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Salamander collection
1829-2000 (inclusive)
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The Salamander collection (1829-2000) consist of interview notes, news clippings, publications, investigative information, and other materials used by Linda Sillitoe and Allen Roberts in their book Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders, a book about the 1985 bombing deaths of two Salt Lake City residents.
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On 15 October 1985, two pipe bombs exploded in Salt Lake City killing Steven Christensen and Kathleen Sheets. Two early theories emerged to account for the murders. One suggested a possible connection between the murders and Coordinated Financial Services, a company at which Christensen had worked with Sheets' husband, Gary. The company was in financial trouble, and it was considered highly likely that an irate investor had arranged for the explosives to be planted. The other connection between the two victims was the "Salamander" letter, a highly controversial document which Christensen had purchased with the help of Gary Sheets. The content of the letter, which brought into question the official account of a key event in the history of the Mormon church, had upset many community members. The possibility that the bombings were connected to this letter was also given consideration.

On 16 October another bomb exploded, seriously injuring Mark Hofmann, the documents dealer who had sold the "Salamander" letter to Christensen. At this time investigative efforts were turned entirely towards the document theory of motive, and Mark Hofmann was considered a suspect in the bombings. As investigations continued the case increased in complexity. A number of people and organizations were found to be involved in the confusing web of transactions that had culminated in the murders. The lengthy and meticulous investigative process resulted in, among other things, a new method of detecting forged documents. When Hofmann's preliminary hearing began on 14 April 1986, many were outraged that the prosecution had spent so much time and money working on a case against a man who seemed so clearly innocent. Hofmann had passed a polygraph test. He was quiet, reserved, intelligent, a good father and husband, and an active member of the Mormon Church. As the hearing transpired, however, it became clear that the prosecution had a substantial case. Hofmann was arraigned and a trial date was set for 23 January 1987.

In the interim, a number of changes took place within the County Attorney's Office, resulting in the removal from the case of a key prosecutor. Also during this time, and in spite of the strong case the prosecution was building, a plea bargain was struck with the defense. The deal allowed Hofmann to plead guilty to reduced charges in exchange for granting prosecutors interview time with him. Hofmann was sentenced to one term of five years to life, and three terms of one to fifteen years. While reduced charges resulted in light sentencing, the judge presiding over the trial recommended that, due to the nature of his crimes, Hofmann spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

On 28 January 1988, Hofmann appeared before the members of the Board of Pardons who were to determine the actual length of his imprisonment. His own words helped them to reach a decision. During the hearing, Hofmann admitted he had murdered Christensen and Sheets in order to keep himself from being exposed as a fraud, and he displayed a chilling lack of concern for human life, especially in regards to the Sheets bombing, which he referred to as a game. Consistent with what was deemed appropriate by the judge and the prosecution, he was sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

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The Salamander collection (1829-2000) consist of interview notes, news clippings, publications, investigative information, and other materials used by Linda Sillitoe and Allen Roberts in their book Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders, a book about the 1985 bombing deaths of two Salt Lake City residents. The collection has been divided into five sections. The first section, found in boxes 1-4, contains copies of the three significant books written on the bombings. Each book provides a different perspective on the many events surrounding the murders. Boxes 1-3 include proposals, early titles, drafts, and final manuscripts of Salamander. Box 4 contains photocopies and proof copies of A Gathering of Saints and The Mormon Murders. Section two, comprised of boxes 5-8, contains materials which provide an overview of Mormon history and issues. These papers consist almost entirely of photocopies of articles written by various authors on fundamental aspects of the Mormon religion. Arguments both for and against orthodox viewpoints are presented. The third section contains papers pertaining to criminal psychology and forgery. Box 9 includes articles which address various issues in the psychology of the criminal mind, and box 10 contains articles which relate specifically to forgery. Folders in these boxes are organized alphabetically by author. Boxes 11 and 12 provide an in-depth look at a number of Hofmann's forgeries. Most of the folders in these boxes include photocopies and typed transcripts of the documents, in addition to information about them. Organization is alphabetical by document name. Section four, which consists of boxes 13-24, contains news clippings, interviews, and miscellaneous investigative information. Box 13 contains news clippings of local and national coverage of the bombings and related issues. They are divided into local and national sections, and organized chronologically. Boxes 14-23 have been placed under restriction until 1 January 2000 to protect the confidentiality of those interviewed. Access to the interviews before that date may be allowed, but the interested researcher must obtain written authorization from either Linda Sillitoe or Allen Roberts. Box 24 contains a variety of materials, including research notes and papers on specific subjects. A thorough chronology of events leading to and surrounding the bombings can be found in folders 18 through 24 of box 24. Section five contains papers, books, articles, and other materials that concern events which happened after the bombings. Box 25 consists of court materials from Hofmann's preliminary hearing and appearance before the Board of Pardons, as well as from the other legal proceedings related to the bombings. Boxes 26-27 contain books about Hofmann and transcripts of his interviews with the County Attorney's Office. Box 28 contains articles written after the bombings about Hofmann and Mormon history, and box 29 contains materials relating specifically to the book, Salamander.

