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Seattle Repertory Theatre
Seattle Repertory Theatre photograph collection
1963-1994 (inclusive)
2100+ photographic prints (75 boxes)
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Photographs of Seattle Repertory Theatre productions, 1963-1994; also includes actor portraits
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The Seattle Repertory Theatre (SRT) opened its first season on November 13, 1963, at the Seattle Center Playhouse. A non-profit organization, the Seattle Repertory Theatre was originally a project of the Century 21 Exposition (Seattle World's Fair). The management of the theater answers to a board of trustees. During the first years of SRT's existence, Bagley Wright served as president of the board, followed by Stewart Ballinger, Donald A. Schmechel, and Dr. Solomon Katz. Peter Donnelly was producing director from 1969 to 1982. During the season, six plays are presented from October through May. During the 1974-1975 season, the Seattle Arts Commission joined with SRT to make live, professional theater available to a larger audience by underwriting special matinees of each mainstage production to make free tickets available. The Seattle Repertory Organization (SRO) is the theater's auxiliary group which devotes hundreds of volunteer hours to repertory activities.

During the 1974-1975 season, SRT leased a historic building in downtown Seattle, completely redesigning the interior for theatrical use. Called the 2ND STAGE, the facility was managed by SRT and made available to other arts and performing groups within the community. In 1977, the citizens of Seattle passed a 19 million dollar bond issue of which 4.8 million was designated for the construction of a new resident theater with a proscenium stage and complete theatrical support plant. The new Bagley Wright Theatre of the Seattle Repertory Theatre opened in 1983.

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Photographs of Seattle Repertory Theatre productions arranged by season, 1963-1994; also includes actor portraits, arranged alphabetically.

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BOX 1:
1st Season (1963-64): King Lear

2nd Season (1964-65): Hamlet

4th Season (1966-67): The Hostage, The Night of the Iguana, The Crucible, The Visit, Blithe Spirit

5th Season (1967-68): Threepenny Opera, Rehearsal, The Rivals, Father, Henry IV, Part II You Can't Take It With You

BOX 2:
6th Season (1968-69): Lysistrata, Sergeant Musgrave's Dance, Juno and the Paycock, A Midsummer's Night Dream, A View from the Bridge, Our Town

BOX 3:
7th Season (1969-70): Volpone, Little Foxes, Once in a Lifetime, In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheime,r Three Sisters, Country Wife

8th Season (1970-71): Hayfever, The Price, A Flea in Her Ear, The Miser, Happy Ending, Day of Absence Indians

BOX 4-5:
9th Season (1971-72): And Miss Reardan Drinks a Little, Hotel Paradise, Ring Around the Moon, The House of Blue Leaves, Next Getting Married, Hotel Paradiso, Adaptation

BOX 6: 10th Season (1972-73): Charley's Aunt, Child's Play, All Over

BOX 7: 10th Season (1972-73): Macbeth, Camino Real, The Tavern, Promenade All (Special presentation)

BOX 8: 11th Season (1973-74): Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, The Championship Season, Three Men on Horse

BOX 9: 11th Season (1973-74): A Family and a Fortune, The Seagull, The Skin of our Teeth

BOX 10: 12th Season (1974-75): Hamlet, A Grave Undertaking, Life With Father

BOX 11: 12th Season (1974-75): Waltz of the Toreadors, A Doll's House, The Matchmaker

BOX 12: 2nd Stage 1st Season (1975): After Magritte, Halloween, Biography - A Game, The Real Inspector Hound, Lunchtime, The Architect, The Emperor of Assyria, A Look at the Fifties

BOX 13: 2nd Stage 2nd Season (1975-76): Kennedy's Children, Benito Cereno, Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Him, Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Made for TV

BOX 14: 2nd Stage 3rd Season (1976-77): Once Upon a Time, Suzanna Andler, Vanities, Balsman's Lena, Bingo

BOX 15: 13th Season (1975-76): Cyrano de Bergerac, Jumpers, Sevens Keys to Baldpate, The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia, The Madwoman of Chaillot

BOX 16: 13th Season (1975-76): Private Lives, Entertaining Mr. Sloane (2nd Stage), Made for TV (2nd Stage), The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (2nd Stage)

BOX 17: 14th Season (1976-77): Music Is, Anna Chritie, The Mousetrap

BOX 18: 14th Season (1976-77): Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Show-Off, Equus, Bingo (2nd Stage), Vanities (2nd Stage)

BOX 19: 15th Season (1977-78): The Royal Family, The Dream Watcher ,The National Health

BOX 20: 15th Season (1977-78): Uncle Vanya, Much Ado About Nothing, 13 Rue de L'Amour

BOX 21: 16th Season (1978-79): A Penny for a Song, The Master Builder, Side by Side Sondheim

BOX 22: 16th Season (1978-79): The Glass Menagerie, Catsplay, Fallen Angels

BOX 23: 17th Season (1979-80): Saint Joan, A History of the American Film, An Enemy of the People, The Taming of the Shrew, Spokesong, Pal Joey

