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University of Oregon. Office of the Dean of Personnel AdministrationUniversity of Oregon. Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and ProvostUniversity of Oregon. Dean of FacultiesUniversity of Oregon. Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Academic Affairs records
1911-2008 (inclusive)
142.5 linear feet, (115 containers)
Collection Number
UA 156
The Office of Academic Affairs provides coordination and support at the University of Oregon for all academic personnel matters, programming, and other issues pertaining to the academic standards and mission of the institution. The collection contains records that document the functions and activities of this office.
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Office of Academic Affairs (also known as Academic Affairs) provides coordination and support at the University of Oregon for all academic personnel matters, programming, and other issues pertaining to the academic standards and mission of the institution.

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The collection contains records that document the functions and activities of this office.

Collection organized by accession and includes the following material:

Accession 10077.A: General office files including Condon Lecture, files on Kenneth Scott LaTourette and The China That is To Be, and files on summer session, 1937-1957.

Accession 10152.A: Office files, summer session records, administrative files, workshops, and publicity, 1958-1965.

Accession 10.129.A: Academic Council reports and departmental records, 2004-2008.

Accession 10.166.A: Faculty rewards and development, 1987-2008.

Accession 10238.A: graduate school records and administrative files, 1955-1964.

Accession 10247.A: Advisory Council meeting minutes, 1961-1968.

Accession 10260.A: Records of Dean Gilbert, semi-centennial of the University of Oregon, Campbell Memorial, Various files on PLC biography, and one file on reorganization of the Soc. Sciences in 1930-32 with Oregon State, 1925- 1931.

Accession: 10268.A: Meeting minutes, Oregon Dad's Club, National Youth Administration, files of K. W. Onthank, Dean of Personnel Administration, including: general files, Dean of Men, Dean of Women, gift campaign, Oregon Moms and Oregon Dads club, 1923-1955.

Accession 10333.A: Faculty dean Charles Duncan files, general office files, Higher Education Act meeting minutes, curriculum review reports, 1963-1968.

Accession 10355.A: Correspondence, 1931-1956.

Accession 10467.A: Records on various university departments, files on KWO and speeches, 1961-1969.

Accession 10489.A: Files of the Dean of Faculty Charles Duncan , 1962-1963.

Accession 10490.A: Department files, 1963-1964.

Accession 10491.A: Notes on the Academic Forum and the Advisory Council, files on the development of women, and records of Dean of Faculty: Charles Duncan, 1964-1966.

Accession 10538.A: Files on the admission to council of graduate schools, general office files, files on the NSF fellowship, Woodrow Wilson Foundation records and the files of Leona E. Tyler, 1966-1967.

Accession 10550.A: Minutes of the Board of Deans, 1948-1961.

Accession 10580.A: Administrative handbook and weekly reports, 1943-1972.

Accession 10601.A: Files on the associate of the Dean of Faculties, Marshall Wattles, 1963-1961.

Accession 10613.A; 10624.A: Files of the Dean of Faculties, 1964-1967.

Accession 10614.A; 10615.A: Files of the Dean of Faculties including department files, 1966-1968.

Accession 10625.A: Reports and files of the associate Dean of Faculties, Marshall Wattles, 1967-1971.

Accession 10673.A: Summer session records, faculty reports, and pamphlets, 1966-1972.

Accession 10679.A: General office files of Dean Duncan, records of the College of Arts and Sciences departments, 1969-1970.

Accession 10695.A: Centennial Planning Committee records, library contract, memoranda, and search committee records, 1970-1971.

Accession 10707.A: Meeting minutes, sabbatical leave files, files of Assistant Dean Marshal Wattles, 1970-1971.

Accession 10717.A: Files of Vice president and provost of Academic Affairs, Harry Alpert, 1971-1972.

Accession 10751.A: Files of Associate Dean Marshall Wattles including committee reports and sabbatical leave reports, 1967-1972.

Accession 10792.A: 10971.A: Files of Associate Dean, Marshall Wattles, 1972-1975.

Accession 10818A: Files of Vice president and provost of Academic Affairs, Harry Alpert, including department evaluation files, 1971-1972.

Accession 10827.A; 10907.A: Files of Vice president and provost of Academic Affairs, Harry Alpert, 1972-1974.

Accession 10978.A: Records of the vice president of Student Services, miscellaneous papers relating to all student academic programs, minorities, student housing, public disorders, health services, admissions, and campus security, 1969-77.

Accession 10986.A: Dean's files on university and academic business, 1974-1977.

Accession 11.175.A: Miscellaneous files including accreditations, program reviews, self-study, events, and faculty minutes, 1987-2003.

Accession 11113.A; 11195.A: Files of Associate Dean, Marshall Wattles including records on schools and committees, 1976-1981.

