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San Jose, Johnny
Johnny San Jose photograph album
circa 1927-1945 (inclusive)
88 photographic prints and 6 postcards (1 box) ; sizes vary
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Photographic prints
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
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Seattle, WA
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Johnny San Jose was a Filipino Bantam weight boxer in Fresno, California in 1920-1930s.

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Photographs mainly of Filipino men and women in candid views. Many of the photos are inscribed to Johnny San Jose.

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Johnny San Jose's photo album arrived unbound. Some photographs were missing from their mounts and could not be replaced in original order. An attempt to organize photographs by page is outlined below.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/1 1a-c undated
1/1 2a-e 1939, undated
1/1 3a-e undated
1/1 4a-b
 Page with two photographs depicting a Filipino man and a young woman
Note on verso of photograph 4b: As a rememberance to Johnny Clara
1/1 5
 Tall man standing near a bridge
Note on verso: To my everlasting sweetheart, As a remembrance of our everlasting love from me, Original
1/1 6a-c
 Page with three photographs
One photograph of Donna Mae Manzano at 4 weeks.Two photographs of a young woman in uniform standing outside of a diner.
1/1 7a-b undated
1/1 8a-i
 Page with nine photographs
Eight photographs depicting Filipino men, women and children.One photograph of a boxer that is probably Johnny San Jose.
Photographs taken in San Pedro, California, Stockton, California and Long Beach, California.
1931-1932, undated
1/2 9a-c
 Page with three photographs
One photograph depicting young Filipino men in front of Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, California.Two photographs of Filipino men, women and one child.
1/2 10a-e
 Page with five photographs
One photograph of an aerial view of Metlakatla, Alaska. and Alaska Town Hall and ChurchOne photograph of the town hall and church in Metlakatla, Alaska.Three photographs depicting young Caucasian women.
1/2 11a-c
 Page with three photographs depicting Filipino men and women
Note on verso of photograph c: Mr. Johnny San Jose, Just to remind you of my happy days in San Francisco, Tivang
1932, undated
1/2 12a-c
 Page with three photographs depicting a Filipino man, a Caucasian woman and a young boy
Note on verso of photograph c: For Manny Asiong, To remind you of, Doroleo
1931, undated
1/2 13a-b undated
1/2 14a-e
 Page with five photographs
Five photographs depicting young Filipino men and women.
Note on verso of photograph 14a: To Johnny: With best wishes. CefingNote on verso of photograph 14b: In remembrance of the past to Mr. From Alma Sakamoto, Mar, 18, 1927Note on verso of photograph 14d: To Johnny, Remembrance, AldaNote on photograph 14e: Fresno the home of roses. 9-6-31
1927, 1931, undated
1/2 15a-c 1939
1/2 16a-e undated
1/2 17a-d undated
1/3 18 undated
1/3 19a-b
 Page with two photographs depicting a Caucasian woman and a Filipino man
Note on verso of photograph 19a: To Dad, Just a symbol of friendship. Elizabeth [?]
1941, undated
1/3 20a-c
 Page with three photographs
One postcard depicting Westlake Park in Los Angeles, California.Two photographs depicting a young woman.
1/3 21a-c
 Page with three photographs
One photographic postcard depicting a Filipino man with a typed greeting: To you and yours, Greetings of the SeasonTwo photographs depicting a Filipino man and a family.
1/3 22a-d
 Page with four photographs
Four photographs depicting a Filipino men and a Caucasian woman.
Note on photograph 22b: To you Pal, PaulNote on verso of photograph 22c: To Johnny, Always your Pal Alda
1/3 23a-b undated
1/3 24a-d
 Page with four photographs depicting Filipino men, a Caucasian woman, a Caucasian girl and a Filipino woman
Note on verso of photograph 24a: To: Johnny San Jose - With best wishes for your long and successful ring career, from Primo I. Dangail
1930, undated
1/3 25a-b
 Page with two photographs
One photograph depicting a young woman named Beverly.One photographic postcard depicting a sled dog team in snow, presumably from Alaska.
Note on verso of photograph a: To Johnny, With Love, Beverly
1/3 26a-b
 Page with two photographs depicting three Filipino men sitting in front of City Hall and kneeling in front of the Civic Center in San Francisco, California
Note on verso of photograph 26a: To Johnny, Taken beside the city hall. San Francisco. PrimoNote on verso of photograph 26b: Three friends from [?] at the civic center. Thony, Anafre, Primo
1/3 27a-h
 Photographs Loose in Album
Seven photographs and one photographic postcard depicting a young Filipino men, Filipino women, a Filipino child and a Caucasian woman.
Note on verso of photograph 27c: 988 Fedora St., Los Angeles Calif, Sept 10, 1945. To Johnnie, Just a humble remembrance from your God daughter, Donna Mae ManzanoNote on verso of photograph 27f: To our friend Johnny, We wish him a success in his every-day. Los Gatos' [?]
1945, undated

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