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Molver, Anker
Anker Molver architectural drawings
circa 1960-1999 (inclusive)
approximately 180 rolled drawings
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Architectural drawings of residential and business properties by Anker Molver
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
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Anker Molver was born near Alesund, Norway on January 1, 1922. He came to Seattle at the age of eight and graduated from Lincoln High School. He joined the Air Force during WWII served as an aviation cadet and took training in at the Carlsbad, New Mexico Army Air field and flew missions on B24s in the Pacific. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Architecture in 1951 and had a long career practicing in the Seattle area. An article with drawings and a discussion of a house in Innis Arden he designed with the designer and builder, Robert Marquette is in the Seattle Times, May 30, 1954 page 91. He was a member of AIA. He died in 2011.

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Architectural drawings of business properties and renovations to residential homes in the Pacific Northwest. Business properties include restaurants, stores, and apartment buildings. Molver's major projects are related to Fred Schmidt's property and restaurant Herfy's. The drawings include plans on exterior designs such as drive-thrus and interior rooms such as kitchens. Rolled drawings and plans are numbered and include property owners' information.

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Description Dates
F. Badgley Residence, 41st Northeast and Northeast 140th, Seattle, WA
5 drawings: Remodel
March 21, 1969
W.J. Belfield Residence, Sequim, WA
3 drawings
November 5, 1966
*Ruben Cohen Residence, Innis Arden, Shoreline, WA
8 drawings: Remodel
Spetember 27, 1966-Febraury 1, 1967
Noel Cook Residence, Mercer Island, WA
2 drawings: Bathroom and Bedroom Addition and Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
*William Dahlberg Residence, Lake Forest Park, WA
8 drawings: Remodel
May12, 1969
*C. Dye Residence, Unknown Location
25 drawings: Preliminary Plans
circa 1960s-1980s
*Austin Eastman Residence
8 drawings: Remodel
July 17, 1967
*Robert Enck Residence, Mercer Island, WA
17 drawings: Remodel
*Paul Evans Residence
2 drawings: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
Frank Everett Residence, 8335 Overlake Drive, Medina, WA
6 drawings: Addition
Dave Forman Residence, 23232 25th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA
1 drawing: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
*Nosilee Goodlow Residence, 6711 42nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA
4 drawings: Addition
September 2, 1980
*Steve Henkel Residence, 4 Hollyhill Drive, Mercer Island, WA
6 drawings: Remodel
August 9, 1971
E.T. Hilpert Residence, Washington Park Towers, 1620 43rd Avenue East, Seattle, WA
3 drawings : Studio-Kitchen Remodel
April 17, 1979
*Horvath Apartment, 512 Northeast 71st Street, Seattle, WA
9 drawings: 5 Unit Building
March 1, 1968
Erol Howell Residence, Edmonds, WA
6 drawings
March 11, 1966
*David Hutchinson Residence, Lake Sammamish, WA
3 drawings
*Louis Kinerk Residence
1 drawing: Living Room and Dining Room Remodel
August 23, 1966
Kingston Residence
Roll 1 of 3: 7 drawings: Apartment/Condo (Roll 2 of 3: 3 drawings: Apartment/Condo)
circa 1960s-1980s
Kingston Residence
18 drawings: Apartment/Condo
Roll 3 of 3
circa 1960s-1980s
Victor Klee Residence, 13706 39th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA
10 drawings: Remodel
April 15, 1971
Nick Lacy Residence
2 drawings: Backyard Remodel
November 16, 1971
Donald Lehne Residence, Bainbridge Island, WA
8 drawings: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
John McCoy Residence, 23232 25th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA
2 drawings: Bedroom Addition
circa 1960s-1980s
*Allen Morgan Residence, Northwest 132nd and 9th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA
5 drawings: Remodel
November 6, 1968
William Niemi Jr. Residence, 3248 Lakewood Avenue South, Seattle, WA
8 drawings: Remodel
April 11, 1966
Edward Nowogroski (Novogroski) Residence, Des Moines Beach, Normandy Park, WA
Roll 1 of 2: 10 drawings: Beach Cabin Remodel (Roll 2 of 2: 8 drawings: Beach Cabin Remodel)
August 9, 1986
*Donald Poggi Residence, Bainbridge Island, WA
10 drawings : Remodel
*Loren Prescott Residence, San Juan Island, WA
10 drawings: Summer House Remodel
February 23, 1968
*John Roser Residence, Mercer Island, WA
11 drawings: Remodel
John Roser Residence, 7830 Southeast 63rd Place, Mercer Island, WA
1 drawing: Accessory Garage Building
August 14, 1979
John Roser Residence, Lopez Island, WA
11 drawings: Remodel
March 18, 1982
Sampson Residence, Kent, WA
1 drawing: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
David Schlect Residence, Bellingham, WA
8 drawings : Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
*A.W. Struyvenberg Residence, Black Butte Ranch, OR
19 drawings: Remodel
Roll 1 of 2
*A.W. Struyvenberg Residence, Black Butte Ranch, OR
20 drawings: Remodel
Roll 2 of 2
*W. Tiffany Residence
5 drawings: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
*John Williams Residence, Evergreen Point, WA
10 drawings: Remodel
July 28, 1969
Unidentified Residence
4 drawings: Apartment/Condo
circa 1960s-1980s
Unidentified Residence
4 drawings: Apartment/Condo Development
circa 1960s-1980s
Unknown Residence
circa 1960s-1980s
*Unidentified Residence
17 drawings: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s