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Organized in five series: I. Drafts and Manuscripts; II. Mormon Background Information; III. Forgery Background Information; IV. Newsclippings and Interviews; V. Post-Bombing Materials.

Arranged alphabetically thereunder.

Acquisition Information

Boxes 1-29 were donated in 1989-1990 (14.5 linear feet). Box 29, folder 21, was donated in 2002.

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Processed by Christie Pugh in 1992.

Addendum processed by Mary White in 2002.

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Photographs and audio-visual materials were transferred to the Multimedia Division of Special Collections (P0434 and A0240).

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I:  Drafts and ManuscriptsReturn to Top

This section of the collection contains proposals, early titles, drafts, suggested revisions, and completed manuscripts of Linda Sillitoe and Allen Roberts' book, Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders. A bound manuscript of Robert Lindsey's A Gathering of Saints and photocopies of Steven Naifeh and Gregory Smith's The Mormon Murders complete this section. These materials represent the three major books written on the bombings. In addition to providing a better understanding of the bombings, these papers supply an interesting view of diverse approaches to, and perceptions of, the surrounding events.

Container(s) Description Dates
Pre-Salamander Titles and Outlines, by Sillitoe and Roberts
Box Folder
1 1-2
"Evil Come Home: The Mormon Document Murders," Outline and Chapter 1
1 3-4
"Making History: The Mormon Forgery Murders," Outline and Chapter 1
1 5-12
"Ask Me No Questions: The Mormon Forgery Murders," Proposal, Outline, and Chapters 1-6
Salamander Drafts
Box Folder
2 1
2 2-4
2 5
2 6
2 7-24
Uncorrected Manuscript, Chapter 2-19
3 1-10
Draft, Chapters 1-19
3 11
George Throckmorton, Draft Materials for the Forensic Analysis Section
3 12
Salamander, Afterword
The materials in this folder represent a chapter of the book that was added after the publication of the first edition.
Gathering of Saints and Mormon Murders
Box Volume
4 1
Robert Lindsey, A Gathering of Saints, Bound Proof Copy
4 1
Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, The Mormon Murders, pp. 1-50
4 2-8
The Mormon Murderss, pp. 51-408

II:  Mormon Background InformationReturn to Top

This second section contains photocopies of articles and other papers which provide background information on Mormon history and issues. Since Mormonism is tied closely to the events surrounding the bombings and the lives of the people involved, an understanding of the culture makes them more comprehensible. Most of this part of the collection consists of writings by various authors on the origin, history, and doctrine of the Mormon church. The authors are diverse in beliefs and perceptions. Materials in this section provide highly subjective views. Articles in boxes 5 and 6 are filed alphabetically by author, or, in a few instances, title or subject, depending on the information available. Some of the issues addressed in the articles found in boxes 5 and 6 include blood atonement, polygamy, the Book of Mormon, and magic in Mormon history. Box 7, which holds materials relating specifically to the origins of the Mormon church, is arranged alphabetically by title.

