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Stevenson, Janet, 1913-
Janet Marshall Stevenson papers
1929-1996 (inclusive)
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Author Janet Marshall Stevenson (1913- ) has made contributions as a writer of civil rights, the women's movement and the arts. This collection contains manuscripts, holographs and photographs of her many short stories, articles and books; within this collection are research items and family papers associated with her biography of Robert W. Kenny, an influential liberal that championed the rights of several of the "Hollywood 10" before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC).
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Janet Marshall Stevenson has been a novelist, playwright, biographer, a teacher, a journalist, and a social activist during her long life. Stevenson has written on civil rights, the women's and the peace movements, and the environment. In the early 1950s she was fired from the University of Southern California for alleged ties with the communist party. In 2003, at the age of 90, Stevenson was still politically active and still writing.

She was born on February 4, 1913 in Chicago, Illinois to John C. and Atlantis McClendon Marshall. Her father was an investment banker. Stevenson earned her bachelor's degree at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania in 1933. She graduated from Yale University with a Master of Fine Arts degree in theater in 1937. She resides in Warrenton, Oregon.

Stevenson's merit as a writer was noticed early in her career when she won her first award in 1938- the John Golden Fellowship in playwriting, an award that was shared in the same year with playwright Tennessee Williams. Subsequently, she won the following awards: Friends of American Writers Award for Weep No More (the novel), 1957, and the National Arts of the Theatre Award, for "Weep No More," (the play from which the novel was adapted) 1953; the International Bicentennial Playwriting Prize for "The Third President", 1976; the Preston Jones Fellowship for "Sarah Ann" (later titled "Time out of Mind"), 1983; and the Charles Erskine Scott Wood Retrospective Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts, 1990.

It may be of interest to some researchers that Stevenson used several pen names: Janet Lewis, Clare Thorne, Janet Holmes, and Jane Marsh. Before her marriage she used her maiden name, Janet Marshall.

Stevenson met her first husband, playwright and screenwriter, Philip Stevenson, while both were working for a summer theatre in Surry, Maine. She was working in costumes and Philip, in publicity. The couple collaborated on several plays, including "Counterattack," which was produced on Broadway in 1944. It was later turned into a successful motion picture of the same name. She and Philip had two sons, Joseph and Edward. They were divorced in 1964.

The author's teaching career began at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, as Lecturer in Theater from 1951 to 1953. She moved on to Grambling College, Grambling, Louisiana as assistant professor of English from 1966 to 1967; and then to Portland State University, Portland, Oregon as Lecturer in 1968. Of particular interest to the researcher will be the papers documenting her subsequent firing from the University of Southern California. Stevenson's contract was not renewed because of her alleged association with communist party members. Her then husband, Philip, was a blacklisted Hollywood writer. The university used a defense of "academic freedom" to justify their right not to renew Stevenson's contract. She had refused to sign an "oath of loyalty" (as described by one newspaper columnist) when she was hired, and refused again two years later, arguing that her right of association was an element of academic freedom. She never divulged her contacts and continued to write under her name, Janet Stevenson. Philip Stevenson used the pen name, Lars Lawrence, to publish his novels and screenplays. He died while traveling in the Soviet Union in 1965 at age 69. Stevenson married her second husband, Benson Rotstein, an educator, later that same year.

In 1970, Janet's husband Benson Rotstein's contract was not renewed by the Astoria [Oregon] School Board because of his involvement in the peace movement and his use of controversial articles and books in his psychology classes. He appealed to the American Association of University Professors, and their decision was still pending when he died in a boating accident later in the year.

In 1986, in her mid-70's Stevenson was elected Mayor of Hammond, Oregon, a small town near the mouth of the Columbia, where Lewis and Clarke landed when they retreated from the Washington side of the great river.

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The Janet Stevenson Papers contain many published and unpublished manuscripts. The nonfiction articles include pieces on the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott in the 1950s; civil rights issues; and woman's rights issues. These articles appeared in publications such as: American Heritage and Atlantic Monthly. There are also numerous pieces of correspondence with her publishers and literary agent. A journal/letter that was written to friends and recounts her six-month sea odyssey became the subject of her critically acclaimed novel, Woman Aboard. Galley proofs from her published works are in this collection, and research documents for several biographies including: African American opera singer Marion Anderson, actress and native of England Frances Anne Kemble, naturalist and bird artist John James Audubon; and Robert W. Kenny, California State Senator and state Attorney General and defense attorney for some of the "Hollywood 10."

Important in the Correspondence Series is information concerning the dismissal of Stevenson from the faculty of the University of Southern California in 1952, for alleged connections with the communist party. Also included are letters from her New York City literary agent, Berthold Fles, and many of her publishers. She had a long professional relationship with many of them. There are also personal letters to her mother, Mrs. John Marshall, and her ex-husband, Philip Stevenson and their two sons, that describe Stevenson's world tour in 1961. These letters include details of May Day in Moscow at Red Square.

The Literary Manuscripts Series is comprised of book-length manuscripts, plays, short stories, radio scripts, teleplays, screenplays, speeches, political literary criticism, articles, and essays. This series also includes any research material related to the manuscripts. For example, in 1980 the book The Undiminished Man was published. This biography is about the political life of California attorney, state senator and attorney general Robert W. Kenny. He was an influential liberal that championed the rights of several of the "Hollywood 10" before the Thomas Die Committee from the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). This research includes audio recordings from interviews with Kenny; some of Kenny's personal letters, photographs, and copies of his own unpublished biography; and correspondence with Stevenson. Two additional libraries contain portions of the Kenny collection. They are: the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, and University of California Bancroft Library. Other published works that include interesting research materials are: An American Family, The Ardent Years, Departure, Marian Anderson, and The Montgomery Bus Boycott. It is important to note the manuscript Right Ascension was never published but was excerpted from the published book, Departure. Additional research material for the latter can be found filed with research material for Right Ascension.

