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Haggart, Sydney
Tattoos from the Pacific Northwest
2016 (inclusive)
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Sydney Haggart was a student of folklore at the University of Oregon. This collection includes an essay and fieldwork documentation relating to this student's folklore fieldwork project.
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Collected stories, reasons, and photos of tattoos from people residing in the Pacific Nortwest.

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This collection is open for use in accordance with Archives of Northwest Folklore policy.

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Identity and Community
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P01_2018_138_01: Memorial
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
The tattoo is the phrase "Never Give Up" in cursive on her right ribcage. It is a memorial tattoo in honor of her cousin who passed away from cancer; her cousin had gotten the same tattoo when she was first diagnosed. Many members of the extended family got the same tattoo, but in various places. In California, at the age of sixteen, she got the tattoo with her mother and uncle, in the same tattoo [parlor?] in which her uncle had gotten the same tattoo. She had waited until she was sixteen because her cousin who had cancer, had a dream in which she got the tattoo at fourteen and something went wrong; her cousin imposed a rule that she could not get the tattoo until she was sixteen. By this time, her cousin had passed away, but she still honored her rule.
P01_2018_138_02: Family Memorial
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
P01_2018_138_03: Community Memorial
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Lindsey Haggart has a tattoo on her left calf. Her and her brother got matching tattoos; it is a replica of their grandpa's tattoo. She was nineteen years old when she got it in order to memorialize her grandfather. It is a flaming heart with a band which says grandpa and "faith is assurance" underneath the artwork.
P01_2018_138_04: Community A
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Blaize Bostwick-Pope got the tattoo on his left arm. It is an original sailor jerry drawing. The tattoo is common in skate/ surf culture which Blaize takes part in. He saw the design at a young age, and said he has love it since he was eight years old.
P01_2018_138_05: Community B
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Blaize Bostwick-Pope has a tattoo on his shin. He got a matching tattoo of a rose with his dad; they felt that the rose tattoo was the most traditional choice. It was also original sailor jerry art.
P01_2018_138_06: Identity Memorial A
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Kelsey Mackenzie has one tattoo vertically down her left side. The tattoo is in brail, and it translates to "seek the light"; she got this during a difficult time in her life and decided to use this as a personal motto. She hoped to center her life around positivity. She got the tattoo when she turned 18, during her senior year of high school. She brought two friends along for support since it was her first tattoo.
P01_2018_138_07: Identity Memorial B
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Kelsey Mackenzie has a second tattoo which is a hieroglyphic. It is a triangle which means "to express"; she got this tattoo to remember to stay true to herself. It is on her right back side. She got this tattoo done as a stick and poke tattoo by her friend Sophie, in high school. Her friend had started experimenting with body art, and Kelsey offered to let Sophie give her a tattoo as practice, and because it meant a free tattoo.
P01_2018_138_08: Identity Memorial C
Haggart, Sydney
Mackenzie, Kelsey
1.0 photographs
Kelsey Mackenzie's third tattoo is of a cardamom; it is in honor of her grandmother. Her and her grandmother used to bake cardamom bread which is a typical Norwegian dish. Her grandmother was Norwegian and the memory of baking together was a large part of her childhood. She got this tattoo in her twenties, long after her grandmother had passed, but the memories were still held dear.
P01_2018_138_09: Identity and Community A
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Sarah Jarmon has a tattoo on the inside of her left foot. It is a stick and poke tattoo, done by herself of the Leo constellation. Her astrological sign is the Leo, and she wanted to show her love for nature, astrology, and her personal sign. She decided on this when she was in college, and bored during finals; she knew she wanted it and was going to let her high school friend do it, but chose to do it herself because it was quicker, easier, and she wanted to try. Also, she had just gone through a break-up and wanted to change and do something a little wild.
P01_2018_138_10: Identity and Community B
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Sarah Jarman has a tattoo on her right ribs; there are three hieroglyphics which mean "to explore, to learn, to connect." She wanted to learn from her explorations and connect them to her life. She values nature and the ability to learn, explore, and connect with nature. This tattoo was given as a stick and poke in high school by her artistic friend Sophie. She figured it was cheap, easy, and would make for a great story.
P01_2018_138_11: Community Tattoo
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
The tattoo is a sketch of the fox and the rose from the French children's book, Le Petit Prince. The fox has a memorable quote saying "when I know you're arriving at 4pm, I get excited at 3pm" and the rose says, "a single rose can be your entire garden, a single friend your world." The woman got the tattoo with her daughter to match; the book was read in both French and English. The woman has a rare disease, and she had become very sick; her and her daughter are best friends and her daughter wanted to get at tattoo as a memory of her mother. The tattoo is a symbol of their friendship and the quotes behind the characters add to the meaning. When they went to the tattoo shop, it was an extremely memorable event. The daughter went first, getting it on the inside of her ankle. The mom went next, cussing and screaming as she got the image tattooed on her thigh; the entirety of the tattoo took only about eight minutes. The mother got the image on her thigh, because she didn't want people to ask why she got a tattoo at the age of sixty or ask the meaning.
P01_2018_138_12: Memorial Tattoo
Haggart, Sydney
1.0 photographs
Kyle Haggart has a tattoo of a blue band on his upper forearm on the left side. The band is a replica of an awareness bracelet for the rare disease which his mother has. When his bracelet broke while studying abroad in India, he hated not being able to represent his mother and have her with him. When he came back to the United States, he decided to have the band tattooed on his arm so he would never lose it.

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  • skateboard culture
  • spiritual
  • Students
  • Surf Culture
  • tattoos (body markings) USE: tattooing
  • young adults
  • Personal Names :
  • Alpenia, Ian
  • Bostwick-Pope, Blaize
  • Haggart, Gina
  • Haggart, Kyle
  • Haggart, Lindsey
  • Haggart, Sydney
  • Jarman, Sarah
  • Mackenzie, Kelsey
  • Geographical Names :
  • Lake Oswego (Or.)
  • Pacific Northwest
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  • Fieldwork project
  • memorial
  • rituals