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Ingerson, Vera Frances, b. 1890
Vera Frances Ingerson papers
1916-1967 (inclusive)
3.5 linear feet, (5 containers)
Collection Number
Ax 516
Vera F. Ingerson (b. 1890) was a Presbyterian missionary and nurse who served in Korea from 1916-1942, and Colombia from 1942-1957, and toured Europe and Siberia in 1931. The collection contains a variety of personal and business papers, highlighted by images and stories of Korea during of wartime and civil unrest.
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Vera F. Ingerson was born in 1890 in Denver, Colorado. She attended nursing school at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1916, she went to Korea as a nurse at the Presbyterian mission station in Syenchun. She later became the superintendent of nursing at In His Name Hospital, as well as a teacher at the Posyung Girl's Academy, serving for a time as interim principal. On a furlough in 1931, she traveled through Siberia to Europe and visited Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, England, and Italy.

In 1942, Ingerson left Korea due to the war and started missionary work in Barranquilla, Colombia. She worked as a nurse and teacher there. By 1957, she was retired and living in California.

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The collection contains personal and business papers: correspondence, travel and personal notes, mission reports, miscellaneous publications, diaries, and photographs. Some of the highlights of this collection are the pictures and stories of Korea, particular accounts of wartime and civil unrest. The diaries may be a great source of information, but are difficult to peruse.

Series I, Correspondence, is made up of outgoing and incoming correspondence and divided into subseries by content. Subseries A contains general correspondence. The outgoing correspondence extends from 1922 to 1946 and is addressed to family, friends, and mission associates. Most of the letters were written from Korea, although Ingerson’s trip to Europe in 1931 is detailed. One letter from Colombia is present, written in 1946. The letter of July 20th, 1926 describes anxiety amongst Korean workers. The letter of January 30th, 1930 relates conflict between Japanese and Koreans. The incoming correspondence, extending from 1945 – 1960, was written by Blanche Stevens, Wilbur Ingerson, and John Smith. John Smith’s letter contains a note from Richard Baird, who gives an eyewitness account of the end of Seoul riots, following the resignation of leader Syngman Rhee. Subseries B contains Ingerson’s Annual Reports on her missionary activity from 1916 to 1944. Subseries C consists of Ingerson’s Christmas letters sent during her retirement years. Subseries D contains letters relating events of the Korean War from an American chaplain and two North Korean Christians. The chaplain Harold Voelkel writes from a POW camp, and notes an uprising. The two Koreans, Han Joon Myung and Kim Yoon Chan, relay their escapes from Communist persecution.

Series II, Travel Papers, contains a variety of travel identification and information: cost estimates, timetables, tourist brochures and pamphlets, and reservation confirmation. There is a tourist brochure of Geneva and a colorful Trans-Siberian Express timetable.

Series III, Handwritten Notes, contains Ingerson's notes on religion, travel, and an educational seminar. Subseries A consists of brief notes on various religious subjects. Subseries B contains a journal of Ingerson's travel in Korea with brief entries. Subseries C contains the papers regarding a seminar on a university's tour of Asia.

Series IV, Publications and Ephemera, contains yearbooks from Korean schools and other publications. Subseries A contains two yearbooks of Ingerson's school, the Pusyong Girl's Academy. Subseries B contains various pamphlets: one on Korea, one on Korean Churches, and one taken from an Ingerson annual report. There is also a book of photos with descriptions of Korean tourist destinations.

Series V, Diaries, consists of Ingerson's Line-a-Day diaries, which contain brief entries of the day's most basic events.

Series VI, Photographs, contains a number of photographs and a photo album. Subseries A consists of loose photographs of Ingerson, her friends, her associates, her students, and her environs. There is a great deal of attention devoted to the Korean school she taught at and the students. Subseries B is a photo album. The first part contains large group photos of Korean mission members from 1916 to 1937. The end of the book contains photos of smaller groups of missionaries in various states of repose, along with many photos of Korean landscape and native Koreans.