Three of Stevenson's produced plays are within this series. "Counter Attack," produced on Broadway in 1944, and later turned into a successful motion picture film. "Declaration," a play well received and reviewed in Southern California and produced by the Actors Lab. "The Third President," a rewrite of "Declaration," and produced by Southern Players, Laboratory Theatre, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1976.

Stevenson wrote under several pen names and seemed to use them when writing outside of her usual topics of biography, non-fiction and historical fiction. The names are: Janet Marshall, Janet Lewis, Clare Thorne, Allison Thorne, Jane(t) Holmes, and Jane Marsh. As near as can be ascertained, Jane Marsh was used exclusively for her poetry.

Series V: Magazines/Articles includes published works from as early as 1933, when Stevenson was an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr College to a political/environmental article published in 1984. It also includes published pieces in Life Story, True Confessions, and The Woman. These are the actual magazines and newsletters, not copies or tear sheets. Some of Stevenson's student work can be viewed in Series VI: College Materials. This includes original plays, a costume project that includes her original watercolor designs, and a piece of interest to the literary researcher titled, "The Order of the Canterbury Tales," complete with a diagram of the order.

As a septuagenarian, Stevenson successfully ran for mayor of Hammond, Oregon and became involved with Home Rule issues and the environmental impact studies concerning the Columbia River estuary near the town. Information pertaining to these items can be found in Series VII. Also included in this series is information on the firing of her second husband, Benson Rotstein, from the Astoria [Oregon] High School faculty.

The Miscellaneous series includes original, mostly undated, unpublished poetry by "Jane Marsh," odd reviews and publicity for some books, and additional information concerning Stevenson's firing from the University of Southern California in 1952. The Audio Recordings series has extensive interviews with Robert W. Kenny and interviews from radio shows when Stevenson and her first husband, Philip Stevenson, were guests.

The final two series contain a libretto with research information on the opera, "Lysistrata," produced in 1984, and a closed manuscript titled, The Last Town in Oregon. This box is closed to the researcher until the event of the author's death.

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Series I:  Correspondence, 1952-1971Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Letters concerning dismissal of Janet Stevenson from faculty of University of Southern California. Also includes clippings and notes
1 2
Berthold Fles, agent
1 3
Millen Brand, Crown publishers
1 4
Helen K. Taylor, Viking Press
1 5
Mrs. John Marshall, Hubbard Woods, Illinois
Letters from Janet Stevenson describing her world tour in 1961. Includes attendance at World Council of Peace, New Delhi, India, March 1961.
1 6
Childcraft, Field Enterprise Educational Corp. (Charles M. Block)
4.0 letters
March 1961-May 1961
1 6
Scott, Foresman and Company
2.0 letters
March 1961-May 1961
1 6
Philip Stevenson, correspondence to her ex-husband and her two sons during her trip to Europe, Asia and the U.S.S.R.
18.0 letters (12 letters, 6 postcards)
March 1961-May 1961
1 7
American Heritage
Concerning article on Frances Kemble titled "Butler vs. Butler" and later "A Woman's Place"
Three versions of article on Frances Kemble
Galley proof of article on Frances Kemble
Source material for article on Frances Kemble
Carbon copy of article on the Grimke sisters
Correspondence from American Heritage Publishing Co. Inc.
December 6, 1966
1 8
Letters sent
22.0 letters
1 9
Letters received
American Heritage
6.0 letters
Crowell-Collier Press
4.0 letters
Fles, Barthold, Ms. Stevenson's literary agent
5.0 letters
Morris, Robert S.
1 10
Baskin, Jack
18.0 letters
1 11
Crown Publishers
21.0 letters
1 12
Incoming: Professional
Atlantic Monthly
3.0 letters
Crown Publishers
6.0 letters
3.0 letters
1 13
Incoming: Personal
Allen, James Egbert
1.0 letter
Bugbee, Lucy Mallary
1.0 letter
Boyd, Eugene Jr.
1.0 letter
Clemens, Cyril
1.0 letter
Gotlieb, Howard B.
1.0 letter
Holden, Edith
1.0 letter
Larkin, Margaret
1.0 letter
Lynd, Helen
1.0 letter
Osborne, J. Paul
1.0 letter
Peterson, Ellen C.
1.0 letter
Summers, Oliver R.
1.0 letter
5.0 letters
1 14
Baskin, Jack
7.0 letters
1 15
Dyson, Freeman, of The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J.
1 16
Michelson, Norris
6.0 letters
1 17
22.0 letters
1 18
74.0 letters
1 19
8.0 letters
American Heritage Publishing
3.0 letters
Crowell-Collier Press
1.0 letter
1.0 letter
C. Sumner Stone
1.0 letter
Viking Press
1.0 letter
Powers, Robert
1.0 letter
Agreement with Viking Press for Weep No More
1 20
Incoming: Fles, Barthold
88.0 letters
Including his sympathy concerning the death of Benson Rotstein, Stevenson's second husband.
1 21
Incoming: Regnery, Riley and Lee
7.0 letters

