George Earle Chamberlain papers, 1900-1928

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Chamberlain, George Earle, 1854-1928
George Earle Chamberlain papers
1900-1928 (inclusive)
3 cubic feet, (7 document cases, 4 custom boxes, 1 reel of microfilm, 1 oversize folder)
Collection Number
Mss 1025
Papers of a governor of Oregon, United States Senator from Oregon, and member of the U.S. Shipping Board. Includes extensive correspondence, including letters regarding Chamberlain's 1918 Senate speech on U.S. War Department efficiency. Also includes Chamberlain's diary from 1876-1877 (on microfilm), scrapbooks on the Panama Canal treaty and Oregon politics, and ephemera.
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Portland, OR
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George Earle Chamberlain was born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1854. He worked there as a clerk in a general goods store for 2 years before entering Washington and Lee University. Upon graduation in 1876, he migrated to Oregon where he taught school briefly in Linn County. His political career began with his appointment as deputy clerk of Linn County, Oregon, a position he held from 1877 to 1879. After studying law in Albany, Oregon, he was elected to the state legislature in 1880, serving there until he was elected district attorney of the third judicial district of Oregon in 1884. Retiring to his law practice after one two-year term, Chamberlain was named as the State's first attorney general by Governor Sylvester Pennoyer in 1891, an office he held until 1895.

From 1900 to 1903, Chamberlain served as Multnomah County's District attorney, and was then elected governor of Oregon, serving until 1909. In that year he entered the national political arena as senator to Oregon. In Washington he was a key player in the government's preparation for World War I, serving as chair of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, which presided over such issues as the selective service draft bill and food control measures. His speech of January 24, 1918 regarding War Department inefficiency received widespread notice, although it contributed to his alienation from President Wilson and the Democratic Party establishment.

Chamberlain was defeated for re-election in 1920, in part because of his progressive Democratic allegience in a year when conservative Republicans were in favor nationally. His last government post was as a member of the U.S. Shipping Board, serving from 1921 to 1923. Married twice in his life, Chamberlain had seven children with his first wife, Sallie N. Welch, whom he wed in 1879. Carolyn B. Shelton, Chamberlain's second wife, was married to the ex-senator two years before his death in 1928.

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The papers include correspondence (1903-1909, 1912-1922), scrapbooks (1909-1922), speeches (1916-1918), articles, newspaper clippings (1910-1928) (mostly photocopied), and political ephemera covering his career in politics as governor of Oregon (1903-1909), as U.S. Senator (1909-1920), and as a member of the U.S. Shipping Board (1921-1923).

The largest portion of the correspondence is chronologically arranged and includes letters received from local and national political figures such as William U'Ren, Oswald West, and Gifford Pinchot. The correspondence is generally political in nature, and subjects include the state's adoption of the initiative and referendum processes (the Oregon system), wilderness conservation, prohibition, concerns about the conditions of military training camps, state elections, and messages of congratulations regarding Chamberlain's re-election.

The newspaper clippings are organized by subject both in scrapbooks and loose in file folders. They primarily chronicle Chamberlain's political opinions, his actions as a member of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, and his death in 1928.

Also included are six bound volumes of indexed correspondence. These relate to Chamberlain's Senate speech on January 24, 1918, which concerned his support of the War Cabinet Bill and his comments on the nation's lack of training and preparedness for the War; along with letters regarding his defeat in the 1920 election. There are also two volumes of reports regarding Selective Service Act of 1917 and the Food and Fuel Control Bill -- bills of which Chamberlain was instrumental in drafting.

The scrapbooks are arranged chronologically and mostly contain newspaper clippings on Chamberlain's involvement on the Military Affairs Committee, the political situation in Oregon (1909-1919), the Panama Canal Treaty (1912-1913), Chamberlain's concerns about the management of the War Department (1918-1919), and his involvement on the U.S. Shipping Board (1920-22).

The microfilm contains speeches, invitations, newspaper clippings, a transcript of an incomplete autobiography, articles about Chamberlain and Oregon's political situation and Chamberlain's diary (1876-77). Subjects include Oregon's adoption of the initiative and referendum political systems, and Chamberlain's involvement in the Senate Military Affairs Committee.

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George Earle Chamberlain papers, Mss 1025, Oregon Historical Society Research Library

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The collection is arranged in the following series:

  • Series A: Correspondence, 1902-1922
  • Series B: General files, 1908-1928
  • Series C: Scrapbooks, 1909-1922

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The origin of the collection is unknown

