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Minor Private Hospital Alumnae Association
"Memoirs of Minor Hospital Alumnae" Scrapbook
circa 1910-1952 (inclusive)
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1954.683 (accession)
Scrapbook compiled by the Minor Private Hospital Alumnae Association containing photographs, clippings, mementos and biographical information
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Minor Private Hospital was founded in January 1906, and a two-story, brick hospital building constructed at 1420 Spring Street in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood. Most hospitals of the time had a religious affiliation, and the St. Anthony Association operated Minor Private Hospital. The hospital was named for one of Seattle’s leading philanthropists, Dr. Thomas T. Minor (1844-1889.)

Legislation passed by the Washington Legislature in 1909 required that nurses complete a course of study and be certified by a state licensing board. This led to a proliferation of so-called “Nightingale schools,” or nurse training programs. In September 1906, a school for nurses was established at Minor Hospital with a three-year course of training.

The Hospital provided the nursing students with the basic clinical and practical experience considered necessary. There was a minimum of formal classroom instruction. The hospital hired only supervisory nurses, so the student nurses provided the patient care and housekeeping. Probationers, as student nurses were called, worked eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week, and were expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct and obey physicians and supervisors without question. At the end of the program, students received a diploma and were eligible to work as a trained nurse, earning about five dollars a week in 1910.

The Minor Hospital nursing students originally resided in the main building, but as the hospital expanded a home was leased for them nearby at Boylston and Spring Streets, increasing the hospital capacity from 43 to 60 beds. Minor Private Hospital closed in 1928, and the last nursing school class graduated in 1930.

The nurses later organized the Minor Hospital Alumnae Association, and the Seattle group continued to meet into the 1950s, hosting events such as banquets and holiday parties. In 1948, the Association began compiling a memoir scrapbook for presentation to the Seattle Historical Society (now the Museum of History & Industry). Amateur photographer Enid Bell Ericksson, class of 1921, spearheaded the project and was responsible for the artistic design and organization of the alumnae class pages. She died unexpectedly in 1949, and Margaret E. Bateman, class of 1922, donated the scrapbook to the Historical Society in 1954.

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The collection consists of one 12 x 14 inch leather bound, 200-page scrapbook, and five loose photographs from alumnae social events in the 1940s and 1950s. The scrapbook is primarily organized in chronological order, with a separate section dedicated to each nursing class between 1910 and 1930. These class sections include small portraits and names of the graduating nurses, informal snapshots, updated biographical information and photographs of diplomas, licenses, and commencement programs. Other photographs depict the hospital exterior, Thomas T. Minor’s home and the nurses' residence.

The scrapbook also includes a three-page typewritten history of Minor Private Hospital, the nursing curriculum, and a detailed biography of Thomas T. Minor. Several pages are dedicated to the Minor Hospital doctors, including small photographs and autographs. A collection of newspaper clippings and magazine articles document the accomplishments of Minor Hospital nursing graduates.

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Scrapbook, circa 1910-1952Return to Top

200 pages 12 x 14 inches

Date of materials in the scrapbook is circa 1910-1952; the scrapbook itself was created beginning in 1949. Brown leather cover with attached painted leather emblem stamped "Minor Private Hospital, Seattle 1906" with image of caduceus in center. Embossed in gold with "Memoirs of Minor Hospital Alumnae." The cover page for each class is hand-lettered and illustrated, listing the class flower (with color illustration), class colors, and class motto, and listing the names of the women comprising that class.

