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Scandinavian Americans in the Pacific Northwest Photograph Collection
between 1890 and 1979? (inclusive)
338 photographic prints and 1 tintype (6 boxes)
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Photographic images of Scandinavian-American individuals and institutions in the Pacific Northwest, 1890s-1970s
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
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During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many people of Scandinavian origin came to the United States in search of arable land, economic security, religious freedom, and the opportunity for social mobility. Many settled in rural farming areas in the Midwest; a growing number found work in urban industry or entrepreneurship. As Scandinavian Americans achieved economic success, they developed distinct religious, cultural, and political organizations. By the end of the Civil War, many Scandinavian Americans once again left the familiar communities they had developed and relocated to the western frontier.

These western settlers were struck by the Pacific Northwest's physical similiarity to their Scandinavian homelands. The abundance of mountains, forests, and waterways provided economic opportunities in familiar vocations, namely logging, boatbuilding, and fishing. Transcontinental travel via the railroad and information from western settlers enticed greater numbers of people, and the 1880s was consequently a period of widespread migration to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Washington Territory.

Scandinavians migrating from the Midwest as well as immigrating from Europe quickly comprised a significant portion of Washington's rapidly growing population. They worked in many sectors of the economy and developed social, political, religious, and cultural institutions that celebrated their heritage; eased the transition to the new area; provided aid to settlers, the unemployed, or the widowed; and encouraged commonly accepted values like temperance. These groups also sponsored festivals and celebrations at holiday time as well as song, dance, and theater performances. Publications in native languages became widely available and covered news from the Old Country as well as local issues.

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The collection documents the lives of individuals of Scandinavian origin in the Pacific Northwest from the 1890s to the 1970s. It focuses specifically on immigrants from Sweden, Norway, and Finland (although it also includes peoples of Icelandic and Danish origin) and the industries they developed, as well as their cultural associations and benefit societies. The collection contains photographic images of individuals; members of benefit societies like Vasa Order of America and the International Order of Odd Fellows; choirs; dance groups and theater productions; events like the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition of 1909; industries as varied as logging, iron production, and journalism; and educational institutions such as Adelphia College in Seattle. The pictures were taken by individuals as well as photograph studios like Grady Photography and Nordlund's Foto Company. Many of the images are accompanied by text in Scandinavian languages. Square brackets surrounding a word indicates that an attempt has been made to decipher the spelling.

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PortraitsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Portraits A-St: individual and family
Box/Folder item
1/1 1
1/1 2
Hjalmar "Elmer" Anderson with unidentified man
3/1 3
Asgeir Asgeirson from Forseti Island, Iceland
Sigrid [illeg.] Faega & Co, Reykjavik, Iceland (photographer)
1/2 4
Tatiana Angelini
James J. Kriegsmann, New York (photographer)
Name written on back of photograph nearly illegible, possibly "Aug."
1/3 5
Gunnar Barlund, boxer from Finland, managed by Paul Damski
1/3 6
Olav Boen (1881-after 1975)
1/3 7 ca. 1940
1/4 8
Johan August Leonard Carlsson [also Gust Carlsson] (June 29,1883-June 29, 1952)
Frank W. Medlar, Spencer, Iowa (photographer)
Carlsson was killed as a pedestrian in Portland, Or..See also item 1.
1/5 9
J. Carlson, painter and decorator, Tacoma, Wash.
Kincade (photographer)
1/6 10
John B Carlson, Ethel Boline, Alfred Swanson, Helen Malmquist, and Nels Anderson, officers of festival in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
1/7 11
Martin Carlson, director, Vasa Male Chorus, Tacoma, Wash.
1/8 12
Gyda Christoferson b. Aug. 5, 1892, in Harg at Steigen, Norway
Biography included in folder.
1/9 13
Oscar Earlson, Director [Vasa?], Portland, Or.
1/10 14
Charles Ecklund at Fox Island, Wash., b. March 21, 1871, at Örebro, Sweden
Biography included in folder.
ca. 1946
1/11 15
1/12 16
Ossian Engelke in Denver, Colo.
July 1929
1/12 17
Ossian Engelke with Carl [Gylfe?]
ca. 1941
1/13 18
Dr. Eisen
Photograph of a painting by Wilford Conrow.
July 1937
1/14 19
Erickson family portrait
1/14 20
Algot Erickson
Lafayette Photos (photographer)
1/15 21
 Men and cat on the deck of a ship
Shown are O.P. Erikson, Johan Egardh, Daniel Johanson, [next two names illeg.], Nels Gillgren, [next four names illeg.].
Gunn Family
Box/Folder item
1/16 22-23
Robert and Mrs. Gunn with Leila and Hans in Stockholm, Sweden
July 15, 1921
1/16 24
Hans Gunn
1/16 25-27
Leila Gunn
1/16 28
Hans Gunn
Box/Folder item
1/17 29
 Dr. O.L. Haavik, minister of Ballard First Lutheran Church
Edward Johanson, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
ca. 1950
1/18 30
Augusta Hagaman, b. Oct 28, 1869, Gösslunda Forsamting Skarbors lan
3/1 30a
Jónas Hallgrimsson
Reproduction of painting on cardboard backing.Jónas Hallgrímsson (1807-1845) was a notable Icelandic poet and scientist.
1/19 31-32
Hellstrom Family
Grady, Seattle, Wash. and Ella Barnett, New York (photographer)
Family members included Oscar, Cecilia, and Billy.
1/19 33
Oscar Hellstrom, second from left, with group in front of ship
May 3, 1936
1/20 34
Martin Johanson with elderly people at a meal
Bill Templeton (photographer)
Johanson founded the Millionaire Club in 1921 to provide food, clothing, and temporary jobs for the homeless. Now located on Western Avenue, downtown Seattle, Wash.