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The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series A:  Correspondence, 1903-1922Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Letters received, chronological
Files primarily contain letters, unless designated "telegrams."
Allen, Mary E. (Women's Christian Temperance Union)
American Flag Protective Society
Clarke, S.A.
Day, Joseph (Portland Police Dept.)
Dell, Sidney (Oswald West; George Flavel)
Donnelly, J.T. (Oregon Penitentiary)
Douthit, J.A.
Eakin, Robert
Ellis, M.M. (Lewis and Clark Centennial)
Gaston, J. (Taxation)
Harry, G.Y. (Oregon Legislature)
Henderson, Dr. H.L. (George Flavel; Russian-Finns in Oregon)
Hofer, E.
Holmes, D.J.
Howell, T.J. (Democrats in Oregon)
Howorth, Samuel (Taxation; Mines and Mining)
Jackson, C.S.
Lancaster, Thomas
Lathrop, John E.
Mack, Billie
Mason, R.W. (Democratic Party) telegram
Mellis, Frederick R. (Forest Reserves)
Morrow, J.W. (Land-Oregon)
National Assn. of Democratic Clubs
Riley, Harry (Oregon Penitentiary)
Ryan, William S.
Schell, Joseph (Railroads-Oregon)
Seufert, F.A. (Salmon Canneries)
Sewell, Russell E. (School Lands)
Smith, W. Compton (Forest Reserves)
Thomas, Warren E.
Atley, Fred (Democratic Party)
Campbell, J.R.
Clarke, S.A. (Binger Hermann)
Currin, George J.
Dalrymple, J.N. (Conservation)
Dugger, T.L. (Santiam News)
Fanning, Joseph T. (Democrats)
Harry, G.Y. (Democrats)
Hazzard, George
Hogan, Frank P.
Howell, T.J.
Ihmsen, M.F.
Kaiser, E.J.
Lane, Franklin K.
McDaniel, E.A. (Elections, Oregon, 1904)
McKercher, F. (Direct Primary Nominations League)
Mason, R.W.
Mattock, J.D.
Mears, Annie W. (Chinese; Negroes)
Mint, A.M. ?
Mitchell, R.W. (Lewis and Clark Expo)
Nees, Deland
New York Times telegram
Reames, C.L. (Democrats)
Rice, E.H.
Riely, Charles S. (Oregon Penitentiary)
Rielly, Joseph F.
Scott, S.W.
Susman, M.
Sweek, Alexander
Tarpey, M.F. (Democrats)
Teal, J.N. (Railroads, Oregon)
Baker, J.A. (Land, Oregon)
Bilyeu, L.
Burkhardt, F.W. (Oregon Railway and Navigation Co.)
Campbell, P.L. (W.J. Bryan)
Cawthorn, A.W. (Oregon Penitentiary)
Clarke, S.A. (Forest Congress; Negroes; Pinchot, Gifford)
Eakin, Robert
Fanning, N.O.
Fletcher, J.N.
Friedel, Charles
Fulton, C.W.
Harris, Phil
Kelliher, A.T. (Timber; Land Frauds)
Lane, Franklin K. (Admin of Justice)
LaFourette, C.D. telegram
McAllen, D. (Lewis and Clark Expo)
McCulloch, J.W.
Mattock, J.D. (Republicans in Oregon)
Mitchell, Robert W. (Cox, L.B.)
Nees, Deland
Olsen, John F.
Pinchot, Gifford (Forest Reserves)
Salvo, N. (Governor Chamberlain cigars!)
Seabrook, E.B. (Taxation, Oregon)
Sears, Alfred F. Jr.
White, Samuel
Wise, Herman
Yates, Joseph
1905 January-August
Hawkins, J.E. (Land-Oregon)
Hogan, Lewis J.
Hooper, C.E. (Railroads)
Huntington, J.B. (Bush, Asa)
Kelliher, A.T. (Land Frauds; J.W. Morrow; R.M. Bush)
Lathrop, John E.
McCulloch, C.H.
Noland, George (Columbia River-Navigation)
Odell, W.H. (Land Frauds)
Pinchot, Gifford telegram
Raley, J.H. (Mitchell, J.H.)
Reames, A.E.
Reames, C.L. (Missing)
Richmond, F.L. telegram
Thomas, G.H. (Immigration)
West, Oswald (F.I. Dunbar)
1905 September-December
Barton, Joseph (Railroads-Oregon)
Bryan, William J.
Daly, J.D.
Eakin, Robert
Hayes, George W.
Hutchin, George L.
Irvine, B.F.
Jones, D.M.
Lathrop, John E. (Gearin, J.N.)
Morrow, J.W.
Sampson, C.B. (East Oregonian Pub. Co)
Seufert, F.A.
Shelley, Roswell
White, Samuel
Bourne, Jonathan
Brown, Henrietta (Women's Christian Temperance Union)
Gilfrey, Henry H.
Griffin, J.C.
Irvine, B.F. (Public Utilities)
Jackson, C.S. (Banks and Banking; Wildlife-Conservation)
Lathrop, John E.
Mosessohn, M. (Portland Chamber of Commerce)
