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Peiser, Theodore E
Theodore E. Peiser photographs
circa 1874-1905 (inclusive)
208 photographic prints (4 boxes plus 1 oversize folder)
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Photographs of the faculty and students of the Territorial University, the National Guard after six days service under martial law during the Chinese riots in Seattle, the Seattle Base Ball Club in 1886, and the Camp Lawton corrals and stables for military troops departing for the 1900 Boxer Rebellion in China
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Theodore E. Peiser, an early pioneer photographer, was active in Washington State from the 1880s to 1907. He documented early scenes in Seattle including pioneers, a 1900 military expedition to China, and the Territorial University. Unfortunately, early during his stay in Seattle, he experienced the loss of his photographic studio and equipment in the Great Fire that swept the city in June of 1889. However, some of his photographic images did survive.

Theodore E. Peiser was born in California in 1853. Arriving in Washington State in the early 1880s, he was actively involved in the photography business in Seattle until about 1907. During his stay in Washington, he managed to capture significant scenes of the early history of Seattle and the outlying region. He also frequently photographed scenes in King County and the surrounding region such as the Port Gamble Mill, Snohomish riverfront, and Snoqualmie hop farms. His original studio on 2nd Avenue between Marion and Columbia Streets was destroyed along with his equipment and negatives in the great Fire of 1889 that swept the city's downtown district. He subsequently moved his photography studio to a number of locations in the city: 1516 1/2 Front Street (1894), 2010 Western Avenue (1901), 2406 1/2 6th Avenue (1905), and 415 Eitel Bldg. (1906).

However, in 1907 an entry in the March 10th issue of the Seattle Timesreflects his situation: "Broken in health, bronchitis and asthma having been left in the wake of a severe grip attack, Theo. E. Peiser, a pioneer photographer of Seattle and the city's leader in that business previous to the great fire, when he lost everything, has been brought down to actual want. There is left to him only the memories of what fortune was once his and what he might have been. Just now the only possible move, his physician tells him, that will save his life is a change of climate, and Lake County, California has been designated as the place where he should go. This will be made possible only through the sale of his photograph gallery outfit including many valuable plates, views and portraits. Among the plates are many pioneer scenes of Seattle, Peiser having come here in 1883. His is at the present time the oldest photographer in point of local service in the city. His home is at 7543 Sunnyside Avenue, this city."

Peiser's date of death is unknown.

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Photographs include documentation of the faculty and students of the Territorial University, the National Guard after six days service under martial law during the Chinese riots in Seattle, the Seattle Base Ball Club in 1886, and the Camp Lawton corrals and stables for military troops (7th Regiment, 1st Cavalry, Black American detachment - Troop C, 9th Cavalry) departing for the 1900 Boxer Rebellion in China (the "China Expedition"). Photos also depict troop ships departing from Seattle harbor (U.S.A.T. Lawton , Athenian, U.S.A.T. Garonne , U.S.A.T. Egbert , U.S.A.T. Rosecrans , U.S.A.T. Kintuck ), 1900. Subjects also include Seattle scenes, Port Ludlow, and Port Gamble.

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Box 1: Peiser Nos. 1-121
Box 2: Peiser Nos. 178-358; 10000-10034
Box 3: Peiser Nos. 10035-10084
Box 4: "China Expedition"; 3 unnumbered photographs
Oversize photographs in K52 oversize box