Container(s) Description Dates
3 circa 1928
Photograph of Thomas T. Minor with dedication poem below
circa 1889
 Thomas T. Minor biography
Note on page indicates that this handwritten essay is condensed from a biography, "Dr. Minor," written by his grandson Thomas Minor Pelly in 1933.
Photographs of Thomas T. Minor residence, corner of Minor Avenue and Cherry Street
2 photographs
1951 May 9
 Photographs of Minor Hospital nursing superintendents
4 photographs
Photographs of Lucy I. Pringle, P. Josephine Prince, Ethel M. Sikes, Caroline E. Davis
circa 1920
Nursing superintendents biographical information
Education, dates of service and biographical summary for five nursing superintendents: Lucy I. Pringle, P. Josephine Prince, Ethel M. Sikes, Caroline E. Davis, and Edna Duskin
circa 1920
Alumnae Association memorial list
Names, class year and death dates of 24 deceased alumnae.
circa 1950
 Photograph of Minor Hospital nursing caps
Photograph of cap used from 1907-1918, and cap adopted for use in 1918, when the ruching used in the original caps was unavailable during World War I.
circa 1918
Photographs of Minor Hospital School for Nurses graduation certificate and folding leather holder
Photograph of Washington State Nursing License for Minor Graduate
Photograph of Florence Nightingale's Nursing Pledge
circa 1918
 Image of Minor Private Hospital Class of 1910 nurses, ca. 1910
 Nursing students sitting for exam at Minor Private Hospital nursing school, 1910
Includes nine small individual portraits of class members Elizabeth Matheson, Lena J. Watt, Imogene Thompson, Elizabeth M. Eby, Marguarite A. Brogan, Idella M. Weston, Edith S. Goodrich, Lillian V. Thompson and superintendent Lucy Pringle; an invitation to commencement of this first graduating class of Minor Private Hospital School of Nursing; two photographs of the commencement program; six photographs of the nurses in groups and individually; and current biographical information about class members.
1910; circa 1950
Class of 1911
Includes one composite photograph showing six of the nine class members, who are listed as: Ellen B. Johnson, N. Maude Hosfelt, Della Locy, Cora A. Cathcart, Caroline P. Mann, Estelle Hoskinson, Ina B. Jenks, Avis Weed. Also includes a small portrait of a baby wearing a nursing cap, identified as Maravene Scarborough, "class mascot," and current biographical information about class members.
1911; circa 1950
Class of 1912
Includes two small group photographs of class members Ada M. Merrifield, Elizabeth A. Lancaster, Daisy Kensley, Frances A. Norquist, Harriet E. Dougherty, P. Josephine Prince, Ethel Duncan, and Muriel T. Dunstan; a photograph of the commencement invitation; a composite photograph of five of the nurses; and current biographical information about class members.
1912; circa 1950
 Photographs of Minor Private Hospital and nurses' residence "Memoirs of Minor Hospital Alumnae" scrapbook, 1913
 Photographs of the Class of 1913 in "Memoirs of Minor Hospital Alumnae" scrapbook, circa 1950
Includes one composite photograph of small oval portraits of nurses Nellie Top, Lorena Marsden, Mary Jolliete Glen, Matilda Rasmussen, Margaret Mason, Mira Fletcher, Bernice Hart, Rose Van Dame, Nell Poersel, Irene Williams, and superintendent Lucy Pringle; a photograph of the commencement invitation; sixteen group and individual snapshots of the nurses; and current biographical information. Also includes photographs of the exteriors of Minor Hospital and the nurses' residence. The residence was on the southeast corner of Seneca and Boylston Streets.
1913; circa 1950
Class of 1914
Includes twelve small portraits of students Ina M. Houze, Hannah Hall, Coral E. Vader, Bessie Kennedy, Sophia M. Tanck, Irene Ms Givern, Lucile Jennison, Lennah Parker, Eleanor Patteson, Hilda J. Smailes, Margaret Robertson, and Luella Webster, and one portrait of superintendent Lucy Pringle; sixteen informal snapshots of the nurses; a photograph of the commencement invitation; and current biographical information on class members.
1914; circa 1950
 Class of 1915
Includes a composite photo of nurses Dorothy A. Preston, Gene Marie Fuller, Edna Neil Smith, Margaret Metcalfe Bothwell, Emily Elizabeth Ogilvie and Eve Goode and superintendent Lucy Pringle; a photograph of the commencement invitation, four snapshots of the nurses, and current biographical information.
1915; circa 1950
Class of 1916
Includes small portraits of ten of the eleven students listed: Marie Morrison, Vivian Easton Wickwire, Mary Alice Smith, Vera Van Tine, Susie May Meadowcroft, Rosa Mae Stanhope, Laura O. Sund, Mabel Elizabeth Holmes, Florence Lindsay Tucker, Mary L. Tope, and Nellie Robitaille; photographs of the commencement invitation, ten snapshots of nurses and one photo of the Samuel and Jessie Kenney Presbyterian Home; and current biographical information.
