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Jones, Claire
Claire Jones dissertation recordings
1 optical media  :  EC - 1 compact disc; Duration: 1:10:11; also see copy of dissertation in Archives.
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Musical examples accompany dissertation by Claire Jones (University of Washington, 2006) - "From Schoolboy Stuff to Professional Musicianship: The Modern Tradition of the Zimbabwean Marimbas".
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Claire Jones is a lecturer in the Ethnomusicology program at the Univeristy of Washington School of Music.

Jones, who served in 2015 as visiting mbira instructor for the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Division, began studying Zimbabwean music in 1976 with the late Dumisani Maraire; Dr. Maraire was the first Visiting Artist to teach Zimbabwean mbira and marimba at the UW (and North America). Claire became a member of the traditional mbira group Mhuri Yekwa Muchena while living in Zimbabwe in the late 1980s, and is the author of "Making Music: Musical Instruments in Zimbabwe Past and Present" (Baobab/Academic Books 1992). She completed her doctoral degree at UW in 2006 with a dissertation on the modern Zimbabwean marimba. Her Seattle-based group Mahonyera Mbira Ensemblehas been together since 1991.

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Contents (18 tracks, recorded in Zimbabwe):

1. Rugare (comp. Alport Mhlanga) rec. by the Kwanongoma student ensemble in the early 1980s [Kwano-Moto Band, cassette; Astazio 1992]. See pages 7, 109 and 291.

2. Nhimutimu Kushinga (rec. 28 May 2000) [Kushinga Mavambo CD]. See pages 26, 293 and 345.

3. Girls a Lot Savannah Jammin'/Decent Gang (rec. 12 February 2000). See pages 27, 205 and 257-258.

4. Never on a Sunday (comp. M. Hadjidaikis) Ingungu Marimba Band, Victoria Falls (rec. 21 August 2000). See pages 27 and 293.

5. Baba Wakafataura Tinotenda (rec. 12 June 2000). See page 60.

6. Amainini (comp. K. Sweat) Tinotenda (rec. 12 June 2000). See pages 61 and 71.

7. Chemutengure (dir. by Aberlyn Svondo) Kudzanayi School Marimba Ensemble with Mataure Chigamba [rec. 1991 by Erica Azim]. See pages 189-190, 290 and 339.

8. Detembedzo ritual praise greeting demonstrated by C. Gunguwo and J. Julius (rec. 24 November 1999). See page 258.

9. Swingin' Safari (B. Kaempfert) St. Peter's Kubatana Marimba Band (rec. December 1980). See page 265.

10. VaMugabe Ndivo Votonga Dumi ne Maraire Marimba [45 rpm record, Jongwe 120, rec. February 1981]. See page 269.

11. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (comp. W. Mozart) St. Peter's Kubatana Marimba Band with Peter Cresswell and Harare Symphony Orchestra [St. Peter's Kubatana Secondary School, cassette, 1984]. See page 275.

12. Nyamaropa paChipembere Stella Chiweshe and The Earthquake [Chisi Cassette/CD, Piranha Records L4PIR 271P, 1989]. See pages 277-278 and 293.

13. Tsvimborume (comp. Nicholas Manomano) Prince Edward High Marimba Band members Cedric Ncube and Nathaniel Jones/duet at Eisteddfod competition (rec. 14 March 2000). See pages 283 and 292.

14. Manhanga Cranborne Boys High Marimba Band (rec. 1986). See page 290.

15. Mr. Mubobo (comp. Yonah Zhoya) Harare Marimba Ensemble (rec. 9 December 2000) [Harare Marimba Live! CD]. See pages 291-292.

16. Nhemamusasa Nheravauya Brothers [from 45 rpm single Chapungu Nditakure, Gramma Records, 1990]. See pages 294 and 318 footnote 9.

17. Tecksure Hohodza [from Dande cassette, Gramma Records HMB 301, 1996]. See page 297.

18. Ndava Kuenda Zvangu Kushinga (rec. 28 May 2000) [Kushinga Mavambo CD]. See pages 350-351.

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1 optical media : CD - unpublished; Tracks: 18

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