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Smith, Tim
Tim Smith Moving Image Collection
1968/1982 (inclusive)
41 film reels, ()
Collection Number
Coll 803
The collection includes complete short films, in-progress films, and experimental films by Portland, Oregon filmmaker Tim Smith. Many of the films were filmed in Portland, Oregon.
Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
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Smith was one of five children born to Lendon Howard Smith (1921-2001), a nationally recognized pediatrician, author, and television personality known as “The Children’s Doctor,” and Julie Starheim who had worked as a nurse. Smith and his siblings grew up in Portland, Oregon.

Smith became interested in making films in 1967 and began seriously making films in 1968. Most of Smith’s short films were filmed using a hand spring wound Bolex H16 paired with an assortment of lenses. Smith’s films typically satirize a type of film, commercial, or joke. The majority of Smith's films were filmed in Portland, Oregon and frequently feature several of Smith's family members, including his father. Matt Groening was an occasional collaborator with Smith and acted in one of the films.

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The collection contains satirical and comedic short films and early film experiments.

The collection includes 12 complete films, various film and audio elements, and paper materials. Formats include 16 mm film and paper.

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Container(s) Description Dates
MI 09630 The Case of the Kitchen Killer. 21 minutes, 26 seconds. Color. By Tim Smith. Film is a parody of crime dramas and examines the psychological reasons for committing crime. According to Smith, the film was inspired by actor and comedian Pat McCormick’s (1927-2005) story about being frightened by the approach of a man wielding a pair of kitchen tongs in the men’s restroom at the Grand Central Station in New York City. The cast includes Smith’s father, Dr. Lendon H. Smith. Projection Print: MI 09630. Additional elements in collection. 1976
MI 09632 Hyperactivity: The Facts. 13 minutes, 26 seconds. Color. By Tim Smith. Film examines the impact diet has on the behavior of children and showcases the ideas and theories of Smith’s father, Dr. Lendon H. Smith, who also stars in the film. Projection Print: MI 09632. Additional elements in collection. 1982
MI 09634 Drugs: Killers or Dillers? 9 minutes, 31 seconds. Color. By Tim Smith and Matt Groening. Film parodies anti-drug films of the 1950s and 60s and was Smith’s first color film project. Projection Print: MI 09634. Additional elements in collection. 1972
MI 09638 This is Portland. 6 minutes, 27 seconds. Black and white. By Tim Smith. Film is a travelogue parody. According to Smith, the film was inspired by a couple known as Don and Bettina who did a series of travelogues. Projection Prints: MI 09638 and 09639. Additional elements in collection. 1971
MI 09641 The Salmon Street Saga. Black and white. 5 minutes, 50 seconds. By Tim Smith. Film follows a group of young men as they drive cars and motorcycles around Portland, form a gang, and recruit a new member. Soundtrack features “The Scavenger” by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones and “Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots” by The Cheers. The cast includes Matt Groening. Projection Print: MI 09641. 1970
MI 09642 Infernal Voyage. 11 minutes, 26 seconds. Color. By Tim Smith. Film is a study about inattention to the surrounding environment and unreasonable expectations. The film was shot in France. According to Smith, the film is a tribute to Jacques Tati (1907-1982), and he considers this his best film. In 1981, the film placed 6th at the 1981 Ann Arbor Film Festival and placed in the top ten at the Sinking Creek Independent Film Festival. The cast includes Smith’s father, Dr. Lendon H. Smith. Projection Print: MI 09642. Additional elements in collection. 1980
MI 09646 The Orange, Irritation and Frustration, Come and Get It. Color. 11 minutes, 5 seconds. By Tim Smith. Three comedic short films. In “The Orange” a young boy attempts to eat an orange, which escapes and leads him on a chase through town. “Irritation and Frustration” is a series of vignettes where the characters experience problems doing average daily activities. “Come and Get It” is a series of vignettes parodying different eating habits. Projection Print: MI 09646. 1968
MI 09647 [Assorted] Early Films. Color, Black and white. By Tim Smith. These 13 early films are a mix of home movies, film experiments, and alternate versions of completed films. Alternate versions include "Irritation and Frustration" and "Come and Get It". undated

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  • Subject Terms :
  • satire
  • Personal Names :
  • Groening, Matt
  • Smith, Lendon H., 1921-2001
  • Smith, Tim
  • Smith, Tim--Archives
  • Geographical Names :
  • Oregon
  • Portland, (Or.)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Motion pictures
  • Short films
  • Occupations :
  • Independent filmmakers