1/20 35 ca.1965-1977
1/21 36-39
Tor Johnson, wrestler, Pike Recreation Center
Advertisers Photo Service, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
1/22 40
Walter Johnson
Fletcher (photographer)
1/23 41
Thoralf Jorgensen on troller boat Leda
Alf Ottersen (photographer)
Oct. 3, 1959
1/24 42
Aug. Lindwall
1/ 42a-b
Svante E. Löfgren, postmaster of Prevost, Wash.
Gift: Mrs. Svante Lofgren, 1957.
1/25 43
1/26 44
1/27 45
Alfred H Lundin, president, Seattle Chamber of Commerce
1/28 46-51
Consul Lundquist, Lucia [illeg.], Berglund
Mulholland Studios, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
1/29 52
Sigvard Malmberg, editor, Weekly News, Stockholm, Sweden
[Bergne?] (photographer)
1/30 53
1/31 54
1/31 55
1/32 56
Mrs. Anna Osbeck , Ladies of Viking, in traditional costume
1/33 57
A.W. Parshley, attorney-at-law, Portland, Or.
Jan. 10, 1910
1/33 58
 A.W. Parshley, attorney-at-law, Portland, Or.
Cal Calvert, Washington Street entrance to City Park (photographer)
3/2 58a
Hallgrimur Pietursson
Hallgrímur Pétursson [spelling varies] (1614 – October 27, 1674) was an Icelandic poet and minister. He was an influential pastor during the Age of Orthodoxy in Iceland, and he played a major role in the creation of the Lutheran hymnody.
1/34 59-62
Ragnar children, parents, and grandparents
1/34 62
Ragnar family at Wid Fais Grave
1/35 63
1/36 64 ca. 1897
1/37 65
1/38 66
Ole Sandberg (businessman in Tacoma and Yakima, Wash.) and his wife
3/2 66a
Jón Sigurdsson
Reproduction of painting on cardboard.Jón Sigurdsson (1811-1879) was an Icelandic scholar and political leader who spearheaded the Icelandic struggle for independence during the 19th century.
1/39 67 July 1926
1/40 68
Laurence A Steinhardt, U.S. minister to Sweden, 1933-37
H.T. Koshiba, New York, N.Y. (photographer)
1/40 69
Mrs. Laurence A. Steinhardt
Photograph of a painting by Roland Hinton Perry.
Portraits:Vilma Sundborg
Box/Folder item
1/41 70-71
1/41 72
Vilma Sundborg
H. George, Pontiac (photographer)
1/41 73-76
Vilma Sundborg
H. George, Pontiac (photographer)
Two copies of item 73.
1/41 77
Vilma Sundborg
Bushnell, San Francisco, Calif. (photographer)
1/41 78
 Vilma Sundborg in costume with group
Webster, Des Moines, Iowa (photographer)
1/41 79
Vilma Sundborg
HJH [illeg.], N.Y. (photographer)
1/41 80
Vilma Sundborg
Horner Studio, Brooklyn, N.Y. (photographer)
1/41 81-85
Vilma Sundborg, various costumes and poses
1/41 86
Drawing signed by Vilma Sundborg
Portraits:Su-W: individual and family
Box/Folder item
1/42 87
Author Lennart Sundstrom presenting a copy of The Face of Sweden to HRH Prince Bertil of Sweden
1/42 88
Svenson family group: Ida Gawell-Blumenthal, Emanuel Svenson, Karl J. Svenson, and Franklin E.F. Reed Swenson holding "deed of gift"
1/42 89
Mr. and Mrs. Swanson on their wedding day
1/43 90
Olav Ulland
1/44 91 Dec. 22, 1904
1/45 92
John Utterstram in log cabin
Acme Engraving Co, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
1/46 93
[Wallentin?] and Sonya Helena - man and little girl, Chicago, Ill.
Feb. 13, 1913
1/47 94
Group of young Swedish women, Seattle, Wash.
Gift: Albert Anderson, Nov. 18, 1957.
Box/Folder item
1/47 94a
Portrait of fourteen young women
Top row: Martha Johnson, Ida Nyberg, Rena Bjorklund, Hulla Abrahamson (married name: Mrs. Pele Carlson of Bainbridge Island); middle row: Anna Gibson, Ida Gibson, Julia Johnson, Hilda Carlson, Anna Carlson; bottom row: Signe Larson, Bertha Johnson, Esther Johnson, Hilda Holmberg, Viva Johnson.
1/47 94b
Portrait of young women from article in Svenska Posten
August 14, 1957
Portraits: sailors
Box/Folder item
1/48 95
Capt. Andrew A. Anderson and wife
Enlarged copy of smaller photo with wife, poor quality.
1/48 96
Capt. Erik Arntsen
1/48 97
Capt. Severin K. Gilje painted portrait
1/48 98
Capt. Helmer L. Halverson and Marion Nelson Halverson
1/48 99-100
Thoralf Jorgensen
1/48 101
Capt. Thor Hedemark Lea
1/48 102
Capt. Sverre Rustad
1/48 103
Capt. Einar Thomsen
1/48 104
WWI-era ships and crew members
ca. 1917
Portraits: unidentified
Box/Folder item
2/1 105 1895
2/2 106
Man standing next to mannequin of Native American
Aug. 1912
2/3 107
Mother and baby
Oct. 6, 1916
2/4 108
Group of men
On item: “First winter in Seattle.”
2/5 109
Group of men
On item: “The original bachelors, when 3 were married. Now 7 are married.”
2/6 110
Woman tending vegetable garden and man in doorway of house
2/7 111-118
Campion, Spokane, Wash. (item 111), [Davis?], Seattle, Wash. (item 114), Carl Klein, Universal Atelier, Helsinki, Finland (item 115) (photographer)
2/7 119
Portrait of two men against studio backdrop of natural scene
2/8 120-128
2/9 129-131
Outdoor group, probably Seattle
Theo Hall, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
Item 131 shows same group as in Hall photographs.
