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Ivy Baker Priest photograph collection
1920-1975 (inclusive)
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The Ivy Baker Priest photograph collection contains personal portraits, family photographs, and publicity photographs documenting Ivy Baker Priest's political activities.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
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Ivy Maude Baker was born to a Utah mining family in Kimberly on September 7, 1905. From Kimberly the family moved to Coalville, Utah and finally, in 1911, to Bingham Canyon and the copper mines. Mrs. Clara Fernley Baker, an English emigrant, was active in local political affairs. It was through her mother that the young Ivy became interested in politics.

Educated in the Utah public school system, Ivy went to grammar school in Bingham, and graduated from Jordan High School in 1924. She had no further formal schooling although she later took some extension courses through the University of Utah. After her appointment as U. S. Treasurer Ivy received honorary doctorate degrees from Elmira College in New York, Rider College in New Jersey and Bryant College in Rhode Island.

After her marriage to Harry Howard Hicks on July 31, 1924, she went to North Carolina, his native state. Separated after four years, Ivy returned to Utah where she later learned Harry had been killed in an airplane crash.

With the onset of the depression and her father's mine-related illness, Ivy helped support the family. Working as a telephone operator she was gradually advanced to a supervisor. Later she worked for Auerbachs as a model and a merchandiser. It was during these depression years she also taught citizenship night-school classes for emigrants.

At the urging of her mother, a force to be reckoned with in the local Republican party, Ivy became actively involved in politics. She ran for a seat in the Utah State House of Representatives in 1934. The campaign was unsuccessful, however, she was elected to be the co-chairman of the Young Republican Organization for eleven western states for a two-year term.

Roy Fletcher Priest and Ivy Baker were married for twenty-four years, from December 1935 until his death in 1959. Shortly after their marriage they settled in Bountiful, Utah, where Ivy continued her activities on behalf of the Republican party. Moving through the grass-roots establishment while raising their three children, Ivy was finally elected as Utah Representative to the Republican National Committee. She served in this capacity from 1944 to 1953.

In 1950 Ivy ran for a seat in the U. S. House of Representatives against incumbent Reva Beck Bosone. The campaign never disintegrated into the predicted "cat-fight," nor was the spectre of communism raised. As the only national campaign between two women, the election received wide-spread publicity. Ivy Baker Priest was defeated but had gained national attention. As an Eisenhower supporter early in the campaign, Ivy was appointed to by the Assistant Chairman of the 1952 Eisenhower Committee in charge of the Women's Division. Following the successful campaign President Eisenhower nominated Priest for the position of U. S. Treasurer. Her appointment was confirmed and she took office on January 28, 1953. During her eight years as Treasurer, Ivy spent much of her time on speaking tours to promote Savings Bond sales or discuss finances and the Treasury.

With the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960, Ivy resigned her position and returned to private life. Both daughters were living in California at that time, and Ivy returned to the West to take up residence in California. On June 20, 1961 Ivy married Sidney William Stevens, a prominent realtor.

Defeating incumbent Democratic State Treasurer, Bert Battes, in 1966 Ivy became the first woman elected to a California high constitutional office. She was re-elected to a second term by a 1.2 million vote margin in 1970.

The death of her son Roy in a boating accident in May of 1971 and the loss of her husband, Sidney, less than a year later combined with the discovery that she was suffering from cancer caused Ivy to retire without seeking a third term as State Treasurer in 1974.

At her death in June of 1975 she was remembered not only for her political activities, but also her lifetime of public service. She was involved in the National Safety Council and the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults as well as local California chapters of these groups. Ivy belonged to the Business and Professional Women's Club, the Women's Advertising Club of Washington, Beta Sigma Phi, and Delta Zeta. As a member of the Soroptomist Club she once received the national association's Women's Achievement Award. The Women's National Press Club also presented her with an Achievement Award. She also received the nomination of the Women's Newspaper Editors and Publishers Association for one of America's twenty most outstanding women.

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Ivy Baker Priest was United States Treasurer during the Eisenhower administration from 1953 to 1961, and served as California Treasurer under Ronald Reagan from 1966 to 1974. Her photographs reflect her years in public office and include portraits, publicity shots, family photographs, political functions, and groups of politicians and public officials.

