UW Ethnomusicology Archives concert recordings: Sylvestre Randafison (audio), 1993-04-23

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Sercombe, Laurel; University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
UW Ethnomusicology Archives concert recordings: Sylvestre Randafison (audio)
1 items  :  OT - 1 DAT (digital, stereo); 1 WAV file (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 1:14:19
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Recording of concert performance by visiting artist in Ethnomusicology Sylvestre Randafison at the University of Washington, Brechemin Auditorium, April 23, 1993.
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Sylvestre Randafison was born in 1928, a virtuoso of the valiha, considered the national instrument of Madagascar, and an ambassador of his country's music. He worked as a folklorist for the Madagascan Ministry of Cultural Affairs, making expeditions throughout Madagascar to collect more than 1,000 pieces of traditional music. As a musician he was known for performing traditional pieces with such virtuosity that he was sometimes compared to a classical musician in the Western sense. In the 1950's and 60's, his trio, Ny Antsaly, was the first traditional music group to tour extensively abroad.

- Sylvestre Randafison, 75, A Madagascan Virtuoso. New York Times, Douglas Martin

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Recorded by Laurel Sercombe with Panasonic SV-250 DAT recorder, Symetrix SX 202 mic preamp, Neumann KM-83 omni mics (audio lead to video camera)

See collection 93-17 for video recording of same concert.

Performer: Sylvestre Randafison/vocals, valiha (several instruments), dance (several items accompanied by cassette recording); English translations of artist announcements (in French) by Michelle Burgess-Bennett.

Contents: Introduction by Chris Waterman; Randafison: 1) Falifaly, 2) Betsiboka, 3) Hafatra, 4) Somambisamby, 5) Izahay Sy I Malala, 6) Manimanina, 7) Afindrafindrao, 8) Mahagaga, 9) Mandaniresaka, 10) Ny Asa No Harena, 11) Jesu, Joy of...; Jingle Bells, 12) Tromba, 13) Encores (2)

Title of concert: Valiha Music of Madagascar (from concert program)

Original DAT recording digitized 7/2014 - 93-16.1.wav (48 kHz, 24-bit)

Documentation: Concert flyer, Rakumi Arts Newsletter, Randafison itinerary, concert program

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    • Randafison, Sylvestre (instrumentalist)
    • Randafison, Sylvestre (vocalist)