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Utah Statesman
Utah Statesman Photograph Collection
1975-1999 (inclusive)
20 boxes, (10 linear feet)
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The Utah Statesman Photograph Collection consists of mostly black and white prints and 35mm negatives of various activities relating to Utah State University. Inlcuded are images of sports, student activities, buildings, USU faculty and staff, and special interest. Miscellanouse and special interest images include: Romney Stadium, Special Olympics, and the Utah Jazz. The USU Statesman is a student-run campus newspaper.
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The Student Life newspaper began at USU in 1902. In 1978 it changed its name to the Utah Statesman.

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The USU Statesman Photograph Collection consists of mostly black and white prints and 35mm negatives of various activities relating to Utah State University. Included are images of sports, student activities, buildings, ROTC, and USU faculty and staff. Sports images consist of: volleyball, track, gymnastics, football, wrestling, rodeo, soccer, basketball, softball, rugby, tennis, and golf mostly from the Big West athletic conference. Student activities consist of: Greeks, Miss USU, ASUSU, Aggiettes, ROTC, theater, orchestra, marching band, and convocations. Miscellanouse and special interest images include: Romney Stadium, Special Olympics, and the Utah Jazz. The USU Statesman is a student-run campus newspaper. The photographs were taken by student photographers such as Mike Slade, Eli Lucero and Darin Oswald.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 01:01:01-01:01:14: Volleyball
Includes USU vs. Idaho St., Photos of Carrie Stevenson, Connie Fulmer.
1 2 1:02:01-1:02:50: Volleyball
Includes USU vs. UCI, U of U, San Jose St., Irvine, Wyoming, UNR. Photos of Jill Andres, Traci Williams, Amy Bjerke, Jenny Salen, Kathy Maughan, Jody Macon.
1 3 1:03:01-1:03:59: Women's Volleyball
Includes USU vs. Idaho St., Photos of Carrie Stevenson, Connie Fulmer.
1 4 1:04:01-1:04:18: Women's Volleyball
Includes Photos by Darin Oswald.
1 5 1:05:01-1:05:04: Women's Volleyball
Includes photos of Vicki Anderson and Denise Cooper.
1 6 1:06:01-1:06:28: Volleyball
Includes small individual photos of team and coaches; photos of Allison Steiger, Nancy Raden, USU vs. Wyoming.
1 7 1:07:01-1:07:14: Volleyball
Includes several Jeff Hatch photos; USU vs. Nevada, BYU.
1 8 1:08:01-1:08:14: Volleyball
Includes USU vs. Weber, Idaho St., NMSU; photo of Courtney Davis.
1 9 1:09:01-1:09:38: Volleyball
Includes USU vs. Hawaii, BYU, Colorado St.; photos of Lisa Naumann, Sandy Lynn, Kris Webb, Stephanie Maurer, Lisa Grandmaison, Rich Moloy, Corky Brown.
1 10 1:10:01-1:10:45: Volleyball
Includes USU vs. U of U.
2 1 2:01:01-2:01:18: Mens and Womens Track
Includes photos of Kyle Jensen, Mark Carter, Rich Ostberg, Mike Olsen, Travis Hood, Bigi Salter, Darren Nelson, Todd Appleman, Boyd Prince, John Powwell, John Icelly.
2 2 2:02:01-2:02:74: Track
Includes photos of Craig Carter, Owen Rice, Boyd Prince, Rob Pettit, John Powell, Jim Hogue, Tarald Linduisperen, Mark Carter, Ralph Maughan, Ken Stucki, Todd Kerr, Tim Rasmussen, Scott Walker, Cory Johnson, Mark Birch, Steve Adams, Kevin Blaisdell, Christina Ponton, Ginette Delorme.
2 3 2:03:01-2:03:18: Track
Includes photos of Amanda Hopkins, Trina Clemensen, Derek Israelsen, Sean Helgesen, Matt Wiley, Korina Larsen, Angie Falk, Debbie Malachowki, Deron Scott, Craig Carter, Kathy Maughan, Mike Rutherford, Clint Pedersen, Craig Carter, Shara Swan, Patsy Rowan, Jenny Golden.
2 4 2:04:01-2:04:18: Mens and Womens Track
Includes photos of John Kelly, Mark Carter, Kyle Jensen, Deena Adams, Deron Scott, Trae Gates, Steve Reeder, Lola Ogunde, Kristine Keetch, Jeff Griffith, Anna Brawn.
2 5 2:05:01-2:05:17: Womens Track
Includes photos of Nancy Millar, Gwen White, Pam Rhees.
2 6 2:06:01-2:06:12: Track
Includes photos of Becky Strenson, Mike Rutherford, Jenny Bessendortor, Brian Dopp, Mike Davidson.
3 1 3:01:01-3:01:48: Gymnastics
Includes photos of Julie Ryan, Dr. Rich Gordon, Peter Vidmar, Stephanie Green, Christine De Aragon, Tonja Ockaskis, Jill Snyder, Barb Zahl, Chris Bammert, Tana Davis, Michelle Bugbee, Missy Edson.
3 2 3:02:01-3:02:44: Gymnastics
Includes Robin Conklin, Julie Ryan, Lena Adomat, Patty Delaney, Tana Call, Chris Bammert, Susan Dilley, Ray Corn, Jill Snyder.
3 3 3:03:01-3:03:56: Gymnastics
Includes USU vs. BYU; photos of Tana Davis, Barb Zahl, Lori Loudner, Brenda Scholl, Brenda Carr, Natalie Cannon, Stephanie Green, Coach Ray Corn, Kim Johnson.
3 4 3:04:01-3:04:47: Gymnastics
Includes photos of Leah Adomat, Kristen Wyles, Barb Zahl, Jill Palmer, Brenda Carr, Michelle Pohl, Julie Kueng, Karen Beck, Cari Lu Buchel, Cari Card, Deb Peterson, Patty Delaney.
3 5 3:05:01-3:05:39: Gymnastics
Includes photos of Julie Ryan, Jill Snyder, Patty Delaney, Tana Call, Susan Dilley, Lena Adomat, Chris Bammert, Robin Conklin, Janalee Page, Karen Beck, Peter Vidmar.
3 6 3:06:01-3:06:12: Gymnastics
Includes photos of Natalie Cannon, Summer Oveson, Ray Corn.
3 7 3:07:01-3:07:26: Gymnastics
Includes photos of Julie Ryan, Susan Dilley, Chris Bammert, Barb Zahl, Jill Snyder, Tana Call, Missy Edson, Tanna Davis.
4 1 4:01:01-4:01:20: Football
Includes USU vs. UNLV, Utes, BYU; Photos of del Lyles, Steve Davis, Timo Tagaloa.
4 2 4:02:01-4:02:18: Football
Includes USU vs. Pacific, L.A. Tech, NMSU.
4 3 4:03:01-4:03:27: Football
Includes USU vs. NMSU, UNLV, BYU; photos of Charlie Weatherbie, Aaron Flowers, Matt Wells.
4 4 4:04:01-4:04:33: Football, spring training
Includes USU vs. Utes, BYU; photos of Glen Kimball, Maurice Turner, Fred Fernandes, Coach Kent Bair.