Accession 11156.A: Condon lectures and memorandums from the office of Associate Dean, Marshall Wattles, 1965-1968.

Accession 11255.A: General office files of Provost Richard Hill, 1980-1981.

Accession 11256.A: Files of the Vice Provost, and files of Marshall Wattles and Carlson, 1980-1981.

Accession 11257.A; 11265.A; 11266.A; 11278.A; 11333.A; 11378.A: Correspondence and general office files, 1971-1983.

Accession 11259.A; 11262.A: Correspondence of Provost Richard Hill, 1980-1984.

Accession 11261.A: Files of Provost Richard Hill, 1981-1982.

Accession 11340.A: General office records including files on various departments and reports, 1977-1978.

Accession 11346.A: Committee reports and memoranda, 1984-1985.

Accession 11382.A: Departmental records, files on various committees, 1980-1986.

Accession 11397.A: Files on the Korea/University of Oregon contract on economic development, 1958-1960.

Accession 11408.A; 11424.A: Files of the Associate Provost, 1980-1989.

Accession 11480.A; 11566.A: Records of various departments and committees, 1985-1988.

Accession 1996.103.A: Publications and faculty handbooks, 1911-1996.

Accession 1996.12.A: Student publications, 1981-1988.

Accession 1996.133.A: Files concerning student life and commencement, 1987-1997.

Accession 1996.138.A : Awards, trophies, Koyl Cup and Hunter Award, 1959-1971.

Accession 1996.318.A: Committee and departmental reports, 1976-1991.

Accession 1996.34.A: Publicity documents and records, 1978-1997.

Accession 1996.362.A: Parents program records and files on the committee of Educational Equality, 1982-1987.

Accession 1996.371.A: Correspondence, files on campus recruitment, memoranda, 1977-1982.

Accession 1996.417.A: Associate provost office records and Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award, 1971-1980.

Accession 1996.447.A: Files on the Board of Higher Education, 1991-1992.

Accession 1996.484.A: Correspondence, Student Services Research files, Student Counseling Center, 1955-1973.

Accession 1996.506.A: Miscellaneous records and annual meetings’ programs, 1992-1993.

Accession 1996.516.A : General office files and records on various departments and committees, 1989-1995.

Accession 1996.563.A: General office files including meeting minutes, 1989-1994.

Accession 1996.579.A: Committee reports and correspondence, 1971-1972.

Accession 1996.677.A; : Correspondence, 1946-1991.

Accessions 1996.677.A; 1996.713.A; 1996.732.A; 1996.734.A; 1996.755.A; 1996.774.A; 1996.806.A; 1196.812.A; 1997.28.A: Files and correspondence of Associate Provost Holbo, 1975-1995.

Accession 1996.781.A: Files on retreats and correspondence, 1984-1994.

Accession 1996.847.A: Case files, 1963-1990.

Accession 1997.29A; 1997.30.A; 1997.31, 1997.32; 2000.7.A: Subject files, 1985-1990.

Accession 1997.40.A: Brochures, publications, and general office files, 1984-1993.

Accession 2002.47.A: Photographs, videotapes, and records of Gerald R. Kissler, 1991.

Accession 2002s.263.A: Files on the graduate school, general office files, and photographs, 1924-1944.

Accession 2002s.288.A: General office files and committee reports, 1974-1976.

Accession 2005.31.A: General office files including correspondence, 1994-1995.

Accession 39.2008.A: Committees on Courses reports and minutes, 1997-2007.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Education, Higher--Oregon--Eugene
  • Universities and colleges--Oregon--Eugene
  • Personal Names :
  • Alpert, Harry, 1912-1977
  • Bogen, Gerald Keith, 1937-
  • Duncan, Charles T.
  • Ellickson, Raymond T.
  • Gilbert, James Henry, b. 1878
  • Hill, Richard J.
  • Holbo, Paul Sothe
  • Kissler, Gerald R.
  • Latourette, Kenneth Scott, 1884-1968
  • Onthank, Karl William, 1890-1968
  • Patton, Clyde P. (Clyde Perry), 1923-
  • Sundberg, Norman D.
  • Tyler, Leona E. (Leona Elizabeth), 1906-1993
  • Upham, Steadman
  • Wattles, Marshall D., 1915-1991
  • Corporate Names :
  • University of Oregon. Dean of Faculties--Records and correspondence
  • University of Oregon. Office of Academic Affairs--Records and correspondence
  • University of Oregon. Office of the Dean of Personnel Administration--Records and correspondence
  • University of Oregon. Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost--Records and correspondence
  • University of Oregon--Administration
  • University of Oregon--Curricula
  • University of Oregon--Faculty
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Administrative records
  • Case files
  • Correspondence
  • Financial records
  • Manuals (Handbooks)
  • Memorandums
  • Minutes
  • Office files
  • Photographs
  • Reports