Henry Eyring papers, 1915-2010

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Eyring, Henry, 1901-1981
Henry Eyring papers
1915-2010 (inclusive)
46.25 linear feet, (89 boxes, 3 oversize boxes, and 1 microfilm reel)
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MS 0477
The Henry Eyring papers (1915-2010) contain correspondence, financial material, awards, a biography by Steven H. Health, news clippings, autobiographical writings, medical records, article reprints, and speeches. From Eyring's teaching career, it contains histories of the Princeton University Chemistry Department (of which Eyring was a faculty member from 1931 to 1946), class record books, exams and lecture notes (from his years as a chemistry professor at the University of Utah, 1946-1977), graduate student dissertations, research material, and administrative papers (from his years as the Dean of the Graduate School of Chemistry at the University of Utah). It also contains programs for various conferences and symposiums in which Eyring participated, membership directories for professional organizations, newsletters, drafts of articles and manuscripts for text books, publication contracts, royalty statements, and files on some of his own college papers.
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Henry Eyring (1901-1981) was a leading theoretical chemist for five decades. He was born on February 20, 1901, to a Mormon family in Mexico. During the Mexican Revolution in 1912 the Mormons were expelled from Mexico, and Eyring's family settled in southeastern Arizona. Eyring attended the University of Arizona, receiving his B.S. and M.S. degrees in mining and metallurgical engineering in 1923 and 1924 respectively. In 1927 he received a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, where he produced his thesis on a topic in radiochemistry under the direction of G. E. Gibson.

Eyring went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1927 as a research associate to Farrington Daniels, who directed Eyring's attention to chemical kinetics. At the same time, Eyring gained an appreciation of the possibilities of quantum mechanics for chemistry while auditing a course given by physicist John H. Van Vleck.

While in Madison, Eyring met Mildred Bennion, who was on leave from the University of Utah where she was chairman of the women's physical education program. Henry and Mildred married in 1928 and had three sons: Edward Marcus, Henry Bennion, and Harden Romney.

A National Research Fellowship in 1929 led Eyring to post-graduate work in Berlin, where he was involved in pioneering research on potential energy surfaces with Michael Polanyi. They collaborated on the first successful quantum mechanical calculations for simple gas reactions in 1931. After teaching one year at Berkeley, Eyring joined Hugh Taylor's department at Princeton in 1931 and began fifteen illustrious years of research.

At Princeton, Eyring established himself as a major force in theoretical chemistry, making significant and original contributions to quantum chemistry, chemical kinetics, liquid theory, the theory of optical activity, the nature of natural and synthetic fibers, and the physical understanding of biological processes. In 1946 he surprised the scientific community by accepting a position as dean of the new graduate school at the University of Utah. At Utah, Eyring became the single most important person in developing a first-rate graduate program and research institution. In 1966, he retired as dean and was named Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy, a position he held until his death in 1981.

An active and prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Eyring served in a number of positions of leadership. While at Princeton he functioned as the president of the New Brunswick, New Jersey Branch (1932-1942), and later was called as the president of the New Jersey District of the church (1945-1946). Upon arriving in Utah Eyring was called as a member of the Deseret Sunday School General Board (1946-1971) and became a popular speaker at religious gatherings.

After a long cancer-related illness, Mildred B. Eyring died in 1969. In 1971 Eyring married Winnifred Brennan Clark.

Eyring received numerous awards in recognition of his outstanding contributions to nearly every phase of physical chemistry. He published over six hundred scientific papers spanning a wide spectrum of subjects, from physics and quantum chemistry to molecular biology and medicine; he wrote ten books with colleagues, two of which, (The Theory of Rate Processes [1941], with Keith Laidler and Samuel Glasstone, and Quantum Chemistry [1944], with George E. Kimball and John Walter), were extremely influential texts. During his career, Eyring trained over 120 Ph.D.'s; taught advanced chemistry courses for twenty-five years without a sabbatical; and lectured around the country seventy-five days per year. Eyring also served as president of both the American Chemical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science; guided a graduate school and major research projects; consulted for many companies; served on public and private scientific boards; and gave hundreds of talks on science and religion.

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The Henry Eyring papers (1915-1982) have been arranged into fifteen sections. The first, and by far the largest of these sections, contains materials deemed to be personal in nature. Family correspondence, financial material, and information regarding the numerous awards and honors Eyring received during his career are among the materials that can be located in this section. In addition, this section contains an extensive biography of Henry Eyring compiled and written by Steven H. Heath in 1980; a newsclipping file centered around Eyring's annual foot race; autobiographical writings; and material relating to Henry Eyring's last illness and subsequent death.

The second section in this collection contains materials relating to Eyring's religious activities. A prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Henry Eyring served in a number of positions of leadership including branch president, district president, and as a member of the Deseret Sunday School General Board. Regretably, the material relating to Eyring's service in these positions is scant. Overall, the materials in this section include articles and speeches Eyring prepared on a variety of religious topics; correspondence with L.D.S. church presidents and general authorities; and material pertaining to Eyring's book, The Faith of A Scientist, which was written in response to L.D.S. church President Joseph Fielding Smith's Man, His Origin and Destiny. Also, of particular interest in this section is the material pertaining to the "I Believe" series that ran in the L.D.S. church owned magazine, The Instructor, from 1965-1967. This controversial series featured articles written by prominent L.D.S. scholars on topics related to the similarities and apparent conflicts of modern scientific research and the theology of the Mormon church.

Boxes 23-24 make up the third section of the Eyring collection and contain items related to the fifteen years Eyring spent as a member of the faculty at Princeton University. Among the materials contained in these two boxes are histories of the Princeton chemistry department, a class record book (1939-1940), graduate student dissertations, and typescripts of addresses given at the testimonial banquet held at the time of Eyring's departure from Princeton. Additionally, a small portion of material pertains to the Textile Research Institute of which Eyring was director from 1944-1946.

The fourth section of the Eyring collection is comprised of administrative materials reflecting the thirty-five years Eyring was affiliated with the University of Utah. Box 25 consists of materials directly related to Eyring's work as Dean of the Graduate School. For the most part, these records consist of lists of degrees conferred by the various departments at the university. Additional materials located in this section include memos and bulletins; graduate student files (1965-1981); financial summary sheets for research projects Eyring was involved in and supervised (1971-1974); and a miscellaneous array of other less significant materials.

In addition to his administrative responsibilities and research, Eyring taught both upper and lower division chemistry courses at the University of Utah. Boxes 30-31 contain materials pertaining to Eyring's activities as an instructor, and include such items as lecture notes, exams, record books, and student course evaluations (1969-1980).

The sixth section of the Eyring collection contains materials relating to conferences and symposiums that Eyring participated in throughout his career. Materials range from lecture notes, schedules, and programs to correspondence regarding arrangements for the various scientific gatherings. This particular section serves well to illustrate the diverse areas of study in which Eyring was involved.

A much sought after speaker, Henry Eyring traveled extensively addressing numerous groups from varied backgrounds. Box 34 contains handwritten and typed copies of Eyring's addresses. Many of the speeches represented here were presented at the commencement activities of various colleges and universities across the country. Box 35 contains materials regarding advance arrangements and publicity for Eyring's speaking engagements. The last five folders in box 35 contain materials concerning the George Oliver Curme Lectures. Eyring was highly involved with the Curme lectures as both a member of the advisory committee and a lecturer.

Section eight of the Eyring collection is comprised of materials relating to Eyring's affiliations with numerous professional organizations. While Eyring served as president of both the American Chemical Society (1963) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1965), little of the material in this section is directly related to his activities as such. Rather, materials in this section consist of membership directories, annual reports, newsletters, and correspondence.

Eyring's association with various research institutes across the country is reflected in the materials of the ninth section of the collection. These materials do not pertain to Eyring's personal research, but instead correlate to his work as a board member and consultant. Some of the research institutes with which Eyring was involved are the Welch Foundation, Union Carbide Corporation, National Science Foundation, and Thiokol Chemical Corporation. For the most part, materials in this section are in the form of consultation agreements, administrative reports, and correspondence.

The correspondence section of the Henry Eyring collection consists of general correspondence (1925-1982); letters of recommendation Eyring wrote on behalf of his students, acquaintances, and colleagues; and letters of cancellation and regret Eyring sent to individuals and organizations that had requested his attendance and participation at various functions (1967-1975). With the exception of the letters of recommendation which have been arranged alphabetically, the materials in this section have been placed in chronological order.

As evidenced by his membership in the United Airlines 100,000 Mile Club, Henry Eyring traveled extensively throughout his career. The materials in boxes 55 through 58 consist of hotel bills, airline tickets, and travel itineraries reflecting Eyring's activities as he traveled around the world as a consultant, board member, conference participant, and lecturer.

Section twelve of the Eyring collection contains materials directly related to the research Eyring was involved in while a member of the faculty at the the University of Utah. The major portion of this section is comprised of research proposals, correspondence, contracts, and progress and final reports.

Materials relating to the publication of Eyring's research articles and textbooks have been arranged in sections thirteen and fourteen respectively. The types of materials found in these sections include correspondence with professional journals and publishing companies, rough draft articles and manuscripts, publication contracts, and royalty statements. Also included are twelve bound volumes containing reprints of Eyring's research articles. Of the 623 articles he published, 606 of them can be located in these volumes.

