Steve Willis Underground Comics Collection, 1966-1997

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Willis, Steve (Steven)
Steve Willis Underground Comics Collection
1966-1997 (inclusive)
30 Linear Feet of Shelf Space, (59 Boxes)
Collection Number
SC 003.1 (collection)
These underground comics, or comix (the "x" indicates "X-rated"), were collected by Steve Willis, a former Washington State University librarian. In addition to collecting thousands of small press and alternative comics, Willis published his own Morty Comix.
Washington State University Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Terrell Library Suite 12
Pullman, WA
Telephone: 509-335-6691
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This collection is open and available for research use.

English mostly, with a few various other languages

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Underground/Newave comix cartoonist Steve Willis was born and raised in McCleary, Washington. He attended the Evergreen State College, and earned a master's degree in Library Science from the University of Washington in 1982. While a student at Evergreen, Willis drew comics for the student newspaper, working alongside other future Pacific Northwest cartoonists Matt Groening, Lynda Barry, and Charles Burns. Willis worked at Washington State University as a Catalog Librarian for several years in the 1980s, continuing to draw Underground/Newave comix. Willis later worked as a librarian at the Evergreen State College, and as of 2014 he is the Program Manager at the Washington State Library in Olympia. He offers cartooning workshops for novice and aspiring cartoonists in McCleary, Washington.

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These underground comics, or comix (the "x" indicates "X-rated"), were collected by Steve Willis, a former Washington State University librarian. In addition to collecting thousands of small press and alternative comics, Willis published his own Morty Comix (mostly portraits drawn on the backs of retired filing cards or random paper), and edited the small-press newsletter City Limits Gazette.

These items were published circa 1966 to 1997. They frequently depict graphic violence, and many are sexually explicit. Some are signed by the artist.

Some of the items in this collection contain terms that have historically been used to dismiss, discount and marginalize individuals from particular communities. MASC recognizes the harm caused by these terms. We retain the language in this finding aid to document history and preserve context.

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Steve Willis Underground Comics Collection, 1966-1997 (SC 003.1)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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The collection is arranged in one series based on Library of Congress call number; access is provided here via an alphabetical list. A few items are located outside the regular series based on in-progress cataloging concerns or size of materials.

Location of Collection

(MASC Staff Use) 1:35:1:1 (main sequence); 1:35:23:4 (box 49, oversize)

Acquisition Information

The Steve Willis Comics Collection was donated to the Washington State University Libraries by Steve Willis between 1984 and 1986; some additional materials have been since added as they were received.

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Container(s) Description
PN6728.55.A73 A55x 1986 [Animation cell]
Arakelian, Henry. 1986
PN6728.55.S37 F68x 1984 [Four prints]
Lewis, Robert Kenneth. 1984
PN6755 .S72x 1985 [Star]%[lightning symbol, Saturn symbol]!' art?
Dreher, Michael. 1985
PN6728.55.H58 U55 1983 [Untitled, bear]
Honeycutt, Mike. 1983
PN6728.55.M94 U56 1984 [Untitled, man hanging from tree]
Myers, Marc. 1984
PN6728.55.H58 x32x 1984 [Xcavate]
Honeycutt, Mike. 1984
PN6728.55.D97 T45x 1993 10 days in SF: June 1-10, 1993
Peezlee, Julee. 1993
PN6728.55.N55 O54x 1990 133 noses
Thompson, Devlin. 1990
PN6728.55.V85 M29x 1980 29354
Vukos, James. 1980
PN6728.55.M333 F58x 5 o'clock shadow
PN6728.45.F23 A27 Aardvark
PN6728.55.M94 A22 Abcess grenk
PN6728.55.F865 A26x Abnormal comix
PN6728.45.N3 L58 1973 Abortion Eve
Lyvely, Chin. 1973
PN6728.55.D46 A24 Ace comics
PN6728.55.F265 A35x Acme comics
PN6728.55.H497 A25x Acme Sub Heroes Incorporated
PN6728.55.D5 A27 Action architect
PN6728.55.D5 A28 Active comics
PN6728.45.F8 A38x Adults only comic magazine
PN6728.55.W3 A48x Adventure strip digest
PN6728.55.W27 A48x The Adventures of A-girl
PN6728.25.B75 A48x 1981 Adventures of Big John: Idaho's six thousand dollar man!
Hafer, Dick. 1981
PN6728.55.M48 A48 1982 Adventures of Hector Babbitt
Miller, Fred. 1982
PN6731 .A38x 1985 Adventures of Roberta
Ferguson, Munro. 1985
PN6728.45.L3 A45x The Adventures of the little green dinosaur
NC139.R35 A4 1980 Aero into the aether
PN6728.45.L3 A47 Aftershock: bulletins from ground zero
PN6728.55.D346 A47x Afterworld magazine
PN6728.55.Z22 A44 Agent Gedon
PN6728.55.M48 A49 Agent Rat
PN6702.A44 A44x AggieCon
PN6728.55.W42 A44 1984 Ahhrgh comix!
Aki, Zenta. 1984
PN6728.55.B755 A52x Albedo, anthropomorphic action
PN6728.55.M395 A55x Alien cumshots
PN6728.55.P47 A55 1983 Aliens
Boivin, Jacques. 1983
PN6728.55.K38 A55x 1982 All about the atom
Kasuba, Lynne. 1982
PN6731 .A55x All Canadian beaver comix
QE862.D5 L65x 1975 All new dinosaurs and their friends: from the great recent discoveries
Long, Robert A. 1975
PN6728.55.C72 A55 All the drugs you can eat fanzine
PN6728.55.Y3 A55 All-Algernon funnies
PN6728.45.E38 A55 1980 All-atomic comics
PN6728.55.K58 A55x Allies
PN6728.55.O53 A55x All-phabet funnies
PN6728.55.G72 A55x Almanac: Graphics Guild
PN6728.55.J3 A55 1984 Almost complete collected Morty comix
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.J3 A56 1984 Alphabeastiary
Foster, Brad W. 1984
PN6728.55.B23 A57x Alternate takes
PN4888.U5 A57x Alternative media
PN6728.55.A45 A52x Amazine
PN6728.55.G26 A52 Amazing exploits of Herman J Winkle
PN6728.55.F85 A52 Amazing stories
PN6728.55.J3 A57 1981 American apathist
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN6705.U5 A54x 1981 American comic strip: original works by 45 outstanding cartoonists selected from the Jerome K Muller collection: an exhibition
PN6728.45.L3 A54x American flyer
PN6728.55.G42 A54x 1981 American motels
Geary, Rick. 1981
PN6728.45.P35 A54x 1976 American revolution: a puppet play Burnt toast, or, Trouble in the nation's breadbasket: a puppet play
PN6728.55.C6 A54 1983 American spleen: savage ideal
Christopher, Tom. 1983
PN6728.45.P4 A55x American splendor
PN6728.55.P37 A55 Aminals
PN6728.55.W39 A56x Amoeba Man
PN6728.55.M48 A56 1982 Amos P Wentworth, notary public and big city detective!
PN6728.55.M48 A56 Amos P Wentworth's hour and half mysteries!
PN4826 .A57x Amra
PN6728.45.L3 A55x Anarchy comics
PN6728.55.D5 A54 Andor comics
PN6728.55.R65 C44x Andrew Roller presents Chester
PN6731 .A57x Angry comics
PN6728.55.C6 A55 Animal bites
PN6728.55.C6 A57 Animal revolt
PN6728.55.C6 A58 1981 Animals of the Times
Brinkmann, Tom (D. Thomas). 1981
PN6728.45.P52 A56x Anomaly
PN6728.55.C6 A59 1984 Another l'il book of big tits
Geerdes, Clay. 1984
PN6728.55.N6 A67 Ant Boy!
PN6728.55.C6 A595x 1984 Ant hell comics
Miller, David E. 1984
PN6728.55.N6 A68x Anti Social Man
PN4888.U5 A57x Anti-isolation
PN6728.55.H45 A58x 1984 Anti-social, jr
PN6728.55.H45 A57x Anti-social
PN6728.55.N6 A685x Antisocialman annual
PN6728.55.C6 A598x 1981 Anus and Andy
Siergey, Jim. 1981
PN4826 .A62x APA-5
PN4826 .A262x Apaloosa
PN6728.55.A63 A625x APC Publishing news release
PN6728.55.A63 A63x APC tales
PN6726 .A64 1981 The Apex treasury of underground comics
PN6728.45.P7 A72x Arcade: the comics revue
PN6728.45.F8 A74x Are you getting what you deserve?: the Fuller-Inkwell catalog
PN6728.45.R5 A75x Armadillo comics
PN6728.55.S7 A75x Armageddonquest
PN6728.55.J67 A75x Army surplus komikz featuring Cutey Bunny
PN6728.55.U5 A77x Arrow
PN6728.55.D48 A77x 1985 Art can be fun!!!
DeVore, Edward Arnold. 1985
PN6728.55.S7 A77x 1985 Art in the city
Resch, Maggie. 1985
PN6728.55.R63 A77x Art of Elliott Roden
PN6727.G74 U74x 1993 The Art of HC Greening
PN6731 .A77x Article # 19
PN6728.55.C6 A77x 1983 Artix
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1983
NC1 .A77 Artpolice
PN6728.55.S78 A7x 1984 As I recall the 'sixties
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.B24 A77x Ass backwards comix
PN6728.55.E85 A77x 1979 Astounding sci-bondage
Adams, John. 1979
PN6728.55.M48 A77x 1983 Attack of the deadly boxes
Monteiro, Ron. 1983
PN6728.45.L5 A87x Austin stone
PN6728.55.S7 A87x 1985 Autobiography of a tree
Ciduous, D. 1985
PN6728.55.E94 A84x 1984 Awesome comics: the official comic book of the Deadheads
PN6728.55.G26 A84x Awesome!
PN6728.55.A73 A84x Awful truth comics
PN6728.5.E25 A94x Axel Pressbutton
PN6728.55.R64 A9 1978 A-Z comics
Rodgers, Walter P. 1978
PN6728.55.W43 B2x 1983 B
Wildermuth, Kevin. 1983
PN6728.55.C72 B22x Baboon Dooley, rock critic!
Crawford, John.
PN6728.55.F47 B22x Baby Sue
PN6728.55.D5 B22x 1984 Baby without eyelids: a parable
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 B22x Babyfat
PN6728.55.B23 B23x Back Pocket Comics catalog
PN4888.U5 B23x Backwoods
PN6728.55.W44 B23x 1985 Bad boys
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1985
PN6728.55.C6 B24x Bad girl art
PN6728.55.N45 B24x 1992 The bad karma comix: a cartoon anthology
Haggett, Matt. 1992
PN6728.55.D32 B23x 1984 Bad kat komix
Waltman, James. 1984
PN6728.55.M385 B24x 1993 Bad music
Gaither, Jeff. 1993
PN6728.55.L48 B24x Bad panels
PN6728.55.S7 B24x Bad relationships
PN6728.55.K37 B24x Baegles Looney Hearts Club
PN6728.55.F24 B24x Bafflegab!
PN6728.55.C6 B25x 1984 Bagpacker blues
Howard, John. 1984
PN6728.45.L3 B25x 1973 Bakersfield kountry comics
Welz, Larry D. 1973
PN6728.55.G44 B25x Bald ego cartoon stories
PN6731 .B27x Bar wars
PN6728.45.C25 B27x Barbarian comics
PN6728.45.C25 B28x Barbarian women comics
PN6728.55.M85 B27x 1984 Bargain basement mumbles: odds & ends
E., John. 1984
DP501 .B27x Barlavento
PN6728.55.H495 B27x Barnabus the Otter
PN6728.55.D65 B27x Bar's mangled hammer: a song of mystery
PN6728.55.S35 B27x Bat comix
PN6728.55.C73 B27x 1977 Bat Man
Crawford, Randy. 1977
PN6728.55.C49 B27x 1985 Bathing machine: a study for the Chronicles of Nyxlupi the Necromancer
Bolman, Ted (Edward Lee). 1985
PN6727 .C42x 1982 Bear with me
Champe, Lyon. 1982
PN6731 .B42x 1982 Beastie and the Boo
Boivin, Jacques. 1982
PN6728.55.W38 B43x 1993 Because
Zenick, Jeff. 1993
PN6790.P67 B44x Bedelho fanzine
PN6728.55.W42 B44x Beef jerky
PN4888.U5 B44x Beef tabloid
PN6728.55.M48 B44x Beenz: chronicles of the utterly absurd!
PN6728.55.H24 B45x 1984 Bellybuttons and sillos, deadbeats and bozos! (but) no hackers
Haisch, Klaus D. 1984
PN6728.55.M37 B45x Bent duck comics
PN6728.45.P7 B45x 1971 Bent
Wilson, S. Clay. 1971
AP2 .B4563 Berkeley barb
PN6728.55.L56 B47x The Best of Fade to black
PN6728.55.G72 B47x Best of Scat
PN6726 .R56a The best of the Rip Off Press
PN6728.55.F85 B49x Beyond
PN6728.55.C6 B2x 1981 BFD funnies
PN6728.45.Y4 B53x Bicentennial gross-outs
PN6728.45.R5 B54x Big ass comics
PN6727.B36 B5 1983 Big ideas
Barry, Lynda. 1983
PN6728.45.L3 B54x 1973 Big league laffs
Himes, Jim. 1973
PN6728.55.S7 B54x Big mouth
PN6728.55.W45 B54x 1983 Big picture picture book
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1983
PN6728.55.W45 B54x 1984 Big picture picture book
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
GV1469.B54 B54x 1983 Big rubble the deadly city
NC1320 .O54x 1974 The big yellow drawing book: a workbook emphasizing the basic principles of learning, teaching, and drawing through cartooning
O'Neill, Dan. 1974
PN6728.55.B5 B54x Bighorn monthly
PN6728.45.B55 B55x Bijou funnies
D790 .B55 Bill Barnes America's air ace comics
PN6728.55.F44 B57x Bird-brain
PN6728.55.T46 B57x Birds, pigs, and mice
B57x. Bishop papers
Bishop, R. B72
QA76.73.L63 B42x 1984 A bit of LOGO magic for the TI 994A
Bearden, Donna. 1984
PN6728.55.A515 B57x Bits 'n' pieces
PN6728.55.T88 B59x 1983 Bizarre bugs stories
Tussey, Steve. 1983
PN6728.55.I54 B59x Bizarre escapades
PN6728.55.M48 B59x Bizarre man vs monster battles
PN6728.45.K5 B59x Bizarre sex
PN6728.55.A79 B59x Bizarre times
PN6731. B59x 1993 Bizarre, stupid tales of idiocy
Wilson, Sean. 1993
PN6728.55.T47 B52x 1984 Black book
Roden, Michael. 1984
PN6728.55.D65 B52x 1983 Black carrot
Aumiller, Nick (Nicholas William). 1983
PN1995.9.H6 B52x Black oracle
PN6728.55.B52 B52x Blackfire
PN6728.55.L42 B52x 1985 Blades in the grass
Howard, John. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 B52x 1983 Blasphemy funnies
Nadel, David. 1983
PN6728.55.H495 B52x Blast from the past
PN6735 .B52x Blat: an anthology of individuals
PN6728.55.D42 B54x 1985 Bleach boys
Favreau, Marc. 1985
PN6728.55.F86 B54x 1992 Bless the priests and the children
Snee, Jeff. 1992
PN6728.55.O44 B55x Blind ing comics
PN6727.H47 B56 1989 Blood of Palomar
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1989
PN6728.55.M49 B56x 1985 Blotto comics: drawings from the San Diego Con!