PEISER 1: Port Ludlow Mill.
PEISER 1a: Union City.
PEISER 2: Port Ludlow. Oct. 1889.
PEISER 2a: Union City.
PEISER 3: Port Ludlow mill with ships. Sept. 1889.
PEISER 3a: Union City.
PEISER 5: Sternwheeler "Yakima," Sept. 1889.
PEISER 5a: Port Ludlow.
PEISER 6: Mt. Olympus.
PEISER 6a: The first street car.
PEISER 8: Port Ludlow, close-up of town.
PEISER 8a: Yesler-Leary Building, Seattle, 1889.
PEISER 9: Port Ludlow, row houses, mill, ships.
PEISER 10: Port Ludlow Mill from land.
PEISER 10a: Port Gamble.
PEISER 11: Port Ludlow Mill.
PEISER 14: School children from Port Gamble.
PEISER 15: "Battle of Seattle" (Photograph of painting). 1856. (See Peiser 77)
PEISER 16: Seattle. First Ave. (Original by Sammis)
PEISER 17: Seattle from Marion Street to Union. 1870.
PEISER 18: Seattle. Looking at Commercial Street from Anderson's Hardware.
PEISER 19: Seattle. Commercial Street. 1874.
PEISER 20: Seattle. Commercial Street?
PEISER 21: Seattle. Fourth Street looking South. ca. 1870.
PEISER 22: Seattle from Denny Hill. Early residences and University. 1874.
PEISER 23: Seattle. Mill Street. 1874.
PEISER 26: Seattle. Front Street south of Cherry. 1874.
PEISER 27: Seattle waterfront.
PEISER 28a: Seattle. 1st and James looking North. 1878-79.
PEISER 28b: Seattle. Front Street looking North from Cherry. 1878.
PEISER 29: Yesler's Mill.
PEISER 30: Seattle. Near Union Street and Pike. 1878.
PEISER 32: Seattle. Front Street (North from Cherry?). 1878?
PEISER 33: Seattle. Front Street.
PEISER 34: Sailing ships. 1878.
PEISER 35: Seattle. Yesler's dock ? 1870?
PEISER 36: Seattle's first railroad terminal King Street.
PEISER 38: Seattle from King Street and the bay. 1881.
PEISER 39: Seattle waterfront. 1870s.
PEISER 40: Seattle. James Street looking West from 2nd Ave.
PEISER 41: Seattle. Crawford, Harrington and Yesler's wharves with "S.S. Dakota."
PEISER 42: Seattle. Crawford, Harrington and Yesler's wharves. 1882.
PEISER 43: Seattle. "S.S. Dakota" at Yesler's wharf. 1882.
PEISER 44: Seattle from Denny Hill. 1882.
PEISER 46: Seattle. Mill Street East from railroad. 1889.
PEISER 47: Seattle. First Avenue North from mill. July 4, 1888 parade.
PEISER 48: Seattle. Front Street parade. 1888.
PEISER 50: Large frame house.
PEISER 62: Greenlake from Woodland Park. 1891.
PEISER 67: Sawmill on site of Greenlake fieldhouse. 1890.
PEISER 68: Western Mill. South of Lake Union. 1885?
PEISER 69: Western Mill. South end of Lake Union. 1888.
PEISER 69a: South Lake Union ca. 1885.
PEISER 70: Seattle. Corner Front and James Street. 1859.
PEISER 71: Seattle. East side of First Avenue from Cherry to Columbia. 1880.
PEISER 72: Seattle. McGilvra home (Madison Park).
PEISER 73: Seattle. Charles Plummer's business house built 1859. SW corner of First and Main.
PEISER 77: "Battle of Seattle" (Photograph of painting) 1856. (See Peiser 15)
PEISER 81: Seattle. Occidental Hotel. Scene of Pres. Garfield's memorial services. 1881.
PEISER 86: Peiser's art studio. 1884.
PEISER 87: Painting of early Seattle.
