Wilbur H. Smith papers, 1853-1988

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Smith, Wilbur H.
Wilbur H. Smith papers
1853-1988 (inclusive)
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The Wilbur H. Smith papers (1853-1988) contain mining and geology documents collected by Wilbur H. Smith (1913-1988), a former division geologist for Kennecott Copper Corporation. The collection is divided into four sections and contains essays, publications, maps, correspondence, notes, books, newspaper and magazine articles, geology charts, reports, and pamphlets. The collection contains information on smelting, railroads, and the United States Geological Survey; Bingham, Utah, and the nearby Kennecott Copper mine; prominent miners in Utah; and national and international mining organizations and areas. The collection also contains some of Smith's personal correspondence, information on his employment in Oaxaca, Mexico, and documents resulting from his education at the University of Utah.
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Wilbur Harry Smith (1913-1988) was a division geologist for the Kennecott Copper Corporation from 1959 to 1978. He began his career as a geologist in his teenage years working for the International Smelting and Refining Plant in Tooele, Utah. This experience led to his job as sampler at Lark Mine for the U. S. Smelting, Refining and Mining Company, circa 1944, and then to mine exploration work at El Tisur Mines in Oaxaca, Mexico. Most of his years as geologist, however, were spent at Kennecott studying the Oquirrh Mountains west of Salt Lake City, plotting underground and surface geologic maps, and visiting and photographing old smelters.

Wilbur H. Smith was born to Howard Milburn and Jessie Ethel Smith on April 29, 1913, in Tooele, Utah. His father was chief clerk at Anaconda's International Smelter at Tooele. This instilled in Smith a lifelong interest in mines, smelters, railroads, history, and photography. His love of photography would one day lead him to photograph the north end of the Oquirrh Mountains from the open cockpit of an airplane during the 1930s, and to document the demolition of Bingham during the 1960s. These materials were later compiled into a scrapbook entitled "The Death and Burial of Bingham." He took photographs of the machine house in the old Tooele smelter "from every conceivable angle," and also documented, through photography, the geology of several mines and mining districts, such as Bingham and Tooele, Utah.

During the 1930s Smith worked at the International Smelting and Refining Plant in Tooele. One colleague mentions that "there were days of standing on a wooden platform in special big wooden shoes, sprayed by a water hose, re-bricking the floor inside a still-hot sulfurous reverberatory furnace, and of shoveling the black chalcocite dust that was rich Mountain City smelting ore." Smith also attended the University of Utah during the 1930s, putting himself through school with money earned in the mill at Anaconda's Walker Mine in California. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in geology on June 4, 1935. He studied petrology for another two years but did not have enough money to complete a graduate degree.

During World War II Smith found employment as sampler in the High Ore mine at Butte, Montana. After the war he worked as a geologist for thirteen years in the U.S. Smelting, Refining and Mining Company's mines at Lark, Utah. His employment at Lark was interrupted in 1957 with a proposal from the Republic Steel Corporation to do exploration work at El Tisur Mines in Oaxaca, Mexico. He worked a year or so in Mexico and then returned to his native Tooele. His love for Tooele's mining activities, railroad, and smelter are manifest through the countless photographs he took, and in the papers and books he collected on these subjects.

In 1959 Smith was hired as junior geologist for Kennecott Copper Corporation's Bingham geology department. His geological knowledge of the Bingham district was "invaluable," enabling him to map the underground structures of the Kennecott mine as well as write a history of the district (which was never completed). Many of his articles on the Bingham district, such as "More Jobs For Geology Spur Better Mapping Methods at Bingham Canyon," were published in magazines and guidebooks and are present in the collection. Between 1961 and 1969 Smith was promoted to geologist, then senior geologist, and finally division geologist. During this time he was involved in organizations such as the Utah Geological Society, the Geological Society of America, the Society of Economic Geologists, and the Society of Professional Geologists. He was also a member of the Tooele Museum Board and was involved in a local discussion group of geology professionals and university professors.

Smith retired from Kennecott in 1978 after nineteen years of service. Even after his retirement, however, Smith continued to research the structural geological history of the Oquirrh mountain range and take photographs of smelters and mining areas as a hobby. This was cut short with the advancement of diabetes which confined him to his Holladay apartment, and later to the Tooele County Hospital, where he died in 1988.

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The Wilbur H. Smith papers (1853-1988) contain mining and geology documents collected by Wilbur H. Smith (1913-1988), a former division geologist for Kennecott Copper Corporation. The collection is divided into four sections and contains essays, publications, maps, correspondence, notes, books, newspaper and magazine articles, geology charts, reports, and pamphlets. The collection contains information on smelting, railroads, and the United States Geological Survey; Bingham, Utah, and the nearby Kennecott Copper mine; prominent miners in Utah; and national and international mining organizations and areas. The collection also contains some of Smith's personal correspondence, information on his employment in Oaxaca, Mexico, and documents resulting from his education at the University of Utah.