PN6728.55.N58 B58x 1974 Bludwart the Brash
Holman, Par (Parley L.). 1974
PN6728.55.H49 B58x Blue earth
PN6728.55.C2 B58x Blue whale
PN6728.55.C66 B58x 1985 Blue-plate specials: poetry & true life adventure of the town & city
PN6728.55.N52 B58x Blunderman vs the Bulk
PN6790.D45 B58x The Blurb service
PN6728.55.D65 B62x 1985 Board splayer
Aumiller, Nick (Nicholas William). 1985
PN6728.55.M49 B62x Bob Goblin
PN6728.55.V65 B62x Bob Vojtko's comix convention
PN6728.55.S7 B62x 1985 Bobo Yoyo seeks the truth
E., John. 1985
PN6728.45.S3 B64x Bogeyman comics
PN6728.55.H495 B65x Bonafide child innocence
PN6728.55.S7 B65x Bon-bons
PN6728.55.T29 B66x Book of art
PN6728.55.J3 B66x Book of man
PN6728.55.L27 B66x Boomboom
PN6728.55.S63 B67x Born to be dead calendar
PN6728.55.C6 B69x 1980 Boy and his dinosaur
Silvia, Pete. 1980
PN6728.55.V53 B69x 1983 Boy's night out
Vicens, Ronald Gabriel. 1983
PN6728.45.L3 B72x Brain fantasy
PN6731 .B72x Brain sugar
PN6728.55.A77 B72x Brand X
PS3563.A55 B72x 1982 Brave and beautiful future could start now!
Mann, Ernest. 1982
PN6728.55.S7 B72x 1985 Brave new Nazis of the Inland Empire!
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6727.D38 B74 1999 Bread & wine: an erotic tale of New York
Delany, Samuel R. 1999
PN6728.55.V53 B75x 1983 Bride of Upchuck
Vicens, Ronald Gabriel. 1983
PN6728.55.B74 B75x Brigade comics
PS3552.U4 B7 1983 Bring me your love
Bukowski, Charles. 1983
PN6728.55.M48 B76x Brock: bounty hunter
PN6728.55.C6 B76x Broke & Hart
PN6728.55.B765 B76x Brown special
PN6728.55.O87 B76x Broyles the rabbit
PN6728.55.I53 B82x Buccaneers
PN6728.55.P38 B83x Bud Perkins comics
PN6728.55.H24 B84x Buf-o
PN6728.55.C6 B84x Bug infested comics
PN6728.55.R9 B84x 1983 Bug out
NC1882 .H68x 1983 Bulldaggers have fun
Howarth, Matthew. 1983
PN4888.U5 B854 Bulldog barks
PN4888.U5 B85x Bulldog
PN6728.55.V65 B85x Bullhorn
PN6728.45.Y3 B85x 1971 Bum wad
Geiser, Dave. 1971
PN6728.55.B47 B85x 1985 Bumbercomix
PN6728.55.C6 B86x 1985 Burlesque show
Geerdes, Clay. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 B87x 1982 Burntout funnies!
PN6728.55.K5 B87x Burrito
PN6728.55.C54 B87x 1985 Burworx
PN6728.55.S55 B88x 1984 But I like to draw
Silvia, Pete. 1984
PN6728.55.E27B88x 1985 Butch comyiks
Eberly, John. 1985
PN6728.55.S7 B87x Butt seriously
PN6728.55.A517 B87x 1993 Butterflies
SPaZ. 1993
PN6728.55.C27 B89x Buzzard
PN6162 .F745x 1985 By the year 2050, everyone born in Baltimore will look like Ernest Borgnine
Friedman, Drew. 1985
PN6728.55.A5 B94x Bzerkly
PN6728.55.C6 C24x Cadaver capers
PN6728.55.L83 C25x 1985 Call Nick
Nick. 1985
PN6728.55.T55 C24x 1993 Can I have my tape back?: based on a true story (except for the part with the aliens)
Tolbert, Yul. 1993
S414 .C25x Canadian whole earth almanac
PN6728.55.M85 C25x 1984 Cancer is your friend
E., John. 1984
PN6728.55.T22 C26x Captain Censor
PN6728.55.R44 C26x Captain Communism: protector of the proletariat
PN6728.55.P35 C26x Captain Galapagus
PN6728.55.R25 C26x Captain Gravity
PN6728.45.P7 C26x Captain Guts
PN6728.55.A63 C26x Captain Insensible
PN6728.55.S74 C26x Captain Phil and the intergalactic space pals
PN6728.55.F24 C26x Captain Pittsburgh
PN6728.55.P47 C26x Captain Saturn
PN6728.55.L46 C26x Captain Saucer
PN6728.55.W54 C26x Captain Spaz bi-weekly
PN4830.C3 C27x Carefully sedated
PN4888.U5 C27x Carpet universe
PN6705.U5 C27x 1985 Cartoon Art Museum
PN6728.55.M85 C27x Cartoon brut
PN6728.55.T55 C27x 1993 Cartoonist's catharsis
Tolbert, Yul. 1993
PN6725 .C27x 1993 Index Cascade comix monthly index
Usher, Gary. 1993
PN6725 .C27x Cascade comix monthly
PN6731 .C27x Casual, casual comics
PN6728.55.J3 C27x 1992 Cat in a box
Foster, Brad W. 1992
PN6728.55.P377 C27x 1993 Cat tests
PN6728.55.H59 C27x 1984 Catfish
Howard, John. 1984
PN6728.55.W42 C28x 1984 Cats without hats
Bolman, Ted (Edward Lee). 1984
PN6728.55.M48 C42x 1982 Cecil Kunkle
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1982
PN6728.55.M48 C43x 1983 Cecil Kunkle
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1983
PN6728.25.C85 C45x 1979 A Century of light: Thomas Alva Edison
PN6728.55.V55 C48x 1979 Cerberus magazine presents leftovers
PN6728.55.V55 C47x Cerberus
PN6728.55.T37 C47x Cervine follies
PN6728.55.P78 C4x 1984 CH228
Wood, Jeff. 1984
PN6735 .C42x Chain mesh
PN6728.55.C42 C42x Champagne comics
PN6728.55.R58 C42x Charette's eye view
PN6728.55.E27 C42x 1985 Charles Charles in 20 second workout
Eberly, John. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 C42x 1985 Chase scene
Sheridan, Bob. 1985
PN6728.55.E55 C44x Cheapskate comix: the comix for skinflints!
PN6728.55.S637 C44x Cheerleaders
PN6727.H47 C435 1986 Chelo's burden
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1986
PN6727.H47 C44 1996 Chester Square
Hernandez, Jaime. 1996
PN6728.55.D97 C45x 1993 Chicago: July 7-14, 1993
Peezlee, Julee. 1993
PN6728.55.L25 C45x 1984 Chiller
Lambright, Mary Sue. 1984
PN6728.55.D85 C45x 1981 Chip Henry trip comics
Mason, Clifford. 1981
PN6728.55.P59 C47x 1983 Christ on a crutch
Pizz. 1983
PN6728.55.A28 C48x Chutney Point
PN6728.55.A28 C48x Chutney Point
PN6728.55.C47 C57x 1985 City limits catalog
Chrislip, Bruce. 1985
PN6728.55.C47 C58x City limits comix
PN6725 .C47x City limits gazette
PN6728.55.C6 C57x City scenes
PN6728.45.P65 C54x 1981 Clearlake comix
Leach, Bill. 1981
PN6728.55.G24 C56x 1993 Clog
Gaither, Jeff. 1993
PN4826 .C56x Closest penguins
Z664.P46 E75x 1981 Clownin' around
Erling, George. 1981
N1 .C62x Cobblestone: the art newspaper for Southern California
PN6728.45.L3 C63x Cocaine comix
PN6728.55.S7 C64x 1983 Coffee table edition
Resch, Maggie. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 C65x Cold turkey
PN6728.55.M8 C65x Collaboration comix
PN6728.55.E27 C65x 1985 Collected Charles Charles
Eberly, John. 1985
PN6728.55.T39 C65x Collected tales of the Gigags
PN6728.55.M49 C65x Collections of rejections
PN6725 .C62x Collectors' guide to newave comix
PN6728.45.M67 C65x 1971 Color
Moscoso, Victor. 1971
B72 .E75x 1985 Come to the Annual Prophets' Convention
Erling, George. 1985
PN6732 .C65x Comic and crypt
PN6725 .C63x Comic art collection
PN6725 .C63x Comic art studies
PN6725 .C633x Comic block
PN6725 .C6352x 1985 Comic fandom advertiser rip
Rossow, Jim. 1985
PN6725 .C635x Comic fandom advertiser
PN6725 .C636x Comic informer
PN6728.55.M38 C65x 1981 Comic mania
Martinec, Don. 1981
PN6725 .C637x The Comic reader
PN6728.55.C6 C652x 1982 Comic strip
Harvey, R. C.. 1982
PN6725 .C6375x Comic update
PN6725 .C6375x Comic update
PN6725 .C638x Comicist
PN6725 .C638x The Comics buyer's guide
PN6725 .C639x Comics feature
PN6725 .C639x Comics FX
PN6725 .C64x The Comics journal
PN6725 .S72x Comics scene
NC1429.C83 C78x 1990 Comics
Crumb, R. 1990
PN6728.55.C6 C6525x Comics-fu
PN6710.C65x Comix clipping file
PN6728.55.C6 C656x 1983 Comix Wave data sheet
Geerdes, Clay. 1983
PN6725 .C65x 1993 Index Comix wave index
Usher, Gary. 1993
PN6725 .C65x Comix wave
PN6728.55.C6 C653x Comix wave
PN6728.55.C6 C654x Comix Wave: the Comix World mini-series
PN6728.55.C6 C654x 1980 Comix World mini-catalogue
Geerdes, Clay. 1980
PN6725 .C66x Comix world
PN6728.55.C6 C654x 1983 Comix World
Geerdes, Clay. 1983
PN6728.55.M94 C65x Com-ix
PN6728.45.L3 C65x Commies from Mars
PN6728.55.H495 C65x Compleat Machoman!
PN6728.55.B85 C65x 1993 The complete anorexic's diet guide
Martin, Edward A. 1993
PN6728.55.N6 C65x 1982 The complete Arnie, space cadet: 1969-1973
Feazell, Matt. 1982
PN6728.55.J3 C65x 1982 Complete book of BJ
Foster, Brad W. 1982
PN6728.55.B85 C66x 1993 The complete bulimia diet guide
Martin, Edward A. 1993
PN6728.55.L42 C65x 1984 Complete Sacker
Howard, John. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 C65x Compulsive love stories
PN6728.55.S6 C652x Compunerd annual
PN6728.55.R24 C65x Compunerd
PN6728.55.S6 C65x Compu-nerd
PN6728.55.T55 C65x 1993 Computer, freeze program
Tolbert, Yul. 1993
PN6728.55.S6 C653x Computessa
Z664.W57 C65x 1985 Conan the librarian: everything you always wanted to know about the DNR Library but didn't know you could ask
J?m?na, E. 1985
PN6728.55.A63 C65x 1985 Conjam: Chicago 85
PN6725 .C8x Contemporary pictorial literature
PN6728.55.W42 C65x 1985 Convulsion corps
Gaither, Jeff. 1985
PN6728.55.G29 C66x Cool Jerk & Homo Gal
PN6728.55.M385 C66x Cool people
LH1.E68 C66x Cooper Point journal
PN6728.45.H65 C67x 1972 Corn fed comics
Deitch, Kim. 1972
PN6728.55.D5C67x Correspondence from James Vukos
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen.
PN6728.55.C6 C67x Cosmic Bill
PN6728.55.S7 C67x 1985 Cosmic I
Strongbow. 1985
PN6728.55.C445 C67x Cosmic sorcery
PN6725 .C67x Cosmic
PN4888.U5 C68x Counterclockwise
PN6725 .C88x CounterMedia
PN4888.U5 C68x Counterspud
PN6728.55.V65 C68x Coupons
PN6728.55.C27 C72x Crabbs
PN6728.55.U55 C72x 1984 Cracker Man
Nichols, Tony. 1984
PN6728.55.W375 C72x 1992 Crackpots and visionaries
PN6728.55.W45 C72x Cranium frenzy
PN6728.55.D32 C72x 1984 Cranium station DMZ
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.T47 C72x Crazy men comix
PN6728.55.T47 C73x 1985 Crazy men deluxe
PN6728.55.V85 C74x 1980 Creative ax
Vukos, James. 1980
PN6728.55.J3 C74x 1981 Creative discourse
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN6728.55.C74 C74x Creative Edge presents
PN6728.55.D42 C74x 1985 Cretin cadavere
Favreau, Marc. 1985
PN6728.55.A52 C75x Crime crushers
PN6728.55.M48 C75x 1982 Critical error
Foster, Tim. 1982
PN6728.55.E57 C75x Critter patter
PN6728.55.C65 C78x Crud comix
PN6728.55.C6 C82x Cube comix
PN6728.55.D48 C82x 1984 Cubistik comiks
DeVore, Edward Arnold. 1984
PN6728.55.M85 C85x Cult comix
PN4888.U5 C87x Cultural correspondence
PN6728.55.F23 C87x 1985 Cute toy-- that destroyed the world!