4 5 4:05:01-4:05:19: Football
Includes USU vs. Long Beach; photos of Ron Lopez, Coach Weatherbie, Abu Wilson.
4 6 4:06:01-4:06:21: Football
Includes BYU vs. Washington, USU vs. Utes, UNLV; photo of Richard Gwynn.
4 7 4:07:01-4:07:08: Football
Includes photos of Chuck Shelton, Chris Pella.
4 8 4:08:01-4:08:05: Football
Includes photos of UNLV Heisman Candidtate Randall Cunningham, UNLV's Kirk Jones.
4 9 4:09:01-4:09:38: Football
Includes USU vs. Utes, San Jose St.; photos of Donald Miller, Tony Brown, Ron Wade, Chuck Shelton, James Murphy, Spring Practice.
4 10 4:10:01-4:10:61: Football
Includes USU vs. Utes, San Jose St., BYU, UNLV, UofP; photos of Joe Moore, Brent Snyder, Pat Newman, Petey Maiden Kevin Bouwman, Shauna Bolliger, Pondre Davis, Dale Mildenburger.
4 11 4:11:01-4:11:95: Football
Includes USU vs. UNLV, Fullerton, New Mexico, BYU, Fresno St., San Jose St.; photos of Jian Ning Ruan, Jim Zorn, Steve Davis, Steve Needleman, Roger Gratn, Kevin Bouman, Mark Johnson, Greg Haynes, Kevin Evans.
5 1 5:01:01-5:01:15: Wrestling
Includes photo of Skyline.
5 2 5:02:01-5:02:10: Wrestling
Includes USU vs. San Jose St.; photos of John Schebler, Cedric N. Chatterly.
5 3 5:03:01-5:03:15: Wrestling
Includes USU vs. Fresno St., Oregon St., Wyoming; photos of Kurt Knechtec, Glenn Amador, Tyler Monson, Marc Harris, Gary Ulrich, Mickey Cheff, Scott Cook, Lance Cowart.
5 4 5:04:01-5:04:08: Soccer
Includes USU vs. Santa Barbara, BYU (men's and women's); Chantelle Stokes, Kelly White, Shawn Jones, Mike Jensen.
5 5 5:05:01-5:05:31: Soccer Team
Includes USU vs. Weber St., Tecate; photos of Troy Tuft, Mike Marotzke, Kennedy Zambrano, Mike Thurgood, Patsy Rowan, George Sinju, Colton, Murphy, Kurt Frischknecht, Hassan Ashana, Barbara Farris, Chris Twitchell.
5 6 6:01:01-6:01:63: USU Rodeo Team
Includes photos of Chad Bedell, Sherry Anderson, Jeff Wright, Greg Whitbeck, Sherry Miller, Erin Stevenson, Al Muir, Dave Rose, Dick Bell, Gina Blonquist.
6 1 6:01:01-6:01:29: A "Things"
Includes photos of Cathe Owens, Alina Murdock, Joni Montgomery.
6 2 6:02:01-6:02:17: B "Things"
Includes photos of Kurt Bestor, Dan Wilcox, Heather Edgel, Jan Wilson, Carolyn Nelson, Jill Kelly.
6 3 6:03:01-6:03:46: C "Things"
Includes photos Jill Carlson, Howard W. Hunter, Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, Hillary Larson, Robert Moyle, Andrew Soderborg, Jay Yahne, Rose Dutson, Michael Lenkersdorfer, Dave Newman, Frank Peterson, Susan Deavvono, Amy Lyn Kendell, Karen Ellis Teuscher, Donna Macurdy, Nate Greer, Dale Alberold, Ryan Owens, Emily Fisher, Paul E. Roundy, LaMar Watts, Howard Keen, Rachel Roberts, Kimberly Gee, Colby Palmer.
6 4 6:04:01-6:04:02: D "Things"
Includes photo of Robi Rees.
6 5 6:05:01-6:05:13: E "Things"
Includes photos of Katie Camp, Derek Israelsen, Barry Snyder, Ron Hatcher.
6 6 6:06:01-6:06:09: F "Things"
Includes photos of Chris Holmgren, Kent Bean, Shawn Prince.
6 7 6:07:01-6:07:03: G "Things"
Tom Rivest.
6 8 6:08:01-6:08:12: H "Things"
Includes photos Bill Lloyd, Aubrey Jackson, Dan Offret, Tara Hunter.
6 9 6:09:01-6:09:05: I "Things"
Includes photo of Don Leslie.
6 10 6:10:01-6:10:06: K "Things"
Lynn Kirby, Gary Gonnois, Eric Hellberg, Tjoe Like, Pam Stanger.
6 11 6:11:01-6:11:12: L "Things"
Includes photos of Janice Wild, Candice Harrington, Jr., Jay Widdefield, Gino Guito.
6 12 6:12:01-6:12:13: M "Things"
Includes photos of Mercedes Roedeinger, Becca Cook, Molly Dorff, Tiffany Ricks, Jarrett Blonquist, Jasmine Bringhurst, Terresa Nickle, Jason Smith, Larry Slade.
6 13 6:13:01-6:13:16: P "Things"
Includes photos of Steve Flint, Jiangning Ruan, Gary Neuenswander, Cliff Cahooon, Paul Norton, Rheuamah Griffin, Brian Pitcher.
6 14 6:14:01-6:14:29: R "Things"
Includes photos of Richard Meng, Mihail Makoryakov, Jaison Brower, Mike Morisson, Timmy Ecram, Boby Clark, Mindy Smith, Sherry Roeh, Yin Honbig, Boyd K. Packer, Reed Nielsen, Mark Baugh.
6 15 6:15:01-6:15:63: S "Things"
Includes photos of Scuba Club, Chad Mellison, Pam Holman, Tom Kronthaler, Jeremy Torkelson, Gary O. Klein, Shawn Hansen, Sid Smith, Coach Kohn Smith, Richard Sherlock, Scott Datwyler, Randy Simmons, Evan Stevenson, Tom Maughan, Rick Johnson, Justin Smith.
6 16 6:16:01-6:16:48: T "Things"
Includes photos of Rod Tueller, Professor Preston Thomas, Grey Turner, Mark Tenhone, Afton Tew, Glen Taggart, Tiffany Tate, Derrick Thum, Barre Toelken, Christopher Terry.
6 17 6:17:01-6:17:05: V "Things"
Includes photos of Katie Jenson, Janet Bain.
7 1 7:01:01-7:01:11: A People
Includes photos of Ted Aslop, Kevin Anderson, Jerry Allen, Bart Anderson, Suzanne Astle, Lee Austin, Eiko Anderson.
7 2 7:02:01-7:02:30: B People
Includes photos of Diane Bodily, Penny Byrne, Dave Barry, Eric Beck, Dave Butterfield, Joshua Bell, Charles Bauz, Claude Bertenshaw, Chuck Bell, Steve Brown, Marcessa Bullock, Allison Berkley, Tony Bennett, Royce S. Bringhurst, Colleen Baum, Angela Black, Michelle Baker.
7 3 7:03:01-7:03:22: C People
Includes photos of Michael Christiansen, Dick Carter, Bobbie Coray, Brent Carpenter, Professor Crapo, Robert Coombs, John Carman, Merrill Cook, Rick Olsen, April Carter, Ray Corn, Jim Calhoun, Jule Christiansen, Judy Collins, Janae Christensen, Erin Calmes, Donna Crow.