3/2 132
3/3 133
Group at base of knoll, probably Sweden - Uppsala Hagar
Olof Ostling, Uppsala Waksalagatan (photographer)
3/4 134

Northwest Scandinavian societiesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT): grand lodges
Box/Folder item
2/10 135 Oct. 1, 1908
3/5 136 1911
3/6 137 Oct. 2-4, 1913
2/11 138
Western Scandinavian Grand Lodge members, Spokane, Wash.
Aug. 31, 1941
International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT): lodges
Box/Folder item
2/12 139
Lodge #20 members, Preston, Wash.
3/7 140
 Grays Harbor Light Lodge #256 members, Grays Harbor, Wash.
Names included on back (from bottom to top), First row: 1. Charly Carlson, 3. Charly Runquist, 4. John Nelson, 5. Holmgren, 6. Anna Swedberg, 7. Fred Erickson. Second row: 1. Carl Feldin, 3. William Pederson, 4. Mary Sigstedt, 5. Anton Sigstedt, 6. Molie Sanders, 7. Emil Feldin, 8. Oskar Carlson, 9. Jenny Alander, 11. Fred Wilson, 12. Fritz Carlson. Third row: 2. Mr. Lindberg, 5. Otto [Srom?]. Fourth row: 1. Louis Lindquist, 2. Erik Johnson, 3. Ida Johnson, 4. Ellen [Alander?], 5. Mimie Anderson, 6. Kristina Anderson, 8. Tekla Moller.
International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT): picnics
Box/Folder item
2/13 141
Scandinavian Good Templar Lodge members at picnic, Seattle, Wash.
Names included on photograph, First row (seated third from right): Alf [Anderson?]. Third row: 5. Alf Sanden.
ca. 1900
2/14 142
IOGT members at picnic, Aberdeen, Wash.
Electric Studio (photographer)
Names included on back: 1. Axel Smith, 2. [Pelof?] Olson, 3. Bill Anderson, 4. John Brunstrom, 5. Henry Carlson, 6. Oscar Olson, 7. [Einar Lundborn?], 8. [Oscar Lundborn?], 9. Gust Lundborn, 10. Mrs. Einar Lundborn.
2/15 143 1913
International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT): Tacoma, Wash.
box-folder:oversize item
3/8 144
3/9 145
 Members, possibly Tacoma
F.J. Lee (photographer)
Names included on back, top row, left to right: [G.?] Dahl, O. Olson, Silvia [Svostrou?], S. [Sundtrudt?], R. Rasmussen. Middle row, left to right: E. Lundquist, J.E. Swanson, A. Swanson, Kristina [Dahl?], [illeg.]. Bottom row, left to right: N. [Haustad?], S. [illeg.], A [illeg.], C.J. Engsall, G. [illeg.].
2/16 146
Members, Tacoma, Wash.
Forsberg Studio, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
International Organization of Odd Fellows (IOOF)
box-folder:oversize item
3/10 147
 Anchor Lodge #221 past noble grands, Seattle, Wash.
Johnson (photographer)
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Gust Walgren, Herman Peterson, Albert Ericson, J.W. Nordstrom, Charles Swanson, J.E. Hellenius. Middle row, left to right: E.W. Henderson, E.R. Peterson, M.J. Rumin, Robert [Challman?], Peter J. Adamson, Carl J. Smith. Top row, left to right: Oscar Kalberg, Sture Moline, C.R. Linden, Albert Dahl, Dan Walgren, Andrew Olson.
2/17 148
 Anchor Lodge #221 past noble grands, Seattle, Wash., Sept 15, 1905 – Sept 15, 1915
Crescent Paint Co. Pictures and Framing, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on back, top row, left to right: J.W. Nordstrom, Charles Swanson, Gost Walgren, J.E. Helenius, Andrew Olson, Peter Adamson, Ernest Peterson. Middle row, left to right: Carl Smith, E.W. Henderson, Carl Linden, Albert Ericson, Robert [Chaltman?], Martin Rumen, Dan Walgren, Nedre Raden. Bottom row, left to right: Albert Dahl, Oscar Kalberg, Sture Molin, Carl G. Benson, S.A. Gunderson, Capt. John Wahlborg, Victor Lysell.
3/11 149
 Anchor Lodge #221 canton group, Seattle, Wash.
Johnson (photographer)
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: C.R. Linden, Axel Morris, unknown. Top row, left to right: Peter Adamson, Ernst Peterson, Albert Ericson.
Vasa Order of America: events
Box/Folder item
2/18 150 1917
2/19 151
Vasa Children’s Club (Barnklubbers), Swedish American Lines steamer Stockholm from New York
July 5, 1924
2/20 152-153
Vasa 50th Årsjubileum, Seattle, Wash.
Roger Dudley (photographer)
2/21 154
Vasa Swedish Retirement Home fund raising booth
2/22 155
Vasa Park entrance, Lake Sammamish, Wash.
Vasa Order of America: glee club
Box/Folder item
2/23 156
Members, Harmony Park
Gowan Photo, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
May 24, 1925
3/12 157
Vasa Glee Club, Seattle, Wash., led by H.P. Sather
3/13 158
Vasa Glee Club
Vasa Order of America lodges: Arbetels Lodge
Box/Folder item
2/24 159 1919
Vasa Order of America lodges: Klippan Lodge
Box/Folder item
2/25 160
Vasa Lodges Klippan and Frihet members at picnic, Seattle, Wash.
July 1922
2/26 161
Lodge #228 members, West Seattle, Wash.
Two copies.
ca. 1937
2/27 162
 Women’s group
Nordlund’s Foto Co (photographer)
2/28 163-165
Women’s choral group
2/29 166
At Vasa 45th Årsfest
Roger Dudley (photographer)
2/30 167
Lodge #228 drill team
Johanson Studio, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on back.
2/31 168
Probably lodge officers
Johanson Studio, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
2/32 169
Group of children in traditional costumes, possibly a lodge dance group
Vasa Order of America lodges: Linnea Lodge #174
Box/Folder item
2/33 170
Parade float, probably drill team
Vasa Order of America lodges: Norrskenet Lodge #189, Hoquiam, Wash.
