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Daniel Y. Meschter Papers, 1980-1993

Overview of the Collection

Meschter, Daniel Y.
Daniel Y. Meschter Papers
1980-1993 (inclusive)
1.2 linear feet
Collection Number
Mss 692
Research materials and copies of writings and publications by Daniel Meschter. This collection of research and writings is largely focused on the history and people of Granite County, Montana.
University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Archives and Special Collections
Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library
University of Montana
32 Campus Dr. #9936
Missoula, MT
Telephone: 406-243-2053
Fax: 406-243-4067
Access Restrictions

Researchers must use collection in accordance with the policies of Archives and Special Collections, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, and The University of Montana--Missoula.


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aA native of New York State, Daniel Y. Meschter was born 6 October 1924. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1943 to 1946 and then enrolled in Dartmouth College, where he graduated with a B.S. in Geology in 1920. He also did post-graduate study in Geology at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. His career began with two years in the U.S. Geological Survey's strategic minerals program in western Montana, followed by four years employment with a mining company in Philipsburg, Mont. He then worked as a geologist for the Atomic Energy Commission in Wyoming for five years administering the government's uranium exploration and raw materials purchasing program. He retired in 1984 as a U.S. Forest Service area mining engineer serving the Wenatchee, Mt. Baker-Snowqualmie, and Olympic National Forests. Meschter authored Flint Chips: Tales of the Flint Creek Valley . He married Dorothy Watson in Hall, Montana, in September 1951. They had one daughter, Catherine.

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This collection consists of Daniel Meschter's research materials, including photocopies from newspapers and other publications. It also includes copies of his own writings focused on the history and people of Granite County, Montana.

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Restrictions on Use

Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U.S.C. and any other applicable statutes. Copyright not transferred to The University of Montana.

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[Name of document or photograph number], Daniel Y. Meschter Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, The University of Montana-Missoula.