Ryan, William S.
Saunders, W.F.
Shibley, George H.
Talmage, Charles W.
Teal, J.N.
Treiber, D.J. (Oregon-Politics and Government)
Ueland, L.A.
Wallis, M.S.
White, Samuel
Young, F.G.
Fulton, C.W.
Harvey, E.M. (Railroads-Oregon; Francis J. Heney)
Irvine, B.F. (Oregon-Legislature)
Lathrop, John E. (Francis J. Heney; C.W. Fulton)
Leelef, William (Resources-Conservation)
Ryan, William S. (John W. Kern)
Shibley, George H.
Stewart, J.F.
Strain, C.P.
Sweek, Alex
Trowbridge, George M. (F.J. Heney)
Waldo, Clara H. (Grange)
Walker, H.B. (Oregon System)
White, Samuel (Oregon System; S.R. U'ren)
Wise, Herman
1908 January-February
Cole, L.D. (Elections-Oregon, 1908)
Eaton, Allen H.
Fisk, Fred
Fletcher, J.H.
Foster, George H. (Oregon-Legislature)
Horner, J.B.
Lathrop, John E. (C.W. Fulton)
McKnight, C.F.
McKnight, Thomas E. (Oregon System)
Nelson, N.F.
Palmer, Eugene
Ryan, William S.
Settem, A.J.
Shibley, George H. (National Federation for People's Rule)
West, Oswald
White, Samuel
1908 March
Anderson, O.
Archer, George F. (Archaeology)
Avery, D.
Bain, N.D. (C.W. Fulton)
Bailey, A.C.
Booth, J.A.
Brown, Charles V.
Carney, F.J.
Catterlin, S.B.
Cauthorn, A.W. (Progressive Party)
Curtis, C.J. (Oregon Elections, 1908)
Dammasch, Louis
Doyle, M.
Driscoll, J.H. (Elections, 1908)
Epper, Francis (Oregon System)
Fletcher, J.H.
Foster, George H.
Gay, Charles B.
Haner, William (Oregon Elections, 1908)
Hayes, Jeff W.
Horner, J.B.
Jewell, Stephen
Jones, Alvin
Kuhn, J.O. (Oregon Elections, 1908)
McAllen, D.
McColloch, C.H.
McKnight, Thomas E. telegram
Malone, W.H.
1908 April
Betterworth, A.P. (Elections, 1908)
Bly, C.D.
Burke, John
Burleight, H.F.
Campbell, Joseph
Chance, Charles
Conrad, W.G. (Ladd and Tilton Bank)
Dammasch, Louis
Dooly, Frank E.
Dugger, T.L.
Edmundson, Leon R.
Evans, Charles W.
Fanning, Joseph R.
Fletcher, J.H. (Pardons)
Gallagher, Andrew
Gish, H.C.
Gravely, Julian S.
Guerin, W.E. Jr.
Harris, R.A. (Portland Labor Press)
Harris, R.L.
Harvey, E.M.
Horner, J.B. (Oregon System)
Howe, J.M.
King, A.
Lewis, Josaphine C.
Lieuallen, J.T.
McCorkle, Walter L.
McWilliams, D.S.
Matlock, J.D.
Mayer, Ben R.
Mayer, Buffington S.
Neuhausen, Thomas B.
Norman, I.J.
Norton, H.D.
Portland Federated Trades Council (Anti-Trust Law)
Reed, Henry D.
Robertson, J.R. (Pardons)
Rummel, H.
Scott, W.B. Sr.
Seal, A.B.
Seel, G.A.
Settem, A.J.
Sigurdson, A. (Oregon System)
Soliss, A.N.
Steffens, Lincoln (Oregon System)
Strong, E.W.
Sweek, Alex
Teal, J.N.
U'ren, W.S. (Oregon System)
Wadsworth, F.M.
Wall, John M.
Young, F.G. (Conservation)
1908 May 1-25
Allen, W.E.
Allison, Joseph
Bailey, W.S.
Belcher, J.M.
Blackman, Henry
Boder, John
Botts, H.T. (Oregon Election, 1908)
Bowlby, E.R.
Brock, William H.
Brunk, Thomas W.
Burnett, A.D.
Campbell, W.P.
Collet, George H.
Galloway, William
Gwin, John
Grass, Jake
Harvey, E.M.
Hastings, C.R.
Hermann, Schiller B.
Horner, J.B.
Imbler, E.W.
Johnson, R.F. (H.M. Cake)
Lake, E.R.
McCann, H.L. (John A. Collier)
McKnight, C.F. (Pardons)
Mills, J.E.
Morrison, C.L.
Morrow, Andrew
Reese, H.J.
Richmond, F.L.
Ridehalgh, W.R. (Fishing)
Riggin, George
Ritan, O.A.
Rush, John A.
Rust, W.J.
Sherwood, A.J.
Sibesend, James
Smith, J.S.L.
Stoddard, George (Land-Oregon)
U'ren, W.S. (Oregon System; Populists)
Vernen, T.B.
Wann, William H.
1908 May 26-31
All relate to the election of 1908
Baldwin, Tom M.
Barkley, Henry L.
Barlow, A.J.
Baty, A.S.
Beeman, J.H.
Belt, George W.
Bilyeu, W.R.
Blanks, A.L.
Butterworth, Charles.
Caufield, George S.
Cauthorn, A.W.
Chadwick, S.J.
Chambers, Henry
Charlton, J.R.
Coshow, O.P.
Coshow, R.H.
Cowan, Jas. L. (telegram)
Crosfield, George N.