Newspaper articles and other explanatory material included with the gift of items 170a- are filed with the collection case file.Lodge formed June 27, 1924.
Box/Folder item
2/33 170a
Studio portrait of Norrskenet Lodge members (nine men and three women)
Daylight Studio, Hoquiam, Wash. (photographer)
2/33 170b
Vasa Order of America members, probably connected with Hoquiam lodge, on a picnic in Montesano, Wash.
July 30, 1916
2/33 170c
Norrskenet Ladies Drill Team
Martin Studio, Aberdeen, Wash. (photographer)
Included in photo: Mrs. Halvarson, Miss Anna Anderson, Mrs. Victor Anderson, Mrs. Nels D. Nelson, Mrs. Mary Sjöblom, Mrs. Katarina Kristrom, Mrs. Arthur Oberg, Andra Raden, Mrs. Alva Martin, Miss Signe Berg, Mrs. Anna Sandberg, Mrs. Selma Liné, Mrs. Tilda Moller, Mrs. Vendla Lindberg, Mrs. Fred Carlson.
3 170d
Distriktmotetgathering in Everett, Wash., probably associated with Norrskenet Lodge
Caption includes some names of individuals in the photograph, some illegible. Legible names are: Knut Engdahl, Otto Grandstrom, Ivan Pearson, Nels D. Nelson, William Patterson, Alfred Gruen.
2/ 170e
Distriktmotetgathering in Tacoma, Wash., probably associated with Norrskenet Lodge
T.J. Lee, Tacoma, Wash.
Caption includes some names of individuals in the photograph, some illegible. Legible names are: Otto Grandström, Mrs. Grandström, Albert Dahl, Alfred Gruen, Paul J. Larson, Nels D. Nelson, Emil Sandren.
Vasa Order of America lodges: North Star Lodge #145
Box/Folder item
2/34 171
Folk dance group
Names included on photograph: 1. A.L. Hegstrom, 2. Max Anderson, 3. Hubert Leif.
ca. 1914
2/35 172
Names included on back, left to right: Gust Carlson, C.E. Carlson, Albert Nicholson, Ludwig Hegstrom, J.E. Anderson, Oscar F. Johnson, Victor B. Olson, Anna Carlson, Gust Nilson, Hjalmer Anderson, Rina Bjorklund, Arthur Swanson, Ivan Pearson, Knut F. Engdahl, Vendla Swanson, Hubert A. Lei, Mrs. Alf Olson, Oscar Stenberg, H. Sahlin.
2/36 173
 Tug of war team winners at Scandinavian picnic
Martin, Spokane, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on back, top row, left to right: Robert Strand, A.L. Hegstrom, [illeg.] Johnson, Gust Nelson. Bottom row, left to right: Ed Hokanson, John A. Anderson, [illeg.].
May 31, 1915
Vasa Order of America lodges: Pacific Northwest Lodge #13
box-folder:oversize item
3/14 174
 Bellingham lodge delegates at Seattle, Wash.
Johnson, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on photograph.Two copies.
2/37 175 1915
3/15 176
At convention in Portland, Or.
Two copies.
ca. 1915
3/16 177
At convention in Seattle, Wash.
Johnson, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
3/17 177a
At Valhalla Temple, Tacoma, Wash.
Associated Photo Service Inc, Tacoma, Wash. (photographer)
Sept. 5-7, 1936
Vasa Order of America lodges: Urania Lodge #414
Box/Folder item
2/38 178
 Dance group, Bellingham, Wash.
Sandison (photographer)
Names included on back, standing, left to right: Rose Johanson, Axel Lundberg, Ethel Evertz, Carl Olin, Evelin Strand, Oscar Asplund. Seated, left to right: George Lindstrom, Karen Anderson, Alice Evertz, Gust Anderson.
2/39 179
 Tulip Parade float, Bellingham, Wash.
Sandison (photographer)
Names included on back, left to right: Sire Jacobson, John Hogberg, Emel Nelson, Casper Ogard, John Nelson.
May 1-3, 1924
2/40 180
Vasa district convention arrangements committee members, Urania Lodge #414, Bellingham
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Knute Evertz, John L. Hogberg, Mrs. Mary Curry, E.J. Bjorkquist (general chairman), Mrs. John Peterson, Axel Lindquist, Mrs. John Englund. Middle row, leeft to right: Mrs. John L. Hogberg, Sigfrid Obrink, Mrs. Siri Smith, Mrs. Knute Evertz, Mrs. Robt. Eckberg, Mrs. Oscar Brandt, Mrs. Olof Selander, Carl Asplund, Olaf Selander. Top row, left to right: Robt. Eckberg, Arvid Osblom, Helmer Rudd, Oscar Brandt, August Matson, Carl Kindlund, John Englund, Carl Lindquist.
Sept. 1934
2/41 181 1952
Vasa Order of America: Male Chorus
box-folder:oversize item
4/1 182
Vasa Male Chorus, Tacoma, Wash.
H.A. Crosley (photographer)
.See also item 11.Names included on back, first row (top), left to right: Carl Boli, Ernest Carlson, Gust Johnson, Alfred Person, Nels Person, Henry Person, Leonard Svedberg, Carl Svedberg, Elof Lindbeck. Second row, left to right: [illeg.], Charley Lagstrom, John Berglund, Alfred Person, Clarence Person, Elmer Person, John Ostrom, Gotfred Lund, Carl Allan. Third row, left to right: Harold Bergstedt, Stammond Kalle, Nels Lindgren, Ch. Quarnstrom, Martin Carlson (Ledare), Elmer Wilson, Carl Nelson, William Hoglund, Louis Person. Fourth row, left to right: Albin Danielson, Gust Petterson, Emil Bertle, Axel Carlson, Gunnar Blomberg, P.O. Petterson, Eric Freed, Gust Moller. Fifth row, left to right: Wm. Anderson, Gunnar Hogberg, Hugo Johnson, Helge Gustavson, John Blixt, John Wikstrom, Arvid Lindgren, Valfrid Lutter, John Erickson. Sixth row, left to right: Hjalmer Swanson, Axel Jackson, John Nelson, Allan Person, Sven Sundgren, Carl Person.