The final section in the Henry Eyring collection is an assortment of materials. Box 82 contains correspondence relating to Eyring's work as an editor for a number of chemistry series publications. Boxes 83 and 84 contain files on a number of Eyring's colleagues including Farrington Daniels, Douglas Henderson, Joseph Hirschfelder, Gilbert N. Lewis, Hugh S. Taylor, and Michael Polanyi. These files, for the most part, consist of correspondence. Additionally, this section contains correspondence between Eyring and various publishing companies concerning reviews he agreed to do on numerous articles and books, and a newsclipping file detailing Eyring's professional activities from 1925-1982.

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Organized in fifteen series by material type, thereunder arranged chronologically.

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Boxes 1-88 were donated in 1981 (40 linear feet).

Box 89 was donated around the 1990s (0.25 linear feet).

Box 90 was donated in 2011 (1.25 linear feet).

Boxes 91-92 were donated by Eleanor Berrey in 2011.

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Separated Materials

See also the Henry Eyring photograph collection (P0250) and audio-visual materials (A0211) in the Multimedia Division of Special Collections.

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I:  Personal MaterialsReturn to Top

Boxes 1 through 19 contain the personal materials of Henry Eyring. Some of the materials in this series include the family files which consist of correspondence and general information regarding Eyring's immediate and extended family members; personal financial material; and pocket and appointment calendars in which Eyring recorded speaking engagements, addresses, phone numbers, and travel plans. Also, this section contains materials pertaining to the numerous awards and honors received by Eyring during his lifetime. Of special note are the materials relating to several symposiums held in honor of Henry Eyring. These materials provide evidence of the admiration Eyring received from his colleagues and scientific organizations throughout the world. Other significant materials located in this section include biographical writings, information regarding the annual foot race Eyring held with his graduate students for many years, and materials relating to Eyring's death in 1981.

