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Webster & Stevens
Webster & Stevens Alaska photographs
circa 1900 (inclusive)
122 photographic prints
97 negatives : glass
2 negatives : nitrate
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Collection of photographic prints of Alaska published by the firm of Webster and Stevens
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
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Seattle, WA
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Ira Webster and Nelson Stevens, natives of Michigan, moved to Seattle in 1899. They opened a photography studio in the area in 1903, after several years of working for local photographers. Their motto was "Anything. Anytime. Anywhere." and they lived up to that motto.

Webster & Stevens photographed much of the work life around Puget Sound and their staff of photographers took more than 60,000 black-and-white photographs of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Webster & Stevens were among the frontrunners of the use of photography in commercial advertising, photojournalism, and industry throughout Washington's Puget Sound area. They provided photographic services to many Northwest businesses, including being the exclusive photographers for the Seattle Times from 1906 to 1943.

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Collection of glass and nitrate negatives and copy prints, published by the firm of Webster and Stevens. All are of Alaska scenes, circa 1900.

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BOX 1: Prints
BOX 2-3: Glass negatives
BOX 4: Nitrate negatives

W & S 2.A: White Horse panorama. April 25th 1900. (2 parts)
W & S 25.A: Making totem pole (No print)
W & S 55.A: Road house
W & S 56.A: Dawson panorama (2 parts)
W & S 103.A: Packtrain
W & S 104.A: Panorama of Dexter Creek, Miocene Ditch.
W & S 118A: Man and woman in furs and with two dogs
W & S 149.A: Walrus head
W & S 204.A: Native village
W & S 215.A: Lightering, Nome.
W & S 245.A: Floating down the Yukon on a cake of ice (No print)
W & S 251.A: Eskimo canoe
W & S 289.A: Frost in mining tunnel. Dawson.
W & S 298 A: Saint Michael and harbor
W & S 300.A: U.S. Army barracks, Nome
W & S 328.A: School children and teacher (?) in winter clothing
W & S 340.A: Gold nugget
W & S 342.A: Anataska (Unalaska)
W & S 354.A: Dog sled with family (No print)
W & S 363.A: Ice on the shore of the Yukon near Dawson. (No print)
W & S 376.A: Dog team and drivers, Skagway
W & S 381.A: Summit Lake: White Pass and Dawson Route
W & S 439.A: Small hut?
W & S 440.A: Shoreline of Cordova.
W & S 441.A: Boston party
W & S 443.A: Capt. O.J. Humphrey feeding bear cub on S.S. Portland.
W & S 445.A: S.S. Portland in Ice Bay
W & S 446.A: Iceberg in Icy Straights
W & S 447.A: Street scene, Skagway?
W & S 448.A: Wreck of the Colorado in Wrangell Narrows
W & S 449.A: Passengers.
W & S 450.A: La Perouse Glacier
W & S 451.A: Boston group at Kodiak
W & S 452.A: Seldovia (2 parts)
W & S 453.A: S.S. Portland at Cordova
W & S 454.A: Glacier near Icy Straits
W & S 455.A: Officers of S.S.Portland
W & S 456.A: Shoreline at Yakuta
W & S 457.A: Cordova panorama (2 parts)
W & S 458.A: Entrance to Kodiak harbor
W & S 459.A: Mr. Pagit and Elliott
W & S 460.A: Wrangell Narrows
W & S 461.A: Wrangell Narrows
W & S 462.A: Glacier near Valdez
W & S 463.A (a): Bear cubs
W & S 463.A (b): Bear cubs
W & S 464.A: Ellamar: view of town and water
W & S 465.A: Kodiak panorama (2 parts)
W & S 466.A: Cordova
W & S 467.A: Icy Straits
W & S 468.A: Indian fishing
W & S 469.A: Alaskan home interior
W & S 470.A: S.S. Portland in ice
W & S 471.A: Valdez
W & S 472.A: Indians selling curios in front of old stockade. Sitka, Alaska. (part a and b)
W & S 473.A: Indians in canoes.
W & S 474.A: Indians selling curios
W & S 475.A: Panorama of Kodiak
W & S 476.A: Moonlight
W & S 477.A: Sitka waterfront
W & S 478.A: Clouds
W & S 479.A: Old Russian church, Kodiak
W & S 480.A: Group posed by totem poles
W & S 481.A: Wrangell Narrows
W & S 482.A: Entrance to Seldovia harbor
W & S 483.A: Waterfront, Sitka
W & S 484.A: Street scene, Seward
W & S 485.A: Sunset, Seldovia
W & S 486.A: Grenn Island lighthouse (No print)
W & S 487.A: Approaching Valdez
W & S 488.A: Grand Island
W & S 489.A: Near Grand Island
W & S 490.A: Indians selling curios (Part a and b)
W & S 491.A: Indian River
W & S 492.A: Indian River
W & S 493.A: Indian River
W & S 494.A: Clouds
W & S 495.A: Ketchikan
W & S 496.A: Ketchikan (No print)
W & S 497.A; S.S. Portland at Orca, first ship to land at this dock.
W & S 498.A: Church at Kodiak (?) (Negative broken) (No print)
W & S 499.A: Old Russian church, interior
W & S 500.A: La Perouse Glacier
W & S 501.A: Scene at Boulder Bay
W & S 502.A: Dock scene
W & S 503.A: Interior of mine
W & S 504.A: Panorama of Boulder Bay
W & S 505.A: Old and new drills in Boulder Bay, Copper Bay (Underground mineshaft)
W & S 506.A: Panorama of Boulder Bay (3 parts)
W & S 507.A: Wrangell Narrows
W & S 508.A: Panorama of Ketchikan (3 parts)
W & S 509.A: Panorama of Seward
W & S 510.A: Sunset - Seldovia
W & S 511.A: La Perouse Glacier
W & S 512.A: La Perouse Glacier
W & S 513.A: Glacier - Icy Straits
W & S 514.A: Valdez
W & S 515.A: Street scene, Cordova
W & S 516.A: Cordova
W & S 517.A: Street scene at Ketchikan
W & S 518.A: How the Indians live at Yakutat
W & S 519.A: Indians selling curios
W & S 520.A: Indians cleaning salmon
W & S 521.A (a): Totem poles, Sitka
W & S 521.A (b): Totem poles, Sitka (No print)
W & S 522.A: Hyak rocks
W & S 523.A Panorama of Seldovia (4 parts)
W & S 8199: Women in native dress
W & S: People in front of Northern Commercial Company store, Fairbanks
W & S : Fourth of July celebration on Front St., Nome

Nitrate negatives:

W & S 238.A: Eskimos trading with S.S. Roanoke passengers, Bering Sea.
W & S 376.A: Dog team (No print)

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  • Webster & Stevens--Photographs
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  • Alaska--Photographs
  • Cordova (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Cordova (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Dawson (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Kodiak (Alaska)--Photographs
  • La Perouse Glacier (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Nome (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Saint Michael (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Seldovia (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Skagway (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Unalaska (Alaska)--Photographs
  • Whitehorse (Yukon)--Photographs
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