Vasa Order of America: Order of Seattle Flag Bearers
Box/Folder item
2/42 183
Vasa Order of Seattle flag bearers
Walter A. Green (photographer)
Names included on back, left to right: Bruce Wickler, Jonas Nordwal, Richard Ober.
Vasa Order of America: portraits
Box/Folder item
2/43 184
Societies: other
Box/Folder item
2/44 185
Knights of Pythias Jerome Lodge #73, Spring Gulch Coal Mine, Colo.
Charles Eklund “last person to the right, 3rd row.”
2/45 186
 Order of Runeberg Chorus, Gray’s Harbor, Wash.
Handwritten on verso: Runebergkoren i Grays Harbr., Miss Anna Anderson, Perigent.
2/46 187
Order of Runeberg Chorus, Finland tour
Foto-Kuva, Grandell, Jakobstad, Pietarsaari (photographer)
4/2 188
 Scandinavian-American Democratic Club members, Vasa Park, Lake Sammamish, Wash.
Nordlund Photo (photographer)
Names included on photograph: Albert Dahl, first on the left standing; Victor Lysell, first on the right standing.
Aug. 1, 1937
2/47 189 1913
4/3 190
 Scandinavian Brotherhood of America convention, Odin Hall, Spokane, Wash.
Charles A. Libby (photographer)
Caption on image: CA Libby, '16, 12729x.
2/48 191
 Scandinavian Fraternity of America, Seattle Lodge #61, drill team members, Butte, Mont., convention
Names included on back, top row, left to right: Matilda Johnson, Hanna Ek, Gladys King, Ebba Grandstrom, Hilda Johnson, Hilda Olson, Lottie Person, Anna Richardson, Ina Ek, Edith Dalstrom, Olivia [Sinder?]. Middle row, left to right: Jennie Olson, Anna Johnson, Gennie Granstrom, Valborg Erickson, Blanch Haleson, Mathilda Halstrom, Esther Oquist, Emma Anderson, Nina Grot, Ester Oquist. Bottom row, left to right: Anna Tolefson, Hazel Dahlby, Ester Sito, Lillian Bradle, Beda [Sheel?], Anna Carlson, Cecilia Martenson, Tillie Petterson.
May 8, 1927
4/4 192
Swedish Mission church youth association, Seattle, Wash.
Moon-Wills (photographer)
Names included on photograph.
2/49 193 June 1913
Scandinavian Society event for Vice President Richard M. Nixon, Portland, Ore.
Photographs probably from 1961, after Vice President Nixon left office.Gift of Mrs. A. Nelson of Portland, Ore., 1957.
Box/Folder item
2/49 193a
Exterior of Portland's Original Smorgasbord
Banner advertises Nixon's visit on Tuesday October 26th.
2/49 193b
Vice President Richard Nixon with members of the Scandinavian Club

Northwest Scandinavian Cultural GroupsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Musical Groups: American Union of Swedish Singers (AUSS) Pacific Coast Division
box-folder:oversize item
4/5 194
At first convention, atop Mt. Tamas Piles, overlooking San Francisco, Calif.
4/6 195 1909
4/7 196
Convention, Seattle, Wash.
Nordlund’s (photographer)
4/8 197
Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah
Musical Groups: Choirs B-Sw
box-folder:oversize item
4/9 198
4/10 199 1914
4/11 200
 Harmony Singing Society, Seattle, Wash.
Peterson Studio Photo (photographer)
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Anna Ronquist, Anna Sjodin, Ida Swanson, Lilly Hedberg, [illeg.], [illeg.], Clara Larson, Stella Wallin, Jenny Anderson [Erickson], Lilly Anderson. Middle row, left to right: Emma Bergstedt, Anna Carlson [Whalen], Helen Nord [Svardal?], Marta Sjodin, Gertrud Olson, Kristina Erickson [Billmark?], Hattie Edenholm, Emmy Erickson [Berg]. Top row, left to right: Sigfrid Backman, Nore Aronson, Josef Hammarberg, H.P. Sather, Carl Anderson, Oscar Abramson, Algot [Hellman?], Elmer Nylin.
ca. 1914
4/12 201
 Icelandic Men’s Chorus, Seattle, Wash.
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Hoseas Thorlakson, Brantz Sumarlidason, Sigurdur Helgason (leader), Sigurdur Stefanson. Middle row, left to right: Bjorn Erlingson, Einar Jonsson, [illeg.], Torfi Sigurdson, Halldor Halldorson, Paul Bjornson. Top row, left to right: Arni Sumarlidason, Skuli Bergman, Sveinn Arnason, Gunnar Matthiasson, Karl Frederick, Jon Thorbergson, Askill Sigtrig.
ca. 1910
4/13 202
Jubel choir, First Swedish Baptist Church, Seattle, Wash.
Moon & Wills (photographer)
The First Swedish Baptist Church is now the Central Baptist Church, 9th and Pine Streets.Names included on back.
2/50 203
Lyran Swedish singing club, Portland, Or.
Names included on back, left to right: Erik Frantz, [illeg.], Eskil Swanson, Ernest Rosengren, Julius Karlquist, Edwin Larson, Ragnar Stromquist, [illeg.] Magnuson, leader Enoch Elmgren, John Elmgren, Magnus Ulin, Knut Green, Oliver Stromquist, Theo Lindroth, Ed Ulin.
2/51 204
Mixed Harmony Choir members, director Carl [Jeed?]