Container(s) Description Dates
Mormon History and Issues
Box Folder
5 1
Angels, Peepstones, and Gold Plates, Chapters 3-5, Appendix A
5 2
Leonard J. Anington, The Mormon Experience, pp. 8-13
5 3
Ivan J. Barrett, "Glad Tidings from Cumorah," Joseph Smith and the Restoration, Chapter 4
5 4
Gary Bergera, "Mormon History/Mormon Faith-A Personal Statement"
5 5
LaMar C. Berrett, "An Impressive Letter from the Pen of Joseph Smith" BYU Studies, no. 11
5 6
Christopher Bird, "The Divining Hand"
5 7
Blood Atonement
5 8
Fawn Brodie, No Man Knows My History, Chapters 2, 3, and Appendix A
5 9
M. Dangerfield, "Do you Teach the Orthodox Religion?" and Response by Allen Roberts
5 10
Jessie L. Embry, "Burden or Pleasure: A Profile of LDS Polygamous Husbands"
5 11
Kenneth W. Godfrey, "A New Look at the Alleged Little Known Discourse by Joseph Smith," BYU Studies, no.9
5 12
Howard W. Goodkind, "Lord Kingsborough Lost His Fortune Trying to Prove the Maya Were Descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes," Biblical Archaeology Review, September-October 1985, and Reader Responses From January-February 1986
September-October 1985, January-February 1986
5 13
Van Hale, "Critiquing the Anti-Mormon Model of the True Church"
5 14
John Heinerman and Anson Shupe, "Mark Hofmann and the Mormon Manuscript Bombings"
5 15
Donna Hill, Joseph Smith: The First Mormon, Chapters 3-5
5 16
Dean C. Jessee, "The John Taylor Nauvoo Journal," BYU Studies, no.23
5 17
Dean C. Jessee, "Joseph Knight's Recollection of Early Mormon History," BYU Studies, no.17
5 18
Paul Larsen, "The Chameleon and the Salamander"
5 19
Stan Larson, "The Sermon on the Mount: What Its Textual Transformation Discloses Concerning the Historicity of the Book of Mormon"
5 20
Wade Lillywhite, "An Approach to New Documentary Evidence About Joseph Smith"
5 21
Magic in Early Mormonism
5 22
H. Michael Marquardt, "The Early Story of the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon"
5 23
Ray T. Matheny, "An Analysis of the Padilla Gold Plates," BYU Studies, no. 19
5 24
Brent Lee Metcalfe, "The Book of Abraham: An Exegetical Commentary"
5 25
Dale Morgan, "A Stone in a Hat"
6 1
Hugh Nibley, "Controlling the Past" and "Two Views of Church History"
6 2
Lynn Packer, "Let's Make a Deal," Utah Holiday
October 1985
6 3
David A. Palmer, "A Survey of Pre-1830 Historical Sources Relating to the Book of Mormon," BYU Studies, no. 17
6 4
Spencer J. Palmer and William L. Knecht, "View of the Hebrews: Substitute for Inspiration?" BYU Studies, no.5
6 5
Robert Paul, "Joseph Smith and the Manchester (New York) Library," BYU Studies, no.22
6 6
Pearl of Great Price and "History of Joseph Smith," Photocopies of Excerpts
6 7
Paul Pry Jr., "New York Mormonism"
6 8-11
D. Michael Quinn, Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, Manuscript, Chapters 1-5
6 12
Michael Dennis Rhodes, "A Translation and Commentary of the Joseph Smith Hypocephalus," BYU Studies, no. 17
6 13
William Dean Russell, "The New Mormon-RLDS Dialogue," Saints Herald
February 1986
6 14
William Dean Russell, "An Outdated Canonization Process"
6 15
Bill Schnoebelen, "Joseph Smith and the Temple of Doom"
6 16
George D. Smith, "Concepts of Deity"
6 17
George D. Smith, "Contemporary Antecedents of a New Religion"
6 18
Mark A. Taylor, "Sin and Death in Mormon Country," Hustler
April 1986
6 19
Mark D. Thomas, "Lehi's Plan of Salvation Discourse in Its Nineteenth Century Theological Setting"
6 20
Wally Tope, "Document Discoveries Shake Mormon Foundations," Forward
Winter 1986
6 21
Dan Vogel, "Historical Criticism and the Historicity of the Book of Mormon"
6 22
Lyman Walter(s), Background Information
6 23
Wesley P. Walters, "Joseph Smith's Bainbridge, N.Y. Court Trials"
6 24
"Witnesses to the Foundation Stones of Mormonism"
6 25
Robert J. Woodford, "Section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants"
6 26
L. Frederick Zaman III, "Science: Its Divine Origin and Destiny"
Miscellaneous Writings on the Origins of Mormonism
Box Folder
7 1
Vernal Holley, Book of Mormon Authorship: A Closer Look
7 2
Spencer J. Palmer, The Expanding Church
7 3
Allen Roberts, Review of Ed Decker's, The Godmakers
7 4
Robert F. Smith, Oracles and Talismans, Forgery and Pansophia: Joseph Smith, Jr., as a Renaissance Magus
7 5
Irving Wallace, The Word, a Novel
It has been speculated that this book, which tells the story of a forged "Gospel of James," deeply influenced Hofmann as a young man.
7 1
E. D. Howe, Mormonism Unvailed
Jerald and Sandra Tanner Publications
Box Folder
8 1
"Joseph Smith and Money Digging," The Changing World of Mormonism, Chapter 4
8 2-3
Salt Lake City Messenger
8 1
Clayton's Secret Writings Uncovered
8 2
John Whitmer's History
8 3
Did Spalding [sic] Write the Book of Mormon?
8 4
Mormonism, Magic and Masonry
8 5
Mormonism--Shadow or Reality?

