Ocean Mail Contracts
Naval Affairs
Naval Affairs
Foreign Affairs
1) World War I War Debt and 2) World Court
Nye Committee
Nye Committee
Nye Committee
Documents: Nye Committee
War Profits
Documents: Ludlow Amendment and Neutrality
Topical Folders: A-I
Topical Folders: J-O
Topical Folders: P-Z
P.N.W. Political Figures
National Political Figures
Franklin D. Roosevelt
114 115
Assorted Documents and Pamphlets
Miscellaneous Bills and Hearings
National Financial and Economic Background Material
National Financial and Economic Background Material
National Financial and Economic Background Material
Congressional Records
1908; 1931-1933
Congressional Records
Congressional Records
Congressional Records
Congressional Records
Congressional Records
1937-1939; 1940-1960s
September 1936-August 1937
February 1937-May 1938
May-August 1938
August - September 1938
October 1938-March 1939
November 1938; March - December 1939
December 1939-February 1942; January 1944-May 1944

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