Container(s) Description Dates
Family Files
Box Folder
1 1-8
Mildred Bennion Eyring
Materials include information regarding her activities as a member of the Relief Society General Board of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; a 111-page autobiography; correspondence and medical reports relating to her final illness (restricted); obituaries; letters of condolence sent at her death; and other miscellaneous material.
1 9
Winnifred Brennan Eyring
Miscellaneous material.
1 10-13
Henry Bennion Eyring
Letters written to his father; newsclippings and memorabilia relating to his tenure as president of Ricks College; other miscellaneous material.
1 14-15
Edward Marcus Eyring
Letters written to his father and other miscellaneous material.
1 16
Harden Romney Eyring
Miscellaneous material.
1 17
Bernice, Joan, and Patricia Clark
Miscellaneous material.
1 1
Family Record Book
Recorded in this book are birth, blessing, baptism, confirmation, and marriage dates of the Henry Eyring family including his parents, siblings, wife, and children. Included in the book is a four-page autobiographical account by Eyring of events in his life up to 1931. Also included are a number of newspaper clippings documenting the professional activities and accomplishments of Eyring during 1933-1934.
2 1
Caroline Cottam Romney Eyring (mother)
Sympathy cards and letters of condolence sent at her death, and a newspaper article featuring her as a prominent Mormon woman.
1954; 1964
2 2-3
Edward Christian Eyring (father)
Letters of condolence and newspaper articles written upon his death, and financial material relating to the publication of his biography.
2 1
"The Life Story of Edward Christian Eyring"
The biography was compiled and edited by his daughter, Caroline Eyring Miner, in 1966.
2 4
Edward Christian Eyring and Caroline Cottam Romney Eyring
Correspondence between Henry Eyring and his parents, and copies of several newspaper articles written upon the occasion of their sixtieth wedding anniversary.
2 5
Camilla Eyring Kimball (sister)
Newspaper articles detailing the activities of Camilla and husband, Spencer W. Kimball, as they traveled throughout the world on behalf of the L.D.S. church.
2 6
Spencer W. Kimball (brother-in-law)
Several articles written by Kimball for L.D.S. church publications, and correspondence between Kimball and Henry Eyring pertaining for the most part to family matters.
2 7
Mary Eyring (sister)
Miscellaneous material.
2 8
Edward Eyring (brother)
2 9
Caroline Eyring Miner (sister)
Miscellaneous material (restricted).
2 10
Joseph Eyring (brother)
Correspondence and newsclippings.
2 11
Rose Eyring Calder (sister)
Biographical sketch, correspondence, and wedding announcement.
2 12
Anthony Ivins Eyring (brother)
Correspondence and other miscellaneous material.
2 13-14
Carl F. Eyring (uncle)
Correspondence, transcript of funeral services, newspaper articles written upon his death, and other miscellaneous material.
2 15
LeRoy Eyring (brother)
2 16
Catherine Eyring Edwards (sister)
2 17
Henry Eyring (grandfather)
A German religious pamphlet written by Eyring in 1875; photostatic copy of a report he made of L.D.S. missionaries who served in the Indian territory mission in the 1850s; other miscellaneous material.
2 2
"The Journal of Henry Eyring"
This is a spiral bound copy of Eyring's journal beginning in July 1877 and ending in December 1896.
2 18
Edward Christian Eyring (great-grandfather)
Photocopy of a portrait of Eyring painted in Germany about 1827.
2 19
"Life Sketch of Bertha Eyring"
Bertha Eyring was a great aunt to Henry Eyring. Contained in this biographical sketch are a number of photographs and paintings of other early ancestors of Henry Eyring.
2 20
Eyring Family History
A history of the Henry Eyring (1835-1902) family as it was written by Edward Christian Eyring in 1931.
3 1-3
Family Correspondence
3 4
Bennion Family Materials
3 1
The Bennion Family of Utah, Volume II
This book was published in 1962 and is a genealogical record of the Bennion family.
3 5
Romney Family Material
3 2
Life Story of Miles Park Romney
A biography by Thomas Cottam Romney published in 1948 through the efforts of the Miles P. Romney Family Association.
Personal Financial Materials
Box Folder
4 1-14
Income Tax Material
Materials include income tax filing forms, correspondence, and miscellaneous receipts.
1939-1944; 1962-1971
4 15
Charitable Donations
4A 1
Princeton Home and Property
Correspondence and legal documents pertaining to the purchase of the Eyring's Princeton, New Jersey, home.
4A 2
Fire Insurance Policy--Princeton Home
4A 3
Insurance--Beneficial Life Insurance
Correspondence and receipts.
4A 4
Insurance--New York Life Insurance Company
Correspondence and dividend statements.
4A 5
Insurance--Prudential Insurance Company
Correspondence and receipts.
4A 6
Cumulative Record Book of Life Insurance Policies
1924-1946; 1964-1965
4A 7
Teachers' Insurance and Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund
Premiums, benefit statements, and correspondence.
4A 8
Stock--Thiokol Chemical Corporation
Correspondence and notice of dividends paid.
4A 9
Stock--Universal Finance Corporation
Correspondence and notice of dividends paid.
4A 10
Miscellaneous Stock Material
4A 11
Bank Statements--Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank
4A 12
Bank Statements--Zions First National Bank
4A 13
Bank Statements--Walker Bank and Trust Company
4A 14
Bank Statements--First Security Bank
4A 15
Bank Statements--University of Utah Credit Union
4A 16
Trust Funds
Account statements.
4A 17
Salary Statements
1956; 1974-1975
4A 18
Medical Bills
4A 19
Miscellaneous Financial Materials
4A 1-2
Personal Expense Account Books
Returned Checks and Deposit Slips
This box contains returned checks drawn on accounts with Zions Bank, Walker Bank, and First Security Bank from 1963-1971. Also included are deposit slips from 1971, for an account with First Security Bank.
Appointment Books and Calendars
Pocket Calendars
Appointment Books
Appointment Books
Appointment Books and Calendars
1976; 1978-1980s
Henry Eyring Annual Race
In 1958, Eyring challenged two of his colleagues, G. Homer Durham and Sterling M. McMurrin, to a foot race. Eyring kept the foot race tradition alive by challenging his graduate students to a fifty-yard dash each year thereafter until 1978, when at the age of seventy-seven, Eyring retired from the racing business. Most of the material documenting this event consists of newsclippings, with the exception of a few letters of congratulation. Also in this box is a folder containing material on the Durham Demi-Decathlon, an event that was to be a rematch between Eyring and his two original contenders, but which Dr. McMurrin was unable to attend. The Eyring foot race continues to be an annual event sponsored by the chemistry department at the University of Utah.
Box Folder
10 1
Eyring, Durham, McMurrin Race
10 2-6
Eyring Annual Fifty-yard Dash
10 7-8
Durham Demi-Decathlon
Awards and Honors
Box Folder
11 1
Gamma Alpha Graduate Fraternity, Wisconsin Chapter
Membership certificate.
11 2
National Research Fellowship
Miscellaneous material.
11 3
Newcomb Cleveland Prize
Newsclippings announcing Eyring as the recipient of the award presented annually by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
11 4
Sigma Xi Semi-Centennial Prize
Photocopies of letters written by colleagues in support of Eyring's nomination for the award.
11 5
American Philosophical Society
Letter notifying Eyring of his election as a member of the organization.
11 6
Election to the National Board of Science
Congratulatory letters.
11 7-8
Alumni Achievement Award--University of Arizona
Correspondence and certificate of award.
11 9
"Ten Most Able Chemists"
Newsclippings and letter notifying Eyring of his being named to the Chemical Bulletin of the American Chemical Society's list of the Ten Most Able Chemists or chemical engineers working in the United States in the field of physical chemistry.
11 10
Certificate of Appreciation--Department of the Army and Navy
11 11
"Personality of the Week"--Deseret News
Newspaper article and letter of congratulation.
11 12-20
Research Corporation Award
Materials include letters of R.S.V.P. from guests invited to attend the award dinner in honor of Eyring; newsclippings; guest list; letters of congratulation; invitation and program; addresses; and correspondence.
11 21
Eugene Bingham Medal--Society of Rheology
Correspondence, newsclippings, acceptance speech, and certificate of award.
11 22
Achievement Award--Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
Certificate of award.
11 23
Achievement Award--Boy Scouts of America
Newsclipping and letter of appreciation from the Salt Lake Boy Scouts Council.
11 24-29
William H. Nichols Medal--American Chemical Society
Materials include newsclippings, letters of congratulation, correspondence, and a copy of the program and Eyring's acceptance address.
12 1
Walker Ames Professorship in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering--University of Washington
Newspaper clipping.
12 2
Honorary Membership--Phi Lambda Upsilon
Correspondence and citation.
12 3-7
Nobel Prize Nominations
Materials included in these folders consist of correspondence, nomination documents, and other miscellaneous material.
12 8
James E. Talmage Award--Brigham Young University
Miscellaneous material.
12 9
Utah Award in Chemistry--Utah Section of the American Chemical Society
Correspondence, newsclippings, and introductory speech given upon presenting Eyring the award.
12 10
Petroleum Research Fund Award--American Chemical Society
12 11
Medallion of Merit--University of Arizona
News releases and correspondence.
12 12
Remsen Memorial Lecture Award--American Chemical Society
Dinner napkin.
12 13
Distinguished Alumni Award--University of Utah
Newspaper clippings.
12 14
Peter Debye Award--Humble Oil and Refining Company
Nomination materials and newsclippings.
12 15
Appointment to the National Science Board
Correspondence and newsclippings.
12 16
President-elect of the American Chemical Society
Newspaper clippings.
12 17
Gilbert N. Lewis Award--California Section of the American Chemical Society
Correspondence and newsclippings.
12 18
Honorary Membership--Korean Chemical Society
12 19
Honorary Membership--Chemists' Club of New York
Correspondence and newsclippings.
12 20
Edward Curtis Franklin Award--Stanford University Chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon
Press release and newspaper clippings.
12 21
Appointment as President-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Congratulatory letters and newsclippings.
12 22
Distinguished Research Professorship--University of Utah
Correspondence, press release, newsclippings, and a list of individuals who received the award from 1965-1979.
12 23-30
National Medal of Science--President Lyndon B. Johnson
Included are nomination materials, invitation and program, letters of congratulation, newsclippings, and other miscellaneous materials.
13 1
American Society for Testing and Materials Lecturer on Outstanding Research
Certificate of award.
13 2-4
Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics--American Chemical Society
Correspondence, letters of congratulation, and other miscellaneous material.
13 5
Honorary Fellow of the Chemical Society
13 6-9
J. Willard Gibbs Medal--Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society
Materials include letters of congratulation, newsclippings, a program, and correspondence.
13 10
Rennebonm Lecturer--University of Wisconsin
Certificate of award.
13 11-12
Elliott Cresson Medal--Franklin Institute
Correspondence and other miscellaneous material.
13 13
Election to the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science
Newspaper clippings.
13 14
Linus Pauling Medal--Puget Sound and Oregon Sections of the American Chemical Society
Program and newsclippings.
13 15-16
Governor's Appreciation Dinner for Henry Eyring and Harvey Fletcher
Correspondence, guest list, and other miscellaneous material.
13 17
Henry Eyring Day--Governor Calvin L. Rampton
Certificate of declaration.
13 18
Outstanding Educator of America
Letter and certificate of award.
13 19
Willard Gardner Award--Utah Academy of Arts, Letters and Sciences
Congratulatory letter and newsclipping.
14 1
Golden Plate Award--American Academy of Achievement
Newspaper clippings.
14 2-8
Joseph Priestly Award--American Chemical Society
Acceptance speech, letters of congratulation, newsclippings, correspondence, and other miscellaneous material.
14 9
Theodore William Richards Medal for Conspicuous Achievement in Chemistry--Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society
Miscellaneous material.
14 10
Election to the Deusche Akademie Der Naturforscher Leopoldena
Miscellaneous material.
14 11
Distinguished Alumni Award--Community Colleges of Arizona
Newspaper clippings.
14 12-14
Berzelius Medal--Royal Swedish Academy of Science
Correspondence, newsclippings, and other miscellaneous material.
14 15
Last Lecture Series--University of Utah
Newspaper clipping.
14 16-21
Henry Eyring Chemistry Building, University of Utah
Congratulatory letters, speeches given at the ceremony, guest list, newsclippings, correspondence, and other miscellaneous material.
14 22-26
Wolf Foundation Prize in Chemistry
Nomination materials, correspondence, newsclippings, letters of congratulation, and other miscellaneous materials.
14 27
Induction into the Utah Hall of Fame
Correspondence, newsclippings, and induction ceremonies program.
14 28
Utah Symphony Distinguished Service Award
14 29
Miscellaneous Certificates of Award
14 30
Miscellaneous Material
Honorary Degrees
Box Folder
15 1
Honorary Doctor of Science--University of Utah
Miscellaneous material.
15 2-3
Honorary Doctor of Science--Northwestern University
Newsclippings, correspondence, and certificate of award.
15 4-6
Honorary Doctor of Science--Princeton University
Newsclippings, correspondence, and other miscellaneous material.
15 7
Honorary Doctor of Science--Seoul National University
Miscellaneous material.
15 8
Honorary Doctor of Laws--Indiana Central College
Press release.
15 9-10
Honorary Doctor of Science--Brigham Young University
Correspondence and certificate of award.
15 11-12
Honorary Doctor of Science--Western Reserve University
Correspondence, citation, and certificate of award.
15 13
Honorary Doctor of Laws--University of California, Davis
Miscellaneous material.
15 14
Honorary Doctor of Science--Dennison University
Certificate of award.
16 1-2
Honorary Doctor of Science--Marquette University
Newsclippings, program, and certificate of award.
16 3
Honorary Doctor of Science--Notre Dame University
Miscellaneous material.
16 4
Honorary Doctor of Science--University of Arizona
Certificate of award.
16 5
Honorary Doctor of Science--Utah State University
Newspaper clippings.
16 6
Honorary Doctor of Science--Arizona State University
Correspondence and newspaper clippings.
16 7
Honorary Doctor of Science--University of Paris
Miscellaneous material.
Box Folder
16 8-9
International Symposium on Atomic, Molecular, Solid-state Theory and Quantum Biology In Honor of Henry Eyring
Miscellaneous material.
16 10-12
Chemical Dynamics: A Symposium Honoring Professor Henry Eyring on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
Congratulatory letters, correspondence regarding symposium preparations, and other miscellaneous material.
16 13
Symposium on Giants in Chemical Education Honoring Henry Eyring, Linus Pauling, John Bailar, and Louis Fieser
Correspondence and newspaper clippings.
16 14
Symposium Honoring Henry Eyring in His Eightieth Year
Miscellaneous material.
Henry Eyring Mormon Scientist
This biography was written in 1980 by Steven H. Heath, a graduate student at the University of Utah, and submitted as a thesis toward a master of arts degree in the history of science.
Box Folder
17 1
"Ancestry and Boyhood"--Chapter 1
17 2
"Eyring's University Training--The Making of A Physical Chemist"--Chapter II
17 3
"The Princeton Years"--Chapter III
17 4
"The Utah Years"--Chapter IV
17 5
"Honors and Acclaim"--Chapter V
17 6
"Religious and Family Life--The Faith of A Scientist"--Chapter VI
17 7-9
Conclusion, Appendix, and Bibliography
17 10
Chapter Rough Drafts
Miscellaneous Personal Material
Box Volume
18 1
The journal begins January 1978 and ends in August 1981. Due to Eyring's illness, the final entries are in the handwriting of his wife, Winnifred. The journal is a matter-of-fact report of Eyring's daily activities with his family, friends, and colleagues. Eyring rarely expresses his opinions or feelings nor does he discuss his scientific research in any detail. Folder one of this box contains an index to the journal.
18 1
Journal Index
18 2
Henry Eyring Interview
An interview conducted in 1973 by Edward L. Kimball and published the same year in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought.
18 3
Henry Eyring Oral History Transcript
The oral interview was conducted in 1980 by Leonard R. Grover. The Eyring interview was part of the L.D.S. Polygamy Oral History Project conducted by the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies at Brigham Young University.
18 4
Biographical Sketches of Henry Eyring
18 5
"Cattle, Mines, and Molecules"
Nine-page handwritten autobiographical account (incomplete).
18 6
Eyring Autobiographical Sketches
Five handwritten autobiographical sketches titled "My Years at the University of Utah," "Autobiography of Henry Eyring," "Circumstances that Shape A Career," "Some Recollections of Henry Eyring," and one untitled sketch.
18 7
University of Arizona Records
Copies of transcripts and certificates of scholastic honor.
18 8
University of California at Berkeley Records
Correspondence regarding teaching fellowships and a copy of the program of the Final Public Examination for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Henry Eyring.
18 9
Fiftieth Year Anniversary of the Class of 1919--Eastern Arizona College
Program and correspondence.
18 10
Certificate of Citizenship
18 11
Baptism and Priesthood Ordination Certificates
18 12
Driver's Licenses
1939, 1946
18 13
Committee Member Cards--Boy Scouts of America
18 13A
War Ration Books
18 14
Saturday Night Discussion Group
While living in Princeton, New Jersey, the Eyrings participated in a discussion group that met once a month to discuss subjects of interest to them. Materials in this folder include a schedule of discussion topics for 1945-1946 and a brief twenty-five-year history of the group written in 1965.
18 15
Hearing Test Evaluation
18 16
Christmas Cards
18 17-19
Personal Correspondence
1927; 1945-1982
18 20
Last Will and Testament
1964; 1970
18 21
Miscellaneous Material
Last Illness and Death
Box Folder
19 1
Get Well Letters at Last Illness
19 2
Newspaper Articles--Henry Eyring's Death
19 3-8
Letters of Condolence
19 9
Sympathy Cards
19 10
Funeral Services
19 1-2
"In Remembrance"
The books contain the signatures of family and friends who attended the memorial services.

