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H. D. Goode photograph collection
circa 1900-1994 (inclusive)
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The H. D. Goode photograph collection contains personal and family photographs, and three albums containing photographs of H. D. Goode's childhood, snapshots he took in Europe during and immediately after World War II, and postcards collected in Europe circa 1945. Included are a large number of slides taken in various national parks and wilderness areas in Utah.
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Collection contains one regular and one oversize box. Harry Goode was a Professor of geology at the University of Utah, researcher, field scientist, writer, and consultant. This photograph collection is in disorder due to a later addendum coming after original collection was numbered. The collection generally deals with three phases of Goode's life through early family portraits, his career involvement in England and France in the Second World War, and his subsequent life at the University of Utah as Professor. Collection is in excellent condition and is a relatively good reference to a social sphere of life in the army in WWII. An Addendum was added in February 1996, but remains unprocessed.

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H. D. Goode's life: Family, Travel, School and GeologyReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
H.D. Goode
Photograph number 1: Soon after being commissioned 2nd Lt., 1943Photograph number 2: Age 40, 1950
1 2
Photograph number 1-11: Unidentified buildings in England and FrancePhotograph number 12: Westminster ?Photograph number 13: Theater Royal, LondonPhotograph number 14-20: Unidentified Cathedrals/Buildings in EnglandPhotograph number 21-40: Series of photos of an unidentified palace in Europe (Probably in France)Photograph number 41: Unidentified rock formationPhotograph number 42: Windsor Castle, St. George's HallPhotograph number 43: The North Front, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 44: North Terrace, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 45: Unidentified (Paris ?)Photograph number 46-47: Unidentified (Windsor ?)Photograph number 48: Windsor Castle, The Presence ChamberPhotograph number 49: Windsor Castle, The Grand RoomPhotograph number 50: Windsor Castle, Grand Reception RoomPhotograph number 51: Military Knights Quarters, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 52: Interior, St. George's Chapel, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 53: Windsor Castle from River ThamesPhotograph number 54: Windsor Castle, The Picture GalleryPhotograph number 55: Windsor Castle, the Throne RoomPhotograph number 56: Charles II Statue, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 57: Salisbury Tower (Right), Curfew Tower (Left), Windsor CastlePhotograph number 58: East Terrace, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 59: Windsor Castle, State BedroomPhotograph number 60: Windsor Castle, The Rubens RoomPhotograph number 61: Windsor Castle, The VestibulePhotograph number 62: Windsor Castle, The Waterloo ChamberPhotograph number 63: Henry VIII Gateway, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 64: Windsor Castle, The Vandyke RoomPhotograph number 65: Round Tower, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 66: South Front and State Entrance, Windsor CastlePhotograph number 67: Big Ben and the Houses of ParliamentPhotograph number 68: Westminster Abbey, West Front, LondonPhotograph number 69: The Royal Gallery, House of Lords, LondonPhotograph number 70: The Tower and Tower Bridge, LondonPhotograph number 71: University of LondonPhotograph number 72: The Pool, Tower Bridge and Tower of LondonPhotograph number 73: Piccadilly with Park Lane Hotel, LondonPhotograph number 74: Yeoman of the Guard, The Tower, LondonPhotograph number 75: Victoria Tower, Houses of Parliament, LondonPhotograph number 76: British Museum, LondonPhotograph number 77: The Tate Gallery, LondonPhotograph number 78: St. Paul's Cathedral, LondonPhotograph number 79: St. Martin's in the Fields, South Africa house and Entrance to the Strand, LondonPhotograph number 80: Picdadilly CircusPhotograph number 81: The Victoria and Albert Museum, south KensingtonPhotograph number 82: Big Ben and House of Lords, LondonPhotograph number 83: Buckingham Palace, The Tower Bridge and Tower of Lond, St. Paul's Cathedral, houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square, LondonPhotograph number 84: Buckingham Palace, LondonPhotograph number 85: Buckingham Palace and The Queen Victoria Statue, Piccadilly Circus, the Centre of the World, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall and the Cenotaph, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, Tower Bridge and Pool of