Freeman, Allen. 1985
PN6728.55.D5 C87x 1981 Cut-up comics
Myers, Marc. 1981
PN6728.55.N6 C96x Cynicalman king size
PN6728.55.N6 C95x Cynicalman
PN6728.55.x49 D23x 1983 Da-da dupe
X, Bob. 1983
PN6728.55.D32 D325x Dada Gumbo contributor's information
PN6728.55.D32 D32x Dada gumbo
PN6728.55.D32 D33x 1984 Dada myth
Luciano, Dale. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 D24x 1985 Dada terror
Gaither, Jeff. 1985
PN6728.55.D32 D34x 1985 Dada TV
LH1.W57 D25x Daily carnival
PN6728.55.M48 D25x 1983 Daily comics journal
Waltman, James. 1983
LH1.E68 D25x 1977 Daily zero v 666 # 666
Nx26.D25 D25x 1984 Dallas Arts District impartial crier
PN6728.55.B56 D25x 1982 Dallas: November '63
Goebert, Jerry. 1982
PN6728.55.M385 D25x Damn weird jam comix
PN6728.55.C6 D25x Dance of death
PN6728.55.I36 D25x 1992 Dancing with your eyes closed
Zabel, Joe. 1992
PN6728.55.M35 D25x 1992 Dangerous pussy
PN6728.55.L56 D27x Dark art
PN6728.55.B5 D27x Dark Tippit
PN6728.55.W25 D29x 1984 Dawg'on'it comix
Waltman, James. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 D29x 1984 Day in the life of Nathaniel Potter, cartoon character at large
Foster, Brad W. 1984
PN6728.55.D48 D42x Dead bug funnies
PN6728.55.D42 D42x Dead Cat Comics catalog
PN6728.55.S755 D42x Dead frogs on the ceiling and other inchoherent rambleings
PN6728.55.E27 D42x Dead ringer
PN6728.55.S6 D42x Dead ringer: mini
PS3555.B47 D42x 1984 Dead soldiers: selected neglected poems from 1980-1981
E., John. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 D4x Deadly Duck
PN6731 .D42x Dean Nova
PN6728.55.C6 D42x 1983 Dear Abby
Christopher, Tom. 1983
PN6728.55.M48 D42x 1983 Death called collect
Long, J. Michael. 1983
PN6728.55.L56 D42x Death gallery
PN6728.55.L56 D42x Death gallery
PN6728.55.M8 D42x 1987 A death in the cards
Vick, Edd. 1987
PN6728.55.C85 D42x The Death of Mikey
PN6728.55.W45 D42x 1984 Death of Morty the Dog!
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6727.H47 D43 1989 The death of Speedy
Hernandez, Jaime. 1989
PN6728.55.C6 D44x Deep fear
PN6728.55.W42 D44x 1984 Deep sleep comics
Fitts, Bill. 1984
PN6728.55.W45 D45x 1983b Delayed stress syndrome funnies
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1983
PN6728.55.W45 D45x 1984 Delayed stress syndrome funnies
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.W45 D45x 1984b Delayed stress syndrome funnies
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.45.Y3 D45x Demented pervert
PN6728.55.M48 D45x Dementia praecox
PN6728.45.C33 D45x Demi the demoness
PN6728.45.R5 D45x Demi the demoness
PN6728.55.M48 D46x Department store romance
PN6728.55.N475 D46x Depraved comix
PN6728.55.S27 D46x Depression comix
PN6728.55.W42 D47x 1984 Desk top comix
Fitts, Bill. 1984
PN6728.45.P7 D47x 1969 Despair
Crumb, R. 1969
PN6728.55.C6 D48x 1982 Devil's music
PN6728.55.J3 D52x Diaries of Nola
PN6728.55.V53 D52x 1983 Diary of a madman
Smith, Oscar. 1983
PN6728.55.M385 D52x Diary of Neo-Psychedelic Man
PN6728.55.S7 D53x Dick Dog Face cracks up!
PN6728.55.C6 D53x Dickhead
PN6728.55.C49 D54x Diddley squat!
PN6728.45.S64 G74x 1973 Die Gretchen: a collection of drawings, collages, poster designs, & photographs
Harter, Jim. 1973
PN4888.U5 D54x Different worlds
PN6728.55.R9 D55x 1982 Dilation
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1982
PN6728.55.P59 D55x 1983 Diner
Pizz. 1983
PN6728.55.P47 D55x 1983 Dinosaur comics
Boivin, Jacques. 1983
PN6728.55.P47 D55x 1983b Dinosaur comics
Boivin, Jacques. 1983
PN6710 .K458x 1985 Directory of alternative comic books data submission form
Kennedy, Jay. 1985
PN6728.55.S557 D57x Dirty hands
PN6728.55.C6 D57x Disco mouse
PN6725 .D57x Discourse
PN6728.45.S33 D2x DOA
PN6728.55.M48 D64x 1983 Dog bite comics n' stories
Erskine, J. 1983
PN6728.55.S7 D63x 1990 Dog bits
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1990
PN6728.55.C27 D64x Dog boy
PN6728.55.W45 D64x 1985 Dog of dawn, dog of dusk
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.55.W45 D64x 1986 Dog of dawn, dog of dusk
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1986
PN6728.55.S7 D64x Dog slobber
PN6728.55.H29 D64x Dog slobber
PN6728.55.M48 D65x Doghouse
PN6728.55.B768 D64x 1992 Dogs
Brown, Tim. 1992
PN6728.55.C425 D65x Domino Chance
PN6728.55.D65 D65x 1984 Domino
PN6728.55.P68 D65x Don's odds and ends
PN6728.55.P59 D65x 1982 Don't ask why--
Pizz. 1982
PN6728.55.R9 D66x 1981 Doppelgänger
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1981
PN6728.55.S6 D68x Doughnut Kid
PN6728.55.D68 D68x Downtown mini comics
PN6728.45.L3 D7x Dr Atomic
PN6728.55.U55 D7x Dr Disgusting
PN6728.55.S6 D7x Dr Flush
PN6728.55.C76 D7x Dr Gnu
PN6728.55.C2 D7x Dr Roberts: master of the human mind
PN6728.55.N42 D7x Dr Wirtham's comix and stories
PN6728.55.S7 D7x 1993 Dr Zomb's house of freaks: a comic
Penn, Art. 1993
PN6728.55.A2 D72x Dragon comics
NX1 .D74x Dream quest
PN6728.55.C45 D74x 1981 Dream sequence
Scharff, Steven F. 1981
PN6731 .D74x 1984 Dreamcat
Culpepper, Mike. 1984
PN6728.55.x49 D74x 1984 Dreams carved in rock
X, Bob. 1984
PN6728.55.T55 D75x 1992 Drive like George Jetson
Tolbert, Yul. 1992
PN6728.55.C6 D79x 1981 Dry rot
Roden, Michael. 1981
PN6727.H47 D8 1989 Duck feet
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1989
PN4888.U5 D83x Duckberg times
Z664.P46 D85x 1982 Dungeons & dragons
Erling, George. 1982
RA997 .D86x The Duplex planet
F899.R5 D66 1948 Dupus Boomer: cartoons and witticisms based on observations of life in the atom bustin' village of the West in 1947 and 1948
Donnell, Dick. 1948
PN6728.55.S6 D95x Dynasoar comics
PN6728.55.H45 D97x The Dysfunctional family circus
PN6728.55.J65 E24x Eaglestar
TD177 .E35 The Earth belongs to the people ecology and power
PN6728.55.S62 E27x 1978 EarthShock!: a new form of graphic entertainment
Smith, Lee (Lee Winston). 1978
PN6728.55.W45 E27x 1984 East West Wash comix
Chrislip, Bruce. 1984
PN6728.55.Z22 E27x 1983 Easter egg
Zabel, Joe. 1983
PN6728.45.M47 E27x 1982 Eating Raoul
Deitch, Kim. 1982
PN6728.45.S3 E26x Ebon
PN6728.55.H495 E33x Eccentricity
PN6728.55.J3 E33x 1980 Eccentrics
PN4888.U5 E34x Echo echo
PN6101 .E35x 1974 Eclectic
PN6728.5.E25 E25x Eclipse monthly
PN6728.5.E25 E26x Eclipse, the magazine
PN6728.55.P59 E44x 1983 Edgar and Squid
Pizz. 1983
PN4888.U5 E45x Edge
PN6735 .E48x 1973 Edward's heave comics
Barker, J. Edward. 1973
PN6728.55.C2 E52x Elastic Worm
PN6728.55.S858 E54x Electrolysis
PN6728.5.W3 E54x Elfquest
PN6728.55.R28 E55x Elmo Jenkins
PN6728.55.D74 E58x Elwood comics
PN6728.55.G26 E54x Emerald city comics
PN6071.S33 E56x Empire for the SF writer
PN6728.55.C6 E56x 1984 Empty words
PN6728.55.H54 E54x 1985 End of the earth and turn left
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
PN6728.55. N5E54x 1993 Energons special edition
Crawford, Randy H. 1993
PN6728.55.H55 E57x 1985 Entire hardboiled novel in two pages!
Holman, Par (Parley L.). 1985
PN6728.5.M3 E65x Epic illustrated
PN6728.55.G715 E68x Equine the uncivilized
PN6728.55.D74 E68x Equinox
PN6728.55.G45 E72x Eraserman: the pink crusader!
PN6728.55.W34 E75x Erik's two-headed dog
PN6728.55.H495 E78x Erwin Mouse
PN6728.55.x49 E76x 1983 Esoteric: modern art graphix
X, Bob. 1983
PN6728.55.S76 E73x Etc
PN4826 .E73x Etcetera
PN6728.55.J3 E74x 1981 Eternal conflict
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN6728.55.C6 E74x Eternal TV
PN6728.55.D32 E74x 1984 Eternities of darkness
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN4888.U5 E74x Ethel the frog
PN6728.55.H495 E84x Everyday Average Kid Man
PN6728.55.B23 E842x Everything Man annual
PN6728.55.B23 E84x Everything Man
PN6728.55.C45 E84x 1982 Everything you've always wanted to know about funny animals, but didn't know why to ask
Scharff, Steven F. 1982
PN6728.55.L44 E96x Exotic fantasy
PN6728.55.T47 E96x Exquisite corpse comix
PN6728.55.S76 E97x Extra comix
PN6728.55.C66 E94x 1984 Eyesore: portraits of putrefying persons
PN6728.55.P33 F23x Facsimile of super-folk
PN4888.U5 F23x Factsheet five
PN6725 .F23x Factsheet five
PN6728.55.L56 F24x Fade to black
PN6728.55.S75 F24x 1983 Fag shark from Uranus
Stevens, Scott L. 1983
PN6728.55.R64 F25x 1983 Fairy tails
Taurus, Clint. 1983
PN6728.55.H25 F25x Famous art mystery
PN6728.55.W37 F25x Famous potatoes: the magazine for modern morons
PN6725 .F25x Fan scene: the fanzine about fanzines
PN6728.55.B83 F25x Fan spectacular
PN6725 .F26x Fandom feature
PN6725 .F265x Fandom journal
PN6725 .F268x Fandom star informer: the what's new zine
PN6728.55.K58 F25x Fandom team-up
PN6707 .F25x 1984 Fandom times directory
Collier, Kevin Scott. 1984
PN6725 .F2685x Fandom world
PN6725 .F27x Fandom-times
N1 .F25x Fanfare
PN6725 .F269x Fans of EC
PN6728.55.P78 F25x 1985 Fantabulous Snowbuni!: Agent 0010
Wood, Jeff. 1985
PN6728.45.L3 F25x Fantagor
PN6731 .F25x Fantarama
PN1995.9.F36 F25x 1983 Fantastic Film Festival 4
Foster, Brad W. 1983
PN1995.9.F36 F25x 1984 Fantastic Film Festival Five: Galaxy Theatre, October 5 to November 1
Foster, Brad W. 1984
PN6728.55.T44 F25x Fantastic imagination
PN6728.55.C6 F25x 1983 Fantasy land
Nadolsky, Larry. 1983
AP2 .F35x Fantasy review
AP2 .F35x Fantasy
PN6728.55.M8 F25x Fan'toons
PN6728.55.T55 F27x 1992 The far science
Tolbert, Yul. 1992
PN6728.45.R34 F27x 1969 Fat lip funnies
PN6728.55.W54 F27x Father's mustache funnies
PN6725 .F28x Fawcett collectors of America: some opinionated bastards
PN6727.H47 F43 2001 Fear of comics
Hernandez, Gilbert. 2001
UA23.A1 F44x Fed up!
PN6728.55.H497 F45x Feller, the little guy
PN6728.55.J3 F48x Fever pitch
PN6728.55.B87 F54x Fidget
PN6728.55.F42 F54x Fightin' Guys annual
PN6728.55.F42 F545x 1985 Fightin' guys minicomic # 1
Feazell, Matt. 1985
PN6728.55.N6 F54x Fightin' Guys minicomics
PN6728.55.M48 F54x Fihl comix
PN6728.55.D5 F55x Final spark
PN6728.55.C44 F55x 1979 Finkster, a rose
Ferguson, Ellen Rae. 1979
PN6728.55.M48 F56x Fiquetoons
PN6728.55.C77 F57x 1984 Fire & smoke
Pizz. 1984
PN6728.55.C77 F57x 1984b Fire & smoke
Pizz. 1984
PN6728.45.C55 F57x First kingdom
PN6728.55.V65 F57x Fishtales for supper
PN6728.55.G29 F59x Fix funnies
PN6728.55.P47 F59x 1983 Fixed: the sequel to Fix
Howarth, Matthew. 1983
PN6728.45.R5 F52x Flamed-out funnies
PN6728.55.F84 F52x 1984 Flatlands
Fugate, Billy. 1984
PN6728.55.P77 F54x Flesh and blood
PN6728.55.L46 F54x 1983 Flexia Bast meets Fanboy
Holverson, Doug. 1983
PN6727.H47 F55 1991 Flies on the ceiling
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1991
PN6728.55.W42 F55x 1985 Flim flam!: a quik-drawn funny-book done under the influence of work (print-shop)
Fitts, Bill. 1985
PN6728.55.F56 F56x Florida Fandom special: the super girls
PN6728.55.P47 F595x Fluffhead
PN6728.55.T47 F59x 1983 Flying eye
Roden, Michael. 1983
PN6728.55.M385 F59x 1993 Flying
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1993
PN6731 .F64x Fog City comix
PN6728.55.J3 F65x Folkomix
PN6710 .W55 1985 Folkomix: a catalog of underground, newave, and small press comix in the Washington State University rare books collection
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.45.E38 F66x Food comixcs
PN6728.55.B75 F66x 1980 Food for thought
Brinkmann, Tom (D. Thomas). 1980
PN6728.25.P46 F66x 1970z Food store funnies
PN6728.55.Z47 F67x Fortinbras and Ophelia
PN6071.S33 F67x Forum and the phantasy review
PN6728.55.J3 F67x Foster history of unknown comics
PN6728.55.H295 F69x Foxfire odyssey
PN6728.55.F48 F72x 1993 Frank Smurker and his 5th demention
Bahasanana, Bob B. 1993
PN6728.45.R5 F74x Freak brothers
PN6728.55.D85 F74x 1980 Fred and Ned comics
PN6728.55.L46 F74x 1983 Fred comix
Holverson, Doug. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 F74x 1984 Free Hand's fabulous funnies
Free Hand. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 F745x Free Hand's future follies
PN6728.55.S7 F74x 1985 Freeps
Gaither, Jeff. 1985
PN6728.45.L3 F73x 1977 Fresca zizis
Gebbie, Melinda. 1977
PN6728.45.L3 F74x 1978 Fresh blood funny book
Leonard, J. Michael. 1978
PN6728.55.H44 F74x Fresh comix
PN6728.55.C6 F75x Fried brains
PN6728.55.M85 F76x 1983 From soul to poison
Eberly, John. 1983
PN6728.55.W45 F76x 1985 From Tokeland to Topeka
E., John. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 F76x 1983 Frontpage comics: the story behind the headlines
Christopher, Tom. 1983
PN6728.55.T38 F84x Fudgong funnies
PN6728.55.M48 F84x 1983 Fugitive frog
Stenberg, Jeff. 1983
PN6728.55.M45 F85x 1991 Fun exciting samples
Harper, Charise Mericle. 1991
PN6728.55.L46 F85x 1982 Fun funnies
Holverson, Doug. 1982
PN6728.55.T47 F85x 1984 Fun house
Roden, Michael. 1984
PN6728.55.M62 F85x 1984 Fun in Acapulco!