III:  Forgery Background InformationReturn to Top

The third section consists of papers collected by Sillitoe and Roberts which relate to criminal activities. Information on polygraph tests, homicide, forgery, and parenting styles and religion as they relate to crime is provided. Box 9 is a general collection of criminal psychology articles, box 10 contains books and articles relating specifically to forgery, and boxes 11 and 12 contain copies of Mark Hofmann's own forgeries, as well as information from many sources relating to the documents with which he dealt. Folder 16 in box 12 may be of particular interest, as it includes papers which provide a detailed overview of Hofmann's work as a forger. As was the case in section II, box 9 contains papers which present subjective views on these topics.

Container(s) Description Dates
Criminal Psychology Articles
Box Folder
9 1
Stanley Abrams, A Polygraph Handbook for Attorneyss, Chapters 6-8
9 2
Curt R. Bartol, Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach, Chapter 8
9 3
Wayne Biddle, "The Truth About Lie Detectors: The Deception of Detection," Discover
March 1986
9 4
Walter Bromberg, Crime and the Mind, Chapters 5, 8, and 12
9 5
Clinard and Meier, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, 5th ed., Chapter 7
9 6
Danto, Bruhns, and Kutscher, The Human Side of Homicide, Chapters 1-2, 4-5, 17-19
9 7
Ellis and Gullo, Murder and Assassination, Chapters 4-6
9 8
Hepworth and Turner, Confession--Studies in Deviance and Religion, Chapter 6
9 9
Lykken, "Fearlessness--Its Carefree Charm and Deadly Risks," Psychology Today
September 1982
9 10
Reid and Inbau, Truth and Deception; Lykken, A Tremor in the Blood, Table of Contents
9 11
Revitch and Schlesinger, Psychopathology of Homicide, Chapters 1-3, 4, 6-8
9 12
Ralph Welsh, "Spanking: A Grand Old American Tradition?" Children Today, January-February 1985, and "Severe Parental Punishment and Delinquency," Journal of Clinical Psychology, Spring 1976
January-February 1985, Spring 1976
9 13
Marvin E. Wolfgang, Studies in Homicide, pp. 1-29, 72-280
Forgery Background Information
Box Folder
10 1
Billy Prior Bates, Identification System for Questioned Documents
10 2
Mary A. Benjamin, Autographs: A Key to Collecting
10 3
Charles Hamilton, Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts
10 4-10
Charles Hamilton, Great Forgers and Famous Fakes, Chapters 1-20
Also included in this folder is a copy of an article which addresses the possible influence of Hamilton's book on Mark Hofmann.
10 11
Curtis D. MacDougall, Hoaxes
10 12
Kenneth W. Rendell, The Detection of Forgeries
10 13
D. B. Wardle, Document Repair
Hofmann Documents, A-W
Box Folder
11 1
Americana Documents, Miscellaneous
11 2-3
Anthon Transcript
Includes, among other papers, Hofmann's own description of "finding" the transcript, attempts by scholars to interpret the document, and articles written about the document both before and after it was exposed as a forgery.
11 4
Bath Plates
11 5
Book of Mormon Manuscript Pages
11 6
Jim Bridger Notes
11 7
Bullock Collection
A letter purported to be written by Thomas Bullock, personal clerk to Joseph Smith, Jr. Historically significant because it appears that Bullock had written the letter as a refusal to Brigham Young to turn the Joseph Smith III blessing over to him. As such, this letter provided support for the forged blessing.
11 8
Oliver Cowdery History
Press releases, articles, and correspondence regarding this controversial collection. Most of these papers, which were written in 1985, address the issue of whether or not a Cowdery history exists. It is in the possession of the Mormon Church.
11 9
Deseret Currency Notes, Photocopies of Forged Notes
11 10
E. B. Grandin Contract
11 11
