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Penn Mining Company photograph collection
circa 1894-1925 (inclusive)
1894-1900 (bulk)
104 photographic prints (1 box and 1 folder) ; various sizes
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Photographs depicting Penn Mining Company site and buildings near the Monte Cristo Mining District in Snohomish County, Washington and views of the Cascade range.
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The Penn Mining Company was established in 1896 by Pennsylvania investors in the Goat Lake district, northeast of the Monte Cristo Mining District in Snohomish County, Washington. Among the mines operated was the Foggy Mine. Penn Mining Company is listed in the city directories for 1897 with William M. Macintosh as president.

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The photographs depict various Penn Mining Company buildings and houses in the Foggy Mine/Goat Lake area near the Monte Cristo Mining District in Snohomish County, Washington, as well as many views of the Cascade mountains, Goat Lake, and Elliot Creek.. Photos taken before 1898 were by Siewart; later photos were either taken or reprinted by Kirk.

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Most of the 5x7 photographs in the album may actually have been taken by Siewart, who was the official photographer for the Everett and Monte Cristo Railway until 1898, when Kirk took over his work and put his name on the prints.

The descriptions were adapted from notes originally accompanying the collection made by Harry Majors.

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Penn Mining Company AlbumReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/1 1.1a
Goat Lake and Ida Pass
Same image as item 1.27a
1/1 1.1b
Penn Mining Company Mine, Foggy Mountain
From accompanying material: "From ridge to west of Osceola Pass, looking west. Showing Cadet Peak, New York Glacier, Mayflower Glacier and East Basin."
1/1 1.2
Lower end of Goat Lake, frozen in winter
1/1 1.3
Penn Mining Company Mine, Foggy Mountain
From accompanying material: "From head of Goat Lake looking up at Penn Mining Company's #3 adit of the Foggy Mine with Osceola Pass above."
circa 1896
1/1 1.4 circa 1895
1/1 1.5
Goat Lake near M.C.R.R.
Kirk Photo (photographer)
1/1 1.6
Penn Mining Company Camp in Mountains
Kirk Photo (photographer)
1/1 1.7a
Ida Pass in clouds with Goat Lake below
1/1 1.7b
Ida Pass from the ridge above Goat Lake
1/1 1.8a
View of rocky bluff
1/1 1.8b
Bluffs at Penn Mine
1/1 1.8c
Rock croppings at Penn Mine
1/1 1.9a
Miners with shovels on cliff near snow
circa 1894
1/1 1.9b
Goat Lake from Ridge over Penn Mine
1/1 1.10
Road to Penn Mining Camp
Kirk Photo (photographer)
1/1 1.11
Looking at Sloan Peak from Osceola Pass
Mr. Sloan was foreman of the Foggy Mine for Penn Mining Company.
1/1 1.12
Looking down at Goat Lake from ridge to northwest of Osceola Pass
1/1 1.13
Looking up snowfield at Penn Mining Company
circa 1897
1/1 1.14
 Penn Mining Company above Goat Lake
From accompanying material: "The Foggy Mine"
circa 1897
1/1 1.15
From Osceola Pass looking north to Glacier Peak
1/1 1.16
View of mountains with rocks and trees in foreground
1/1 1.17
View of rocky bluff with shrubbery
1/1 1.18
Mine adit at East Basin above Mayflower Glacier with Cadet Peak in upper left
1/1 1.19 undated
1/1 1.20
View of snow-covered trees and building frame with rocks and water in foreground
1/1 1.21
Looking down Elliot Creek just below Penn Mining Company camp
1/1 1.22
Looking up Creek from Clear Lake (now Ida Lake) behind Penn Mining Company camp
1/1 1.23
Looking down from Osceola Pass to Cadet Peak and Mayflower Glacier
1/1 1.24
Scene near Osceola Pass
1/1 1.25a
Penn Mining Company Headquarters camp on Elliot Creek below Goat Lake
From accompanying material: "Also called Government Camp in later years because it served as a camp for government survey crews mapping the area."
circa 1897
1/1 1.25b
Penn Mining Company B.S. shop and office at camp on Elliot Creek below Goat Lake
circa 1897
1/1 1.26a
Road through woods
Caption on photo: "On the Road to Goat Lake"
1/1 1.26b
 Guest house at Goat Lake
Caption on photo: "New Guest House. Goat Lake."
1/1 1.26c
Road through woods
Caption on photo: "On New Trail to Goat Lake"
1/1 1.26d
Log guest house surrounded by scaffolding
1/1 1.27a
Scene across Goat Lake with Ida Pass at upper right
circa 1905
1/1 1.27b
#3 Penn Mining Company buildings in decay
From accompanying material: "The Foggy Mine"
circa 1905
1/1 1.28a
Scene from ridge near Osceola Pass
1/1 1.28b
East Basin near Mayflower Glacier
1/1 1.28c
Head of East Basin, Cadet Peak and Foggy Mountain
1/1 1.28d
Mountain Scene
From accompanying material: "#3 level buildings in decay - the heavy snows and slides at this 4300 foot altitude are taking their toll."
circa 1905
1/1 1.28e-f
Mountain scene
1/1 1.29a-b
Scene from Osceola Pass area
circa 1897
1/1 1.29c
Looking up snowfield to #3 level Penn Mining Company
circa 1897
1/1 1.30
Headhouse at the main working tunnel above Goat Lake
From accompanying material: "Lower ledge of building contained boiler and steam engine to haul goods up the snowfield just below the mine, after they were barged across Goat Lake from the end of the wagon road. This tunnel bores several thousand feet into the ridge, climbs a slant raise to level #1 and exits above the Mayflower Glacier on the south side of the ridge. The Foggy Mine."
circa 1896
1/1 1.31a
Camp on Sauk River
circa 1900
1/1 1.31b
The Coffin Cabin, Penn Mining Camp
From accompanying material: "The Coffins owned a large part of many mines in the area. Ms. Coffin (daughter) owned a large share herself, making her the only female owner in the area at the time."
circa 1900
1/1 1.31c
Close-up view of the guest house
circa 1900
1/1 1.32a
Buildings at Barlow Pass Station; two small buildings, one with sign
Caption on photo: "Barlow Pass Stn. H. and E. Rg."
1/1 1.32b
 Horse and cart loaded with lumber
Caption on photo: "Transport to Goat Lake and Perm. Camp."
1/1 1.32c
Olieout Creek below Penn Camp
1/1 1.32d
Bridge over Sauk River below Barlow River
1/1 1.32e
Sauk River
1/1 1.33
Looking across New York Glacier
1/1 1.34
Falls on Elliot Creek below Goat Lake
1/1 1.35a
View of Goat Lake with fog in mountains
circa 1925
1/1 1.35b
View of canoe on Goat Lake
circa 1925
1/1 1.35c
View from on Goat Lake
circa 1925
1/1 1.36
Man in rowboat on Goat Lake with mountains in background.
From accompanying material: "Man in boat is Jimmy (Yimmy) Mortenson, who lived at Goat Lake."Photographer: J.A. Juleen, Everett, WA.
1/1 1.37a-b undated
1/1 1.38a-b
Elliot Creek waterfall below Goat Lake
1/1 1.39
Mountains near Penn Mining Camp from trail to Osceola Pass
1/1 1.40a-b
Olieoutt Creek Falls
1/1 1.40c
View of two men on log bridge in front of Olieoutt Creek Falls.
1/1 1.40d
Goat Lake and Penn Mine Tunnel #3
1/1 1.41
Wilman's Cady and sentinel Peaks near Main Camp
View from the side of Prospectors Peak at Monte Cristo Mountains, including: Wilman Spires, Mystery Hill, Cadet Peak, Glacier Falls.
circa 1894
1/1 1.42
View from Mystery Hill across Glacier Basin and Monte Cristo Peak
From accompanying material: "Pride-of-the-mountains headhouse and bunkhouse with the 110 foot tramway tower. Lower tunnels of the pride-of-the-mountains are behind the headhouse at lower left."
circa 1897
1/1 1.43
Pride Mine at Monte Cristo
From accompanying material: "View from the center of the Glacier Basin looking down Glacier Creek. Pride-of-the-woods headhouse at far lower left with covered trail to cookhouse. Pride-of-the-mountains headhouse and bunkhouse at upper right."
1/1 1.44a-d
Trees and waterfall on Elliot Creek
1/1 1.45
Road to Penn Mining Company
From accompanying material: "Crossing Elliot Creek about 4 miles below Goat Lake."
circa 1896
1/1 1.46
Falls on Elliot Creek seen from Goat Lake
From accompanying material: "Bridge in foreground is part of wagon road above Penn Mining Company headquarters camp."
circa 1896