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6725 .F85x Funnie's papers: comic strip fanzine
PN6728.55.M48 F85x 1982 Funny foreigners!
Curtis, Paul E.. 1982
PN6728.55.C47 F85x Funny humans
PN6728.55.C6 F85x Funny insects
PN6728.C6 F86x 1980 Funny law
Geerdes, Clay. 1980
PN6728.55.C6 F87x Funny organs
PN6728.55.K72 F85x Funny paper
PN6728.55.F263 F85x Funola
PN6728.55.M48 F87x 1983 Further adventures of Hector Babbitt
Miller, Fred. 1983
PN4888.U5 F87x Future gold
PN6728.55.M48 F88x 1982 Future wrestlers
Hamilton, Tim. 1982
PN6728.45.W45 G24x Gags galore
PN6728.55.P65 G24x Gags the editor wouldn't buy
PN6728.55.P587 G25x Galen the saintly
PN6731 .G25x 1976 Gamut
PN6728.55.C6 G27x 1984 Garage sale: an American institution
E., John. 1984
PN6728.55.G27 G27x Garbanzo comix
PN6728.55.M48 G27x 1982 Garbled gibberish
Sommerkamp, Bobby. 1982
PN6728.55.H495 G27x Garden comics
PN6728.45.K5 G29x Gay comix
PN6728.45.F8 G29x Gay hearthrobs
PN6728.55.V53 G45x 1983 Geisha secret
Smith, Oscar. 1983
PN6728.55.S78 G45x Generation gap komix
PN6728.55.M48 G45x 1982 Genesis
Boucher, Matthew. 1982
PN6728.55.P78 G46x Georgie the horsie
PN6728.55.C49 G47x Geriatricman
PN6728.25.C5 S55x 1993 Get a life!, or, The awakening of Billy Bored
Smillie, Julia. 1993
PN6728.55.L48 G47x Get Simonized
PN6728.55.T55 G47x 1993 Get your ass to Mars
Tolbert, Yul. 1993
PN6728.55.S55 G52x 1983 Gibberish
Silvia, Pete. 1983
PN6728.55.F4 G55x Gill
PN6728.55.H495 G55x Gimmie comics
PN6728.45.P7 G57x Girl fight comics
PS3552.A7423 G62x 1984 Girls and boys
Barry, Lynda. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 G57x Git'nit on!
PN6728.55.J3 G58x 1981 Giving due credit
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN6728.55.S25 G56x Glob
PN6728.55.G56 G56x 1985 Gloopods are coming! Holmes, Ron
PN6728.45.R5 G64x 1971 God nose
Jackson, Jack. 1971
G149 .G65x Gone!
PN6728.55.J3 G66x Goodies
PN6728.45.P84 G66x 1969 Googiewaumer comics
Pugh, Wendell Allan. 1969
PN6728.55.M48 G66x Googly zero five: secret clown
PN6728.55.M48 G663x 1985 Googly zero-five: secret clown!
Curtis, Paul E. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 G66x Gooney toons
PN1995.9.H6 G67x Gore creatures
PN6728.45.G6 G67x Gothic blimp works, ltd
PN6728.55.T46 G72x Graph paper comix
PN6728.55.A38 G72x Graphic fantasy
PN6728.55.M62 G74x Greasy th' clown
1984. PS3555.B47 G74x 1984 Great American pipe dream: a day in the life-- a short novella with prelude, "Snake paranoia in the land of Oz"
E., John.
PN6728.45.R5 G74x 1977 Great Diggs of '77: a cartoonist's views of 1977 from the pages of Rip Off Press Syndicate, the Berkeley barb and the Ag-biz tiller
Driggs, Harry. 1977
PN6728.55.F72 G743x Grey legacy calendar
PN6728.55.F72 G74x Grey legacy
PN6728.45.L3 G75x Grim Wit
PN6728.55.M4 G75x Grimlin
PN6728.55.U78 G75x Grind
PN6728.55.U5 G76x Grocery boy
PN6728.55.C35 G76x Grokk
PN6728.55.C6 G76x 1982 Gross food funnies
Hardman, Garry. 1982
PN6728.55.S625 G76x Gross
PN6728.55.M48 G76x 1983 Ground zero 2: an atomic micro-comic
Foster, Tim. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 G78x Growing up weird
PN6728.55.C47 G78x Grue toons
PN6728.55.C63 G84x Guerrilla insect bites, or, Who cares about Nixon anymore?: a pathetic gamble in visual mode
PN6728.55.D65 G84x Guest check comix
PN6728.55.C6 G85x Gunboat comics
PN6728.55.C6 G86x Guns 'n' Ammo
PN6728.55.L24 G87x Guts
PN6735 .H25x Half-assed funnies
PN6728.55.T47 H25x Halloween
PN6728.55.S6 H25x 1985 Halloween
Rush, Tod. 1985
PN6728.55.Z22 H24x 1985 Halls of Minos
Zabel, Joe. 1985
PN6728.55.Z22 H25x 1985 Hallucinogenic man
Zabel, Joe. 1985
PN6728.55.Z47 H25x Hamlet
PN6728.55.V53 H25x 1983 Hand Jive battles the forces from beyond: in 2-D
Vicens, Ronald Gabriel. 1983
PN6728.55.D85 H25x Hank and Hannah comics
PN6728.55.P47 H26x 1983 Hap Hazard
Florence, Richard. 1983
PN6728.45.R5 H26x 1969 Happy endings comics
Jackson, Jack. 1969
PN6728.55.H55 H26x Happy holidaze funnies
PN6728.55.C44 H27x 1979 Hard nosed Harry
Pruner, James Dean, d. 1988. 1979
PN6728.55.S78 H27x 1983 Hard time's art & stories
Tincher, Melvin. 1983
PN4888.U5 H26x Hard times
PN4888.U5 H27x Hardball
PN6728.55.S643 H27x Har-de-har-har comics
PN6728.45.K5 H27x Harold Hedd in "Hitler's cocaine": a 2-part mini-series
PN6728.45.L3 H27x Harold Hedd
PN6071.S33 L26x 1992 Harsh Mistress Science Fiction Adventures: guidelines for writers and artists
Lapine, Warren. 1992
PN6071.S33 L26x 1992 Harsh mistress
PN6728.55.F26 H28x Haunting
NC1429.C83 A45 1968 Head comix
Crumb, R. 1968
PN6731 .H42x 1984 Heart break comics
Boswell, David. 1984
PN6728.55.H42 H42x Heart of Dixie comics presents
PN6728.55.P87 H42x 1975 Heartbreaks and mutants
Adams, John. 1975
PN6728.55.H43 H43x Heavy evidenz'
PN6728.45.P7 H42x Heavy tragicomix
PN6728.55.O96 H45x 1987 Heir of the dog: an affectionate tributeroasteulogy to Steve Willis' Morty the Dog, performed with respect and humor
PN6728.55.S637 H45x Hemoglobin
PN6728.55.D342 H47x 1985 Hermy the Bear goes "under the sea"
Parnell, Brad. 1985
PN6727.H47 H47 1997 Hernandez satyricon
PN6728.55.C6 H47x Hero Temporaries, Inc
PN6728.55.C67 H47x Heroes, inc
PN6728.55.V85 H54x Hidden noise
AP201 .H45 Highlights for children
PN6728.55.D32H58x 1984 History & techniques of surrealism mock-up for artist's use
Luciano, Dale. 1984
PN6728.55.D32 H585x 1984 History & techniques of surrealism
PN6728.55.D32 H57x 1984 History and techniques of Dada
Luciano, Dale. 1984
PN6731 .H57x Hitman unlimited
PN6728.55.C6 H55x Hmm!
PN6728.55.S6 H62x Hobby horse
PN6010.5.H62x Hob-nob
PN6728.55.W29 H65x 1980 Homage to the nose
Stein, Gary J. 1980
PN6728.55.C6 H66x 1985 Hormephobia
Gaither, Jeff. 1985
PN6728.55.M48 H67x Horror comics
PN6728.55.C6 H67x 1982 Hostiler humor
PN6727.H47 H68 1988 House of raging women
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1988
PS3554.I87 H68x 1993 The house of your dreams
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen. 1993
PN6728.55.C6 H68x Houseful of monsters
PN6728.55.C6 H69x 1982 How to draw a wonder girl
Harvey, R. C.. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 H695x 1985 How to live
Howard, John. 1985
TD223 .B76x 1972 How to stop the corporate polluters and make money doing it
Brown, William H. 1972
PN6728.55.H68 H68x 1977 Howski portfolio
PN6728.55.H495 H72x HSC mini catalog and comments
PN6728.55.H495 H73x HSC special
PN6728.55.R87 H84x 1991 Hudson Van Curen's infantile machismo: a collection of strips
Russell, Michael E. 1991
PN6728.55.C73 H85x 1977 Hulk
Crawford, Randy. 1977
PN6728.55.Z22 H85x 1985 Human beings
Zabel, Joe. 1985
PN6728.45.P7 H85x 1978 Human drama
PN6728.55.C6 H85x 1979 Humour: what would man do without his sense of humour?
Bucher, Dot. 1979
PN6728.55.D32 H85x 1984 Hungry stairs to Heaven!
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.M385 H86x 1993 Hup comix
Maximum Traffic. 1993
PN6728.55.R44 H97x Hysterical history
PN6728.55.H26 I42x Idaho spud
PN6728.45.W27 I55x 1971 Ill comics
PN6728.55.F86 I55x The Illustrated Emerson
PN6728.4.S74 I52x Imagine
PN6728.55.C45 I55x 1984 Immortals: the life beyond death
Eddy, George Raymond. 1984
PN6728.55.V55 I56x Imp
PN6775 .I56x Impression
PN6728.55.A85 I52x 1977 Inahaba funnies
PN6728.55.W45 I53x 1984 Incitatus
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.C6 I53x 1979 Increasing vaginal firmness the easy, natural secret way
Felix, Clara. 1979
PN6728.55.C6 I54x Incredible Iggy & Snurt
PN6728.45.N67 I53x 1974 Incredible Rocky
Andreas, Joel. 1974
PN6728.55.Q827 I53x Incredible tales of adventure
PN6728.55.U74 I54x Index comix
Usher, Gary.
LH1.E68 C662x 1982 Index to cartoonists and illustrators in The Paper and Cooper Point journal, 1972-June, 1982
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1982
PN6728.55.A4I54x 1983 Industrial accidents
Shut, Bill. 1983
PN6728.55.A4 I55x Industrial toilet paper
PN6728.55.J3 I55x 1983 Inmyrrdanwood
Valentino, Diane. 1983
PN6728.45.L3 I55x Inner city romance
PN6728.45.P7 I57x Insect fear
PN6728.55.A2 I57x Insect Man's weird tales
PN6728.55.C6 I57x 1981 Insex funnies
PN6725 .I57x Inside comics
PN4888.U6 I57x Inside joke
PN6728.55.J3 I57x Insipid Six
PN6728.55.S76 I57x Instant comix 'n' drawings
PN4888.U5 I58x Instant gratification
PN6728.55.G27 I58x 1983 Intellectually stimulating comics
Onickel, Harold. 1983
PN6728.55.S75 I58x 1983 International Bambi: a saccharine children's book!
Stevens, Scott L.. 1983
SF441 .I57 International cat fancy
PN6728.55.C6 I58x Interstellar yuks
PN6728.55.C6 I585x Invasion of the Jorks
PN6728.55.K55 I76x Iron moose
PN6728.55.D65 I76x Isolation
PN6728.55.D32 I8x 1985 It has no story--
Luciano, Dale. 1985
PN6728.55.J64 I82x Itchy scaly comics & drawings
PN6725 .I77x It's a fanzine
Z664.P46 I77x 1978 It's a mystery: Summer Reading Club, or, "The ghost of Philo Zooks"
Erling, George. 1978
JK7501 .I77x It's the exencephalic query: the magazine for secessionary folk
PN6728.55.V85 J2x J Vukos fine-arts magazine
PN6728.55.J3 J35x Jabberwocky Graphix
PN6728.55.J3 J33x 1981 Jabberwocky Graphix
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN6728.55.J3 J32x Jabberwocky
PN6731 .J23x 1979 Jacques
Boivin, Jacques. 1979
PN6728.55.M52 J24x Jag
PN6728.55.D42 J27x 1985 Jarhead
Favreau, Marc. 1985
ML156.4.J3 E75x 1985 Jazzin' it up at th' Newark, NJ Record Collectors Show
Erling, George. 1985
PN6728.55.P59 J45x 1983 Jennifer
Pizz. 1983
PN6728.55.R9 J55x 1983 Jimix
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1983
PN6728.55.S6 J62x 1985 Job under the strobe
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
NC975.5.R53 R53x 1980z John D Richards designs
Richards, John D. 1980
PN6728.55.V53 J65x 1983 Jojo's xpiritual con-fron-ta-tion
Gabriel, Gato. 1983
PN6728.45.L3 J65x 1983 Jokes for jerks calendar
PS3555.B47 J68x 1986 Journal in hell
Eberly, John. 1986
PN6728.55.S7 J2x JR Williams' fun house
PN6728.55.L65 J85x Juice city
NC975.5.K47 K47x 1980z Julian Kernes
Kernes, Julian. 1980
PN6728.55.P47 J85x 1983 Jungle cunning (a fabrication of a multi-media event)
PN6728.55.M48 J85x 1983 Jungle jive!
Pearce, Brian. 1983
PS3555.B47 J85x 1985 Junk and other culture
Eberly, John. 1985
PN6728.45.P7 J85x Junkwaffel
PN6728.55.B58 J87x Jus' stuff
PN6728.55.R64 J87x Just another 8-page wonder
PN6728.55.K34 K34x Kagé comics presents Shin Kagé
PN4888.U5 K25x Kansas college of collage
PN6735 .K45x 1979 Keltic comix
Murdoch, Graham. 1979
PN6728.55.C6 K45x 1982 Kentucky komics
Kaegin, Terry A. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 K49x 1982 Keyhole komix
PN6728.55.M48 K53x 1982 Kick-butt funnies!