Series II:  Literary Manuscripts, 1929-1985Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Book-Length Manuscripts
An American Family
Box Folder
1 22
First draft, part one, (written) carbon with author's revisions, 118 p. Fragmented revisions, carbon, 12 p.
August 1, 1962
1 23
First draft and research
Also contains research notes in an expanding file with code to pockets and includes transcripts of letters, original pamphlets, genealogies, and outlines.
1 24
Microfiche, Grimke family research
2 1
Outline, and synopses of revisions
2 2
Second draft, original, as submitted to publisher (Viking)
2 3
Carbon of second draft
2 4
Carbon of third version
January 1965
2 5
Carbon, part one, approximately 80 leaves not in order
2 6
Research notes on cards [1 of 2]
2 7
Research notes on cards [2 of 2]
The Ardent Years, Viking
Box Folder
2 8
Speeches on book
2 9
Readers' letters
2 10
Reviews and notices
2 11
Research materials on cards
2 12
2 13
Printer's copy (pp. 1-180) [1 of 3]
2 14
Printer's copy (pp. 181-379) [2 of 3]
2 15
Printer's copy (pp. 380-622) [3 of 3]
Be My Love
Box Folder
2 16
Corrected and revised manuscript. Outline
2 17
Screenplay basis for novel "With This Ring"
2 18
Research notes, correspondence
Brothers and Sisters, Viking (no manuscript)
Box Folder
2 19
2 20
Days Without Time
Box Folder
2 21
Pp. 1-195 [1 of 2]
2 22
Pp. 196-256 [2 of 2]
Denmark Vesey
Box Folder
2 23
Typed draft, insert, 97 pp.
2 24
Carbon with notes and revisions [1 of 2]
2 25
Carbon with notes and revisions [2 of 2]
Departure, Blue Heron
Box Folder
3 1
Copy edited, original manuscript [1 of 3]
3 2
Copy edited, original manuscript [2 of 3]
3 3
Copy edited, original manuscript [3 of 3]
3 4
Research material, navigational maps and ship blueprints.
3 5
Research material, chronology with notes on bearings.
3 6
Research material, women navigators, medical information, and notes on story.
3 7
Research material, information on celestial navigation from Bowditch.
3 8
Research material, ships of the period
3 9
Research material, correspondence
3 10
Research material on note cards
3 11
Revised manuscript [1 of 7]
3 12
Revised manuscript [2 of 7]
3 13
Revised manuscript [3 of 7]
3 14
Revised manuscript [4 of 7]
3 15
Revised manuscript [5 of 7]
3 16
Revised manuscript [6 of 7]
3 17
Revised manuscript [7 of 7]
3 18
Revised manuscript, (pp. 1?-289) [1 of 2]
3 19
Revised manuscript, (pp. 290-368) [2 of 2]
3 20
Revised manuscript [1 of 4]
June 1982
3 21
Revised manuscript [2 of 4]
June 1982
3 22
Revised manuscript [3 of 4]
June 1982
3 23
Revised manuscript [4 of 4]
June 1982
3 24
Revised manuscript [1 of 4]
December 1980
3 25
Revised manuscript [2 of 4]
December 1980
3 26
Revised manuscript [3 of 4]
December 1980
3 27
Revised manuscript [4 of 4]
December 1980
3 28
Photocopy of revised manuscript [1 of 4]
December 1980
3 29
Photocopy of revised manuscript [2 of 4]
December 1980
3 30
Photocopy of revised manuscript [3 of 4]
December 1980
3 31
Photocopy of revised manuscript [4 of 4]
December 1980
Doctor Harriet
Box Folder
4 1
Typescript with outline (pp. 1-180) [1 of 2]
4 2
Typescript (pp. 181-201) [2 of 2]
Do Not Forgive
Box Folder
4 3
Original version
4 4
Correspondence with Knox Burger, New York, N.Y.
4 5
Typescript with revisions (pp.1-189) [1 of 2]
4 6
Typescript with revisions (pp.190-339) and 15 pg. Appendix. [2 of 2]
Down By the Riverside
Box Folder
4 7
Original typescript (pp. 1-185) [1 of 2]
4 8
Original typescript (pp. 186-250) [2 of 2]
(First Book of) Women's Rights
Spring 1972
Box Folder
4 9
First draft; original; inserts and holograph revisions, 87 pp. Chronology 1 pg.
4 9
Final draft, carbon, minor holograph revisions, 63 pp. Later published as Women's Rights, juvenile history, Franklin Watts
4 10
Typed draft, holograph revisions, 70 pp.
March 1971
Let Me Help, Dear
Box Folder
4 11
Final draft, carbon, 115 pp.
Marion Anderson
Box Folder
4 12
Original typed copy (typed from rough draft), 190 leaves
Correspondence: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., Francis S. Nipp
7.0 letters
Correspondence: Barthold Fles Literary Agency
1.0 letter
Correspondence: Gerald Goode
2.0 letters
Correspondence: Mrs. Dorothy Porter
1.0 letter
Correspondence: unidentified
2.0 letters
Contract with Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
September 15, 1962
4 13
Carbon with author's revisions, 195 leaves
The Montgomery Bus Boycott: December 1955: American Blacks Demand an End to Segregation, Franklin Watts
Box Folder
4 14
First draft, 72 pp., holograph notes, 4 pp.
4 15
Final draft, carbon, 66 pp.
4 16
Publisher's publicity notice. Galley proofs, 18 pp.
4 17
Rough draft, 33 pp.; notes, research letters, interviews.
4 18
Typed rough draft, 55 pp.
Pioneers in Freedom: Adventures in Courage, (juvenile history) Reilly and Lee
Box Folder
4 19
Research material-Xerox copy, Memoirs of Benjamin Lay, and etc. 73 pp
Miscellaneous Xerox material, 4 pp.
4 20
Research notes, 67 pp.
4 21
Rough chapters, holograph revisions, 252 pp.
4 22
Complete draft, holograph revisions, 182 pp.
4 23
Galley proofs, 89 pp.
Galley proofs not found (September 2003).
Right Ascension
Right Ascension is a novel excerpted from the novel, Departure published in 1985 by Blue Heron.
March 1974
Box Folder
4 24
First submitted version, typed draft, and holograph revisions (pp. 1-179)
4 25
First submitted version, typed draft, and holograph revision (pp. 180-372)
4 26
Revisions, (pp. 1-100) [1 of 3]
March 1974
4 27
Revisions, (pp. 101-218) [2 of 3]
March 1974
4 28
Revisions, (pp. 219-372) [3 of 3]
March 1974
5 1
Copy, 372 pp.
March 1974
5 2
Notes in spiral bound notebook with two photographs attached to the front.
5 3
Maps and notes in spiral bound notebook
5 4
Miscellaneous notes
5 5
5 6
Very old roughs
5 7
July 1974
The School Segregation Cases, Franklin Watts
Box Folder
5 8
Brown v Board of Education of Topeka and others. Typed draft, 59 pp.
5 9
First rough, typed draft, heavy holograph revisions, 82 pp.
June 1972-July 1972
5 10
Second rough, typed draft, holograph revisions, 76 pp.
July 20, 1972
5 11
Third rough, typed draft, holograph revisions, 68 pp.
July 28, 1972
5 12
Notes (11 pp.) and Correspondence, outgoing (1)
5 13
Correspondence-outgoing (2); incoming (3) from Franklin Watts, book publishers
5 14
Correspondence: - outgoing (1); incoming (1), and copy of letter to publisher from NAACP Legal Defense Fund
5 15
Notes, 38 cards
5 16
Typed draft, 64 pp.
5 17
Typed draft, late, holograph revisions, 58 pp.
5 18
Galley proofs, marked
Soldiers of the Civil Rights War: Adventures in Courage, (juvenile history) Reilly and Lee
Box Folder
5 19
First draft, holograph revisions, 186 pp.
5 20
Final draft, 161 pp.
5 20
Galley proofs, 107 pp.
Galley proofs not found (September 2003)
Spokesman for Freedom, Macmillan
Box Folder
5 21
The life of Archibald Grimke. Carbon of final manuscript, 77 l.
The Undiminished Man, The Political Biography of Robert W. Kenny, Chandler and Sharp
Box Folder
5 22
Original with revisions (pp. 1-135) [1 of 2]
5 23
Original with revisions (pp. 136-269) [2 of 2]
5 24
Photocopy (pp. 1-170)
5 25
Photocopy (pp. 171-264)
5 26
Photocopy (pp. 1-135)
5 27
Photocopy (pp. 136-264)
5 28
Photographs (9) including two of Kenny at age 3 and one newspaper photo.
5 29
Research material
5 30
Research material
5 31
Correspondence between R. W. Kenny and J. Stevenson
5 32
Kenny speeches and articles
5 33
Drafts and revisions [1 of 3]
5 34
Drafts and revisions [2 of 3]
5 35
Drafts and revisions [3 of 3]
6 1
Transcripts of interviews with Kenny
6 2
Undated draft and revisions [1 of 2]
6 3
Undated draft and revisions [2 of 2]
6 4
Correspondence re: Kenny biography
6 5
Carbon of Kenny manuscript, August 1971
6 6
Newspaper clippings about Kenny.
6 7
Research material
6 8
Kenny family letters [1 of 7]
6.0 letters
6 9
Kenny family letters [2 of 7]
9.0 letters
6 10
Kenny family letters [3 of 7]
9.0 letters
6 11
Kenny family letters [4 of 7]
7.0 letters
6 12
Kenny family letters [5 of 7]
2.0 letters
6 13
Kenny family letters insurance for his father, b. 1859 [6 of 7]
1.0 letter
6 14
Kenny family letters incl. letters to his father dated 1891 [7 of 7]
11.0 letters
6 15
Early draft with revisions
6 16
First draft of My First Forty Years in California Politics, Kenny's unpublished autobiography (pp. 1-70) [1 of 5]
6 17
My First Forty Years in California Politics, Kenny's unpublished autobiography (pp. 71-165) [2 of 5]
6 18
My First Forty Years in California Politics, Kenny's unpublished autobiography (pp. 166-253) [3 of 5]
6 19
My First Forty Years in California Politics, Kenny's unpublished autobiography (pp. 254-343) [4 of 5]
6 20
My First Forty Years in California Politics, Kenny's unpublished autobiography (pp. 344-399, plus index) [5 of 5]
6 21
First draft of Kenny autobiography holographs by Stevenson (pp. 1-93)
6 22
First draft of Kenny autobiography holographs by Stevenson (pp. 94-223)
6 23
First draft of Kenny autobiography holographs by Stevenson (pp. 224-321, plus notes pp. 1-30)
6 24
First draft of Kenny autobiography holographs by Stevenson (pp. 322-399, plus index)
6 25
Correspondence between Kenny and Stevenson
6 26
Miscellaneous research
6 27
6 28
News clippings and document photocopies re: Kenny
7 1
Transcripts of taped interviews
7 2
Correspondence re: Stevenson's biography
7 3
Article on Kenny by Stevenson in Peoples College of Law and Dies Committee on "un-American activities" research
7 4
News clippings, articles
7 5
Research re: Smith Act
7 6
Research re: Lawyers Guild
7 7
Kenny scrapbook includes photos, news clippings, and family tree
7 8
Typescript, (pp. 1-154)
March 1975
7 9
Typescript [1 of 2]
August 1975
7 10
Typescript [2 of 2]
August 1975
7 11
Typescript [1 of 3]
7 12
Typescript [2 of 3]
7 13
Typescript [3 of 3]
7 14
Four reports authored by Kenny, brief for Lawson vs. U.S.A.
7 15
News clippings, political handbills
7 16
News clippings re: "Hollywood 10"
7 17
Mayoral race
7 18
McCain case, Pension Repeal brief and Bridges and Hallinan case
7 19
Bancroft Library's description of Kenny papers
7 20
Attorney General
7 21
7 22
State Senate race
7 23
Wallace, et. al.
7 24
Research notes
8 1
Transcripts of audio recordings [1 of 3]
8 2
Transcripts of audio recordings [2 of 3]
8 3
Transcripts of audio recordings [3 of 3]
Weep No More, Viking
Box Folder
8 4
Printer's copy
8 5
Earlier version as a three-act play, mimeographed
8 6
Earlier version as a two-act play titled "But Yet a Woman"
8 7
Earlier version as a screenplay titled "Kate"
8 8
8 9
Speeches about book
8 10
Letters from readers
8 11
Reviews and notices
8 12
Research notes
Woman Aboard, Crown
Box Folder
8 13
Final Version, with holograph revisions, pp. 1-204
September 1967
8 14
Final Version, with holograph revisions, pp. 205-481
September 1967
8 15
Revised manuscript, 485 l. Notes.
8 16
Revised version, carbon with corrections, 430 l.
Account of a 1965 South Seas voyage in sailboat with her husband, Benson Rotstein and two other men.
April 4, 1968
8 17
8 18
Photographs (15) from reprint of Woman Aboard
8 19
Second half of first draft (pp. 322-481)
April 1967
draft (pp. 1-322)
August 10, 1966
9 1
Notes, recipes
9 2
Letters from the sea. A series of letters to friends, recounting Stevenson's real-life voyage.
9 3
More reviews
A Woman's Place
Box Folder
9 4
Story of Frances Anne Kemble. Original typed copy with author's revisions, 48 leaves
9 5
Miscellaneous research
Carbon, with no corrections, 33 leaves
