UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Andrew C. Frankel recordings: Yoruba Drum Music (Sacred and Secular), 1985-1986

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Frankel, Andrew C.
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Andrew C. Frankel recordings: Yoruba Drum Music (Sacred and Secular)
1985-1986 (inclusive)
23 audiotapes  :  OT - 23 audio cassettes (various brands, Type II or metal)
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Recorded in southwestern Nigeria (primarily in the Osun subdivision of Oyo state) between 4/85 and 9/86.
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Yoruba drum music originated from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Togo, and Benin. One of the most popular drum types used in Yoruba music is the dundun, which are hourglass tension drums. Other common drum types include the Sakara drum, the Bata drum, and the Gbedu drum. Yoruba drum music is known for its use of the standard pattern which is expressed in a triple and duple pulse on iron agogo bells. Yoruba drum music has strongly influenced the drumming styles of the Afro-Latin and Caribbean musical tradition.

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Recorded by collector mainly on Sony TC-D5M with Audio Technica ATM11, Sony ECM-939LT and Sennheiser 441-U3 microphones.


Tapes 1-3 - Sango festival in Erin Osun (2nd part of tape 3 - Yoruba proverbs)

Tape 4 - Ode Oba in Erin Osun

Tape 5 - Kiriboto music/festival in Erin Osun

Tape 6 - Egungun drumming in Ilobu and Ede

Tape 7 - Oba installation at Aro Ede

Tape 8 - Drumming and children's songs

Tape 9 - Dundun drumming by Alhaji Ayanmu Adurolu

Tape 10 - Egungun festival in Iragbeji

Tape 11 - Ewi singing with Ojetunde Ajayi in Erin Osun

Tape 12 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Sango and Sonponna

Tape 13 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Obatala and Osun

Tape 14 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Oya/Yemoja and Ogun

Tape 15 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Orisa Oko andl Egungun

Tape 16 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Obalufon and Elekoto

Tape 17 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Bayanni and Obedu

Tape 18 - Sacred drumming for Orisas: Esu and Ibeji

Tape 19 - Bata drumming)

Tape 20 - Gelede drumming in Ajilete in Ogun state

Tape 21 - Secular Bata drumming

Tape 22 - Obitan dance ensemble

Tape 23 - Sango drumming in Erin Osun

Logsheets by collector for tapes 1-2 only.

Documentation: Photo-copies of hand-written cassette wrapper notes.

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  • Drum
  • Ethnomusicology

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  • Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Yoruba--Africa--Western Africa