Miners and Mine BuildingsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/2 2
Two men and pack horse crossing wood bridge toward building
1/2 3
Two people in canoe near bank and overhanging tree
1/2 4
Roof of house and chimney with mountains in background
1/2 5
Log structure with tree stumps in foreground.
Note on back: "Early winter 1924-25 - New building at Lake - 30' x 60' in clear - 2 more tiers of logs will make it 2 stories - Cuts are started so door and window spaces can be sawed out."
1/3 6 undated
1/3 7 undated
1/3 8
View of log building's porch and wood sidewalk
1/3 9
Close view of log building with porch, taken from sidewalk
1/3 10
View across wood bridge with railings
1/3 11
Corner view of log building surrounded by scaffolding
1/3 12
Wood building with covered porch surrounded by trees
1/3 13
Wood house with two buildings, Wilman's Peak in background
1/3 14 undated
1/3 15 undated
1/3 16 undated

Goat Lake, Mountain Peaks, and Elliot Creek SceneryReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/4 17
Lake with mountains in background. "Twin Lakes from Top of '76 - Monte Cristo Country"
1/4 18
"Lake Blanca and Glacier"
1/4 19 undated
1/4 20
Foggy Mountain from Olleioutt Lake, Penn Mining Co.
1/5 21
Cascade peaks with trees in foreground
1/5 22
Mountain peak.
circa 1890
1/5 23
Cascade peaks with trees in foreground
XH1 24
View of Goat Lake marked with location of the Penn Mining Claims
Accompanying the photograph is a letter stating, "Elevations above sea level: Goat Lake, about 3,200 feetl Foggy Peak Apex, about 6,900 or 7,000 feet; Tunnel No. 1 entrance, about 4,500 feet."
1/5 25a-b
 View of Cascades from Monte Cristo side
Image 25b annotated with "Ida Pass, Foggy Mountain almost 7100' elevation, approximate location of Jeanette Mill Site."

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