Notes: Butler vs. Butler
research notes re: marriage of Miss Kemble
Original typed copy with author's corrections, 25 leaves
Box Folder
9 6
"All Honourable Men"
Original rough draft, 42 leaves
Notes on a play in 7 or 8 scenes, original, 3 leaves
Notes, 10 leaves
Synopsis, 9 leaves (Written at Yale?)
Box Folder
9 7
Original typed copy, 55 leaves
"But Yet a Woman"
Box Folder
9 8
Photocopy of a 3-act play
"Counter Attack"
Box Folder
9 9
Three-act play by Janet and Philip Stevenson, copyright, 1942. Carbon, 141 l.
Based on a Russian play by Ilya Vershinin and Mikhail Ruderman.
9 10
Third revised edition, mimeographed.
Produced on Broadway by Lee Sabinson.
Box Folder
9 11
Mimeographed. Set of carded research notes on Thomas Jefferson. Reviews, programs, photographs.
A three-act play by Janet and Philip Stevenson. Produced by Actors' Lab, Hollywood.
"Demonstration Home"
Box Folder
9 12
Carbon, 97 pp.
Revision of earlier work. "A play to be filmed."
9 13
Three-act play, carbon copy, Alternate title, "I pronounce You;" and carbon of a screenplay.
9 14
Original of a short novel version titled, "Demonstration Home," based on the play.
Box Folder
9 15
Carbon, 21 l. With Bob Simmons
9 16
Pageant-play. Winner of Williams Prize, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois.
"Doctor Olga"
Box Folder
9 17
Carbon copy
By Janet and Philip Stevenson
"Found in a Crowd"
Three-act play by Janet Marshall. Original title: "E. Pluribus."
Box Folder
9 18
First draft, original typed copy with revisions, 114 l.
9 19
Carbon, "E Pluribus," first draft, 111 leaves; Act II, Scene I, "E Pluribus," carbon, 3 leaves
9 20
Carbon copy and working manuscript with notes
9 21
"E Pluribus," draft carbon before title change
"If the Court Please"
ca. 1938
Box Folder
9 22
Original typed copy, 132 l. Rejection letter from Federal Theatre Project for New York (Signed by Ruth Gordon) to Miss Dorothy Fletcher.
A comedy in two acts and a prologue by Janet Marshall.
"Innocent Bystander"
Box Folder
9 23
Three manuscripts
Original working manuscript of a three-act play
Carbon copy
Mimeographed script as performed by San Francisco Labor Theater
Box Folder
9 24
A two-act play 54 l.
"A Little Thing Like This"
Box Folder
9 25
One-act play, published by the Cooperative League of the U.S.A., N.Y., Washington, Chicago
9 26
Copy of "A Little Thing Like This"
9 27
Original one-act version
Box Folder
9 28
A three-act play also known as "Kumana"
Synopsis written for Paramount
Correspondence with Ernest Kanitz
Synopsis of a libretto
Carbon copies
Box Folder
9 29
Three-act play, four items
Carbon copies (2)
Early version titled, "Streak of Pink" (2)
July 1971
Box Folder
10 1
Final draft, carbon, holograph revisions, 40 pp. A morality play.
"A Streak of Pink"
March 1936
Box Folder
10 2
Three-act play by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 151 l.
March 1936
"These Truths"
Box Folder
10 3
A play by Allison Thorne
"Time Out of Mind"
Box Folder
10 4
Photo copy of two-act play also titled, "Sarah Ann."
"The Third President"
Produced by Southern Players, Laboratory Theatre, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
Box Folder
10 5
Photocopy of a three-act play.
Also known as, "Declaration," but produced under the above title.
10 6
Reviews, correspondence, publicity.
"The Trial of Susan B. Anthony"
Box Folder
10 7
Photo copies of the three-act play (2)
"Weep No More"
Box Folder
10 8
Two-act play, third version. Also known as "But Yet a Woman."
10 9
Three-act version
10 10
Photocopy of three-act version
"Where is the Lightning?"
Box Folder
10 11
A three-act play by Janet Marshall
Original typed copy with author's revisions, 113 leaves
Original typed copy, Act III, with author's revisions, 20 leaves
Original typed copy with author's corrections and stage directions for parts of Act I, 8 leaves
Act II, Scene II, original copy with author's directions, 19 leaves
Fragments, carbon with author's stage directions, 12 leaves
10 12
Carbon with author's revisions and stage directions, 88 leaves
"With This Ring"
Box Folder
10 13
Carbon, 143 leaves
Short Stories
Mostly undated
Box Folder
10 14
Short Stories [1 of 2] (10 titles)
"Audubon's Phoebes," By Janet Marshall. Carbon, 9 l. and correspondence.
"Cabeza De Vaca," By Janet Marshall. Carbon, 13 leaves; Rough draft, original, 8 leaves; Supplementary material on story, carbon, 3 leaves
"The Camera," by Janet Stevenson, original, 15 leaves
"Chuck-Will's-Widow," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 6 leaves
"General Garibaldi," by Clare Thorne. Published by Childcraft, Field Enterprises Educational Corp. Original typed copy with author's corrections, 9 leaves
"Hayes," Original typed copy with author's corrections, 12 leaves
"The Indian Who Was President," by Janet Marshall. Carbon with author's corrections, 12 l. Supplementary material on parallel with Lincoln especially in youth, carbon, 3 leaves. Notes on Juarez biography, 8 l. Rough draft, incomplete, original typed copy, 9 l.
"The Making of a Sourdough," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 10 leaves
"The Mother of Invention," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 5 leaves
"Mysterious Monarchs," by Janet Marshall. Published by Scott, Foresman and Co. Carbon, 8 leaves. Correspondence with Lee Horton, Scott, Foresman and Co.
10 15
Short Stories [2 of 2] (10 titles)
"Pato," by Janet Marshall. Carbon with author's revisions, 9 l.
"Seeing What You're Looking At," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, final draft, 7 l. Supplementary information for shell-hunting story, carbon, 3 l. First draft, original typed copy with author's corrections, 9 l. Revised draft, original typed copy, 8 l.
"Sequoia's Magic Marks," by Janet Marshall. Carbon with author's revisions, 7 l.
"Stars for a Steady Diet," by Janet Marshall. Carbon with author's revisions, 9 l. "Beginner's Luck" (or "Stars for a Steady Diet"), original typed copy with author's revisions, 10 l.; original typed copy of second draft, 9 l.; original typed copy of first draft, 10 l. Notes on star story, 1 l. Correspondence, Mrs. Margaret Mayall and unidentified (1).
"The Stranded Flatboat," by Clare Thorne. Original typed copy, 6 l.; carbon, 6 l. Reference sources, carbon, 1 l.
"The Stupid Beaver," by Janet Marshall. Carbon with author's corrections, 8 l. Correspondence, unidentified.
"Teaching Mother," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 7 l.
"The Three Hermits," by Janet Marshall. Final draft, carbon, 5 leaves First draft, carbon, 5 leaves, Original title: "The Half-dressed Hermit."
"The Unlucky Spear-fisherman," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 10 leaves
"Walky-Talky," by Janet Marshall. Carbon, 5 leaves; Correspondence with Erma Stewart, Scott, Foresman and Co.
10 16
"Arch's Funeral"
Also a version titled, "The Second Funeral." Notes, correspondence.
10 17
"The Coat of Velasquez"
Also known as: "Citizen Velasquez" - Three versions. Published in Reader's Scope.
10 18
Three versions, alternate title, "Denny and the Nice Plain Man."
10 19
"Doctor's Office"
10 20
"The Ghost of Christmas Present"
10 21
"Go to the Ant …"
10 22
"How Do You Manage?"
10 23
"The Hysterical Type"
Another version titled, "Snake in My Typewriter."
10 24
"Lady in the Wide Sailor Hat"
10 25
"Leading Man"
10 26
"No Pretty Little Girls"
Original, by Janet Marshall. Published by Redbook
10 27
"Samoan Easter"
Handwritten manuscript, first draft
10 28
"Stopover in Santa Fe"
10 29
"Tide Pool"
10 30
"Wolf Cub"
Earlier version titled: "The Put-Out" original
10 31
"You See More from a Bus"
Three versions, original.
Radio Scripts
Box Folder
10 32
"America in the Making: A series of Readings in the History of Our Country"
A 13-part radio script. Typed, carbon.
10 33
"Two Ton Trailer"
Box Folder
10 34
"Fresh Flaming Silk"
Carbon copy
10 35
"These Truths" By Janet and Philip Stevenson
Carbon, 58 leaves, by Allison Thorne.
10 36
"What Anniversary is the 65th?"
10 37
"Women Get Desperate, by Janet Lewis.
Final draft, mimeographed, 44 pp.
Box Folder
10 38
"Days Without Names," photocopy [1 of 2]
10 39
"Days Without Names," photocopy [2 of 2]
10 40
"David and Julia," also known as "Mayana" or "Kumana"
Original version
Version that is registered with the Screen Writers Guild (SWG) that includes notes on "Living Superstitions in Hawaii." Places story in a Pennsylvania setting.
11 1
"Heritage," original draft.
11 2
Screen treatment with author's revisions, carbon, 85 leaves
11 3
A screenplay by Janet Stevenson, Ralph Steiner, and Banno Schneider. Based on a short story by Guy Endore.
11 4
"Weep No More"
Copy, also known as, "Kate." Registered with the Screen Writers Guild.
1950 and 1952
Box Folder
11 5
Two speeches
Speech delivered at First Unitarian Church. Meeting to protest Propositions 5 and 6 (California). Original typed copy, 13 leaves
October 5, 1952
Mother's Day Gathering, Hollywood, California. Original typed copy with author's revisions, 12 leaves, Carbon of revised draft, 3 leaves
May 1950
Political Literary Criticism
Box Folder
11 6
Four items
"Murder in the Courthouse." Original typed copy, 8 leaves
"Snow Hill, Maryland Shooting Investigation," by Janet Marshall. Carbon 7 leaves
October 4, 1938
News clipping from Sunday Worker, February 24, ???? "Snow Hill - Where Mother, Daughter Faced Lynchers."
"Twenty-seven Wagons Full of Cold Comfort" About Tennessee Williams. Carbon, 19 leaves
Box Folder
11 7
"An American Family"
March 1966
Outline (carbon) of Grimke article, 5 leaves
Carbon of proposed article on Grimke sisters for American Heritage, 34 leaves
"The Fading Photograph," 11 leaves, an account of research experiences.
11 8
"Baja California"
Three manuscripts on travel in Baja California, and as published in Trailer Life.
December 1956-June 1957
Travel in Baja California
December 1956
Travel in Baja California
February 1957
Travel in Baja California
June 1957
11 9
"The Ignorant Armies," Atlantic Monthly
October 1969
Partial drafts, holograph revisions, 54 pp.
11 10
"The Ignorant Armies," Complete draft with holograph revisions, 46 pp.
11 11
"The Ignorant Armies," Complete draft, Carbon, holograph revisions, 48 pp.
11 12
"The Montgomery Bus Boycott," American Heritage
February 1972
Interview with E.D. Nixon, rough typewritten transcription of tape-recorded interview, 22 pp.
Chronology, 1 pg. (actually, 2 pp. taped together).
Final draft, original, checking copy, source notations in margin.
Code for notations separate, 33 pp.
11 13
"The Montgomery Bus Boycott," Rejected version submitted to American Heritage, original, 45 pp.
11 14
"The Race Riot that Didn't Happen," American Heritage
The orderly and peaceful return of the Japanese to California in 1945.
Transcript of taped interview with Judge Robert W. Kenny, Los Angeles, California (17 leaves)
November 1968
Carbon of final manuscript, with holograph revisions, 20 leaves
11 15
"Roland Hayes"
Original biographical article and carbon. Includes letter. Unpublished as far as can be determined.
11 16
"Ronald the Rattleworm"
Two copies with original sketches. Includes rejection letter from agent. Unpublished as far as can be determined.
11 17
"Treasure Island for Small Fry," Water World.
Article and manuscript
Box Folder
11 18
"Another Brush"
"Peace Politics"
"Time of the Toad"
11 19
"Brush With Genius"
11 20
"Journalist On and Off"
11 21
11 22
"What Happened to My Promising Career?"
11 22
"Are You or Have You Ever Been?"

