UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Wanni W. (Wanni Wibulswasdi) Anderson recordings (Thai Field Tapes), 1970

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Anderson, Wanni W. (Wanni Wibulswasdi), 1937-
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Wanni W. (Wanni Wibulswasdi) Anderson recordings (Thai Field Tapes)
6 items  :  EC-6 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/4 tr. stereo, 7"), 12 WAV files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 6:40:51
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Ta-Chine Village, central Thailand, March 1970.
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Wanni W. Anderson (1937-) is a researcher and teacher from Thailand. She received her BA in English from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) in 1959, her MA in English from Brown University (United States) in 1962, and her PhD in Folklore and Folklife from The University of Pennsylvania (United States) in 1973. She received two postdoctorates from Harvard University (United States) in Psychological Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Studies of Adolescence in the 1980s. She currently has a joint faculty appointment at Brown University in the Department of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies Concentration. Her research and teaching focuses on a variety of topics including ethnicity and identity, folklore, and nationalism.

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Originals recorded with Uher 4000, Report L, 1/4 tr., 7 1/2 ips, Re-15 mic; dubbed from Sony 770 to Sony 255 for Archives.

EC analog reel digitized 11/2016 (48 kHz, 24-bit) - 70-1.1a.wav (32:43), 70-1.1b.wav (34:57), 70-1.2a.wav (36:01), 70-1.2b.wav (28:54), 70-1.3a.wav (35:24), 70-1.3b.wav (36:39), 70-1.4a.wav (34:26), 70-1.4b.wav (33:36), 70-1.5a.wav (32:10), 70-1.5b.wav (32:11), 70-1.6a.wav (32:09), 70-1.6b.wav (29:38).

Contents: (from collector notes): Tape 1 Side A: WA 70/1 - Orig. 1 - Country music-popular, recorded from disc, Name of song: "Saeb Huajai" (Heartache) - Name of singer: Pornchai Sroi-petchra - No. 1 on hit parade - also in Bangkok; WA 70/2 - Song from children's game "Pong-Pang" (Blind Man's Bluff) Children in village; WA 70/3 - Same, second time; WA 70/4 - Children playing Pong-Pang, cont.; WA 70/5 - Song from children's game "Mon Son-Pa (Drop the Handkerchief); WA 70/6 - Song from children's game "Ree-Ree Kao San" (London Bridge); WA 70/7 - Song from children's game "Chum Jee"; WA 70/8 - Song from children's play "Maeng Mum"; WA 70/9 - Radio serial soap opera, recorded from a radio; WA 70/10 - Another radio serial drama entitled "Thai Yai" Story is pseudo-historical; WA 70/11 - A lullaby entitled "Nok Ka-Wao" (Mynah Bird) Singer: Mrs. Tong-yu. Recorded under house - in context.

Tape WA1-B Orig. 1-B:70/12 - Same as 70/11 recorded indoors; 70/13 - Lullaby "Kanom Chang Ma"; 70/14 - Lullaby "Maeo Meo" (Kitty Cat); 70/15 - Dessert vendor's song; 70/16 - Lullaby "Nang Pratum" preceded by Ayyo tone; 70/17 - Lullaby "Nang Subhaluk."

Tape 1 Side B:70/18 - Lullaby "Wat Sing"; 70/19 - Lullaby "Wat Bod"; 70/20 - Lullaby "Roe Len"; 70/21 - Fuller version of 70/20; 70/22 - Game "Mother Snake" - Children of the village; 70/23 - Game of Ree-Ree Kao San" (London Bridge) 2nd taping - WA 70/6; 70/24 - Game of "Mother Beating a Child." Conversation; 70/25 - Game of "Nag of Pra Kanong"; 70/26 - National Anthem, recorded at Wat Yai School; 70/27 - Prayer, by Wat Yai School students, after the National Anthem; 70/28 - Poetic recital-9 poems, one after another, 2nd grade children, Wat Yai School; 70/29 - Poetic recitals-3rd grade children.

WA Tape 2 Side A Orig. Tape 2:70/30 - 2 Poetic recitals - 4th grade childre; 70/31 - Overture of a folk drama performance - from phonograph. Followed by live musicians. Background interference from movie next door, Various cuts, Performance done over P.A. system. Recorded from audience; 70/32 - Lullaby "Dauk Kae Daeng" by Mrs. Yong Yu; 70/33 - Lullaby (no name); 70/34 - Song from ritualistic game "Mae Stri" played at traditional New Year;

Tape 2 side A:70/35 - Popular song "Strange Dream" sung by Mrs. Tong-Yu; 70/36 - Folk drama performance (more of 70/31), another night; 70/37 - Lullaby "Gong-meng" by Miss Boon-long; 70/38 - Lullaby "Pra Rod" by Miss Boon-Long; 70/39 - 2 popular songs, city type. Taped from radio. 2nd song unfinished.