2/52 205
 Swedish Glee Club of Everett
Vikdal (photographer)
Names included on back, left to right: John Rosenblom, Geo Johnson, leader Phillip Hillstrom, Carl Burquist, Harry Anderson, John Bystrom, David Dahlin, Carl Smedlund, Gunnar Smedlund, Linus Westman, Joel Okerstrom, Jack Anderson, Arvid Dahlin, Mr. Myers, Gust Smedlund, Otto Granstrom, Erick Nordbery, Mr. Anderson, Ed Swanson, Willard Erlandson, Walter Edfast, Justin Lind, Adolf Gotberg, Mr. Hagglund, Rudolph [Hultman?].
ca. 1918
M269 205a
Swedish Glee Club of Tacoma
Peterson Studio, Tacoma, Wash. (photographer)
[Top row left to right]: Elaf Lindbeck, Louis Wickström, Louis Landström, Andrew Larson, J.M.A. Hulten, Peter Westlund. [2nd row from top left to right]: Nels Person, Nels Larson, Gust Callson, George Johnson (director) [center photo], Gustav Parson, Victor Lindholm, Alfred Sundell. [3rd row from top left to right]: Carl Hellström, Emil Bertil, P.O. Peterson, Olaf Nordgren. [4th row from top left to right]: Bertil Nordblad, Martin Carlson, Beckman, Algat Högberg, John Berglund, Sundberg, Carl Anderson, Gustav Björklund.
Oval portraits of glee club members glued to cardboard backing.Note originally attached to photo board contains names of individuals in the photograph. Note is filed with collection case file.Written on verso: Directors: Olle Bull, P.O. Peterson, George Johnson, Per Olson, Pastor Blomquist.
ca. 1904-1905
Musical Groups: Svea Male Chorus and Svea Band
Box/Folder item
5/1 206
 Svea members, Seattle, Wash.
Eggard & Erickson (photographer)
Names included on front, bottom row, left to right: C. Peterson, O. Peterson, C.F. Wallin, O. Berg, H.P. Sather, president N.B. Nelson, [illeg.] Rood. Middle row, left to right: [illeg.] Hokanson, K. Anderson, N. Nelson, Frank Anderson, P.O. Sorman, Emil Johnson, Olander F[illeg.]. Top row, left to right: Gust Falk, Erni Anderson, Walter Nasstrom, Alex Engstrom, Oscar Ohlson, Oscar Moberg, Carl Faclen.
4/14 207
Svea members, Spokane, Wash., directed by Professor Krantz
ca. 1906
5/2 208
 Svea members, Spokane, Wash.
Names included on photograph: John Nelson (fifth from left), Alf Sanden (sixth from left), [illeg.] Bark (leader holding flute).
ca. 1906
4/15 209
Svea members, Spokane, Wash.
C.A. Palmer (photographer)
ca. 1907
4/16 210
Svea members, Seattle, Wash.
James & Bushnell (photographer)
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Daniel Larson, Linus Johnson, F. Jonson, Eric Shellberg, C. Johnson. Middle row, left to right: Frits Hult, O. Anderson, president N.B. Nelson, director H.P. Sather, C.F. Wallin, Emil Johnson, Carl Lindberg. Top row, left to right: H. Hokanson, W. Halleson, G. Lindholm, O. Petterson, Gust Falk, Oscar Moberg, C. Fallin, P.O. Sorman, O. Shonbeck.
4/17 211
Svea members, Seattle, Wash.
James & Bushnell (photographer)
Names included on back.
5/3 212-215
 Svea members and guests toasting at convention picnic, Fortuna Park, Mercer Island, Wash.
Item #212 shows members of the Columbia Male Chorus of Portland, Or.Names included on photograph, left to right: Albert Brodie, Lilian Borgquist, Ed. Anderson, Annie Mattson, E.R. Stromquist.
5/4 216
Svea members at dedication of hotel in Preston, Wash.
Names included on back, top row, left to right: [illeg.] Seagren, [illeg.] Hillstrom, Carl Thorslund, [illeg.] Rosenblom, Robert Gedlund, Gustof Falk, Oscar Moberg, [illeg.] Nelson, [illeg.] Wickstrom, Carl Seaholm. Bottom row, left to right: Dan Larson, [illeg.] Halleson, S. Hakanson, Erik Shellberg, director [illeg.] Godin, accompanist Hattie Edenholm, C.J. Erickson, Oscar Peterson, Oscar Olson, Carl Tenggren, Carl Lindberg.
4/18 217
Men in tuxedos, probably Svea members, Providence, R.I.
Y.E. Rose (photographer)
5/5 218
Svea members
Bushnell, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: [illeg.] Ehrlin, Th. Mattson, H.P. Sather, Bob Gedlund, Frits Hult, B. Nylin, E. Nelson. Middle row, left to right: C. Carlson, E. Falund, Gosta Loftman, G. Hellstrom, K. Lagergren, Karl Thorslund, Oscar Olson, Oscar Moberg, Martin Nystrom. Top row, left to right: V. Oberg, C. Asplund, F. Lindstrom, D. Dahlin, Eric Shellberg, D. Okerstrom, J. Nelson.
5/6 219
Svea members and guests at picnic, Silverdale, Wash.
5/6 220
 Svea members
Nordlund Foto (photographer)
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Eric Shellberg, Alfred Frycksell, Joe Hammerberg, H.P. Sather, Frits Hult, Daniel Larson. Middle row, left to right: Albert Anderson, Linus Ruth, Frank Olson, Carl Engberg, Elmer Ohrne, Carl Seaholm, Linus Johnson, Carl Thorslund, Bob Gedlund, F. Carlson, O. Albertson, Oscar Strom, Emil Johnson. Top row, left to right: Frank Norman, John Nelson, C. Hallgren, Frank Strom, Bob Eckberg, O. Westling, Oscar Ohlson, Axel Erickson, Carl Adams, Claus Frans.
6/1 221
Svea members, Seattle, Wash.
Nordlund’s Foto Co (photographer)
Two copies.Names included on copy mounted on board.
