Washington State University Department of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers, 1956-1978

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Washington State University. Department of Communications. COM 410, History of Communications.
Washington State University Department of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers
1956-1978 (inclusive)
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Archives 25 (collection)
Contains class papers produced by Washington State University students under the direction of Professor Thomas Heuterman in Communications 410 (History of Communications).
Washington State University Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC)
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Washington State University's Communications 410, taught by Professor Thomas Heuterman, was an undergraduate senior level course dealing with historical media (newspaper) issues.

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This group of class papers were produced by Washington State University students under the direction of Professor Thomas Heuterman in Communications 410 (History of Communications).

While the overriding purpose of the compositions in examination of media treatment, a wide range of Pacific Northwest topics and personalities spanning the late nineteenth century through the present are dealt with.

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Washington State University Department of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers, 1956-1978 (Archives 25)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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The papers are arranged in eight series, chronologically according to the year they were written. Within each series the papers are ordered alphabetically by student's surname.

Acquisition Information

The bulk of the papers were deposited by Professor Thomas Heuterman in December 1977 with additional deposits made in 1978 (#77-71).

Processing Note

The group was processed in August 1978 by Pat Graham Pidcock.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Anderson, Greg. "A Brief Look at American Printing on Two Frontiers; Colonial Printing and Western Tramp Printers." Undated
1 1 Engelson, Van. "Journalism's Effects on a Model City." Undated
1 1 Hall, Melody. "The Longview Daily News Reflects the History of Longview." Undated
1 1 Moore, Bruce. "The Sunnyside Sun (1901-1918)." Undated
1 1 Nesteroff, Micheal. "St. John Newspapers (I Get the News I Need From the Weather Report)." Undated
1 1 Stamaris, Denis F. "Coverage of the Japanese Internment, A Comparative Analysis of the Yakima Daily Republic and the Wenatchee Daily World." Undated
1 2 Duskin, Kay. "The Lincoln County Times: A Representation of Frontier Journalism, 1887-1896." (1971)
1 2 Keller, Heidi. "Woods and the World: Influence in Central Washington." (1971)
1 2 Parker, Paige Alan. "The North Side News and the Minidoka Relocation Center." (1971)
1 2 Small, Dan. "A History of the Colfax Commoner Under the Editorship of William Goodyear (1898-1911)." (1971)
1 2 Zander, Larry M. "A Historical Perspective: A Paper's Editorial Page and the Effect on it of a Change in Ownership." (1971)
1 3 Flackenstein, Mary. "Spokane Valley Herald: Lifeblood of a Community." (1972)
1 3 Floyd, Roberta. "The Rosalia Citizen-Journal, 1945-1972." (1972)
1 3 Gary, Kitty. "John Patric: A Libertarian." (1972)
1 3 Hastings, Sharon. "Chet Huntley: Broadcast Newsman." (1972)
1 3 LaFramboise, Pat. "The Year of Floyd Paxton 1972 or 1954?" (1972)
1 3 Patrick, Russ. "The Response to and Coverage of the Report of the Special Senate Committee on Mass Media by Certain Canadian Newspapers." (1972)
1 3 Tisdel, Marna. "A History of Seattle Magazine." (1972)
1 3 Wayenberg, Rick. "A History of the Palouse News and the Palouse Republican." (1972)
1 4 Haight, Kris. "Pullman Herald, Founder Thomas Neil, and Their Significance in Locating a Land Grant College in Pullman." (1973)
1 4 Uhler, Rhonda Payne. "A Historical Study of the Uniontown Newspaper." (1973)
1 5 Dunagan, Christopher. "The Pullman Herald: Its First 20 Years." (1974)
1 5 English, Sue. "The Spokane Daily Chronicle: One Frontier Paper That Survived." (1974)
1 5 Hamilton, William. "Don Major and the Thurston County Independent, An Editor and His Wooden Money, 1931-1932." (1974)
