Raymond Fogelson concert recordings: Cherokee Dance Songs, 1960-09-30

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Fogelson, Raymond
Raymond Fogelson concert recordings: Cherokee Dance Songs
3 items  :  OT - 3 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. mono (recorded one side only), 7"); WD - 3 compact discs (digital, stereo); Duration: 1:09:00
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Recorded in Cherokee, North Carolina, 9/30/60.
University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
University of Washington
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Seattle, WA
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Raymond Fogelson is a professor of Anthropology, of Human Development, and of Social Sciences in the College, conducts research on the ethnology and ethnohistory of Indians of the Southeastern United States. He is concerned with issues involving Indian identity, especially with problems of tribal recognition and the repatriation/rematriation of physical remains and material culture as well as questions of mixed Indian status. He also has abiding interests in the comparative study of Fourth World religions and processes of religious change, in problems of psychological anthropology and the history of anthropology. The conjunction of anthropology, the presentation and representation of native peoples, and popular culture, particularly as manifested in World's Fairs and resorts, constitute another focus of research. This relates also to his interests in the anthropology of museums.

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Original tapes recorded by Dr. Raymond D. Fogelson with Wollensak tape recorder.


62-7.1: Tr. 1 - Bear Dance (6:55); Tr. 2 - Corn Dance (2:58); Tr. 3 - Horse Dance (5:02); Tr. 4 - Ball Dance (3:09); Tr. 5 - Several Friendship Dances (8:59) (Total Duration: 26:09); Singers: Amoneeta Sequoyah (leader), Lloyd Sequoyah, and Nick Driver; Other participants: John Driver, Henderson Welch, Cecilia Johnson, Ella Sequoyah, Nellie Armachain, Marie Sequoyah, Liddie Lossiah.

62-7.2: Tr. 1 - Ball Dance (2:03); Tr. 2 - Ball Dance (women's part) (3:39); Tr. 3 - Victory Dances (fragments) (4:54); Tr. 4 - Booger Dance (two parts) (2:25); Tr. 5 - Bear Dance (3:15); Tr. 6 - Green Corn Dance (several parts) (2:34); Tr. 7 - Green Corn Dance (women's part)(1:54); Tr. 8 - Victory Dances (3 fragments) (3:45); Tr. 9 - Beaver Dance (3:00); Tr. 10 - Buffalo Dance (1:37); Tr. 11 - Quail or Partridge Dance (1:55); Tr. 12 - Horse Dance (2:54) (Total Duration: 34:01); Lloyd Sequoyah singing dance songs out of context (continues on 62-7.3)

62-7.3: Tr. 1 - Knee-Deep Song (Frog Dance) (2:17); Tr. 2 - Ant Dance (1:57); Tr. 3 - Corn Dance (2:11); Tr. 4 - Eagle-Pipe Dance (2:22) (Total Duration: 8:50); Lloyd Sequoyah singing dance songs out of context (continued from 62-7.2)

Transmission Data: Digital files created 1/2012 - 62-7.1.aif through 62-7.3.aif (48 kHz/24-bit) and work discs (WDs) produced.

Documentation: Typed notes by collector.

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Subject Terms

  • American Indian
  • Ethnomusicology

Geographical Names

  • Cherokee--North America--Eastern Woodlands
  • North America
  • United States

Other Creators

  • Personal Names
    • Sequoyah, Amoneeta (performer)
    • Sequoyah, Lloyd (performer)