The first section, Personal Papers, contains information on Smith's employment in Mexico, his retirement, and home purchase; a typescript of the diary of his father, and correspondence. Also included are memorial addresses for William Russell Anderson, a geologist for Kennecott Copper Corporation; Smith's caricature and appointment books; and University of Utah documents. The correspondence in box 1, dating 1955-1988, includes information on the history of the U.S. mining industry, papers and articles written on Bingham mining activities in Utah, and Smith's collection of publications on mining history, such as Copperfield by Arilla B. Jackson. Correspondence relating to Smith's death is located in box 1, folder 4. Miscellaneous personal documents include expenses, medical prescriptions, and customs information relating to Smith's job in Oaxaca, Mexico; retirement certificates; and titles and deeds from his home purchase in the 1960s. These are located in box 2 and date from 1909-1996. A typescript of his father's diary, 1909-1911; memorial addresses for his Kennecott co-worker, William Anderson, and a caricature of Smith are also located in box 2. Smith's appointment books, dating 1967-1969, are in box 3. His files containing reports, essays, and notes from his University of Utah classes are located in boxes 4-5 and date from 1932-1940.

The second section, Mining and Geology Files, dates from 1871-1985 and is divided into four groups. These groups focus on Bingham Canyon mining in Utah, international mining, Kennecott Copper Corporation, railroads, smelting, and the United States Geological Survey. They are located in boxes 6-23 and consist of reports, essays, notes, magazine and newspaper articles, correspondence, booklets, and diagrams. Also included are biographies on miners such as Charlie Ney Kenco and United States Geological Survey maps.

The third section of the collection, Mining and Geology Maps, consists mainly of maps but also includes oversize materials. The majority of the maps date from 1853-1982 and show the topography, geology, and development of mines and mining areas in Utah. Also included are United States and international mining area maps with similar cartographic features. The maps show national and international areas containing coal reserves and mineral deposits, as well as United States railroad routes. The Utah, United States, and international maps are located in boxes 24-25. Included in the oversize materials is a national historical atlas, 1966-1968, with information on United States culture, exploration, territories, and elections from the late eighteenth century to 1968; and a set of 1971 colored prints of Indians first published by Thomas L. McKenney between 1836 and 1844. Indian warriors and leaders such as Sequoyah and Black Hawk are represented. The oversize items are located in box 26.

The fourth section, Articles and Miscellaneous Materials, contains newspaper and magazine articles, 1875-1987, with information on ghost towns, nuclear holocaust, pioneers, mines in Utah, geologic rock structures, and transportation. The articles, located in boxes 27-29, are arranged in the subject and date classifications established by Smith. Editions of The Salt Lake Tribune (1936-1941, 1971-1979), The Ogden Standard Examiner (1969), and The Deseret News (1975) are located in box 28. These are special scenic, centennial, United States Bicentennial, and anniversary issues documenting various events in Utah's history. The miscellaneous materials include monographs on Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico; essays and stock certificates; geologic charts, tables, and scales; and magazine articles on early civilization. These materials are located in box 30 and date from 1887-1982.

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I:  Personal PapersReturn to Top

This series reflects Smith's personal life. The correspondence in box 1, folders 1-10 between Smith and his colleagues, has been kept in its original alphabetical order and includes information on the history of the U. S. mining industry, particularly the Bingham mining district. Box 1, folder 1 includes information on the "Tale of Tails" by James J. Bean, while the original document is located in box 12, folder 11. The correspondence in box 1, folder 11 is in reference to the University of Wyoming's request for Smith's photographic documentation of the Bingham mining area. These photographs are now located in the Multimedia Section of the Manuscripts Division. Other personal materials dealing with Smith's employment in Oaxaca, Mexico, his retirement, and home purchase are located in box 2. Most of the materials in box 2, folder 1 deals with Smith's preparations in leaving for Oaxaca and his medical condition while employed there. The typescript of his father's diary in box 2, folder 7 contains a record of the construction of the Tooele Valley Railway and Tooele Plant from 1909-1911. Smith's appointment books are located in box 3 and his reports, drawings, and notes from classes he enrolled in at the University of Utah are located in boxes 4-5.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Bean, James J.
1 2
Jackson, Arilla B.
1 3-4
James, Lawrence P.
Folder 4 pertains to Wilbur Smith's death.
1 5
Lockerbie, Charles W.
1955; 1975
1 6
Protteau, Lyn
1 7-10
Thode, Jackson C.
1 11
University of Wyoming
1 12
Personal Miscellaneous
Box Folder
2 1-4
Employment at El Tisur Mines, Oaxaca, Mexico
These folders contain correspondence, expenses, medical prescriptions, customs information, and a notebook of names of people associated with El Tisur Mines.
2 5
Article, poem, and certificates.
2 6
Purchase of Home of 2819 Northwood Drive
Correspondence, lien waiver, insurance titles, real estate contracts, and a warranty deed.
2 7
Howard M. Smith Diary
2 8
William Russell Anderson Memorial Services
Obituary and memorial addresses.
2 9
Caricature and Biographies of Wilbur H. Smith
1950; 1996
Appointment Books
University of Utah
University of Utah, Geology 1A-322S
This box contains reports, outlines, papers, notes, diagrams, and geologic drafting practices on Utah canyons, the geologic history of man, topographic cross sections, and the Appalachian Mountains. Papers by Smith and others, such as the "Interpretation of Topographic Maps," "Geologic Survey of the Tintic Prince Mining Properties in the East Tintic Mountains, Utah," and "Problem on Locating a Faulted Ore Body," are also included.
5 1-5
Geology 322S
Paper abstracts.
5 6-7
Metallurgical Engineering 111-112
Includes notes and experiment worksheets.
5 8-9
Mineralogy 1B and 210
Includes notes and interference figure charts.
5 10
Mining Engineering 100-101
5 11-22
These folders contain materials that were originally part of a notebook. Included is information on geology, microscopy, mineralogy, Silver King Mine, and the paragenesis of adirondack deposits. Also included are Smith's registration materials.
circa 1932-1936
5 23
Oquirrh Mountains
Field notes and correspondence on the structure and stratigraphy.
5 24
Index to Private Library of Wilbur Smith
5 25
Research Notes