Curtis, C.J.
Danredsay, W.B.
Davenport, W.J.
Deisch, Peter
Dobbins, H.H.
Dodson, S.H.
Eakin, J.H.
Finton, B.
Gilbert, A.T.
Gist, H.C.
Gorman, John O.
Grant, Robert M.
Harder, William
Hazen, George W.
Hedges, Gilbert L.
Hedges, P.H.
Houston, C.P.
Hudson, E.G.
Huston, J.F.
Hyde, V.R.
Johns, James
Lane, Harry
Laugill, Nat
Lee, Frank
Lee, H. Embert
Louis, C.W.
Lowengart, I.
Lynch, Patrick J.
McCorkle, Walter L.
McNaught, J.F.
McParland, James
McWilliams, H.L.
Mason, R.M.
Miller, D.H.
Mitchell, William R.
Montague, Richard W.
Moore, J.F.
Morris, A.L.
Morrow, A.
Mulit, L.L.
Murphy, J. Hennessy
Nelson, D.R.
Niusfield, John
Oregon City Mfg. Co.
Page, Charles H.
Peters, Lee F.
Peterson, Will M.
Pentz, S.S.
Prague, Otto
Reames, C.L.
Reynolds, H.R.
Ridehalgh, W.W.
Saunders, W.W.
Schneider, Maxwell
Shelby, Eugene
Shelton, R.
Smith, C.J.
Smith, Edwin
Steffens, Lincoln
Stevenson, John H.
Stewart, McCants
Stiles, T.J.
Teal, J.N.
U'ren, W.S.
Van Stralen, Charles J.
Walden, C.E.
Wann, W.A.
White, Samuel
Williams, John S.
Wilson, A. King
Wilson, John D.
Wise, Hermann
1908 June 1-4
All relate to the election of 1908.
Alexander, Z.W.
Allen, George E.
Bailey, Thomas
Baird, Charles E.
Bergman, Isaac
Botts, H.T.
Bragg, E.E.
Brown, R.W.
Casey, Jas.
Chance, Charles. H.
Coleman, R.R.
Craig, George. S.
Dale, William
Daly, B.
Dugger, T.L. (Oregon System)
Dunbar, Erroll
Egan, P.G.
Epper, Friar (Mt. Angel College)
Evans, Sarah A. (Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs)
Fitchett, William F.
French, J.A.
Friedlander, S.H.
Fuchs, Mose
Gravely, J.S.
Gray, George B. and W.T.
Hammack, E.E.
Harris, R.L.
Headen, John W.
Hendricks, H.H.
Howe, John D.
Jackson, C.C. (Navigation)
Kelly, D.M.
Lafrent, F.W.
LaRoche, Walter
McChesney, J.T.
McKinney, C.F.
McKnight, C.F.
McLain, Hugh
Maloney, Thomas
Moody, Malcolm A.
Moore, F.E.
Nye, Ad
Olney, William
Olson, B.W.
Parks, M.R.
Pence, J.T.
Ryan, William S.
Savage, J.C.
Shelby, A.B.
Shibley, George H.
Smith, William
Sovey, Percy B. (Oregon System)
Spencer, Arthur C.
Straw, E.E.
Taylor, H.J.
Thacker, George A.
Thomas, Abbot
Tichenor, F.B.
Trowbridge, George M. (Conservation)
Troy, P.M.
Turner, R.R.
Wallace, J.S.
Wilson, W.H.
Wimer, W.J.
1908 June 5-7
All relate to election of 1908
Allen, Charles W.
Barkdull, J.D.
Barrett, John
Berkeley, Florence L.
Buck, Samuel H.
Burns, Robert
Caples, R.A. (Oregon System, Democrats)
Carney, F.J.
Conrad, W.G.
Cross, H.E. (Chautaguas)
Crump, T.A. (Land-Oregon)
Dominic, Friar.
Doyle, M.
Foster, George H.
Gerber, Louis
Guiles, Capt.
Graham, Frederick
Henderson, J.T.
Henry, Benjamin F.
Hughes, Sam A.
Ivers, R.J.
Jack, J.E.
Jackson, James
Johnston, C.W.
Jones, Alvin
Kerr, W.J.
Kuhn, J.O.
Lee, W.H.
Lukens, G.R.
McCusker, Thomas
McDaniel, E.A.
McFadden, W.S.
Melvin, Henry A.
Montanye, S.H.
Moody, Ralph E.
Moore, R.H.
Myers, Jefferson
Norris, Charles
Phillips, W.W.
Prague, Otto
Reynolds, H.R. (Business-Portland)
Romeike, Alb.
Rountree, N.W.
Scott, Edwin
Simon, H.S.
Smith, Edward Chambers
Sorenson, S.C. (Black Eagle Mining and Milling Co.)
Spencer, F.A.
Stevenson, R.O.
Walker, Guy M.
Wall, John M.
Weatherby, Walter H.
1908 June 8-15
All relate to the election of 1908
Allen, Benjamin F. (C.W. Fulton; J.H. Mitchell)
Babcock, Charles C.
Barrett, John
Blanks, A.L.
Caldwell, F.H.
Caples, R.A. telegram
Cary, Melbert B.
Cassell, W.C.
Chamberlain, L.M.
Collier, John A.
Derby, A.J. (Banks and Banking)
Derby, George
Dugger, T.L.
Eaton, S.A.D.
Fairweather, John
Gibbons, John T.
Graham, Samuel J.
Jackson, C.S.
"Leslies' Weekly"
Lockwood, Myrtle M.P. (Land Claims)
London, Charles W.
Lowell, Joseph A. (Oregon System)
