Fredric Lieberman field recordings (Sikkim), 1969-1970

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Lieberman, Fredric
Fredric Lieberman field recordings (Sikkim)
1969-1970 (inclusive)
36 items  :  EC - 12 reels (full-track); 24 WAV files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 12:41:31
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Recorded in locations throughout Sikkim, December 1969 and January 1970.
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Fredric Lieberman (1940-2013) received his B.M. from the Eastman School of Music, his M.A. from the University of Hawaii, and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a performer, composer, writer, and teacher at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His written works include "Planet Drum: A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm", and "Drumming at the Edge of Magic: A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion".

Lieberman's interests included organology, particularly with regard to taxonomic methods and systematic description, the musics of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, and South India, and American vernacular musics from Tin Pan Alley through contemporary rock. His taught courses on American Popular Music and World Musics. He had an especially keen interest in the music of John Cage and of the Grateful Dead and served as an ethnomusicological consultant for various Mickey Hart projects.

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Originals recorded with Nagra III.

Digital files created 1/2017 - 70-32.1a.wav (32:40), 70-32.1b.wav (30:22), 70-32.2a.wav (33:06), 70-32.2b.wav (30:03), 70-32.3a.wav (33:18), 70-32.3b.wav (32:47), 70-32.4a.wav (28:17), 70-32.4b.wav (30:15), 70-32.5a.wav (30:38). 70-32.5b.wav (30:46), 70-32.6a.wav (30:50), 70-32.6b (28:59), 70-32.7a.wav (33:41), 70-32.7b.wav (29:05), 70-32.8a.wav (31:25), 70-32.8b.wav (32:57), 70-32.9a.wav (31:24), 70-32.9b.wav (28:05), 70-32.10a.wav (31:34), 70-32.10b.wav (30:11), 70-32.11a.wav (26:55), 70-32.11b.wav (27:05), 70-32.12a.wav (29:07), 70-32.12b.wav (34:33) (48 kHz, 24-bit).

Contents (copied from original archive entry sheets):

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-1 70.1, UW 70-32.1:

Locus: Gangtok, Rumtek, Entchi

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A:

1. Pa lit, D.C. Lucksom (Gangtok); 2. Nyi bro pa lit ("); 3. Prayer service, full group (Rumtek); 4."; 5." (run out); 6"; 7." (end of service); 8. Children practicing prayers in courtyard (").

Side B:

1. Gyaling duo "Jawe-lama" ("); 2.Gyaling duo "Doda" ("); 3.Dramyen/vocal "Tong songla" ("); 4.Hochi false start ("); 5.Hochi/vocal "Barshe Rigyel Samdayling" ("); 6.Dramyen/vocal "So-imo-lay-ho+" popular stod-gzhas doshag; 7.Glingbu solo "Sa mandi changtong Gyamoray"; 8.Glingbu/vocal "Tashi lunbe pu"; 9.Morning prayer "Bkraishis lung pai bu" (Entchi); 10.Grace for meals.

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-2 70.1, UW 70-32.2:

Locus: Entchi, Mangan

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A:

1.Evening prayer (Entchi); 2.Dramyen Accompaniment, Khampa dance song; 3.Sikkimese dance song; 4.Tibetan National Anthem; 5.Tibetan dancing song; 6.Mrs. Lekit Shipmo "Rong punu-yit sa Lung-ten" (Mangan); 7.A440 tone; 8. Mrs. Lekit Shipmo "Chamji-Nom sa Ledong-num"; 9.A440 tone; 10.Dawo Lhendup plays pa lit; music for ceremonial. dub tape run-out.

Side B:

1.Lepcha band ceremonial; 2." receiving chogyal; 3." evening of auspicious days; 4." morning of auspicious days, false start; 5." " complete; 6. " misc. songs, drinking session; 7.A440 tone; 8.Mrs. Lekit Shipmo, false start; 9." " Terbongnum sa Naripnom Motuncyhi Rong sa Bri-ing sa Lungten".

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-3 70.1, UW 70-32.3:

Locus: Phensang M., Phensang V., Joretang, Namchi

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A:

1.Tungchen/Radong "Nyundo" Gyaling "Chimi-Luyung" (Phensang M); 2.Full lama group, orig. 3.75, distortion (Phensang V.); 3.misc. vocal/festival dance (Joretang); 4." (not slated dub).

Side B 1."; 2.Gayak sarangi solo and song; 3.Full lama group (Phensang V.); 4.Tamang vocal w/Damphu (Namchi).

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-4 70.1, UW 70-32.4:

Locus: Namchi

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Tamang vocal w/Damphu; 2."; 3.".