II:  Mining and Geology FilesReturn to Top

This series includes materials collected and written by Smith on the subjects of mining and geology. Included is information on the Bingham Mining District, international mining areas, and the Kennecott Copper Corporation. The Bingham mining materials, consisting mainly of articles and essays, are divided into three groups: Bingham's history, subject files, and miscellaneous. These materials are located in boxes 6-8 and include information on miners such as Daniel Jackling, ore production, mining methods, early mine exploration, surveying of rocks and minerals, and the geology of the Bingham mining area. The international mining materials also consist of articles and essays and are located in box 9. Included is information on mining areas in Africa, Australia, Canada, and South America. Materials relating to the Kennecott Copper Corporation are in box 10 and include correspondence, meeting minutes, and quarterly geological reports. Smith's "Field Trip 2--Bingham Canyon Mining District" descriptive road log is located in box 10, folder 19.

This section also contains information on various railroads and smelters in the United States; United States Geological Survey papers and maps; and papers by Smith. Materials on railroads such as the Denver and Rio Grande are located in box 11, folders 4-6 and Smith's "Smelters in Utah, 1854 to Present" is in box 12, folder 10. Box 12 also contains James J. Bean's "Tale of Tails," a narrative description of people associated with the Tooele smelter during the 1920s. The United States Geological Survey materials, located in boxes 13-14, stress the geology and geography of Utah and other western states. Information on the 1964 Alaska earthquake, Zion's National Park, and Flaming Gorge is included. Also in this section are papers by Smith and other geologists, as well as subject files. Papers written by Smith, mainly on the Bingham Mining District, are located in box 15. Other papers such as T. P. Billings' writings on the history of mining in Utah, and Kennecott publications are located in box 16. Articles from the Salt Lake Mining Review on various mines and smelters in Utah are located in box 17, folders 1-20. Information on mining associations and societies; mining areas around the United States such as Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, and Montana; and minerals and rocks are located throughout boxes 19-23. Articles about the moon, as well as Spaceship Apollo postage stamps and decals are in box 22, folders 15-16.