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Series I:  CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Subseries A: Correspondence
Box Folder
1 1
1 2
Subseries B: Reports from Korea
Box Folder
1 3
1 4
1 5
Subseries C: Christmas letters
Box Folder
1 6
Subseries D: Harold Voelkel's letters & the story of Pastor Han Joon Myung
Box Folder
1 7

Series II:  Miscellaneous travel papersReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 8
To Korea and Europe
1 9
To Colombia

Series III:  Handwritten NotesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Subseries A: Prayer notes
Box Folder
1 10
Prayer notes
1 11
Prayer notes
Subseries B: Travel notes
Box Folder
1 12
Travel notes
Subseries C: Fairleigh Dickenson Seminar Reflections
June 14-17, 1959
Box Folder
1 13
Fairleigh Dickenson Seminar Reflections
June 14-17, 1959

Series IV:  Publications and EphemeraReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Subseries A: Yearbooks
Box Folder
1 14
PSGS Album
1 15
PSGS Album
1 16
The Master Kulsi
Subseries B: Misc. Publications and Ephemera
Box Folder
1 17
The Korea Digest
1 17
Personal Report of Vera F. Ingerson
1 17
The Story of Seoul Union Church
2 1
Diamond Mountain

Series V:  DiariesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 2
1916-1918 and later
2 3
2 4
2 5
2 6
3 1
3 2
3 3
3 4
4 1

