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Stump, Cassie
Cassie Stump and Mary Stump Campbell family papers
1868-1933 (inclusive)
4 linear feet, (3 boxes (2 oversize))
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Correspondence, family photographs, and family records of the Stump/Campbell family, one of Monmouth's early pioneer families.
Western Oregon University Archives
Hamersly Library
345 N. Monmouth Ave.
Monmouth, OR
Telephone: 503-838-8419
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Cassie Stump was born February 8, 1855, in Monmouth, Oregon, to one of the first families to settle in the area. She was named after her mother, Catherine Elizabeth Stump. Her father, David Stump, was one of the original land donors to Monmouth University. In 1875, Cassie earned an M.S. degree from Christian College and in 1876 she received a Polk County Teacher’s Certificate. In early 1881, Cassie traveled east to attend Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Her journal describes a visit she made to the home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It is not known if she completed her studies at Wellesley. In the 1881 Christian College catalog, Cassie is listed as faculty, teaching instrumental music. She stopped teaching in 1886 when her father died so she could care for her mother.

An advocate for equal rights for women, Cassie was the founder and the first president of the Vespertine Society. When the trustees of the Christian College barred women from participating in co-ed literary societies, Cassie and her sister founded the Vespertines. In 1913, Cassie registered for the first national election in which women were given the right to vote. With the exception of the short time Cassie attended Wellesley she lived in Monmouth with her parents in the family home built by her father. The house was located on the corner where the Academic Programs and Support Center currently stands. After her mother died in 1916, Cassie added an additional floor and porches to the home and opened a rooming house for female instructors. Eventually, the home became a hub for college activities. Cassie Stump remained single until her death on January 19, 1941, shortly before her 86th birthday.

Mary Stump Campbell was the elder of the two sisters. During her college years at Monmouth Christian College she was the president of the Philisophian Literary Society in June 1872 before co-ed clubs were banned by the trustees. She graduated in June 1872 with a Master's degree. After college Mary worked as writer, business manager, and eventually publisher of the Christian Messenger, Monmouth’s first newspaper. In 1876 she traveled to the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Marrying Rev. Thomas Franklin Campbell in 1885 (his second wife,) they traveled the circuit preaching to rural areas and raising money for Monmouth Christian College and eventually settled in Eugene, where she raised their four children. When Rev. Campbell died in 1893, she returned to Monmouth to live with her mother and sister Cassie. Mary Stump Campbell died in 1955 and is buried at Fircrest cemetery with the Stump family in Monmouth.

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Correspondence, family photographs, and family records of the Stump family. Personal items of Cassie Stump include sketchbooks, notebooks with travel expenses, ledgers with grades for her students, and a personal copy of The Poetic Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1867). Oversized scrapbook of travel from Monmouth, Oregon to the east coast by Cassie Stump in 1900. Includes programs and invitations to events at Oregon State Normal School, later Oregon Normal School. Also includes certificate of registration and ballot from the first election that allowed Oregon women to vote in 1913.

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Cassie Stump and Mary Stump Campbell family papers, MSS 4, Western Oregon University Archives.

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I:  Family Records, 1876-1932Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Cassie Stump personal records
Christian College diploma with ribbon (Bachelor of Science) for Cassie Stump
Chautauqua diploma for Miss Cassie B. Stump
August 17, 1887
Will of Cassie B. Stump
October 8, 1931
Will of Cassie B. Stump
October 8, 1931
Polk County Teacher's Certificate for Miss Catherine Stump
Sketchbook by Cassie Stump
Mostly pencil designs, sketches, and drawings.
Cassie Stump voting registration and ballot
1913; 1916
1 oversize
Mary Stump Campbell personal records
Christian College diploma (Bachelor of Science) for Mary Stump
June 14, 1871
Chautauqua diploma for Mrs. Mary Stump Campbell
August 17, 1887
Christian College diploma in Latin for Mary A. Stump
June 12, 1871
Christian College diploma in Latin for Mary A. Stump
June 16, 1871
1 2
Stump/Campbell family materials
Obituary handbills for Mrs. Catherine E. Stump
February 21, 1916
Remembrance card: Catherine E. Stump
February 21, 1916
Obituary handbill for Herschel Stump
December 24, 1902
Picture card "Reward of Merit": 'presented to Miss Mary A. Stump N.B. 5th in Spelling
Music recital program by David B. Campbell
February 14, 1912
Obituary notice cards for David Stump
February 21, 1886
Music program: Bechstein Music Hall, Berlin: A Piano Evening with David Campbell
April 2, 1914
1 3
Materials related to Oregon State Normal School, Oregon Normal School
OSNS Commencement program
Invitation to Oregon State Normal School commencement
ONS Commencement invitation
Copy of text of the University accepting a portrait of P.L. Campbell painted by Sydney Bell
June 28, 1928