Series III:  Tear Sheets, 1957-1978Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 23
For Weep No More and The Ardent Years
For Weep No More: Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine of Books, Reviewed by Fanny Butcher, "Civil War Spy Rescued Excitingly from Oblivion."
September 1, 1957
For Weep No More: Unidentified Illinois newspaper, "Former No. Shore Resident's Dramatic Novel on Viking List."
August 8, 1957
For The Ardent Years: The Citizen-News, Reviewed by Walter L. Scratch, "First to Fight for Women's Rights."
May 6, 1960
For The Ardent Years: Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine of Books, Reviewed by Edward Wagenknecht, "Tale of Actress' Tragedy."
May 29, 1960
For The Ardent Years: Saturday Review, reviewed by Joanna Richardson, "From Proscenium to Plantation."
July 9, 1960
For The Ardent Years: The American-Statesman, reviewed by Lorraine Barnes, "Austunite's Kin Pens a Novel."
July 10, 1960
For The Ardent Years: Book-of-the-month Club, reviewed by Elizabeth Easton.
For The Ardent Years: Reviewed in unidentified Illinois newspaper, by Theodosia Paynter, "'Ardent Years' Is Biographical Novel of English Actress."
Stevenson's Columns and Newspaper Articles
Box Folder
11 24
In These Times, The Independent Socialist Newspaper
Vol. 1, complete, tear sheets of Stevenson's reviews on film, music and literature.
Vol. 2, no. 1-13, tear sheets of Stevenson's reviews on film, music and literature.