PEISER 102: Seattle. Cherry Street looking East. 1880.
PEISER 102a: Seattle. Cherry Street. Jan. 10, 1880. (Snow scene)
PEISER 102b: Seattle. Pavilion corner of First and Cherry. 1880. (Snow scene)
PEISER 107: Seattle. Looking South from near 2nd Avenue and Pike. 1878.
PEISER 108: Seattle. 1871.
PEISER 113: Steamship "Olympian," 1887.
PEISER 116: Seattle waterfront.
PEISER 121: Seattle. Occidental Hotel looking up Mill and James. 1884 (Snow scene)
PEISER 126: Seattle Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 on Columbia. 1883.
PEISER 178: Seattle. Territorial University. 1861. (Copy of Sammis photograph. Original is in Sammis 3)
PEISER 179: Seattle. Home of the university president. (Copy of Sammis photograph. Original is in Sammis 4)
PEISER 180: Legislators. Washington Territory. 1883.
PEISER 181: Latin grammar class. Territorial University? 1883.
PEISER 182: Boarding Hall, Territorial University. 1883.
PEISER 182a: First class, Territorial University. 1864.
PEISER 183: "Livy" class. Territorial University? 1883.
PEISER 184: Faculty of Territorial University. 1883.
PEISER 185: Greek class, Territorial University? 1883.
PEISER 186: Arithmetic class, Territorial University. 1883.
PEISER 187: Girls of the Territorial University. 1883.
PEISER 189: Zoology class, Territorial University. 1883.
PEISER 191: Geometry class, Territorial University? 1883.
PEISER 220: Grace Hospital.
PEISER 232: Seattle. Felker house built in 1853 on Commercial.
PEISER 240: Frame house in tall grass.
PEISER 241: Log house.
PEISER 242: Seattle. Old Yesler home. 1883.
PEISER 243: Seattle. Old Yesler home. 1883.
PEISER 247: Gardner Kellogg house.
PEISER 252: McGilvra home. 1902.
PEISER 253: Seattle. House on First and Marion.
PEISER 259: H.A. Atkins home on 5th and James.
PEISER 301: Bearded man in rattan chair.
PEISER 302: Henry and Sarah Yesler at home. 1883.
PEISER 305: Funeral of Rev. Daniel Bagley at First Presbyterian Church. 1905
PEISER 306: Mrs. Henry Yesler. 1868.
PEISER 337: Pioneers on porch. 1905.
PEISER 339: Memorial tablet for Arthur A. Denny
PEISER 340: Memorial tablet for the first school in Seattle
PEISER 341: Memorial tablet for Carson D. Boren
PEISER 342: Memorial tablet for Henry L. Yesler
PEISER 343: Memorial tablet for site Seattle blockhouse in Indian War of 1855
PEISER 344: Memorial tablet for site Seattle blockhouse in Indian War of 1855
PEISER 345: Seattle. First and Cherry, tablet unveiling at site of blockhouse.
PEISER 346: Seattle. Unveiling monument at Alki.
PEISER 347: Seattle. Monument at Alki.
PEISER 348: Seattle. Monument at Alki.
PEISER 349: Seattle. Monument at Alki.
PEISER 350: Seattle. Monument at Alki.
PEISER 351: Seattle Stockade Hotel, Alki Point. Site of first settlers landing. 11/13/05
PEISER 352: Seattle. Carson C. Boren and four generations.
PEISER 353: Seattle Monument at Alki.
PEISER 354: Survivors of blockhouse fort. Ira Woodin, Carson D. Boren, Walter Graham. 1905.
PEISER 358: Seattle. Pioneers of Washington at Lake Washington Pavilion. 1906.