1916; circa 1950
 Class of 1917
Includes one composite photo with small oval portraits of nurses Edna Bridges, Ina Grace Soutar, Grace Barnard, Margaret Castlio, Esther Julia Anderson, Ruth Elena Cunningham, Ruth Dearborn, Helen Beeler, Catherine Forbes Bothwell, and superintendent Lucy Pringle; a photograph of the commencement invitation; nine snapshots of the nurses and a group photograph of nurses posing with superintendent Lucy Pringle; and current biographical information about the nurses.
1917; circa 1950
Class of 1918
Includes small portraits of eight of the nine nurses listed: Caroline Parker, Addie Algier, Ester Joslin, Inez Davis, Eva Johnson, Ruth E. Metcalfe, Betty Blakinstone, Ruth Clegg, Charlotte Jones (missing); a photograph of the commencement invitation; a snapshot of Ruth Dearborn and Ester Joslin; and current biographical information.
1918; circa 1950
Class of 1919
Includes small photographs of seven of eight class members: Margaret G. Creasy, Ester Edwards, Edith A. Christensen, Hazel M. Crooks, Leah F. Babcock, Hannah E. Hughes, Lucille M. Hohn, Ruth C.Gilson (missing); photographs of the commencement invitation and program; nine snapshots; and current biographical information.
1919; circa 1950
Class of 1920
Includes eleven small photographs of Ruth Morgan, Georgia Stewart, Yuanita Horstman, Helen McLean, Ruth Tait, Jessie Jolliffe, Berneice Jones, Bernice Jamieson, Gladys Buckley, and Marjorie Thornton; photograph of the commencement invitation; photographs of the Minor Private Hospital School for Nurses curriculum for 1919-1920; twenty snapshots of the nurses at work and recreation; and current biographical information.
1920; circa 1950
Class of 1921
Includes eight small photographs of nurses Ada B. Cloukie, Helen Dorety, Lillian May Sain, Emma Haworth, Enid Bell, Catherine E. Johnson, Zita Mescher, and Elsie Scott; photographs of the commencement invitation and program; nineteen snapshots of the nurses; photographs of a dance card for 1921 graduates; and current biographical information.
1921; circa 1950
Class of 1922
Includes fifteen small photographs of nurses Rose G. Fine, Winnifred G. Little, Ida M. McEwan, Alice M. Carroll, Borghild O. Winter, Bee. E Johnson, Fannie E. Burrows, Frances A. Lanches, Ethel Eaden, Dorothy Minnis, Sadie A. Moores, Margaret E, Bateman, Olive Eadie, Mary E. Carhart, and Ethel M. Nordquist; photographs of the commencement invitation and program; seventeen snapshots of the nurses; and current biographical information.
1922; circa 1950
Class of 1923
Includes nine small oval portraits of nurses Gertrude Mae Williams, Lena Hyacinth Lennan, Harriet Margaret Goodhead, Lillian Ester Niemela, Margaret Jeanette Porter, Florence Gilbert Unwin, Sara Anne Walden, Jessie Virginia Ibex, and Marie Wilderman; photographs of commencement program; 21 snapshots of the nurses; and current biographical information.
1923; circa 1950
Class of 1924
Includes nine small photographs of Elsie Grondal, Margaret Mercer, Freda Bess Wray, Isabel Hodding, Dorothy Jeffares, Alma Bishop, Yolande Sanders, Loure Duke, and Margaret Larson; photographs of the commencement invitation and program; nine snapshots; and current biographical information.
1924; circa 1950
Class of 1925
Includes a group photograph of nurses Marjorie Agnes Graves, Elda May Hardin, Kate Constance Jay, Lydia Weiger, Birdie Catharine Chamberlain, Llellwyn Virginia Hagan, Ruth Fallis, Josephine Raab, Margaret Ellen Murray, Lydia Gwendolyn Jones, Lilly M. Jones, Edith Bell MacDonald, and Helen Petit; photographs of the commencement invitation and program; sixteen snapshots; a clipping about five of the nurses winning a First Aid contest; and current biographical information.
1925; circa 1950
Class of 1926
Includes a composite photograph with small portrait of students Beatrice Turtle, Lutie Gough, Nancy Shore, Hope Lyman, Matilda Fiegle, and superintendent Caroline E. Davis surrounding an image of the Minor Hospital building; a photograph of the commencement program; seven snapshots; and current biographical information.
1926; circa 1950
Class of 1927
Includes twelve small portraits of nurses Olive Claire Adams, Beulah Muriel Crawford, Myrtle Adelia Harmon, Helene Jane Newland, Elizabeth May Moran, Edith May McDaniel, Barbara Layton Freer, Frankie Esther Hicks, Georgia Beatrice McGee, Jean Elizabeth Greer, Georgia Kathleen Moss, and Evelyn Louise Johnson; a photograph of the commencement program; thirteen snapshots; and current biographical information.
1927; circa 1950
Class of 1928