Series IV:  Books, 1961-1985Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 25
The Ardent Years, Viking
Galley proof
11 26
Departure, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
Galley proof, duplicate set.
11 27
Departure, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
Galley proof, duplicate set.
11 28
The Montgomery Bus Boycott, December, 1955: American Blacks Demand an End to Segregation, New York, Franklin Watts.
11 29
Painting America's Wildlife: John James Audubon, Britannica Books.
11 30
Woman Aboard
Partial galleys and corrections.

Series V:  Magazines-Articles, 1933-1989Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 31
"The Undergraduate Point of View," by Janet Marshall, Bryn Mawr Alumni Bulletin.
11 32
"Ring Around the Ballot Box," by Janet Marshall. New Republic.
Correspondence with New Republic (Bruce Bliven), N.A.A.C.P. (Walter White).
September 28, 1938
12 1
"Banquet on a Pacific Beach," by Janet Marshall. The Fisherman.
March 1957
12 2
Two articles
"Citizen Velasquez," by Janet Stevenson. Reader's Scope, (Short Story).
February 1948
"Clatsop County: They Will Be Back," by Janet Stevenson. Landmark, a quarterly journal of 1000 Friends of Oregon.
Summer 1984
12 3
"Don't Be a Doormat," by Jane Holmes. The Woman.
December 1940
12 4
"Greed Made Me a Labor Spy," as published anonymously in True Confessions.
September 1941
12 5
"Humanist and Anti-Humanist Trends in Literature in 1948," by Janet Stevenson. Looking Forward.
January 1948
12 6
"Oregon Women's Political Caucus: Webster Decision Unites Members Under Single Goal," by Janet Stevenson. Women InUnison.
October 1989-November 1989
12 7
"Trapped," Life Story, as published anonymously.
No manuscript.
August 1942
12 8
"Your Trip Down Mexico Way," by Janet Marshall. The Woman.
August 1940