II:  Religious ActivitiesReturn to Top

This section contains numerous articles and speeches written by Eyring on a variety of religious topics. Many of the articles were published in the L.D.S. church-owned magazines, The Instructor and The Improvement Era. Materials in box 21 pertain to The Instructor's "I Believe . . ." series with which Eyring was involved for several years. Additional significant items in this section include materials pertaining to Eyring's book, The Faith of A Scientist, and correspondence regarding Man, His Origin and Destiny by Joseph Fielding Smith. Although Eyring spent twenty years as a member of the Deseret Sunday School General Board, there is little material in this collection that documents his work in that organization. What is available can be located in box 22, folders 1 and 2.

Container(s) Description Dates
Religious Articles and Speeches
Box Folder
20 1
"A Tribute to President Joseph Fielding Smith"
20 2
20 3
"Developing in Others A Determination to Live the Gospel"
20 4
"Gospel Teachings I Remember Best"
20 5
"Growing Up in Mexico"
20 6
"Henry Eyring's Reasons for Exercising"
20 7
"Integrating Science and Religion"
20 8
"Keys to Growth"
20 9
"Life After Death"--KLUB Radio Address
20 10
"Man and the World"
20 11
"Opportunities at Ricks College"
20 12
"The Gospel and Science"
20 13
"The Gospel and the Age of the Earth"
20 14
"The Gospel in Action"
20 15
"The Influence of Family"
20 16
"The Search for Scientific and Religious Truth"
20 17
"The Unseen World"
20 18
"Thinking the Gospel Through in Terms of Modern Science"
20 19
"What are the Things that Really Matter"
20 20
"Why Be a Latter-day Saint?"
20 21
"Wisdom--Human and Divine"
20 22
"12 Hours to Reach Moon; Four Months to Venus"
20 23
Untitled, Incomplete Article
"I Believe . . ." Series
The L.D.S. church-owned magazine, The Instructor, began running the "I Believe . . ." series in 1965. Articles written by active members of the L.D.S. church considered competent to speak as scholars in their fields were published monthly with the intent of "aiding readers and advisors of youth in the discussion of modern problems." Billed as a series for the inquiring mind, the articles addressed the apparent conflicts as well as similarities of modern scientific research and the doctrine of the L.D.S. church.
Box Folder
21 1
"Life's Great Adventure is the Pursuit of Truth," Lorin F. Wheelwright
April 1965
21 2
"Cosmic Design," Henry Eyring
May 1965
21 3
"In the Beginning," William Lee Stokes
June 1965
21 4
"The Relatedness of Living Things," Bertrand F. Harrison
July 1965
21 5
"Building A Deeper Faith Through the Study of Science and Philosophy," David W. Bennett
September 1965
21 6
"Religion and Social Responsibility," Lowell L. Bennion
October 1965
21 7
"Genetics and Some Gospel Concepts," Frank B. Salisbury
November 1965
21 8
"The Earth and Man," James E. Talmage
December 1965
21 9
"Powers of the Human Mind," J. B. Trunnell
January 1966
21 10
"The Religious Faith of a Chemist," Henry Eyring
May 1966
21 11
"Tobacco and the Spirit of Man," W. Dean Belnap
December 1966
21 12
"Our Organized Universe," Frank B. Salisbury
June 1967
21 13
"Proclaim the Handiwork of God," Thomas J. Parmley
July 1967
21 14
Miscellaneous Rough Draft Articles
21 15
Correspondence in this folder is between Henry Eyring, Lorin F. Wheelwright, editor of The Instructor magazine, and several authors of articles for the "I Believe. . ." series.
21 16
Letters from Readers
Letters written in response to articles appearing in the "I Believe. . ." series.
Miscellaneous Religious Materials
Box Folder
22 1-2
Deseret Sunday School General Board
Materials include correspondence regarding Eyring's assignments as a member of the board, programs from Sunday School conferences, and other miscellaneous material.
22 3
Joseph Fielding Smith Correspondence
Discussions in these letters centers primarily around the conflicts between the religious doctrine of the L.D.S. church and facts and theories prevalent in the scientific community.
22 4
Ezra Taft Benson Correspondence
Correspondence in this folder concerns the issue of fluoridation of the water system.
22 5-6
Miscellaneous Correspondence with L.D.S. Church General Authorities
22 7
The Faith of A Scientist--Correspondence
Eyring's book. The Faith of A Scientist, was published in 1967. In 1969, the L.D.S. church funded a second edition of the book, a cut version that received wide distribution among members of the Mormon faith. Correspondence in the folder regards publication arrangements as well as letters Eyring received from readers of his book.
22 8
Man, His Origin and Destiny
This folder contains letters addressed to Eyring in which the authors describe their reactions and express their opinions of Joseph Fielding Smith's book, Man, His Origin and Destiny. Also included are statements by Lowell Bennion and Richard P. Smith concerning the book.
22 9-11
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Correspondence in these folders consists of letters Eyring received from individuals requesting his opinion on various religious topics, and how they related or differed with modern scientific theories.
22 12
Requests and Arrangements for Speaking Engagements at Religious Services
22 13
Thank You Letters for Speaking Engagements
1950; 1973-1981
22 14
New Jersey L.D.S. Branch
Miscellaneous material.
22 15
Monument Park Second Ward
Miscellaneous material.
22 16
Bonneville Stake
Miscellaneous material.
22 17-18
Missionary Work
Materials include Book of Mormon donor slips and letters Eyring received from individuals who had been given the copies of the Book of Mormon that he had contributed to the L.D.S. missionary program.
22 19-20
"Church of the Air" Address
At the invitation of Columbia Broadcasting System, Eyring delivered an address on the "Church of the Air" program entitled "Science and Faith." Materials in the folders consist of a rough draft copy as well as a printed pamphlet of Eyring's address. Also included are newsclippings and letters Eyring received in response to his address.
22 21-22
Henry Eyring Speakers' Series--Tucson Institute of Religion
The Tucson Institute of Religion's speakers' series was established in 1971 for the purpose of bringing well-known L.D.S. church members to the Tucson area. Because of his position as a prominent member of the church, an internationally recognized chemist, and an alumnus of the University of Arizona, permission was requested and received for the series to bear Henry Eyring's name. Materials include programs, correspondence, and newsclippings along with a copy of the address Eyring gave to open the series.
22 23
Cannon-Hinckley Church History Group
The Cannon-Hinckley Church History Group was formed through the efforts of Bryant S. Hinckley and Edwin Cannon. For several years Eyring served as president of the group which met monthly at the Lion House for programs on a variety of topics, but which usually related to the L.D.S. church.
22 24
The Talmage Story Review
This folder contains Eyring's review for Brigham Young University Studies of John E. Talmage's The Talmage Story.
22 25
Most of the clippings in this file are from The Deseret News and the L.D.S. Church News and focus on Henry Eyring's religious activities and honors.
22 26
Miscellaneous Programs
Programs from various religious conferences and meetings that Eyring participated in.
22 27
Religious Contribution Receipts
22 28
Miscellaneous Materials

III:  Princeton MaterialReturn to Top

Materials in this section relate to Eyring's activities as a member of the faculty of Princeton University from 1931 to 1946. The largest portion of this section is comprised of the dissertations of graduate students who worked under Eyring at Princeton. Additional materials provide general information concerning the chemistry department, the Textile Research Institute with which Eyring was involved, and courses Eyring taught while at the university.

