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Fritzsche, Ulrich
Ulrich Fritzsche papers
1929-2017 (inclusive)
2.83 cubic ft. (5 boxes)
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Primarily documents Fritzsche's art collecting activities and his research on several artists and individuals
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Seattle, WA
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Ulrich Fritzsche is a Seattle art collector and physician who was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1939. He arrived in Seattle in 1966 for postgraduate medical training and practiced Obstretrics and Gynecology in private practice in Seattle from 1972 until retirement in 2002.

Fritzsche was introduced to Northwest Art, expecially the work of Mark Tobey, by Jay Steensma, a local artist and at the time owner, together with Ree Brown, of an antique shop in Greenwood. Steensma had exhibited the works of his friend and fellow artitst, Wesley Wehr in his shop. Ulrich began to collect the work of Wehr and through him met Guy Anderson and Helmi Dagmar Juvonen. Fritzsche acquired art by all of these artists, as well as French Soft Paste Porcelain. His interest in Juvonen led him into research on her life and work. In 1998 he prepared a chronology for an exhibition of her work at the Davidson Galleries in Seattle.

Fritzsche became interested in Frances Farmer and John Patric because their experience with commitments to state hospitals for mental illness paralleled that of Helmi Juvonen.

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The Fritzsche papers contain correspondence regarding Fritzsche's art collecting activities, his donations of art to several museums, and general correspondence with various artists. Also included is information copied or collected by Fritzsche in his research on Helmi Juvonen, Mark Tobey and Frances Farmer.

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Accession No. 5274-001: Ulrich Fritzsche papers, 1929-2001Return to Top

1.14 cubic feet (1 box includes photocopies)

Scope and Content: Letters, photocopied letters, and related materials for his research on Helmi Juvonen, Mark Tobey and Frances Farmer. Also documents his and his wife Stella's art collecting, including correspondence about the German painter, Bernard Schultze, about a French porcelain object donated to the Seattle Art Museum, and about his friendship with artists Jay Steensma, Ted D'Arms, and Wesley Wehr. Also includes Juvonen's illustrations for a projected [?] publication, "The Life of the Rose," and photocopies of other illustrations by her.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Series 1
Personal Papers
Box Accession
1 5274-001
Incoming Letter - Steensma, Jay
1 5274-001
General Correspondence - with Whatcom Museum re: donation of Tobey paintings
1 5274-001
General Correspondence - Miscellaneous
1977-1995 and undated
1 5274-001
Agreements - Donations of Artwork. Misc.
1 5274-001
Cassette Audio Tape - re: Iridescent Light by Delores Ament and Mary Randlett, KUOW radio interview
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Brown, Ree (incl. photographs)
1995; undated
1 5274-001
Subject Series: D'Arms, Ted
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Farmer, Frances
Scope and Content: Includes lists; West Seattle Chinook newsletter; speeches and writings; court papers; clippings; sound cassettes of interviews in Deland, Florida; and a videocassette
1929-2001; undated
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Juvonen, Helmi
Scope and Content: Includes general correspondence with Columbia Magazine, Ann Fienna-Riordan, Brent Goeres, Regina Hackett ( Seattle Post-Intelligencer), Neil Meitzler, Mary Randlett, Oliver Sacks, Seattle Art Museum, Erich Thrun, Wesley Wehr; Speeches and writings by Wesley Wehr; Agreements Re: Donations of Helmi's Artwork; a list of art works; information pertaining to an exhibit at Davidson Galleries; and clippings.
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Patric, John
Scope and Content: Includes general correspondence; court papers; and clippings.
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Seattle Art Museum
1990-2000; undated
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Twohy, Julius
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Wehr, Wesley
Scope and Content: Includes incoming letters (from Wesley Wehr); general correspondence (regarding Wesley Wehr); speeches and writings; Agreements re: donations of artworks; artwork; and photographs
1965-2002; undated
1 5274-001
Publications - Medical
1988-92; undated
1 5274-001
Series 2
Zoë Dusanne
Box Accession
1 5274-001
Newsletters - Tribute to Zoë Dusanne
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Götz, Karl Otto
1954-1967; undated
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Greis, Otto
1954-1960; undated
1 5274-001
Subject Series: Schultze, Bernard
1954-1964; undated
OS folder 5274-001
Poster - K.O. Götz Paris Exhibit
Series 3
Helmi Juvonen
Box Accession
1 5274-001
Outgoing Letters
1977-1978; undated
1 5274-001
Speeches and Writings: "Religious Background of Salish Aesthetics"
1 5274-001
Speeches and Writings: "Salish Indians - Figures of Indian Dance"
1 5274-001
Speeches and Writings: "The Life of a Rose" (poem)
1 5274-001
Subject Series - Whatcom Museum
1996-2000, undated
Series 4
Mark Tobey
Box Accession
1 5274-001
Outgoing Letters (photocopies) to Helen Keen
1938-1969; undated
1 5274-001
Outgoing Letters (photocopies) to Windsor Utley
1959; undated
1 5274-001
Photograph - Tobey and others (photocopy)
1 5274-001
Publications - Gifts to Tobey