Pearce, Brian. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 K54x 1981 Kid kinx
PN6728.55.M48 K55x Killer bunnies
E185.97.K5 A755 1993 King 1
Anderson, Ho Che. 1993
E185.97.K5 A755 2002 King 2
Anderson, Ho Che. 2002
PN6728.55.C6 K55x 1982 King Krab komix
Waltman, James. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 K56x 1983 King of hairy flies
Miller, David E. 1983
PN6728.45.P7 K55x Kingdom of Heaven is within you comix
PN6728.55.C6 K57x 1981 Kitty litter
Harvey, R. C.. 1981
PN6735 .K66x Knockabout comics
PN6728.55.S63 K66x Koochie koodle gallery of art and comic sketching
PN6728.55.B75 K67x 1981 Kozmik star comics
Hill, Michael R. 1981
PN6728.55.C6 K72x Krazy komix
PN6728.45.P7 K92x Kyklops comics
PN6728.55.R9 C25x 1982 La cámara desmayada
Sax, Dr. 1982
PN6728.5.L2 L2x LA funnies
PN6728.55.V53 H57x 1983 La historia terminar: el viaje empieza
Smith, Oscar. 1983
PN6728.55.C45 L22x 1981 Lab rat funnies
Scharff, Steven F. 1981
PN6728.55.P47 L25x 1984 Land of consciousness
Boivin, Jacques. 1984
PN6728.55.W45 L27 1989bx Larry of McCleary and other characters
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1989
PN6728.55.W45 L27x 1989 Larry of McCleary and other characters
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1989
PN6727.H47 M8 1990 Las mujeres perdidas
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1990
PN6728.55.C6 L26x 1985 Last love
Baker, Lee (Cary Lee). 1985
QE862.D5 I76x 1980 Last of the dinosaurs
Irons, Gregory. 1980
PN6728.55.C6 L27x 1983 Latenight lady comix
PN6728.55.A73 L28x 1985 Laugh George comics
Arakelian, Henry. 1985
PN6728.45.L3 L28x Laugh in the dark
PN6728.55.W35 M67x 1983 Le mortè comix
Weir, Larry. 1983
PN6728.45.C35 L42x 1974 Lean years
PN6728.55.L42 L42x 1985 Leaping Weasel Productions
Howard, John. 1985
PN6728.45.A6 L44x Left-field funnies
PN6728.55.D33 L44x 1985 Leftovers
Coovert, Dale Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.S6 L44x Legion of Super-Peoples
PN6728.45.P7 L45x 1966 Lenny of Laredo!
Beck, Joel. 1966
PN6728.55.L46 L46x 1983 Leonine calendar: it's 1984
Holverson, Doug. 1983
PN6728.55.L46 L465x 1984 Leonine Press 1985 calendar
Holverson, Doug. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 L46x Lepus
PN6728.55.C6 G565x Les Girls
PN6728.55.W45 L47x 1985 Let us suppose there is such a thing as reincarnation--
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN5355.F55 L48x Leukemia
PN4888.U5 L48x Level
Z664.E94 L52x 1988 Library comix
Z664.E94 L52x 1989 Library comix
PN6728.55.S7 L53x The life and times of Morty the Dog The lives & deaths of Morty the Dog
Willis, Steve (Steven).
PN6728.55.P65 L54x 1981 Life with Elmo
Green, Grass. 1981
PN6728.55.S7 L54x 1985 Life with Skippy
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.45.P7 L54x 1971 Light comitragies
Irons, Gregory. 1971
PN6728.55.W42 L54x Lightwood: critter propaganda
PN6728.55.C6 L55x 1983 L'il newavers
PN6728.55.C6 L56x Liquid love comix
PN6728.55.C65 L57x Litmus
PN6728.55.C6 L57x Little book of big tits
PN6728.45.B65 L57x 1972 Little book of inner space
PN4888.U5 L57x The Little free press
PN6728.55.C25 L57x 1984 Little known Olympic sports
Wilcken, Kurt. 1984
PN6728.55.M85 L57x 1984 Little Meno in Mumbleland
E., John. 1984
PN6727.H47 L59 2000 Locas in love
Hernandez, Jaime. 2000
PN6728.55.O36 L65x Lollapaloosa
PN6728.55.W29 L66x 1979 Looking ahead, dropping dead
Wayne, Richard N. 1979
PN6728.55.D42 L66x Loonatic frenge
PN6728.5.R6 L66x Loops
PN6728.55.P47 L67x 1984 Lordy, Lordy, where's Mr Morty?
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.J3 L67x 1981 Lots of dots
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN1997 .L68x Louie Bluie
Crumb, R.
PN6728.55.M48 L68x 1983 Louise
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1983
PN6728.55.B67 L68x Lousy parents comix
PN6727.H47 L6 1993 Love & rockets, X
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1993
PN6727.H4 L62 1987 Love & rockets
Hernandez, Jaime. 1987
PN6728.55.V65 L685x Low budget funnies featurette
PN6728.55.V65 L68x Low budget funnies
PN6728.55.C6 L69x Low grade mini comix series
PN6728.55.T47 L74x 1985 LSD comix
PN6727.H47 L8 1996 Luba conquers the world
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1996
PN6728.55.V65 L84x Lugnuts
PN6728.55.S7 L85x 1990 Lump soup sciolpluileas!: featuring Morty the Dog and Ed the Happy Clown! Willis, Steve (Steven)
PN6728.55.S7 L85x 1985 Lump soup sciolpluileas! Brown, Chester
PN6728.55.L46 L85x 1982 Lumpy the Amazon
Holverson, Doug. 1982
PN6728.55.D5 L87x Lure of death
PN6728.55.R64 L87x 1982 Lust ratio
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1982
PN6728.55.R9 L87x 1984 Lust ratio
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1984
PN6728.55.U55 L95x Lynx
PN6728.55.S6 M22x Mable
PN6725 .M24x Madzine for fan-addicts
PN4888.U5 M25x Magazine
PN4888.U5 M24x Magical blend
PN6728.55.P4 M25x 1982 Make yer own book
Petertil, V. Tucker. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 M25x 1983 Making waves
Waltman, James. 1983
PN4888.U5 M26x. Malice
PN6728.55.D347 M25x Mambo: iconoclast comix
PN6728.55.V25 M25x 1973 Manfurd P the wurm in "Deuteronomy"
Valandingham, John. 1973
PN4888.U5 M28x Mantra
PN6728.55.T47 M25x Many faces of Harold
PN6728.55.A73 M26x 1985 Maori comix
Arakelian, Henry. 1985
PN6728.55.D342 M27x Marble universe
PN6728.55.M94 M27x 1983 Marc Myers comix and storeez
Myers, Marc. 1983
PN6728.55.U55 M27x Marshmallowman
PN6728.55.W54 M27x Mashuga
PN6728.55.x49 M27x 1983 Masks
X, Bob. 1983
PN6728.55.N6 M27x Matt comics
PN6728.55.S7 M27x 1984 Maturity
Roach, Ronald Russell. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 M28x 1982 Mausoleum of misdoubt
Pearce, Brian. 1982
PN6728.55.J3 M29x 1984 Mazing
Foster, Brad W. 1984
PN6728.55.S555 M4x 1983 Me and my ego
Simons, Alan. 1983
PN6728.55.L24 M42x 1981 Mean cat
Lafler, Steve. 1981
PN6728.55.L24 M42x 1981 Mean cat
Lafler, Steve. 1981
PN6728.55.S55 M42x 1982 Mean thin lines! Silvia, Pete
PN6728.55.R9 M42x 1982 Meat signals
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1982
PN6728.55.M94 M44x Media surprise
PN6728.45.P7 M44x Meef comix
PN6728.55.F26 M44x Mega zine
PN6728.55.M48 M45x Memos from the cell of a mad cartoonist
PN6728.45.M45 M45x Mendocino funnies
PN4888.U5 M47x Metamorphosis
PN6725 .M47x Metro Comics update 82
PN6725 .M53x Michigan fandom times
PN6728.55.J63 M53x Micro Woman!
PN6728.55.M48 M53x Micro-Comics newsletter
PN6728.55.M48 M535x 1983 Micro-comics with Lloyd's dorm
Temmel, Tim. 1983
PN6728.55.M48 M54x Micro-tales
PN6728.45.C35 M54x Middle class fantasies
PN6728.55.M62 M55x Mike Draney's cheeeeeeeeeeeeep laffs
PN6728.55.C47 M55x 1985 Mike Malarkey
Chrislip, Bruce. 1985
PN6728.5.E25 M55x 1981 Mike Mist minute mist-eries
Collins, Max Allan. 1981
PN6702.M55 F67x 1984 Milehicon 16
Foster, Brad W. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 M55x 1983 Milk crazed zombies
Stenberg, Jeff. 1983
ML1 .M55x Milkshake mademoiselle
PN6731 .M55x 1992 Mille Putains present the farmer's wives
Bossé, Simon. 1992
NX1 .M55x Millions of marbles
PN6728.55.W44 M55x 1984 Milt the Mutation: minimalist comics for the modern short attention span
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1984
PN6728.45.A54 M54x 1975 Mind warp: an anthology
Sheridan, Dave. 1975
PN6728.55.C6 M55x Mind-shift
PN6728.55.S78 M55x Mini haha komix
PN6735 .M55x Mini mesh monthly
PN6010.5.M55x Minifictions
PN6728.55.P37 M55x Mini-ha-ha
PN6728.55.D32 M55x Minimalist dada
PN6728.55.C6 M56x Mini-tips
PN6728.55.H68 M57x Mirror image
PN6728.55.B565 M55x Misc funnies
PN6728.55.H495 M57x Misc! comics
PN6728.55.M8 M57x Miscellania unlimited
PN6728.45.R4 M575x 1979 Missoula comix proudly presents Missoula scandals
PN6728.45.R4 M57x Missoula comix
PN6728.55.M48 M57x Mister Doom
PN6728.55.S78 M59x Mixed nuts
PN6728.55.C43 M62x Moat City
PN6728.55.A63 M62x Mobile destruct
PN6728.55.G27 M64x Modern depression magazine
PN6728.55.C645 M64x 1981 Modern economics
Cosgriff, John C. 1981
PN6728.55.W38 M64x Modern historicality
PN6728.55.C6 M64x Modern meat
PN6727 .M65x 1981 Molarity: don't make a right
Molinelli, Michael. 1981
PN6728.55.C6 M65x 1982 Moldy skull comix
Fiorilla, Steve. 1982
PN6728.45.K5 M65x Mom's homemade comics
PN6728.45.R33 M65x Monday funnies
PN6728.55.D33 M65x 1985 Mondo m
Coovert, Dale Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.V53 M65x Mono b-zarro
PN6728.55.T47 M65x 1982 Monster comix
Roden, Michael. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 M66x Monster mash
Z664.P46 M65x 1985 Monster nonsense
Erling, George. 1985
PN6728.55.D342 M67x Monsters & mutants
PN6728.55.T47 M66x 1984 Monsters from Japan
Roden, Michael. 1984
PN4888.U5 M65x Monthly independent tribune times journal post gazette news chronicle bulletin
PN6725 .M66x Moon stone
PN6728.45.P7 M66x Moondog
PN4830.C3 M66x Moonscape
PN6728.55.C64 M66x Moose
PN6731 .M66x 1983 More "tea"? comix
Roldo. 1983
PN6728.55.D47 M67x More Ron
PN6728.55.E75 M67x 1985 Morfy comix
Erling, George. 1985
PN6728.55.H55 M67x 1985 Mormony comix
Holman, Par (Parley L.). 1985
PN6728.55.D342 M67x Morons, monsters and mutants
PN6728.55.W45M67x Morty comix
Willis, Steve (Steven).
PN6728.55.O53 M67x 1985 Morty comix
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6731 .M67x 1985 Morty comix
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6731 .M672x 1985 Morty comix
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.55.H49 M67x 1986 Morty prima facie!
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1986
PN6728.55.S7 M69x 1992 Morty the Dog in the shadow of the rainbow
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1992
PN6728.55.M8 M67x Morty the dog
PN6728.55.S7 M68x 1984 Morty the Dog
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1984
PN6728.55.W45 M69x 1989 Morty without tears and, Planet of the Bobs
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1989
PN6728.45.R2 M67x Motor City comics
PN6728.4.H47 M7x Mr A
PN6728.55.P47 M7x 1981 Mr Artie Klip
Conway, Bob. 1981
PN6728.55.W44 M7x 1983 Mr Artistic
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1983
PN6728.55.W44 M72x 1984 Mr Badd
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1984
PN6728.55.S75 M7x 1984 Mr Fix
Stevens, Scott L. 1984
PN6728.55.I48 M7x Mr Mouth
PN6728.55.W38 M83x 1993 Muck duch
Zenick, Jeff. 1993
PN6728.55.M85 M86x Mumbles Publications: mail order catalogue
PN6728.55.M85 M85x Mumbles
PN6728.55.M85 M855x 1985 Mumbles
Eberly, John. 1985
PN6728.55.P47 M87x 1984 Muscle Man
Dwyer, Norm. 1984
PN6727.H47 M87 1996 Music for mechanics
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1996
PN4888.U5 M87x Mutant lifestyle
PN6728.55.S7 M87x 1984 Mutant melodies
Hardman, Garry. 1984
PN6728.55.R9 M87x 1982 Mut-ant mode
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1982
PN6728.55.H58 M98x 1985 MX
Honeycutt, Mike. 1985
PN6728.55.P4 M94x 1982 Mxgxzine
Petertil, V. Tucker. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 M9x My hero comix
PN4888.U5 M9x My life as a girl
PN6728.55.H58 M97x 1985 Mystery hearsay
Honeycutt, Mike. 1985
PN6728.55.H58 M975x 1985 Mystery X
Honeycutt, Mike. 1985
NX1 .M97x Mythos
PN6728.55.S55 N2x 1984 N now a senseless waste of paper!
Silvia, Pete. 1984
PN6728.55.M25 N25x 1984 Nancy
McCloud, Scott. 1984
PN6728.55.L48 N27x Nasty monster comix
PN6728.55.B23 N27x 1982 Nate the talking snake Dumb broad starring Sue Nasty
Kevins, Jim. 1982
PN6726 .N3 National lampoon comics
PN6728.55.W45 N27x 1986 Natural functions
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1986
PN6728.55.B65 N28x Nauga comix
Bolman, Ted (Edward Lee).
PN6728.55.C6 N28x 1985 Nauhty girls
Peppers, Willie L. 1985
PN6728.5.F3 N42x Neat stuff
PN6728.55.H495 N42x Neato keen comics
PN6728.55.M385 N46x 1993 Neon paisley dino attack on Morty comix
Maximum Traffic. 1993
PN6728.55.S85 N48x Neutron
PN6728.55.M48 N48x 1982 New adventures of Stupid Boy
Carpenter, Randy. 1982
PN6728.55.M48 N485x 1983 New adventures of Stupid Boy
Carpenter, Randy. 1983
PN4888.U5 N48x New girl network
PN6728.55.H495 N48x New guys
PN6728.55.C6 N48x 1980 New moon
PN6728.55.N47 N48x New news
PN6728.55.T29 N48x Newave artoonz
PN6725 .N48x 1983 Newave manifesto
Geerdes, Clay. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 N485x 1983 Newoman
PN6728.55.G42 N54x 1981 Night beat
Geary, Rick. 1981
PN6728.55.M48 N54x Night Man
PN6728.55.M48 N545x 1983 Night my speaker ate me!
