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Brimhall, Dean R.
Dean R. Brimhall photograph collection
1886-1972 (inclusive)
3 boxes
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The Dean R. Brimhall photograph collection contains portraits of Dean Brimhall and of members of his family, photographs of activities of Utah Pacific Airways, and of the Works Progress Administration exhibit building in Washington, D.C. (1940). The collection also contains photographs of petroglyphs and rock paintings and photographs of scenic views taken by Dean Brimhall on various camping trips.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
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University of Utah
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Brimhall was director of research of the Civil Aeronautics administration, was active in the Work Progress Administration during the 1930s, and was once president of Utah Pacific Airways. His wife, Lila Eccles Brimhall, was active in Utah drama and was a professor of speech and drama at the University of Utah. Brimhall's photographs include family portraits and pictures of his associations with the CAA, the WPA, and Utah Pacific Airways. Also included are examples of petroglyphs and pictographs in southern Utah and Brimhall and friends on hiking and cross-country ski tours.

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Audio-visual materials were transferred to the Dean Brimhall audio-visual collection (A0473).

Manuscript materials were transferred to the Deam R. Brimhall papers (MS 0114).

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Dean R. Brimhall Photographs of Work, Family, and RecreationReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Dean R. Brimhall
  • 1-2: Dean R. Brimhall
  • 3: Washington Press photo of Dean R. Brimhall
  • 4: Painting of Dean R. Brimhall, 1958
  • 5: Dean R. Brimhall
  • 6: Dean R. Brimhall, 1964
  • 7: Dean R. Brimhall looking at Southern Utah desert
  • 8: Dean R. Brimhall at his home in Fruita, Utah-Capitol Reef National Monument
1 2
Dean R. Brimhall and other people
  • 9: Dean R. Brimhall and his wife Lila Eccles Brimhall
  • 10: Dean, Lila and son McKeen Brimhall along with two unidentified friends
  • 11: Dean, Lila and son McKeen Brimhall with two young boys named Victor and Phillip at snowslide up Provo Canyon, February 16, 1929
  • 12: Dean R. Brimhall, McKeen Brimhall and Coleen Keeler
  • 13-14: Dean and Lila Brimhall with two friends
  • 15: Dean R. Brimhall and the George H. Brimhall family
  • 16: Dean R. Brimhall with pilots Ernie Longbrake and Vern Carler along with unidentified photographer and butcher, 1931
  • 17-18: Dean R. Brimhall with unidentified group
  • 19: Dean R. Brimhall and Art Mortenson on a fishing trip on the Salmon River in Idaho. Picture of airplane in background
  • 20: Dean R. Brimhall with a group at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas
  • 21: Dean R. Brimhall receiving Service Award of the United States Department of Commerce (Gold Medal) from Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyers, February 19, 1952
  • 22: Dean R. Brimhall listening to address given by Utah Governor Calvin Rampton. Senator Frank E. Moss (Utah) is also seated on the stand
  • 23: Dean R. Brimhall seated with group attending the speech given by Governor Calvin L. Rampton
1 3
Dean R. Brimhall with the Civil Aeronautics Administration
  • 24: CAA photo-Dr. M. S. Viteles, Chairman Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots, University of Pennsylvania. Dean R. Brimhall seated upper far right
  • 25: CAA Photo Dr. M. S. Viteles. Chairman Committee of Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots, University of Pennsylvania
  • 26: CAA Photo Major General D. W. N. Grant, Air Surgeon, Headquarters, Army-Air Force
  • 27: CAA Photo Dr. Dean R. Brimhall
  • 28: CAA Photo Commadore C. Adams. Chief Division of Aviation Medical Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. United States Navy. Dean R. Brimhall seated far right
  • 29: CAA Photo Dr. R. Y. Walker, University of Tennessee gave report on current research at the Institute of Aviation Psychology
  • 30: CAA Photo Dr. W. R. Miles gave report of design of a study on the relationships between visual measures and flight performance