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 1
Earlier Portraits
  • 1-14: Earlier Portraits of Ivy Baker Priest
Later Portraits
  • 15-53: Later portraits of Ivy Baker Priest
Earlier Photographs
  • 54-68: Earlier photographs of Ivy Baker Priest
Later Photographs
  • 69-114: Later photographs of Ivy Baker Priest
Family Photographs
  • 115-121: Ivy Baker Priest, Nancy, Roy B., and Roy F. Priest; John Valenzuela Jr.; Sidney Stevens; Pat, Pierce, Pierce Jr., and Lance Jensen
Ivy Baker Priest and Sidney Stevens
  • 140-146: Photos of Ivy Baker Priest with her husband Sidney Stevens
Container(s) Description
Box Folder
2 14
Pat Priest's Wedding
  • 147-155: Various photos from Pat Priest and Pierce Jensen's wedding
Pat Priest
  • 156-175: Various photographs containing Pat and Ivy Baker Priest; Pierce Jensen
Nancy Priest
  • 176-201: Various photographs containing Nancy Priest, Ivy Baker Priest; John, Patty and John Valenzuela Jr.
Nancy Priest - Photos for Seventeen
  • 202-218: Photographs from Seventeen Magazine containing Nancy, Roy F., Roy B. and Ivy Baker Priest
Roy B. Priest
  • 219-227: Various photographs of Roy B. Priest
Swearing In Ceremonies
  • 228-236: Ivy Baker Priest at swearing in ceremonies for U. S. Treasurer and California Treasurer
Prominent Political Figures
  • 237-242: Ivy Baker Priest with Ronald Reagan
  • 243-245: Ivy Baker Priest with Richard Nixon
  • 246-249: Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 250: Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and Ivy Baker Priest
  • 251: Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren and Ivy Baker Priest
Container(s) Description
Box Folder
3 25-27
Priest with Military Personnel
  • 252-272: Priest with military personnel in various publicity photographs
Lincoln Day in Akron
  • 273-279: Ivy Baker Priest at Lincoln Day in Akron, Ohio, February 12, 1959
California Water Development Project
  • 280-282: Priest examining sale of water development bonds, July 7, 1970
Beech Aircraft Corporation
  • 283-292: Publicity photos of Priest at Beech Aircraft Corporation, April 27, 1953
Naval Recruit Review
  • 293-303: Ivy Baker Priest at recruit review in San Diego, September 8, 1972
U.S. Treasury Display Area
  • 304-309: Display window in the Treasury Office, October 3, 1968
  • 310-328: Priest campaigning for California Treasurer
Disabled Children Fundraiser Events
  • 329-336: Publicity photos from various events for disabled children
Savings Bond Drives
  • 337-350: Publicity photos from various savings bond drives
San Francisco Mint Exhibit Opening
  • 351-357: Publicity photos from new mint exhibit opening
Priest with Veterans Board
  • 358-361: Priest with Veterans Board member, August 11, 1970
California Water Project
  • 362-367: Priest's tour through California Water Project, May 24, 1967
Container(s) Description
Box Folder
4 39
Puerto Rico
  • 368-376: Various snapshots from the Puerto Rico trip
Puerto Rico Photo Album
  • 377-414: Various photos from Puerto Rico trip containing Roy F., Roy B., Nancy and Ivy Baker Priest
Container(s) Description
Box Folder
5 41
Priest in London
  • 415-419D: Ivy Baker Priest and Nancy Priest in London, June 17, 1960
  • 420-486: Ivy Baker Priest and Roy F. Priest in Cuba
  • 487-542: Priest with other people
  • 543-545: Ivy Baker Priest and Nancy Priest
  • 546-553: Ivy Baker Priest and Roy F. Priest
  • 554-557: Ivy Baker Priest with Sidney Stevens
  • 558: Rhoda Ann Thompson Baker
  • 559-564: Ivy Baker Priest with other people
  • 565: Dean H. S. Sommers
  • 566: Mr. Ed (the horse)
  • 567: Mrs. Mesta
  • 568: Colonel Coward and Mr. Kronowitt
  • 569: Mr. Neal and Mr. Kronowitt
  • 570-575: Unidentifed people
Ivy Baker Priest with Groups
  • 576: Ivy Baker Priest and Roy R. Priest
  • 577: Priest with a group of girls scouts
  • 578: Priest with LDS President David O. McKay
  • 579: Priest in a fashion review for Auerbach Co. in Salt Lake City in 1929
  • 580: Priest with Mrs. O. D. Baker (Ivy's Mother) at an Old Timer's Party
  • 581: Priest at Federal Club in Washington in 1959
Priest with Others
  • 582-583: Ivy B. and Pat Priest
  • 584: Priest with Ralph Edwards on the "This if Your Life" show in 1957
  • 585: Priest with Lawrence Welk, March 14, 1959
  • 586: Priest, Sidney Stevens and John Wayne