Container(s) Description Dates
Miscellaneous Material
Box Folder
23 1
History of the Princeton Chemistry Department
23 2
Faculty and Administrative Biographical File
23 3-4
Undergraduate Chemistry Course Listings
23 5
Graduate Chemistry Course Listings
23 6
Frick Chemistry Laboratory
Included in this folder is a copy of Hugh S. Taylor's address at the dedication exercises of the laboratory, September 26, 1929, and a copy of the program for the laboratory's fiftieth anniversary celebration, May 10, 1980.
23 7
Textile Research Institute
While at Princeton, Eyring served as director of the institute. Contained here is a history of the research institute compiled in 1965 and other miscellaneous material.
1945-1946; 1965
23 8
Class Record Book
Student records from thermodynamics and statistical mechanics courses. Also written on the front and back covers of the book are questions for class exams.
23 9
Faculty Rules and Procedures Manual
1929; 1941
23 10
Testimonial Banquet
Typescripts of addresses given at the banquet held in honor of Henry Eyring at the time of his departure from Princeton University.
23 11
Miscellaneous Princeton University Brochures
23 12
Miscellaneous Material
23 1
The Occlusion and Diffusion of Hydrogen in Metals, George Andrew Moore
23 2
The Kinetics of Reactions in Condensed and Heterogeneous Systems, Keith Laidler
23 3
Triplet and Singlet State Reactions of the Ethylenic Double Bond, Robert A. Harman
Graduate Student Dissertations
Box Volume
24 1
Some New Experimental Results and Theoretical Interpretations in the Luminescence of Solids--Ferd E. Williams
24 2
Absorption of Water Vapor by Swelling. High Polymeric Materials--Howard J. White, Jr.
24 3
The Non-equilibrium Theory of Absolute Rates of Reaction and Theoretical Interpretations of Some Rate Processes--Bruno J. Zwolinski
24 4
Calculation of Cohesive Energy of Diamond--Lawrence A. Schmid
24 5
Elastic-Viscous Properties of Matter--Arthur V. Tobolsky

IV:  University of Utah Administrative MaterialsReturn to Top

Boxes 25 through 29 contain materials classified as administrative in nature. Included in this section are materials from Eyring's tenure as dean of the graduate school; however, such material is limited and consists mainly of lists of graduate degrees conferred by the University of Utah from 1946-1966. Other materials that can be located in this section include memos and bulletins, graduate student files, correspondence regarding research and teaching positions, financial summary sheets for Eyring's research grants, and other miscellaneous items.

Container(s) Description Dates
Dean of Graduate School Materials
Box Folder
25 1
Appointment to Dean of the Graduate School
Correspondence with University of Utah President A. Ray Olpin regarding the appointment; and newsclippings.
25 2-15
Graduate Council Minutes
25 16
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Accounting, and the Department of Anatomy
25 17
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Anthropology, and the Department of Art
25 18
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Bacteriology, and the Department of Banking and Finance
25 19
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Biochemistry, and the Department of Biology
25 20
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Botany, and the Department of Business
25 21
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Ceramic Engineering, and the Department of Chemical Engineering
25 22
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Chemistry
25 23
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Civil Engineering, and the Department of Economics
25 24
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Educational Administration
25 25
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Education, and the Department of Elementary Education
25 26
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Educational Psychology, and the Department of Electrical Engineering
25 27
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of General Engineering, and the Department of English
25 28
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Fuel Technology, Department of Genetics, and the Department of Geography
25 29
Graduate degrees conferred by the Department of Geological Engineering, Department of Geology, and the Department of Geophysics
25 30
Deseret Professorship in Geology Proposal
Memos and Bulletins
Box Folder
26 1-4
Chemistry Department Memos
26 5
Personnel Department Bulletins
26 6
Personnel Department Memos
26 7
Controller's Office Memos
26 8
Graduate School Memos
26 9-13
Miscellaneous Memos
Graduate Student Files
This box contains files of University of Utah graduate students who worked under the supervision of Henry Eyring. Materials include resumes, research papers, and letters of recommendation as well as correspondence between Eyring and his students. BOX 27 REQUIRES PERMISSION FROM THE MANUSCRIPTS CURATOR TO VIEW.
Box Folder
27 1
Chih-Chien Chu
27 2
Kam-Khow Cheong
27 3
Kodwo O. Bryden
27 4
Shirl Morgan Breitling
27 5
Sang-Hyung Kim
27 6
Warren Inskeep
27 7
Chen Chao Hsu
27 8
Mohammed Ghandehari
27 9
Yi-Chang Fu
27 10
Gerald Faerber
27 11
Gary Clark
27 12
Soo-tae Lee
27 13
Myung Shik Jhon
27 14
An-Lu Ley
27 15
Margaret Y. Hong
27 16
Sung Wan Kim
27 17
Richard Klingbiel
27 18
Cheng-Yu Lin
27 19
Wei Chen Lu
27 20
Douglas Miles
27 21
Walter Neville
27 22
Dennis Nielson
27 23
Woon-kie Paik
27 24
Lin-sen Pan
27 25-26
Ji-Yong Ryu
27 27
Dean Jau Shieh
27 28
Jaime Keller Torres
27 29
George F. Uhlig
27 30
A. M. Wadtke
27 31
Yung Chang Yim
27 32
Lawrence Wu
27 33
Correspondence with Potential Graduate Students
27 34
List of Graduate Students
27 35
Graduate Student Information Sheet
Requests for Research and Teaching Position
This box contains letters received by Eyring from individuals interested in obtaining research and teaching positions at the University of Utah, and more specifically, positions with Eyring's research group. To each of the requests, Eyring responds that there are no positions available at the time. Material in this box has been arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
27A 1-7
Correspondence--Requests for Research and Teaching Positions
Account Summary Sheets
Contained in this box are account summary sheets for research projects Eyring was involved with at the University of Utah. These monthly reports show each project's proposed budget and the charges made against each account for the previous month. Materials are arranged chronologically by account number.
Box Folder
28 1
#1717--"Distinguished Research Professorship"
28 2
#2514--"Petroleum Research"
28 3
#3518--"Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Reaction Kinetics, Theory of Liquids . . ."
28 4-6
#3554--"Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Reaction Kinetics, Theory of Liquids, and Optical . . ."
28 7
#3592--"Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Reaction Mechanisms of Explosives"
28 8-9
#5123--"Effects of Structure on Biological Mechanics"
28 10-11
#5124--"Effects of Structure on Biological Mechanisms"
28 12
#5125--"Effects of Structure on Biological Mechanisms"
28 13
28 14-17
#6801--"Liquid Rate Processes, Optical Activity, and High Pressure"
28 18
#7541--"Research Program"
28 19
#7910--"Unrestricted Research"
Miscellaneous Material
Box Folder
29 1
Frederick William Reynolds Lecture
Transcript of address delivered by Edwin R. Clapp.
29 2-5
Committee on Radioactive Materials
Contained in these folders are survey sheets on the use of radioactive materials at the University of Utah, authorization forms for radioisotope procurement, correspondence concerning the use of radioactive material at the university and other miscellaneous material.
29 6-7
Faculty Time and Effort Reports
29 8
Chemistry Faculty Teaching Schedules
29 9
Recommendations of the Chemistry Departmental Advisory Committee Regarding Departmental Policy on Tenure, Promotion and Retention of Department Faculty Members
29 10
Chemistry Department Staff Meeting Minutes
29 11
PDP 11/45 Computer
Questionnaires distributed throughout the chemistry department concerning staff needs in regard to use of the computer system.
29 12
Cary Instrument Company
Correspondence and purchase orders.
29 13
Laboratory X-Ray Equipment
Correspondence and purchase orders.
29 14
Laboratory Equipment
Miscellaneous purchase orders.
29 15
California Research Corporation Account
Purchase orders.
29 16
Inventories of Chemistry Laboratories
1965; 1973
29 17
Space and Survey Allocations
29 18
Affirmative Action Report
29 19
Institute for the Study of Rate Process
Organizational proposal.
29 20
"Chemistry in the University of Utah"--Joseph T. Kingsbury
A history of the chemistry department from its inception in 1868 through the early 1900s.
29 21
University of Utah Presidential Inauguration--Albert Ray Olpin
Invitation and program.
29 22
University of Utah Presidential Inauguration--David Pierpont Gardner
Program and correspondence.
29 23
Founders' Day Program
Correspondence and program.
1948; 1956
29 24
Faculty Historical Record Form
29 25
Resignation of Full Professorship and Appointment as Research Professor of Chemistry
29 26
Appointment as Distinguished Professor
Correspondence and press releases.
29 27
Appointment as Distinguished and Adjunct Professor
29 28
Miscellaneous Financial Material
29 29-30
Miscellaneous Brochures
Brochures regarding the chemistry department, honors program, and the University of Utah as a whole.
29 31
Miscellaneous Material

V:  University of Utah Class MaterialsReturn to Top

Material in this section relates directly to the courses Eyring taught while at the University of Utah. Included are lecture notes, exams, study guides, and student course evaluations.

Container(s) Description Dates
Class Materials
Box Folder
30 1-2
Chemistry (101)
30 3-6
Environmental Chemistry (103)
Study guides, exams, and quizzes.
30 7
Chemistry (106)
30 8
Chemistry (121)
30 9
Chemistry (122)
30 10
Modern Theoretical Chemistry (225)
30 11
Metallurgy (776)
30 12
30 13
Quantum Chemistry
30 14
Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics
30 15
Statistical Thermodynamics
30 16
Honors Program
Miscellaneous material.
30 17
Ph.D. Qualifying Examination in Physical Chemistry
30 18
"MCD of Substitute Benzenes"
Class lecture.
30 19
Miscellaneous Lecture Notes
30 20
Class Role and Record Books
1949; 1965-1972
Course Evaluations
Box Folder
31 1
Chemistry (107)
31 2-4
General Chemistry (121)
31 5-6
Physical Chemistry (306)
31 7-8
Chemistry (308)
31 9-11
Quantum Mechanics
31 12-13
Statistical Mechanics
31 14-15
Honors Program Courses
1971; 1980