Accession No. 5274-002: Ulrich Fritzsche papers, 1974-2006Return to Top

1 cubic foot (2 boxes)

Scope and Content: Appellate report, book, clippings, correspondence, drawing, exhibit catalog, publications, research files, and slides. The bulk of the papers relate to Fritzsche's art collection and his research on Helmi Dagmar Juvonen in preparation for his book. The files contain original letters sent from Juvonen to Kit Tucker, Juvonen to Elizabeth Hauser. Also included is a small amount of correspondence between Juvonen and Morris Graves. The papers include slides taken by Fritzsche of the Guy Anderson studio, in 1976, and Wesley Wehr's gallery show in Bern Switzerland, in 1976. Publications include an appellate report of a medical legal case, Gjerde v. Fritzsche (1989), and a copy of "Regaining Dr. Herman Haeberlin" by Jay Miller, which includes translations by Fritzsche.

Restrictions on Access: Open to all users

Some material stored offsite; advance notice required for use.

Restrictions on Use: Creator's literary rights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries

Acquisition Info: Bibliographic Source: Fritzsche, Ulrich; materials recieved in several batches in 2002, 2003 and 2006

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder Accession
1/1 5274-002
Drawing of Fritzche by Jay Steensma
1/2 5274-002
Exhibit Catalog: Northwest Impressions
1/3 5274-002
Book- "Mark Tobey: Bilder von 1940 bis 1975"
1/4 5274-002
Publications owned by Helmi Juvonen
1/5 5274-002
List of Helmi Juvonen's art owned by Tom Kaasa
1/6-8 5274-002
Research files for Fritzsche's book "Helmi Dagmar Juvonen: Her Life and Work: A Chronicle"
circa 1980s-1990s
1/9 5274-002
Research files regarding Wes Wehr, Helmi Juvonen, and Morris Graves
1/10 5274-002
Research files regarding Mark Tobey
1/11 5274-002
Photographs: Helmi Juvonen's landlord's house
1/12 5274-002
Signed copy of Fritzsche's book "Helmi Dagmar Juvonen: Her Life and Work: A Chronicle"
1/13 5274-002
Publication: "Die Welt der Migots" by Bernard Schultze
1/14 5274-002
Slides of Guy Anderson's studio and Wes Wehr's show in Bern
1/15 5274-002
1/16 5274-002
Publication: "Regaining Dr. Herman Haeberlin" by Dr. Jay Miller, translations by Fritzsche
1/17 5274-002
Appellate Report: Gjerde v. Fritzsche
1/18 5274-002
Photographs: party for Wes Wehr at the Fritzsche's
2/1 5274-002
Photocopies and transcriptions of correspondence between Herman Haberlin and Franz Boas
2/2 5274-002
Correspondence about Helmi Juvonen
circa 2002
2/3 5274-002
Correspondence and other materials from the Seattle Art Museum
2/4 5274-002
Correspondence between Morris Graves and Helmi Juvonen
2/5-7 5274-002
Correspondence from Helmi Juvonen to Kit Tucker and Elizabeth Hauser
2/8 5274-002
Correspondence between Andreas Kreul and Fritzche
2/9 5274-002
Correspondence and materials from Whatcom Museum
2/10 5274-002
Clippings and correspondence regarding Kurt Lidtke
2/11 5274-002
Correspondence regarding Fritzche's book release "Helmi Dagmar Juvonen: Her Life and Work: A Chronicle"
2/12 5274-002
Miscellaneous correspondence

Accession No. 5274-003: Ulrich Fritzsche papers, 1942-2017Return to Top

0.51 cubic feet (1 box)

Scope and Content: Materials relating to the life of Ulrich Fritzsche. Includes correspondence, photographs, newsclippings, manuscripts, interviews, donation receipts, transcripts, and other documents. The majority of these documents relate to artists Helmi Juvonen and Mark Tobey.