6/2 222
Svea members
Nordlund Photo (photographer)
Names included on back, first row (bottom), left to right: [illeg.] Fredin, [illeg.] Carlson, Axel Johanson, Carl Winquist, director C.H. Sutherland, Max Anderson, Eric Shellberg, [illeg.] Nordlund. Second row, left to right: Frank Norman, Eric Janson, Dr. Stromberg, Dave Johnson, Wm. Hedberg, Bob Gedlund, V. Palmer, V. Nordstrom, Linus Ruth, Carl Seaholm. Third row, left to right: Axel Frycksell, G. Bergman, Birger Branow, Ernie Anderson, Oscar Olson, Scar Thurnquist, Albert Anderson, Geo. Swanson, Emil Engman. Fourth row, left to right: A. Hokanson, Frits Hult, [illeg.] Fredin, Adrian Erickson, Steve Hedlund, John Nordin, Axel Erickson, Al Johnson, John Nelson.
6/3 223
 Svea Band outside building, Tacoma, Wash.
Names included on back, top row, left to right: Gunnar Blomberg, John Nelson, Oskar Peterson, Art Rundquist, Carl Svedberg, Nels Person, Leonard Svedberg, John [Storm?]. Bottom row, left to right: Ernst Bertel, [illeg.], Peter Hagstrom, Albert Anderson, P.O. Peterson, [Johnas?] Svanson, [illeg.], Harry Peterson, [illeg.], Roy Peterson, Edw. [Ahlsberg?].
6/3 223a
Svea Band and crowd of men, women, and children outside Menlo Park Pavilion
Names of band members included on note originally attached to photograph: [Back] Nils Person, Lenard Svedberg, Oscar A. Peterson, Carl Svedberg, Gorge Anderson, P.O. Peterson [illeg.], Hegstrom; [Front row] Nels August Person, Albert Anderson, Gunner Blomberg, Harry H. Peterson, John Stolpe, Raymond C. Peterson.
Vahalla Military Band
box-folder:oversize item
XF1 223b
Group portrait of Vahalla Military Band, posed with instruments
: Hand-colored
Hand-written note originally attached to the photograph contains list of band members. Note now filed with collection case file.
5/7 223c-r
 Vahalla Military Band members
Aaberg, The Palace, 1128 Pacific Ave., Tacoma (photographer)
Photographs originally taped to posterboard frame; dismantled for preservation reasons, 2011. Original artifact was preserved in virtual form and can be viewed in digital collections.Gift of Clarence Person, Nov. 18, 1957.
Items c-f (top row of original display, L-R): Alfred Sundell, Frank Anderson, Fred Smith, Charles Johnston. Items g-h (second row, L-R): Adolf Johnson, Norman. Items i-l (center, clock-wise): P.O. Peterson, Andrew Peterson [brother of P.O. Peterson], Emil Bertil, Chilberg. Items m-n (third row, L-R): Pitman, Frank Johnson. Items o-r (bottom row, L-R): Otto Olson, Oscar Ericson, Nels Bremer, Otto Burk (or Bjork).
Musical Groups: Thule Male Chorus
Box/Folder item
5/8 224
  Members, Tacoma, Wash.
Names included on back, top row, left to right: [illeg.], Axel Carlson, Nels Larson, Arvid Lundgren, Dan Swanson, Elof. Lindbeck, Steve Forslund, Walf. Larson, Andrew Meyer. Middle row, left to right: Bert Norblad, Austin Peterson, Martin Carlson, Prof. Per Olsson (conductor), Emil Bertle, Ferdinand Forslund, [Consil Halmoham?]. Bottom row, left to right: John Berglund, Gustaf Larson.
5/9 225
Members, Tacoma, Wash.
Peterson Studio (photographer)
Two copies in different sizes.Names included on copy 2.
Box/Folder item
5/10 226 ca. 1919
6/4 227-229
 Swedish Club Colonial Ball, minuet dancers
James & Bushnell, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on back for items 229 and 230, bottom row, left to right: Cora Johnson, Hulda Nelson (Mrs. Oscar Moberg), Anna Anderson, Ellen Peterson (Mrs. Dan Larson), Mae Palmen, Mrs. Jack Raymond, Bessie Tullberg (Mrs. G.E. Kastengren), Mrs. Otto Roseleaf. Top row, left to right: Mr. Leaf, Oscar Moberg, Daniel Johanson, Clarence Sanders, Daniel Larson, Will. Lindberg, Ben Lofgren, Dr. Gustaf Osterberg.
5/11 230
 Swedish National Dance Club members
Names included on back, bottom row, left to right: Carl Tenggren, [illeg.]. Middle row, left to right: Hilma Lindquist (Mrs. John E. Johnson), Alva Juhlin, Anna Forsberg (Mrs. Oscar Soderquist), Gust Tenggren, Esther Norberg, Edith Brattstrom, Hildur Laurud. Top row, left to right: Binger Branow, Gust Magnus, Gust Eckman, Karl Thorslund.
ca. 1907
Dance, miscellaneous
Box/Folder item
5/12 231 ca. 1926
5/12 232 ca. 1926
5/12 233
 Group of men and women in traditional costumes (probably a dance group)
Names included on back, left to right: Ingeborg Johnsen, [illeg.] Mikkelsen, Stine Andersen, Oscar Vodder, Hans Hansen, Heddi Meiner, Hans Jonker, Anskar Petersen, Ellen Hoch Andersen, Harold Christiansen, Laura Christiansen, Viggo Kjorsgnard.
ca. 1926
5/13 234
 Norwegian folk dancers
Names included on back, left to right: Ruth Friden, Myrtle Bergman, Nels Haglund.
5/14 235
Dance group images
Three images on one photograph: top and bottom images of crowds at an event, and middle image of people in traditional costume.
5/15 236
Outdoor dance performance
5/16 237
5/17 238
Danish entertainers at “old people’s home”
Probably a dance group.
Box/Folder item
5/18 239 May 6, 1916
5/19 240
Judith Lindenau and Carl Barcklind in costume for Den glada Ankan, Stockholm, Sweden
5/20 241-255
Performance, [Ligeson gav kokkenvejen?]
Names included on back.
5/21 256-259
Performance, Det Gamla Guld, basement of the Old Danish Church, Seattle, Wash.