VI:  Conferences and SymposiumsReturn to Top

Throughout his career, Eyring traveled around the world participating in numerous scientific conferences and symposiums. Boxes 32 and 33 contain materials ranging from correspondence regarding conference arrangements to programs, schedules, and lecture notes from the various scientific gatherings. Materials in this section have been arranged in a chronological order.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
32 1
Conference on "Kinetics In Solution"
Conference program schedule.
32 2
Conference on Molecular Structure
32 3
"New Frontiers in Education and Research," University of Chicago Fiftieth Anniversary Symposia
32 4-8
Plastic Flow and Creep of Solids Seminar
32 9
XIII International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry
32 10
International Wool Textile Research Conference
32 11
National Lubricating Grease Symposium
32 12
Seminar on the Role of Chemistry in Combustion
32 13
Symposium on Nonlinear Circuit Analysis
32 14
Creative Symposium
32 15
Sixth Buena Vista Conference: Direct Action of Ionizing Radiation
32 16
Science Teachers' Convention
32 17
The Robert Welch Foundation Conferences on Chemical Research
1963; 1976
32 18
Symposium on Unimolecular Reactions in the Mass Spectrometer and Related Topics in Chemical Kinetics
32 19
Symposium on Science, Philosophy, and Religion
32 20-21
Seminar on Molecular Processes
32 22
Conference on Electronic Aspects of Biochemistry
32 23
Nobel Symposium
32 24
International Conference on Heterogeneous Kinetics at Elevated Temperatures
32 25
Thomas Alva Edison Foundations' First Counselors Conference
33 1
Conference on Potential Energy Surfaces in Chemistry
33 2
Gordon Research Conference on High Temperature Chemistry
33 3
International Research Workshop and International Symposium on Atomic, Molecular, and Solid State Theory
33 4
International Summer Institute and Symposium in Quantum Chemistry and Solid State Physics
33 5
Symposium on Chemical Dynamics: Changing Concepts and Techniques
33 6
Conference on Molton State of Crystalline Refractory Metal Oxides: Properties and Applications
33 7
International Research Conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Anesthesia
33 8-9
Peter A. Leermakers, Symposium
33 10
Sanibel Symposium
33 11
NATO Advanced Study Institute on Fast Reaction
33 12
Symposium on Science, Philosophy, and Religion
33 13
Third International Congress of Quantum Chemistry
Miscellaneous material.
33 14
Symposium on Modern Development in Organic Chemistry
33 15
Twelfth Australian Spectroscopy Conference
33 16
Fifty Years Dynamics of Chemical Reactions
33 17
Seminar on Explosions and Detonations
33 18
The Seventh International Symposium on Detonation
33 19
Einstein Symposium
33 20
Symposium on Molecular Biology, Elementary Processes in Nerve and Muscle
33 21
Newsclippings Reporting on Various Conferences and Symposiums

VII:  Lectures and AddressesReturn to Top

Many of the addresses contained in this section were written and presented at the commencement activities of various colleges and universities in the United States. Box 34 contains typed and handwritten copies of Eyring's addresses, while materials in box 35 pertain to the arrangements and publicity for his speaking engagements.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
34 1
"Chemistry--A Changing Career"
34 2
"A Scientific Revolution In Retrospect"--Utah State University Commencement Address
34 3
"A Tribute From the Faculty to President A. Ray Olpin"
34 4
"About Chemistry"
34 5
"Absolute Rate Theory In Chemistry and Border Line Fields"
34 6
"Chemistry in Medicine: Keeping Up with the Times"--University of Utah, College of Medicine Convocation Address
34 7
"Chemistry is a Corner Stone in Our Affluent World"--Dedication of the Lehigh Chemistry Building
34 8
"Continental Classroom Lecture"
34 9
"Faith for the Future"--University of Wyoming Baccalaureate Address
34 10
"Men and Molecules"
34 11
"Non-Arrhenius Reaction Kinetics"
34 12
"Our Changing Life Expectancy"--20th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences
34 13
"This Changing World"
34 14
"Polarization Curves of Al Electrodes Anodic"
34 15
"Reaction Rates in Living Systems"
34 16
34 17
"Science and Technology, the Bridge to Peace and Prosperity"
34 18
"Science and the Future"
34 19
"Science In 1950"
34 20
"Science In the University"
34 21
"Social Responsibilities or Laissez Faire"
34 22
"Some Local Applications of Atomic Energy"
34 23
Speech for the Executive Association
34 24-27
State University of New York Lectures
34 28
"The Christmas Season of 1949"
34 29
"The First Twenty Years of the Graduate School at the University of Utah"
34 30
"The Mechanical Brain and the Science of the Future" (abstract)
34 31
"The Proper Preparation for Graduate Study and National Technological Strengths"
34 32
"The States and Transformation of Matter"
34 33
"Today's Problems--Tomorrow's Opportunities"
34 34
"Tribute to Dr. Harvey Fletcher"
34 35
"United We Stand"
34 36
"Utah's Educational Future"--University of Utah Commencement Address
34 37
"What Will You Do With Your Education?"--Weber College Commencement Address (abstract)
34 38
"Your Young Men Shall See Visions and Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams"--San Diego State College Commencement Address
34 39
"Josiah Willard Gibbs"
34 40
"Isotopes In Analysis"
34 41
Untitled Address
34 42
Untitled Address
Given before a group from the University of Utah athletics department.
Miscellaneous Material
Contained in this box are newsclippings, programs, publicity materials, correspondence, and other materials that relate to lectures and addresses Henry Eyring gave. Materials are arranged and listed in chronological order, except for the materials regarding the George Oliver Curme Lectures which have been grouped together in folders 21-24 of this box. The George Oliver Curme Lecture Series was begun and financed by the Union Carbide Corporation. Lecturers for the series traveled to various colleges and universities and lectured on topics ranging from social and economic aspects of technology to specialized technical subjects in science and engineering. Eyring served as a member of the advisory committee and participated as a lecturer on numerous occasions.

VIII:  Professional OrganizationsReturn to Top

Eyring was a member of numerous national and international scientific organizations. Material in this section of the Eyring collection consists of annual reports, bulletins, membership directories, correspondence, and membership cards. Also included is information on programs sponsored by the various organizations.

Container(s) Description Dates
National Academy of Science
Box Folder
36 1
Eyring's Election to the Academy
36 2-4
Annual Reports
36 5
1975; 1980
36 6-7
Annual Meeting
36 8-14
Membership Directories
36 15
Albert Einstein Memorial
37 1-6
Election Materials
Materials include two-page biographical sketches of each nominee's life and scientific accomplishments, directives to members on voting procedures, and ballots.
37 7
Constitution and Bylaws
37 8-9
37 10-11
Miscellaneous Material
American Chemical Society
Box Folder
38 1
Membership Cards
1947; 1967; 1969
38 2-3
38 4
165th National Meeting
Program and schedules.
38 5
Joint Northwest and Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting
Correspondence and program.
38 6
Directory of National, Division, and Local Officers
38 7
Budget and Finance Reports
1978; 1981
38 8
Awards Brochure
Contains a description of the awards administered by the society and the general regulations governing each nomination and award.
38 9
Awards Program
38 10
Golden Anniversary Banquet
38 11
Centennial/Diamond Jubilee Banquet--California Section
38 12
Interview with Henry and Winnifred Eyring conducted by Robert C. Brasted in 1976. The interview was originally published in The Journal of Chemical Education. December. 1976.
38 13
Professional Organizations--Miscellaneous
Box Folder
39 1-4
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Materials include annual records, bulletins, correspondence, and other miscellaneous materials.
39 5-11
American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
Materials include handbooks; newsclippings, magazine articles, and press releases; Southwestern/Rocky Mountain Division annual meeting program (1974), Pacific Division Annual Meetings Bulletin (1979); and some materials from the Chautauqua Short Course program sponsored by the association.
39 12
American Medical Association
39 13
American Philosophical Society
Correspondence and Autumn General Meeting program.
39 14
The Chemists' Club
Correspondence and 1971 yearbook.
1964; 1971
39 15-17
International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science
Materials include correspondence, materials from the Fourth International Congress in Quantum Chemistry, and other miscellaneous items.
39 18
International Society of Quantum Biology
Miscellaneous material.
39 19
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
39 20
National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases
39 21
The Society of Rheology
Miscellaneous material.
1940; 1965
39 22
The Society of the Sigma Xi
39 23
Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
Miscellaneous material.
1973; 1977
39 24-30
United States Atomic Energy Commission Western Fellowship Board
Materials include board meeting minutes and agenda as well as correspondence regarding Eyring's activities as a member of the board.

IX:  Research InstitutesReturn to Top

Eyring's association with numerous research institutions around the country is reflected in the materials contained in boxes 40-43 of the collection. These materials do not pertain to Eyring's own research, but rather to his work as a board member and consultant for the various institutes.

Container(s) Description Dates
Welch Foundation
Box Folder
40 1
Probate Proceedings in the Estate of Robert A. Welch
40 2-8
Scientific Advisory Board Meeting Materials
Materials include board meeting minutes and agenda, and information on research proposals, renewals, and candidates for the Welch chair.
40 9-10
Scientific Advisory Board Memos
40 11-14
Annual Reports
41 1-11
Research Bulletins
41 12-17
41 18
Welch Professorship of Chemistry
Miscellaneous material.
41 19
Awards Dinner
Arrangements and program materials.
41 20-21
Miscellaneous Material
National Science Foundation
Box Folder
42 1-6
The correspondence in these folders concerns activities Eyring was involved in while acting as a consultant to the foundation.
42 7
Miscellaneous Consultant Materials
42 8
Advisory Panel Minutes
42 9
Schedules for International and Foreign Scientific and Technical Meetings
42 10
"The National Science Board and the Formulation of National Science Policy"--Report
42 11
Monthly Bulletin
1979 February
42 12
News Releases
42 13
Molecule Exhibit--Brussels World's Fair
Miscellaneous material.
42 14
Miscellaneous Material
Research Institutes--Miscellaneous
Box Folder
43 1-2
Battelle Northwest
Correspondence and consultation agreements.
43 3-9
Eyring Research Institute
Materials include correspondence, bylaws, president's reports, Board of Directors meeting minutes, financial materials, and material regarding contracts and proposals.
43 10-11
Lawrence Livermore Laboratories
Correspondence and consultation agreements.
43 12
Research Corporation
Miscellaneous material.
43 13
Sandia Laboratories
Correspondence and consultation agreements.
1971; 1975
43 14-15
Thiokol Chemical Corporation
Materials include correspondence, consultation agreements, technical advisory board reports, and company directory.
43 16-21
Union Carbide Corporation
Materials include correspondence, consultation agreements, and notes from discussions at Parma Laboratory.

