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Tracy Faulconer Collection, 1940-2009

Overview of the Collection

Faulconer, Tracy
Tracy Faulconer Collection
1940-2009 (inclusive)
6 cubic feet, (15 boxes)
Collection Number
This collection includes Tracy Faulconer's research files and oral history interviews relating to the World War II Civilian Public Service System.
Lewis & Clark College, Special Collections and Archives
Lewis & Clark College Special Collections and Archives
Aubrey R. Watzek Library
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.
Portland, OR
Telephone: 503-768-7254
Fax: 503-768-7282
Access Restrictions

This collection has no restrictions and is open for research.


Biographical NoteReturn to Top

Tracy Faulconer was born in 1944. At the time of her birth, her father, Henry (Harry) A. Faulconer, was living in a Civilian Public Service camp. From 1941 to 1947 about 12,000 U. S. citizens were drafted into Civilian Public Service, the alternative to military service for conscientious objectors. These men were sent to camps across the United States to conduct non-violent work of national importance such as forestry, work in mental hospitals, and fire fighting.

Following the War the Faulconers remained in close contact with Harry's fellow conscientious objectors. This association had a strong influence on Tracy. As a committed pacifist, Tracy helped teach people about pacifism and about how to gain conscientious objector status. Throughout her career as an educator, Tracy studied and assembled a massive collection of copied documents and research notes relating to both her father and the larger Civilian Public Service system. Tracy was also instrumental in coordinating an oral history project that interviewed numerous conscientious objectors. All of Tracy's research files and oral history files and recordings are included in this collection.

In 2006 Tracy received the Thomas S. Thompson Distinguished Professor Award from the College of Education at Pacific University. She was also awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award. Unfortunately Tracy never had the opportunity to write about the results of her research into conscientious objectors. Tracy was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006 and she died in her home on December 25, 2008.

Content DescriptionReturn to Top

This collection includes materials related to the history of the World War II Civilian Public Service system including: government records, church records, correspondence, personal papers, publications, photographs, recordings of interviews with conscientious objectors, written questionnaires, and release forms.

Use of the CollectionReturn to Top

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish, exhibit, broadcast, or quote from materials in the Watzek Library Archives & Special Collections requires written permission of the Head of Archives & Special Collections.

Preferred Citation

The Tracy Faulconer Collection, OLPb044FAU, Lewis & Clark College Aubrey Watzek Library Archives & Special Collections, Portland, Oregon.

Administrative InformationReturn to Top

Detailed Description of the CollectionReturn to Top

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series 1: Research Files, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: A-D
AFSC Publications and Contacts
Becker and Mayer
Belden #134
Bock, Harold (CPS file docs)
Warder Cadbury Letters
Carlsson-Paige and Levin, “Young Children and War Play”
Cascade Locks
Cascade Locks- Government Administration
Cascade Locks- Administration Church
Cascade Locks- Assigness
Cascade Locks- Camp Discipline
Cascade Locks- 1) Schrock investigation by FBI; 2) Other SS/FBI investigations
Cascade Locks- FED DE
Cascade Locks- Assignee work concerns
Cascade Locks- Joyce Justice Article
Cascade Locks- Library Fire
Cascade Locks- School of Pacifist Living
Mike Charles- Contacts
China/Manchester Unit
Christopher Collier
Congressional Record
CO: CPS map
CPS protests
12F- Desertions/Prosecutions
Dupré, Wirtman, Faulconer, LeMogne; Documents/letters/fine logs
Box 2: E-F
Education for Annihilation; William Boyer
Elgin Bretaen Library General Notes
Judicial Rec: Glen E. Elliott
Don Elton Smith
Everson, William
Faulconer, H.A. (CPS file docs)
Falconer, Harry correspondence
Misc. Faulconer research
Government Documents; Search- Civilian Public
Forest Service; Modoc, CA
CPS: Written history (auth unknown); Friends in the Forest
Fund. of Peace Ed. Spring ‘09
Box 3: G-N
Germfask #135
Elizabeth Hallett
CO: Evelyn Hallinger
Hanson, Homer
Al Keim- correspondence
Virginia Keller
Jeff Koller- correspondence
Lapine- change of admin
Lapine- administrators
Lapine- camp conditions
Lapine- germfast transfer
Lapine- local communities(?)
Lapine- Murch
Leadership poetry workshop
Lehman, Ralph
Lehman, Ralph
Library collections
Los Prietos #36
Los Prietos
JE McNeil- nisbco.org
National archives
NCSS proposal ‘98
News article- CO, SS
N. Newton, Kansas 11/05
Non-violence and peacemaking
The Reporter- NSBRO newsletter
Box 4: O-S
OCSS- proposal ‘98
CO: Notes- CO pres. @ OR Hist. Society 4/22/98
Oregon Historical Society
Oregon State Archives
Pathways of Peace- Eisan
Correspondence: Kathy Pitts, USFS Historian
Qualitative Res./Toby Edson
Erickson, Frederick; Qualitative Methods in research on teaching
CO: Resources
Channing Richardson
Roderick, Tom, “Johnny Can Learn to Negotiate”
Selective Service CO Monograph 1950
SS Memos
CO: Selective Serv/Statistics
Shasta Dam
Social ED- CO Article
Spencer, Roger (CPS file docs)
CPS Materials@ W. Stafford Archives
Starvation Experiments
The Great Starvation Experiment
Box 5: S-Y
Short Story of Mankind; Steinbeck
Primary Docs from Richard Tuttle
CO Data: Richard Tuttle
UO Special Collection: General Notes
Vietnam War: Alternatives to War (Thesis)
Assignee Impressions
Camp Closure
Waldport CPS #56- Mess Hall Fire
Waldport CPS #56- Transfers from Wellston
Waldport #56- Misc. Administrator records
Camp Waldport- non fine arts residents
Camp Waldport- publications general
Camp Waldport- fine arts groups
Camp Waldport- general information
Camp Waldport- Publications illiterati
Waldport Project
San Francisco Renaissance
CO: Fine arts in Waldport
Jitterbug complaints
Lincoln Times Complaint re: The Tide (printing press)
Mitchell Letter Correspondence
CPS #56- local objections
Malingering: Waldport and LaPine
Waldport CPS #56- RTW, Second Milers
Waldport CPS #56- Shank Death
Walter Winchell Controversy
Camp Waldport #56- Walter Winchell/Dave Hall
Judicial Rec: U. Adrian Wilson
Cascade Locks- Yamanda
The Columbian: Yamada; Cascade Locks

