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La Roche, Frank, 1853-1934
Frank La Roche photographs
circa 1890-1910 (inclusive)
420 photographic prints
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Photographs of Washington State, Puget Sound Native Americans, and Alaska, including gold rush activity
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Frank La Roche was born in Philadelphia in June 20, 1853. His parents, Aaron and Anna La Roche, of French and German ancestry, were among the first settlers of that area. He was educated in the schools of Philadelphia and at age 17 took a position in a photographic studio. After two years of study and practice, he engaged in business at Quaker City and in 1872 went to Mauch Chunk, PA to pursue a general photographic business and to take views of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.

Around 1873, La Roche moved with his family to Florida where he continued as a commercial photographer. It was in St. Augustine, Florida, that he took the longest time exposure on record - of one of the oldest extant buildings in the U.S., a Catholic church. He is said to have exposed a plate at 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon of the next day.

In 1876, he was engaged by Harper Bros. of New York City to travel the South Sea islands in search of illustrations, but on arrival in Honolulu his partner was taken sick and the trip was abandoned. Returning to the States, La Roche then opened a gallery in Salt Lake City and in 1878 was employed by the United State government to make 78 negatives of the transit of Mercury and 23 similar negatives for the French government. In the spring of 1888, he opened a gallery in Des Moines, Iowa and in competition at the state fair he secured six out of seven prizes for excellence in workmanship.

In July 1889, he came to Seattle bringing with him the necessary equipment for a first class gallery. Arriving just after the fire, he found the city in ashes, but at once he opened a gallery on 2nd Ave, subsequently moving to the top floor of the Downs Block and to other locations. He specialized in Alaska and Puget Sound scenery and high-class portrait photography.

During the years 1890 to 1902 and especially during the Gold Rush period, he made many trips to Alaska and the Yukon Territory to make photographs of Alaska scenery, mining camps and the trail. Each trip would have brought him back to Seattle to do developing and printing from a portable body of glass negatives. He sold mounted prints but preferred to reach a larger audience through his six part album entitled Enroute to the Klondike.

La Roche was also commissioned by the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition at Seattle in 1909 to take official photographs, and he was awarded gold medals for his pictures.

He was married in Seattle to Miss Ida M. Crary. He maintained his Seattle studio for 25 years after which he moved to Skagit County. When he retired, he passed on the business to his son, Frank La Roche Jr., who had assisted him in the studio as well as on the trails in Alaska.

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The collection consists of two series: the first series contains views of Seattle, Everett, Washington, California, British Columbia, logging, portraits, ships, Native Americans of Puget Sound; the second series represents Alaska and gold rush activities in the Klondike.

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Box 1: La Roche 1-431
Box 2: La Roche 432-1309
Box 3: La Roche 2125-2168; [10000-10014]; Alaska Series 180- 1259
Box 4: La Roche Alaska Series 1284-2158; [10015-10037]
Box 5: La Roche - oversized prints

LaRoche 2a: Queen Angeline, Chief Seattle's daughter. [front facial view] ca. 1891-1895. (NA894)
LaRoche 2b: Queen Angeline, Chief Seattle's daughter. [3/4 facial view] ca. 1891-1895. (NA895)
LaRoche 2 1/2: Angeline [full figure, seated, with backdrop of lake and mountain] ca. 1891-1895. (NA896)
LaRoche 3: Mount Rainier
LaRoche 17: 2nd Street North from Yesler, Seattle
LaRoche 17a: Puget Sound?
LaRoche 18: Pike Street looking East, Seattle
LaRoche 20: Hotel Rainier, Seattle
LaRoche 22: Seattle waterfront from coal bunkers
LaRoche 24: Seattle waterfront. ca. 1891.
LaRoche 26: Seattle and Olympic Mts. looking NW from Hotel Rainier
LaRoche 26: Steamer City of Kingstonat dock [shares number with photo above; note: stored in box 2 next to LaRoche 1229]
LaRoche 29: Olympic Mountains. ca. 1891. [View over Seattle]
LaRoche 30a: Native American girl?
LaRoche 35: Fir log for World's Fair Exhibit
LaRoche 36: Cedar stump. Sedro, Wash. 1890.