Restrictions on Access: No restrictions on access.

Restrictions on Use: Creator's copyrights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.

Acquisition Info: Ulrich Fritzsche, 2017-06-30

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder Accession
1/1 5274-003
Photocopies of letters from and about Helmi Juvonen
1/2 5274-003
Miscellaneous publications about Northwest art
1/3 5274-003
Publication: "Mark Tobey: A New Look," by Cheney Cowles Museum
1/4 5274-003
Book by Carl J. Burckhardt dedicated to Mark Tobey
1/5 5274-003
Photographs: works by Mark Tobey and photographs relating to Helmi Juvonen
1/6 5274-003
Correspondence with people who knew Helmi Juvonen
1/7 5274-003
Tribute to Zoe Dusanne
1/8 5274-003
Donation acknowledgements and receipts
1/9 5274-003
Photocopies of all letters/cards Helmi Juvonen sent to Eijo Vesanen
circa 1950s-1970s
1/10 5274-003
Unpublished interviews about Helmi Juvonen
1/11 5274-003
Information about Tom Kasaa's collection of Helmi Juvonen's works
circa 2000s
1/12 5274-003
Remaining Frances Farmer material (other materials in accession no. 5274-001)
1/13 5274-003
Helmi Juvonen exhibition at Whatcom Museum
1/14 5274-003
Thesis by Kelli Smith (featuring photos of Helmi Juvonen's art)
1/15 5274-003
Unpublished manuscript about Wes Wehr's references of Helmi Juvonen in his letters to Susanne Langer
1/16 5274-003
Manuscript: "Mark Tobey-Ernes A. Walter: A Friendship in Bahai" by Ulrich Fritzsche
1/17 5274-003
Manuscript: " The Fritzsche Collection of Vincennes-Sévres Porcelain" by Ulrich Frtitzsche
1/18 5274-003
Washington Trails Magazine (featuring photographs by Fritzsche)
1/19 5274-003
Comments on Fritzsche's book ""Helmi Dagmar Juvonen: Her Life and Work: A Chronicle"
1/20 5274-003
Correspondence with Regan Shrumm and transcript of her Whatcom Muesum lecture
1/21 5274-003
Correspondence with Eijo Vesanen about Helmi Juvonen
1/22 5274-003
Photocopies of Helmi Juvonen's correspondence with Smithsonian
1/23 5274-003
Photocopy of Helmi Juvonen's letter to Mrs. Christy with early drawing

Accession No. 5274-004: Ulrich Fritzsche papers, 1929-2017Return to Top

0.18 cubic feet (1 box)

Scope and Content: Correspondence, photographs, copies of records, and research notes related to Helmi Juvonen. Also included are manuscripts about Wesley Wehr and Jay Steensma.

Restrictions on Access: No restrictions on access.

Restrictions on Use: Creator's copyrights transferred to the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.

Acquisition Info: Ulrich Fritzsche, 2017-09-20

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder Accession
1/1 5274-004
Correspondence about Helmi Juvonen
1/2 5274-004
Davidison Galleries exhibit of Helmi Juvonen's work: pamphlet, print-out of exhibited items
1/3 5274-004
Legal efforts to release Helmi Juvonen's mental health records
1/4 5274-004
Copies of Helmi Juvonen's mental illness proceeding records
1/5 5274-004
Analysis of possible inspiration for Helmi Juvonen's painting "Manifestation of Thought"
1/6 5274-004
Copies of Seattle city records regarding Helmi Juvonen's residences
1929, 1937
1/7 5274-004
Photographic prints of Helmi Juvonen's residences
1938, 1946, 1957
1/8 5274-004
Helmi Dagmar Juvonen: Collected Notes (two spiral-bound volumes)
1/9 5274-004
Manuscript: "Jay Steensma (1941-1994) As I remember him"
1/10 5274-004
Manuscript: "Wesley Wehr- Recollections, Observations, Notes"
circa 2012-2015

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