Container(s) Description Dates
Bingham, History
Box Folder
6 1
Early Bingham and Utah Copper Mining History
6 2
Kennecott History
Also includes pictures of mines in Bingham area and a newspaper advertisement.
circa 1978
6 3
Silver-Belt and West Mining Districts
Brief descriptions.
6 4
"Part II-Economic Geology," by J. M. Boutwell
6 5
"Ore Deposits of Utah"
6 6
"His Name was Daniel Jackling, `The Father of Porphyry Mining'"; "The Utah Copper Company"
6 7
Bingham Mines
6 8
Bingham Mining District, Utah, by David S. Wegg, Jr.
6 9
Finlay, James Ralph. The Cost of Mining--An Exhibit of the Results of Important Mines Throughout the World. 1st ed., 4th impression. McGraw-Hill Book Co.: New York
An excerpt that includes a map of Utah Copper Company's property in Bingham, Utah, 1909.
circa 1910
6 10
"The Mineral Industry, 1901," Engineering and Mining Journal
6 11
American Institute of Mining Engineers
Guidebook on the Bingham mining district. Also includes information on mining companies such as Utah Copper Co., Ohio Copper Co., and Utah-Delaware Copper Co.
6 12
"Underground Mining Methods of Utah Copper Co.," by Thomas S. Carnahan
6 13
"History of Mining in the Bingham District, Utah," by E. D. Hammond
6 14
"Butterfield Mine," by S. S. Arentz
Excerpt on the geography of Butterfield Mine. Also includes a general report on the Combined Metals Reduction Company.
6 15
The Porphyry Coppers, by A. B. Parsons
6 16
"Beginnings of Utah Copper," by R. A. F. Penrose, Jr.
Chapter excerpt from unknown source.
6 17
Hanchett, Lafayette. The Old Sheriff and Other True Tales. Margent Press: New York
6 18
"Fashions in Mines," by Ira B. Joralemon
Excerpt from book entitled Copper.
6 19
Life of Archibald Gardner, Utah Pioneer of 1847
Book excerpts.
6 20
Bingham History Account by Edwin W. Johnson
6 21
"Big Splendor," Compressed Air Magazine
6 22-29
"History of Bingham," by T. P. Billings
Drafts and references for pages 1-268.
6 30
"Brief History Relating to Mines of the United States Smelting, Refining, and Mining Company," by T. P. Billings
6 31
Chronology of Events from the T. P. Billings Papers
6 32
"Mining in Utah During Past 45 Years as Observed," by T. P. Billings
6 33
"Early `Exploration' of the Bingham Mining District--Utah's `Old' Reliable," by L. P. James
6 34
"History of Lark, Utah," by Dora H. McDonald, 1946; and "Brief History of Lark," by Lillis Sandstrom
6 35
Lark Elementary School
Newsletter containing photocopies of historical compilations on Lark.
6 36
Mining and Metallurgy
Also includes article, "Lark: Utah's next ghost town."
1948; 1978
6 37-38
"The Joy in Mission," by Ada Duhigg
6 39
Includes National Grand Army Encampment history.
Bingham, Subject Files
Box Folder
7 1
Bureau of Mines information circular.
7 2
Copper Ore Body
Book articles, essays, and a pamphlet.
7 3
Determinative Mineralogy
Includes a book by George J. Brush.
7 4
Diamond Mining
Magazine article.
7 5
Magazine articles.
7 6
Galena Days Celebration
1939; 1957
7 7-9
Articles and outlines.
7 10
Geothermal Energy
Magazine articles.
7 11
Correspondence, advertisements, essays, and magazine articles.
1962; 1966
7 12
Metal Deposits
7 13-14
Mining Methods and Philosophies
Magazine articles.
7 15
Porphyry Copper Deposits
Magazine articles and an essay.
1973; 1981
7 16
Property Evaluation
Magazine article.
7 17
Rocks and Minerals
Mineralogical data and lists of rock types in northern Utah.
7 18
Sulfide Ore Deposits
Correspondence and an essay.
7 19
7 20
Magazine article and essay.
1940; 1965
Bingham, Miscellaneous
Box Folder
8 1
Rickard, T. A. The Utah Copper Enterprise. Abbott Press: San Francisco
8 2
Bingham Souvenir Booklet
8 3
Bingham Mining District Guide Book
8 4
Newspaper and Magazine Articles
8 5
Miscellaneous Publications
International Mining
Box Folder
9 1-3
Magazine articles.
9 4
Magazine articles.
1964; 1970
9 5
Magazine articles.
9 6-10
Correspondence, essays, maps, charts, and reports on Chuquicamata, Copaquire, and Rancagua mining areas.
9 11
El Salvador
Report on Anaconda Mine.
9 12-13
9 14
Magazine articles.
9 15
South America
Magazine articles and an essay.
Kennecott Copper Corporation
Box Folder
10 1
10 2-8
Division Geologists' Meetings
These folders contain outlines, questions, notes, programs, minutes, correspondence, and expense reports on meetings that took place in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.
10 9-17
Geology Department, Utah Copper Division
Quarterly geological reports, charts, maps, correspondence, and notes.
10 18
Bear Creek Seminar
10 19
"Field Trip 2--Bingham Canyon Mining District," by Wilbur Smith and Edward C. John
Descriptive road log.
10 20
Includes a bank deposit slip and notes for activity reservations.
Box Folder
11 1
American Fork Railroad
Brief history.
11 2
Bingham Canyon and Camp Floyd Rail Road Company
Articles of incorporation and a brief history.
11 3
Copper Belt Railroad Company
Articles of Incorporation.
11 4
Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company
Coal tickets.
11 5
"Denver & Rio Grande Development of Physical Property in Chronological Narrative," by Arthur Ridgway
11 6
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
Roster and profiles.
11 7
"The History of Utah's Railroads, 1869-1883," by Clarence A. Reeder
11 8-10
Railroad Time Tables
11 11
Amos Caryl Ridgway, Arthur O. Ridgway, and Robert M. Ridgway
Included are biographies of these men who were associated with various railroad companies, such as the Denver and Rio Grande, throughout the United States.
1913; 1972
11 12
Wasatch and Jordan Valley Railroad
Brief history.
11 13
"Wilderness Railways," by Roger Rapoport
11 14
Association of American Railroads
Includes an issue of Railroads Now and a business card.
Box Folder
12 1
Cone-Type Precipitators