Mills, Ken. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 N54x 1982 Night sweats
PN6728.55.M4 N54x Nightfall
PN6728.55.D38 N55x Ninja eyes
PN6728.55.H54N58x 1985 Nivlem comix
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.x49 N58x 1984 Nkwm
X, Bob. 1984
PN6728.55.R9 N6x 1984 No ceiling
PN6728.55.M94 N6x No com-ix
PN4888.U5 N6x No commercial potential
PN6731 .N6x No name comix
PN6728.55.S78 N6x 1985 No point
Stump, Robert A. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 N6x 1982 No rent
Kangas, Mia. 1982
PN6728.55.G25 N6x No sex
PN4888.U5 N62x No space no time magazine
PN6728.55.C6 N62x 1980 Nobel sperm funnies
Valentino. 1980
PN6790.F5 N65x Noitarumpu
PN6728.55.x49 N65x Non
PN6728.55.M48 N6x 1982 No-name comix!
Pearce, Brian. 1982
PN6728.55.R9 N63x 1985 Non-comix comix
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1985
PN6728.55.R9 N65x 1983 Nonmorty comix
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1983
PN6728.55.J3 N65x 1985 Nonsense, somesense
Foster, Brad W. 1985
PN6728.55.H55 N66x Noo toons
PN6728.55.H29 N66x 1984 Noon report
Haynes, Max. 1984
PN6728.5.A27 N67x Normalman
PN6728.55.N6 N673x Not Available Comics catalog
PN6728.55.N6 N67x Not available comics
PN6728.55.N6 N675x Not available king-size annual
PN6728.55.S635 N67x Not so secret wars
PN6728.55.R9 N67x 1980 Notary sojac
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1980
PN6728.55.N6 N68x Notavailamail
PN6728.55.V85 N67x 1980 Nothing special
Vukos, James. 1980
PN6728.55.C6 N68x Now! comix
PN4888.U5 N8x Nu yu
PN6731 .N82x Nuclear comics
PN6728.55.W42 N84x Nu-drawn bomb
PN6728.55.S7 N85x 1985 Nukemare
Roach, Ronald Russell. 1985
PN6728.55.D42 N87x 1985 Nuthouse
Favreau, Marc. 1985
PN6728.55.E85 N87x 1979 Nutso toons
PN6728.55.C6 N88x 1983 Nuwave made e-z
Howard, John. 1983
PN6728.55.C49 N99x Nyxlupi
PN6728.55.E73 O27x Oatmeal
PN6728.55.H58 O2x 1984 Ob-ject
Honeycutt, Mike. 1984
PN6728.55.E27 O25x 1985 Oblivia: down like a big dog
E., John. 1985
PN6728.55.O27 O27x Obscure fun-book
PN6728.55.C6 O44x Oddball kicks
PN6728.55.B23 O44x Officer Byrd
PN6710 .K46x The official underground and newave comix price guide: listing alternative comix in the US & Canada from 1962 to the present
Kennedy, Jay.
PN4888.U5 O4x Oh, no, not that!
PN6728.45.K5 O2x OK comics
PN6728.55.C6 O54x Old girlfriends
PN6728.45.K72 O54x 1972 Old rabbits, and many others
Kramer, Tom. 1972
PN6728.55.S7 O54x Old tales
PN6728.55.M48 O55x Olnotch the Barbarian
PN6728.55.S74 O52x Omaha the cat dancer
PN6728.55.G745 O54x Omega
PN6728.55.O5 O56x Omni features
PN6728.55.O53 O56x 1985 Omnia mutantur
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.55.C6 O55x 1983 On golden pun
Glenworth, Clive. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 O555x On the air
PN6728.55.C44 O54x 1979 One (1) day close to Hell
Pruner, James Dean, d. 1988. 1979
PN6728.55.K34 O54x 1985 One normal guy talking with a nut!
Foster, Brad W. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 O56x 1980 One shot comix
Green, Grass. 1980
PN6728.55.J3 O54x 1984 One year's worth
Foster, Brad W. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 O64x Oodles of doodles
LH1.L67 O65x Oompa: the serious humor magazine
ML1 .O6x Op
PN6728.55.A24 O64x Open house
PN6728.55.T47 O72x Oracle comix
PN6071.S33 O72x Oracle: the magazine of graphic science-fiction & fantasy
PN6728.55.G52 O72x Orb
PN6728.55.C6 O74x 1984 Order in the court!
Waltman, James. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 O75x Organs on parade
PN6728.55.O75 O752x Original Comics news flash
PN6728.55.O75 O75x Original comics
PN6728.55.G26 O74x Other worlds
PN6728.55.J3 O87x Our story thus far
PN6728.55.C23 O87x 1992 Our year in disbelief
Campos, Mark. 1992
PN6728.55.W45 O87x Outside in: a self-portrait gallery
PN5137.U53 O84x Over the wall
PN6728.55.S7 O84x 1983 Overheard at America's lunch counters
Catherine, Susan. 1983
PN6728.55.J3 O88x Overly-busty nekkid Amazon space bimbos
PN6071.S33 O85x Owlflight
PN6735 .P24x 1980 Paddington bared: St Mary's Hospital rag mag
PN6728.55.C6 P24x Pagan comix
LH1.W57 P25x Pail & Shovel extra!
PN6728.45.B24 P25x 1977 Pain
Geiser, Dave. 1977
PN6725 .P25x Panels
PN6728.55.S55 P25x Panelular modulationism
PN6728.55.C47 P26x Paper comix
PN6728.55.D66 P26x Paper cuts
PN6728.55.L48 P26x Paper pussy: paper fanatic rabid collector's edition
PN6728.55.C47 P265x Paper tales
PN4888.U5 P27x Parallax
PN6728.55.R9 P27x Paranoia psychomix
PN6728.55.M495 P27x Pardon my fuckup: being an informal supplement to WUTA # 9
PN6728.55.L42 P27x 1984 Parking lot warriors
Howard, John. 1984
PN6728.55.H55 P27x Partoons
PN6728.55.D47 P27x Party hearty van man
PN6735 P28x. Pavement pizza
PN6728.55.S7 P28x Paw prints
PN6728.55.S63 P44x Peeping Tom comix
PN6728.55.E75 P45x Pencil comix
PN6728.55.S63 P445x 1980 Penguin portfolio
PN6728.55.S63 P45x 1983 Penguin summer
PN6728.55.S63 P455x 1981 Penguins in bondage
Gibson, Wayne. 1981
PN6728.55.S63 P455x 1983 Penguins in bondage
Gibson, Wayne. 1983
PN6714 .P45x Penny Ranch price list
PN6728.55.E85 P46x 1980 Pep comix
PN6728.55.P78 P47x Perihelion
PN6728.55.D32 P47x 1985 Persecution and assasination of Morty the Dog by the ingrates of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sadadada
Luciano, Dale. 1985
Z664.P46 P47x 1983 Personal computers and computer programming: a booklist
Erling, George. 1983
PN6728.55.C73 P42x 1978 Phantom Lady
Crawford, Randy. 1978
LJ85.P45 A3 Phi Kappa Phi forum
PN6702.P45 H68x 1983 Philcon guide
Howarth, Matt. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 P46x 1979 Photography
Geerdes, Clay. 1979
PN6728.55.C55 P48x Phunny book
PN6728.55.A63 P53x Picklehead: pro hero
PN6728.55.C49 P54x Pieman
PN6728.55.D65 P56x 1985 Pipe confirmation
PN6728.55.P59 P59x 1984 Pizz porn: 8 page zipper flipper
Pizz. 1984
PN6745 .P52x Placid et Muzo
PN6728.55.T47 P52x 1983 Plain loon's cosmic house
Roden, Michael. 1983
PN6728.55.C42 P52x Plasma
PN6728.55.P47 P52x Platinum toad
PN6728.55.B23 P52x Playfrog
PN6728.55.C6 P52x 1980 Playorgan: entertainment for pricks
Miller, David E. 1980
PN6728.55.V65 P52x Playstocker
PN6728.55.V53 P55x 1983 Plight of Mr Wang
Gabriel, Gato. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 P82x 1981 Plubic pyramid
Kaegin, Terry A. 1981
PN6728.55.x2 P64x 1985 Pod meets Morty the Dog
X, Bob. 1985
PN6728.55.S7 P64x 1985 Pod meets Morty the Dog
X, Bob. 1985
PN6727.H47 P6 1994 Poison river
Hernandez, Gilbert. 1994
PN6731 .P65x Polar funnies: catalog of comic art
PN6728.55.S6 P66x Poof!
PN6725 .P66x The Poopsheet
PN6725 P66x. The Poopsheet
PN6728.55.V65 P67x Porno frog
PN6728.45.P27 P67x Portland underground comix
PN6710 .P67x Postcard comix file
PN4830.C3 P67x Potboiler
PN6728.55.O75 P67x Poto
PN6728.55.D48 P68x 1984 Pow
DeVore, Edward Arnold. 1984
PN6728.55.F59 P64x Ppfzt!
PN6728.55.M48 P74x 1984 Prel-ude (prel´-yüd, pra-lüd)
Cicala, Steve. 1984
PN6728.55.M85 P74x President's proctologist
PN6071.S33 P74x Pretentious science fiction quarterly
Pn6728.55.F84 P75x 1984 Prime evil
Fugate, Billy. 1984
PN6728.45.P7 P75x Print Mint
PN6728.55.D48 P75x 1985 Private Potatobug
DeVore, Edward Arnold. 1985
PN6728.45.G55 P76x 1966 The profit
Beck, Joel. 1966
PN6728.55.H54 P76x 1985 Prologue
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 P76x 1985 Pros and cons: a San Diego Con memorybook '85
Clark, Randy W. 1985
PN6728.55.D95 P76x Protectors
PN6728.45.C79 P74x 1972 Pseudo pstrips
Vient, Art. 1972
PN6731.P74x 1985 Pseudo-Morty comix
Brown, Chester. 1985
PN6728.55.D42 P79x Psycho
PN6728.55.W47 P82x 1991 Publication credits
Wilson, Blair. 1991
PN6728.55.H495 P85x 1985 Punk memories '85
Baker, Lee (Cary Lee). 1985
PN6728.55.C6 P85x 1982 Punk rock guide to sex
Miller, David E. 1982
PN4888.U5 P85x Punklust
PN6728.55.C6 P86x Punkomix
PN6728.55.D48 P86x 1982 Puppets
DeVore, Edward Arnold. 1982
PN6731 .P86x 1983 Puppy chewed comix
Roldo. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 P87x 1981 Puppy hell
PN6728.55.B75 P87x Pure insanity
PN6728.55.B75 P88x Pure sex
PN6728.55.P66 P87x Pussyfootin' portfolio
PN6728.55.S7 P97x 1985 Pyschedelic xexperience
X, Bob. 1985
PN5557.U53 Q74x Q36 K
PN5577.U53 Q74x Q36
PN6728.4.S74 Q82x Quack
PN6728.55.S42 Q82x 1983 Qualude gang fuck
Bryant, Ben. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 Q82x 1981 Quark II
Goebert, Jerry. 1981
PN6728.55.T47 Q84x 1984 Queen of hairy flies
PN6728.55.N48 Q84x Quest
PN6728. 55
PN6727.C7 F54x 1981 R Crumb checklist of work and criticism: with a biographical supplement and a full set of indexes
Fiene, Donald M. 1981
PN6727.C7 R16 1997 The R Crumb coffee table art book
Crumb, R. 1997
PN6728.45.R5 R2x R Crumb's comics and stories
PN6728.55.M48 R23x 1984 Rack: a graphic opera
Temmel, Tim. 1984
PN6728.45.R335 R25x 1969 Radical America komiks
PN6728.55.M48 R243x 1983 Radical Rat
Mills, Ken. 1983
PN6728.55.S86 R25x Rainbow comix
PN6728.55.S7 R25x Raining quills
NX1 .R25x Rainroots
PN6728.55.S45 R25x Raleigh cartoon calvacade
PN6728.55.H495 R25x 1985 Randy comics
Paske, Randall J. 1985
PN6728.55.H49 R27x Rat race
PN6728.55.K65 R27x Ratz
PN6728.55.M48 R29x 1982 Ray Gunn, space detective
Stenberg, Jeff. 1982
PN6728.55.R29 R29x 1984 Ray Zone's zone show interview with Robt Williams
PN6728.55.C6 R285x 1985 Razz knows
Siergey, Jim. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 R29x 1983 Razzle
Siergey, Jim. 1983
PN6728.55.S7 R2x RBI grafix
NX1 .R42x Reader
PN6728.45.W27 R42x 1970 Reader's digest X: no one under 17 admitted
PN6728.45.R36 R36x Real deal
PN6728.55.E85 R42x 1979 Real dope thrills
PN6728.55.M94 R42x 1982 Real dumb adventure comix
Myers, Marc. 1982
PN6728.55.C63 R42x Real fun
PN6728.55.J3 R42x Real funny animals
PN6728.55.M49 R42x 1983 Real McGees
Miller, David E. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 R42x 1981 Real pubic thrills
PN6728.55.S624 R42x Realm of adventure
PN6728.55.T22 R42x Realm of fantasy
PN6728.55.R43 R43x Recent comics
PN6728.55.P65 R43x Regco stick-a-pic
Green, Grass.
PN6728.55.P65 R44x Regco's variety showcase
PN6728.55.x49 R44x 1983 Regular monster
Darmstaedter, Chet A. 1983
PN6728.55.x49 R44x 1984 Regular monster
Darmstaedter, Chet A. 1984
PN6728.55.L48 R45x Relics
PN6728.55.V53 R45x 1983 Rellik X
Gabriel, Gato. 1983
PN6728.55.H42 R45x Remember: the Elliott Roden portfolio
PN6731 .R47x 1985 Response to Morty comix # 1015
Brown, Chester. 1985
PN6728.55.W45 R47x Retreads
Willis, Steve (Steven).
PN6728.45.S3 R53x Ric Sloane comics
NX1 .R53x Richmond arts magazine
PN6728.55.E85 R54x 1981 Riffs
Chrislip, Bruce. 1981
PN6728.45.R5 R565x Rip off comix
PN6728.45.R5 R56x Rip off: the international journal of humor and comic strip art
PN6728.55.R44 R2x 1985 RIP the answer: with Cy, Nic & Al
Eades, John. 1985
PN6728.55.S7 R57x 1987 The rise and fall of Morty the Dog
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1987
PN6731 .R57x 1982 Rites of sproing
Roldo. 1982
PN6728.55.E85 R62x Robot romance
PN6728.55.M48 R63x Rochella
PN6728.4.L25 R63x Rock comics
PN6735 .R63x Rock 'n' roll madness
ML1 .R63x The Rocket
PN6728.55.H495 R64x Rodant
PN6728.55.C49 R65x 1985 Roly poly pudding
PN4888.U5 R65x Romance killed by industry
PN6728.55.C6 R67x 1983 Rosebud cartoons
Boyce, Terry. 1983
PN6728.45.C76D45x 1993 Rough copy of Demi 2
Crompton, Steven S. 1993
PN6728.55.G3 R68x Round house
PN6728.55.S34 R68x Rowrbrazzle
PN6728.55.J3 R84x Rudetoons
PN6728.55.T64 R85x Runes
PN6728.55.C6 R87x 1985 Rustic enigma
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen. 1985
PN6728.55.H59 S23x 1983 Sacker!