  • 587: Priest and Dale H. Smith
  • 588: Priest and Orval Adams at ABA Convention in New York, 1960
  • 589: George F. Hanson , Harold E. Strassen and Priest
  • 590: Bob Fisher, Priest and an unidentified man
  • 591: Priest with Alice Lon
  • 592: Priest, Olive Beech, and Neal Iverson on the beach, May, 1959
  • 593: Senator George Murphy and Priest
  • 594-595: Boy's State Treasurer Gordon Eiland and Priest, June 25, 1970
  • 596: Priest getting out a plane aided by Francis Corrigan in Reading, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1958
  • 597: Clare B. Williams (asst. chairman of Rep. National Comm.) purchases 1000 one dollar bills from Priest to use in launching the campaign fund raising
  • 598: Mrs. Lena Gay Mare, Mrs. Jessie Williamson and Ivy Baker Priest at N.C. Meeting in Chicago, 1945
  • 599: Priest at the National Association of City Clerks Meeting in Counsel Bluffs, Iowa, May 20, 1953
  • 600: L. F. Pett, Priest and Fred Neria at the Utah Copper Division
  • 601: Priest, J. E. Cushman, D. L. Holt, Evelyn Hanson and W. A. Huckins at the Edison Electric Institute Conference in Chicago, April 6, 1954
  • 602: Priest at a luncheon with unidentified people
  • 603-604: Priest, Barry Goldwater Jr, Vicky Hoff, Rosanell Bones, Buddy Rogers and Charlene Blalork at the 1970 Republican Fund Fling
  • 605: Priest and George Hansen at the National Committee meeting
  • 606: Priest with a group of high school boys
  • 607-608: Priest with dress designer David Gothe at the Stork Club
  • 609: Priest with Beverly and Vidal Sassoon at a welcome party for the Sassoons
  • 610: Priest with Peter Pitchess
  • 611: Priest with Maria Cho
  • 612: Priest, Ed Rothbart and Frank Berring
  • 613: Priest, Dr. Evelyn Thomas Kieffer and Richard C. Gilman at the winter dinner meeting of Phi Beta Kappa Alumni, February 9, 1968
  • 614: Newton Russell, Ross Creyan, Priest and Ken Brewer at 1968 GOP Fund Fling, March 23, 1968
  • 615: Priest, Senator Wallace F. Bennett, Senator Frank E. Moss, Congressman M. Blaine Peterson at a farwell dinner in honor of Ivy Baker Priest, February 1961
  • 616-617: "Senate Salad of 1958," June 18, 1958
  • 618-619: Priest , Mrs. James H. Isbell, and Miss Louise Kellog at Miss Kellog's farm in Palmer, Alaska, May 30, 1960
  • 620: Priest at a bond sale, August 11, 1970
  • 621: Priest, Henry Steinmetz, Jr, and Charles de Brettville at the Bank of California's Gold Exhibit
  • 622: Kerry Mulligan presenting a check for $15,000 to Priest, August 17, 1971
  • 623: Harold Handly, Priest, Sidney Stevens and Ed McGee
  • 624: Kay L. Hanson, Robert Montgomery, and Priest at the Women's Advertising Club of WA Luncheon at the Willard Hotel, March 24, 1954
  • 625: Jack Webb and Priest
  • 626: Priest, Mrs. Perer And Mrs. Lo L. Rye
  • 627: Roy F. Priest with unidentified man
  • 628: Bill Hays, Sidney Stevens, Ivy Baker Priest and Erik Kromman
  • 629-667: Priest with unidentifeid man and woman
Container(s) Description
Box Folder
6 57-60
Other People
  • 668-669: Laura Buxton in 1958
  • 670: Sculptor Niki Tregor with his bust of Eisenhower
  • 671: Purdue Men's Glee Club with Director Albert P. Stewart, Mary Cwger, Rev. Doyle Mullen, Myra R. Freed, and Ruth Fish
  • 672: One of Priest's employees opening the state treasurer's vault
  • 673: Gerassimos Grassas and Senator John Lynch at the Metropolitan Plaza Shopping Center ground breaking 1959
  • 674: The Quintetto Allegro
  • 675-676: The Blue Angels, June 24, 1957
  • 677: "Ivy" Leagers Bowling Team
  • 678: The Orchestra from the "Queen Frederica"
  • 679: Dixon Arnett
  • 680: Bob Beverly
  • 681: Senator Clark Bradley
  • 682: Governor Jerry Brown
  • 683: George Durmejian
  • 684: Houston Flournoy
  • 685: Pat McGee
  • 686: John Harmer
  • 687: Bob Morette
  • 688: Verne Orr
  • 689: Paul Priolo
  • 690: Wilsen Riles
  • 691: Ray Seeley
  • 692: Senator Robert S. Stevens
  • 693: Casper Willard Weinberger
  • 694-720: Unidentified people
  • 721: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
  • 722: Front of Treasury Department Building
  • 723: Bingham, Utah
  • 724: Computers in the Treasurer's office
  • 725: Silver Platter given to Hugh D. Scott, Jr. from the Republican National Committee with committee signatures on it
  • 726: Unidentified photo of a ship
