Elton T. Taylor photograph collection consists primarily of a complex scrapbook filled with photographs dating from the late 19th century. Subjects include personal images, and portraits. The collection also contains recent images of Taylor., circa 1880-1990  PDF

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Elton T. Taylor photograph collection consists primarily of a complex scrapbook filled with photographs dating from the late 19th century. Subjects include personal images, and portraits. The collection also contains recent images of Taylor.
circa 1880-1990 (inclusive)
163 photographs
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The Elton T. Taylor photograph collection
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Elton Taylor served as president of the Carbon Stake of the LDS Church from 1943 to 1960. The collection consists primarily of a complex scrapbook filled with photographs dating from the late 19th century. Subjects include personal images, portraits, etc. Also included are recent images of Taylor.

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Portraits, New York
Photograph number 1: Newcastle, Pennsylvania: church member McCans, Elder Elton H. Taylor, Elder J. Eldon Swenson, circa 1924Photograph number 2: "All ready for the country: including breeches, leggins, straw hat, umbrella and "Ironclad."Photograph number 3: Elder J. Harold Whitakee, Elder Elton H. Taylor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1923. Ready to start "Country Week"Photograph number 4: John Richmond Pratt December 6, 1832Photograph number 5-8: Unidentified groups from PennsylvaniaPhotograph number 9: "President Heber J. Grant and party in the grove" New York, September 23, 1923Photograph number 10: Group on Hill Cumorah, New York, Sunday September 23, 1923Photograph number 11: Sacred Grove, Palmyra, New YorkPhotograph number 12: "Serving Breakfast at the farm" September 23, 1923Photograph number 13: Hill Cumorah from the Meadow, Sunday September 23, 1923Photograph number 14: Service at the Sacred Grove, Sunday September 23, 1923
Individuals and Provo, Utah
Photograph number 1: Center Street at 1st West, Provo, Utah, 1890Photograph number 2: Elton, Above "Wildwood" 1922Photograph number 3: Rhea Dixon, Marie Busby, Alice Taylor, Edna DixonPhotograph number 4: Ethel S. Taylor "Scott Cabin" North Fork, Provo CanyonPhotograph number 5: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 6: Elton LeRoy Taylor, 1906Photograph number 7: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 8: Unidentified soldier in World War I (WWI) uniformPhotograph number 9: Provo, Utah 1890Photograph number 10: Wm. Nicholls General Merchandise, "Uncles" Provo, Utah, 1890Photograph number 11: "D.T.R . Float in 4th of July Parade, Price, Utah 1929 at the time out store was opened in Price."Photograph number 12: Provo Fire Department, 1890sPhotograph number 13: Provo's first Volunteer Fire DepartmentPhotograph number 14-15: Peter Madsen Family ReunionPhotograph number 16: Peter Madsen and SonsPhotograph number 17: Unidentified group in front of unidentified buildingPhotograph number 18: Logan Canyon, 1920Photograph number 19: Dr. Phumner (Naturalist) Logan Canyon, 1920Photograph number 19a: Boy Scout Cabin, Logan Canyon, 1920Photograph number 20: "Kelsch" Wheeler, Alan Cannon, Elton L. Taylor Logan Canyon, 1920Photograph number 21: Glen L. Loveless, Russell A. "Bos" Standing, Elton L.Taylor, 1920Photograph number 22-28: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 29: "Puffing Billy" (train) at Provo Lake ResortPhotograph number 30: "Blackhawker's Reunion, Provo Lake Resort"Photograph number 31: "Puffing Billy" at Center Street and University Avenue, Provo, UtahPhotograph number 32: "By 14 August 1903, the date of this reunion of Indian war veterans at Utah Lake, these men who had participated in the Indian wars were grandfathers with big families."Photograph number 33: "Boathouse, Provo Lake Resort"Photograph number 34: "Motor Launches of that period"Photograph number 35: "Pavilion Provo Lake Resort"Photograph number 36: "Lakefront, Utah Lake, Provo Lake Resort"Photograph number 37: "Boat Club Champions"Photograph number 38: "Sailboats, Regatta, Provo Lake Resort"Photograph number 39: "Boat Clubbers"Photograph number 40: "Sailboat, Provo Lake Resort"Photograph number 41: "Our very dear lifelong friends and fishing pals of Lakeview, Spencer "Spen" Madsen and Ada Anderson."Photograph number 42: "Left: Spencer Madsen and his boat, in which we have enjoyed many wonderful fishing trips on Utah lakes. Right: Alfred J. Madsen and his boat who accompanied us on many trips."Photograph number 43: "Leah Laub, sister of Ada, Spen, Verda, Alfred, who introduced me to Ethel with his sister Gladys at Provonna Beach."Photograph number 44: "Alfred home pasture"Photograph number 45: "Ice piles mouth of Provo River, Verda Carter Madsen."Photograph number 46: "Provo boat harbor where we launched boat."Photograph number 47: "Snow slides at Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon Spen's sister Pearl's husband, Don Allred, killed here."Photograph number 48: "This slide covered "Heber Creeper" tracks and Provo River. Searchers recovering bodies."Photograph number 49: "Charles and Roxie Garner Madsen and family"Photograph number 50: James Madsen and Pricscella Stephenson home (?)Photograph number 51: Unidentified couplePhotograph number 52: "Arthur N. Taylor and sons at Provonna Beach "Cockel Burr's pulling project."Photograph number 53: "Bathers at Provonna Beach"Photograph number 54: "Motor launch tied up at Provonna Beach