Miller, H.J.
Miller, M.A.
Mitchell, Hiram E.
Morgan, L.B. (John B. Easter)
Morrow, J.L.
Norris, Charles
Pickett, C.E.
Reynolds, H.R.
Roberts, C.L.
Ryan, Williams S.
Scotford, Frederick E.
Stedman, N.A.
Steffens, Lincoln
Stoy, Sam. B. (Land-Oregon)
Shelton, J. Frank.
Shibley, George H.
Sweek, Alex
Sweek, Thad T.
Swett, James G.
Terry, Frank T.
Wise, Herman (Astoria Regatta)
1908 June 16-30
Telegrams of congratulation
1908 June
All related to Oregon politics
Abbey, P.M.
Brown, R.W.
Bryant, John Cullen (authors)
Byrd, Julian
Callahan, B.J.
Caples, R.A.
Cauthorn, A.W.
Glenn, John J.
Hartog, John H.
Holder, J.F.
Horner, J.B. (Oregon system)
Hutchin, George L.
Jones, C.C.
Lavey, P.C.
Lea, J.E.
Matlock, J.D.
Maxwell, W.A.
Montagne, R.R.
Peterson, Charles R.
Pratt, Sophia C.
Reynolds, H.R.
Schwarzkopf, A.B.
Shibley, George (Initiative and Referendum League of America)
Stedman, N.A.
Strain, C.P.
Thayer, John Alden
Thomas, Warren E.
Travis, L.M. (Oregon system)
Trowbridge, George M. (L.M. Davis, C.K. Henry)
U'Ren, W.S. (Public utilities)
Wagner, L.E.
Wells, Amos R. (Oregon system)
Wright, W.T.
1908 July
All related to Oregon politics
Culberson, C.A.
Curran, John J.
Dauphine, T.T.
DeCon, E.E.
Fitchett, W.F.
Flower, B.O.
Gay, Charles B.
Huff, J.W.
Irvine, B.F.
James, B.O.
Jeffrey, John H.
John, J. Anton
Johnson, J.G.
Jones, Richard S.
Mack, Norman E.
Palmer, Eugene
Peterson, Will M.
Smith, C.J.
Stanley, J.J.
Steel, Will G.
Strain, C.P.
U'Ren, W.S. (Public Utilities)
1908 August
All related to Oregon politics
Archer, John W.
Avery, P.
Barlow, A.J.
Baty, A.S.
Bryson, E.R.
Canon, W.H.
Cauthorn, A.W.
Chadwick, William
Chance, Charles H.
Conn, P.R.
Cook, W.J.
Coshow, O.P.
Covey, C.C.
Harder, Ethel M.
Hyde, V.R.
Irvine, B.F.
Kline, S.L.
Kuhn, J.O.
McAllister, H.C.
McDaniel, E.A.
Mack, Norman E.
Martin, Carey F.
Matlock, J.D.
Matthews, W.B.
Montanye, L.H.
Noland, George
Oliver, Turner
Page, W.A.
Platt, T.C.
Rice, May
Roche, M.J.
Scottman, O.
Steiner, R.E.
Sweek, Alex
Thomas, George H.
Thomas, Warren E.
Thresher, W.E.
Trowbridge, George M.
Wehring, W.H.
Wetmore, Moses C.
White, Samuel
Wilson, B.F.
1908 September-December
All related to Oregon politics, no month specified
Adelhelm, Prior of Mt. Angel.
Cannon, A.M.
Cave, R.
Champlin, J.D.
Hailey family
Hapgard [?], Norman
Jackson, E.H.
"Johnny" (The Lorraine, Norfolk, Virginia)
Kaiser, E.J.
Mendelsohn, Morris P.
Meyer, Eli
Ratliff [?] ( Appeal to reason)
Reed, George
Walker, Herman B.
Wise, Herman
Allen, George E.
Anderson, D.H.
Barlow, C.U.
Barnes, A.S.
Bell, J.R.S.
Bensell, R.A.
Bilyin, Margaret
Bragg, E.E.
Bramwell, F.S.
Brock, L.T.
Buchanan, Andrew
Carsoll, Fred D.
Chance, Charles H.
Christie, A.
Clough, E.J.
Cohen, D. Solis
Crawford, T.H.
Davison, F.B.
Dealey, Thomas
Devers, A.H.
Embree, T.V.B.
Fear, W.H.
Fenton, B.
Fields, C.E.
Fields, Frank
Garner, A.D.
Greenewald, J.J.
Hackleman, C.C.
Haner, William
Harden, William
Harper, William J.
Harris, R.L.
Healy, P.D.
Hogue, Edna
Holmes, William M.
Hoyt, George W.
Hume, Hugh
Irvine, J.P.
"J.M.J." (St. Benedicts' Abbey)
Jackson, Carl H.
James, A.L.
Johnson, A.J.
Johnson, William C.
Kline, S.L.
Lauryy, N.L.S.
Lieuallen, J.T.
London, Charles
Lowell, Stephan A.
McCorkle, William P.
McDaniel, E.A.
Mangum, C.L.
Mason, Flora
Merrill, H.F.
Mock, Fred G.
Munday, J.A.
Nye, A.W.
Peterson, Will M.
Powell, Kate Price
Reid, William
Richard, Florence
Roach, W.H.
Sherman, Charles W.
Soliss, A.N.
Steel, Will G.
Strain, C.P.
Tanner, Albert H.
Toevs, Frank F.
Van Zante, John
Viereck, Harry Jr.
Walden, C.E.
Walters, Joseph D.
Wilson, G.N.W.
Young, F.L.
1909 January 1-19
Telegrams of congratulation