LaRoche 40a: Lake Washington
LaRoche 40b: Snoqualmie Falls
LaRoche 41: Washington berries. [strawberries]
LaRoche 43: The Venice of America. [Indian canoes in Seattle harbor, foot of Washington Street] ca. 1890- 1892. (NA897)
LaRoche 44: Indian hop-pickers. ca. 1890-1895. (NA898)
LaRoche 46: Indian camp. [Puget Sound ? probably hop pickers] ca. 1890-1895. (verso 435) (NA899)
LaRoche 47: Indian camp
LaRoche 55a: Baker River hydroelectric project
LaRoche 56: Lake Washington foot of Madison St.
LaRoche 61: View of Greenlake with cable car
LaRoche 62: Residence of Lemuel Wilmot, Esq. at Greenlake. (Halftone)
LaRoche 63: Cottage of Dr. E.C. Kilbourne at Greenlake (Halftone)
LaRoche 83: Port Madison mills
LaRoche 98: Bridal Veil Falls, Silver Creek.
LaRoche 103: Bridge at Sultan
LaRoche 103a: Oxen team pulling logs
LaRoche 105: Logging scene and six yoke of oxen
LaRoche 108: Indian hop pickers [Puget Sound?] ca. 1890-1895. (NA901)
LaRoche 110: Mammoth logs]
LaRoche 113: Giant cedar.
LaRoche 113a: Seattle waterfront and] Olympic Mts. 1891 2 parts.
LaRoche 116: Bothell logging camp
LaRoche 120a: Seattle waterfront. 1891
LaRoche 123-124: Seattle from courthouse. 2 part panorama.
La Roche 131 [Puget Sound Series, not listed in La Roche catalog]
LaRoche 133: Big logs on train]
LaRoche 136: Logging train]
LaRoche 138: Snoqualmie Train Station
LaRoche 139: Front St, Seattle
LaRoche 140: Yesler Ave. looking East, Seattle
LaRoche 141: Madison St. looking East, Seattle
LaRoche 142: Columbia St. looking East, Seattle
LaRoche 143: Pike St. looking East, Seattle
LaRoche 144: Glimpse of Lake Washington
LaRoche 145: Yesler Ave. powerhouse, Seattle
LaRoche 145a: Logging team, Bridal Veil Mill
LaRoche 146: Boat houses end of Yesler Ave. cable line. Lake Washington, Seattle
LaRoche 147: Boating on Lake Washington
LaRoche 148: Cherry St, Seattle
LaRoche 148a: Cherry St. looking East, Seattle
LaRoche 150: University from Third Street
LaRoche 151: Reflections, Lake Washington.
LaRoche 152: Madrona Park.
LaRoche 152a: 2nd Street after fire. July 1889.
LaRoche 153: Madrona Park.
LaRoche 153a: South from 2nd and James Street after fire. July 1889.
LaRoche 154: Madrona Park.
LaRoche 155: Madrona Park.
LaRoche 156: Big tree]
LaRoche 157: Snoqualmie River and Mount "Uncle Si" [Mt. Si].
LaRoche 158: Congregational Church, 3rd Ave.
LaRoche 159: Cassells Point, Duwamish River
LaRoche 160: Grant Street Electric car and bridge
LaRoche 161a: Tumwater Falls.
LaRoche 162: World's Fair log.
LaRoche 162 1/2: Timber for Mechanic's Pavilion, World's Fair.
LaRoche 163: Sunset across the Sound.
LaRoche 164: U.S. Cruiser "Baltimore"
LaRoche 165: Log train.
LaRoche 166: Seattle from cruiser "Baltimore"
LaRoche 167: Boating on Lake Washington
LaRoche 168a: Woodland Park Hotel
LaRoche 169a: Woodland Park
LaRoche 170: Woodland Park.
LaRoche 171: Boating on] Lake Washington
LaRoche 172: Sailing Lake Washington
LaRoche 173: West Seattle Ferry "City of Seattle"
LaRoche 174: Steamer "Bailey Gatzert"
LaRoche 175: Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington
LaRoche 176: Snoqualmie River and Mt. Si
LaRoche 176a: 2nd St., two years after fire
LaRoche 177: Surf wagon, North Beach
LaRoche 178: Early residence of A.A. Denny, Alki Point.