Nathan Harris' Book of Common Prayer
A Martin Harris signature was forged in the back of this book by Mark Hofmann. The alteration served to increase the value of the book. Because Martin Harris signatures are very rare, it also added further "proof" of the authenticity of the Salamander letter, by providing another signature with which to compare the one on the Salamander letter.
11 12
Harris to Conrad, Letter
11 13
Haunted Man
A handwritten Charles Dickens manuscript. Hofmann received money from a number of investors for its purchase.
11 14
Kinderhook Plates
11 15
Lawrence Sisters
11 16
Jack London, Call of the Wild
11 17
Lost 116 Pages of the Book of Mormon
It is suspected that Hofmann was going to attempt a forgery of this document. The financial potential for Hofmann, as well as the impact on Mormonism, of such a forgery would have far surpassed that of any of his previous documents.
11 18
McLellin Collection
Press releases, copies of McLellin materials, and articles. Dealings with this collection eventually led to the bombings. These papers, which were located in Texas by investigators shortly after the bombings, were not as significant as Hofmann had claimed.
11 19
Miscellaneous Documents
Includes copies of a number of suspected forgeries.
11 20
Money-Digging Contract
11 21
Oath Of A Freeman
11 22-23
Salamander Letter
Photocopies and typed text, numerous articles on Martin Harris, money digging, and the letter, theories and speculations about the implications of the letter made when it was considered authentic, press releases, etc.
12 1
Salamander Letter
12 2
Second Anointing
12 3
Joseph Smith Bainbridge Trials
Information on trials which were related to money digging and magic.
12 4
Joseph Smith to Emma Smith
March 1833
12 5
Joseph Smith to General Dunham Letter
12 6
Joseph Smith to Hyrum Smith Letter
12 7
Joseph Smith Sr. Blessing
A blessing on Joseph Smith III given by his grandfather Joseph Smith Sr.
12 8
Joseph Smith III Blessing
A blessing on Joseph Smith III given by his father Joseph Smith Jr. outlining his right to succeed his father as prophet of the LDS church. This document was especially important to the RLDS church, and received media attention. This folder includes press releases, articles, and copies of the blessing.
12 9
Lucy Mack Smith Letter
12 10
Spaulding/Rigdon Bill of Sale
A "careless" forgery, probably intended to link Sidney Rigdon with Solomon Spaulding. The materials located in box 7, folder 1 of this collection provide more information on the potential significance of this link. While the Bill of Sale itself is authentic, Rigdon's signature was added and the date was changed by Hofmann. However, because the new date was a number of years after the death of Spaulding, the document was recognized as a forgery.
12 11
Spanish Fork Co-op Valley Notes
12 12
Josiah Stowell Letter
12 13
Temple Lot Suit
12 14
David Whitmer to Walter Conrad Letter
12 15
David and Peter Whitmer to Bithell Todd Letter
12 16
Document Lists and Timelines
This folder includes: LDS Church lists of documents from Hofmann, including notations of suspected and charged forgeries; documents organized according to whether they are supportive or not supportive of orthodox LDS views, suggestive of Hofmann's purpose in forging them; full lists of charged documents; documents listed with full information on the date of appearance, to whom they were sold and for how much, provenance as given by Hofmann, and historical significance; lists of newspaper articles that provide information on the documents; a chronology of the documents, and a list of questioned imprints from the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, Inc.
12 17
Summary of Hofmann Interview Notes Regarding Documents