X:  CorrespondenceReturn to Top

The major portion of this section is comprised of general correspondence which has been arranged chronologically in boxes 44 through 51. This correspondence begins in 1925 with letters between Eyring and administrators at Berkeley regarding his teaching fellowship, and ends in 1982 with business letters addressed to Eyring's secretary shortly following his death. Boxes 52 and 53 contain letters of recommendation Eyring wrote on behalf of his students who were seeking employment or were applying for admission to graduate programs. Materials in these two boxes are arranged alphabetically. Box 54 contains letters from individuals and organizations requesting Eyring's attendance and participation at various functions, but which invitations Eyring declined or found necessary to cancel. This material has also been arranged chronologically

Container(s) Description Dates
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
Letters of Recommendation (A-O)
Letters of Recommendation (P-Z)
Letters of Cancellation and Regret

XI:  TravelReturn to Top

Throughout his career, Eyring traveled extensively and kept fairly detailed records of his activities. Boxes 55 through 58 contain travel itineraries, correspondence, plane and train tickets, hotel bills, and other materials relating to Eyring's travels. Also included are summary sheets for each of Eyring's trips. These sheets give a detailed listing of the locations Eyring traveled to and financial reimbursement and honorariums that he received. While he traveled mostly for professional purposes, Eyring frequently accepted, as well as arranged, speaking engagements with L.D.S. congregations across the country. These engagements are also reflected in the materials in this section.

Container(s) Description Dates
Travel Materials
Travel Materials
Travel Materials
Travel Material

XII:  Research MaterialsReturn to Top

The material in this section is directly related to the research Eyring conducted while he was a member of the faculty at the University of Utah. For the most part, the materials are grouped and listed according to the agency or foundation through which the research was funded. Materials include research proposals, progress and final reports, correspondence, contracts, and limited financial information. For additional financial information on Eyring's research, refer to box 28. Boxes 65 and 66 are research subject files. These files contain a wide variety of materials pertaining to subjects of interest to Eyring.

Container(s) Description Dates
National Science Foundation Research
Box Folder
59 1
Research Proposal--"Theory of Reaction Rate"
59 2
Research Proposal--"Liquids, Rate Processes, Optical Activity and High Pressure"
59 3
Research Proposal--"Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Rate Processes, Optical Activity and Molecular and Liquid Structure"
59 4-7
Research Proposal--"Rate Processes, Optical Activity, and Liquids"
Proposal evaluation forms are also included.
59 8
Research Instrument Proposal--Computer System
59 9
Research Proposal--"Computational Models for Utilizing NMR and CD Data in the Study of Substituent and Conformational Effects in Chemistry"
59 10-13
Research Proposal--"Molecular Dynamics Studies of Shock-Induced Chemistry"
59 14
Research Proposal--"An Improvement of the Combined Empirical Force Field-Molecular Orbital Approach to Conformation"
59 15-20
Correspondence Concerning Research Grants
1952-1954; 1980-1981
59 21
Progress and Final Reports on Research Grants
59 22
Budget Summary and Fiscal Reports
National Institute of Health Research
Box Folder
60 1-10
Research Project--"The Effects of Structure on Biological Mechanisms"
Grant applications, final report, correspondence regarding the grant, grant award notices and financial material.
60 11
Research Proposal--"Organic MCD Spectroscopy"
60 12
Research Proposal--"Computational Models for Utilizing NMR and CD Data in the Study of Substitutional and Conformational Effects in Chemistry"
60 13-19
Research Project--"Structural Studies of Nucleosides and Nucleotides"
Project proposal, grant applications, notice of grant awards, miscellaneous financial material, and correspondence.
United States Atomic Energy Commission Research
Box Folder
61 1
Research Proposal--"Ionization and Dissociation of Molecules by Electron Bombardment, and the Interpretation of Such Data"
61 2
Research Proposal--"Studies of Photosynthetic Processes in Cell-Free Preparations"
61 3
Research Proposal--"Induction of Chemical Reactions by High Frequency Discharges in Gases"
61 4
Research Proposal--"Studies on Surface Chemistry"
61 5-13
Research Project--"Surface Chemistry Phenomena"
Contract renewal proposals, technical reports, progress report, final report, legal contracts, payroll records, and budget information.
61 14-17
61 18-19
Guidelines for Document Security
1953; 1956
United States Army Research
Box Folder
62 1-7
Research Project--"Properties of Matter Under High Pressures and Temperatures"
Research proposals, progress reports, financial materials, correspondence, and procedure manuals.
62 8-21
Research Project--"Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Reaction Kinetics, Theory of Liquids, and Optical Rotation"
Research proposal, legal contract, grant agreements, progress reports, final report, correspondence, and financial materials.
62 22-25
Research Project--"Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of the Reaction Mechanisms of Explosives, of Corrosion and of Battery Fuel Technology"
Research proposal, progress reports, final reports, and correspondence.
63 1-9
Research Project--"A Chemical Model of Detonation Based on Starvation Kinetics"
Research proposal, progress and final report, subcontract between the University of Utah and Arizona State University, rough-draft paper, correspondence, and financial material.
63 10
Project Themis Research Proposal--"The Chemical and Physical Phenomena Associated with Detonating and Related Systems"
63 11
"Final Twelve Year Report of Grant of the Army"
This handwritten report gives no indication of which grant it is a report of.
63 12
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Research and Security Clearance Material
Box Folder
64 1
Research Proposal to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base--"The Mechanisms and Chemical Kinetics of Combustion Reactions, Including a Hydrodynamical Study of Some Reacting Systems"
64 2
Research Proposal to the United States Navy--"Mechanisms in the Deflagration to Detonation Transition"
64 3
United States Navy
Technical report.
64 4-5
United States Navy
Correspondence, service contracts, and other miscellaneous material.
64 6
Research Proposal to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration--"Mechanisms of Electrode Processes"
64 7
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Miscellaneous notes on the space shuttle.
64 8
Research Proposal to the American Chemical Society--"Transport Processes and Irreversible Thermodynamics"
64 9
Research Proposal to the American Chemical Society--"Reaction Rates, Molecular Structure, Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of Liquids"
64 10-11
Petroleum Research Grant--American Chemical Society
Correspondence and progress and final reports.
64 12
University of Utah Faculty Grant Proposal--"Design of an Effective Inhibitor for Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase Introduction"
64 13
University of Utah Faculty Grant Proposal--"Effect of Nucleosides Conformations on Cardiovascular Behaviors"
64 14
Paint Research Institute
Correspondence regarding research grants.
64 15
University of Utah Faculty Grant Proposal--"A New Theoretical Approach to the Conformation of Biomolecules"
64 16
University of Utah Faculty Grants
Miscellaneous material.
64 17-20
Security Clearance Materials
Materials in these folders relate to Eyring's security clearance at various government agencies.
64 21
Industrial Security Letter
This newsletter is published by the Department of Defense and details policies and procedures to be followed by government agencies dealing with classified materials.
64 22
University of Utah Procedures Manual for Work Related to Classified Projects
Research Subject Files (A-Z)
The subject files were part of Eyring's own organizational system with the exception of folders 6-13 in box 66 which contain unidentified graphs, notes, and equations. A wide variety of materials are contained in the files including correspondence, graphs, notes, overhead transparencies, and rough sketches of what appear to be possible research articles. Subjects are arranged alphabetically and represent areas in which Eyring was conducting research or in which he had an interest.
Box Folder
65 1
65 2
65 3-4
Benzene Series
65 5
65 6
65 7
65 8
Explosives and Detonation Waves
65 9
Fast Chemical Reactions in Solutions
65 10
Fossil Fuels
65 11
Heavy Water
65 12
Impedance vs. Current Density
65 13
Laser Induced Explosion
65 14
65 15
Mutations, Aging, and Cancer
65 16
Nuclear Attack Protection
65 17
Nuclear Energy
65 18
Oxidation of Carbon
66 1
Significant Structures Theory
66 2
Sound Waves and Planar Impact Waves
66 3
Theory of Magnetic Circular Dichroism
66 4
Tree Growth
66 5
XM687 Program
66 6-13
Unidentified Graphs, Notes, and Equations
66 1
Miscellaneous Notebook

XIII:  Publications--Journal ArticlesReturn to Top

This section contains twelve bound volumes of reprints of Eyring's published research articles. The articles are arranged according to the bibliography found in box 67, folder one. Other materials included in this section are rough draft copies of a few of the research articles and correspondence with various journals regarding publication arrangements.