  • 727: Unidentified Christmas card
  • 728: Unidentified house
  • 728A: Unidentified woman
Ivy and Sidney Steven's Wedding
  • 729-778: Wedding photos of Ivy and Sidney Stevens
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
7 67
Ivy Baker Priest Testimonial Dinner
  • 779-802: Testimonial dinner for Priest at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, 1974
Party in Honor of Ivy Baker Priest
  • 803-821: Various photos from a party given for Priest, December 21, 1966
Priest with Others
  • 822-823: Priest with unidentified men
  • 824-826: Portraits of Priest
  • 827-828: Nancy Priest
  • 829: Nancy Priest, Tab Hunter, Ivy B. and Roy B. Priest
  • 830: Priest presenting good will Ambassador Award to actor William Bendix
  • 831: Priest with Twentieth Century Fox President Spiros Scorus
  • 832: Priest with Jesse James, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Beeson
  • 834: Priest with H. Everett Olson and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Overton Jr.
  • 835: Priest with a relative in Manchester, England 1960
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 70
Easter Seals Fundraiser
  • 836: Lake Eola
  • 837: Lake Lucerne
  • 838: 1st National Bank at Orlando, Florida
  • 839: Downtown Orlando and Lake Eola
  • 840: Honor guard awaiting Priest
  • 841-862: Various pictures of Priest with the people of Orlando during the drive
  • 863-877: Newspaper clippings from the Orlando newspapers dated March 23, 1957-March 28 1957
New Jersey Savings Bond Meeting
  • 878-916: Various pictures from the savings bond meeting in Absecon, New Jersey, February 24, 1955
Mercer County Savings Bond Meeting
  • 917-938: Various photos from the Mercer County Savings Bond Meeting in Trenton, Ohio, April 7, 1953
  • 939-951: Articles from Trenton Newspapers about the bond meeting
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Scenery and Paintings
  • 1083-1111: Old unidentified scenery photos
  • 1112-1117: Photos for Utah paintings done by Harry L. A. Culmer
  • 1118-1120: Old unidentified scenery photos
  • 1121-1142:Scrapbook
  • 1143-1249: general
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
9 77
Priest with Air Force Personnel
  • 1250: Unidentified crowd
  • 1251: Priest with unidentified men
  • 1252-1254: Priest, Sidney Stevens and unidentified man
California Office
  • 1255: Priest and Sidney Stevens
  • 1256: Ivy B., Roy B., Priest and Sidney Stevens
  • 1257-1268: Priest with unidentified men
California State Fair
  • 1269-1284: Priest with unidentified men and women at the California State Fair
  • 1285-1296: Priest with other people at a fund raiser
  • 1297: Priest coming to the fund raiser
  • 1298-1299: Roy B. Priest and Ivy B. Priest with others at a fund raiser
  • 1300: Proof sheet from fund raiser with Ivy B. and Roy B. Priest and other people
Puerto Rico Trip
  • 1301-1310: Ivy B. Priest and Roy F. Priest with others on Puerto Rican Trip
Ivy Baker Priest and Ronald Reagan
  • 1311: Reagan with unidentified group
  • 1312: Priest and Ronald Reagan at Oroville Dam dedication
  • 1313: Priest and Ronald Reagan with unidentified group
  • 1314-1316 Priest addressing unidentified group
  • 1317: Priest and Ronald Reagan
  • 1318-1321: Priest, Ronald Reagan and other elected California officials
  • 1322: Priest with two unidentified men
  • 1323: Priest with Ronald Reagan
  • 1324-1325: Priest with unidentified men
Ivy Baker Priest and Ronald Reagan
  • 1326-1346: Proof sheets of Priest, Ronald Reagan and other elected officials of California, April 17, 1970
Rose Bowl Parade
  • 1347-1355: Rose Bowl Parade 1970s
Swearing In - 1970
  • 1356-1360: Photos containing Ivy Baker Priest, Roy B. Priest, Sidney Stevens, and Pierce Jensen Jr.
  • 1361-1366: Priest with unidentified men and women
  • 1367-1368: Priest being sworn in
Savings Bond Drive
  • 1369-1382: Savings Bond Drive
Water Bond
  • 1383-1386: Priest receiving a check to pay off the Water Bond in California
Priest with Family Members
  • 1387: Priest shelling peas
  • 1388-1394: Priest, Sidney Stevens and unidentified people
  • 1395: Priest and Sidney Stevens on their wedding day
  • 1396: Priest with cousin Ruth Dougherty
  • 1397: Priest with cousin Mary Lou Moulin
  • 1398: Pat Priest being crowned Azalea Queen