7 4 7:04:01-7:04:11: D People
Includes photos of Paul Daines, John Daniel, Rick Davis, Grayson Downes, Delores Diaz, Desiree Donich, Sharon Davis, Sara Duke, Daniel Drake, Troy Davis, Tiffany Degras.
7 5 7:05:01-7:05:13: E People
Includes photos of Edward Evans, Larry Eusatchy, Spencer J. Eccles, Dr. Mark Emile, Richard Eyre, Glen Edwards, Allison Eldredge, Terry Crisp, Tracy Empey, Lavell Edwards, Elsher.
7 6 7:06:01-7:06:06: F People
Includes photos of Josee Fagg, Karl Fugal, Gail Fisher, Loren McCarthy, Mickey Kim.
7 7 7:07:01-7:07:11: G People
Includes photos of Danny Glover, Suzette Graetz Jr., Ann Gates, Amber Gillespie, Jenni Grim, Doyle Geddes, Chris Grow, E.J. (Jake) Garn.
7 8 7:08:01-7:08:15: H People
Includes photos of Elder Marion D. Hanks, Dave Hurt, Travis Henderson, Robert Heam, Peggy Baldwin, Emily Haynes, Holly Hansen, Marilyn Higham, Dan Holmes, Shane hillman, Marvin Hamlisch, Shane Hunter, Jim Hunt, Orrin Hatch.
7 9 7:09:01-7:09:26: J People
Includes photos of Colin Johnson, Dan Jones, Richard Sherlock, Barteil Jensen, Sammie Kent, Dalynn Jones, Eugene Jeppson, Darren Jacobs, Charles Johnson, Bill Jensen, Paul Jones, Shane Jones, Grant Johannesen, Helen Joy, John Jorgenson, Donald Jensen.
7 10 7:10:01-7:10:09: K People
Includes photos of Dr. Will Keslings, Zak Kidd, Marian Kelly, William Rolfe Kent, Shamir Kumar, Ryan Krugan.
7 11 7:11:01-7:11:12: L People
Includes photos of Craig Law, Judy Lechemant, Evarts G. Loomis, Mick Legrons, Gordon Lird, Charles Lent, Jeff Leishman, Charles Lutz, Mike Lyons, Bill Lye.
7 12 7:12:01-7:12:18: M People
Includes photos of N. Scott Momaday, Cassie McKittrick, Paul Mueller, Morris Matley, Wendy Sue McClellan, Kim Marshall, Mike Morellz, Lynn Merritt, Amy Manwaring, Joe Morse, James Parmer, Mitch Mascaro.
7 13 7:13:01-7:13:03: N People
Includes photo of James Wye.
7 14 7:14:01-7:14:06: O People
Includes photos of Cheicko Nishimura Okazaki, Eric Olsen, Laxman Oblapuram, Edward James Olmos, Lynn Orchard.
7 15 7:15:01-7:15:07: P People
Includes photos of Bob Parsons, Kevin Phillips, Utah Phillips, Warren Phillips, Professor Palmblad.
7 16 7:16:01-7:16:03: Q People
Includes photo of Dan Quall.
7 17 7:17:01-7:17:34: R People
Includes photos of Kent Robson, Kayo Robertson, Dan Roskelly, Carolyn Rhoades, Mark Reeder, Ronald Reagan, Aden Ross, Dr. Arnold Rosenblum, C.L. Rawlins, Cleo Robinson, Allen Rasmussen, Steven Rosen.
7 18 7:18:01-7:18:20: S People
Includes photos of George Stephanopoulos, Ona Siporin, Carlos Smith, Shad Schiffern, Ruben Schmidt, Anthony Sozid, Ricahrd Sherlock, Dan Seder, Kate Stephens, Jon Schmidt, Jay SchvaneVeldt, Matt Stowell, Kohn Smith, Dick Swainston.
7 19 7:19:01-7:19:05: T People
Includes photos of Roosevelt Thomas, Mike Tumpson, Chad Trout.
7 20 7:20:01-7:20:03: A People
Includes photos of Todd Vernon, Bridgette Valdez, Rachel Veehendaal.
7 21 7:21:01-7:21:34: W People
Includes photos of Wilderness Panel, Wassermann, Bert Wilson, Jason Wooden, Peter Wagner, James White, Scott and Andrea Woodhouse, Bonita Wyse, Greg Woodring, Dr. Fred Wagner, Richard Watkins, Anna K. West, Jennifer Wheeler, John Woodhouse, Governor Olene Walker, JoAnn Jacobsen-Wells.
8 1 8:01:01:8:01:44: Basketball
Includes USU vs. Long Beach State, UNLV; photos of Darrel White, Rich Jardine, Jay Goodman, Gilbert Pete, Albert Crappell, Troy "Moose" White, Kohn Smith, Jim Boatwright.
8 2 8:02:01-8:02:62: Basketball
Includes USU vs. Ssan Jose St., BYU, Weber St.
8 3 8:03:01-8:03:58: Basketball
Includes USU vs. UNLV, Kansas State, Utes, Weber St., Long Beach St.; photos of Nate Grant, Kevin Nixon, Jon Judkins.
8 4 8:04:01-8:04:56: Basketball
Includes USU vs. Long Beach, BYU, Utes, New Mexico St., San Jose St.
8 5 8:05:01-8:05:26: Basketball
Includes USU vs. Utes, UNLV, Rebels, San Jose St., Long Beach St., Weber, BYU.
8 6 8:06:01-8:06:14: Basketball
Includes USU vs. Santa Barbara, UNLV, Fresno St.
8 7 >8:07:01-8:07:21: Basketball
Includes USU vs. SJSU; photo of Tyler Monson.
8 8 8:08:01-8:08:49: Men's Basketball
Includes USU vs. Vanderbilt, BYU, Utes, UCSB; photos of Albert Chappell, Kendall Youngblood, Wiley Thomas
9 1 9:01:01-9:01:10: Men's Basketball
Includes USU vs. Long Beach, UNLV, BYU, Utes.
9 2 9:02:01-9:01:19: Men's Basketball
Includes USU vs. New Mexico State, Fullerton; photos of Kohn Smith, Carlito Dasilva, Brent Lofton.
9 3 9:03:01-9:03:33: Men's Basketball
Includes USU vs. Nevada, Long Beach St., Santa Barbara, Utah Jazz, BYU, NMSU; photos of Sanchez Turner, Fay Milner, Kohn Smith.
9 4 9:04:01-9:04:23: Men's Basketball
Includes USU vs. NMSU, Irvine, USCB; photos of Deborah Thatcher, Jake Pearson, Jon Wickizer, Drake Ulvinson, Cupp Crakiner.
9 5 9:05:01-9:05:82: Basketball
Includes USU vs. Weber St., UNLV, Long Beach State, Santa Barbara, NMSU; photos Kendall Youngblood, Ryder Daley, Eric Campbell, John Dunford, Randy Funk, Malloy Nesmith, Lynn Hildt.
9 6 9:06:01-9:06:65: Basketball
Includes USU vs. UNLV, Irvine, San Jose St., BYU, USCB, Utes, Long Beach, Weber St.; photo of Danny Conway.