Series VI:  PhotographsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
4 2
Waldorf pictures: Lauderdale, Florida
Jan. 1952
4 3
Waldorf pictures: Barbara and Linda
May 30, 1953
4 4
Waldorf pictures: Bill and Barbara's wedding reception
4 5
Waldorf pictures: Bill and Barbara at wedding reception
4 6
Waldorf pictures: Mary & Frank Stroup
July 9, 1935
4 7
A walk up the "Pass" after Thanksgiving dinner
4 8
A walk up the "Pass" after Thanksgiving dinner
4 9
Family photo
4 10
People at Mission meeting, Jan. 1945 Barranquilla
4 11
People at Mission meeting, Jan. 1945 Barranquilla
4 12
Group photo: many, many Westerners
4 13
Many children posing outside
4 14
Merry Christmas from Jim & Cordelia
4 15
Ingerson and her graduates of 1923
4 16
The Lutz family--Margaret, Betty, Rachel, Carol, Dexter & Lenore
4 17
Ingerson on hill back of "Whittemore" house
4 18
Old man, woman; young man, woman--family photo?
4 19
Group photo: mostly Asian women (& Ingerson)
4 20
2 Asian girls in front of pillar-like monument
4 21
Lutz family
Christmas 1944
4 22
Wedding at our house
4 23
Syen Station Flashlight
Thanksgiving 1929
4 24
The Hoffmans, Aug. 1956
4 25
My Syenchun family--children I have helped bring into the world
4 26
Ms. V. herself
4 27
V. and her new graduates of Mch. 23
4 28
Ms. V. with cats and a boy
4 29
Atlantic City, Aug. 1934 [the Hoffmans?]
4 30
Dick Baird holding Ricky in the Barranquilla girls' school garden
4 31
Dick Baird holding Ricky in the Barranquilla girls' school garden
4 32
A group of Westerners posing in a courtyard
4 33
Old couple
4 34
Many Westerners with children
4 35
Group photo of Westerners
4 36
Group photo of Westerners
4 37
Floyd & Shirley Jean--her wedding day
4 38
Path among [school?] buildings
4 39
Posung girls & teachers enjoying games on excursion
4 40
Posung Faculty on a picnic
4 41
SS--field day obstacle race
4 42
S.E. school boys in P.Y
May 1922
4 43
Kimchi time
4 44
Posung Faculty Picnic
4 45
Registration day at Posung
4 46
Posung girls passing tile for building
4 47
Passing OMH tile for building school dorm?
4 48
Posung bldg after we "raised the roof"
4 49
Posung classroom bldg & students. Bible Institute bldg at left
4 50
Rows of Asian girls down on one knee
4 51
Rows of Asian girls with arms outstretched
4 52
Rows of girls standing
4 53
Girls playing some kind of ball game
4 54
Rows of girls with arms outstretched, somewhat lower than shoulder height
4 55
Rows of short-sleeved girls with arms slantingly outstretched
4 56
Short-sleeved girls in rows with upraised hands
4 57
Girls lined up on a stage with Ms. V.
4 58
Girls lined up on a stage with Ms. V.
4 59
Man plays piano onstage, woman stands facing audience
4 60
Girls lined up onstage, sex-segregated audience
4 61
Girls lined up onstage, sex-segregated audience
4 62
Girls lined up onstage, sex-segregated audience
4 63
Play in Posung chapel
4 64
Play at Posung again
4 65
["Oh Pawhsooniee"?] and her new "Omeni" (mother)
4 66
Putting our name on the mail box
4 67
A view of the SW corner of the house
4 68
A front view of W facing house
4 69
A view of the NW corner of the house
4 70
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride, mother, & bridesmaids
4 71
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride & groom with silverware set
4 72
Francis Lampe's wedding: bridesmaids & bride
4 73
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride & groom standing behind set table
4 74
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride
4 75
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride & groom in empty church
4 76
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride & groom in empty church, closer up
4 77
Francis Lampe's wedding: bride & groom seated with trays on their laps
4 78
Girl with curled pigtails
4 79
Gripsholm snaps: All-adult group photo on a ship
4 80
Gripsholm snaps: All-adult group photo on a ship--Ms. V. in front row
4 81
Gripsholm snaps: Chaotic group photo in a city
4 82
Gripsholm snaps: Group photo--all adults--everyone talking
4 83
Gripsholm snaps: Group photo--all talking
4 84
Gripsholm snaps: Group photo, many blurry, talking
4 85
Gripsholm snaps: Same set-up as folder 80
4 86
Gripsholm snaps: Ship from [back?]
4 87
Gripsholm snaps: Ship from side
4 88
Gripsholm snaps: Deck of ship
4 89
Gripsholm gathering--Korea Club--Reprinted from Oct. Korea Klipper--list included
4 90
House with snow
4 91
Friends helping son saw wood
4 92
V. and nurses outside of [Kuie Li's?] house
4 93
SC picnic--mostly Westerners
4 94
Group photo--Thanksgiving--hospital in background
4 95
SC Station--all Westerners--3 youngsters
4 96
Sharrocks family
4 97
B.I. girls & teacher (Ms. V.)
4 98
SC picnic on shuffle board at "Whit" house
4 99
"Rogues' Gallery"--photo of photos
4 100
Picnic supper up back of the compound
4 101
4 102
Sunday afternoon after church--Syenchun Station
4 103
Family photo--Westerners
Feb. 10, 1946
4 104
Picnic--everyone turned toward the camera
4 105
Ms. V. with some Asian women
4 106
Christmas card from Hermie, Wallace, Lola Beth, & Albert Anderson
4 107
Columbia Mission cir. 42-45, group photo
4 108
May 22, 1933, Posung picnic--on Yalu River
4 109
Federal Council of Churches, Korea
circa 1918-20
4 110
American Nurses Assn. about 1916, Korea
4 111
North Church chorus--Sang "Messiah" "Gloria" etc.
4 112
North Church choir--Syenchun, Korea, Mrs. Lutz, Frances Lampe, Ms. V.--same set-up as 111, but larger
4 113
Mr. Kim conducting the North Church chorus. Mrs. Lutz as soloist & Francis Lamp plays violin
4 114
Syenchun Station, Sept. 1929--group photo
4 115
Syenchun Bible Institute--3 Westerners and lots of Asian women
4 116
Ms. V & some Asian girls & a flowering shrub
4 117
Group photo--[Bible Institute?]
4 118
Ms. V. and [Ranier McKenzie?] and some young Asian women with a dog in front of a flowering shrub
4 119
Passport Photo
4 120
Passport Photo
Subseries B: Photo Album
Box Folder
5 1
Photo Album

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Korean War, 1950-1953--Personal narratives
  • Missionaires, Medical--Korea
  • Missionaries, Medical--Colombia--Barranquilla
  • Nurses--Colombia--Barranquilla
  • Nurses--Korea
  • Presbyterian Church--Missions--Korea
  • Teachers--Colombia--Barranquilla
  • Teachers--Korea
  • Personal Names :
  • Baird, Richard H., 1898-
  • Ingerson, Vera Frances, b. 1890
  • Ingerson, Wilbur--Correspondence
  • Smith, John--Correspondence
  • Stevens, Blanche--Correspondence
  • Geographical Names :
  • Korea--Photographs
  • Korea--Politics and government--20th century
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Diaries
  • Photographs--Korea