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Container(s) Description
Biographical Notes, A - W
Ione Adkins Crane; Joseph Alger; William T. Allison; Fannny S. Anderson; Katherine Anderson; Herman Applegate and Martha Applegate; George Babcock; Charles Bell; William F. Bentz; Daniel Berry; Emil Edward Blumenthal; Fred Bowen and William Bowen; Clifford N. Bowie; Cliff Braach, Raymond Braach, Wally Braach, and David Braach; Margaret Bradshaw, W.C. Bradshaw; Clifford N. Bowie and wife; Pat Brogan; Frank Brown, Annie Brown, Amy Brown, and Anna Brown; L.A. Bullard, Alfred Bullard, and Moses Bullard; Salton Cameron; John Caplice; Ruth Carmichael Wilson, Lyle Frank Wilson, and John J. Carmichael; Joseph J. Catching and Joel P. Catching; Charles Clark; William A. Clark; William F. Clawson; Charles Cloutier; Lucy Ann Coberly (nee Davis), James Coberly, Thomas Coberly, William Coberly, David Maggard family (David was possibly married to Lucy Coberly), Homer Cogswell; John Cole; Donald A. Collins, Fannie Cody Collins, Thomas O. Collins, and Eva Marie Collins; Nick Connolly; Anna Corella; Horace Countryman; Peter Coyle; E.A. Cralle; George D. Craven; Lula M. Cumming; Jeff Davis; John W. Dawson and wife; Lee Degenhart and Ben Degenhart; Philip Deidesheimer and Martha Deidesheimer; Alex DeLong; Remigius De Ryckere; Newton Dickerson; William Dingwall and Duncan Dingwall; Marshall E. Doe and Jenita C. Crable; P. Dooley, Mike Dooley, Pat Dooley, and Milroy Dooley; Hugh Duncan; David Dunkleberg; David M. Durfee, David Durfee, Francis M. Durfee, and James (Edward) Durfee; Violet Eccleston; John Edwards; James Estille; John C. Fahey; James B. Featherman, Harry A. Featherman, Kathryn Featherman, John A. Featherman, and Oliver F. Featherman; Rev. Thomas Flowers; John A. Fraser; Charles W. Frost; Paul Fusz; Mahlon Norris Gilbert; Joe Gillies; Joe Gird and Julia Gird; William Graham; Robert (Oscar) Gruwell; William Hammond and Jane Hammond; Pershing Hanifen; Monroe Hanna; C.J. Hansen; Lawrence Hauck (also see Kroger), John C. Hauck, Catherine Hauck, and Dora Hauck; Joseph Henderson and Mary Frances Henderson; Milton Henderson; Clayton Herron and Louise A. Herron; Doris Hoehne; Henry Holland; Alfred Benton Hoover; Hector Horton, Sarah Dore Horton, and B.K. Horton; Addison Sanders Huffman, C.T. Huffman, E.C. “Star” Huffman, and Carroll Huffman; Ella Hughes, Beth Hughes, Thomas M. Hughes, and Solon Hughes; G.O. Humphrey; Joseph A. Hyde; Thomas F. Hynes, Mary Ellen Hynes, Honora Hynes, and William Bryan Hynes; Lottie T. Irvine and Lizzie Irvine; Clifford Jacobson; D.B. Jenkins; Martin Johnson; Victor Albert Johnson; James Jones; William Jones; Rosella Mae Jurin; Melchior Kaiser, Louisa Kaiser, Margaret S. Kaiser, John Kaiser, Mary Kaiser; Agnes Kearns; Green Kirtley; John E. Kolbeck, John H. Kolbeck, Hans J. Kolbeck; Charles Kroger, Anna Kroger; Joseph LaBarge; Edward Lannen; Mabel Lawry and Edward Lawry; Dorothy Owens (Leroy); Allen Lund; John Manning, Martha Manning, Margaret Manning, Thomas Manning, and Leslie Manning; Emile Mazza; Phoebe Wells (Measom); Maxine “Kopie” Fessler and Vinson Bodkin Fessler; Dominick H. Mellen; Josiah N. Merrill; Robert M. Moore; Elizabeth “Little Bit” Tence (Morrison); Donald V. Morse, Evelyn Morse, Frank Morse, Muriel Chartier (Morse), Annabelle Morse, and George W. Morse; Montrose Pallen McArdle; John W. McBee; William G. McCale; Agnes McDonald; Angus A. McDonald and Margaret MacDonald Pike; Clara Dell McDonel and Charles McDonel, Eva McDonel, and Robert McDonel; Angus McIntyre; Karen Genszberger (McKnight); Allen McPhail and Archie McPhail; Roderick D. McRae, William W. McRae, and Eleanor M. McRae; William Neu and Ella Neu; Oreille B. O’Bonnon; Walter E. Olson; Hugh O’Neil and Lydia O’Neil; Kenneth L. Page; James K. Pardee; Captain William H. Parkison, John Theodore Parkison, and Joseph Parkison; Jeanette Argyle Parkinson and Virginia Parkinson; James Patten; John Periman and Clara Periman; F.L. Perkins; Captain George Plaisted; Richard Prince; Joiner W. Mickey (Purtle) and Patrick Purtle; Frank L. Puyear; Milton Ned Raile; John Rains; S.W. Richards; Rev. Francis A. Riggin; John B. Risque; Elizabeth Wood (Rogers); Felicite Sanchez; Dr. Alexander Leonard Saudars; Elizabeth Saurer Ross; Henry Schnepel; Mary Schuh; Catherine Scweikert, Augustus Frederick Shapleigh; John Shively and Sim Shivley; Harvey Showers; John Silverthorne; David Simmons; Eugene Smith and Kate Smith; Ida Sprague; Arthur Stenseth; G.C. Swallow; Gus Teleen; Hiram Thomas; Jeremiah Thomas; Albert Tinklepaugh; Daniel Sylvester Tuttle; Nina E. Tutwiler; W.S. Twohy; John Ulrey; Sue Waldbillig Giles; Thomas F. Ward; E.B. Waterbury; William Weinstein, Harry I. Weinstein, Fessy Weinstein, and Abraham Weinstein; J.K. Wells; Marie Wickberg; Alex Wight and Mary (Wight) Jensen; Mrs. F. Winninghoff, G.A. Winninghoff, Martin Winninghoff, E.R. “Heine” Winninghoff, and Phil Winninghoff; Sarah E. Woody and Judge Frank Woody;
Biographical Notes, Charles D. McLure
Books and Documents
Clippings from Philipsburg Mail
2/2-4 - 3/1
Topical Notes
This folder includes, among other topics: Algonquin Mine; Anaconda; Bancroft; Banks; Cemetery; Census; Churches; County; County Buildings; Deer Lodge; Diamonds; Drummond; Drummond Schools; Fire; Flint Creek Valley; Garnet; First National Bank; Schools; Madison Street Bridge; Radersburg; Seeley old-timer; Broadwater Hotel; Missoula; Berkeley Open Pit; Garnet; Beartown; Bearmouth; Black Pine Lookout; Philipsburg; Daly Mansion; Big Hole Battle; Gold Coin Mine; Granite; Granite Stories; Granite Town Site; Granite Mine; Hope Mine; Incorporations; Labor; Licenses; Maps; Masonic Lodge; Miscellaneous mines; Mining history; Mining law; Mullan; New Chicago; National Register; Newspapers; Philipsburg history; Pioneers; Townsites; Probate records; Public health; Ranching; Power plant; Saint Louis and Montana Mining Company; Sapphires; Schools; Stages; Toll bridges; Toll roads; Trout.

Series II:  Writings, 1980-1993Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Flint Chips: Tales of the Flint Creek Valley (177 columns published in the Philipsburg Mail)
Flint Chips, volumes 1-3
A Flint Creek Chronology, 1865-1869
History of the Blewett Mining District, Chelan County, Washington