Series VI:  College Materials, 1929-1937Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
12 9
Monologues (4)
"Visiting Hours," 2 leaves; "Lunch Hour," 2 leaves; "Musings at the On-stage Typewriter," first draft, 4 leaves, second draft, (2 sets), 5 leaves; Rejection note from Esquire magazine. Prayer, original, 1 leaf.
12 9
Bryn Mawr Drama Class Materials
"The Order of the Canterbury Tales," by Janet Marshall, Original typed copy with author's corrections, 23 leaves. Quarrel Scene, original with revisions, 7l.
April 20, 1932
12 9
"Radio Continuity," original copy, 31 leaves
12 9
Costume Project for Victor Hugo's "Mary Tudor".
Original typed copy with author's corrections, including watercolor sketches and drawings, 10 leaves
April 18, 1937
Folder item
9 5
"Report on Greek Plays," by Janet Marshall.
Original typed copy with author's revisions, 11 leaves
March 5, 1935
Box Folder
12 9
"Molière and the Creation of an Ideal Comic Character," by Janet Marshall, April 6, 1935(?).
Original copy, 15 leaves
12 9
Costume project for "A Streak of Pink."
Original copy with water color sketches, 10 leaves
March 5, 1937
12 10
Miscellaneous plays, short stories, and sketches