LaRoche 273: Mt. Shasta from Edgewood. (verso 284)
LaRoche 274: Seattle Viewed Southeast from Denny Hill
LaRoche 277: Cliff House and Seal Rocks, S.F. (verso 1223)
LaRoche 278: Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. (verso 285)
LaRoche 279: Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, Calif. S.P.R.R. (Verso of 280 1/2.)
LaRoche 280: Magnolia House, Riverside. (verso 279)
LaRoche 280 1/2: Magnolia Ave., Riverside, Calif. (Verso of 279)
LaRoche 281: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. (verso 284 1/2)
LaRoche 282: Mt. Shasta from Castle Craig. (verso 288)
LaRoche 283: Castle Craig. (verso 293)
LaRoche 284: Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Ca. (verso 273)
LaRoche 284 1/2: Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Ca. (verso 281)
LaRoche 285: Mt. Shasta from Edgewood. (verso 298)
LaRoche 286: West Lake Park, Los Angeles. (verso 294)
LaRoche 287: West Lake Park, Los Angeles. (verso 292)
LaRoche 288: Residence of Gov. Stanford, Palo Alto. (verso 282)
LaRoche 289: Arizona Garden, Hotel Del Monte grounds. (verso 291)
LaRoche 290: Santa Barbara Mission
LaRoche 291: Portico. Santa Barbara Mission. (verso 289)
LaRoche 292: Flower bed, Hotel del Monte grounds. (verso 287)
LaRoche 293: Maze, Hotel del Monte grounds. (verso 283)
LaRoche 294: Mauseleum, Stanford University grounds. (verso 286)
LaRoche 327: Steamer City of Topeka, Sitka Harbor with Mt. Edgecombe visible in the background at right (UW14925) Note: No La Roche number printed on photo; identification made from La Roche catalog.
LaRoche 425: Young Nez Perce brave. ca. 1895-1899. (NA907)
LaRoche 426: Young Spokane brave . ca. 1895-1899. (NA908)
LaRoche 427: Umatilla warrior. ca. 1899] (NA909)
LaRoche 428: Yakima warriors. ca. 1894-1899. (NA910)
LaRoche 429: Yakima squaws and Nez Perce brave. ca. 1894-1899. (NA911)
LaRoche 431: Spokane Indian beauty. ca. 1894-1899. (NA913)
LaRoche 432: Yakima Indian maiden. ca. 1894-1899. (NA914) Verso of 10043]
LaRoche 434: Piegan Indians in camp
LaRoche 435: Camp of Piegan Indians. (verso 46)
LaRoche 436: Sioux Indian travois
LaRoche 437: Cree Indian sun dance
LaRoche 438: Siwash squaw [woman seated in doorway of tent with partially woven basket placed in enamel basin; possibly from Vancouver Island] ca. 1890-1895. (NA915)
LaRoche 502: Everett Port, Gardner Bay
LaRoche 503?: "State of Washington"
LaRoche 504?: Everett. Port. 1892
LaRoche 505?: Everett. Port. 1892
LaRoche 506: Everett. Port Gardner Bay. 1891.
LaRoche 507: Pima basket maker and hut.
LaRoche 507a: Everett looking South on Chestnut Street from Hewitt. 1892
LaRoche 508?: Everett Nailworks in construction. 1892
LaRoche 509?: Everett. View of Pacific and Chestnut looking North. 1892
LaRoche 578: Seattle waterfront: ships "City of Seattle", "Umatello", "City of Puebla".
LaRoche 591: Green Lake Electric Railway Co. car. ca. 1890 (Halftone)
LaRoche 1001, 1000 1/2, 1000 3/4: Seattle waterfront. June 1891. 2 part panorama.
LaRoche 1006: Providence Hospital, Seattle.
LaRoche 1009: Pioneer Building, Seattle.
LaRoche 1015: Public schools of Seattle.
