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Photographs of bank robbers and outlaws
circa 1892-circa 1897 (inclusive)
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Images of deceased bank robbers in open caskets, and images of Cora Hubbard, female bank robber alone and with her gang.
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Composite images of arrested or deceased bank robbers in open caskets from the Dalton Gang, Wild Bunch Gang and Bill Cook Gang. Also included are images of Cora Hubbard, female bank robber alone and with her gang.

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1 1
 Deceased original Dalton gang members including Bill Dalton, Gratton Dalton, Dick Broadwell and Bill Power, injured member Emmett Dalton
Swearington,Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory (photographer)
The Dalton Gang was comprised of three Dalton brothers Bill, Emmett and Gratton, "Grat," as well as George Newcomb, Charley Pierce, Charlie Bryant, Bill Doolin, Dick Broadwell, and Bill Power. They robbed banks, trains and gambling establishments. On October 5, 1892 the gang attempted to rob the Coffeyville Bank where after a shoot out with lawmen and towns people, Gratton Dalton, Bob Dalton, Dick Broadwell and Bill Power were killed. Emmett Dalton was shot 23 times and taken into custody where he served 14 years in prison. Some remaining members of the gang became part of the Doolin-Dalton Gang.
circa 1892
1 2
 Deceased Wild Bunch gang members including Bill Doolin, George Newcomb, George Weightman, William Blake and William Raidler
Swearington,Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory (photographer)
Written on verso: Bill. Doolin.Gang 1 Bill Doolin alias Tom Neilson alias Gad. 2 Geo. Newcome alias Slaughter Kid alias Bitter Creek. 3 Geo Thomas. alias Tom Waitman alias Red Buck. 4 Will Blake alias Tulsa Jack. 5 Bill Reidler alias Little Billy.
The Wild Bunch, also known as the Doolin-Dalton Gange was active in the 1890s in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma Territory. The gang robbed banks, trains and was notorious for gun fights and violence with lawmen and bounty hunters. In 1893 U.S. Marshal Evett Nix was appointed jurisdication that included Oklahoma Territory and made hunting the Wild Bunch a priority. This lead to the deaths of Blake, Newcomb and Raidler in 1895 and Doolin and Weightman in 1896.
circa 1896
1 3
 Outlaws from the Original Dalton Gang, Doolin-Dalton Gang, and Bill Cook Gang
Written on verso: 1 Original Dalton Gang 2 Bill Dalton Doolin Gang 3 Bill Cook Gang.The Cook Gang includes images of Elmer Lucas, Bill Cook, Thurmin Baldwin, Crawford Goldsby known as "Cherokee Bill," Zip Wyatt. Also included is an image of Jennie Midcalf known as "Little Britches" who worked with "Cattle Annie" alongside the Doolin Gang at times. They often notified outlaw gangs of the location of law enforcement as well as stole horses.
circa 1896

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Cora Hubbard was born in 1877 and participated in the 1897 robbery of the McDonald County Bank in Pineville, Missouri. The bank robbery was conducted by Cora, Albert "Whit" Tennison and John Sheets. She was one of the only female outlaws who actively participated in bank robberies and was known for wearing her hair short and dressing in men's clothing.

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1 4 circa 1897
1 5
 Cora Hubbard, with Albert Tennison and John Sheets handcuffed together
Written on verso: J.D. Nelson South West City MO.
circa 1897

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