Magazine articles on a new method of recovering copper from copper-bearing solutions.
12 2
"Contributions to the Records of Lead-Smelting in Blast Furnaces," by A. Eilers
12 3
"An Early Environmental Struggle: Pollution and the Murray Smelters 1900-1910," by Brian P. Winterowd
12 4
"Memories of International Smelting and Refining Company," by Claude F. Atkin
12 5
"The Midvale Smelter Stack," Engineering and Mining Journal
12 6
Magazine article.
12 7
"The Murray Lead Smelter," by J. B. Huttl; and "Status of the Porphyries, Present and Prospective," by S. D. Strauss
12 8
"The Non-Ferrous Metal Smelters of Utah"
12 9
The Smelting of Argentiferous Lead Ores in Nevada, Utah, and Montana, by O. H. Hahn, Anton Eilers, and R. W. Raymond
12 10
"Smelters in Utah, 1854 to Present," by Wilbur H. Smith
12 11
"Tale of Tails," by James J. Bean
Correspondence between Smith and Bean regarding "Tale of Tails" is located in box 1, folder 1.
12 12
History of Tooele County. Daughters of Utah Pioneers: Tooele
12 13-19
Tooele Smelter
These folders contain historical information, statistics, diagrams, magazine and newspaper articles, correspondence, notes, essays, and rosters of equipment. Also includes "Smelting Practices at the International Smelting and Refining Company, Tooele Plant," 1968.
12 20
Notes and References on Various Smelters in Utah
circa 1976
United States Geological Survey Papers
Box Folder
13 1
Hansen, Wallace R., Edwin B. Eckel, William E. Schaem, Robert E. Lyle, Warren George, and Genie Chance. The Alaska Earthquake, March, 27, 1964: Field Investigations and Reconstruction Efforts
13 2
Ransome, Frederick Leslie. The Copper Deposits of Ray and Miami, Arizona
13 3
Gregory, Herbert E. Geology and Geography of the Zion Park Region Utah and Arizona
13 4
Calkins, F. C., and B. S. Butler. Geology and Ore Deposits of the Cottonwood-American Fork Area Utah
13 5
Hansen, Wallace R. Geology of the Flaming Gorge Area Utah-Colorado-Wyoming
13 6
Post, Austin, Don Richardson, Wendell V. Tanghorn, and F. L. Rosselot. Inventory of Glaciers in the North Cascades, Washington
13 7
Gregory, Herbert E. The San Juan Country, A Geographic and Geologic Reconnaissance of Southeastern Utah
13 8
Tooker, E. W., and Ralph J. Roberts. Upper Paleozoic Rocks in the Oquirrh Mountains and Bingham Mining District, Utah
United States Geological Survey Maps
Box Folder
14 1
Claim Map of Cottonwood-American Fork Area, Utah, 1932; Topographic Map Showing Principal Tunnels of Cottonwood-American Fork Area, Utah, 1943; Geologic Map of Cottonwood-American Fork Area, Utah, 1943; Geologic Section of Cottonwood-American Fork Area, Utah, 1943.
14 2
Geologic Plan of Alta Tunnel and Transportation Company Workings, with Projection Parallel to Prince of Wales Fissure, Showing Relation to Annie Tunnel and Prince of Wales Workings; Workings of Maxfield Mine; Geologic Map of Cardiff Mine and Part of Columbus-Rexall Tunnel; Geologic Map of Tar Baby Mine.
14 3
Geologic Map of South Hecla, Sells, Rustler, and South Columbus Workings; Geologic Map of Workings in Flagstaff-Emma Ore Zone; Geologic Map of Columbus Consolidated Mine; Wasatch Drain Tunnel; Geologic Map of Frederick Tunnel and Part of Columbus-Rexall Tunnel.
14 4
Geologic Plan of Main Tunnels of Michigan-Utah and Alta Consolidated Mine, and Longitudinal Projection of Workings on City Rocks Fissure; Workings of Pacific Mine; Workings of Dutchman Mine; Workings of Miller Mining & Smelting Company; Geologic Map of Workings of Yankee Mine.
Papers by Wilbur H. Smith
Box Folder
15 1
"Bingham Canyon: An Example of a Mining District Topographic Anomaly"
15 2-5
"Bingham or West Mountain Mining District Comprehensive List of References"
Includes rosters, chronologies, historical references, and a final draft of this paper.
15 6
"Bingham Ore Body"
Notes and paper presentation to Utah Copper Division Meeting.
15 7
15 8-10
"The Fabulous Tisur Titanium Deposits"
Includes notes, drafts, and a final draft.
circa 1955
15 11
"From Midas Gulch to Dry Fork: The Lower Plate of the Midas Thrust-A Case History For Mining Geologists"
15 12
"Geology of the Bingham Mining District"
15 13-16
"Geologic Mapping Techniques and Applications at Kennecott's Utah Copper Divison Open Pit Mine At Bingham Canyon, Utah," by Wilbur Smith and Edward C. John
These folders contain drafts and an outline of the paper, as well as correspondence, schedules, articles, rosters, and miscellaneous materials on the Society of Mining Engineers fall meetings.
15 17-19
Manuscript Work on Faulting
Notes and diagrams.
15 20
"More Jobs For Geology Spur Better Mapping Methods at Bingham Canyon," Mining Engineering
15 21
"The Nature of the Volcanic Contact, Northern Oquirrh Mountains, Utah"
15 22
"A Short History of the Bingham Mining District"
15 23-24
"Smelters in Utah, 1854 to the Present"
Correspondence, notes, and drafts.
15 25
"K-Ar Dating of Mineral Episodes--A Confirmation"
This folder also contains correspondence.
Miscellaneous Papers and Publications
Box Folder
16 1-5
Chapters from T. P. Billings' History
circa 1950s
16 6
"The Everlasting Metal"
16 7-8
"Patrick Edward Connor: Father of Utah Mining," by William Fox
Also includes "Connor's Mining Enterprises."
16 9
Interurbans, "Butte Anaconda and Pacific," vol. 26 no. 4
16 10
"Kennecott and Its People"
16 11
"Kennecott Copper Corporation, Nevada Mines Division"
16 12
Kennecott World
16 13-16
16 17
"Tomorrow Began Yesterday at Kennecott," by John C. Kinnear
16 18
Utah's Great Mining Districts, by Don Maguire
This folder includes a photocopy of this book as well as maps on the Tintic Mining District, Rio Grande Western Railroad Great Salt Lake Route, Camp Floyd, and West Dip, Utah.
16 19
"The Silver Sandstone District of Utah," by Charles M. Rolker
16 20-27
Salt Lake Mining Review