LaRoche 1017: King County Court House
LaRoche 1019: Seattle from Court House
LaRoche 1020: Seattle from Court House
LaRoche 1021: Occidental Square and Front Street [temporary exhibition building for displaying manufacturers goods. ca. 1892-93]
LaRoche 1030: S.S. Queen of the Pacific (Smaller image on same board by L.W. Taber)
LaRoche 1033: Queen Anne residences
LaRoche 1036: Lake Washington
LaRoche 1043: Spruce tree growing over cedar log
LaRoche 1047: Washington forest scene near Columbia. [logging]
LaRoche 1050: Snoqualmie Falls
LaRoche 1055: Swalwell's Landing
LaRoche 1055a: Snohomish River
LaRoche 1056: Swalwell's Landing
LaRoche 1057: Everett Port, Gardner Bay.
LaRoche 1060: Swalwell's Landing
LaRoche 1063: Combination of Seattle. 1890.
LaRoche 1064: Combination of Seattle. 1890.
LaRoche 1065: 2nd Street after the fire and two years later.
LaRoche 1080: Waterfront Seattle
LaRoche 1081: Burke Block
LaRoche 1082: Seattle Bank Building
LaRoche 1083: Seattle [South] from Denny Hotel
LaRoche 1085: Port Blakely Mills
LaRoche 1086: Everett from Port Gardner Bay. 1892.
LaRoche 1088: Mount Uncle Si [Mt. Si]
LaRoche 1091: Bailey Block
LaRoche 1093: New York Block
LaRoche 1100: Snoqualmie River and Mt. Si.
LaRoche 1103: Boat house and hotel, Madrona Park.
LaRoche 1131: U.S. Cruiser "Baltimore"
LaRoche 1135: Madrona Park
LaRoche 1137: Seattle from coal bunkers. June 1891.
LaRoche 1144: Novelty Mill, West Seattle
LaRoche 1161: Ravenna Park
LaRoche 1161 1/2: Ravenna Park
LaRoche 1162: Ravenna Park
LaRoche 1165: Monte Cristo Railroad
LaRoche 1166: Monte Cristo Railroad
LaRoche 1167: Monte Cristo Railroad
LaRoche 1168: Monte Cristo Railroad
LaRoche 1176: Seattle from Queen Anne Hill
LaRoche 1203: Mt. Shasta and Sissons. (verso 1210a)
LaRoche 1204: Mt. Shasta from Edgewood. (verso 1205)
LaRoche 1205: Mt. Shasta from Edgewood. (verso 1204)
LaRoche 1208: Arizona Garden, Los Angeles. (verso 1217)
LaRoche 1209: Fountain in Golden Gate Park, S.F. (verso 1211 1/2)
LaRoche 1210: Prince Sitting Bull. (verso 1211)
LaRoche 1210a Hotel del Monte, Monterey. (verso 1203)
LaRoche 1211: Siwash basket maker. [woman with basket collection; Tlingit, Salish and Athabaskan pieces] ca. 1890-1895. (NA917)
LaRoche 1212: Hotel del Monte, Monterey.
LaRoche 1210 1/2: Siwash Indian basket makers. (verso 1307)
LaRoche 1211 1/2: Hotel del Monte. (verso 1209)
LaRoche 1213: Magnolia Ave., Riverside. (verso 1215)
LaRoche 1215: Cliff House and seal rocks, San Francisco (verso 1213)
LaRoche 1217: Santa Barbara Mission. (verso 1208)
LaRoche 1218: Portico, Santa Barbara. (verso 1219)
LaRoche 1219: Orange Grove, Riverside. (verso 1218)
LaRoche 1223: Flower, Hotel del Monte. (verso 277)
LaRoche 1228: Stimson's Mill, Ballard
LaRoche 1229: Steamer "City of Kingston"
LaRoche 1290: Wa-nik-noote. Nez Perce. c1899. (verso 1297) (NA918)
LaRoche 1291: Wa-nik-noote. Nez Perce. c1899. (verso 1298) (NA919)
LaRoche 1292: Peo. Umatilla. c1899. (verso 1295) (NA920)
LaRoche 1294: Tipya-la-lwilpilp. Nez Perces. c1899. (NA921)
LaRoche 1295: Nez Perce braves. c1899. (verso 1292) (NA922)
LaRoche 1296: Umatilla warrior. 1899] (NA923)
LaRoche 1297: Umatilla warrior. c1899. (verso 1290) (NA924)
LaRoche 1298: Paul Showaway. Umatilla. c1899. (NA925)
LaRoche 1299: Umatilla brave. c1899. (NA926)
LaRoche 1300: The Belle of the Yakima. c1899. (NA927)
LaRoche 1301: The Belle of the Spokanes. c1899. (verso 1303) (NA928)
LaRoche 1302: Mother and papoose. Yakima. c1899. (NA929)
LaRoche 1303: Indian maiden. Yakima. c1899. (verso 1301) (NA930)
LaRoche 1306: Yakima squaws. 1899 (NA931)
LaRoche 1307: Yakima squaw. 1899 (verso 1210 1/2) (NA932)
LaRoche 1308: Watching the races [Group on horseback watching horse races; Yakima ?]ca. 1895-1900. (NA933)
LaRoche 1309: Group on horseback near pasture, stable, Yakima? Indians gambling? ca. 1895-1900. (NA934)
LaRoche 2125: Seattle waterfront. 1898
LaRoche 2127: First Avenue, Seattle.