Series VII:  Political Activities Pertaining to Stevenson, undatedReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
12 11
Home Rule
12 12
Home Rule Charter Text
12 13
Copies of Signed Petitions
12 14
Clatsop Environmental: "David vs. Goliath"
12 15
Political Environmental
12 16
Political Local, folder #1 of 2
12 17
Political Local, folder #2 of 2
12 18
Newspaper Clippings/political
ca. 1980-1989
12 19
Astoria School Board
12 20
Astoria School Board vs. Benson Rotstein

Series VIII:  Miscellaneous, 1944-1964Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
12 21
Marian Anderson
Reviews and publicity for novel published by Britannica Press. Includes a radio transcript of the "Carnival of Books" program on WMAQ, Chicago, Illinois.
January 19, 1964
12 22
Poetry. Original
12 23
Political writings
Especially for the Hollywood Democratic Committee, 1944 and after.
12 24
Clippings and notes
Includes three photographs at the 14th National Association of Cost Accountants, unidentified men.
12 25
Notes, etc. (4)
Dismissal from the University of Southern California. Four issues of the USC Summer News; letters to Editor protesting Ms. Stevenson's firing. Public Interest Paper #3, published by the Science and Education Division of the So. California Chapter, National Council of Arts, Sciences and Professions. "Academic Freedom at USC, The Case of Janet Stevenson."
August 8, 1952 August 12, 1952 August 15, 1952 August 19, 1952
Dust jacket of Weep No More
Award from Friends of American Writers, for The Ardent Years.
March 29, 1961
Tear sheet, People's Daily World, Re: Ms. Stevenson's participation in "Drive to Save the Rosenbergs."
February 16, 1953

Series IX:  Audio Recordings, 1944-1964Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
13 1
A three-act play by Janet and Philip Stevenson. Produced by Actors' Lab, Hollywood. Audio recording of play. 7-inch reel.
13 2
An American Family
Two reels of tape-recorded source material, historical research on the Grimke biography. One 7-inch reel, and one 5-inch reel.
13 3
Interviews with Janet Stevenson and Philip Stevenson
"Meet a Celebrity," KABC, Los Angeles, California, Lars Lawrence (Philip Stevenson's pseudonym after being blacklisted). Janet Stevenson interviewed on KFUB. Janet Stevenson interviewed on KNXTV, one 7-inch reel.
April 14, 1956 March 4, 1957 September 15, 1957 September 1966
Janet Stevenson with Juanita Hall, NBC. N Niles N.Y. Flower Show, one 3-inch reel.
September 1966
13 4
Astoria School Board Meeting
Benson Rotstein contract renewal as Astoria High School Counselor. Some sex education issues. One 7-inch reel.
13 5
Interviews with Robert W. Kenny subject of Stevenson's biography, The Undiminished Man.
12, 5-inch reels numbered 3 to 14.

Series X:  Libretto, 1964-1984Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
14 1
"Lysistrata," an opera after "Aristophanes"
Mimeographed copy of a libretto by Janet Stevenson. Music by Henry Leland Clarke. Includes letter from the composer to Stevenson.
1984 1968
14 2
Mimeographed copy
14 3
14 4
Research and correspondence
14 5
Program from production by Marlboro College, Vermont
14 6
Sheet music, 10 songs
14 7
Libretto script
14 8
Music and lyrics, comb bound
14 9
Newspaper clippings, publicity
14 10
News releases, newspaper clippings
14 11
11x17-inch poster of world premiere opera
November 9, 1984 November 10, 1984 November 11, 1984

Series XI:  The Last Town in Oregon, ca. 1996Return to Top

Container(s): Box 15, Item 1

This box is closed to researchers until the death of Janet Stevenson per her request.

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

  • Subject Terms :
  • Anti-communist movements--California
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Authors, American--20th century
  • Civil Rights
  • Civil rights--United States
  • College teachers--Dismissal of--California
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Dramatists, American--20th century
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Environmental protection--Columbia River Estuary (Or. and Wash.)
  • Government and Politics
  • Literature
  • May Day (Labor holiday)--Russia (Federation)
  • Mayors--Oregon--Hammond
  • Oregon
  • Political activists--United States
  • Publishers and publishing--Correspondence
  • Women
  • Women's rights--United States
  • Personal Names :
  • Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993
  • Audubon, John James, 1785-1851
  • Kemble, Fanny, 1809-1893
  • Kenny, Robert Walker, 1901-
  • Rotstein, Benson, d. 1970
  • Stevenson, Janet, 1913---Archives
  • Stevenson, Philip, 1896-1965
  • Corporate Names :
  • University of Southern California--Faculty
  • Family Names :
  • Kenney family
  • Geographical Names :
  • Astoria (Or.)
  • Hammond (Or.)
  • Oceania--Description and travel
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Correspondence
  • Galley proofs
  • Manuscripts for publication
  • Sound recordings
  • Tear sheets