BOX 24: 18th Season (1980-81): Strider: the story of a horse, Ah Wilderness, Born Yesterday, The Dance of Death, Tintypes

19th Season (1981-82): Anorther Part of the Forest, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Awake and Sing, Bedroom Farce, Major Barbara

20th Season (1982-83): Death of a Salesman

BOX 25: 21st Season (1983-84): As You Like It

BOX 26: 21st Season (1983-84): The Ballad of Soapy Smith

BOX 27: 21st Season (1983-84): The Misanthrope, Master Harold and the boys

BOX 28: 21st Season (1983-84): The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

BOX 29: 21st Season (1983-84): Shivaree, Make and Break
BOX 30: 22nd Season (1984-85): Passion Play, I'm Not Rappaport, The Mandrake, The Wedding, Guys and Dolls

BOX 31: 22nd Season (1984-85): Our Town, Night, Mother

BOX 32: 23rd Season (1985-86): The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Forest Fences, Girl Crazy

BOX 33: 23rd Season (1985-86): All My Sons, The Real Thing, Cat's Paw (2nd Stage), Endgame (2nd Stage)

BOX 34: 24th Season (1986-87): Joe Turner's Come and Gone, Noises Off, A Moon For the Misbegotten

BOX 35: 24th Season (1986-87): You Can't Take It With You, Red Square

BOX 36: 24th Season (1986-87): Landscape of the Body (2nd Stage), The Understanding (2nd Stage), Curse of the Starving Class (2nd Stage)

BOX 37: 24th Season (1986-87): Richard III

BOX 38: 25th Season (1987-88): The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Eastern Standard

BOX 39: 25th Season (1987-88): Tartuffe, Hogan's Goat, Beauty Part (2nd Stage), Danger Memory (2nd Stage)

BOX 40: 25th Season (1987-88): Home, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hunting Cockroaches (2nd Stage)

BOX 41: 26th Season (1988-89): Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Largely/New York

BOX 42: 26th Season (1988-89): Nothing Sacred, Truffles in the Soup, Claire de Lune (1988 season?)

BOX 43: 26th Season (1988-89): The Tempest, Les Liaisons Dangereuses

BOX 44: 27th Season (1989-90): The Heidi Chronicles, Sunday in the Park With George

BOX 45: 27th Season (1989-90): A Flea in Her Ear, Feast of Fools, The Playboy of the Western World, The Cherry Orchard

BOX 46: 27th Season (1989-90): Measure for Measure (2nd Stage), Robbers (2nd Stage), Woody Guthrie's American Song (2nd Stage)

BOX 47: 28th Season (1990-91): The House of Blue Leaves, Two Trains Running

BOX 48: 28th Season (1990-91): Much Ado About Northing, The Miser

BOX 49: 28th Season (1990-91): Six Characters in Search of an Author, Conversations with My Father

BOX 50: 28th Season (1990-91): Elliot Loves (2nd Stage), Home and Away (2nd Stage), Long Day's Journey into the Night (2nd Stage)

BOX 51: 29th Season (1991-92): Redwood Curtain, Hedda Gabler

BOX 52: 29th Season (1991-92): Madame Butterfly, When We Were Married

BOX 53: 29th Season (1991-92): Twelth Night, The Good Times are Killing Me

BOX 54: 29th Season (1991-92): The Lisbon Traviata (2nd Stage), Inspecting Carol (2nd Stage), Marvin's Room (2nd Stage)

BOX 55: 30th Season (1992-93): Heartbreak House, The Piano Lesson

BOX 56: 30th Season (1992-93): Inspecting Carol, The Flying Karamazov Brothers

BOX 57: 30th Season (1992-93): Julius Caesar, Lips Together, Teeth Apart

BOX 58: 30th Season (1992-93): Substance of Fire (2nd Stage), Spunk (2nd Stage), Eye of God (2nd Stage)

BOX 59: 31th Season (1993-94): Six Degrees of Separation, Harvey

BOX 60: 31th Season (1993-94): Oleanna Pericles, Prince of Tyre

BOX 61: 31th Season (1993-94): Silence, Cunning, Exile (2nd Stage), Love Langston (2nd Stage), Northeast Local (2nd Stage)

BOX 62: Unidentified, circa 1985

BOX 63: Unidentified, circa 1990

BOX 64: Unidentified, circa 1990

BOX 65: Unidentified, circa 1990

BOX 66: Unidentified, circa 1990

BOX 67: Unidentified, date unknown

BOX 68: Unidentified, date unknown

BOX 69: Headshots, A-C

BOX 70: Headshots, D-H

BOX 71: Headshots, I-P

BOX 72: Headshots, R-Z

BOX 73: Headshots, unidentified

BOX 74: Miscellaneous oversized

BOX 75: Miscellaneous oversized

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