1 5 Hawks, Gerald. "Humphrey Leynse: A Biographical Sketch." (1974)
1 5 Kingman, Fred. "The Wenatchee Daily World: Rufus and Wilfred Woods-The Son Takes Over." (1974)
1 5 McClure, John. "The Columbian." (1974)
1 5 Monahan, Jennifer. "A Case of Investigative Reporting: The Seattle Police Scandal, 1967-1971." (1974)
1 5 Patterson, Michael Jay. "Promoting the Planned City: The 50th Year Anniversary Edition of the Longview Daily News." (1974)
1 5 Richardson, Mark. "A Champion For the Amateur Athlete-A Biography of Royal Brougham." (1974)
1 5 Walters, Kathy. "Burton D. Harrison: Communication Through Journalism." (1974)
1 6 Dybdahl, Carmen L. "Roy Dale Craft: Fifty Years in the Communications Field." (1975)
1 6 Lassen, Deb. "The Puget Sound Mail: A Community Newspaper." (1975)
1 6 Murtland, Dior. "Walter A. Wilbur, Davenport Times Publisher." (1975)
1 6 Oakley, Nada. "Survival: The Tri-City Herald and Columbia Basin News Struggle." (1975)
1 6 Wiley, John K. "Too Young Not to Die: The Portland Reporter 1960-1964." (1975)
1 7 Anderson, Marc. "The North Coast Times-Eagle: A History of a Modern Independent Weekly." (1976)
1 7 Clarke, Diane. "A Historical Study of the Colton Newsletter Newspaper." (1976)
1 7 Frost, Judee. ""Custer's Land Stand" as it was reported in 1876." (1976)
1 7 Gordon, Faye L. "The Newspaper Coverage of the Centralia Outrage: Journalistic Aftermath." (1976)
1 7 Graves, Debbie. "Blaine Journal "The First Fifty Years." (1976)
1 7 Harrison, John. "Newspaper Coverage of the Nez Perce Indian War, 1877." (1976)
1 7 Pease, Joel M. "William A. Hilliard of the Oregonian: His Heritage, Life and Career." (1976)
1 7 Witter, Steve. "Ryder Chronic: Spokane Broadcast Pioneer." (1976)
2 8 Bakotich, Sam. "The Arrest and Trial of Billy Gohl as Reported by the Aberdeen Hearld and the Montessano Vidette." (1977)
2 8 Bush, Jerry A. "Saul Harris: Broadcaster and Public Servant." (1977)
2 8 Geloneck, Bill. "The Role of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the Japanese Exclusion Act of 1924." (1977)
2 8 Grismore, Carolyn. "Coverage of the Special State Legislative Investigating Committee on Vice and Crime, 1951." (1977)
2 8 Haarsager, Gary. "J. P. Patches: A Clown for Puget Sound." (1977)
2 8 Wegner, Eric. "A Partial Biography of Jay Fox, Agitator." (1977)
2 8 Wright, Jeff. "The Spokane Free Speech Fight and the Spokesman-Review." (1977)
2 9 Baenen, Stacey. "The Pullman Herald, The Yakima Herald, the Spokane Falls Review, and the Placement of Washington State College." (1978)
2 9 Ellingsen, Linda. "The Ku Klux Klan, Here?" (1978)
2 9 Jess, Tim. "Outlook: A View From Inside." (1978)
2 9 Kessler, Lauren. "Sowing the Seeds of Liberty: Abigail Scott Duniway's New Northwest." (1978)
2 9 Oakes, Laurel. "The Daily British Colonist: A Canadian Paper's Coverage of The Civil War." (1978)
2 9 Woodruff, Stephen. "The Pomeroy East Washingtonian: Historical Events and Individuals Involved in Establishing, Developing, and Shaping the Press of Garfield County, Washington." (1978)
2 9 Additional Deposit, August 1978 (1978)
2 10 Edlund, Eric. "The Aberdeen World: A History for Communications 411." (1966)
2 10 Fairhart, Mike. "The History of The Morton Journal." (1966)
2 10 Vlahovich, Mike. "A Brief History of The Spokane Valley Hearld." (1966)
2 10 Vlahovich, Mike. "Spokan, Spokein, Spokain, Spoken or Spokane: Early History of Newspapers in Spokane." (1966)
2 10 Jones, Tim S. "The Programming of KWSU Radio: A Historical Overview." (1972)
2 10 Bower, Earl G. "Alonzo Leland and the Lewiston, Idaho Teller, 1876-1890." (1974)
2 10 Burgess, Mike. "The Raymond Herald: The Ability to Adapt, 1906-1935." (1974)
2 10 Richardson, Mark J. "A Champion For The Amateur Athlete-a biography of Royal Drougham." (1974)
2 11 Achziger, Gene. "A History of the Washington State University Department of Communications." (1975)
2 11 Bauermeister, Jim. "The History of Connell, WA Weekly Newspapers, 1903-1975." (1975)
2 11 Berkeley, Mary. "Robert E. Gay and the Professor Record-Bulletin: An Historical Look at a Small Town Controversy." (1975)
2 11 Bratton, Mary. "The Bellevue American Newspaper (1930-1975)." (1975)
2 11 Morrissey, Coleen. "The Press and Goldmark." (1975)
2 11 Rivers, Kathi. "History of the early Waterville newspapers from 1888-1905 focusing on the Big Bend Empire and Douglas County Press." (1975)
2 11 Betz, Jerilyn. "Silence for Victory. A Story of the Pasco Herald and the Hanford Plant." (1976)