Howard, John. 1983
PN6728.55.Z47 S24x Saga of Delta Nine
PN6728.55.E85 S25x 1979 Samo comix
Whitney, Gary. 1979
PN6702.S3 S3x San Diego Comic-Con
PN6702.S3 S33x San Diego Con progress report
PN6728.55.G42 S25x 1981 San Diego transit
Geary, Rick. 1981
PN6728.45.S3 S25x San Francisco comic book
PN6728.55.S7 S25x 1985 Sand-paper comix
Ovaska, Janne. 1985
PN6728.55.C78 S25x 1993 Sanity impaired kat
Crum, Kel M. 1993
PN6790.F5 S27x Sarjatekijä
PN6728.55.S78 S27x Sasquatch comix
Z664.P46 S28x 1979 Saucer mania
Erling, George. 1979
PN6728.45.P7 S28x Savage humor
PN6728.55.S6 S29x Sax and violins
PN6728.55.G75 S29x Sayings of Zen Fandel
PN6728.55.S78 S32x Scabrous komix
PN6728.55.C6 S32x 1982 Scam
Geerdes, Clay. 1982
PN6728.55.M55 S32x Scarlet press
PN6728.55.G72 S32x Scat
PN4888.U5 S32x Scavenger's newsletter
PN3566.A77 S34x 1980 Schizein
Passmann, Michele. 1980
PN6728.45.L3 S34x 1973 Schizophrenia
Bodé, Vaughn. 1973
PN6728.55.P7 S34x Schzoid comix
PN6071.S33 S35x Science fiction review
PN6728.55.B75 S35x Science friction
PN6728.55.O53 S37x 1985 Scrap race to Acropolis
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.55.S37 S372x Scratchez update
PN6728.55.S37 S37x Scratchez
PN6728.55.R54 S37x Screen dumps
PN6728.55.S7 S422x 1985 Seattle star advertising rates
Dowers, Michael (Michael Robert). 1985
PN6728.55.S7 S42x Seattle star
PN6728.55.S56 S43x Secret of the dreamweaver
PN6728.55.H47 S45x 1979 Selected sketchbook pages, 1975-1979
Vukos, James. 1979
PN4888.U5 S45x Sentinel
PN6728.55.M48 S46x 1982 Sepulcher of shock
Pearce, Brian. 1982
PN6728.55.M48 S465x Sepulcher of sox
PN6728.55.C2 S47x Serious comics
PN6714 .H27x 1980z Sex in the comics
Hard, Peter B. 1980
PN6728.55.H495 S49x 1985 Sexism, suicide, and good ole sci-fi
Baker, Lee (Cary Lee). 1985
HQ1 .S43 Sexual freedom
ML5 .S42x Shades
PN6728.55.M85 S42x 1984 Shark bait
.E, John. 1984
PN6728.55.C6 S44x 1983 Sheep thrills
PN6728.55.H54 S455x Shink?agé
PB6728.55.H54 S45x 1985 Shink?agé
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.P36 S46x Shocking fear
PN6728.55.M48 S465x 1984 Shoot her in the back: there are 39,000 stories in Miami County, Indiana
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 S466x 1984 Shoot her in the face: there are 39,000 stories in Miami County, Indiana
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1984
PN6728.55.G42 S46x 1979 Shopping mall book
Geary, Rick. 1979
PN6728.55.S555 S46x 1983 Short lesson in philosophy
Simons, Alan. 1983
PN6728.55.W29 S46x 1983 Shorty comix
Wayne, Richard N. 1983
PN6728.55.S48 S48x Shut up! comics
PN6728.55.D48 S53x Sick dog funnies
PN6790.P67 S55x Simão
PN6735 .S55x Sin city
PN6728.55.W42 S55x 1985 Sinister clock
Bolman, Ted (Edward Lee). 1985
PN6728.C47 S57x 1978 Sissy?
Chick, Jack T. 1978
PN6790.F5 S58x Sivullinen
PN6728.55.C6 S52x Skatebroad: a new wave pin-up comic
PN6728.55.D32 S54x 1985 Skeptical eye
Luciano, Dale. 1985
PN6728.55.H47 S54x 1980 Sketchbook, March 4-12, 1980
Vukos, James. 1980
PN6728.55.S7 S55x 1993 Skinboy-- dead love
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1993
PN6728.55.J3 S55x 1984 Skinboy in space!
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1984
PN6728.55.C6 S53x Skinboy
PN6728.55.x49 S5x 1985 Skinboywild!
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1985
PN6728.55.S7 S56x 1993 Skinboywild!
Williams, J. R. (James Robert). 1993
PN6728.45.L3 S55x Skull
PN6728.55.M48 S59x 1982 Skyjack comics: there are 39,000 stories in Miami County, Indiana
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1982
PN6728.55.F23 S52x Slam bang
PN6728.55.T465 S52x 1982 Slammer comix
Roach, Ronald Russell. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 S54x Sleazy horror
PN6728.55.C6 S55x 1979 Slice of the pie
Tamsula, Alex. 1979
PN6728.45.L3 S56 Slow death comix
PN6728.55.W67 S58x Slur
PN6725 .S52x Small press advertiser
PN6725 .S55x Small press comics explosion
PN6725 .S57x Small press comics fanola
PN6725 .S59x Small press report
PN6728.55.S6 S52x Small Town Comics catalog
PN6728.55.S6 S53x Small Town comics presents
PN6728.55.S6 S54x 1985 Small town mumbles
.E, John. 1985
PN6728.55.S6 S55x Small Town Publications newsletter
PN6728.45.K5 S55x Smile
PN6728.5.F28 S55x Smilin' Ed
PN6728.55.C6 S56x 1983 Smoke this comic
Geerdes, Clay. 1983
PN6728.55.W54 S58x Smurks
PN6731 .S52x Snafu
PN6731 .S53x 1983 Snafu
PN6728.55.x49 S52x 1984 Snake paranoia in the land of Oz
PN6728.45.A77 S52x Snapper
PN6731 .S54x Snapshot
PN6728.45.K5 S56x Snarf
PN6728.55.C2 S56x Snobhill countryclub
PN6728.55.H54 S6x 1985 So! Hollingsworth, Clint Lee
PN6728.55.V53 S2x 1983 SOB, SOB
Vicens, Ronald Gabriel. 1983
PN6728.55.H495 S63x Social commentary for our times: an examination of violence for children and other related topics
PN6728.55.P59 S63x Societies watch dog
PN6728.55.C6 S6x 1985 Soft thing
McCauley, Mark. 1985
PS3556.I822 S64x 1978 Softboiled: featuring Ratt and the Alley Runts
Fisher, Tom. 1978
PN6725 .S65x Sojourn
PN6728.55.G27 S65x 1985 Son of Boots
Onickel, Harold. 1985
PN6728.55.J3 S65x Son of the Book of man
PN6710 .K57x 1976 Son of the In-complete underground comix checklist
Kirch, Shelby. 1976
PN6710 .K57x 1977 Son of the In-complete underground comix checklist
Kirch, Shelby. 1977
PN5157.U53 S65x Songs quarterly
PN6728.45.C68 S65x 1982 Sonoma County comix
PN4888.U5 S67x Sorcerer's apprentice
PN6231.P8 S67x 1985 Sordid sorcery: the third punthology
ML3469 .S69 Sound choice
PN6723.55.C62 S68x South Dakota
PN6728.55.C72 S68x 1983 Soviet humor
Crawford, John. 1983
PN6725 .S62x Spa fon
PN6728.55.C6 S62x Space invaders
PN6728.55.E85 S62x 1980 Space junk comix
PN6728.55.C6 S63x 1980 Space tricking Telepathic sex
PN6728.55.F55 S62x 1980 Spaced kosmix for the mind
Florian, Dan. 1980
PN6728.45.C55 S62x Spaced
PN6728.55.P77 S62x Spaceman
PN6728.55.G7 S62x 1984 Spade
Wirrick, Aaron. 1984
PN6728.55.D85 S62x Sparrky's street art
PN6728.55.M48 S64x Specimens illustrated lyrics: a slice of college romance
PN6728.55.S64 S64x Spectrum
PN6728.55.C6 S64x Speedsprocket & the Gazelle
PN6728.45.P7 S64x Sphinx
PN6728.55.B5 S65x Spider
PN6728.55.M48 S65x 1983 Splatter comics
Martinec, Don. 1983
PN6728.55.B67 S66x Sporadic
BR1 .S67x Sprint
PN6728.55.N6 S68x Spud & Ernie
PN6728.55.P47 S68x Spud & Ernie
PN6728.55.T67 S68x Spud 'n' Ernie
PN6725 .S625x Squa tront
PN6728.55.M48 S68x 1982 Squatman and the creature from the black saloon
Stenberg, Jeff. 1982
PN6728.55.M48 S685x 1983 Squatman and the killer tadpoles
Stenberg, Jeff. 1983
PN6728.55.M48 S72x 1983 Stalker and the sneak
Miller, Bill. 1983
PN6728.55.M385 S72x Stamp out this sickness comix
PN6728.55.D33 S72x Standard edition
PN6728.5.L25 S72x Star fighters
PN6728.55.H495 S72x Star force featuring Captain Zot
PN6728.55.C73 S72x 1977 Star Trek: Spock in heat
Crawford, Randy. 1977
PN6728.55.L46 S72x 1983 Star truck
Holverson, Doug. 1983
PN6728.55.C73 S725x 1977 Star wars
Crawford, Randy. 1977
PN6728.55.S7 S72x Starhead comix
PN6725 .S72x Starlog presents comics scene
PN6728.55.B83 S72x Starslayers
PN6727 .K28x 1983 Stationed in Germany with Fred and Frank: the collection of cartoons
Kaufman, Charles L. 1983
PN6728.55.S7 S74x 1983 Steel guitar babies
Doinky, Gordon. 1983
PN6728.55.M85 S74x 1983 Stepping razor
Eberly, John. 1983
PN6728.55.C47 S48x 1985 Steve Willis and Michael Dowers came over to visit during Christmastime
Chrislip, Bruce. 1985
PN6728.55.M94 S75x Stick comics
PN6728.55.C6 S75x 1983 Stick it up your art
PN6728.55.S345 S75x Stimes times
PN6728.55.C6 S76x Stoner Man comix
PN6725 .S76x Stop magazine
PN6728.55.M48 S76x Stories from the secret archives of Essar
PN6728.55.H49 S76x Stories of the Ninja
PN6728.55.W45 S76x 1986 Storm warnings
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1986
PN6728.55.W45 S76x 1986b Storm warnings
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1986
PN6728.55.S7 S76x 1990 Storm warnings
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1990
PN6728.55.W42 S76x Story of It
PN6728.55.M49 S76x 1981 Storybored
Miller, David E. 1981
PN6728.55.G45 S77x Strange new comic concepts
PN6731 .S77x 1981 Strange times tales
Roldo. 1981
PN6728.55.H495 S77x Strange times
PN6728.55.M48 S77x 1984 Strange times
Gaither, Jeff. 1984
PN6728.55.H58 S77x 1984 Strata
Honeycutt, Mike. 1984
PN6728.55.A63 S78x Student "klone"
PN6728.55.S37 S78x Stuff by mail
PN6728.55.M62 S87x Stuff
PN6728.55.N6 S78x Stupid Boy
ML1 .S82x Sub pop
PN6728.55.C6 S82x 1982 Subliminal lobotomy
Hill, Michael R. 1982
PN6735 .S82x Sub-rosa
PN6735 S82x. Sub-rosa
PN6728.45.R5S82x Subvert comics
PN6728.55.M48 S84x Suds comix
PN6728.45.P7 S84x 1969 Suds
Florida, Buckwheat. 1969
Z664.P46 S85x 1980 Summer Muppet read-a-thon 1980
Erling, George. 1980
Z664.P46 S86x 1983 Summer read-out 1983
Erling, George. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 S85x Sundae funnies
55.C435S85x 1973. Sunfighter comix
1973. PN6728
PN6728.55.W42 S85x Sunshine roses
PN4888.U5 C27x 1976 Sunspark: guide to alternative periodicals
Carnahan, Don. 1976
PN6728.45.K5 S86x Super Soul comix
PN6728.55.M48 S86x 1983 Superchimp and Kalvin in gone campin'
Nelson, Greg. 1983
PN6728.55.F26 S86x Superchimp
PN6728.55.T22 S86x Supertit
PN6710 .W55 1985 suppl.1 Supplement 1, Folkomix: a catalog of underground, newave, and small press comix in the Washington State University rare books collection
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6710 .W55 1985 suppl.2 Supplement 2, Folkomix: a catalog of underground, newave, and small press comix in the Washington State University rare books collection
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.55.D83 S87x Surf City comics and stories
PN6790.F5 S88x Suuri kurpitsa
PN6728.55.C73 S82x 1977 Swamp thing
Crawford, Randy. 1977
PN6728.55.C76 S82x Swamped
PN6728.55.C6 S86x Sweet cheeks
PN6728.55.C2 S85x Swift comics!
PN5355.F55 T24x Tähtivaeltaja
PN6728.55.C23 T85x 1993 Tümz: Friday, June one: the Boatramp
Campos, Mark. 1993
PN6728.55.C6 T25x 1982 Taint
Eastman, Kevin B. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 T26x Tales from the inside
PN6728.45.L3 T25x Tales from the leather nun
PN6728.45.P7 T25x Tales from the ozone
PN6728.45.W4 T25x Tales from the plague
PN6728.55.F26 T25x Tales from the Reaper
PN6728.55.C6 T27x Tales from the Reaper
PN6728.55.S6 T25x Tales from the Reaper
LH1.E68 T35x 1981 Tales from the steam tunnels
PN6728.45.P7 T26x Tales from the tube
PN6728.55.M94 T25x Tales from--: a book of different art
PN6728.55.C6 T28x Tales of dirty, rotten violence
PN6120.95.F25 T25x Tales of horror & damnation
PN6728.55.K37 T25x Tales of Jerry
PN6728.55.B42 T25x Tales of the Beanworld
PN6728.55.D48 T25x 1985 Tales of the utterly futile
DeVore, Edward Arnold. 1985
PN6728.45.P7 T28x Tales of Toad and other stories
PN6728.55.M48 T25x Tales of villainesses
PN6728.55.A4 T26x Tales too tough for TV ad supplement
PN6728.55.A4 T25x Tales too tough for TV
TL765 .F67x 1976 TAMU Soaring Society
Foster, Brad W. 1976
PN6728.55.F29 T25x 1984 Tanna and Sheru
Fay, Timothy. 1984
PN6728.45.W26 T27x Tasty comix
PN6728.55.F23 T43x 1985 Technophobia
Foster, Brad W. 1985
PN6728.55.M5 T44x Teenage mutant ninja turtles
PN6728.55.C6 T44x Teenybopper anxieties
PN4888.U5 T45x Tele times
PN6725 .T45x Telegraph wire
PN6728.55.B67 T45x Television journey
PN6728.55.G45 T45x Temporary insanity comix
PN6728.45.A6 T47x 1971 Terminal comics
McMillan, Michael. 1971
PN4888.U5 T47x Terminal!