Commerical BuildingsReturn to Top

Description Dates
D & G Company, 16th Street, Bellevue, WA
1 drawing: Store Front Design
circa 1960s-1980s
*Dr. Daniel Esterly Dental Clinic, Oak Harbor, WA
5 drawings: Remodel
circa 1960s-1980s
Henry Kalberg Store Building
5 drawings: Alterations
circa 1960s-1980s
Herfy's Restaurant
*Bellingham, WA
6 drawings: Dining Room Addition
circa 1960s-1980s
Everett, WA
1 drawing: Boundary Survey
June 28, 1976
Katy Road and Gessner Road, Houston, TX
Roll 1 of 2:missing number of drawings: Memorial City Shopping Center (Roll 2 of 2: 15 drawings: Memorial City Shopping Center)
June 1, 1972
Houston, TX
17 drawings
December 1, 1971-May 1972
*Kent, WA
6 drawings
May 15, 1975
Mount Vernon, WA
7 drawings
February 16, 1976
*San Jose, California
8 drawings: Perspectives
*Drive-In, 1205 Northeast 50th Street, Seattle, WA
5 drawings: Addition
November 5, 1967
*Broadway, Seattle, WA
26 drawings
June 28, 1974- December 1974
Tacoma, WA
7 drawings: Sewage Disposal System
January 9, 1974
*Tacoma, WA
24 drawings
April 1977-July 1977
South Tacoma Way and Perkins Lane, Tacoma, WA
6 drawings
September 28, 1976-July 15, 1977
Unknown Location
1 drawing
Fentron Industries
circa 1960s-1980s
Unknown Location
1 drawing: Kitchen Center Isle
December 10, 1971
Unknown Location
2 drawings: Seating Detail
May 3, 1974
Unknown Location
9 drawings: Drive-Ins
H7-E #5
January 25, 1967-October 8, 1978
Unknown Location
4 drawings: Drive-Thru Window Addition
circa 1960s-1980s
*#8, Unknown Location
4 drawings
September 19, 1968
Unknown Location
1 drawing: Decorating Plan
circa 1960s-1980s
Unknown Location
12 drawings
March 8, 1972-October 5,1972
Unknown Location
12 drawings: Kitchen
January 21, 1971-April 16,1975
*One Hour Martinizing Cleaners, Southeast Stark Street, Portland, OR
4 drawings
September 14, 1971
Pietro's Pizza Parlor
*Gresham, OR
3 drawings
July 24, 1978
*Lakewood, WA
7 drawings
September 14, 1977
*12360 Lake City Way Northeast, Seattle, WA
4 drawings: Electrical, Power and Music System, Panel Schedules, Roof Layout
July 7, 1978
*Unknown Location
7 drawings: Kitchen Plans
April 7, 1976
Unknown Location
15 drawings
April 7, 1976
Unknown Location
14 drawings: Preliminary Plans
September 9, 1975
*Unknown Location
14 drawings
June 14, 1976
Unknown Location
2 drawings: Interiors, Floor and Ceiling Decorations
March 9, 1976

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