London.Photograph number 86: Marble Arch, LondonPhotograph number 87: Le Chateau, Facade Nord-Est et Terrasse, Chenonceaux, FrancePhotograph number 88: Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire, FrancePhotograph number 89: Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire, FrancePhotograph number 90: En avion au-dessus des Chateau de la Loire, Chambord, Facade Sud, FrancePhotograph number 91: Chambord, Le Chateau, la terrasse circulairePhotograph number 92: Chenonceaux, Le Chateau, La Tour des MarquesPhotograph number 93: Tower of London, The Bloody TowerPhotograph number 94: Tower of London, The Jewel HousePhotograph number 95: Tower of London, Tower GreenPhotograph number 96: The Tower of London, The White TowerPhotograph number 97: Love and Psyche, Francois-Eduoard Picot, Musee du Louvre, ParisPhotograph number 98-107: Nude women
1 3
Photograph number 1: Chamber School 1946, New York Telephone CompanyPhotograph number 2: An Erda Recorder, Spring 1971Photograph number 3: Crossbar School 1946, New York Telephone CoPhotograph number 4: (U.S. Geological Survey) U. S. G. S. Award, June 1962Photograph number 5: Fifteenth Ground Water Branch Short Course, University of OklahomaPhotograph number 6: Eighteenth Ground Water Branch Short Course, Glenwood, Colorado
1 4
Miscellaneous Geology
Photograph number 1: Artifacts collected in and near the Eureka quadranglePhotograph number 2-4: "Our Traveling Motel", front, rear, insidePhotograph number 5: Looking west in Arches National MonumentPhotograph number 6: The Double ArchPhotograph number 7: Dead Horse Point, Utah, a favorite spot for the few who have seen it.Photograph number 8: Dead Horse Point. The Ashrubs along the Colorado River are actually trees 30 of more feet high.Photograph number 9: Washout on road east of Moab, UtahPhotograph number 10: Buttes along Colorado River east of Moab, UtahPhotograph number 11: La Sal Mountains from highway south of MoabPhotograph number 12: La Sal Mountains from a pont east of Monticello, UtahPhotograph number 13: Big Sky Country, Northern New MexicoPhotograph number 14: State highway 95 across Comb RidgePhotograph number 15: Comb Ridge escarpmentPhotograph number 16: Bridge at Natural Bridges National MonumentPhotograph number 17: Mesas along White Canyon roadPhotograph number 18: Old Indian granary or dwelling near Comb RidgePhotograph number 19: The Bears Ears as seen from close upPhotograph number 20: The Bears Ears from a distancePhotograph number 21: Looking east from edge of Cedar MesaPhotograph number 22: Looking southeast from Cedar MesaPhotograph number 23: New uranium ore road down face of Cedar Mesa.Photograph number 24: Abandoned ranch house at foot of Cedar Mesa.Photograph number 25: A Pinnacle of sandstonePhotograph number 26: One of the Goosenecks of the San Juan River. Near Mexican Hat.Photograph number 27: The Mexican Hat about three miles north of Mexican Hat, Utah.Photograph number 28: Big Round Rock in northeastern ArizonaPhotograph number 29: Little Round rock and part of Big Round Rock in northeastern Arizona
1 5
Thesis in Geomorphology
Photograph number 1: Looking southeast along the county-line divide from east face of Mammoth Peak.Photograph number 2: Boulder of carbonates rock showing relief of chert fragments after removal of surrounding carbonate by weatheringPhotograph number 3-4: LanscapePhotograph number 5: Diamond Divide BlockPhotograph number 6: Latite RidgePhotograph number 7: Parts of the Godiva Mountain Surface as seen from a point east of Eureka Peak.Photograph number 8: The Pinyon Creek area of accelerated erosion and Lime Peak from the east.Photograph number 9-14: LandscapesPhotograph number 15: Paleozoic rock and tuff in fault contact at railroad cut on southeast corner of Lime Peak.Photograph number 16: The East Tintic Mountains looking northwest from the north end of the Ruby Hollow Surface.
1 6
Thesis in Geomorphology
Photograph number 1-9: Landscapes used in his research
1 7
Thesis in Geomorphology
Photograph number 1-2: Mammoth and Eureka PeaksPhotograph number 3-4: Willow Spring Surface, Pinyon PeakPhotograph number 5: Godiva MountainPhotograph number 6: Pinyon Peak
1 8
Thesis in Geomorphology
Photograph number 1-25: Microscopic views
1 9
Thesis in Geomorphology
Photograph number 1: The gorge of the Niagara River.Photograph number 2: Waterfall in Stony Brook State Park, New York.Photograph number 3: Canyon wall in Stony Brook State Park, New York.Photograph number 4: Rapids and cascades in Stony Brook State Park, New York.Photograph number 5: Small waterfall near Wayland, New YorkPhotograph number 6: Cascades above the falls of Number 5.Photograph number 7: Zion National Park. Showing the steepness of some of the 3,000 foot walls in this canyon.Photograph number 8: The Colorado RiverPhotograph number 9-13: Grand Canyon National Park.