9 7 9:07:01-9:07:48: Women's Basketball
Includes USU vs. Wyoming, BYU; photos of Cynthia Hill, Coach Corbin, April Hatch, Karen Logan, Rachelle Meldrum, Coach Searle, Jill Swainston, LeAnn Powell, Kelly Bastian, Sharlynn Hodson.
9 8 9:08:01-9:08:41: Utah Jazz
Includes Jazz vs. Lakers, Blazers, Celtics; photos of John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Jeff Malone, Blue Edwards, Karl Malone.
9 9 9:09:01-9:09:54: Utah Jazz
Includes Jazz vs. Nuggets, Lakers, Chicago, Houston, Sixers; photos of John Stockton, Fred Roberts, Thurl Bailey, Mark Eaton.
10 1 10:01:01-10:01:15: Special Olympics
Includes SLC Panthers vs. Weber St., USU vs. Bridgerland Special Olympics; photos of Debbie and Robert Shin.
10 2 10:02:01-10:02:14: Fire
Includes photos of Patraice Bolyad, Stacey Willey, Kami Greenhagen.
10 3 10:03:01-10:03:04: Convocations
10 4 10:04:01-10:04:04: Marching Band 1994
10 5 10:05:01-10:05:20: Orchestra
Includes photos of Janiel Cragun, Noelle Boyd, Samuel Aikele, Scott Kolu, Diane Thueson, Marvin Hamlisch, Pablo Casal, Joseph Silverstein.
10 6 10:06:01-10:06:31: Campus Buildings
Includes photos of Reuben Schmidt, Dewaine Symons, Milen Housley, Don Van Derveek, Kurt Rich, Buddy Uright.
10 7 10:07:01-10:07:29: Campus Buildings
Includes photo of Jim Carnagey.
10 8 10:08:01-10:08:03: Halloween
Includes photo of the Logan Cemetery.
10 9 10:09:01-10:09:06: Greeks
Includes photos of Sigma Nu House, Laird Crandall, Steve Ziebarth, Lyle Peking, Bill Delany, John Dorking, Jason Nichols, Sean Herd.
10 10 10:10:01-10:10:13: International Students
Includes photos of International Fun Run, International Banquet Show/Dinner, International Rock Cafe, International Student Council, International Student Services Offie, Angie Israelson, Pam Kirshman, Canice John.
10 11 10:11:01-10:11:15: Miss USU
Includes photos of Marquessa Bullock, Pam Stanger, Tiffany Mix, Krista Wadsworth, Jeannie Chambers.
10 12 10:12:01-10:12:38: Junction
Includes photos of Liz Story, Andy Narell, Lorrie Morgan, Bonnie Raitt, Dan Horn, Paul Overstreet, Dave jensen, Skip Ewing, Ron Pearson, Doug Wintch, Greg Brown, Robin and Linda Williams, Chris Proctor, John Gorka, Tracy Lawrence, Barbara Higbie, Paul Binkley, Philip Aaberg, Mike Marshalls, Dana Rath, John Imholz.
10 13 10:13:01-10:13:20: Weightlifting
Includes photo of Buzz Windward.
10 14 10:14:01-10:14:21: ASUSU
Includes photo of Bart Kunz.
10 15 10:15:01-10:15:01: Performing Arts ASUSU
11 1 11:01:01-11:01:05: Romney Stadium
11 2 11:02:01-11:02:08: Registration
Includes photos of Henry and Sue Salita.
11 3 11:03:01-11:03:06: Jack White
Includes photos of Jack White.
11 4 11:04:01-11:04:18: Registration
Includes photos David Cade Osborne, Gary Jacobsen, Dave Thomas, David Chang, Jim Hansen, Steven Terry, Kurt Johnson, Tom Checketts, Dan Gowan.
11 5 11:05:01-11:05:18: Space Dynamics
Includes photos of Scott Thomas, Bruce Bybee.
11 6 11:06:01-11:06:05: Festival of American West
Includes photos of Glen Thompson, T.J. Thompson.
11 7 11:07:01-11:07:03: Edith Bowen
Includes photos of Julie Moulton, Sean Jones, Aubrey Thompson.
11 8 11:08:01-11:08:05: Country at a Glance
11 9 11:09:01-11:09:30: Feature Photos
Includes photos of Kim Richardson, Calvin Sundberg, Christy Munkers, Tim Bosen, Dave Gagnon, Glen Gebert, James LaFave.
12 1 12:01:01-12:01:18: Softball
Includes USU vs. U of U; photo of Kathy Beesly.
12 2 12:02:01-12:02:23: Softball
Includes photos of Kristie Skoglund, Kendra Ireton, Heidi Abbott, Juanita Clayton, Kelly Christiansen.
12 3 12:03:01-12:03:29: Softball
Includes USU vs. Utes; photos of Diana Ursley, Lynn Adams, Mitch Perkins, Curtis Clark, Gretchen Giggey, Shannon Blackburn, Terri Rice, Leave Young, Linda Delacruz.
12 4 12:04:01-12:04:36: Softball
Includes USU vs. Colorado St., New Mexico; photos of Barry Brinter, Leanne Young, Kristie Skoglund, Michelle Thornell, Julie Starratt, Llyodene Searle, Leanne Young, Linda Delacruz.
12 5 12:05:01-12:05:02: Rugby
Includes photos of Sifa Fihaki, Kevin Bonnell.
12 6 12:06:01-12:06:11: Softball
Includes USU vs. WSU, BYU; photo of Greg Williams.
12 7 12:07:01-12:07:33: Rugby
Includes USU vs. BYU; photos of Jerry Urlacher, John Burly.
12 8 12:08:01-12:08:10: Tennis
Includes photos of Burke Plummer, Mike McCaffrey, Tony Green.
12 9 12:09:01-12:09:02: Golf
Includes photo of Jeremy Montgomery.
12 10 12:10:01-12:10:01: Softball
12 11 12:11:01-12:11:20: Lacrosse
Includes USU vs. U of U; photos of Buzz Kopyscianski, Ron Orton, Doug Snow, Al Jones, Chris Neville, Jack Gray, Dave Ryner, Troy Mitchell.
13 1 13:01:01-13:01:27: Misc. Sports
Includes photos of Ricky Holliday, Peter Vidmar, Ken Seamons, Essodina Atchade, Harlem Globetrotters, Simon Kilili, John Shelber, Osborne Lockhart.
13 2 13:02:01-13:02:97: Misc. Sports
Includes photos of Richie Thompson, Dave Piggot, Ralph Maughan, Bennet Keller, Mario Gcoria, Rich White, Percy Jackson, Solomon Miller, Ed Berry, Mike Marotzke, Danielle Theall, Brent Waymont, Stephanie Richheimer, LeAnn Powell, Cami Card, Sandra Tollman, Stephen Jones, Drew Dalton, Theotis Windham, Dwight Storay, Trae Gates, Kristi Skoglund, Earl Daly, John Huntsman.
13 3 13:03:01-13:03:07: Misc. Sports
Includes photos of Wheelchair Basketball - USU Hubcap Hopefuls vs. Ogden Spokesmasters.