LaRoche 2128: 2nd Avenue, Seattle
LaRoche 2139: Niagara Falls from Canada.
LaRoche 2143 1/2: Hells Gate
LaRoche 2144: Whites Creek Bridge and three tunnels. (verso 2160A)
LaRoche 2145: Old Government Bridge, Frazer River . (verso 2159)
LaRoche 2146: Cable Ferry over Frazer River. Siwash Creek Mines (verso 2149)
LaRoche 2147: Frazer River Canyon, Canadian Pacific Ry. (verso 2157)
LaRoche 2148: Glacier from Glacier House. Canadian Pacific Ry. (verso 10044])
LaRoche 2149: Glacier House and mountain scene, Canadian Pacific Ry (verso 2146)
LaRoche 2157a: St. James Cathedral, Montreal. (verso 2147)
LaRoche 2159: McGill Street, Montreal. (verso 2145)
LaRoche 2160a: Dominion Square, Montreal. (verso 2144)
LaRoche 2168: Men at work on pipe
LaRoche [10000]: Royal T. Hawley. Portrait
LaRoche [10001]: Annie and Al Buhtz? Portrait
LaRoche [10002]: Park scene.
LaRoche [10003]: Small boy on bicycle
LaRoche [10004]: Group portrait with studio prop
LaRoche [10005]: Anacortes, Wash.
LaRoche [10006]: Unidentified portrait
LaRoche [10007]: Unidentified portrait
LaRoche [10008]: Unidentified portrait
LaRoche [10009]: Unidentified portrait
LaRoche [10010]: Lake Washington scene with wooden sidewalk
LaRoche [10011]: Steamer "Progresso"
LaRoche [10012]: Seattle from the harbor
LaRoche [10013]: Unidentified portrait
LaRoche [10014]: Southeast from Denny Hill, Seattle.
LaRoche [10015]: Paul Showaway, Umatilla in ceremonial dress, ca. 1890-1910. (NA638)
LaRoche [10016]: Edith Warner in wedding dress
LaRoche [10017]: John Hart McGraw
LaRoche [10018]: The Press Expedition. The Seattle Press Explorers who explored the Olympic Range in Dec. 1899 to 1890. Sims, Runnalls (Physician), Capt. Charles A. Barnes (Photographer), Chief James H. Christie, Crumback, Hayes
LaRoche [10019]: Native American baby in cradleboard.,1903. (Oversize)
LaRoche [10043]: Indian child in basket. (verso of 432)
LaRoche [10044]: Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Ca. (verso of 2148)
LaRoche [10045]: Western Mill Co. plant on Lake Union, ca. 1891
LaRoche [10046]: Western Mill Co. plant on Lake Union, ca. 1891
LaRoche [10047]: Northern Pacific freight warehouse. S. 3rd Ave. and Lane St., ca. 1891
LaRoche [10048]: Northern Pacific freight warehouse. S. 3rd Ave. and Lane St., ca. 1891
LaRoche [10049]: Unidentified woman, studio portrait
LaRoche [10050]: Studio portrait of man and woman

LaRoche 180: Metlakahtla Cornet Band. Native American
LaRoche 181: Totems at Kass-an [Kasaan]
LaRoche 182: Totem on grave of chief
LaRoche 184: Chikat [Chilkat] Indians at Killisnoo, Alaska
LaRoche 187: Sitka. The "Ranche" looking North from the top of Baranoff Castle (Halftone)
LaRoche 197: Douglass Island [Douglas Island]
LaRoche 198: Driveway near Sitka, Alaska
LaRoche 199: Profile of Muir Glacier, Alaska. 1892.