Articles on Bingham mining and geology.
17 1-20
Salt Lake Mining Review
Articles on Boston Consolidated, Mercur, Ophir, smelters, and Utah Copper Company. Also includes miscellaneous miner biographies and an index for volumes 15-23.
17 21
"A Smelting Milestone"
17 22
"The Story of Utah Copper Division, Kennecott Copper Corporation"
17 23-24
The Utah Copper Story
17 25
"A Glimpse of Utah Copper Division," Utah Magazine
17 26-29
"Hydroelectric Study, Southwest Portion Salt Lake Valley, Utah," by Edward C. Weakly
Drafts, notes, and maps.
circa 1969
18 1
Theses on Geology and Related Subjects at the University of Utah
18 2-3
United States Geologic Survey Publication Lists
18 4-7
Miscellaneous Notes and References for Mining Histories
Also includes some newspaper articles.
Subject Files
Box Folder
19 1
Regional report on geology and ore deposits.
19 2
American Geology Institute
Magazine article, newsletter, correspondence, diagrams, and charts.
19 3-6
American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers
Information on 132nd meeting, magazine articles, directory of processing operations, application form, pamphlet, notes, and biographies.
19 7
American Institute of Professional Geologists
Magazine articles, "Instructions for Witnesses," newsletter, constitution, by-laws, code of ethics, and correspondence.
19 8-14
Magazine articles, essays and professional papers on Aio Mining District; materials on block caving in San Manuel Copper Mine and on the geology of the Ray Copper Deposit and Twin Buttes.
19 15
Association of Professional Geological Scientists
19 16
Magazine article.
19 17-18
Basin-Range Structures
Essays, notes, and magazine articles.
1958; 1960
19 19
Black Canyon Trout Highway
Magazine article.
19 20
Breccia Pipes
Essays, magazine articles, and notes.
1959; 1961
19 21
Bullion Coalition Mines
19 22
Charlie Ney Kenco
Biography and historical notes.
19 23
Essays on the earth's geology and the sun's effects on the earth's climatic history.
19 24
Magazine article.
19 25
Combined Metals Reduction Company
Development statistics.
19 26
Essay and magazine articles.
19 27
Continental Drift
Scientific American offprints and an essay.
19 28
Magazine article and an essay.
20 1
Desert Varnish
Bulletin excerpt from Geological Society of America.
20 2
Magazine articles and checklists for study of earthquake effects.
20 3
Essay, magazine articles, and Scientific American offprint.
1959; 1970
20 4
Geological and Mineralogical Association of Canada
By-laws, announcements, correspondence, and newsletters.
1964; 1966
20 5-8
Geological Society of America
Essays, notes, correspondence and programs for annual meetings, as well as newspaper articles, announcements, an essay, and miscellaneous materials.
20 9
Magazine articles, Scientific American reprint, and notes.
20 10
Gold and Silver
Pamphlet and magazine articles on the location of gold and silver.
20 11
Great Basin
Essays on the geology of the Great Basin.
1968; 1973
20 12
Great Salt Lake
Essay on Pleistocene core.
20 13
Magazine article on mines of Coeur d' Alene.
20 14
International Field Institute
Articles on Italy's and France's geology, and the earth's mantle in mountain ranges.
20 15-23
Jordan School District
Collection of histories gathered and written by students in Jordan School District.
21 1
Lead and Zinc
Magazine article and diagrams of worldwide lead and zinc locations.
1962; 1965
21 2
Mercur, Utah
Correspondence and pamphlet.
1939; 1961
21 3
Mine Models
Magazine article.
21 4
Mineral Accessibility in Utah
Geological and mineralogical surveys.
21 5
Mineralogical Society of America
Pamphlets, announcements, essays, and meeting minutes.
21 6
Pamphlets and magazine articles.
21 7
Columnar section chart of unidentified mine.
21 8-11
Magazine articles, Bureau of Mines Information Circular, as well as essays on Butte District and Anaconda Company.
21 12-17
Geological Survey Circulars, essays, and newspaper articles.
21 18-23
New Mexico
Announcements, Bureau of Mines Information Circular, essays, maps, and diagrams. Also includes information on the New Mexico Geological Society.
21 24
Nuclear Explosives
Magazine article.
21 25
Magazine articles and Scientific American reprint.
21 26
Open-pit Planning
21 27
Ophir District
Bureau of Mines report.
21 28
Ore deposits and Porphyry Coppers
Correspondence, magazine articles, essays.
22 1-2
Ore deposits and Porphyry Coppers
Magazine articles, essays, notes, and a map of world porphyry copper deposits.
22 3
Magazine articles.
22 4
22 5
Plate Tectonics
Essays and magazine articles.
22 6
Professional Engineers Licensing Program
Pamphlets, magazine articles, and questionnaire.
1963; 1965
22 7
News articles.
1961; 1964
22 8
Psychology and Sociology
Scientific American reprints.
1955; 1963
22 9
Rock Dating
Essay and dissertation.
22 10
Rock Mechanics
Magazine articles.
22 11
Rush Valley Mining District
Essays and statistics.
22 12
Information booklet on history of salt manufacturing.
22 13
Sea-Floor Spreading
Scientific American offprints.
22 14
Society of Economic Engineers
Paper abstracts, magazine articles, and announcements.
1965; 1973
22 15-16
Includes magazine articles about the moon, spaceship Apollo stamps and stickers, Scientific American reprints, and a pamphlet.
22 17
Spor Mountain
22 18-22
Tintic District
Articles, reports, and information booklets.
22 23
United States Mining Districts
Essay on geographical distribution.
23 1
Utah Geological Society
Correspondence, rosters, roadlogs, notes, articles, and map.
23 2
Utah Geological Survey
Pamphlet and newsletters.
23 3
Utah Mining
Essays on statistics and assessments.
1872; 1914
23 4
Utah Mining Association
23 5
Scientific American reprint.
23 6
Magazine articles.
1905; 1964
23 7
Yellowstone Park
Guide book.