Orig. tape 3A 70/40 - Popular song, taped from radio--city type. (no name);

WA 2-Side B Orig. 3A: 70/41 - City-type popular song "Had Pa Daeng"; 70/42 - City-type popular song "Rim Had Sai"; 70/43 - 3 Selections. Country music, taped from radio -(No name) female vocalist, "Bong Fai Sieng Rak" sung by Eak Abhirom, "Good-bye, Capital City" sung by Su Santi, with commercials between first and second songs, Sound of motor boat in background; 70/44 - 4 Lullabies, by Mrs. Sa-ngiem Poengsuntorn -"Nok Kao," Wat Bod," "Dok Kae Daeng," "Kitty Cat"; 70/45 - Nursery rhyme "Jing-Jo" by Mrs. Chub Poengsuntorn; 70/46 - Nursery rhyme "Jing Jo"; 70/47 - Rain-making song, Mrs. Sa-ngiem; 70/48 - Nursery rhyme "Tung Kai", Mrs. Sa-ngiem; 70/49 - Verse for the game "Jum-Jee", Mrs. Sa-ngiem; 70/50 - Taped from TV drama with country setting; 70/51 - Buddhist chanting at Wat Yai morning ceremony on the traditional New Year. Use of P.A. system.

>End of WA2 Side B End of Orig. 3A, WA Tape 3 Side A Orig. 3-B Tape 2 Side B:70/52 - Continuation of ceremony, chanting and sermon of 70/51;

Orig. 4-A 70/53 - Folktale "A Priest," by Montien; 70/54 - Folktale "A Priest and a Nun," by Mr. Choen.

WA Tape 3 Side B Orig. 4-A

Tape 3 Side A: 70/55 - 8 Lullabies, sung by Mrs. Pin. Recorded in context: "Kitty Cat," "Subhalek," From "Kun Chang Kun Pan," "But-sa-bong," "Chao-Tong Noe Yen," "Wat Nauk," "Wat Hong," "Nalike"; 70/56 Ceremony at Wat Yai in memory of deceased ancestors. Using P.A. system; 70/57 - 2 songs from games: "Drop Handkerchief," "London Bridge"; 70/58 - Songs and poetic recitals by a 3-year old girl; 70/59 - Folktale "A Chinese Traveler and a Thai Traveler" Narrator: Mr. Choen.

End of Orig. 4-A Begin 4-B

Tape 3 Side B: 70/60 - Folktale "The Monkey King and a Nun" Narrator: Mr. Choen, Sound of motor boat in background. Tape ran out.

WA Tape 4 Side A Orig. tape 4-B 70/60 - (Repeated in full); 70/61 - Solo flute (klui). Unsuccessful attempt by an old man.; 70/62 - Solo flute (klui)-"Dao Pra Suk", a folk dance song; 70/63 - Solo flute (klui)-"Kamane Lai Kwang"; 70/64 - Solo flute (klui)-"Wan Pen Doen Sib-song"; 70/65 - Solo flute (klui)-"Pama Ram Kwan"; 70/66 - Solo flute by another player: Montien. "Nok Kao Kamer"; 70/67 - Solo flute-"Ka,same Saiyoke" by Montien; 70/68 - Solo singing "Duang Mai Dee" (Unlucky Horoscope), sung by Montien Country music learned from radio; 70/69 - Solo singing "Ta Chine," sung and composed by Montien; 70/70 - Nursery rhyme "Jin-Jo" for bouncing a child; 70/71 - Lullabies sung by Mrs. Pin: "Wat Hong," "Kanom Changma," "Nok Katung," "Chao Tangsuk," "Nok Katung,"-another version, "Chao Tongsuan, "Wat Sing" -unfinished, ran out of tape.

WA Tape 4 Side B Orig. Tape 5-A

Tape 4 Side A:70/72 - Lullabies sung by Mrs. Pin: "..." -do not have the beginning of the song, "..." -do not have beginning of the song, "Chao Nok Kao Ploi," Chao Nok Kao Ploi," "Chao Nui Une," "Nok leng; 70/73 - Lullaby sung by Mrs. Tong-yu -"Sao Rod Taeng"; 70/74 - Lullaby sung by Mrs. Tong-yu -"Doen Ngai"; 70/75 - "Matoeng" song, used in processions of 'going into the priesthood' ceremony; 70/76 - Solo flute by Montien - "Kamane Saiyoke"; 70/77 - Solo flue [sic] by Montien - "Nok Kamin"; 70/78 - Singing by Montien - "Prod Toed Duang-Chai"; 70/79 - Folktale by Mrs. Pring; 70/80 - Solo flute by Mr. Montien: "Sao Ban Tae" -folk dance song, "Nok Kao Kamer," "Kamane Saiyoke,"Bamboo Dance Song" -folk dance song, "Flute Song" (Sieng Klui), "....," "...." player does not know the names of these songs," "..."

WA Tape 5 Side A Orig. 5-B

Tape 4 Side B: 70/81 - Tape of live performance of ritual singing of the type called "Lae." It took place in the evening of the first day ceremony. Tape ran out.

WA Tape 5 Side B Orig. 6-A

Tape 5 Side A:70/82 - Continuation of "Lae." One song at the end of tape not included because the tape ran out.

WA Tape 6 Side A Orig. 6-B

Tape 5 Side B:70/83 - Continuation of "Lae."

WA Tape 6 Side B Orig. 7-A Tape 6 Side A:70/84 - Solo flute by Montien. Folk dance song; 70/85 - Classical dance songs, recently composed for pseudo-historical dances. Taped from TV: "Srivigaya Dance Song" -latter half of the song, "Lopburi Dance Song," "Chiengsan Dance Song," Sukhodaya Dance Song," Excerpt from semi-classical drama "Harissa-chandra."Speed variation noted on 70-1.2a.wav at 03:15.

Documentation: Collector's typed field notes.

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