1909 January 18-19
Anderson, Alden
Anderson, Olaf
Bain, John
Beard, George F.
Beckett, James A.
Benson, E.S.
Blackman, Henry
Blakely, George C.
Blanchard, N.C.
Bradley, Matthews S.
Bramwell, F.S.
Bronaugh, Earl C.
Brown, Henrietta
Caufield, George S.
Cheshire, W.P.
Cobaugh, C.H.
Cochran, Charles E.
Coffey, Alex L.
Condon, Aaron M.
Cowan, S.E.
Dalton, J.M.
Davis, R.H.
Deisch, Peter
Dominic, Friar
Durrer, Bertholdus
Elliott, George W.
Fallows, B.
Farrar, Floyd
Fisk, Fred
Frame, Eliza S.
Greenewald, J.J.
Gregory, Fr.
Grover, L.F.
Habersham, Robert A.
Hammer, Thomas J.
Harris, L.T.
Hedges, B.F.
Hembree, W.L.
Hudelson, A.B.
Hutchin, George L.
Hyde, Charles F.
Jack, Fred D.
Jenkins, J.V.
Jordan, W.T.
Kerr, W.J.
Knut, S.P.
Ladue, William N.
Lake, E.R.
Lane, Harry
Lanick, A.
Leedy, G.B.
Lincoln, R.L.
Long, L.A.
Lutton, B.H.
Mack, W.A.
Mahoney, F.J.
Meserve, Charles
Morelock, E.B.
Morgan, Tom
Neer, Delos D.
Nelson, D.R.
Nelson, L.M.
Nesbitt, W.H.
New, Helen
Ofner, J.B.
Oldakea, J.R.
Phillips, W.W.
Queener, W.H.
Querner, J.P.
Reed, H.D.
Roos, Julius W.
Shea, George
Simmons, J.A.
Small, Sam W.
Snow, B.L.
Stewart, C.H.
Sweek, C.A.
Taylor, Marion E.
Thayer, John A.
Trowbridge, L.M.
Turner, R.R.
Versteeg, E.
Watson, Hugh
White, W.P.
Williams, John S.
Woodworth, Horner V.
1909 January 20
Abbot, Florence
Bardon, James
Barlow, A.J.
Baty, A.S.
Bews, V.
Blalock, N.G.
Bradshaw, W.L.
Butler, J.F.M.
Chambers, Henry
Charlton, J.K.
Chase, John M.
Clor, D.O.
Craig, George S.
Dennis, W.B.
Ellis, DeLancey M.
Fish, Merrill
Galbrait, J.P.
Garcia, James [?]
George, A.F.B.
Gilbert, A.T.
Gilkey, J.A.
Goldman, William
Halford, A.J.
Hammersly, J.L.
Hopkins, O.G.
Howe, John D.
Hughes, S.A.
Jeffries, S.T.
Jones, J.A.
Kelley, J.J.
McGuire, Sylvia W.
McKnight, C.F.
Matthews, William B.
Melzer, Emil
Metcalfe, J.B.
Mitchell, Hiram E.
Montanye, L.H.
Moody, Malcolm A.
Noland, George
Ogden, David B.
Pardee, George C.
Patterson, C.C.
Perkins, H.C.
Pye, James J.
Raley, J.H.
Reed, Cyrus A.
Shenoman, W.A.
Sheridan, T.R.
Singleton, T.J.
Smith, Alan W.
Smith, Edwin
Stein, Phillip
Sweek, Alex
Tuttle, B.B.
Wadsworth, F.M.
Walker, Guy M.
Walker, Jas. W.
Watson, D.B.
Westlake, W.C.
Wiggins, F.A.
Willis, Percy
Wilson, B.F.
Wise, Stephen S.
1909 January 21-22
Barbur, A.L.
Barrett, J.W.
Benedictine Sisters
Benoist, L.A.
Beswick, S.J.
Binns, A.E.
Bourne, Jonathan
Bramwell, F.S.
Burlew, Joseph. M.
Carney, F.J.
Carter, R.D.
Covington, T.T.
Dasent, B.I.
Dean, B.W.
Defenbaugh, J.E.
Denny, George
Dibble, Watson C.
Dick, E.
Diers, J.H.
Dinsmore, D.A.
Doyle, M.
Duniway, Abigail Scott
Evans, Sarah A.
Finch, James D.
Fitzsimmons, J.J.
Flanagan, J.H.
Fleming, J.S.
Fletcher, J.H.
Flexner, A.W.
Francis, D.R.
Freeman, M.F.
Gilfry, H.H.
Gore, T.P.
Graham, F.A.
Greene, Lucy
Handsaker, T.S.
Hart, J.N.
Heney, Francis J.
Hughes, J.B.
Hughes, W.H.
Isom, Mary Frances
Jewell, Stephen
Johnson, J.A.
Johnson, R.F.
Jones, F.A.
Jordan, H.C.
Lieuallen, J.T.
Losekamp, J.D.
McCusker, Thomas
McWilliams, H.L.
Mason, Flora
Mears, Annie W.
Mills, Thomas B.
Moore, George
Morgan, Tom
Murphy, A.C.
Nelson, L.M.
O'Brien, William J.
Page, Ellen G.
Randolph, Tom
Reid, D.V.
Reilly, Charles J.
Rush, J.A.
Schade, Fred
Schmitt, A.C.
Sewell, J.H.
Sherman, W.J.
Shibley, George H.
Sloan, B.M.
Stiles, T.J.
Stuart, George S.
Teal, J.N.
Travis, L.M.
Wall, John M.
Watson, D.B.
Whyte, J.H.
Wilcox, D.F.
Winner, W.J.
1909 January 23-30
Bailey, Thomas
Barnes, Rose B.
Bean, V.C.
Benham, C.M.
Bennett, J.W.
Benoist, L.A.
Bourne, Jonathan
Breck, C.H.
Brownell, George C.
Byram, Ralph J.
Byrd, Julian
Caples, R.A.
Chamberlain, Z.R.
Culberson, C.A.
Ely, B.E.S.