III:  Mining and Geology MapsReturn to Top

This series is divided into three categories--Utah maps, United States and international maps, and miscellaneous maps and oversize materials--that are arranged chronologically. The Utah maps, located in box 24, show the geology, topography, and properties of Utah mining districts, particularly Bingham. Also included in box 24 are maps of the Mirror Lake recreation area, located in folder 1, and Utah coal fields, located in folder 3. The United States and international maps, box 25, show the geology of mines and mining districts, and mineral areas, and railroad routes in the United States. Many of these maps show the geology of New Mexico. Geologic maps of Chile, Canada, and South Africa are also included. Miscellaneous maps are located in box 26, folder 1 and oversize materials are in box 26, folders 2-3. The oversize materials include a historical atlas of the United States and a set of 1971 Indian prints first published in the 19th century.

Container(s) Description Dates
Utah Maps
Box Folder
24 1
New Mining Map of Utah Showing the Location of the Mining Districts Over an Extent of Territory 150 Miles from North to South, 1871; Map of Bingham Mines West Mountain and Tooele Unorganized Mining Districts, Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, Utah, 1906; United States Geological Survey, Marsh Peak, 1908; Topographic Map of Utah Showing Water-Power Plants, Transmission Lines, Undeveloped Power Possibilities, and Mining Districts, 1918; United States Geological Survey, Coalville, Utah, ed. of 1903, reprinted 1921; United States Geological Survey, Gilbert Peak, ed. of 1906, reprinted 1921; United States Geological Survey, Hayden Peak, Utah-Wyoming, ed. of 1903, reprinted 1923; Bingham and West Mountain Mining District, Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, 1926; Property Map of Tintic and North Tintic Mining Districts, Utah, 1927.
24 2
Mirror Lake Recreation Area, 1931; Mirror Lake--Grand Daddy Lake Recreation Area, 1941; Geological Surface Map of Kennecott Mine, 1947; Geologic and Hydrothermal Alternation Map, Utah Copper Mine, Bingham, Utah, 1947-1949; Geological Surface Map of Kennecott Mine, 1949; Butterfield Area, 1949; Geological Surface Maps of Kennecott Mine, 1951, 1953, 1954.
24 3
Geological Surface Maps of Kennecott Mine, 1955, 1956; Surface Geology Map of the Bingham District, Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, Utah, 1961; Mining Districts and Mineral Deposits of Utah, 1966; Pit Geology Map of Kennecott Copper Mine, 1968-1969; Geologic Map of the Bingham Mine, 1976; Geologic Map of the Bingham Mine, 1978.
24 4
Land Control and Coal Reserves of the Kaiparowits Plateau, Alton, and East Half Kolob Coal Fields, Utah, 1982; Land Control and Coal Reserves of the Wasatch Plateau Coal Field and Emery Coal Field, Utah, 1982; Oil and Gas Fields and Pipelines of Utah Including the Thrust Belt Area of Southwestern Wyoming, 1982; Relief Map of Coal Fields of Utah, 1982; Land Control and Coal Reserves of the Book Cliffs Coal Field, 1982; Map of the Bingham Midway Mine; Tooele Smelter Power Plant Plans; Development Progress of Burgin Mine, Dividend, Utah; Topographic Map Showing Bingham Mine and Vicinity; Geologic Map of the Bingham District, Sections A-D.
United States and International Maps
Box Folder
25 1
A New Map of the State of California, the Territories of Oregon and Utah, and the Chief Part of New Mexico, 1853; Geologic and Topographic Map of Mine Property and Vicinity of Rancagua, Chile, 1916-1917; Colorado Railroad Map, 1943; Geologic Map of the Santa Rita Quadrangle, Grant County, New Mexico, 1951; Generalized Geologic Map of the Santa Rita Quadrangle, New Mexico, 1953; Geology of the Santa Rita Quadrangle, New Mexico, 1964.
25 2
Geologic Sections of the Santa Rita Quadrangle, Grant County, New Mexico, 1966; Geologic Map and Sections of the Copper Flat Area, Santa Rita Quadrangle Grant County, New Mexico, 1966; Principle Mineral Areas of Canada, 1969; Railroads in the State of Colorado, 1975; American Railroads in the United States; Mineral Map of the Republic of South Africa; Geologic Map of the Republic of South Africa and the Kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland.
Miscellaneous Maps and Oversize Materials
Box Folder
26 1
Chart of Mars, 1962; Map of Lake Bonneville; Aerial Map of Historical Butte--"The Glittering Hill, 80 Years Later"; Geologic Section Maps to Accompany Surface Geology Map of Bingham District; Unidentified Maps.
26 2
National Historical Atlas
This atlas contains information on Indian tribes, cultures, languages, and the discovery, exploration, settlement, and territorial growth of North America. Also included is information on battle sites, election results, historic landmarks, geographic expeditions, and commercial fishing in the United States.
26 3
Indian Prints by McKenney & Halls
These prints, from the 19th century, include portraits of Indians such as Black Hawk and Sequoyah.