  • 1399: Pat Priest getting off a plane with unidentified group
  • 1400: Pat Priest, Ivy Baker Priest and Mrs. Deena Clark
  • 1401: Priest with cousin Cater Helton Jr.
  • 1402-1405: Roy F. Priest, Ivy Baker Priest and others
  • 1406-1409: Photos containing Ivy, Roy B., Roy F. and Nancy Priest
  • 1410-1415: Ivy B. and Nancy Priest
  • 1416-1417: Ivy Baker Priest
  • 1418: Ivy Baker Priest and Roy F. Priest
  • 1419: Ivy Baker Priest and Roy B. Priest and Sidney Stevens with Ivy's campaign staff
Priest with Others
  • 1420: Priest, Bertha Adkins and Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1421: Priest, Sidney Stevens and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Poole
  • 1422: Priest with Alyce May Rose and unidentified woman
  • 1423: Priest with Bob Ubanks
  • 1424: Priest with California Senator George Murphy
  • 1425: Priest with Alex Stein Kamp being sworn in as the Deputy State Treasurer
  • 1426: Priest with Jack and Jean Garrett
  • 1427: Priest with Mrs. Phillip Winsor and Mrs. Albert Launer
  • 1428: Priest with Ed and Patti Cavanaugh
  • 1429: Priest with Margaret Chase Smith (Maine Senator) and Pearl Mesta
  • 1430: Priest with Margaret Chase Smith
  • 1431: Priest with Merrill Holbrook
  • 1432: Priest with David Rike
  • 1433: Priest with Dora Towbridge and Ward Holbrook
  • 1434: Priest, Roger H. Bolin, Betty Sebesta, Larry Powell and George L. Phillips
  • 1435: Pries with Steve Lawrence and General Hershey, 4/16/59
  • 1436: Priest, Eldridge Peterson, Paul Woston, Jim Warren and Walter Murphy
  • 1437-1438: Priest with Bertha Adkins
  • 1439: Priest with actress Celeste Holmes
  • 1440: Priest with Earl Campbell and Jan Clayton
  • 1441: Priest with George Humphrey, US Secretary of the Treasury
  • 1442: George Hansen-Republican National Committeeman of Utah
  • 1443: Priest with Earl C. Foster and Chester Cumond
  • 1444: Priest with Ann Becker
  • 1445: Priest with Frank Jordan (CA Secretary of the State)
  • 1446: Priest with Kathryn O'Haye Granahan, US Treasurer under JFK, each signing a bill (1961)
  • 1447: Priest with Georgia Neese Clark, US Treasurer under Truman, each signing a bill 1953
  • 1448: Priest with Mrs. Alex Stein Kamp
  • 1449: Earl Warren (US Supreme Court Justice ) and Earl Campbell
  • 1450: Olive Beech with daughters Suzanne Beech Lynas and Mary Lynn, 9/8/62
  • 1451: Priest with Lowell Thomas
  • 1454-1455: Priest with Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
  • 1456: Priest with Edna Rothbardt
  • 1457: Priest with Senator Cuherry
  • 1458: Priest with Casey Stengal
  • 1459: Priest with Chief Justice Earl Warren
  • 1460-1461: Priest with Casey Stengel and Rufus B. Von Kleinsmid
  • 1462:Priest with Beverly and Vidal Sassoon
  • 1463: Priest with Jane Priest
  • 1464: Priest with Barney E. Hilburn, Ellis Walsh, Larry Fargher, and Louis V. Cole
Container(s) Description
Box Folder
10 95-112
Priest with Others
  • 1465-1468: Priest with unidentified
  • 1469: Priest with Alex Stein Kamp
  • 1470: Sidney Stevens and Mrs. Alex Stein Kamp
  • 1471: Priest, Sidney Stevens and Mrs. Alex Stein Kamp
  • 1472-1475: Priest, Sidney Stevens with Two other men
  • 1476: Priest with Francis Smith
  • 1477: Priest with Senator Murphy
  • 1478: Priest with Kay Oberfeldt and Beau James at the ribbon cutting for the Beau James Store
  • 1479: Priest with Grace and AL Abajian
  • 1480: Priest with her personal staff of the California Treasury office
  • 1481-1487: Priest with Al Gurgley
  • 1488: Auerbach's Department Store, 1934
  • 1489-1502: Priest with unidentified people
  • 1503: Priest with Mr. and Mrs. George Humphrey
  • 1504: Priest with group at US Junior Chamber of Commerce
  • 1505-1693: Priest with unidentified people
  • 1694-1698: Photos of Unidentified people
Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 1
California State Committee Meeting
Campaign Workers
Souvenir Photographs - Queen of Bermuda
Easter Seals
Share in America Campaign
Bishop National Bank of Hawaii
One Hundred Dollar Hat
Ivy Priest with James Hayes
California State Treasurer Inauguration
California Re-election Campaign
Testimonial Dinner - Beverly Hills
Debutante Ball - Beverly Hills
Lincoln Republican Club
Signed Photographs
Group Photos
Dinner Events
Social Events
School Visits

