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Bernheimer, Charles Leopold, 1864-1944
Charles L. Bernheimer expedition photograph collection
1864-1944 (inclusive)
358 photographs
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The Charles L. Bernheimer Expedition photograph collection contains photographs documenting Bernheimer's expedition through parts of New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, including phorographs of expedition members, antiquities, and natural phenomena.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
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This collection consists of one photograph album with numbered black-and-white prints which document Bernheimer's expedition through parts of New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. It includes photographs of the men on the expedition, of archeological artifacts, bones, and ruins, as well as natural phenomena such as natural bridges, flora and fauna. For photographs of an earlier expedition through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, see Bernheimer's book Rainbow Bridge (1924), available in Western Americana under the call number F 826 B47.

The register which came with the album has been edited to correct logistical errors. The original register is included in the folder containing this register.

These photographs were donated to the University of Utah by Dr. Jesse Jennings, who used the album during research of the Glen Canyon Project. His handwriting is noted near images of Moki Canyon. It is unconfirmed if he wrote the identities of the people in the album. The album's provenance previous to Dr. Jennings is unknown.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Album of Photographs
  • 1-10: Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico
  • 11-14: Rim Rock Canyon, Utah, "Skull showing flattening"
  • 15-20: Clay Hill Divide
  • 21-31: "Examination of Vegetation"
  • (23): Silver Scale Bush (Lepargeria rotundifolia)
  • 32-94: Grand Gulch, Utah
  • Following numbered items inclusive to Grand Gulch, Utah.
  • 43-46: Showing how floods erode and destroy vegetation
  • 57-63: Basket maker petroglyphs
  • 64-66: Hone ax polishing rocks
  • 72-73: Raised Spirals
  • 74-79: Grand Ruins
  • 88-89: Kiva
  • 95-104: "On way from Irish Green Camp to Lake Canyon"
  • 105-110: Pueblo ruins just before descent into Lake Canyon, Utah
  • 111: "On way from Irish Green Camp to Lake Canyon"
  • 112-119: "Exploring Lake Canyon, Utah"
  • 120-121: Camping in Lake Canyon
  • 122-124: Rim Rock Canyon
  • 125-127: On way from Rim Rock Canyon to "Shoot-the-Chute" camp
  • 128: Rim Rock Canyon
  • 129: Blue Flax
  • 130-132: On way from Rim Rock Canyon to "Shoot-the-Chute" camp
  • 133: "Cedar tree stump left by Mormon pioneers under Bishop Cuman Jones"
  • 135-136: "View into Rim Rock Canyon from a cave where we dug"
  • 137-140: Rim Rock Canyon
  • 141-143: Rim Rock Canyon, burial cist
  • 144-147: ?
  • 148: Blue Flax
  • 149-155: Rim Rock Canyon w/ Ezekiel Johnson, John Wetherill, and C.L.B.
  • 156-160: Colorado River near Rim Rock Canyon and "Shoot-the-Chute"
  • 161-169: Colorado River between Jane's Tank in Cedar Canyon and mouth of Red Canyon
  • 170-175: Colorado River near Rim Rock Canyon and "Shoot-the-Chute"
  • 179-185: Colorado River at North Junction Point
  • 186: Earl H. Morris repairing his movie camera
  • 187-194: Colorado River at North Junction Point
  • 195: ?
  • 196-202: On way from North Junction Point to Lake Canyon
  • 203: ?
  • 204: Jimpson Weed
  • 205: Silver Scale Bush
  • 206-216: Artifacts and bones from Rim Rock Canyon
  • 217-224: Moki Canyon
  • 225-226: ?
  • 227-236: Camp near Jane's Tank in Cedar Canyon
  • 237: ?
  • 238-248: Cave with an underground waterpool at Jane's Tank
  • 249-253: Moki Canyon
  • 254-269: Between Jane's Tank and the Colorado River
  • 270-274: Rim Rock Canyon
  • 275-289: Problems with quicksand at Colorado River
  • 290-294: Camp at mouth of Red Canyon with Mr. Carpenter, "the Hermit"
  • 295-299: Between Red Canyon and White Canyon
  • 300-325: Sipopu Natural Bridge in Armstrong Canyon, Arizona
  • 326: Black eyed Susans near Sipopu Natural Bridge
  • 327-331: Sego-Lily
  • 332-333: Standing Cypress flower
  • 334-345: Owachomo Natural Bridge, also called Augusta in White Canyon
  • 346: Cave and ladder, White Canyon below Owachomo
  • 347-348: Dwellings with stone door, White canyon below Owachomo
  • 349: Prehistoric House near Catchina Natural Bridge
  • 350: Pictographs
  • 351-355: Ancient foundation and Pictographs near Katchina Natural Bridge
  • 356-357: ?
  • 358: Sitting rock on way from Sipopu to Blanding, Utah

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  • Geographical Names :
  • Arizona--Antiquities--Photographs
  • Arizona--Photographs
  • New Mexico--Antiquities--Photographs
  • New Mexico--Photographs
  • Utah--Antiquities--Photographs
  • Utah--Photographs
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  • Photographic albums--1929
  • Photographic prints--1929