1 10
Miscellaneous Locations
Photograph number 1-11: Photos of a car accidentPhotograph number 12-20: Land/Mud slides
1 11
Aerial Photographs
Photograph number 1-30: Aerial photographs
1 12
Photograph number 1: H. D. Goode in the classroomPhotograph number 2: Eighteenth Ground Water Branch Short Course, Glenwood, ColoradoPhotograph number 3-4: Erda Recorder
1 13
Goode's Mother (1983 Cancer Photographs)
Photograph number 1: Goode's Mother and unidentifiedPhotograph number 2-78: Progressive photos of the cancerous spot on her face as she heals from surgery and radiation.
1 14
Early Family Portraits
Photograph number 1: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 2-3: George B. Rice Jan(?) 16th (18)-82Photograph number 4-5: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 6: George B. RicePhotograph number 7: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 8: "Dot-decorated with cherry juice"Photograph number 9: Unidentified
circa 1900
1 15
Early Family Portraits
Photograph number 1-15: Unidentified
circa 1900
1 16
Photograph number 1-8: Unidentified
circa 1940s
1 17
Miscellaneous Group Portraits
Photograph number 1: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 2: 19th Annual Judicial Conference, 3rd Judicial Circuit of the United Staes, Chalfonte, Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 1956Photograph number 3: Christmas Party, 1961Photograph number 4-5: Unidentified with a small dog wearing a "Welcome Travelers" bannerPhotograph number 6: Unidentified
1 18
Paris, France
Photograph number 1: Alice TruhalPhotograph number 2-5: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 6: Jean Hope, Paris, 1945Photograph number 7: River Seine and Eiffel TowerPhotograph number 8: Parade down Rue RivoliPhotograph number 9: Street BarricadePhotograph number 10: The Arc de Triumphe and Champs d'ElyseesPhotograph number 11: Evelyne Colin, 6 months, March 1947Photograph number 12: River Seine and Eiffel TowerPhotograph number 13: Unidentified soldiersPhotograph number 14: Jean HopePhotograph number 15-16: Unidentified living quartersPhotograph number 17-18: Unidentified at a Church entrance (after a wedding, see 20-23)Photograph number 19: Ruth Jemphrey, Spring 1944Photograph number 20-23: People exciting a Church after an unidentified wedding ceremonyPhotograph number 24: Unidentified living quartersPhotograph number 25: Jean HopePhotograph number 26: Unidentified manPhotograph number 27: Denise VoisPhotograph number 28: Jean HopePhotograph number 29: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 30: SoldiersPhotograph number 31: Unidentified buildingPhotograph number 32: Doris McKeePhotograph number 33: Mme Feltes, Aubange, BelgiumPhotograph number 34: Statue in BrusselsPhotograph number 35: Aubange repeaterPhotograph number 36: Destroyed building in Aubange, BelgiumPhotograph number 37-38: Paris, New Years, 1945Photograph number 39: Peter Van EyckPhotograph number 40: Newspaper article telling a story of meeting Peter Van Eyck
September 1944-March 1946
1 19
Photograph number 1-4: Unidentified woman on a camping tripPhotograph number 5-8: Unidentified people playing with dogs and catsPhotograph number 9: Dorothy R. GoodePhotograph number 10-11: Dorothy R. Goode with unidentifiedPhotograph number 12: Hotel De Paris
circa 1945
1 20
World War II related
Photograph number 1-3: Unidentified menPhotograph number 4-6: Thomas W. EasterPhotograph number 7-8: Unidentified womanPhotograph number 9-11: Miss Dorothy Rice, Essex County Courthouse, East Orange, New JerseyPhotograph number 12: Taking Oath, Municipal Building, Trenton October 14, 1943Photograph number 13-14: Erichion, Rice
1 21
Entertainment Personality Rudy Vallee
Photograph number 1-13: Christmas cards from Rudy ValleePhotograph number 14-28: Portraits of Rudy Vallee

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Photograph number Three photo albums. (all in the same box)

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
Album Number 1
H.D. Goode's parent's album of his childhood
circa 1912
2 2
Album Number 2
H.D. Goode's snapshots from WWII
2 3
Album Number 3
Postcards from Europe circa 1945, details of places and architecture in Europe during this time.