Includes a group photograph of nurses Ann Marie Barkley, Sara Eleanor Morris, Viola Bertha Hunziker, Hattie Margaret Meyer, Beulah Cathern Nixon, Mary Virginia Linton, Luella Ruth Griswold, Lou Ella Elise Nelson, and superintendent Carolyn Davis; photographs of the commencement invitation and program; six snapshots; and current biographical information.
1928; circa 1950
Classes of 1929 and 1930
The listing of the Class of 1929 is captioned "Minor's Unfinished Symphony," possibly due to the closing of Minor Private Hospital in 1928. One caption indicates that four of the "1929's" finished their training at Seattle General Hospital. Includes two group photographs with students Betty Frank, Naoma Scott, Amie McKee, June Tyler, Jeanette Byford, Ruth Cleland, Kay Hart, Bertha Hart, Louise Preston, Gertrude Lewis, Martha Short, Verla Miller, and Jane McNickol. Includes fifteen snapshots and Class of 1929 and Class of 1930 current biographical information
1929; circa 1950
Class Reporters
Small oval portraits of "Class Reporters from the years 1910 through 1929. In order, they are Edith Goodrich, Ellen Ellis, Ina Jenks Buck, Jolly Glen, Ina Groat, Gene Shugren, Mary Alice Smith, Catherine Mallory, Grace Cox, Ruth Clegg, Leah Rutherford, Hazel Holderness, Marjorie Bilworth, Jessie Hutchinson, Catherine Lundgren, Margaret Bateman, Lena Bosselman, Margaret Dawley, Josephine Drummey, Birdie Ghiglione, Hope Wise, Georgia McGee, Anne Greer, Betty Moburg, and June Beezer.
Photograph of Minor Private Hospital exterior with group of nurses in front of building
Photograph of Minor Hospital nurses' residence exterior with group of nurses in front
Group photograph of women and men posing in costume at Dutch theme party
Composite photograph of a party at Dr. and Birdie Ghiglione's residence
Snapshots of nurses holding babies
Eighteen photographs, depicting nurses Margaret Bateman, Rose Fine, Ester (Pete) Anderson, Catherine Johnson, Juanita Horstman, Jolly Glen, Tillie Fiegle, Lydia Weiger, Ada B. Cloukey, Yolande Norton, Margaret Mason, Helen Pettit, Eva Johnson, Peggy Wood, G. Williams, Ruth Forsberg, Miss Dawson, and Georgie Moss.
circa 1920
Nurses and supervisors posing outdoors
Five snapshots
circa 1920
Photographs of "The Capsule," Official Bulletin of Minor Hospital Alumnae
5 photographs
circa 1930
151-153 circa 1920
Seattle Daily Times clipping, "War on Arctic Influenza"
Group photograph of nurses and doctors posing outdoors in native parkas
circa 1920
Dedication to Minor Hospital doctors and doctors' autographs
Photographs of Minor Hospital doctors
44 photographs
Doctors depicted include Dr. William Glasglow, Dr. John Lundy, Dr. James Thompson, Dr. Alexander Peacock, Dr. E.W. Young, Dr. J.K. Holloway, Dr. Arthur Gray, Dr. George Beeler, Dr. Bruce Elmore, Dr. Houston, Dr. Hunter, Dr. P.C. Irwin, Dr. Carroll, Dr. Hancock, Ira McLemore, Glenn Rotton, E.E. Beckett, Copeland Plummer, Edward Fick, Hubbard T. Buckner, H. Eugene Allen, William C. Kantner, H.J. Wyckoff, Dr. Louis Maxson, Clark Goss, Dr. C.E. Watts. Also includes a newspaper obituary for Dr. A.J. Ghiglione.
circa 1915-1950
Cover of RN Journal
Photograph of cap and pin of Minor Private Hospital Training School
1949 February
Photographs of Red Cross and military nurses
3 photographs
circa 1917
Newspaper clipping and magazine articles featuring Minor Hospital staff
History of the Minor Hospital
3 pages, typewritten
circa 1950
Photographs of Minor Hospital Alumnae banquets, meetings and events
Thirteen group and individual photographs
circa 1935-1950
Photographs Minor Hospital Alumnae nurses and doctors
9 photographs
circa 1950
Photographs of Minor Hospital Alumnae banquets, meetings and events
8 photographs
circa 1951
Dedication to Enid Bell Eriksson, 1889-1949
Includes a photograph and biography of Eriksson.
1950 March
Newspaper clippings featuring Minor Hospital nurses
circa 1925-1950
Nurses and doctors seated outdoors
2 photographs
1952 September

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Container(s) Description Dates
Minor Hospital Alumnae nurses at group social events
5 photographs
circa 1950

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Alumni--Washington (State)--Seattle
  • Nurses--Washington (State)--Seattle
  • Nursing schools--United States
  • Corporate Names :
  • Minor Private Hospital (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Geographical Names :
  • First Hill (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Seattle (Wash.)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Ephemera
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbooks
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Ericksson, Enid Bell, 1921-1949 (creator)