IV:  Articles and Miscellaneous MaterialsReturn to Top

This section consists mainly of newspaper and magazine articles but also includes one box of miscellaneous materials. The articles, located in boxes 27-29, have been kept in their original alphabetical and chronological order and focus mainly on mining and geology. In addition to mining and geology, the articles in box 27, listed alphabetically, also include information on the Madison River, Montana, earthquake (folders 4-6), nuclear holocaust (folder 12), and polygamy (folder 16). The chronological articles are located in boxes 28-29. Articles on space and the geology of the moon are located in box 29, folders 6-12. Also included in these folders are profiles of people associated with mining areas. Complete editions of The Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Ogden Standard Examiner, and other newspapers are located in boxes 28-29. These editions include information on various events in Utah's history. Included are editions documenting Utah's past and scenic beauty. Miscellaneous materials such as monographs of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico; articles on early civilization; and stock certificates are in box 30.

Container(s) Description Dates
Newspaper and Magazine Articles
Box Folder
27 1
Balanced Rocks
27 2
Black Rock Beach, Mecca
27 3
Carr Fork Mine
27 4-6
Includes articles on Madison River, Montana, earthquake.
27 7-8
Ghost Towns
27 9
Iosepa, Tooele
27 10
Lark Mine
27 11
Mercur Mine
27 12
Nuclear Holocaust
1980; 1982
27 13
Ophir District
1907; 1986
27 14
This folder includes information on notable Utahns who lived in mining districts. Also included are articles on Ab Jenkins and his speed records on the Salt Flats.
27 15
Articles on pioneers, the Salt Lake LDS Temple, the Colorado River, and a train during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Also includes a book review of The Utah Photographs of George Edward Anderson, by Rell G. Francis.
circa 1983
27 16
27 17-19
Articles on Tooele history, museum, smelter, railroad, historical society, and proposed ski resort. Folder 18 also includes announcements, meeting minutes, and an aerial map pertaining to the city's museum board.
27 20
The articles in this folder focus mostly on the history of trains and railroads in Utah.
Newspaper Articles
Newspaper Articles
Box Folder
30 1
Colorado Sketchbook, by Paul Busch
30 2
Crofutt's New Overland Tourist and Pacific Coast Guide, by George A. Crofutt
30 3
Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of New Mexico, by James E. and Barbara H. Sherman
30 4
A Glimpse of Utah--Its Resources, Attractions and Natural Wonders, by Edward F. Colborn
30 5
"History of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States, Utah Chapter," Compiled by Eleen T. Williams
30 6
"A Rocky Mountain Bookstore"
Excerpt from Brigham Young University's Studies, vol. IX, no. 2.
30 7
Utah: A Peep Into a Mountain-Walled Treasury of the Gods, by P. Donan
30 8
"West Jordan, In Pictures Past and Present"
30 9
Early Civilization
Magazine articles on early man in the West Indies and Turkey as well as an article on the Maya civilization.
1964; 1969
30 10
Geologic Charts, Tables, and Scales
circa 1945
30 11
Stock Certificates and Postcards

V:  Oversize MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
General Map of Tooele Plant, Section No. 1, 1929; Relief Map of Utah, 1947; Tooele Smelter Power Plant Plans of the International Smelting and Refining Company, ca. 1970s; Two Maps Showing the Utah Copper Pit and Vicinity; High Uinta Wilderness Area and Vicinity; Geologic Map of Tooele Valley.

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Copper mines and mining--Utah--History--Sources
  • Geologists--Utah
  • Geology--Utah
  • Mines and mineral resources--United States--Maps
  • Mines and mineral resources--Utah--Maps
  • Railroads--United States--Maps
  • Railroads--Utah--History

Personal Names

  • Smith, Wilbur H.--Archives

Corporate Names

  • Kennecott Copper Corporation--Records and correspondence
  • Utah Copper Co.

Geographical Names

  • Bingham Canyon (Utah)--History
  • Bingham Mining District (Utah)--History

Form or Genre Terms

  • Clippings
  • Correspondence
  • Histories
  • Maps
  • Notes
  • Pamphlets
  • Reports