II:  CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 4
Letter from David and Lora, postmarked Newport (Nye Creek), addressed to Miss Cassie Stump
August 9, 1903
Handwritten account of visit Cassie Stump and other made to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Box Folder
1 4
A lock of baby Solomon Stump's hair, sent to Cassie Stump in Wellesley, Massachusetts, from Monmouth, Oregon
March 5, 1881
1 4
Letter from Cassie B. Stump to "Dear Friends"
June 17, 1888
1 4
Postcard to Mrs. C.E. Stump, Monmouth, Oregon, from Jason Lawrence, Ericson, Nebraska
March 10, 1895
1 4
Note from Wellesley College to Miss Catharine B. Stump inviting all alumnae to inauguration of President Miss Caroline Hazard
1 4
Postcard to Mrs. C.E. Stump, Monmouth, Oregon, from William Higgins, Ono, Nebraska
March 12, 1898
1 4
Letter of thanks from Wheeler County Clerk
March 20, 1895
1 4
"Wheeler County State Relief Commission" Application form
circa 1895
1 4
Postcard from David Campbell to Cassie Stump
April 16, 1902
1 4
U.S. Department of Agriculture Notice of Acceptance (1933 Wheat Adjustment Program)
1 4
Bundle of items in mailer sent to Cassie Stump in 1916
"Recollections of Joseph Chamberlin", 1908; The Chamberlin Family Record, 1816-1912 (including Waller family); memorial poem handbill for Mrs. S.D. Crockett, Easter 1907
1 4
Letter from B.F. Stump of Cleveland, Ohio, to J.B. Stump in Monmouth
Concerns possible Stump reunion, genealogy of sender's ancestors.
postmarked March 28, 1904
1 4
Postcard from Arthur to "Uncle" David Stump
April 1884
1 4
Letter addressed to "Kind hearted Mary" from Catherine Chamberlin
March 11, 1868
1 4
University of Oregon News Bulletin
September 23, 1916
1 4
Letter to J.L. Murphy from David Stump
December 14, 1878
1 4
Handwritten promissory note for $28.75 borrowed by J.C. Campbell from Cassie Stump
April 8, 1875
1 4
Loan repayment notice of $50.00 borrowed by Mary S. Campbell from Polk County Bank
April 20, 1898
1 4
Loan note showing Mary S. Campbell borrowed $20.00 for thirty days from the Polk County Bank
January 27, 1898
1 4
Monmouth Post office box receipt
1 4
Payments made by Miss Applegate
1 4
List of Assessable Property of Catherine B. Stump for 1918; from Polk County Assessors Office to Mary S. Campbell

III:  PhotographsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 5
Cassie Stump
Tintype of two women seated, Cassie Stump on left
Copper framed tintype of three women, Cassie Stump in middle
Framed tintype of Cassie Stump and Ada Carliss taken in Boston
February 7, 1881
Card print of young Cassie Stump
Framed tintype of Cassie Stump standing in formal white dress
July 6, 1875
Framed tintype of Cassie Stump sitting with book with braided hair attached with blue ribbon, no date
1 5
Photograph of 5 children taken at Nye Creek beach by Mrs. Tutosh
August 1899
Photograph of 5 children taken at Nye Creek beach by Mrs. Tutosh
August 1899
Man in striped clothes in wagon, "When I went to the Pen - Salem, Oregon - Alice A. Applegate"
1 5
Photograph of two young boys, David B. Campbell and Ramsey Spillman
September 26, 1891
1 5
Gray framed photograph of Helen Huber 3 years of age and her Grandma Boyd
White framed photograph of Helen Huber 3 years of age and her Grandma Boyd
Photograph of Alice A. Applegate, Eda F. Applegate, and Mrs. E.E. Phipps
Photograph of Linnie Murphy
June 1898
Beige envelope with tintype of two women and one girl, envelope stamped J.W. Applegate
Miriam Lenore Belt, age 1. Spokane, Washington
April 6, 1895
George Chamberlain Weller, 9 months
Grace Irene Schott, 3 years old. Condon, Oregon
Archibald Henson on porch, age 7 months
Leah and Archibald Henson, with umbrella and ball. Weiser, Idaho
Leah and Archibald Henson, holding balls. Weiser, Idaho
Two photographs of four unidentified men
Two photographs of four unidentified women

IV:  Miscellaneous materialsReturn to Top

Container(s): Box 1, Folder 6

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 6
Handwritten account of early Oregon missionary history, especially Jason Lee and Waller Family
date unknown
1 6
Handwritten card with the "recipe" for a cure for smallpox and scarlet fever
date unknown
1 6
Pamphlet: "Why We should establish and maintain an Eastern Oregon Normal School"
November 2, 1926

V:  Notebooks and ledgers, 1867-1918Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 7
Book owned by Casie Stump: The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1 7
Memorandum book: grade book and accounts ledger
Owner Cassie Stump
1 7
Grade/accounts ledger notebook
Parts deal with Monmouth, owner unknown
1 7
Miniature calendar booklet in German for the year 1910
Includes handwritten notes for 1918, owner unknown
1 7
Pocket notebook
Class notes, supply and other notes; survey notes by David Stump
circa 1858
1 7
Notebook of travel expenses for Cassie Stump
August 1880-July 1881

VI:  Scrapbook, 1900Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
Loose correspondence from scrapbook
2 2
Loose artwork from scrapbook
Scrapbook of trip taken by Cassie Stump and Loretta Smith from Independence, Oregon to the East Coast
Scrapbook spans the trip dates of June 19-August 25, 1900. Scrapbook created by Cassie Stump, contains a few photographs, many pictures removed from magazines of places they traveled, pressed plants, some correspondence and postcards attached to pages in the scrapbook. Short diary entries for each date of trip recounted towards back of scrapbook. Loose drawings and correspondence removed to folders as indicated. Stops included Wellesley College commencement, Toronto, Boston, New York, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, and Vancouver. Materials in the scrapbook range from clippings and pictures from 1885-1900.

VII:  TextilesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Beige cotton ankle-length dress with lace thought to have been worn by Cassie Stump.

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