13 4 13:04:01-13:04:27: Misc. Sports
Includes photos of Benny Aguagyo, Kevin Kobe, Todd Mackenzie, Bruce Hill, Kirk Barnum, Dave Snyder, Tood Jorgensen, Earl Daley, Greg Williams, Mary Lynn Kofford, Jim Richards, Del Espinosa, Tony Flores, Brad Church, Michael Von Graenigen, Lars Harsheim, Pat Newby, Scott Erliney.
13 5 13:05:01-13:05:56: Misc. Sports
Includes photos of John Huntsman, Richie Hamilton, Keith Casey, Carrie Stevenson, Becky Hirschi, Chad Mellison, Scott Holt, Israel Boyd, Will Jackson, Seon Jeong Kim, Alan Dymerski, Kang McNeil, Ryan Yamaguchi, Clei Robinson, Martin Vargas, Catherine Johnson, Mike Piep, Dan Wilcox, Phillip White, Becky Naegle, Mike Severance, Mark Hall, Dick Griffin.
13 6 13:06:01-13:06:55: Misc. Sports
Includes USU football vs. BYU, UNLV, Lousiana Tech; photos of Mitch Mascaro, Jiang Ning Ruan, Jon Wickizer, John Stockton, Lance Hamblin, Pam Holman.
13 7 13:01:01-13:01:72: Misc. Sports
Includes USU vs. Kansas St.; photos of Nicole Loung, Chris Jones, Rod Hay, Todd Gentry, Brian Duggar, Richard Jensen, Roger Daley, Tara Shioji.
14 1 14:01:01-14:01:13: Aggiettes
Includes photo of Tammy Fenner.
14 2 14:02:01-14:02:04: Weatherbie/Statesman
Includes photos of Coach Charlie Weatherbie.
14 3 14:03:01-14:03:17: STAB pre 1987
Includes photos Gorden Pedersen, Brent Bunnel, Joni Montgomery, Joe Kodia, Dale Hatch.
14 4 14:04:01-14:04:04: STAB
Includes photo of Bruce Jeppson.
14 5 14:05:01-14:05:11: Sunburst Dancers
Includes photos of New Horizons Variety Show, Glenn Miller.
14 6 14:06:01-14:06:72: Staff Photos
Includes photos of Joe Lachowski, Patsy Rowan, Karrie Cook, Kim Richardson, Les Patterson, Jeff Richards, Scott Mason, Cathi Owens, Kim Patterson, Brayden Lindstrom, Tracie Whitehead, Shawna VanOrden, Marlowe Daley, Stephanie Eames, Laurie Mangleson, Allison Hinckley.
14 7 14:07:01-14:07:49: Concerts at USU
Includes photo of David Gates.
14 8 14:08:01-14:08:06: Police
Includes photos of Shane Sessions, Steve Mecham, James Nye.
14 9 14:09:01-14:09:53: "Weather" Shots
Includes photos of Gary Stuart, Rob Bartlet, Danny Harris, Michael Kodaj, Brian Jevas, Mary Donahue, Jean-Michel Favre, Paul Fackrell, Dan Bentley, Angie Miller, Joey Kodag, Jennifer Hart, Betty Trujillio, Lane Backer, Jill Peterson.
14 10 14:10:01-14:10:06: Weather (feature)
14 11 14:11:01-14:11:14: ROTC
Includes photo of Joseph Guisrino.
14 12 14:12:01-14:12:08: ROTC
Includes photos of Marcus North, Dana Johnson, Scott Carrol, Derek Stuart, Jason Karren, Brett Matthews.
14 13 14:13:01-14:13:17: Old Lyric (Summer Theater)
Includes photos of Lynda Mugleston, Bill Stanley, W. Lee Daily, Mike Humberstone, Kevin Doyle, Fred Willecke, April Audia, Stuart Lewis, Taman Anne West, Terence Goodman, Stephen Fehr, Lego Louis, Stephen Terry.
14 14 14:14:01-14:14:26: Theater Productions (USU Theater)
Includes photos of David Sidwell, Michelle Sellers, Jenne McCoun, David Weeks, Scott Bodily, Ward L. Wright, Tonia Ewell, Ed Joyner, Stephanie Utley, Patrick Williams, Steve Dunn, Jackie Fullmer, Bessie Wakefield, Joslin Christensen, Jason Boat, Mike Whitney, Nancy Anderson, Corey Ewan, Morgan White, Nancy Hammon, Robbret Summer Henderson Jr., Dennice Turner, Brianna Bacon, Lisa Wise, Jill Jessop, Kara J. George, Lego Louis, John Caldwell, Linda Mugleston.
14 15 14:15:01-14:15:32: USU Theater
Includes photos of Joseph Silverstein, Leonard Arrington, William Knight, Beth Forbes, Brent Hill, Carl Rich, Nancy Anderson, Jill Jessop, Corey Ewan, Craig Whitaker, James Karcher, Charlotte Scott, Jed Webb, Deborah Mouis, Jean Bradie, Mike Whitney, Doyle Jenkins, Lego Louis, LaDonna Small, Kara George.
14 16 14:16:01-14:16:78: Musicals/Plays
Includes photos of W. Vosco Call, Kent Hadfield, Greg Alana, Tamari West Dunbar, Dave Jensen, Martha Udall, Roger Dunbar, Jason Boat, Jeb Brannin, John Woodhouse, Joslin Christensen, Michelle Chrytraus, Phillipe Zgheib, Steven Gee, Shellie Harwood, Lynda Unford, Leign Selting, Emily Scott, Sallie Cooper, Sarah Hardy, Keri Anderson, Ben Black, Alexandra Neuberger, Mike Morelli, Andrea Varga, Rachael Bey, Linda Mugleston, Larry Cannon, H. Paul Gibbons, Linda Pisano, David Gray, Jody Barrett, Ben Norton, Jennie May Cayman, Ronald King, Kristina Yuen, Michael Norton, Randi Harrington, Wendi Long-Stroth, Deanna Sorenson, Jeanene Bateman, Stony Olsen, John Maulain, Julie Swallow.
15 1 15:01:01-15:01:52: Misc.
Includes photos of Richard Watkins, Kim Sylvester, Redge Johnson, Keith Johnson, Becky Rupp, Tammie Egbert, Michelle, Hallis, Brooke Jorgensen.
15 2 15:02:01-15:02:15: Misc.
Includes photos of Kathy Kallick, Justin Smith, Kelly Francis, Michael Waterman, Chris Smither.
15 3 15:03:01-15:03:34: Misc.
Includes photos of Scott Hall, Michael Ballam, John Stockton, Charlie Weatherbie, Lynn Bennet, Leyda Navarro, Cody Marble.
15 4 15:04:01-15:04:37: Misc.
Includes photos of Peachy Romney, Libby Romney, Loralee Jessen, Matthew Hales, Stewart Hansaker, Reed Strawn, Jenny Smith, Ross Trowbridge, Roger Spackman, James Cole, Stephen Pralt, Joe Dennis, Lance Vernon, Ashley Thurston, Jeff Wong, Jason Van Orden, Danice Nilson, Maria Brindley, Mike Logan, Lee Sitanbs, Allen Stokes, Jack Felici, Michael Ballam, Gabe Bisonette, Kristen Redd, Heather Williams.
