Fieldwork Project: Superstitious Sports Lore; Memorial Tattoo; Apotropaic Items; Memorate, 2015  PDF

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Nicolopulos, Paige
Fieldwork Project: Superstitious Sports Lore; Memorial Tattoo; Apotropaic Items; Memorate
2015 (inclusive)
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Paige Nicolopulos was a student of folklore at the University of Oregon. This collection includes an esay and fieldwork documentation relating to this student's folklore fieldwork project.
University of Oregon, Archives of Northwest Folklore
1287 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
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Fieldwork project for FLR255 class: collected interview on sportslore and sports superstition; collected an interview of two women with memorial tattoos; collection of stories on apotropaic items, as told by first-hand accounts; collection of memorates, written by the witnesses.

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Memorial Tattoo
Tattoos behind the ears
Sun Tattoo
Apotropaic Tattoo
Apotropaic Objects Memorate
Memorial Object
Supernatural Encounter
Supernatural Encounter 2
Supernatural Encounter 3
Supernatural Encounter 4

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P01_2018_047_01: Sun Tattoo
Nicolopulos, Paige
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P01_2018_047_02: Apotropaic Tattoo
Nicolopulos, Paige
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My tattoo is the Aztec god named Quetzalcoatl, which translates to "feathered serpent." When I was young my mother, sister, and I used to Aztec dance with a group in Oakland and it was a huge part of our lives. My favorite Aztec god at that time was Quetzalcoatl because to me it was a symbol of power; historically he is the god of intelligence and self-reflection. This tattoo to me is not just a god that is found from the internet, however it is the exact same tattoo that my mom has. My mom designed this tattoo when I was 8 years old as a symbol of our relationship, incorporating "el ojo de venado" the "evil eye" that keeps away bad spirits, which can be found in many different cultures including within Mexico. When I was 8 she got it tattooed on her ankle and I was with her throughout the entire process of getting the tattoo (designing and physically tattooing). I have always told my mom growing up that one day I would get this tattoo on myself because it and she means the world to me. 10 years later, this summer I finally got the tattoo and my mother was with me every step of the way to make sure it was perfect and fit to my body. It's a symbol of the Aztec people and the safeness it brings, taking care of me. My family is very big on spirits and Aztec culture, we believe in gods and they are a huge part of our lives. This is only one of the few things, however it is the god that speaks the most to me and I feel that it protects me in any situation life may bring.

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C01_2018_047: Interview of Courtney Hansen About Her Memorial Tattoo
Nicolopulos, Paige
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1. Memorial Tattoo 2. Necklace of Mother's Ashes-1 Audio Track -2 Audio Track

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  • Subject Terms :
  • apotropaic
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Family members
  • fathers
  • Football
  • Football players
  • ghosts
  • memorates
  • mothers
  • necklaces
  • sports superstitions
  • Students from the University of Oregon
  • supernatural tales
  • sweaters
  • tattoos (body markings) USE: tattooing
  • Undergraduate students (University of Oregon, Lane Community College)
  • Personal Names :
  • Anonymous
  • Gordon, Isabelle
  • Hansen, Courtney
  • Mortenson, Danielle
  • Nicolopulos, Steve
  • Powers, Hanna
  • Geographical Names :
  • Pacific Northwest
  • San Mateo (Calif.)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • apotropaic objects
  • apotropaic tattoo
  • College Football
  • Fieldwork project
  • Football Coaches
  • High School Football
  • Memorial Tattoo
  • mother memorial tattoo
  • Pacific Northwest residents
  • Protective Objects
  • Sports Lore
  • Sun Tattoo
  • supernatural
  • supernatural encounter
  • supernatural experience
  • superstitions