circa 1945
3 1
Officer Class, 1943

Personal and Travel PhotosReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
4 1
Personal Photos
4 2
Fort Dix, NJ (May 1942)
4 3
England, Summer 1942
4 4
London, 1942
4 5
Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, 1943
4 6
Northern Ireland, 1944
4 7
England, 1944
4 8
France, 1944
4 9
ETO and Eastern Winter?
5 1
Air to St. George, I-80 Landslide, Birds
5 2
San Juan Indian Reservation, 1969
5 3
Flaming Gorge, May, 1975
5 4
Dinosaur National Monument
5 5
Dead Horse Point, 1958
5 6
Escalante, Death Hollow, Spurter, Dancehall Rock (1967)
5 7
Monument Valley, Canyonlands, May '68
5 8
Arches Monument 1968
5 9
Garfield County, Utah, 1969
5 10
Starvation, Soldier Creek, Uinta Basin - Baxter Pass, 1975
5 11
Henry Mountains, 1975
5 12
Goosenecks and Mexican Hat, 1917
5 13
Baboquivari, Arizona
5 14
H.D. Goode GSA Talk, October, 1980
6 1
Bryce Canyon-Canyonlands
6 2
6 3
East Tintic, Utah
6 4
East Tintic Geology
6 5
Eureka, Utah
6 6
Field Camp
7 1
Garden of the Gods, Colorado
7 2
Lake Bonneville, Utah
7 3
Great Salt Lake, Utah
7 4
Lake Powell, Utah
7 5
Grand Canyon, Arizona
7 6
Henry Mountains, Utah, 1975
7 7
Henry Mountains, Utah, 1976
7 8
Henry Mountains, Utah, 1977
7 9
Kane County, Utah, 1964
7 10
Kane County, Utah, 1961-1965
7 11
Kane County, Utah, 1965-1966
7 12
Kane County, Utah, 1967-1969
8 1
Logan, Utah
8 2
Manti, Utah
8 3
Lake Powell, Utah
8 4
Monument Valley, Arizona
8 5
Mt. Nebo, Utah
8 6
Newhouse Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah
8 7
Price River, Utah
8 8
River Trip, Utah
8 9
Rush Valley, Utah
8 10
Salt Lake City, Utah
8 11
San Juan, Utah
8 12
Sevier, Utah
8 13
Utah Countryside, 1968
8 14
9 1
Tooele, Utah
9 2
Uinta Basin, Utah
9 3
Wasatch Mountains,Utah
9 4
Topaz Mountain, Utah
9 5
Zion National Park, Utah
9 6
Utah Landscapes/Towns
9 7
University of Utah
9 8
Mt. Rushmore (1972)
9 9
Salt Lake 1972
9 10
Salt Lake 1973
9 11
Henry Mountains/Birch Creek
9 12
Henry Mountains, Utah
9 13
Henry Mountains. Negatives
9 14
Alluvial Sequence of Skutumpah Terrace
9 15
Mayflower property evaluation 1
9 16
Mayflower property evaluation 2
9 17
Thesis Prints
10 1
Southern Utah Storm
10 2
Horseshoe Bend/Monument Valley
10 3
10 4
10 5
Snow/Construction in Desert
10 6
Southern Utah
10 7

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  • Subject Terms :
  • National parks and reserves--Utah--Photographs
  • Personal Names :
  • Goode, H. D. (Harry Donald), 1912---Photographs
  • Family Names :
  • Good family--Photographs
  • Geographical Names :
  • Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah)--Photographs
  • Henry Mountains (Utah)--Photographs
  • Kane County (Utah)--Photographs
  • Powell, Lake (Utah and Ariz.)--Photographs
  • Salt Lake City (Utah)--Photographs
  • Zion National Park (Utah)--Photographs
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Photographic prints--1945-1994
  • Portrait photographs
  • Postcards
  • Slides--Color--1945-1994