Karen Huntoon Miller photograph collection, circa 1970-1989

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Miller, Karen Huntoon
Karen Huntoon Miller photograph collection
circa 1970-1989 (inclusive)
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The Karen Huntoon Miller photograph collection conists of images and slides of Karen Miller and associates skiing.
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Karen Huntoon-Miller (1949 - )

Even though she was born in the flatlands of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Karen Huntoon-Miller helped elevate the fledgling sport of mogul freestyle skiing from its “hot dogging” status in the 1970s to an art form that became a popular staple of World Cup and Olympic Winter Games competitions.

Skiing from age two, Karen nurtured her freestyle skiing passion in Rutland, Vermont where the bumpy natural terrain allowed her to improvise tricks, jumps and turns. From 1974 through 1980 she became a five-time World Mogul Champion. In 1975 she stepped to the top of the podium when she was Women’s World Cup Overall Champion.

A Park City resident since 1973, Karen helped the image of her sport soar even higher between 1975 and 1978 when she appeared in two Warren Miller ski movie specials, in three “ABC Wide World of Sports” programs and in a “CBS Sports Spectacular” program. She also appeared as a stuntwoman on a Universal Studios’ film, “The Return of Maxwell Smart.”

With an unbending dedication to her sport, her daring-do pioneering spirit and with her world championship performances, Karen Huntoon Miller permanently instilled the thrill and beauty of mogul freestyle skiing into the psyche of the sports world.

Karen was inducted into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame in 2015. The above biograpical note is from that event.

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Karen Huntoon Miller was a freestyle skier sponsored by Colgate during the 1970s and early 1980s. This collection contains images of Miller and her associates skiing in a variety of competitions, receiving awards, and working at summer training camps. Few of the images are identified. For further information and the papers of Karen Huntoon Miller, see Manuscript Accn 1921.

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Collection is arranged topically.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Karen Huntoon Miller.

Separated Materials

See also the Karen Huntoon Miller papers (ACCN 1921) located in the Manuscripts Division of Special Collections.

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Processed by Mary Ann Curtis and Jamie Colton in 2001.

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This collection forms part of the Utah Ski and Snowboard Archive, which is part of the S.J. Quinney Outdoor Recreation Archive