15 5 15:05:01-15:05:41: Misc.
Includes photos of Cam Robinson, Travis Lenom, Beth Pierce, Jessica Jorgenson, Rick Woodworth, Heidi Rease, Chelsi Star.
15 6 15:06:01-15:06:20: Misc.
Includes photos of Phyllis Hall, Cory Castillo, Anne Avery, Mike Humberstone, Steven Fhr, Ken Murphy, Melanie Reese, W. Lee Daily, Leonard Arrington, Kevin Doyle, Jim Rogers.
15 7 15:07:01-15:07:17: Misc.
Includes photos of Steve Adams, Kurt Kretchel, Deron Scott, Joel Lamora, Bob Parsons, Chad Mellison.
16 1 16:01: Negatives
Includes Massage, Steam Tunnels Haunted House, Leanne Dinks, Weeping Widow, Deaf Signers, Ramps and "Stuff", On Campus Student Employment, Alice Lindahl Berkley, Summer Job Search, Comedy Club, Parking, Ruben Schmidt, Streetsounds, Night Snots, Leg Sugaring, Aggie Ice Cream, Apple Harvest Feat-Nature Store, Magic at Games, Cat Lady.
16 2 16:02: Negatives
Includes Health Foods/Massage, Retrix, Video Games, Cadence Store, Valley Metal, Carry Booth Profile, Heritage Glass Recycling, Tree Recycling, Newspaper Recycling, Crystal Springs, Nifty Places, AVA Class.
16 3 16:03: Negatives
Includes Model Citizen Concert, Percussion Band, Dance Class, Richard 3rd, Computer/Modern Illustration, Hands with Crystals, Gambling, Video Illustration, Valedictorians, Bus Driver, Ceremonies of Prayer, Band, Mike, Oreo III, Organ Donar Illustration, Kids in Class, Ghost Illustration, Spanish Cop Illustration, Memorial Day Illustrations.
16 4 16:04: Negatives
Includes Football Media Guide, USU vs. Nevada, D.C. New Coach, Draft Picks, CSU, Football, Arsleranien, New Mexico, Spring Practice.
16 5 16:05: Negatives
Includes Football vs. USU, CSU, Humanitarian Bowl, Rudford, USU vs. Boise, Idaho St.
16 6 16:06: Negatives
Includes USU vs. Boise 11/1/97, USU vs. FVU, USU vs. UCFullerton, Volleyball Oct. 97, Volleyball vs. Mont. St., U of U, USU vs. CSFU, USU Volleyball vs. Idaho, Volleyball vs. Weber St., Women's Soccer.
16 7 16:07: Negatives
Includes USU Soccer vs. Wyoming 9/12/97, UTEP Soccer, Soccer vs. N. Arizona 9/12/97, Utah Soccer, Soccer vs. BYU, Hockey, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Hockey vs. BYU, Hockey vs. New Mexico.
16 8 16:08: Negatives
Includes Hockey, Tricha Schmidt, Melissa Jensen, Track and Field, Intersquad Meet, Ole Hand-Track Member, Jim Lam Track Meet, Track Practice, Track Invitation/Rugby 4/15/97, Rugby vs. Park City, Tennis, Girl's Tennis vs. CSU 1/31/98.
16 9 16:09: Negatives
Includes Women's Rugby vs. Pocatello, Girls Tennis, Mens Volleyball Tournament, Intramurals, UCSB, Sledding, Track Invitational, Softball vs. Hawaii, Softball vs. Utah, Sacramento St., UNLV 5/5/95.
16 10 16:10: Negatives
Includes Gymnastics vs. BYU, Gymnastics, Mrs. Corn, Patrick Airplane, Sheep Sheering 5/17/97, Special Collections 4/15/97, Carrie Morrow, Capture the Flag, Off Campus Employment Ice Sculpter, Family Garden Project.
17 1 17:01: Negatives
Includes General Conference, Cafe Ibis and Lofthouse, Cafe Signs, Pageant, "El Torrow Viejo es Muy Bueno" 4/4/98, Shangri La Health Food.
17 2 17:02: Negatives
Includes Art Museum 4/21/98, Palm Reading Illustration, Ouija Board, Glenn Miller, City Dump, Foreign Student, Hastings, Franklin Williams Art Museum, Dogs, Rob Raphael, Paintball 4/19/95, Fly Illustration 2/98, Handwriting 1/26/98, Christmas Symbols Illustrations, Old Rock Church/Jacob, Recycling, Santa "In campaign of Friends" 10/11/97, Baseball/reading, Rags/ Fiji House, Haunted Forest.
17 3 17:03: Negatives
Includes Osborne, Brit Rep Social 1/9/98, Doreen Kodzako 10/17/97, Project Pals, Culinary Arts Club, Strokes Brothers, Junction, Trees, 12/6/99, Universal Lounge, International Students, Glenn Miller, 2/9/97, Writing Center Widstoe, Tarot Guy 1/96, Alex Shoumatoff 10/13/97, Rob Hilenhalm, 1/9/97, "Word on the Street", Art Museum/Quilt Exhibit, Computer Warehouse, First Secuirty Bank 12/97, Miss International 4/8/97, ROTC Parade.
17 4 17:04: Negatives
Includes SLC Temple, HUB Changes, Band, Logan's Heros, Gabe Trujillo, X-Files, Indian Dancers, Jello Jump, Aggiefest, Fire Engine Children's House, Gates Hotel, Aday, Mary McDonough, WA Engineers, Scuba Club, Dance Works January, Modern Dance.
17 5 17:05: Negatives
Includes Jello Jump, Jazz Ensemble, Business Drop, True Aggies in Snowstorm, Native American Dancers, CNR Day, RIP Swimming, Comedy Competition, Music Therapy Class, Beaver Mt., WA Football, Scuba Club, International Fashion Show, E. Week 2/20/97.
17 6 17:06: Negatives
Includes Bike Riding, Orchestra, USU vs. U of U 8/31/96, "Condy", Jazz/Sacramento Kings, Mr. USU, Football Spring Practice, Biathalon, Travis Rodeo, Long Beach State, Women's Soccer vs. Weber, W.A. Billiards.
17 7 17:07: Negatives
Includes Justin Jones Service, Men's Soccer vs. Ricks 3/30/97, ABU Wilson, BYU at USU, Boise St., Football Practice, Cheerleading Tryouts, Spring Practice and Softball, California State Fullerton, USU/Boise St., CS Northridge 9/7/96.
17 8 17:08: Negatives
Includes Volleyball USU vs. North Texas 10/4/96, Volleyball USU/New Mexico St. 10/6/96, Men's Volleyball, Volleyball vs. UC Irvine, Soccer vs. Weber, Men's Soccer Practice, Hockey vs. San Jose St., Grizzleys/San Antonio, USU/Cal St., Volleyball vs. BYU, Men's Volleyball vs. Air Force, Volleyball USU vs. Boise St., Women's Soccer vs. California State Fullerton, Hockey USu vs. N. Arizona, USU vs. Colorado.
17 9 17:09: Negatives
Includes Hockey vs. CSM, Hockey vs. WSU, Basketball, Rugby vs. Weber, Gymnastics, Softball Pacific, Softball Practice, Raquetball, Snowboarding Beaver, Tennis Tryouts.