LaRoche 202?: Treadwell Mill and Mine, Alaska.
LaRoche 206?: Totem poles at Kasa-an [Kasaan], Alaska
LaRoche 207: Treadwell Mine. Douglas Island, Alaska.
LaRoche 225: Totem pole
LaRoche 226: Section of Muir Glacier, Alaska showing black ice.
LaRoche 242: Bridge over Indian River, Sitka.
LaRoche 243: Indian merchants at Juneau, Alaska. [Chilkat blankets, Tlingit baskets, carving being sold by women on boardwalk] ca. 1894. (NA902)
LaRoche 245: Alaska Indian woman 126 years old. [Wrangell] ca. 1894. (NA903)
LaRoche 249: Juneau
LaRoche 303: Fort Wrangle [Wrangell]
LaRoche 305: Totems at Wrangle [Wrangell]
LaRoche 306: Sunset at Sitka
LaRoche 310: Seward St. Juneau
LaRoche 318: Madonna in Greek Church.
LaRoche 321: Silver Basin near Sitka.
LaRoche 323: Indian merchants, Sitka. ca. 1894. (NA904)
LaRoche 330: Indian merchants at Treadwell Mines. ca. 1894. (NA905)
LaRoche 331: Group of Indian children at New Metlakahtla. [pupils with teacher] ca. 1894. (NA906)
LaRoche 356: Indian Avenue, Sitka.
LaRoche 366: Metlakhtla [Metlakatla] [View from the water]
LaRoche 369: Skagway. 1897.
LaRoche 372: Broadway, Skagway. Aug. 12, 1897.
LaRoche 380: Scow load of Klondikers. Dyea. 1897.
LaRoche 393 1/2: Juneau from steamer
LaRoche 399: Flood at Dawson
LaRoche 399 1/2: Flood at Dawson
LaRoche 407: Broadway, Skagway
LaRoche 409: Steamer "City of Seattle" at Sitka
LaRoche 421: Skagway. [View from the water]
LaRoche 454: Fort Wrangle [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1004a: Fort Wrangle [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1007: Muir Glacier
LaRoche 1008: Fort Wrangle, bear totem [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1009: Fort Wrangle, Crow totems [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1010: Fort Wrangle, totem [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1011: Shamen Chilcut
LaRoche 1013a: Fort Wrangle [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1050a: Sitka from the castle.
LaRoche 1051a: Sitka harbor looking South
LaRoche 1052: Islands in Sitka harbor.
LaRoche 1054: Main St., Sitka
LaRoche 1055b: Main St., Sitka
LaRoche 1056a: Sunset at Sitka
LaRoche 1060a: Greek Church. Sitka.
LaRoche 1061a: Greek Church. Sitka.
LaRoche 1107: Interior of Greek Church. Sitka.
LaRoche 1108: Greek Church. Sitka.
LaRoche 1110: Log Cabin Presbyterian Church. Juneau.
LaRoche 1115: Crevasse in Muir Glacier. Depth over 200 feet.
LaRoche 1120: Fort Wrangle. [Fort Wrangell]
LaRoche 1121: Metlakahtla [Metlakatla] from steamer.
LaRoche 1123: Seward from Sitka.
LaRoche 1125: Interior Greek Church, Sitka.
LaRoche 1133: Baronoff Castle, Sitka.
LaRoche 1171: Section of Muir Glacier showing black ice.
