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Schrader, Bert L
Bert L. Schrader lumber industry photograph collection
circa 1890-1950 (inclusive)
3120 photographic prints (7 boxes)
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Photographs of logging and lumber mills, equipment and activities, circa 1890-1950
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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3120 8x10 black and white copy prints of early day logging and related activities in Washington (primarily Skagit) and Oregon. The photographs were collected by Bert L. Schrader, a Bellingham wholesale lumber broker. Subjects covered include various phases of the lumber industry (felling, bucking, yarding, skidroads, etc.); machinery (donkey engines, trucks, tractors, etc.); railroads including stations, trestles, train wrecks; logging and mill companies (arranged in alphabetical order); localities; and miscellaneous topics. All dated circa 1890 to 1950.

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BOX 1:

Folder 1: Oxen
Folder 2: Horses
Folder 3: Skid roads and log chutes
Folder 4: Felling
Folder 5: Bucking
Folder 6: Topping
Folder 7: Spar trees, yarding
Folder 8: Loading
Folder 9: Log booms, rafts, ponds, log jams and log flumes
Folder 10: Cutting shingle bolts, wood, etc.
Folder 11: Cold decks, brush piles, etc.
Folder 12: Standing trees, felled trees, cleared views, trees of special interest

BOX 2:

Folder 1: Donkey engines
Folder 2: Trucks
Folder 3: Tractors, cherry pickers, big wheels, etc.
Folder 4: Hand equipment - drag saws, steam driven felling saws, surveying equipment
Folder 5: Boats.

BOX 3:

Folder 1: Railroads
Folder 2: Railroads
Folder 3: Railroads
Folder 4: Railroads
Folder 5: Train wrecks
Folder 6: Railroad stations
Folder 7: Trestles

BOX 4: Logging and mill companies (arranged alphabetically)

Folder 1: A
Folder 2: B
Folder 3: Bloedel-Donovan
Folder 4: C
Folder 5: Clear Lake Lumber Co., Clear Lake Mill
Folder 6: D
Folder 7: Day Lumber Co.
Folder 8: E
Folder 9: English Lumber Co.
Folder 10: F
Folder 11: Flora Logging Co.
Folder 12: Goodwin Shingle Co.; Greenwood Logging
Folder 13: Goodyear Logging Co.
Folder 14: H
Folder 15: I
Folder 16: J
Folder 17: K
Folder 18: L

BOX 5: Logging and mill companies

Folder 1: M
Folder 2: Merrill & Ring
Folder 3: N
Folder 4: O
Folder 5: P
Folder 6: Polson Lumber Co
Folder 7: R
Folder 8: S
Folder 9: Saganaw Logging Co
Folder 10: St. Paul and Tacoma Lumber Co
Folder 11: Samish Bay Logging Co
Folder 12: Sauk River Lumber Co
Folder 13: Schafer Bros. Logging Co
Folder 14: Simpson Logging Co
Folder 15: Skagit Mill Co
Folder 16: Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co
Folder 17: Snow Creek Logging Co
Folder 18: Sound Timber Co
Folder 19: Stetson-Post Lumber Co
Folder 20: Sunset Logging Co.

BOX 6: Logging and mill companies

Folder 1: T.
Folder 2: Union Lumber Co
Folder 3: V
Folder 4: W.
Folder 5: Walville Logging Co
Folder 6: West Fork Timber Co.
Folder 7: Weyerhaeuser Timber Co
Folder 8: Wynoche Timber Co.
Folder 9: Spruce Division of U.S. Army Signal Corps
Folder 10: Civilian Conservation Corps
Folder 11: Miscellaneous, unidentified camps and mills

BOX 7:

Folder 1: Bellingham
Folder 2: Big Lake
Folder 3: Birdsview
Folder 4: Chuckanut Drive
Folder 5: Clear Lake
Folder 6: Concrete
Folder 7: Darrington
Folder 8: Ferndale
Folder 9: Grays Harbor
Folder 10: Hamilton
Folder 11: La Conner
Folder 12: Lyman
Folder 13: Malone
Folder 14: McMurray
Folder 15: Montborn
Folder 16: Mt. Vernon
Folder 17: Port Angeles
Folder 18: Port Blakely
Folder 19: Port Gamble.
Folder 20: Port Ludlow
Folder 21: Portland
Folder 22: Sauk City
Folder 23: Seattle
Folder 24: Sedro Woolley
Folder 25: Sekiu
Folder 26: Tacoma
Folder 27: Wickersham
Folder 28: Dams, powerhouses
Folder 29: Bridges
Folder 30: Misc., unidentified localities
Folder 31: Loggers
Folder 32: Miscellaneous people.
Folder 33: Miscellaneous vehicles
Folder 34: Hunting and fishing
Folder 35: Forest fires
Folder 36: Tree stump houses, etc.
Folder 37: Miscellaneous, unidentified

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