Names included on back, left to right: Jesse Andersen, Gladys [Davesen?], Gertrude [Montensen?], [Rolph?] Petersen, Minnie Kilgren, Rignar Jensen, Paul [Montensen?], Laura Christiansen, [illeg.] Andersen, Edith Jorgensen, Harold Christiansen, Ellen Andersen, [Harry?] Jensen, Einar Nielsen.
ca. 1930
5/22 260
Performance, [Den glade Koflensverd?]
Album containing 8 prints.
Names included on back.
ca. 1947
5/23 261
6/5 262 ca. 1918
5/24 263
Women in traditional costumes sitting on stage in front of country backdrop
On item: [Fra vor Håstfest I efderaarnet?].Names included on back: [illeg.], Ellen Anderson, Mrs. T. Jensen, Viola Anderson.
5/25 264

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
5/26 265-266
House and garden, Portland, Or.
5/27 267
House, Portland, Or.
Event: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE)
Box/Folder item
5/28 268
AYPE crowds on opening day
On item: “O what a mob.”
5/28 269
Women in traditional costume seated in open car against painted backdrop, probably AYPE
5/28 270 1909
5/28 271 1909
5/28 272 1909
Event: midsummer festival
box-folder:oversize item
6/6 273
Marie Ludberg, queen, seated on throne at midsummer festival event, Spokane, Wash.
Nelson Photo Shop, Spokane, Wash. (photographer)
Names included on photograph: 1. Knut Engdahl, 2. A.L. Hegstrom, 3. Allen Nelson, 4. Carl F. Soderberg.
Event: Panama - Pacific International Exposition
Box/Folder item
5/29 274
L.L. Opttang, K. Jarl, Gust Sundquist, Richard N. Sundquist at Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Calif.
Postcard to L.A. Sundquist, father of Richard Sundquist, in Candle, Alaska.
Nov. 24, 1915
Event: Preparedness Parade
Box/Folder item
5/30 275 June 10, 1916
Event: Swedish-American centennial event
Box/Folder item
5/31 276
Swedish-American centennial event, Consul Jakobsen in attendance
Events: miscellaneous
Box/Folder item
5/32 277
Large picnic group - two men with walking sticks identified as Andersen and A.H. Sanden
Eggan, Seattle, Wash. (photographer)
5/33 278 ca. 1905
5/34 279
Celebration at lake, with large cross and wagon
5/35 280 1910
5/36 281
Princess Sophia ten hours after striking Vanderbilt Reef"
Postcard copyright Winter Travel Co., Juneau, Alaska..See also item 97 (Capt. Gilje photograph and biography).
Oct., 1918
5/37 282
Man at podium addressing crowd
5/38 283 1939
5/39 284
Group of children in costume on stage
5/40 285
Group of people at celebration, probably lodge members
5/41 286
5/42 287
People in costume for holiday event, possibly St. Lucia
5/43 288
Children in costume on stage with adults
Harold Keller, Snoqualmie Falls, Wash. (photographer)
5/44 289
People at outdoor event
ca. 1960
Northwest: Isaacson Iron Works, Seattle, Wash.
ca. 1944-1945
Box/Folder item
5/45 290 ca. 1944
5/45 291
Plaque of Isaacson Iron Works employees serving in U.S. military
5/45 292 ca. 1944
5/45 293 1944
5/45 294 July 1944
5/45 295 June 26, 1945
5/45 296 June 26, 1945
Northwest: newspapers
box-folder:oversize item
6/7 297 ca. 1905
5/46 298
 Johan Egardh (seated at desk) and man and woman in office, probably Seattle, Wash.
Eggard & Erickson (photographer)
See also item 297.
ca. 1905
5/47 299
 Two men in office of Swedish Weekly newspaper
Eggard & Erickson (photographer)
ca. 1905
Northwest: miscellaneous
box-folder:oversize item
6/8 300
 Senators, state of Washington
Rogers Photographs (photographer)
Names included on back.
5/48 301 ca. 1903
5/49 302
  Staff of Wide Travel, Portland, Or.
James Rayner (photographer)
Names included on back, left to right: Axel Wide, Melanie Wide, and [illeg.].

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Container(s) Description Dates
Education: Adelphia College, Seattle, Wash.
Opened 1905, closed during WWI.
box-folder:oversize item
6/9 303
 Students of Adelphia College, Seattle, Wash.
Oliver Studio (photographer)
5/50 304
Students and staff of Adelphia College, Seattle, Wash.
E.L. Meyer (photographer)
5/51 305
Students and staff of Adelphia College, Seattle, Wash.
Seattle Photographic Co (photographer)
6/10 306
Students and staff of Adelphia College, Seattle, Wash.
Webster & Stevens (photographer)
6/11 307
Students and staff of Adelphia College, Seattle, Wash.
Nordlund (photographer)
ca. 1914
5/52 308 ca. 1915
Education: Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.
Founded 1860.
Box/Folder item
5/53 309-317
Buildings of Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.
Education: Danish-American Summer School
Box/Folder item
5/54 318-320 1937-1938
Education: Northwestern College & Business Institute, Minneapolis, Minn.
Box/Folder item
5/55 321
Students of Northwestern College & Business Institute, Minneapolis, Minn.
A.D. Roth (photographer)

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Container(s) Description Dates
Scandinavian places: buildings
Box/Folder item
5/56 322-322a
Church (Ajiefs)
5/57 323
Atelja Engstrom (photographer)
5/57 323a
Large building, probably hospital or school
Exterior of Valhalla Hall
September 1906
Interior of Valhalla Hall
September 1906
Scandinavian places: gravestones
Box/Folder item
5/58 324
Gravestone, “Stationskarlen – Jons Ljungstrom, 1847-1921”
Box/Folder item
5/59 325
Swedish-American Line, Stockholm (ship)
box-folder:oversize item
6/12 326
Autographed portrait of Sveinn Björnsson, first president of the Republic of Iceland

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