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Montpelier Historical Society
Montpelier Historical Society archives
1811-1956 (inclusive)
1875-1956 (bulk)
2 boxes, (1 linear ft.)
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Archives of the Montpelier Historical Society include miscellaneous parts of organizational and personal records. Includes a ledger of the Montpelier Athletic Club (1926-1937); a school supply financial ledger (1909-1911); exhibit notes from the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers; Montpelier Pavilion Corporation record (1906); journal and genealogy of Edward Burgoyne (photocopy, ca. 1880s); receipts of T.L. Glenn, attorney (1898-1906); and some examples of early Salt Lake Valley money, etc.
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In May of 1991 the Bear Lake County Historical Society was founded by the Bear Lake County Commissioner's, Ordinance 91-01, according to the wishes of Commissioner Ron Law and DUP County Pres. Lois Lee Hulme for the purpose of creating a museum to hold relics and artifacts for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, as well as to begin collections of local railroad memorabilia, histories and artifacts. A board of directors headed first by Hulme and later by Bear Lake Valley residents, Allene Daines, Ruth Nelson, John Cook and Sherry Brown. In 1998 the historical society's museum, named the Rails and Trails Museum, eventually moved from its original location in the old Burgoyne Hotel to the lower floor of the National Oregon/California Trail Center. There it works in a separate, but complimentary function to the trail center and is open Monday through Saturday, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Source: Updated January 9, 2004 by BLCHS Pres. Sherry Brown and former board member, Rosa Moosman, using original BLCHS documents.

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The Bear Lake County Historical Society collection, donated to Utah State University Special Collections in the year of the society's formation, comprises a variety of material relating to the growth and development of Montpelier, Idaho, from 1811 - 1956. In particular, the collection contains the journal of Edward Burgoyne and the records of T.L. Glenn, lawyer and mayor of Montpelier. In addition to this, there are ledgers from the Montpelier Athletic Club and a school supply financial ledger. The exhibition notes of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers for their "Relic Room" displayed for Pioneer Days, along with news clippings are available in a ledger. There is also a collection of receipts from residents Alf Stoner and David and Charlotte Hunter. The Montpelier Pavilion Corporation records are also among these papers. The full collection is contained in two boxes.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Montpelier Athletic Club Ledger: Page 1-36 of this ledger is a monthly record form Dec. 1926-Jan. 1937 of money spent in a possible athletic club. Blank until page 65 where there is an itemized listing of each club member and amount paid to the club
1 2 School Supply Financial Ledger: Financial ledger form 1909-1911
Exact purpose is unknown, but is probably a record of the money a school spent for supplies, and from whom they were bought. Copmpanies include: Atlas School Supply Co.-Chicago, AB Chaffee Co.-Pocatello, Rand McNally-Chicago, W.R. Siders-Pocatello.
1 3 DUP "Relic Room" Exhibit Notes
1 3a Ledger includes a newspaper clipping from July 30, 1920 which tells of a soon established "relic room". The room, a project of Mrs. O. H. Groo and Mrs. Ashley, exhibits relics of pioneer days
Itemize notes of donated/borrowed relics for the exhibition. It also gives a description of the item and who donated it.
1 3b Two hand-written pages that were taken from fd. 3a. Written in 1933, and tells of the relic exhibit established in 1920. Tells that in 1927 the relics were turned over to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. Then follows a list of the most valued treasures in the exhibit
1 3c One hand-written page found in fd. 3a. The page tells the ancestry of Pernecy Francis Allen Williams. She was born Jan. 27, 1842, and died Nov. 23, 1893
1 4 Montpelier Pavilion Corporation Record: Montpelier Pavilion Co. Corporation Record begins Jan. 1906
Consists of: Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, list of stock holders, minutes of meetings. Also includes certificates of stock reissued or canceled, transfer records, dividend book, and bills payable.
1 5 Journal of Edward Burgoyne: Edward Burgoyne's private journal in photocopy
First entries are from England and Wales. Later entries concerned Burgoyne store accounts, including names and amounts owed to store. Included also are pgs. of genealogy. Edward was born in Wales on Feb. 22, 1835. He converted to the Mormon church and travelled to Utah. He settled in Cache Valley, set up, and operated the first carding mill and loom in that territory. In 1864 he moved to what is now Montpelier. Burgoyne became one of the largest real-estate owners of the city. In 1880 he started the Burgoyne Mercantile Co., which became a very prosperous and booming store.
1 6 Collection of receipts, memorabilia and correspondence from Montpelier residents. Arranged by name where possible
1 6a Alf Stoner's personal receipts. Receipts range from
Include Electric bill receipts, receipt for the Montpelier Examiner, and others.
1 6b David and Charlotte Hunter's personal receipts.
Tax receipts as old as 1875. Tithing receipts from 1908. Receipt from the Burgoyne Store, and other personal receipts. Also contains a personal post card.
1 6c Contains miscellaneous memorabilia
Contains playbill for the King George V. Theatre, price scale for sewing stockings from 1811 to 1842, certificate of ordination to the L.D.S. priesthood for Nathaniel J. Snyder, and Zions Bank remakes of Kirtland money and early Salt Lake Valley money.
1 6d Items from
Personal items of Dr. G.L. Rees, Molen Rees, and A.R. Munk.
2 1 Miles Milling Company ledger dated
This Montpelier company sold mostly flour, wheat, and corn, but also oil and coal to individuals and various companies such as to Skaggs Safeway Store, Jones Market, Home Bakery, Royal Bakery, and Grand Cafe.
2 2 Receipts of T.L. Glenn-Attorney: T.L. Glenn's personal and professional receipts. Glenn was an Attorney
Receipts from 1898-1906.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Mormon Church--Idaho--History--Sources.
  • Personal Names :
  • Burgoyne, Edward, 1835---Diaries.
  • Glenn, T. L.--Records and correspondence.
  • Corporate Names :
  • Montpelier Athletic Club--Records and correspondence.
  • Montpelier Historical Society--Archives.
  • Montpelier Pavilion Corporation--Records and correspondence.
  • Utah State University. Libraries. Special Collections and Archives. (contributor)
  • Family Names :
  • Burgoyne family.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Bear Lake County (Idaho)--History--Sources.
  • Bear Lake Valley Utah and (Idaho)--History--Sources.
  • Montpelier (Idaho)--History--Sources.