Container(s) Description Dates
Research Articles
Box Folder
67 1
Bibliographical Listing of Eyring's Publications
67 1
Publications, 1-45
67 2
Publications, 46-79
68 1
Publications, 80-100
68 2
Publications 101-130
69 1
Publications 131-154 (150 not included)
69 2
Publications, 153-220
70 1
Publications, 221-175 (237, 238, 239, 241, and 244 not included)
70 2
Publications, 276-344 (290, 305, 321 not included)
71 1
Publications, 345-394 (384 not included)
71 2
Publications, 395-460 (444 not included)
72 1
Publications, 445-532 (478 not included)
73 1
Publications, 533-623 (539, 556, 571, 600, and 613 not included)
Rough Draft Research Articles (published)
Articles in this box appear in either typed or handwritten form and are arranged chronologically according to the number each is listed as in Eyring's bibliography (see box 67, folder 1).
Box Folder
74 1
"The Fundamental Action of Pressure, Temperature and Drugs on Enzymes as Revealed by Bacterial Luminescence" (#140)
74 2
"Time and Change" (#154)
74 3
"Mechanical Properties and the Structure of Hair" (#158)
74 4
"Chemical Valence Forces and Binding Energy Calculations" (#171)
74 5
"Mechanical Properties of Cotton Fibers, III" (#188)
74 6
"Evaluation of Some Electron Repulsion Integrals Needed in Molecular Quantum Mechanics" (#192)
74 7
"Equilibrium Theory of Reaction Rates (#327)
74 8
"Anion and ph Effects on the Potential of Zero Charge of Gold and Silver Electrodes" (#398)
74 9
"An Improved Iteration Method for Calculating the Surface Tension Using the Significant Structure Theory of Liquids" (#443)
74 10
"The Activated Complex in Some High Temperature Heterogeneous Reactions" (#452)
74 11
"Principles of Chemical Kinetics" (#515)
74 12
"Slow Vibrationally Activated Reactions at High Temperatures" (#530)
74 13
"Temperature and Pressure Dependence of Viscosity of the Quantum Liquid He4 According to the Significant Structure Theory" (#613)
Rough Draft Research Articles (unpublished)
Research articles in this box are arranged alphabetically by title and were never published by Eyring, or not in their existing form.
Box Folder
75 1
"A New Approach to Detonation Theory"
75 2
"A Study of Three-Center Integrals Useful In Molecular Quantum Mechanics"
75 3
"Active Transport"
75 4
"The Aging of Erythrocytes and their Protection through the Expansibility Facilitated by General Anesthetics"
75 5
"Chemical Reactions in Solutions"
75 6
"Hysteresis, Memory and the many States of Matter"
75 7
"Mechanistic Study of Glassy Carbon Electrodes for use in the Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell"
75 8
"Modulating Fast Reactions"
75 9-10
"Molecular Orbital Analysis of Optical Activity"
75 11
"Steady State Mutations"
Correspondence--Professional Journals
Materials in this box consist of correspondence between Eyring and individuals representing various professional journals. The major portion of the materials relate to publication arrangements for Eyring's research articles while a smaller portion relates to his work as a reader, editor, and board member for various journals. The majority of correspondence relating to Eyring's role as a editor and reviewer is housed in box 86.
Box Folder
76 1
Accounts of Chemical Research
76 2
Advances In Quantum Chemistry
76 3
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
76 4
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
76 5
Chemical and Engineering News
76 6
Chemical Physics Letter
76 7
Chemical Reviews
76 8
Corrosion Science
76 9
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics
76 10
International Journal of Mathematical Modeling
76 11
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
76 12
Journal of Applied Physics
76 13-17
Journal of Chemical Physics
1936; 1950-1976
76 18-22
Journal of Physical Chemistry
77 1
Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists
77 2
Journal of Theoretical Biology
77 3
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids
77 4-11
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
77 12
Correspondence with Miscellaneous Journals

XIV:  Publications--Text BooksReturn to Top

Boxes 78 through 81A are comprised of materials relating to the books Eyring published on scientific topics. Contracts, correspondence with publishers, galley proofs, publicity materials, rough-draft manuscripts, and royalty statements can be located in this section of the collection.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
78 1
The Theory of Rate Processes
Correspondence and publication contract.
78 2
Quantum Chemistry
Correspondence and publication contract.
78 3
The Kinetic Basis of Molecular Biology
Correspondence and publication contract.
78 4
Modern Chemical Kinetics
1963-1968; 11978
78 1
Statistical Mechanics
This book is a compilation of notes from statistical mechanics lectures Eyring gave at the University of Utah from 1947-1948, and became the basis for the first edition of Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics, published in 1964.
78 5-10
Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics
79 1-19
Significant Liquid Structure
Correspondence and handwritten and typed copies of the manuscript.
80 1-6
The Theory of Optical Activity
Correspondence, publication contract, and galley proofs.
80 7
The Theory of Rate Processes in Biology and Medicine
Miscellaneous material.
80 8
Deformation Kinetics
Correspondence and book review.
80 9-10
Basic Chemical Kinetics
Correspondence and miscellaneous material.
81 1-24
Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics, 2nd Edition
Correspondence, publicity materials and rough draft manuscripts.
Royalty Statements and Correspondence
Box Folder
81A 1-3
Correspondence between Eyring and publishing companies concerning arrangements for publication of Eyring's books.
81A 4
Royalty Statements--Academic Press
81A 5-6
Royalty Statements--John Wiley and Sons
81A 7
Royalty Statements--Litton Educational Publications
81A 8
Royalty Statements--McGraw-Hill Book Company
81A 9
Royalty Statements--Reinhold Book Corporation

XV:  Miscellaneous MaterialReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Editorial Work
This box contains materials relating to Eyring's work as an editor and co-editor for several books and scientific series. Overall, materials included in these folders consist of correspondence between the editors, publishers, and contributors to the publications.
Box Folder
82 1
Advances in Theoretical Chemistry
Edited by Henry Eyring and Douglas Henderson for Academic Press, Inc.
82 2
Theoretical Chemistry: Advances and Perspectives
Edited by Henry Eyring and Douglas Henderson for Academic Press, Inc.
82 3-6
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
Eyring was invited in 1956 to serve as editor of this twenty-volume series published by Annual Reviews, Inc.
82 7-14
Physical Chemistry: An Advanced Treatise
Henry Eyring, Wilhelm Jost, and Douglas Henderson edited this fourteen-volume series for Academic Press.
Boxes 83 and 84 are files containing correspondence between Eyring and some of his more significant colleagues. In addition to the correspondence, some of the files contain biographical sketches and information regarding the scientific accomplishments of his associates.
Box Folder
83 1
Dennis J. Caldwell
83 2-7
Farrington Daniels
Correspondence, lectures, addresses, and other miscellaneous material.
83 8
Harvey Fletcher
1936-1937, 1957
83 9-12
Douglas Henderson
Correspondence and other miscellaneous material.
83 13
Joel Hildebrand
Miscellaneous material.
1933; 1938; 1971-1972
83 14
Joseph O. Hirschfelder
83 15-18
Mu Shik Jhon
Correspondence and other miscellaneous material.
83 19-20
Frank H. Johnson
83 21
Walter Kauzmann
1939-1974; 1981
83 22
Gilbert N. Lewis
83 23-25
Sheng H.Lin
Correspondence and other miscellaneous material.
84 1
Leonard B. Loeb
84 2
Daniel McLachlan, Jr.
84 3
Linus Pauling
Nobel lecture.
84 4
Michael Polanyi
1931-1938; 1961
84 5-7
Betsy J. Stover
84 8-21
Hugh Taylor
Correspondence, biographical information, honors and awards, lectures, and other miscellaneous material.
84 22
Dan W. Urry
News Clipping File
The clippings in this file have been placed in chronological order and provide valuable documentation of the personal and professional activities of Henry Eyring.
Box Folder
85 1-15
News Clippings
Box Folder
86 1-11
Reviews of Journal Articles and Textbooks
Material in these folders consists of correspondence between Eyring and individuals representing various scientific journals and publishing companies. All of the correspondence regards reviews Eyring agreed to do of numerous research articles and scientific text books.
Miscellaneous Material
Box Folder
87 1
Albert Einstein
Miscellaneous material.
87 2
William Shockley
Information on Shockley's work on intelligence and genetics.
87 3
"A Real Man"
Tribute to Eyring by Leonard E. Olson.
87 4
Committee of the Arts and Sciences for Eisenhower
Miscellaneous material.
87 5
Notes Photocopied from Eyring's copy of Thermodynamics and Chemistry
87 6
Notes and Equations Photocopied from Eyring's Copy of Atombau und Spektrallinien
87 7
Invitation to the Presidential Inaugural Ball in Honor of Richard Nixon
87 8
Miscellaneous Material
87 1
The Theory of Rate Processes--Glasstone. Laidler, and Eyring
87 2
Miscellaneous Notebook
General Materials
Geometrical Sketches and Drawings (oversized)
This box contains thirty geometrical pencil sketches and drawings that Eyring drew while enrolled in a geometry course at the University of Arizona, 1919-1920.
Henry Eyring, Statistical Mechanics
90 1
Family Legacy Celebraion
90 2
Academic Genealogy
90 3
George Thomas Building Materials
Certificates and Awards
Also included in this box is a listing, compiled by Robert L. Miller, of awards and honors given to Henry Eyring.
Certificates and Awards

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Subject Terms

  • Chemistry--Research--United States
  • Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher)
  • Chemists--United States
  • Religion and science--United States

Corporate Names

  • Princeton University--Faculty
  • University of Utah--Faculty

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  • Eyring family

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