17 10 17:10: Negatives
Includes Kayak Club, Gymnastics Practice, Rugby vs. BYU, Rugby 2/15/97, Basketball, Football Blue/White, Softball, Softball vs. UNLV 5/5/95, International Basketball, Tennis, Spring Football, Practice, Tubing.
18 1 18:01: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes USU vs. Fresno, Feature/Gay Shot, Ms. USU, Homecoming Parade, Mayor Race, Football.
18 2 18:02: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes USU vs. Fullerton, Basketball vs. San Jose, Basketball vs. U of U, Football vs. Fresno, Gong Show, Halloween 10/31/85, USU vs. Fullerton, Football vs. San Jose 9/21/85, USU vs. Fresno 10/26/85, Football 10/12/88.
18 3 18:03: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes Joel, Ms. USU 10/22/85, Gong Show 10/24/85, Women's Soccer 10/20/85, Bike Racks 10/17/85, Volleyball, Spiders 10/20/85, Blood Drive 10/17/85, Track, Barre Toelken, "2 Women", Cheerleaders.
18 4 18:04: Negatives, Winter 1986
Includes Basketball, Soccer, Basketball vs. New Mexico, Basketball vs. Long Beach 2/6/86, Fire 2/86, Women's Basketball, 2/26/86, Wheel Chair, PCAA 3/86, UNLV/USU 1/86, Wrestling 2/86.
18 5 18:05: Negatives, Winter 1986
Includes Wrestling 2/86, "CCF Mugs" 2/86, Wrestling 2/16/86, Basketball vs. Pacific 2/23/86, Campus Police 2/86, Basketball vs. Fresno 2/21/86.
18 6 18:06: Negatives, Winter 1986
Includes Gymnastics 2/17/86, Basketball vs. UNLV 2/1/86, Tennis 2/86, Shuttle Memorial 2/4/86, Twister 2/8/86, Basketball 2/86, Basketball vs. Georgia 1/86, Basketball vs. San Jose 1/18/86, 24 hr. Jobs 2/11/86, Logan Football/Women's Track 85-86, Women's Basektbal 2/1/86.
18 7 18:07: Negatives, Winter 1986
Includes Jazz/76ers 1/30/86, Basketball vs. Irvine 1/30/86, Basketball vs. Long Beach, Weber Georgia, Casino 1/25/86, Weightlifting 1/30/86, Basketball vs. UNLV 2/1/86, Women's Track, Jan Bacon 1/28/86.
18 8 18:08: Negatives, Winter 1986
Includes Women's Basketball 1/86, Gymnastics 1/14/86, Basketball "Top View" 1/17/85, Basketball vs. BYU 12/3/85, Snow Feature, Track 12/13/85, UNLV/USU 1/86, Jazz/L.A. 12/85, Food Illustration 12/85, Basketball 1/10/85, Basketball vs. U of U 11/23/85, Basketball vs. San Jose 1/18/86, Wrestling 1/8/86 and 1/12/86, Michelle Hunger 12/13/85, Women's Basketball vs. Colorado 1/6/85, Coach Shelton 1/86.
18 9 18:09: Negatives, Color Fall 1985
Includes Basketball vs. Alberta 11/13/85, Art 141 2/85, Pizza 12/11/85, "Table Top", "Old House" '85, Trees, Autumn '86, Portrait/Gre Card 10/9/85, Las Vegas 10/9/85, Autumn Leaves.
18 10 18:10: Negatives, Fall and Winter
Includes Women's Track, USU Basketball, Ag Week 5/16/85, Basketball vs. Long Beach 2/86, Cow Chip/John Flannery, Vegas vs. Titans 3/9/85, Basketball vs. UNLV 2/2/85.
18 11 18:11: Negatives, Fall and Winter
Includes China Night/Dave Gibson, Gymnastics, Basketball, Kent Robson.
18 12 18:12: Negatives, Fall and Winter
Includes Wrestling, Eric Allred, Logan Basketball, Professor Ferlong, Basketball, Mike McCullough, Harlem Globetrotters.
18 13 18:13: Negatives, Fall and Winter
Includes Football, USU vs. Long Beach 2/6/85, USU vs. San Jose St., Feature, Tamara Thomas, Logan vs. B.R., Ballot Box, East/West Allstar, Wrestling.
19 1 19:01: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes Gymnastics vs. U of U, Oregon 3/4/85, Washington 2/26/85, Wrestling, Volleyball, USU vs. S. Jose 5/9/85, Water Research 5/28/85.
19 2 19:02: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes Gymnastics vs. U of U 2/9/85, Gymnastics vs. Washington 2/26/85, Concerts, Fitness/Mechanic 5/1/85, Wedding, Lingerie, Help Line.
19 3 19:03: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes Burell Hanson, Easter Egg Hunt, Break Dance/Crowds, Candidates USU '84, Rob Robertson, Volleyball, Women's Track, Softball vs. U of U 5/9/84, Soccer vs. Iran 4/84.
19 4 19:04: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes Statesman vs ASUSU, Blue/White 5/19/85, International Kids, Ray-Bus Driver/Rubgy, Ms. International Executive Council, Jazz vs. Chicago, Parking/Weight Equipment 5/30/85, Feature/Water Lab, Wedding/Computer 5/19/85.
19 5 19:05: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes Mountain Crest Track 5/8/85, Lacrosse, Rodeo 5/19/85, Computer "A" 5/16/85, Jazz/Nuggets 5/4/85, Man on St., Spring Football, Jazz vs. Chicago 3/24/85, Jazz vs. Houston 4/25/85, Chimney Sweep Feature, Logan Jr. High/Car Crash 4/28/85, Pro Wrestling 3/25/85.
19 6 19:06: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes Pro Wrestling, Brian Bellknap 3/85, Spring Football/Zions Bank/Press Can 4/2/85, Ski Beaver 4/3/85, Greek Games 5/9/85, Ms. International 4/22/85, Feature/Logan Fire 4/85, James Rush/Philippines 4/30/85, Smithfield 5/1/85, Parrot 5/4/85, Organist/Blue Sox 5/1/85, Steve Jone, Art 144 4/4/85, Mugs/Weather 4/23/85, USU Tennis 6/16/85, Fire Cheif/Thompson 4/18/85, Gena McKay 4/20/85, USU Rugby 4/7/85.
19 7 19:07: Negatives, Spring 1985
Includes USU Rugby 4/7/85, Feature 1st Dam 4/13/85, Wyoming vs. USU 1/27/83, Temple, Contact 1/15/85, Fay Buttars 3/13/85, 1000 Donated Books 3/28/85, Pro Wrestling 3/23/85, Police Women/ Old Knit Mill 4/1/85, Police Women 3/28/85, Launi/Roxanne - Weather 3/26/85, Weather/Dale Carpenter 3/28/85, Spring Football 4/2/85, Armadillo/Chante 3/14/85, Gordon Weaver/Weather 4/4/85, Video Games 4/8/85, Jim Scherner Dialysis 4/5/85.
19 8 19:08: Negatives, Summer 1985
Includes Logan vs. Skyview 9/29/85, Old Lyric 7/31/85, Logan Wreck 7/30/85.