Farley, Henry
Friedenhof, J.
Gilfry, H.H.
Grant, Samuel
Harrima, E.H.
Hassler, J.M.
Holman, F.V.
Hughes, C.H.
Landers, Harry
Leslie, John M.
McCusker, Thomas
McDonald, Donald
Mass, E.
Moses, P.A.
Nickell, Charles
O'Connor, George
Palmer, Eugene
Pennebaker, H.F.
Reid, R.T.
Reid, William
Rice, Franklin P.
Savage, H.H.
Schneider, M.
Sherman, Charles W.
Smith, Edwin
South, Lewis
Spencer, Arthur C.
Teal, J.N.
Weatherred, E.L.
West, Oswald
White, Samuel
Wilson, R.A.
Wise, Herman
Wise, Stephen S.
Wonacott, G.W.
Wright, C.S.
Yearsley, W.S.
1909 February
Telegrams of congratulations
1909 January 18-25
Baker, Newton D.
Callahan, Charles H.
Joseph, George W.
McCain, H.P.
McCombs, W.F.
Parker, Alton B.
Reed, Jas. et al.
Betts, H.M.
Caccia, Regina L.
Clark, J.S.
Dawson, N.N.
Dunbar, E.W.
Dunlap, J.S.
Elliott, M.A.
Evans, W.J.
Faris, J.M.
Fitzhugh, George R.
Geist, Irene
Hanna, W.A.
Haskell, Mary E.
Hrosbush, L.J.
Humphreys, Lester W.
Jones, Waldo H.
Josephson, Emanuel M.
Lake, M.H.
Lamb, E.C.
Lucas, Jay P.
McCallum, Mary
Manchester, G.E.
Merriam, Lewis Jr.
Miller, A.S.
Mooney, Belle
New York Medical Journal
Pinney, W.J.
Reynolds, E.E.
Rood, William A.
Rust, H.P.
Schilansty, Frank
Scott, Charles F.
Smithson, A.J.
Van Alstine, Mary
Wallace, E.H.
Warren, Frank
1918 January 1-27
Anonymous (complaints relating to soldiers during WW I)
Ayres, George H.
Bosworth, Sara
Campbell, Guy E.
Cronin, C.J.
Dammasch, F.H.
Davis, Claude A.
Duncan, Perry
Field, Mrs. Flora
Gaylord, Harriet
Greenwalt, H.W.
Johnson, Chris
Knutson, Harold
McLaughlin, F.P.
Manschot, John H.
Penington, W.E.
Platt, A.J.
Ross, C.W.
Smith, Addison T.
Stevens, Frank S.
White, William
Wise, Emma
1918 January 28-31
Anonymous letters (complaints relating to soldiers during WW I)
Barnum, Mrs. N.M.
Brewster, Willis J.R.
Cronin, C.J.
Davis, George H.
Faris, J.M.
Hill, C.H.
Hodge, M.L.
Johnston, A.L.
Jones, D.Y.
Kerr, Frank
Lang, J.
Layton, H.E.
Melrose, P.G.
Newcomer, Celeste B.
Palmer, B.O.
Payne, J.R.
Pierce, J.J.
Richards, George L.
Roberts, John W.
Ross, A.R.
Sears, Schuyler E.
Sill, H.B.
White, Samuel
1918 February 1-14
Anonymous letters (complaints relating to soldiers during WW I)
Baker, Newton D.
Evans, Edgar H.
Furbush, C.L.
Glenn, E.F.
McCain, H.P.
Parr, E.V.
Reeher, Jennie A.
Shea, George F.
Sill, H.B.
Warren, Henry Kimball
1918 February 15-28
Anonymous letters (complaints relating to soldiers during WW I)
Badger, Mary H.
McCombs, William F.
Purdy, J.W.
Wallace, E.H.
Watson, Ralph
1918 March-December; 1920-1922
Letters of congratulations on speech regarding the War Department
Letters bound into scrapbooks, with index at front of each volume. A complete index is at end of volume 3.
Book I, letters #1-209
Book II, letters #210-419
Book III, letters #420-626 and complete index
Book IV, letters #627-780
Letters of congratulation from Oregon
Letters received regarding war cabinet, etc., 1918; opposing speech, January-February; and regarding defeat in 1920 election
1918; 1920
Telegrams regarding war cabinet, munitions, and other departments; approval of speech, etc.
Letters sent by Chamberlain
Addresses are same as those listed individually under letters received and include the following: Jonathan Bourne, S.A. Clarke, N.O. Fanning, Henry H. Gilfry, B.F. Irvine, C.S. Jackson, Thomas E. McKnight, Gifford Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, William S. Ryan, A.N. Soliss, Lincoln Steffens, J.N. Teal, W.S. U'Ren, Samuel White, and Herman Wise.
1908 January-March
1908 April-May
1908 June 1-15
1908 June 16-30
1908 July
1908 August-September
1908 October
1909 January-February
1912-1913; 1917
1918; 1920