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
12 72
Priest Family
  • 952: Priest and Governor John Connolly
  • 953: Ivy Baker Priest
  • 954: Members of the California Legislature in 1973
  • 955: Priest and Sidney Stevens
  • 956: Roy F. Nancy, Pat, Roy B., and Ivy Baker Priest
  • 957-958: Roy B. Nancy, Roy F., and Ivy Baker Priest working in their yard
  • 959: Priest working as a telephone operator
  • 960: Nancy Priest at a slumber party
  • 961: Roy B. Priest and Nancy with the girls from a slumber party
  • 962: Roy B. Priest
  • 963: Roy B. Priest with a group of boys working on a project
  • 964: Pierce and Pat Priest Jensen-Wedding Day
  • 965: Ivy Baker Priest and Pat Nixon
  • 966: Priest at her desk
  • 967: Portrait of Priest
  • 968: Bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 969: Portrait of Priest
  • 970: Roy F., Ivy B., Nancy, Pat and Roy B. Priest doing the family's shopping
  • 971: Family portrait of Pat, Nancy, Roy F. Roy B. And Ivy B. Priest
  • 972-973: Portraits of Priest
Aetna Oil Company Kentucky Derby Party
  • 974-978: Pictures of Aetna Oil Company
  • 979-980: Arrival of guests
  • 981-986: Cocktails and Buffet at the Seelbach
  • 987-999: Blue Grass Tour
  • 1000-1003: Champagne at the Old House
  • 1004-1021: Derby Breakfast
  • 1022-1029: Derby Day
  • 1030-1044: President's Ball
  • 1045: Invitation
  • 1046: List of weekend events and guest list
  • 1047: Thank you note for attending the weekend
May 7, 1955

