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Wilson, William A.
Utah State University student fieldwork collection
1981-1983 (inclusive)
2.5 linear foot
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USU_FOLK COLL 8: Fieldwork
Early fieldwork projects conducted by Utah State University students in fulfillment of graded credit requirements for coursework in graduate folklore classes (1981-1983).
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The Utah State University Student Fieldwork Collection consists of 18 USU student fieldwork projects from William A. Wilson's Folklore Colloquium Course: 1981 and 1983. The collection is closed.

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The Utah State University Student Fieldwork Collection: FIELDWORK consists of 18 projects collected by USU students in fulfillment of graded credit requirements for Folklore Colloquium course. Most items include accession sheet, release form, essay, journal, cassette-taped oral interview, tape transcription/log, and some contain photographs and/or slides. The projects are oral histories. Items are numbered by the year of the course (1981 or 1983) and an number for each student project. For example, FOLK COLL 8a: FIELDWORK 81-02, means that the item was submitted in 1981 and it is item 2 in that year. The items are stored in archival boxes. The materials do NOT circulate. Click for information on folklore collecting assignments for folklore classes, including examples.

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USU Student Fieldwork collection, 1981-1983. (FOLK COLL 8: Fieldwork, box, no.). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box book
1 81-01 Folklore (interview with Elaine Thatcher)
4 cassette tapes. Release forms included
Owens, Doris
Folk Music: Revivalist folk singing
1982 January 5
1 81-02 A Change of Heart (inteivew with anonymous)
4 cassette tapes. Release forms included: RESTRICTIONS
Blake, Nikki
Oral History: Adolescent Rebellion: Drug Culture; LDS Conversion
1981 May 20
1 81-03 Interview with Melvin R. Ballard, Sr.
3 cassette tapes: 1 photograph. Release forms included
Ballard, Clark
Oral History: M. R. Ballard, Sr.: Family
1981 May 25
1 81-04 No Item
1 81-05 Dad, Granddad and Me: Personal Experience and Family Narratives Told by Lloyd Walker
4 cassette tapes. Release forms included
Abrams, James
Family Folklore: Southern Utah, Cock Fighting, LDS
1981 June 3
1 81-06 No Item
2 81-07 The Hospice Movement: Interview with Carol Martinez
2 cassette tapes. Release forms included
Olsen, Marie F.
Hospice Program in Cache Valley, UT; Personal Narrative: Cancer
See also FOLK COLL 50 Box 3 Folder 3; Box 4 Folder 3
1981 April 30
2 81-08 No Item
2 81-09 Rosamond Hurst Melartin: Keeper of Tradition
6 cassette tapes: 24 slides. Release forms included
Thatcher, Elaine
Oral History: Rosamond H. Melartin; Teaching, Childhood--Blanding, UT; Music: Songs; Customs: Games; Material Culture: Textiles
1981 June 3
2 81-10 Biography of Venetta King Gilgen
5 cassette tapes. Release forms included
Cannon, Marty
Oral History: Venetta K. Gilgen: Childhood [early 1900s] and life in Cache Valley, UT
1981 May 8
3 81-11 Bill Cunningham: Buckskinner (interview with William A. Cunningham)
4 cassette tapes. Release forms included
Compton, John A.
Custom: Buckskinning; Rendezvous: 18th-19th Century Weaponry, Fur Trapper
1981 June 1
3 81-12 Iver LaVon Larsen and The Homesteading of Pocatello Valley, ID
4 cassette tapes: 10 Pphotographs. Release forms included
Larsen, Gregory A.
Oral History: Iver LaVon Larsen and Garnel E. Larsen
1981 June 1
3 81-13 Interview with Valerie Evans Atkins
4 cassette tapes: 2 photographs. Release forms included
Garrett, Barbara
Oral History: Valerie E. Atkins: Childhood in Blackfoot, ID; Mormonism
1981 May 1
3 81-14 Biography of Newel E. Munk D.D.S.: A Sketch of his Professional Life
4 cassette tapes: 14 slides. Release forms included
Malan, Timothy B., D.D.S.
Occupational Folklore: Dentistry/Work Experiences in the Early 1900s
1981 June 2
4 83-01 The Depression: An Era of Lost Innocence (intervew with Charles E. Brubaker)
4 cassette tapes. No release forms included
Brubaker, Robert Mike
Oral History: Charles E. Brubaker: Childhood and School Days, Boise, ID; Depression Era: Selling Newspapers; Grandparents Ranch
1983 May
4 83-02 What Makes the Job Interesting is Success: The Story of J. Calvert Gridley, U.S. Postal Inspector
3 cassette tapes: 16 photographs. No release forms included
Plucinik, Bonnie G.
Oral History: J. Calvert "Cal" Gridley: Occupational Folklore: U.S.P.S.
1983 May
4 83-03 Gus Ekstrom: A Man for All Ages
4 cassette tapes. No release forms included
Suddreth, Diana
Oral History: Gosta Ekstrom; Depression-Era Chicago, IL; Swedish-American
1983 May
4 83-04 Karen Matsumoto Grah: The Japanese Identity
4 cassette tapes. Release forms included
Eastmond, Daniel V.
Oral History: Karen M. Grah; Family Folklore: Japanese and Japanese-American; Racism
1983 May
5 83-05 Milo Dewey Gardner: A Celebration of the Ordinary Man
3 cassette tapes and 2 CD duplicates of cassettes. Release forms included
Macfarlane-Johnson, Annette R.
Oral History: Milo Dewey Gardner: Childhood (born 1898) and life in the first 40 years of 20th Century: Deweyville, UT: Work: Farming, Cannery; Customs: Holiday and Pranks
1983 May
5 83-06 Interview with Reed Bullen
4 cassette tapes. No release forms included
Taylor, Matthew J.
Oral History: Reed Bullen: Family Life: Cache Valley, UT; Occupational Folklore: Utah State Senator, Radio Station Manager, Cable Company
1983 May
5 83-07 Interview with Catherine Rogers
3 cassette tapes. No release forms included
Kathy Miller
Oral History: Catherine Rogers: Resistance and Analysis of Culture in Cache Valley, UT; Return to and Celebration of Southern (US) Childhood
1983 May

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