Unnumbered series: Numbers were supplied by the repository
PEISER 10000: South Lake Union. ca. 1885.
PEISER 10001: Pioneer Square neighborhood facing Beacon Hill
PEISER 10002: University of Washington football team 1900
PEISER 10003: Admiralty Hall dining hall. Port Ludlow Oct. 1889 2 copies
PEISER 10004: Admiralty Hall staircase in main hall. Port Ludlow 2 copies
PEISER 10005-7: University of Washington vs. Agricultural College for state championship. Football. Nov. 29, 1900
PEISER 10008: 2nd Avenue, Seattle. 1884?
PEISER 10009: Seattle waterfront with steamers "W.F. Munroe" and "Nellie"
PEISER 10010: Port Gamble
PEISER 10011: Port Ludlow from the water
PEISER 10012-14: Port Gamble
PEISER 10015: Steamer Valencia's life raft, 2 copies
PEISER 10016: Port Gamble
PEISER 10018: Downtown Seattle, central business district. 1884?
PEISER 10019: Company D. National Guard? After 6 days service under martial law during Chinese riots at Seattle, Wash. Terr.
PEISER 10020: Denny Hall. 1901
PEISER 10021: Studio portrait. E.V. Bigelow
PEISER 10022: Denny Regrade District, South Lake Union. 1883
PEISER 10023: Admiralty Hall parlor. Port Ludlow
PEISER 10024: Port Gamble Mill
PEISER 10025: Territorial University. Main building
PEISER 10026: Unidentified residence
PEISER 10027: Seattle. Central School. 1884
PEISER 10028: Seattle panorama from the water. 1887?
PEISER 10029: Seattle panorama from the water. 1884?
PEISER 10030: Port Gamble. 1889
PEISER 10031: Carpenters who built Admiralty Hall
PEISER 10032: Jackson Street. 1883
PEISER 10033: Port Gamble
PEISER 10034: Studio portrait. Gladys Austin
PEISER 10035: Steamer "Alida" in Seattle harbor
PEISER 10036: Studio portrait. Anna McDiamid
PEISER 10037: Studio portrait. James W. Porter
PEISER 10038: Studio portrait. Nellie G. Powell
PEISER 10039: Studio portrait. H.D. Chipman
PEISER 10040: Hop fields with Mt. Si in background ca. 1884-1889. (NA1496)
PEISER 10041: Studio portrait. Anna Christopher
PEISER 10042: Steamer "Edith"
PEISER 10043: Snoqualmie Falls
PEISER 10044: Snoqualmie Falls
PEISER 10045: Group of women. Snohomish Co.
PEISER 10046: Hop ranch. Snoqualmie ca. 1884-1889 (NA1496)
PEISER 10047: "Robert Dollar" off for Nome
PEISER 10048: Lake Cushman
PEISER 10049: Indian barbecue on University grounds. Railroad Jubilee. September 1883.
PEISER 10050: Snoqualmie Falls
PEISER 10051: Snoqualmie Falls
PEISER 10052: Squak Valley. Hop farm
PEISER 10053: Edward T. Powell. Studio portrait
PEISER 10054: Thomas Hayton. Studio portrait
PEISER 10055: Picking hops by natives hop ranch near Snoqualmie ca. 1884-1889. (NA1495)
PEISER 10056: Puget Sound cedar stump.
PEISER 10057: Steamer "Goliah"
PEISER 10058: Studio portrait of young boy
PEISER 10059: Seiahaluch and Tsetsequis, Puget Sound Indians, seated with bundles and firewood ca. 1883-1905. (NA648)
PEISER 10060: "W.H. Seward" April 16, 6:00 P.M. 1900. ship launching
PEISER 10061: "W.H. Seward" April 16, 1900. 6:07 P.M. ship launching
PEISER 10062: Launch of the U.S. transport W.H. Seward at Moran Bros. Co.'s shipyard. Apr. 16th 6:02 P.M. 1900.
PEISER 10063: Group of school children
PEISER 10064: Port Gamble. Group portrait. ca. 1890
PEISER 10065: Port Gamble? Baseball team. ca. 1890
PEISER 10066: Portrait of three young women
PEISER 11067 Same
PEISER 10068: "Rosedale" . June 16, 1888. Capt. and Mrs. S.P. Randolph, Edith Randolph. No. 1018 Columbia St?
PEISER 10069: Unidentified family on porch of home
PEISER 10070: Matt Bailey. 1886. Studio portrait
PEISER 10071: Fremont district. Denny and Hoyt town site
PEISER 10072: Seattle panorama
PEISER 10073: Seattle. 1st Avenue North of Madison Street. 1887
PEISER 10074: Group of people standing outside of "The Owl"
PEISER 10075: Seattle. 1st Avenue. "San Francisco store"
PEISER 10076: Lumber mill?
PEISER 10077: Dinner party with American flags. 1905
PEISER 10078: Small steam boat
PEISER 10079-84: Seattle. Alki monument unveiling
PEISER 10085: Port Ludlow. Admiralty Hall (Oversize)
PEISER 10086: Port Ludlow. Admiralty Hall. 1889 (oversize)
PEISER 10087: Port Ludlow. Admiralty Hall (4 copies) oversize
PEISER 10088: Alki Point Monument. Nov. 13, 1905. Lenora Denny, Carson D. Boren, Mary A. Denny, Rolland H. Denny, Mary Low Sinclair
PEISER 10089: A.A. Denny home at 1st Ave., Seattle.
PEISER 10090: McGilvra homestead on the west shore of Lake Washington, Seattle. 8/2/1900. Madison Park.
PEISER 10091: Seattle Base Ball Club 1886
PEISER 10092: 3rd and 2nd Avenues. ca. 1884
PEISER 10093: The old boys 1900. Fire Department
PEISER 10094: William Walker residence, Port Gamble
PEISER 10095: Second Street between Columbia and Marion, view of Seattle waterfornt
Unnumbered print: Hanford family residence, designed by architects Kerr and Rogers, at 1503 10th Ave. N., Seattle. 7/14/1905.
Unnumbered print: Studio portrait of man, undated
Unnumbered copy print by Mary Randlett: Corner of Second and Marion Street, Seattle, Washington, undated

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  • Riots--Washington (State)--Seattle--Photographs
  • Personal Names :
  • Denny, Arthur Armstrong, 1822-1899--Homes and haunts--Photographs
  • Dollar, Robert, 1844-1932--Photographs
  • Yesler, Henry L. (Henry Leiter), 1810-1892--Homes and haunts--Photographs
  • Corporate Names :
  • Territorial University (Wash.)--Photographs
  • University of Washington--Photographs
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  • China--History--Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901
  • Port Gamble (Wash.)--Photographs
  • Port Ludlow (Wash.)--Photographs
  • Seattle (Wash.)--Photographs--19th century
  • Washington Territory--Photographs--19th century
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    • Washington Territory. National Guard--Photographs (photographer)

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