UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: James Cunningham recordings (Lummi Stomish 6/27/92), 1992-06-27

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Cunningham, James
UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: James Cunningham recordings (Lummi Stomish 6/27/92)
1 videotapes  :  OT - 1 vct (8mm, color, stereo); Duration: 1:30:00
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Recorded June 27, 1992 on the Lummi Indian Reservation, western Washington state.
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James E. Cunningham is an ethnomusicologist who specializes in Indonesian, Native American and world popular music. He teaches undergraduate core curriculum courses (Music Cultures of the World and Gateway to Musical Perception), as well as graduate courses at the masters and Ph.D. levels. Additionally, Dr. Cunningham is the director of the FAU Brazilian Percussion Ensemble and the instructor of the Didgeridoo Workshop. He has also recorded an album of original didgeridoo compositions, as a faculty artist for the department's Hoot/Wisdom Recordings record label.

(Source: https://www.fau.edu/artsandletters/music/faculty/hp-cunningham-j/)

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Recorded by James Cunningham with Sony CCD V220 camcorder.

Contents: Slahal & canoe races: 1) Slahal in shed (27 min.), 2) Men's eleven-man canoe race (2 min.), 3) Women's eleven-woman canoe race (1 min.), 4) Slahal playing "for the kick" inside shed (20 min.), 5) Slahal tournament outside (40 min.).

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  • American Indian
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Lushootseed

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  • North America
  • United States