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Karen H. Miller at the Freestyle World Trophy Tour
  • 1: Deano Dudnak, Karen Huntoon and the Stratter Vermont officials
  • 3-4: Karen Huntoon Miller at the Freestyle World Trophy Tour
  • 5-6: Portrait of Karen H. Miller. Photos by Leblond.
1 2 Karen H. Miller Skiing
  • 1-13: Karen H. Miller skiing
  • 14: Karen Huntoon (skiing) and Suzy Chaffer (standing on the in-run)
  • 15: Karen H. Miller skiing
  • 16: Left to Right: Goggles Nobeb, Sandra Poulsen, Suzy Chaffer, Karen Huntoon, three unidentified, and Marion Post.
  • 17-20: Karen H. Miller skiing
  • 21: Karen Huntoon and Chris Hannah (Solomon Rep)
  • 22-27: Karen H. Miller skiing
1 3 Karen H. Miller Skiing
  • 1-2: Karen H. Miller skiing. Photo by Craig Reece of Park City.
  • 3-8: Karen H. Miller skiing
  • 9: Karen H. Miller skiing. Photo by Scott Nelson Photography, Inc. of Park City.
  • 10: Karen H. Miller skiing
  • 11: Karen H. Miller skiing at John Clendenir's mogul enduro in California. Photo by Colt Graphics.
  • 12-15: Karen H. Miller skiing
  • 16: Karen H. Miller skiing with the Airborne Eddies, 1978
  • 17: Karen H. Miller at the Airborne Eddies demonstrating a quiet upper body by delivering drinks on skis, 1978.
  • 18: Karen Huntoon teaching a mogul class at Eddie Ferguson Summer Ski Camp, 1978. Eddie Ferguson standing nearby wearing a yellow shirt.
  • 19-35: Proof sheet of portraits of Karen H. Miller
  • 36-67: Proof sheet of images of Karen H. Miller skiing
1 4 Karen H. Miller with Others and Receiving Awards
  • 1: Bob Salerno, Frank Bean (sitting with K2 skis), Jeff Chuma (wearing yellow holding skis), Ed Lincoln (blond hair), Frank Bedore (wearing blue and red sweater), Karen Huntoon (wearing yellow and holding skis), and others.
  • 2-3: Karen H. Miller with unidentified others.
  • 5: Left to Right: unidentified, Ellen Post, Tisha Green, Mauir Post, Pat Karnick, Chris Hanna, Karen Huntoon, Sardia Poulson (?), Joanie Lincoln, Cuzy Chaffer, Genya Fuller, and Pat Doudra.
  • 6: Karen H. Miller, Kathy Brock, Leslie Piscitto, and Pat Whitcomb, members of the Sun Valley Freestyle Team. Photo by Norris Clark for the Sun Valley News Bureau.
  • 7: Suzy Chaffer, Karen Huntoon and Penelope Street standing on an awards platform.
  • 8: Karen H. Miller with other skiers holding awards.
  • 9: Bob Theobald teaching Karen Huntoon how to ski on a ski ramp at the Salt Lake Ski Show. Karen was chosen at random from the audience.
  • 10: Susie Corrack, Karen Huntoon Miller and Genyo Fuller receiving awards at the National Freestyle Championships.
1 5 Unidentified Skiers competing in the Italian Alps
  • 1: Suzy Chaffer
  • 2-4: Unidentified Skiers
  • 5: Ed Ferguson
  • 6: John Clerdenir
  • 7: Jack Taylor of Steamboat Springs, CO, mogul champion
  • 8-9: Unidentified Skiers
  • 10: Bob Salerno (?)
  • 11: Unidentified Skiers
  • 12: Frank Bare of Salt Lake City, UT
  • 13: Unidentified Skiers
  • 14: Joanie Lincoln
  • 15: Unidentified Skiers
  • 16: Ed Ferguson (?)
  • 17: Unidentified Skiers.
  • 18: Ed Ferguson
  • 19: Penelope Street.
  • 20: Unidentified skiers
  • 21: Ed Ferguson and Joanie Lincoln
  • 22: Ed Ferguson
  • 23-24: Penelope Street
  • 25: Karen Huntoon and Penelope Street
  • 26-31: Unidentified Skiers
  • 32-33: Ed Ferguson in France at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Camp, 1973-1974.
  • 34-35: Karen Huntoon
  • 36: Karen Huntoon and Penelope Street
  • 37: Penelope Street, Ed Ferguson and Karen Huntoon
  • 38: Ed Ferguson
  • 39-40: Unidentified skiers
1 6 Unidentified Skiers
  • 1: George (?)
  • 2-3: Unidentified skiers
  • 4-5: Eddie Ferguson at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Camp in France, 1974-1975.
  • 6: Eric Sampson at the Airborne Eddies camp being observed by Bob Salerno, 1978.
  • 7: Robert Young at the Airborne Eddies camp, 1978
  • 8: Mark Archibald at the Airborne Eddies camp, 1978
  • 9: Stu O'Brien at the Airborne Eddies camp, 1978
1 7 Building a Freestyle Jump
  • 1: Unidentified man building a ski jump
  • 2: Don Meeks building a ski jump
  • 3: Mike Shea building a ski jump
  • 4: Unidentified men building a ski jump
1 8 Ferguson Summer Camp
  • 1-2: people in the parking lot
  • 3: Doug Coleman, unidentified student and Bob Salerno
  • 4: Bob Salerno helping a student land a jump
  • 5: Airborne Eddies Summer Camp
  • 7-10: Students at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Summer Camp
1 9 Snowbird Competition
  • 1-4: Unidentified ski competitors
  • 5-7: Karen Huntoon competing at Snowbird
  • 8: Unidentified ski competitors
  • 9: Finish line of the Coors Snowbird competition
  • 10-11: Karen Huntoon competing at Snowbird
  • 12: Dual mogul course at the Subaru Coors competition at Snowbird
  • 13: Unidentified ski competitors
  • 14-18: Karen Huntoon competing at Snowbird
  • 19: Greta O'Brien and Karen Huntoon
  • 20-22: Unidentified ski competitors
  • 23: Karen Huntoon competing at Snowbird
  • 24-25: Unidentified ski competitors
  • 26-34: Karen Huntoon competing at Snowbird
1 10 Unidentified Competition
  • 1-4: Karen Huntoon Miller and other unidentified skiers competing, 1983.
  • 5: Stanley Larsen
  • 6-9: Karen Huntoon Miller and other unidentified skiers competing, 1983.
1 11 Airborne Eddies Freestyle Ski Camp at Sunshine Village (Banff)
  • 1-4: Big horn sheep seen on the way to the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Camp in Sunshine Village, Canada.
  • 5-23: Sunshine Village
  • 24: Students performing training jumps at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Ski Camp at Sunshine Village.
  • 25-26: Banff Springs Hotel, Canada
  • 27: Eddie Ferguson wearing a blue and red sweater and white gloves at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Ski Camp at Sunshine Village.
  • 28-29: Students at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Ski Camp at Sunshine Village.
  • 30: Stu O'Brien wearing a black and white shirt and sunglasses coaching students at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Ski Camp at Sunshine Village.
  • 31-37: Students at the Airborne Eddies Freestyle Ski Camp at Sunshine Village.
1 12 Unidentified Slides
  • 1-10: Karen Huntoon Miller skiing and receiving awards
  • 11: Deano Dudnak and Karen Huntoon
  • 13: Katie Morning wearing bib
  • 14: Dual moguls, Karen Huntoon on right
  • 15-16: Karen Huntoon
  • 19-21: Karen Huntoon
  • 22: John Clindenir (left) and Ed Ferguson
  • 23: Karen Huntoon
  • 24-25: Karen Huntoon in costume
  • 26-30: Sunsets by Susan Huff
  • 31: Dog
  • 32: Karen Huntoon's dog Pluto
  • 33-35: Dogs
1 13 Unidentified Negatives
  • 1-48: Unidentified negatives of skiers
1 14 Addendum
  • 1: Genia Fuller
  • 2: Suzy Chaffer
  • 3: Karen Huntoon
  • 4: Marion Post
  • 5: Patricia Karnik
  • 6: Ellen post
  • 7: Pat Doudra
  • 8: Unidentified
  • 9: Kathy Brock
  • 10: Penelope Street
1 15 1973
  • 1: houses
  • 2: unidentified man and a dog
  • 3: Karen, unidentified man (probably husband) and the dog
  • 4: looking out over a snow covered valley
  • 5: Karen
  • 6: dogs
  • 7: people and dogs on a riverbank
1 16, digital only Hiram J. Huntoon
  • 1: Hiram Huntoon jumping over his poles
1 17, digital only Karen Skiing, see folder 3 proofs for some of these images.
  • 1--16: Karen Huntoon Miller Skiiing
1 18, digital only Karen at Colgate race
  • 1-2: Karen in ski gear before and after the race
1 19, digital only newspapers and articles
  • 1-57: newspapers, articles, and other ephemera related to Karen Huntoon Miller. There is no number 8 (8 was acutally the back of number 7 and changed to 7b, there is also no number 27-this article was disgarded as it was not related to Karen)
2, Oversize 1 Karen
  • 1: Karen in a downhill ski race

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