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
13 74
Priest Family
  • 1048: Pat Priest
  • 1049: Priest watching television with 3 unidentified women
  • 1050: Newspaper article and picture of Roy F., Roy B., Ivy B., and Nancy Priest at Lake Okoboji in Iowa
  • 1051-1052: Pat Priest on duty at the National Symphony, December 12, 1953
  • 1053: Family portrait of Ivy B., Nancy, Roy B., Pat and Roy F. Priest
  • 1054: Unidentified young boy with his fishing catch
  • 1055: Priest accepting a basket of fruit from an unidentified man
  • 1056: Priest receiving Honorary Citizenship Award from the city of Saint Augustine, Florida
  • 1057: Roy B., Ivy B., and Nancy Priest setting the dinner table
  • 1058: Nancy Priest scrubbing the kitchen floor
  • 1059: Roy F., Ivy B., Nancy, Pat and Roy B. Priest doing the family's shopping
  • 1060: Roy B., Roy F., Nancy and Ivy B. Priest working in the yard
  • 1061: Priest shelling peas
  • 1062-1063: Roy B. Roy F. and Nancy greeting Ivy B. Priest upon her arrival home
  • 1064: Ivy Baker Priest helping Pat Priest with her makeup and hair
  • 1065: Roy B. Priest explaining a butterfly exhibit
  • 1066: Ivy B., Roy B., Roy F., Nancy and Pat Priest
  • 1067: Roy F. Priest serving Ivy B. Priest breakfast in bed
  • 1068: Priest and Secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey in the Treasury Building in Washington D.C.
  • 1069: Ivy helping Roy B. and Nancy Priest with homework
  • 1070: Pat helping Ivy B. Priest with her dress
  • 1071: Pat and Roy F. Priest
  • 1072: Priest signing one dollar bills for Roy B. Priest and some of his friends
  • 1073: Roy B. Priest with unidentified friend feeding a dog spaghetti
  • 1074: Priest are her desk in the Treasurer's office
  • 1075: Pat Priest being crowned Azalea Queen
  • 1076-1078: Ivy B. Nancy, Pat, Roy B. and Roy F. Priest each engaging in a favorite hobby
  • 1079: Poster from a television show with prominent persons in 1957-1958 to broaden the public knowledge of world events
  • 1080: Independence Hall
  • 1081: Priest comparing her foot to D. D. Eisenhower's
  • 1082: Portrait of Ivy B. And Sidney Stevens
Elmira College
  • 1121: Letter of application to the president of Elmira College to present Ivy B. Priest with an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters
  • 1122: Priest in cap and gown
  • 1123: Autographing diplomas for students
  • 1124-1125: Copy of the commencement program
  • 1126-1131: Various photos of Priest and the campus
  • 1132-1141: Clippings from the Elmira, New York Paper
  • 1142: Elmira College Bulletin, October 1956
  • 1143: Pat Priest and Pierce Jensen
  • 1144: Ivy B., and Nancy Priest with one other woman
  • 1145-1147: Priest at her desk
  • 1148-1150: Trip to Hawaii
  • 1151-1167: Unidentified negatives of Priest at a dinner
  • 1168-1234: Unidentified negatives of Priest with other people and scenery
  • 1235-1243: Trip to Disneyland, July 1957
  • 1244-1246: Roy B. Priest's Butterfly exhibit
  • 1247-1249: Unidentified children

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