LaRoche 1172: Section of Muir Glacier
LaRoche 1173: Section of Muir Glacier (See also oversize)
LaRoche 1182: Tokou Glacier
LaRoche 1183: Tokou Glacier
LaRoche 1184: Tokou Glacier
LaRoche 1245: Fort Wrangel [Wrangell]
LaRoche 1246: Sitka from the water
LaRoche 1247: Totems. Chief Shake's house, Fort Wrangle [Wrangell] (halftone)
LaRoche 1249: Juneau
LaRoche 1252: Sitka and Three Sister Mountain
LaRoche 1253: Pinnacle Range from Sitka
LaRoche 1254: Sitka Harbor and Mt. Edgecomb
LaRoche 1259: Davidson Glacier
LaRoche 1263: 1/2: Juneau from the water
LaRoche 1270: Top of Muir Glacier
LaRoche 1284: Takou Glacier
LaRoche 1287: Skagway from the water
LaRoche 1508: View from Treadwell Mine, Douglas Is. [sailing ship] (copy print- see oversized photo in box 5)
LaRoche 2000: Steamers "Queen", "George W. Elder" at Skagway. 1897
LaRoche 2004: Klondike wagon loaded with provisions. 1897. (halftone)
LaRoche 2005: Shooting rapids between Lake Linderman [Lindeman] and Bennett
LaRoche 2010: Four men hitched to cart fording Dyea River. 1897
LaRoche 2011: Towing provisions up Dyea River. 1897.
LaRoche 2013: Camp life at Finnegan's Point. 1897. (halftone)
LaRoche 2014: Actresses on way to Klondike fording Dyea River. 1897. [Left to right: Irene Stanky, May Biggs, Maude Earl (being ferried), Lulu Johnson, Mrs. Jack Sullivan]
LaRoche 2015: Indians freighting up Dyea River in canoe. [Chilkat] c1897. (NA935)
LaRoche 2016: Indians poling canoe up Dyea River. c1897. (NA936)
LaRoche 2017: Head of canoe navigation. Dyea River. [Chilkat territory] c1897. (NA937)
LaRoche 2018: Pack oxen on Dyea Trail. [Chilkoot Trail, group of four Indians and two miners; one man holds bunch of Evernina vulpina, "wolf moss" used in dyeing wool for Chilkat blankets. c1897. (NA938)
LaRoche 2019: Dogs packing up Dyea Trail [Chilkoot Trail]. 1897
LaRoche 2025: Packtrain, foot of canyon, Dyea Trail, [Chilkoot Trail]
LaRoche 2025a: Packtrain, foot of canyon, Dyea Trail. [Chilkoot Trail]
LaRoche 2026: Packer's home, foot of canyon, Dyea Trail [Chilkoot Trail]. 1897
LaRoche 2027: Washing out gold. 1897.
LaRoche 2030: Dyea Trail blocked by falling horses [Chilkoot Trail]. 1897.
LaRoche 2031: Collecting toll, Dyea Trail [Chilkoot Trail]. 1897.
LaRoche 2032: Dyea River near Sheep Camp.
LaRoche 2033: Front Street, Sheep Camp. 1897.
LaRoche 2035: Packers on Dyea Trail [Chilkoot Trail]. 1897.
LaRoche 2038: Near scales showing summit of Chilkoot Pass. 1897.
LaRoche 2040: Scales, Chilkoot Pass. 1897.
LaRoche 2041: 45 degrees incline and summit of Chilkoot Pass. 1897.
LaRoche 2043: Near summit of Chilkoot Pass. 1897.
LaRoche 2046: Crater Lake, Dyea Trail [Chilkoot Trail]. 1897.
LaRoche 2048: 50 tons of provisions stored at Crater Lake, Dyea Trail (halftone) 1897.
LaRoche 2049: Actresses bound for the Klondike at Happy Camp. 1897.
LaRoche 2050: Young and Dr. McEwen, Presbyterian missionaries bound for the Klondike. 1897.
LaRoche 2056: Camp Lindermann [Lindeman]. 1897.
LaRoche 2057: Shipyard. Lake Lindermann [Lindeman]. 1897.
LaRoche 2058: Leaving head of Lake Lindermann [Lindeman] for the Klondike. 1897.
LaRoche 2062: Rapids between Lakes Lindermann [Lindeman] and Bennett. 1897.
LaRoche 2063: Lake Bennett. 1897.
LaRoche 2069: Hungry Man's retreat at Porcupine Creek, Skagway Trail [White Pass Trail]. 1897
LaRoche 2070: Bridge over Porcupine Creek, Skagway Trail [White Pass Trail]. 1897.
LaRoche 2079: Blacksmith shop, Skagway. 1897.