  • 31: CAA Photo Dr. F. N. Law gave report on effect of training on Acuity of Peripheral Vision
  • 32: CAA Photo Dr. Dean R. Brimhall and Dr. Morris S. Viteles Chairman Committee in Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots
  • 33: CAA Photo C. I. Stanton gave address of welcome for CAA
  • 34: CAA Photo Dr. Carmicheal, Chairman of Anthropology and Psychology, gave address of welcome for National Council
  • 35: CAA Photo Raymond Fransen gave report on study of fatal and near fatal airplane accidents. The study was made by Dr. Brimhall and Dr. Fransen
  • 36: CAA Photo Non-Scheduled Flying Advisory Committee meeting in the Administrator's office, Commerce Building, Washington D. C., March 24, 1949. Dean R. Brimhall seated far right
1 4
Family Photographs
  • 37: Lila Brimhall with daughter Frances Brimhall
  • 38: Lila Brimhall with Frances Brimhall at age four months
  • 39-41: Lila Brimhall with France Brimhall
  • 42: Lila Brimhall, McKeen Brimhall and unidentified person
  • 43: Lila Brimhall with unidentified friend on a picnic
  • 44: Lila Brimhall with friend
  • 45: Lila Brimhall in front of 1920 automobile
  • 46: Lila and McKeen Brimhall standing by a car in Colorado near Craig and California Park, Summer 1921
  • 47: McKeen Brimhall on the Kanses Prairie in late summer of 1921. Old Automobile is in the background
  • 48: McKeen Brimhall standing by an automobile, 1920s
  • 49-56: McKeen Brimhall at age ten months
  • 57: McKeen Brimhall about age seven, 1925
  • 58-60: Frances Brimhall as a baby
  • 61: George H. Brimhall (Dean's Father) holding Frances Brimhall
  • 62: Frances Brimhall as a baby
  • 63-64: Frances Brimhall at age two of three
  • 65: George H. Brimhall with David Starr Jordan, September 1912
  • 66: George H. Brimhall and Flora R. Brimhall (Dean's Mother)
  • 67: Wells L. Brimhall (Dean's Brother) warming his hands over an unlit fire
  • 68: Smoot Brimhall, Victor Brimhall and Billy Mangum at 217 Redondo Avenue, Long Beach, California, December 25, 1928
  • 69: Smoot Brimhall with bull elk that he shot, 1933
  • 70: Smoot, McKeen, Bob, Vick and Phillip Brimhall at snowslide in Provo Canyon, February 16, 1929
  • 71: Unidentified person at snowslide, Provo Canyon, February 16, 1929
1 5
Family pictures-Trip east with Lila and McKeen Brimhall
  • 72: Lila Brimhall
  • 73: Lila and Mckeen Brinhall.
  • 74: Dean, Lila and McKeen Brimhall riding horses
  • 75-76: Lila and McKeen Brimhall posed with Dean's Ford
  • 77: Dean, Lila and McKeen Brimhall riding horses
  • 78: Lila Brimhall
  • 79-80: Dean, Lila and McKeen Brimhall riding horses
  • 81-82: Lila and McKeen Brimhall riding horses
  • 83: Unidentified riders on horse
  • 84: Lila and McKeen Brimhall in campground
  • 85-86: Lila and McKeen Brimhall by an old mine
  • 87: Lila Brimhall
  • 88: Lila and McKeen Brimhall
  • 89: Dinosaur quarry
  • 90: Photograph of a cabin
1 6
Photographs of other people
  • 91: Ned Chafen riding his horse by "the sentenals" in Southern Utah
  • 92-93: Ned Chafen Mounted on his horse "Slow Foot"
  • 94: Ned Chafen at Chitten Camp. Upper right of photographs is where Jack Butler, Ella Butler and other outlaws spent the winter of 1897
  • 95: Harry L. Hopkins WPA Administrator and advisor to President Franklin D. Rooselvelt
  • 96: Ranch Kimball Family, 1940-1941
  • 97: Kermit McKay, 1945
  • 98: Kermit McKay and Stan Cavill showing their duck limits
  • 99: Rear-Admiral Peary, Vilhjalmer Stefansson and Major-General A. W. Greeley a triumvirate on polar exploration
  • 100: Grandchildren
  • 101: George Whitmore at Whitmore Bridge in Range Canyon
  • 102: Bill Racy at "The Totem Pole, Latente Butte is in the background"
1 7
Utah Pacific Airways
  • 103: Utah Pacific Airways Hanger, Ogden, Utah, 1937
  • 104: Art Mortenson with his Airplane on skis and his coyote skins
  • 105: View of country flown over to get to fishing places
  • 106: View of airplane being hoisted onto railroad trussle. Photograph taken by Pilot Kermit McKay
1 8
Works Progress Administration in Utah
  • 107: WPA women trainees doing "Machine Operation" at West High School, Salt Lake City, Utah, May 20, 1942
  • 108: Woman working for the WPA in Utah, 1942
  • 109-111: WPA Defense Job Training in Utah. Tools made by Utah Vocational Training Schools, 1942
1 9-15
Works Progress Administration-Exhibit Building, Washington D. C.