2 11 Raines, Karen. "The Facts: A Case of Non-Coverage." (1976)
2 11 Malovich, Thomas S. "How The Tacoma News Tribune Covered The Collapse of The Narrows Bridge." (1977)
2 11 Stratton, John Michael. "The Seattle General Strike of 1919." (1977)
2 12 Moore, Michael C. "Journalism in Sumner, Washington. Its History and A Discussion of the Proposition that Family Ownership Is Preferable for Small Weeklies, Using Sumner As An Example." (1978)
2 12 Patterson, Kevin D. "Of Persuasion and Ethics: The Spokane Spokesman-Review's Relationship With the Roosevelt Administration Before and After Grand Coulee Dam." (1978)
2 12 Rudberg, Paula M. "Seattle's Newspaper Coverage of The Great Seattle Fire, June 6, 1889." (1978)
2 12 Sims, Ann. "Charles Morgan: A Typical and Atypical Community Newspaper Editor-Publisher." (1978)
2 12 Shively, Allan. "Endorsement and Campaign Coverage of Presidential Elections, 1960-1976, of The Seattle Times and The Seattle Post-Intelligncer." (1978)
2 12 Thomas, Lynne. "Harry S. Truman's Honeymoon With The Seattle Times." (1978)
2 12 Waller, Scott B. "Communist Infiltration: The Canwell Committee Hearings and The House Committee on Un-American Activities." (1978)
2 12 Ward, Bob. "The FM Movement and KREM-FM." (1978)
2 12 Woyvodich, Marion. "The New Technology of Typesetting: A Case Study of The Pullman Herald." (1978)
2 13 Akizuki, Gary. "The Future of The North American Post." (1979)
2 13 Arends, Jack. "Robert W. Ruhl, the Medford Mail Tribune and the Good Government Congress." (1979)
2 13 Conner, Tim. "Rogan Jones, His Radio Stations, and Early Broadcast Journalism." (1979)
2 13 DeHaas, Judy. "The Cottonwood Chronicle: A Mirror?" (1979)
2 13 Evans, Cynthia J. "Frances Fuller Victor: An Early Women Journalist." (1979)
2 13 Norstadt, Andrew. "A Newspaper in Change: The 1936 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Strike." (1979)
2 13 Powell, Steven A. "An Historical Prospective on the Pierce County Herald Newspaper." (1979)
2 13 Thompson, Robin. "The Vanguard." (1979)
3 14 Arbuckle, John D. "Prohibition and Wenatchee's Daily World." (n.d.)
3 14 Berentson, Dan. "Vic Meyers and The Seattle Times. An examination of the Seattle Times' coverage of the 1932 primary mayoralty campaign in Seattle." (n.d.)
3 14 Carberry, Jim. "The Seattle Times and Its Coverage of The 1896 Washington State Populist Convention." (n.d.)
3 14 Ganders, Larry. "The Politics of Two Spokane Newspapers, 1920. With emphasis on coverage and editorials by the Spokane Spokesman-Review contrasted to the Spokane Press during the emergence of the Farmer-Labor Party." (n.d.)
3 14 Kahns, Debbie. "The Seattle Times and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Two Home-Town Newspapers' Coverage of the Spanish-American War." (n.d.)
3 14 Traver, Donna. "The Kent State Killings." (n.d.)
3 14 Wixson, Yvette. "Their Role in History: Three Men and Allied Daily Newspapers." (n.d.)
3 14 Additional deposits, June and July 1986." (n.d.)
3 15 Heuterman, Thomas H. "An Annotated Bibliography of Journalism and Related Books, Periodicals and Newspapers In The State College of Washington Library, Pullman, Washington." (1956)
3 16 Caraher, Pat. "History of the Herald & News, Klamath Falls, Oregon." (1966)
3 16 Clausen, Jeff. "The History of "The Spokesman-Review."" (1966)
3 16 Daniel, Robert C. "History of The Spokane Daily Chronicle." (1966)
3 16 Doland, Julie. "The Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber." (1966)
3 16 Evans, Larry. "History of The Los Angeles Times." (1966)
3 16 Johnson, Patrick. "The Press of Walla Walla County: A History of The Development of The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin." (1966)
3 16 Mottner, Michael E. "The Seattle Daily Times, 1886-1966." (1966)
3 16 Sperry, Kathleen. "History of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer." (1966)

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  • Communication -- History -- Research.
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  • Washington State University -- History -- research.
  • Washington State University. Department of Communications. COM 410, History of Communications -- Records and correspondence.

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  • Pullman (Wash.) -- Newspapers -- History -- Research.

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