PN6728.55.W42 T47x Terra firma
PN6728.55.M48 T47x 1983 Terry Turtle
Wagner, Charles Alan. 1983
PN6728.55.U54 T47x Tetragrammaton fragments
PN6728.55.M48 T49x 1982 Tex Roughshod: Western hero
Curtis, Paul E. 1982
HD9696.C63 T49x Texas computer market
PN6728.55 That krazy, white mud-man from Y'ranus
PN6728.55.H68 T44x 1977 Their radiated visible frequency
PN6728.55.C6 T49x 1985 They return
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen. 1985
PN4888.U5 T455x Third rail magazine
PN6728.55.B75 T45x This is tattooed paper
PN6728.55.B76 T45x 1981 This one
PN6731 .T46x 1984 Thougt!h
Cartmill, Paul. 1984
PN4888.U5 T47x Throttle
PN6728.55.H495 T46x Through the sleeve comix
PN6728.55.T47 T47x Thru Black Holes Comix catalog
PN4888.U5 T48x Thudpucker: the subliterature of nondimensional linearism
PN6728.55.F87 T55x 1986 Time out for fun
Gaither, Jeff. 1986
PN6728.55.J63 T55x Time Passager [ie Passenger] and Walk Man
PN6728.55.O75 T55x Time Passager [ie Passenger] and Walk-Man
PN6728.55.P59 T55x 1983 Time to go: wherein we learn boredom is timeless
Pizz. 1983
Z664.P46 T55x 1984 Time travel log
Erling, George. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 T55x Time whatchamacallit
PN6728.55.M48 T56x 1983 Timechs
Curtis, Paul E. 1983
PN6728.55.V65 T55x Times r tuff
PN6728.55.H54 T55x 1985 Timewalker
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.C2 T55x Tinygiant comics and stories
PN6728.55.T57 T57x Titan comics
PN6728.55.B65 T62x 1985 Toads are in ditches: a dichotomy in two parts
Bolman, Ted (Edward Lee). 1985
PN6728.55.F27 T65x Tomato-Man minicomix
PN6728.55.C775 T65x 1990 The Toni compendium
Angel. 1990
PN6731 .T66x Too twisted tales
PN6728.55.D85 T66x 1980 Top comedy and bottom burlesque: an assortment of cartoons about sadomasochism-- with a few items of miscellaneous sexual perversity
Duncan, Bruce Nicholson. 1980
PN6725 .T67x Total review
PN6728.55.O54 T67x Totaly [ie totally] faced comix
Z664.P46 T68x 1981 Tough school project driving you crazy?: here's how the library can help you!
Erling, George. 1981
PN6728.55.C52 T68x Tout le monde
PN6728.55.W45 T72x 1983 The tragedy of Morty, Prince of Denmarke
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1983
PN6728.55.C6 T72x 1981 Transfer arteest
Foster, Brad W. 1981
PN6728.55.S7 T72x Transit pictorial
PN6728.55.x49 T74x 1986 Trees have eyes comix
Sloane, Ric. 1986
PN6728.55.C49 T75x 1985 Trip to the zoo--
Gaither, Jeff. 1985
PN6728.55.M8 T78x 1985 True 2 type
Vick, Edd. 1985
PN6728.55.C6 T78x True grue
PN6735 .T78x Truly amazing love stories
PN6728.55.W42 T78x 1984 Truly needy comix
Fitts, Bill. 1984
PN4888.U5 T82x Tuber's voice
PN4897.A7 T83x The Tucson weekly
PN6728.55.S7 T85x 1990 Tulpa
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1990
PN6728.55.C6 T82x 1982 TV misguide
Geerdes, Clay. 1982
PN6728.55.M85 T8x 1984 TV: modern man, primitive man
Pruner, James Dean, d. 1988. 1984
PN6728.55.C72 T85x 1983 Twister T Tews, cultural revolutionary
Crawford, John. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 T86x Two-cysted tales
PN6728.55.C6 T87x Two-fisted cartoonist
PN6728.55.D49 T86x Two-fisted drunks
PN6728.55.C6 T89x Two-titted tails
PN6728.55.x49 U44x Ugh!
PN6728.55.S78 U45x Uglyman
PN6725 .U57x Ulta zine
PN6728.55.B83 U57x Ultimate team-up
PN6728.55.K58 U573x Ultra Klutz and other tales
PN6728.55.K58 U57x Ultra Klutz
PN6728.55.B83 U575x Ultrazine newsletter
PN6728.55.B83 U578x Ultrazine special
PN4888.U5 U53x Uncle Jam international
PN6710 .K462x Underground and newave comix book price guide update
PN4888.U5 U54x Undinal songs
PN6728.55.P65 U54x Un-fold funnies
PN6728.55.C6 U54x 1981 Unfunny animals
PN6728.55.R62 U55x 1985 University of blood
Ogden, Vicki. 1985
PN6728.55.H49 U57x Untold tales of Startrooper
PN6728.55.V53 U6x 1983 Up Chuck: auto-bio of a neo-primitive
Gabriel, Gato. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 U63x 1984 Upchuckle
ML1 .U74x Urge news
PN6728.55.C6 U74x 1980 Useless
Siergey, Jim. 1980
PN6728.55.C6 U745x User friendly funnies
LH1 .T3x UTmost
PN6728.55.C6 V25x Vampire vignettes
PN6728.55.M48 V25x Vandar
PN6728.55.J3 V27x Variations on a theme
PN6728.55.C6 V28x Vault of humor
PN6728.55.S75 V2x VD cage
PN6731 .V44x Veena & the time machine
PN6728.55.C6 V44x Veggie the Cat
PN6728.55.C6 V45x 1985 Veil parts
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen. 1985
LH1 .L57x Vermillion
PN6728.55.V47 V47x Vertigo graphics
PN6728.55.M48 V47x Very warped tales
PN6728.55.C2 V47x Verysmall comics
PN6728.55.M48 V54x Video comix
PN6728.55.E27 V54x 1986 Video drone
E., John. 1986
PN4897.T49 V55x Vineyard post-gazette
PN6728.55.C6 V56x 1979 Violence says, "love me, America"
Bucher, Dot. 1979
PN6728.55.A2 V56x 1993 Violent comics 2099
PN6728.55.C6 V57x Vision
PN6728.55.V57 V57x Vista graphics digest
PN6728.55.M64 V65x 1985 Voice of the tree: a metaphysical drama
Strongbow. 1985
PN6728.55.C2 V65x Volkswagon blues
PN6728.55.S645 W22x Waaaugh!
PN6728.55.S78 W23x Wacky komix
PN6728.55.B25 W23x 1982 Wacky world of Ken Weiner
Weiner, Ken. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 W24x Wad
PN6728.55.M94 W24x Wahnmade
PN6728.55.E85 W25x 1979 Waldo and Emerson
Siergey, Jim. 1979
PN4888.U5 W25x Wallpaper
PN6728.55.T87 W25x Wanderers
PN6728.55.C6 W25x 1983 Wanted! enemy of the people: taken from authentic police files!
Christopher, Tom. 1983
U263 .W37 1983 War heads: cartoonists draw the line
PN4888.U5 W27x Warning fanzine
PN6728.55.M3 W27x 1980 Warriors of the dawn
McCollum, Rick. 1980
PN6728.55.M94 W27x 1985 Wasserburger
Myers, Marc. 1985
PN6728.55.K54 W28x Wave
PN6725 .W34x WCG notes
PN6728.55.P4 W4x 1983 We never sleep: party
Petertil, V. Tucker. 1983
PN6728.55.C6 W45x Weird ads
PN6728.55.C6 W4515x 1983 Weird collector
PN6728.55.C6 W452x 1983 Weird confessions
PN6728.55.C6 W453x 1984 Weird dentist
Miller, David E. 1984
PN6728.55.M48 W45x Weird family funnies
PN6728.55.C6 W4535x 1982 Weird food
Holman, Par (Parley L.). 1982
PN6728.55.C6 W454x 1981 Weird johns
Green, Grass. 1981
PN6728.55.C6 W4545x Weird medical times
PN6728.55.C6 W455x 1982 Weird nun
PN6728.55.C6 W4555x 1980 Weird nurse fantasies
PN6728.55.C6 W456x Weird nutrition
PN6728.55.C6 W4565x 1981 Weird paper dolls
PN6728.55.C6 W4566x Weird pin-ups
PN6728.55.C6 W4567x 1983 Weird professions
PN6728.55.C6 W4568x 1986 Weird puke
Gaither, Jeff. 1986
PN6728.55.C6 W457x Weird ripoffs
PN6735 .W45x Weird scenes
PN6728.55.C6 W4575x 1983 Weird secretary
Ryan, Jim (James Joseph). 1983
PN6728.55.C6 W458x 1980 Weird therapy
Hardman, Garry. 1980
PN6728.55.C6 W4585x 1983 Weird waitress fantasies
PN4888.U5 W45x Weirdbook
PN6728.55.S35 W45x Weirdo
PN6728.45.L3 W45x Weirdo
PN6728.55.G74 W45x 1983 Well hi, there
Green, Grass. 1983
PN6731 .W43x 1990z Well-- hiya folks!
Chackowicz, Howard. 1990
PN6728.55.C6 W47x Western slut comix
PN6728.55.C6 W475x 1982 Whatever became of--
Fiorilla, Steve. 1982
PN6728.55.C6 W48x 1980 Whatever happened to the hippies?
PN6728.55.C6 W485x 1982 Whatso funnies
PN6728.55.M48 W48x 1985 When in doubt, excrete
Curtis, Paul E. 1985
PN6728.55.P47 W45x 1983 White Boy
Lyrico, Harry. 1983
PN6728.55.T37 W45x White cane comix
PN6731 .W45x White lunch comix
PN6728.55.F84 W54x 1983 The white suit
Fugate, Billy. 1983
PN6728.45.F8 W45x White whore funnies
PN6727.H47 W49 2000 Whoa, Nellie!
Hernandez, Jaime. 2000
PN4888.U5 W46x Whole shmeer
PN4888.U5 W54x Wiggansnatch
PN6727.H47 W5 1994 Wigwam bam
Hernandez, Jaime. 1994
PN6728.55.M48 W54x Wild Raffy's radio activity
HD8072 .W552 Wildcat
PN6728.45.L3 W55x Wimmen's comix
PN6728.55.H54 W55x 1985 Winds of change
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
VM351 .W55x Windsinger Sailboats' calendar of sailing terms
PN6728.55.P57 W55x Windy city comix
PN6731 .W57x Wired tales
PN6728.55.N44 W57x 1985 Wishbone
Neel, James. 1985
PN6728.55.C47 W57x 1981 Wit and humor of [Richard Nixon]
Nix, Dik. 1981
PN6728.55.D5 W58x 1983 Without fire
Dissmeyer, Clark Allen. 1983
PN6728.55.M48 W57x 1983 Witless the worthless
Martinec, Rick. 1983
PN6725 .W57x Witzend
PN6728.55.W54 W54x WLH Publications catalog
PN6728.45.W65 W65x Wolfman
PN6728.55.M48 W65x 1983 Wonder-Man surprise
Tubera. 1983
PN6725 .W66x Woodwork gazette
PN6728.55.W45 W66x 1985 Woof comix
Willis, Steve (Steven). 1985
PN6728.55.M48 W66x Woop 'de-doo comix!
PN6728.55.R28 W67x Words of wisdom from Elmo
PN6728.55.C6 W67x Work force
PN6728.55.H52 W67x Worker poet
PN6728.55.R64 W67x Works in progress
PN6702.W67 W67x World Fantasy Convention progress report
PN6728.55.H24 W88x WUTA supplement
PN6728.55.P48 W88x WUTA: white underwear and tattooed ankles
PN6728.55.C6 x36x 1985 X-con funnies
PN6728.55.R57 x45x Xeno-graphics
PN6728.55.S7 x45x Xenophobic knives, and other love songs
PN6728.55.x49 x47x Xex Graphix cataloge
PN6728.55.x49 x49x Xex Graphix newsletter
PN6728.55.x49 x495x Xex hex
PN6728.55.x49 x497x 1985 Xex mail art
PN6728.55.x49 x45x Xex
PN6728.55.C73 x2x 1977 X-men
Crawford, Randy. 1977
PN6728.55.M94 x72x 1985 X-ray vision
Myers, Marc. 1985
PN6728.45.P7 Y45x Yellow dog
NK1125 .Y47x Yesteryear
PN6728.55.S76 Y55x Yikes
F899.R5 D67 1946 You asked for it: a collection of Dupus Boomer cartoons
Donnell, Dick. 1946
PN6728.55.M85 Y68x 1984 You smell like blood!
E., John. 1984
PN6728.55.S63 Y68x 1983 Your dead comix
Gibson, Wayne. 1983
PN6728.45.L3 Y68x Yow
PN6728.55.H55 Y77x 1984 Ytrom
Holman, Par (Parley L.). 1984
PN6731 .Y852x Yummy fur comics
PN6731 .Y852x Yummy fur
PN6731 .Y85x 1985 Yummy fur
Brown, Chester. 1985
PN6728.45.A6 Z26x Zap comix
PN6728.55.M48 Z26x Zap-Man!
PN6728.55.F74 Z26x 1985 Zappy Starburst and the Beatles from Neptune
Freeman, Allen. 1985
PN6728.55.W54 Z25x Zblntqxzblb!
PN6728.55.M48 Z45x 1983 Zeke the Geek in a model situation
Maxson, Randy. 1983
PN6728.55.Z4 Z45x 1985 Zeke the Geek's psycho storybook: a cartoon collection
Maxson, Randy. 1985
PN6728.55.M39 Z45x 1984 Zeke the Geek's theater of weirdness: a cartoon collection
Maxson, Randy. 1984
PN6728.55.H54 Z45x 1985 Zen-do
Hollingsworth, Clint Lee. 1985
PN6728.55.H53 Z45x Zenith comics
PN6728.55.P655 Z47x Zero gravity
PN6728.45.Z47 Z47x Zero
PN6728.55.C6 Z47x Zerox moon
PN6725 .Z55x Zine collector
PN6728.55.C6 Z65x Zombies on parade
PN6728.55.R29 Z65x Zomoid
PN6728.55.P47 Z65x 1982 Zone
Dye, Greg. 1982
PN6728.55.C45 Z66x 1983 Zoomorphia
PN6728.5.E25 Z67x Zot
PN6728.55.J3 Z94x Zygote tales
PN6728.55.H49 Z95x Zyne
PN6728.55.S7 Z99x 1985 Zzzzzz Elvis!
Honeycutt, Mike. 1985

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  • Comic books, strips, etc.
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