LaRoche 2083: Lumberyard, Skagway
LaRoche 2096: Forty-mile City, Alaska
LaRoche 2101: Ice sailing across Lake Le Barge
LaRoche 2103: White Horse Rapids
LaRoche 2108: Skagway. Oct. 1897.
LaRoche 2130: Recovering dead from Chilkoot slide
LaRoche 2132: Scales and Chilkoot stairway
LaRoche 2133?: Steamer "Queen" unloading Klondikers on scow at Dyea. 1897.
LaRoche 2134: Near Stone House, Dyea Trail [Chilkoot Trail]
LaRoche 2157: White Pass and Yukon Rwy
LaRoche 2158: White Pass and Yukon Rwy
LaRoche 2160: From the mouth of the tunnel. [White Pass and Yukon Route. 15 miles north of Skagway]
LaRoche [10020]: Juneau from the water
LaRoche [10021]: Treadwell Mines.
LaRoche [10022]: First treasure boat from the Klondike in 98. Seattle. [Steamboat "Roanoke]
LaRoche [10023]: Muir Glacier?
LaRoche [10024]: Alaska native
LaRoche [10025]: Birch Creek, Alaska. [Man and woman standing outside of cabin]
LaRoche [10026]: Juneau, Alaska from the steamboat.
LaRoche [10027]: Wreck of "Ancon" [Steamboat]
LaRoche [10028]: Unidentified town, Alaska
LaRoche [10029]: Winter scene, Alaska
LaRoche [10030]: Sitka, Alaska
LaRoche [10031]: Item is actually La Roche 2032
LaRoche [10032]: Collection of Indian baskets, primarily Pacific Northwest ca. 1890-1910. (NA891)
LaRoche [10033]: Yukon Territory. Tents beside river
LaRoche [10034]: Mt. Fairweather.
LaRoche [10035]: Ruby sand gold mine ten miles West of Lituya Bay
LaRoche [10036]: Juneau, Alaska. 1896.
LaRoche [10038]: Steamship Elder. Bartlett Bay. Aug 28, 1890.
LaRoche [10039]: Section of Muir Glacier, Alaska.
LaRoche [10040]: North from foot of canyon, Dyea Trail. 1897. [Chilkoot Trail].
LaRoche [10041]: Packtrain, Dyea Canyon. 1897. [Chilkoot Trail]
LaRoche [10042]: Packers on trail near Sheep Camp. 1897. [Chilkoot Trail]
1 photograph of boatMystic
1 photograph of Seattle, WA, circa early 1890s LaRoche [10037]: W. M. Brooks mining camp.

Box 5: Oversized prints
LaRoche 1107: Interior of the Greek Orthodox church in Sitka, Alaska
LaRoche 1126: Grenville Channel, B.C.
LaRoche 1170: Muir Glacier, seen from above, with two men on hillside
LaRoche 1260: Steamer "Queen" taking on ice
LaRoche 1173: Section of Muir Glacier, Alaska (see also smaller print in Box 3)
LaRoche 1277: Old roadway to Indian River Bridge (oversize) LaRoche 1277: Old roadway to Indian River Bridge
LaRoche 1508: View from Treadwell Mine, Douglas Is. [sailing ship] (see copy print in box 5)
LaRoche 1516: Steamer City of Topekaat Muir Glacier (located in Box VC1)
LaRoche [10019]: Alaska native infant fastened to cradle board
La Roche [6 oversize unnumbered prints]:
6 unnumbered photographs of Northern State Hospital in Sedro Woolley

Photographs possibly by LaRoche:
Muir Glacier as seen from the water, close view (no. 100? [number is possibly 102]
Muir Glacier as seen from the water (no.105) [UW17664]
Muir Glacier crevasse (no. 110)
Muir Glacier crevasse (no. 159)
Sitka beach and town, undated. [UW18791]
Three Tlingit women selling baskets and other goods, undated. [NA2566]
Muir Glacier with steamerCity of Topekain foreground [UW13189]
Taku Glacier viewed from the water, undated
Muir Glacier seen from the water with mountains visible at left in background

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Indians of North America--Washington (State)--Photographs
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  • Alaska--Photographs
  • Seattle (Wash.)--Photographs
  • Washington (State)--Photographs
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    • La Roche, Frank, 1853-1934--Photographs (photographer)