  • 112-201: Works Progress Administration-Exhibit Building, Washington D. C., 1940.
1 16
Photographs of Indian pictographs and petroglyphs
  • 202-204: Pictographs, photographed by Elfriede Tingleaf, 1970
  • 205-207: Pictographs inside of the mouth of Horse Canyon, 1966
  • 208-211: Pictographs photographed by Al Biggs of Riverside, Washington, March 8, 1970
  • 212-216: Pictographs photographed by Dr. John J. Crawley in Canyon de Chelly
  • 217: Pictographs photographed by C. Grant in La Pentada Sonora, Mexico
  • 218-219: Pictographs-Hunting scenenon the right bank of the Colorado River downstream from Moab, Utah
  • 220: Pictographs just below the mouth of Escalante River, now buried by Lake Powell. Photographed by Stephen and Howard Hughes, 1960
  • 221: Ancient petroglyphs, Dry Fork Canyon near Vernal, Utah. Height of main figure, about nine feet. Photographed by Howard P. Hughes
  • 222: Petroglyphs in Nine Mile Canyon, a tributary of the Green River in Utah. Unique feature is the human figures that apparently carry baskets on their heads. Also depicted are a bowman, sheep, scorpion and man holding shield. Photographs by Steven and Howard Hughes
  • 223: Cliff dwelling, Grand Gulch, Utah. South of Natural Bridges area. Photographs and petroglyphs are found
  • 224: Cliffs in Capitol Reef area of Southern Utah. Red arrow points to area where pictographs and petroglyphs are found
  • 225: Petroglyphs located in Capitol Reef Area of Southern, Utah
  • 226: Cliff wall where pictographs are found. Photograph taken in Capitol Reef area of Southern Utah
1 17
Photographs of buildings and houses
  • 227-229: George H. Brimhall home in Provo, Utah
  • 230: George H. Brimhall home in Spanish Fork, Utah
  • 231: Barn built by George H. Brimhall in Spanish Fork, Utah
  • 232: Home of James Robertson (Dean's grandfather) in Spanish Fork, Utah
  • 233: Old Home built in early Utah period
  • 234-235: Orrin Porter Rockwell's house
  • 236: Sagebrush growing in the area of Porter Rockwell's house
  • 237: Spanish Fork Young Man's Academy Building
  • 238: Road signs at the end of the paved road before entering the Capitol Reef and Fruita, Utah
1 18
  • 239: Falcon
1 19
Scenic areas
  • 240: Geyser at Yellowstone Park
  • 241: Mount Timpanogos
  • 242: Southern Utah desert, 1966
  • 243-245: Doll House area in Southern Utah
  • 246: Dean R. Brimhall in scenic area of Southern Utah
  • 247: Southern Utah around Moab and Capitol Reef area
  • 248: Maze area east of Peter Mesa
  • 249: Candle Stack Tower
1 20
Photographs of hiking trips
  • 250: Dean R. Brimhall looking northwest from the top of Mount Timpanogos, February 19, 1916
  • 251: View from Mount Timpanogos
  • 252: View of the "Slides" on Mount Timpanogos.
