University Residences records, 1939-2003

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University of Idaho
University Residences records
1939-2003 (inclusive)
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UG 075
This collections houses campus residence building plans, room layouts, newspaper articles, photographs, and other printed materials.
University of Idaho Library, Special Collections and Archives
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University of Idaho Library
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This collections houses campus residence building plans, room layouts, newspaper articles, photographs, and other printed materials. Most of the papers were orginally housed in notebooks and scrapbooks. Materials have wear and tear from being glued.

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The University of Idaho was founded in 1889. Since then, campus has grown to encompass a little over eight hundred acres. This collection includes information about Borah Hall, the Campus Club, Chrisman Hall, Forney Hall, French House, Gault Hall, McCoy Hall, Olesen Hall, , Graham Hall, Hays Hall, Lindley, McConnell Hall, Shoup Hall, Snow Hall, Upham Hall, Wallace Complex, and Willis Sweet Hall.

Borah Hall was built in 1963, and named after William Edgar Borah (U.S. Senator from Idaho, 1907-1940). It was on the first and second floor of the Stevenson Residence and used as a men's residence. On May 14, 1958, the original Campus Club burned down. The new Campus Club was located on Blake Avenue and was built in 1959.

Chrisman Hall, built in 1938, was dedicated to Brigadier General E. R. Chrisman of the University of Idaho's military department. Forney Hall was dedicated to Mary. e. Forney of Moscow, Idaho. She was the wife of Judge Forney, a founder of the Unviersity of Idaho. It was built in 1924. French House was built in 1955. It was dedicated to Dean Permeal Jane Frnech, who was Dean of Women at the University of Idaho from 1908 to 1936.

In 1955, Gault Hall, named for Franklin B. Gault (former University of Idaho President), was built. In 1956, student Paul Matovich started a fire in the building which swept through the living quarters. The fire killed three students, Paul Johnson, William C. Schuldberg, and John R. Knudson. Graham Hall was built in 1963 and orginally used as a women's residence. Then in 1965 it became a men's residence. The hall was named after Mr. James E. Graham who was a member of Board of Regents from 1952 to 1960.

Hays Hall, dedicated to Gertrude Hays of Boise, Idaho, was built in 1926. Hays was on the Board of Regents and houses women students. Lindley Hall was dedicated to Ernist H. Lindley, President of the Univeristy of Idaho from 1917 to 1920. The hall was built in 1920. In 1957, McConnell Hall was erected. The building was dedicated to William J. McConnell (1839-1925) who was an ealry Idaho governor and United States Senator.

McCoy Hall within the Gooding Residence was built in 1967. It was dedicated to Miss Bernice McCoy, State Superintendent of Education and Regent of the Unvieristy from 1915 to 1917. She was also the first head of the University's Placement Bureau. Olesen Hall of Gooding was also built in 1967. This area was dedicated to Miss Ella Olesen, the Registrar Emeritus and a member of the unveiristy staff from 1915 to 1944.

In 1958, Shoup hall was erected. It was named after Geroge L. Shoup, Idaho Territorial Governor. Alumni and State Legislator of Latah County, Howard Snow of Moscow, Idaho, had Snow Hall dedicated to him. It was built in 1963, and orgianlly used as a women's residence. Then in 1965 it changed to a men's residence. Upham Hall was built in 1955, and dedicated to Alfred H. Upham. Upham was Presdient of the University of Idaho from 1920 to 1928.

The Wallace Complex was named after William H. Wallace, the first territorial governor of Idaho from 1863 to 1864. Whitman Hall of Gooding was named for Mrs. Martha Whitman, first woman Regent. Whitman also played a major role as the President of the Idaho Equal Suffrage Association during the 1896 Idaho State victory of a women's right to vote. Willis Sweet Hall, named for Willis Sweet of Moscow, Idaho, was built in 1937. Sweet intrudced the bill to the Idaho Legislature to create the Unveristy of Idaho.

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The papers regarding campus residneces are arranged in alphabetical order. The last few folders are miscelleanous articles and photographs.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Borah Hall
1 2
Campus Club
1 3
Chrisman Hall
January 1, 1939 - May 6, 1946
1 4
Forney Hall
1 5
French Hall
1 6
Gault Hall
1 7
Graham Hall
1 8
Hays Hall
1 9
Lindley Hall
1 10
McConnell Hall
1 11
McCoy Hall
1 12
Olesen Hall
1 13
Shoup Hall
1 14
Snow Hall
1 15
Upham Hall
1 16
Wallace Complex
1 17
Whitman Hall
1940-1941; 1967
1 18
Willis Sweet Hall

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 19
Campus Club Fire
May 15-16, 1958
1 20
Gault Hall Fire
October 16, 1956 - October 23, 1961
1 21
Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
1972 - 2003
1 22
Willis Sweet Hall Construction

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 23
Campus Club
1 24
Campus Townhouses
1 25
Chrisman Hall
1 26
Employees (unknown)
1 27
Ethel Steel House
1 28
Forney Hall
1 29
1 30
Gault Hall
1 31
Hays Hall
1 32
Lindley Hall
1 33
McConnell Hall
1 34
French House
1 35
Shoup Hall
1 36
Theophilus Tower & Carole Runhoff (student)
1 37
Upham Hall
1 38
Willis Sweet Hall

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 39
Scrapbook Pages