Series B:  General Files, 1908-1928Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
General letters and reports
circa 1900-1908
Notes, letters, lists, and other documents
Bills and receipts
Reports: Realty Associates of Portland
Addresses, speeches, articles relating to Chamberlain
News clippings on Chamberlain's political activities
circa 1908-1919
News clippings on Chamberlain's death
Political essays, speeches, and ephemera
Scrapbook pages (also on Mss 1025 Microfilm) and copy of Forum, June 1918, with article by Chamberlain,
circa 1917-1919
Report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War on the first draft under the selective service act, 1917(Chamberlain's personal copy, bound)
Food and fuel control record of Senator George E. Chamberlain of Oregon in charge of the bill (bound compilation of issues of the Congressional record)
Mss 1025 Microfilm
Diary of George Earle Chamberlain, and autobiography
1876-1877; 1925
Oversize folder
Poster for Chamberlain's senatorial election campaign
circa 1908

Series C:  Scrapbooks, 1909-1922Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Book I: Oregon politics
Book II: Panama Canal treaty; Chamberlain's indictment of War Department,
1912-1913; 1918-1919
General scrapbook
General scrapbook

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Forest conservation--Oregon.
  • Forest reserves--Oregon.
  • Governors--Oregon--Correspondence.
  • Legislators--United States--Correspondence.
  • Military training camps--Oregon.
  • Prohibition--Oregon.
  • Referendum--Oregon.
  • World War, 1914-1918--Oregon.
  • World War, 1914-1918--United States.

Personal Names

  • Chamberlain, George Earle, 1854-1928--Archives
  • West, Oswald, 1873-1960--Correspondence

Corporate Names

  • United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Military Affairs.
  • United States. Shipping Board.
  • Democratic Party (Or.)

Geographical Names

  • Oregon--Politics and government--1859-1950.
  • Unites States--Politics and government--20th century.

Form or Genre Terms

  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Scrapbooks
  • Speeches

Other Creators

  • Personal Names
    • Lane, Harry--1855-1917--Correspondence (creator)
    • Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946--Correspondence (creator)
    • Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936--Correspondence (creator)
    • U'Ren, William Simon, 1859-1949--Correspondence (creator)
    • Wise, Herman, 1862-1926--Correspondence (creator)