pier."Photograph number 55: "Sunset at Provonna Beach."Photograph number 56: "Stern of Billie Wilson's boat "Bonnie."Photograph number 57: "Hewit Strong: Elmer Smith "Showboat", Provonna BeachPhotograph number 58: Provonna Beach peirPhotograph number 59-60: "Ethel and myself about the time we first met."Photograph number 61: "Gladys Madsen Robison, who with her brother Alfred brought Ethel in a horse and buggy to Provonna Beach and introduced Ethel to me."Photograph number 62: "Elton standing by the side of out Maxwell car "The Cement Mixer" named because it did so much road work. This was the car is which we drove to lake, later courted Ethel."Photograph number 63: James F. McClellenPhotograph number 64: "Over the water and along the shores of Utah Lake, early in Utah's history, sailed Parley P. Pratt and associates hunting for an area where a settlement may be established."Photograph number 65: Samuel BriggsPhotograph number 66: Andrew R. AndersonPhotograph number 67: Joseph J. SmithPhotograph number 68: Alexander H. LoveridgePhotograph number 69: John JacobsPhotograph number 70: Daniel W. ThomasPhotograph number 71: Thomas Y. H. ColledgePhotograph number 72: James H. AllredPhotograph number 73: Robert FoxPhotograph number 74: John Roberts, Jr.Photograph number 75: William ClarkPhotograph number 76: Elisha H. Davis Jr.Photograph number 77: William BallPhotograph number 78: Isaac FoxPhotograph number 79: Paulinas H. AllredPhotograph number 80: Thomas FowlerPhotograph number 81: Andrew A. PetersonPhotograph number 82: "The Geneva Hotel"Photograph number 83: "Geneva Dance Hall"Photograph number 84: "Swimming pool on lakeside"Photograph number 85: "Geneva dane hall left, bath houses right"Photograph number 86: "Trained beras was used by aunt "?"Photograph number 87: "Summer Cottages"Photograph number 88: "Uncle Walter G. Taylor, Co-owner"Photograph number 89: John BeckPhotograph number 90: "Saratoga Springs Resort"Photograph number 91: "Lehi Pioneer Sugar Factory"Photograph number 92: "Lehi Band at Saratoga Springs"Photograph number 93: "Murdock Pumping plant south Saratoga"Photograph number 94: "Plunge, Saratoga Springs Resort"Photograph number 95-99: Various unidentified images dealing with boats and ice at Utah Lake (Number 95, see Number 103)Photograph number 100: "Provoans enjoy ice skating in Utah Lake boat harbor."Photograph number 101: Unidentified boat on Utah LakePhotograph number 102: "Ice piles mouth of Provo River Utah Lake=Photograph number 103: "A major industry on Utah Lake for many years was that of commercial fishing." "George Madsen was leader in searching party in Galillee disaster on Utah Lake. He make available motor launch river boats, Seines, grappling hooks and other equipment."Photograph number 104: Charles Madsen motor launch "Fern"Photograph number 105: Some of Search Party (most identified)Photograph number 106: Dr. Horace Cook Holbrook, M.D.Article about rescuers arriving
Individuals and unidentified individuals
Photograph number 1: Elisha A. Davis Jr., compromise signerPhotograph number 2: Elias A. Bushman, compromise witnessPhotograph number 3: "Aunt Rene saved this for me. I was 3 months old. (Rhea)."Photograph number 4: Coolidge Inauguration, January 1925. Washington D. C.Photograph number 5-8: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 9: A display of arrowheadsPhotograph number 10: Unidentified family picturePhotograph number 11: Unidentified boat, possibly a fishing boat on Utah LakePhotograph number 12: Unidentified buildingsPhotograph number 13: Provo boat club, 1890Photograph number 14-19: Pages from a book about Provo, Utah and its historyPhotograph number 20: Unidentified paintingPhotograph number 21: Joseph RawlinsPhotograph number 22: Henry W. BrownPhotograph number 23: Jesse W. FoxPhotograph number 24: Archibald GardnerPhotograph number 25: James SharpPhotograph number 26: Heber Manning WellsPhotograph number 27: John Calder MackeyPhotograph number 28-30: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 31: Ethel "When I met her", 1921Photograph number 32: Elton, circa 1921Photograph number 33: Elton by Maxwell Car "The Cement Mixer"Photograph number 34: Unidentified church buildingPhotograph number 35: Unidentified couplePhotograph number 36: Unidentified womanPhotograph number 37: Unidentified familyPhotograph number 38: Five unidentified menPhotograph number 39: Third Ward brick meeting housePhotograph number 40: Gathering at cornerstone ceremony for new Third Ward meeting house.
Unidentified photos involving a river and boat (Possibly a fishing trip)
Photograph number 1-5
Religious related photographs
Photograph number 1: "Tempter (Brother McCann) "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's and thine often infirmities." 1 Timothy 5:23. Exponent of "The Word of Wisdom", "Get thee behind me Satan! Thou should'st not be a glutton and a wine bibbler."Photograph number 2: "1 Timothy 1-3: "This is a true saying if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work." Reverend J. E. Swensen."Photograph number 3: An elder wearing a sash with "Cumorah" written on it.Photograph number 4: Elton, 1943Photograph number 5: "This is an artist's conception of Provo, in the year 1876. Note the Bonneville Lake terraces in the upper left of the picture."Photograph number 6: Henry D. TaylorPhotograph number 7: An elder wearing a sash with "Cumorah" written on it.Photograph number 8: "100 years: Provo Third Ward, Bishops" (all identified)

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  • Taylor, Elton LeRoy,1900-1992
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