IV:  News Clippings and InterviewsReturn to Top

The fourth section (boxes 13-24) includes local and national press coverage of the documents and bombings, and notes from information-gathering interviews done by the authors. Much of the interview information is sensitive, and all reports reflect the subjective realities of those being interviewed. Interview notes in boxes 14-22 are organized alphabetically and chronologically, according to the systems used by each of the authors. Box 23 contains notes on specific subjects. However, there is overlap as many of the notes in the other boxes also relate to these subjects. Box 24 includes investigative information other than interview notes. Correspondence, press releases, financial and school related information, and time lines of events in the lives of Mark Hofmann, Steven Christensen, and Kathy Sheets are contained in this box.

Container(s) Description Dates
Local and National Newsclippings on Bombings and Documents
Box Folder
13 1-8
Local Press
13 9
Local Press
13 10-17
National Press
13 18
National Press
13 19
Relevant Deseret News Clippings, Spiral Bound
13 20
Interview Notes, A-Z
Box Folder
14 1-2
Alder to Crawley, Interview Notes
15 1-10
Dahling to Judd, Interview Notes
16 1-10
Kaufman to Quinn, Interview Notes
17 1-18
Rathbone to Swensen, Interview Notes
18 1-8
Tanner to Zellner, Interview Notes
Interview Notes
Box Folder
19 1-13
Interview Notes, "Bombings," Notebook 1-13
19 14-15
Interview Notes
20 1
Interview Notes
20 2
Interview Notes, "Prior to Preliminary Hearing"
20 3-6
Interview Notes, "Preliminary Hearing"
21 1-12
Interview Notes
21 13
Notes, Symposium
21 14-17
Interview Notes
22 1-11
Interview Notes
22 12-14
Interview Notes
22 15
Interview Notes, Questions and Notes
22 16
Interview Notes, Mormon History Association Meeting
Notes on Various Subjects, Interview Lists
Box Folder
23 1
Hofmann Family
23 2
Hofmann/Sears Family
23 3
Mark Hofmann Childhood
23 4
Mark Hofmann Mission
23 5
Mark Hofmann at Utah State University
23 6
Mark Hofmann Document Business
23 7
McLellin Collection
23 8
Mark Hofmann in Prison
23 9
Notes-Panels and Discussions
23 10
Coordinated Financial Services
23 11
Kathy Sheets
23 12
Notes, Sunstone Symposium
23 13
Index of Initials and Names
23 14
Interview information, Catalog of Anecdotes
23 15
Interview Lists
Miscellaneous Materials
Box Folder
24 1
Hofmann, To Do Lists
24 2
Miscellaneous Correspondence
24 3-5
Research Notes
24 6
Allen Roberts, Notes
24 7
24 8
Coordinated Financial Services
24 9
LDS Church, Press Releases, Memos, etc.
24 10
Steven F. Christensen
24 11
Kathleen Sheets
24 12
Mark Hofmann, Correspondence
24 13
Mark Hofmann, Family
24 14
Mark Hofmann, Financial
24 15
Mark Hofmann, Investigative Information, Time Lines
Includes Hofmann's lists of Mormon manuscripts he offered for sale through his mail-order business; lists of items found in searches of Hofmann's house and of vector phone calls made from his car; lists of possible bombers other than Hofmann; information regarding activities of Hofmann and Lyn Jacobs in relation to University of Utah Marriott Library materials.
24 16
Mark Hofmann, Miscellaneous
24 17
Mark Hofmann, School and Mission
24 18
Chronology of events in the lives of some of the people directly involved in the bombings
24 19
24 20
24 21
January-May 1985
24 22
June-September 1985
24 23
September-October 1985
24 24
October 1985-August 1987

V:  Post-Bombing MaterialsReturn to Top

Boxes 25-29 contain materials relating to events that happened after the bombings. Papers on Hofmann's preliminary trial, plea bargain, hearing before the Board of Pardons, and police investigative information are included in box 25. Boxes 26 and 27 contain the bound manuscripts of Hofmann's interviews with prosecutors, as well as other materials relating to his forging of money and of the "Oath of a Freeman." Box 28 includes articles written by Allen Roberts, a paper presented at a Sunstone symposium by Linda Sillitoc, and transcripts of a symposium held at Brigham Young University. Box 29 contains materials related to the book itself, correspondence, and book listings.