Series 2: CPS Publications, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: CPS Publications
The CPS Story: An Illustrated History of Civilian Public Service, Albert N. Keim
The Politics of Conscience, A. Keim and G.M. Stoltzfus
Directory of Civilian Public Service, May 1941 to March 1947
CO: Caught in the Line of Fire; Newsweek on War Movies 7/98
Harper’s: AWOL in America
Harper’s: Out of Mind
The Objector
The Peace Chronicle
Women Against the “Good War”, Rachel Waltner Goosen
Everson and the Fine Arts at Waldport, William R. Eshelman
World War II Radical Pacifist: Wartime Experience and Postwar Activism (Thesis), Gretchen J. Lemke
Conscientious Objection, Special Monograph No. 11, Vol. 1

Series 3: National Archives Research, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: National Archives Research
Meeting Notes- Doug E.- L Clark
Lizzie Palmer
Various Documents

Series 4: Faulconer Presentation Materials, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: Faulconer Presentation Materials
CO Packet
CO Presentation Packet
CO pres: OHs
CO pres: Script and quotes
Conference attendees- names and addresses

Series 5: Photographs, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: Photographs
Envelope labeled “Jadiker” full of photos
Envelope addressed to David Werschkul with photo and tin labeled Elkton CPS Camp March, 1943
Envelope of photos
Envelope of large prints
Photos: Swarthmore (photocopies)
Loose photocopies
Mounted prints
Cascade Locks photos
Waldport Photos

Series 6: Interview Administative Files, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: Interview Administative Files
CO Survey: Wives
CO: Consent form
CO: Consent letter
Interviewee Correspondence
CO: Correspondence
CO Web Info
Inventory: VA Surveys (Harold Lehman)
Photo Log (D. Wershkul)
Photo logs- video
Dave Wershkul Tape Inventory
CO: research design
Transcriptions: Trish Bunyard
Video Logs
T. Thompson Award
Waldport Rosters
Interviews- Lapine
CO: Interview Notes
Roseburg VA

Series 7: Interview Recordings, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: Interview Recordings
Oral History Audio and Video Recordings
VHS, DVD, and audio casette tapes

Series 8: Interview Questionnaires, Return to Top

Description Dates
Box 1: A-B
CPS Interviews (Wershkul Videos)
Atwater, Elton
Beck, Vincent
Bender, Paul
Blocher, Henry and Mary
CO: Harold Bock
Bock, Harold, Louise, David
Brush, John and Miriam
Box 2: C-K
Click, Maurice (Survey)
Cobb, Jessie Jones (Survey)
Chamberlain, Donald and Betty
Cordell, Irvin E.
Coston, Bill, Margaret (Survey +)
Ebersole, Paul H.
Fairman, Wirt
Frysinger, Daniel C.
Gabel, Henry E.
Goering, Delbert
Goering, Lorene
Goering, Orlo M.
Goering, Paul
Goering, Victor and Elizabeth
Rachel Goosen Surveys
Groff, Amos H.
Hartman, Dwight W.
Hanawalt, Dwight and Imy
Hanawalt, Dwight and Imy (Survey)
J. Wilmer Heisey
Hogan, Herb
Horning, G. Sylvan
Hostetler, Mervin J.
Adolf and Wanda Inman, KS 11/16/05
Jones, Ed and Nellie May
Kaufman, Virgil
Krehbiel, Ervin
Krehbiel, Reuben
Jeff Koller Interview: Kreider, Robert
Box 3: L-R
Langley, Manche (int. video notes)
Lehman, Harold and Ruth
Harold Lehman, Harrisonburg, VA 9/17/05
Lehman, Ralph
Lehman, Richard
Lehman, Rodney
McKimmy, Hazel and Harold (Survey)
Miller Valentine W.
Mosemann, Clyde R.
Nomland, Kemper (Survey)
Ortmeyer, Roland
Paul, Charles M.
Laban Peachy, Harrisonburg, VA 4/16/05
Ponch, Martin (int. video notes)
Clarence Quay, Harrisonburg, VA 4/16/05
Jerry Rubin Materim
Ryan, William
Box 4: S-Y
Shirk, Walter H.
Smith, Don E. (Survey)
Smith, Norm and Jean
CO: Wm. Stafford
Stucky, Edwin R.
Stucky Marvin
Linda Tamara: Interviewing
Tuttle, Richard
Vogt, Marlin R.
Way, Roger D.
Weaver, Samuel B.
Weinhold, Daniel E.
Whitmer, Eugene R.
Witmer, Irwin L.
Yost, Emery and Rose