Postharvest Institute for Perishables Records, 1979-1993

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Postharvest Institute for Perishables (University of Idaho)
Postharvest Institute for Perishables Records
1979-1993 (inclusive)
3.5 cubic feet
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UG 062
The records include correspondence, reports, and other materials covering activities of the institute during the period.
University of Idaho Library, Special Collections and Archives
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University of Idaho Library
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Open to the public. Researchers must use the materials in accordance with the policies of the University of Idaho Special Collections and Archives.

This collection is in English.

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The records of the Postharvest Institute for Perishables-PIP span the years 1979 to 1993.

Included in the records is a proposal to establish PIP at the University of Idaho, cooperative agreements between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the University, responses to AID Mission requests, evaluations of the Technical Assistance-TA teams by the countries that received assistance, activity reports of the PIP Information Center, plan to establish a MS Program in International Agriculture at the University of Idaho along with other materials covering activities of the institute during the period.

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Postharvest Institute for Perishables Records, UG 062, Special Collections and Archives, University of Idaho Library, Moscow, Idaho.

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Acquisition Information

The records of the Postharvest Institute for Perishables were transferred to the University of Idaho Library in four occasions, November 1990 and May-June 1995.

Processing Note

Processed in 2008. The records were transferred to the Archives as miscellaneous files, in no order. They were processed using the basic processing method. Materials were reboxed, but original folders and folder headings were retained.

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Container(s) Description
1 AID evaluation: issue papers, 1980-1985 -- AID Missions: Responses from Missions on Initial PIP Proposal, 1979 -- AID missions: Responses from missions on renewal of PIP agreement, 1985 -- Missions appreciation for assistance, 1983-1984 -- AID Review: Fall 1983 -- Agricultural Marketing Improvement Strategies-AMIS Project Papers, 1982-1990 -- Conferences: Agricultural Marketing Workshop for the Caribbean Basin. Miami, 1983 -- PIP Past Conference Reports, 1981-1982 -- Conference Services. Skiles farewell dinner, 1986
1 Cooperative Agreement USAID and UI, 1986-1990, 1990-1992; Basic Ordering Agreement, 1986-1990 -- PIP Annual Work Plan (Not submitted), 1985-1986 -- PIP Annual Work Plan, 1985-1992 -- PIP Policy Committee/Board of Directors Meetings, 1980-1982 -- PIP Projects List, 1981-1990 -- PIP Saudi Arabia Combine Proposal, by Moden Jr., Julian, and Riesenberg (cancelled),1983 -- Request for proposal to establish PIP at the UI/DAI-[Development Alternatives, Inc.]: proposal to USAID on post-harvest losses, 1980
1 World Bank: DACON [-data on consultants] forms sent prior to 1985 and forms sent to World Bank and others, 1985 -- PIP. Draft proposal material -- PIP/Request for application-RFA -- PIP Miscellaneous vitae and memos -- International Trade and Development-ITAD -- Media. News Releases/ Publicity, 1981-1986 -- Publications by PIP Core Staff (clippings) -- BARD. A paper by R. B. Dwelle
1 PIP Brochures: Archive; Blue Technical Assistance and Training, Oct. 1981; French, 1982; Printing Costs, etc, 1983; Technical Assistance and Training, 1985 -- Newsletter archive -- Briefing papers on activities of the PIP, October 1, 1985-September 30, 1990
2 PIP Reports
3 AID: grant application to establish PIP, 1980; Cooperative Agreement, 1986-1990 and 1991-1992; Cooperative Agreement, 1986-1990; Policy (expert letters), 1981; Property lists, equipment and approval letters for purchase, 1981; Project paper, 1980-1985 and 1985-1990; PIP Proposal, 1981; Travel approval letters under Cooperative Agreement I, 1981; Correspondence and memos, 1981-1990
3 Honduras. 1984 Project number 522-0207 with AID Export Promotion and Services; Memo from Felipe Manteiga regarding crops in Honduras to develop for export; 1982 Bulletin/guide for vegetable growing in north coast of Honduras
3 ASEAN-[Association of Southeast Asian Nations]: Short Course, 1984-1986 -- ASEAN-PHTRC (Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research center) Philippines, 1984-1986 -- BIFAD-[Board for International Food and Agricultural Development]: Memorandum to William Johnson and draft to Ron Curtis, 1983
3 Agreements: Agri-Food Systems International, Inc.[-AFSI], 1982; Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center-AVRDC, 1984; Basic Ordering Agreement Participant Training, April 1, 1985-March 31, 1986; William F. Bolton, 1984; People's Republic of China and College of Agriculture, 1984; Costa Rica, 1982-1983; Development Alternatives, Inc-DAI, 1980; PIP/AFSI/DAI GTS Staffing, 1982; Peace Corps/PIP Memorandum of Understanding, 1985; Richard E. Ohms, 1983-1985; Meta Systems Inc./USAID Kingston, 1985; Ecuador, 1984, 1986; Republic of Rwanda, 1983; SEARCA[-Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture] Memorandum of Understanding, 1986; USDA/OICD [US Department of Agriculture/Office of International Cooperation and Development] Memorandum of Agreement, 1982-1986; Visayas State College. Philippines, 1983; Winrock International, 1986; Correspondence, General, 1982-1983
4 PIP: Correspondence Incoming, 1990, 1991, 1993; Outgoing Correspondence, 1991-1992; [Harvey C.] Neese Outgoing correspondence, 1990; [Thomas V.] Dechert Outgoing correspondence, 1990 -- [Tom] Scherer Outgoing correspondence, 1990 -- Correspondence, 1982-1984 -- PIPIC: Proposal for, 1988; Activities Reports, 1982-1987; General [Mailing List], 1990 -- PIP: Training. External publications; Policy PIP/UI, 1984-1989
4 Ecuador: Correspondence, 1984-1985; Charles Darwin Foundation, 1986 -- Philippines. Paterno/Ansell/Data, 1982-1988 -- Group for Assistance on Perishable Products-GAPP Correspondence, 1981-1983 -- International Programs, 1984-1988 -- Loss Reductions: Assessment estimates. Indonesia, 1984 -- PIP Zinzer letter, Frontiers, Reports, miscellaneous correspondence, 1987-1990 -- Firms. Agri-Food Systems International-AFSI (Neese), 1981-1985
4 UI College of Agriculture: International Program, 1983, 1985; International Trade and Development, 1985-1988; MS Program in International Agriculture, 1983 -- Tropical Development and Research Institute-TDRI Correspondence, 1981-1982, 1985 -- Correspondence. Letters of appreciation, 1981-1986, 1988 -- PIP Funding Resources, 1986, 1991 -- Title XII: Strengthening Grant 1980-1985
5 Floppy disks: Boise Conference -- Wang Diskettes with Index, 1982-1987

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Corporate Names

  • Postharvest Institute for Perishables.
  • University of Idaho.