19 9 19:09: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes "Man on Street" 9/26/85, USU Men's Soccer 10/22/85, Roxanne/Feature 10/3/85, Bartel Jensen 10/3/85, Aggiettes 10/1/85, Glen Edwards 10/1/85, Football Practice, Com Net 10/10/85, Sign Language 10/8/85, Mudd Football 10/23/85.
19 10 19:10: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes USU vs. U of U 11/2/85, Basketball vs. Alberta 11/13/85, Ski Beaver 4/31/85, Feature 10/29/85, Halloween 10/31/85, USU vs. U of U 11/2/85, BYU vs. Washington 9/10/85, Forum/Computers 11/7/85, Tequila Illustration 11/7/85, USU vs. U of U 11/2/85, Football, Dr. Suzanne Pepper China 11/5/85, Palmblad 11/1/85.
19 11 19:11: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes Basketball vs. U of U 11/23/85, Basketball vs. Weber 11/29/85, Basketball vs. BYU 12/3/85, "Kids Sing" 11/12/85.
19 12 19:12: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes PCAA Basketball 11/13/85, Basketball vs. Alberta 11/13/85, Volleyball vs. Weber 11/11/85, Basketball vs. BYU 12/3/85, Jazz/L.A. 12/5/85, Thanksgiving, Brenda Portrait.
19 13 19:13: Negatives, Fall 1985
Includes Feature/Fashion 10/10/85, Palmblad 11/1/85, Football, USU/BYU 11/9/85, Basketball vs. U of U 11/23/85, "Southbound", Ray Poulsen James McMahon 11/9/85, Jazz/Portland 11/16/85.
19 14 19:14: Negatives, Fall 1984, Winter 1985
Includes Football.
19 15 19:15: Negatives
Includes Volleyball, Basketball
19 16 19:16: Negatives
Includes Basketball, Volleyball.
19 17 19:17: Negatives
Includes USU Basketball/Danceworks 3/2/85, Gymnastics USU vs. Oregon 3/4/85, Gymnastics vs. U of U 2/9/85, Bill Carter, Hands Up/Stan Carter 3/5/85, PCAA Vegas vs. Titans 3/9/85, USU vs. San Jose 3/10/85.
19 18 19:18: Negatives
Includes USU vs. UNLV 2/2/85, Lurene D./Scott Wyatt 2/23/85, Bill Carer (Forum), Softball (Shortstop) 2/27/85, Basketball 3/2/85, USU vs. New Mexico 3/2/85.
20 1 20:01: Negatives
Includes Softball, Rugby 4/23/99
20 2 20:02: Negatives
Includes "Erin" Gymnastics 1/19, Sherrie Durrenee, Gymnastics Coaches.
20 3 20:03: Negatives
Includes Weber State, Hockey Mont. St.
20 4 20:04: Negatives
Includes "Violin Chick", Murder Myster, "Furniture Stuff", Teresa "Price is Right" Winner, Kenya, Walking Taco 9/1, President's Portraits.
20 5 20:05: Negatives
Includes Luau, Earth Day, Cory Murdock - Track - Sports, Airplane - News.
20 6 20:06: Negatives
Includes Teacher of the Year, Children's House, Parking Terrace, Aggie Village, Chase, Cards, Permit Parking, Parking Stickers, Fraternity, Matt Flint, Financial/Jobs, Handicap, Quilt, Bike Story, News - Tutoring, Spelling Bee, Golf Defense, Zan Merrill Rehab Disabilities, USu Pride Alliance, Ice Cream, Peace Corps, Word on the Street, Email, Student Health Center, Card Scanning, Engineering Building.
20 7 20:07: Negatives
Includes College Bound, Edith Bowen 3/11/99, Portrait Leonard Arrington, Wheelchair Convocation Speaker, College Bowl, Habitat for Humanity, Guitar Ensemble 3/30/99, Blood Drive 2/11/98, Flue Shot, Kickboxing, Tubing Old Main, Mayor, Prices in Hub.
20 8 20:08: Negatives
Includes Soccer Sis., Men's Soccer, Girls Soccer, USU/ISU Soccer, Carrie Iverson, Danny Main, Stacy Enos.
20 9 20:09: Negatives
Includes Mclean, Construction, Arcadia, Swing, Makeup and Manicures, Spring Break, Crystal Hot Springs, Media Comapny 3/23/99, Wild Art, Pilots, Cell Phone, Flower Shop, Tanning, 94.5, Girls Living Out of Car, Community Day.
20 10 20:10: Negatives
Includes Noah's Pets, Zuka, Odd Jobs Funeral Home, Scrapbooks, Kickboxing (Karate), Tai Chi, Bridgerland 1/30/99, Ruby Tuesdays.
20 11 20:11: Negatives
Includes Wind Caves 9/15/98, Maze, Fun Foods in 10 minutes, KSM Guitar, Accents, Costume Shop, Haunted Forest, Pag Bagley, Aaron Mcclowsky, Piano Lessons, Doss, Soils Lab 2/99, Unique Teacher.
20 12 20:12: Negatives
Includes Sailing Team, Dollars, Recycling Club Sorting Howl Garbage, Albert Labonty, Voice Service, LTD, Flight School.
20 13 20:13: Negatives
Includes Jan Bakker, Bruce Radel Velde, Rolly and Wells, Teacher, Real World, "Rape Chick", Senator Bob Bennett, Mike Green, Convocations, Abduction Speaker, Stacey Bess Speaker, Police Chief, Shelley Thomas, Students/Construction.
20 14 20:14: Negatives
Includes Federal Avenue, Bus Stop, Auction, FIJIS, Special Oly, Stamps and Porcupine, Book Exchange, Bookstore, Doctors, Fun Run, LTD Meeting, Pres. Emert and Ryan Dent, Post Office, Agrobility, Consumer Awareness, Wild Art, Frisbee, Pet Therapy
20 15 20:15: Negatives
Includes Bowling, Women's Lacrosse, Rugby, Water Polo, Track Service Project, "Rodeo Dude", A.D., Water Polo, Bike Race, Jon Long Rollerblading, Sarah Lowe - Tennis, Holley Hansen.
20 16 20:16: Negatives
Includes ROTC, Karate 3/11/99, Campaigners 3/7/99, Bridal Show 2/20/99, Wild Art, Engineering Week 2/23/99, ASL "Deafology" 2/17/99, Wild Art 2/24/99, Indoor Track, Potter WA, Face Painting, Hillcrest WA, Sledding Old Main, 1/23.
20 17 20:17: Negatives
Includes Wild Art, Gymnastics Practice, Gymnastics Auburn/Washington, Shane Jones, Football, Sports Academy, Ads/Diamond Company, Men's Soccer, Reb Raphael USU Dance, Indoor Soccer, Track Corey Murdock, ASUSU Banner, Tennis Alexay.
20 18 20:18: Negatives
Includes Gymnastics, Wild Art 4/12, Ken Brewer, Gymnastics vs. USCB, Karate,
20 19 20:19: Negatives
Includes Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball Coach, Men's Volleyball Practice, Elections 3/11/99, Computer Games, Piano Concert 8/3/98, Ultimate - Grant, Indoor Climbing 4/7/99.

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