Side B 1.Sherpa song, Dawa Tempa Sherpa; 2.Hindu temple bell from chang house; 3.Sherpa song, female group 4.Sherpa song, mixed group; 5.Sherpa song, male solo; 6.Sherpa song, female solo; 7."; 8.", cont.; 9.Sherpa song, male solo.

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-5 70.1, UW 70-32.5:

Locus: Namchi, Gangtok

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Sherpa song, female solo (Namchi); 2.Sherpa song, male solo; 3.Sherpa song, male solo; 4.Prayer "Yang Thik Nak Pu".

Side B: 1.Women's Prayers (Gangtok); 2.Sound of prayer wheels outside; 3.Women's prayers; 4.Sound of bells on prayer wheels.

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-6 70.1, UW 70-32.6:

Locus: Pemayangtse, Kewzing, Rumtek

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Full lama group, prayer service (Pemayangtse).

Side B : 1.", cont.; 2.Beginning of prayer service, conch hors; 3.Dance song w/ ran-nye - Tibetan (Kewzing); 4.Song with flute; 5.Tibetan Ritual Music w/ Rol Mo; 6.Dran-nye/vocal (Rumtek).

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-7 70.1, UW 70-32.7:

Locus: Rumtek, Joretang, Namchi

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Dran-nye w/ vocals (Rumtek); 2.Glingbu; 3.Gayak, song w/ sarangi (Joretang); 4. Sukhbir, singer w/ madel; 5. ", cont.

Side B: 1.Hosti Rai, Jew's Harp; 2."; 3.Sya Bahadus Rai, Jew's Harp; 4."; 5."; 6.Tamang damphu dance (Namchi); 7." cont.; 8." cont.; 9." cont.; 10."cont.

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-8 70.1, UW 70-32.8:

Locus: Namchi, Chakung, Pemayangtse, Likship, Kewzing

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Tamang damphu dance, cont. from 32.7 (Namchi); 2." cont.; 3.False start - tiling; 4.False start - gyaling; 5.Gyaling duo; 6.Gyaling duo; 7."; 8.Bansari solo (Chakung); 9.".

Side B 1." "; 2.Snake charmer (Likship); 3."; 4."; 5.Pic FS; 6.Tibetan welcome song w/ glingbu (Kewzing); 7. Dawe Shenu - FS; 8. Dawe dramyen and vocal; 9.Parasho game (Namchi).

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-9 70.1, UW 70-32.9:

Locus: Kewzing, Gangtok

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Lhamo (Kewzing); 2." cont.; 3." cont.; 4. Dramyen/group vocal/dance.

Side B: 1." Part 2; 2.Bhutia dances (Gangtok); 3." cont.; 4." cont.; 5.cont.; 6." cont.; 7.Orchids - fragment.

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-10 70.1, UW 70-32.10:

Locus: Gangtok, Rumtek, Entchi

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Bhutia dances, cont. from 32.9 (Gangtok); 2."; 3."; 4."; 5.", camera noise; 6."; 7.Kayzangrila, song.

Side B: 1."; 2."; 3.Prayer service (Rumtek); 4."; 5.Sikkimese dance song w/ dramyen (Entchi); 6.Sikkimese dance song w/out dramyen; 7.Khampa dance song w/ dramyen; 8.Tibetan solo song w/ dramyen.

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-11 70.1, UW 70-32.11:

Locus: Rumtek, Gyalzing

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.I.D. for prayer (Rumtek); 2.Prayer service; 3.Chabrung dance (Gyalzing); 4.".

Side B: 1."; 2.Nangara ensemble; 3.Prayer service (Rumtek).

Sikkim Collection, Field No. SM-12 70.1, UW 70-32.12:

Locus: Rumtek, Entchi, Gyalzing, Gangtok

Information (location in parentheses):

Side A: 1.Prayer service (Rumtek); 2.Tibetan solo song with dramyen (Entchi); 3.Tibetan song for girls; 4.Tibetan song male vocal 2/dramyen; 5.Tibetan song solo w/ dramyen; 6.Dramyen solo; 7.Sikkim National Anthem; 8.Tsong folksongs (Gyalzing); 9.Orchids Chini Pani Nachime Picho (Gangtok); 10.Orchids instrumental solo.

Side B: 1.Orchids repeat previous; 2.Orchids repeat previous; 3.Nepali "Rasiya" FS; 4." R; 5." Wari Pari..."R; 6." "Sangini" R; 7." "Maya Lagyo..."R; 8." "Sikkim Deshko..."R; 9." "Jawari" A; 10." "Makai Pakyo..."R.

Documentation: Typed contents notes.

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