Container(s) Description Dates
Court and Legal Material
Box Folder
25 1
Board of Pardons
25 2
Complaints (suits) Against Mark Hofmann
25 3
City Attorney to LDS Church and Salt Lake Tribune, Correspondence
25 4
Defense Motions
25 5
Hearing Concerning Nurse's Testimony
25 6
Hofmann Documents in Court
25 7
Hofmann Trial Photos (photocopies)
25 8
Wade Lillywhite Case Information
25 9
Plea Agreement
25 10
Plea Bargain Hearing
25 11
Police Investigative Information
25 12
Preliminary Hearing, County Attorney's Office Charges
25 13
Preliminary Hearing, Court Notes, Stipulations
25 14
Preliminary Hearing, Court Rules
25 15
Preliminary Hearing, Evidence
25 16
Preliminary Hearing, Minor Witnesses
25 17
Preliminary Hearing, Physical Evidence Lists
25 18
Press Conferences, County Attorney's Office
25 19
Ron Yengich (defense), Miscellaneous
25 1
Bound Transcripts of Hearing Before Dean Conder Concerning Nurse's Testimony
Hofmann Confessions, etc.
Box Volume
26 1
Alvin Rust, Mormon and Utah Coin and Currency
A number of the items listed in this book are Mark Hofmann forgeries. See pp. 3, 34, 38, 48-51, 152-55.
26 2-3
Hofmann's Confessions, Volume 1-2
26 4
The Investigation of the 1985 Mark Hofmann Forgery of the 'Oath of a Freeman'
26 5
Henry F. Campbell, Hofmann Mormon Money Forgeries--Historical Aspects
Hofmann Interviews, Vols. 1 and 2
Box Volume
27 1
Mark Hofmann Interviews, Volume 1-2, County Attorney's Office, Transcripts, Supplements and Exhibits
Post-Salamander Articles, Symposium Notes
Box Folder
28 1
Allen Roberts, "The Truth is the Most Important Thing: The New Mormon History according to Mark Hofmann"
28 2
Allen Roberts, "When the Dealing's Done," Utah Holiday, no.7
December 1985
28 3-4
Utah Holiday, Article Notes
28 5
"Reflections on the 'New' Old Mormon Documents"
18 September 1987
28 6
Miscellaneous Notes by Allen Roberts
28 7
Seerstone Related Notes
28 8
Mormon History Association, Newsletters
28 9
Linda Sillitoe, "Sunstone Symposium: The Mormon Documents' Day in Court"
28 10
BYU Symposium Materials
28 11-13
BYU Hofmann Symposium Transcripts, Part 1-3
Book-Related Materials
Box Folder
29 1
Salamander, Brochures and Miscellany
29 2
Salamander, Based Speeches
29 3
Salamander, Publicity Schedules and Speech Announcements
29 4-5
Salamander, Reviews
29 6
Articles on Movies and Miniseries, "Of Saints and Salamanders" Concept and Proposal
29 7-8
Allen Roberts, Correspondence
29 9
Allen Roberts, Financial Papers
29 10
Linda Sillitoe, Travel and Interview Schedules
29 11
Linda Sillitoe, Speech Transcripts
29 12
Linda Sillitoe, Materials Regarding Speaking Engagements
29 13-16
Linda Sillitoe, Correspondence
29 17
Linda Sillitoe, Correspondence
29 18
Linda Sillitoc, Mark Hofmann Investigations After Salamander
29 19
Miscellaneous Book Listings
29 20
Correspondence, Linda Sillitoe
29 21
Brent Ashworth, Document Copies

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Subject Terms

  • Forgery of manuscripts--Utah--Salt Lake City--Case studies
  • Latter Day Saint churches--History
  • Murder--Utah--Salt Lake City--Case studies
  • Murderers--United States--Biography

Personal Names

  • Hofmann, Mark
  • Sillitoe, Linda, 1948-2010--Salamander : the story of the Mormon forgery murders

Form or Genre Terms

  • Articles
  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Drafts (documents)
  • Interviews
  • Notes (documents)
  • Reports