  • 253: L. H. Hardy on top of Mount Timpanogos
  • 254: View from summit of Mount Timpanogos
  • 255: Looking along ridge of Mount Timpanogos
  • 256: Ridge of Mount Timpanogos
  • 257: Dean R. Brimhall climbing across snow basin on Mount Timpanogos
  • 258: View from Mount Timpanogos
  • 259: Dean R. Brimhall
  • 260: Le Grand Hardy at Aspen Grove area, February 19, 1916
  • 261: View of Springville Rock Canyon, Utah, 1921
  • 262: View of Cascade Mountain and Provo Peak from the top of Little Mountain, 1921. Lynn Wakefield and Joe Nelson shown in foreground
  • 263: The St. Elais ice cap
  • 264: Wilderness of the St. Elias mountain range
  • 265: Hubbard glacier and Yukutat Bay
  • 266: Eastern cliff of Mount Logan
  • 267: Hills east of Ice Bay
  • 268: Mount Logan from the east showing valley of Logan glacier
  • 269: Dean R. Brimhall and unidentified friend at Long's Peak near Parawan, Utah
  • 270: Dean R. Brimhall looking up Long's Peak
  • 271: Dean R. Brimhall and unidentified friend climbing Long's Peak
  • 272: Unidentified friend of Dean R. Brimhall at the summit of Long's Peak
  • 273-275: Long's Peak
  • 276: Long's Peak Trail
  • 277: Dean R. Brimhall standing by a car in Long's Peak area
  • 278: Mount Watson in background behind Washington Lake Dam
  • 279: Loading pit at Washington Lake, September 1911
  • 280: Cottin Mountain beyond Trial Lake
  • 281: View from the top of Provo Peak
1 21
Photographs of hiking trips
  • 282: Springville Rock Canyon, Spring of 1921. Ruddy Biddolph in photograph
  • 283: Dean R. Brimhall climbing a ridge near Buckley's Mine, Spring of 1921
  • 284: Ruddy Biddolph at Little Rock Canyon, Utah, 1921.
  • 285: Natural bridge in Springville Little Rock Canyon, Utah, 1921
  • 286: Ruddy Biddolph at Spring Rock Canyon, Utah, 1921
  • 287: Springville Rock Canyon, 1921
  • 288: In Springville Rock Canyon near Buckler's Mine looking toward Provo Peak
  • 289: Mount Baldy
  • 290: The Devil's Portage
  • 291: The Devil's Portage, "L'Islet Falls"
  • 292: Manuau River flowing into Peribouhia
  • 293: Chutes of the Peribouhia
  • 294: High banks and heavy wind on the Peribouhia
  • 295: Exploration trip for Timpanogos trip on Little Mountain, January 29, 1921. Dean R. Brimhall on the right
  • 296-305: Mount Timpanogos
  • 306-307: Dean R. Brimhall on Mount Timpanogos trip, 1921
  • 308: Washington Lake Dam, September 1911
  • 309: Bridel Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah, February 16, 1929
  • 310: Near the head of Slide Canyon, Provo Lake in the distance
  • 311-313: Dean R. Brimhall at Maple Flat, January 15, 1920
  • 314: "Cobra Rock" and "The Sailor." This formation is located at the south end of "Andy Miller" flats
  • 315: Bulls fighting at Water Hole Flat
  • 316: Part of the "Finns on Big Sand Tank Canyon"
1 22
Hunting photographs with Utah Pacific Airways
  • 317: Ernie Longbreak, Vern Carter, Jack Wheelright, and Dean Brimhall with dead buffalo on Antelope Island, circa 1931
  • 318: Hauling the buffalo home by airplane
  • 319: Hunters and dead deer hanging on plane
  • 320-321: Utah Pacific Airways-plane and hanger
  • 322-323: Utah Pacific Airways-aerial views
  • 324: Frank B. Smith-Scotty's father-in-law (Neg)

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
2 1
Dean R. Brimhall and Family
  • 1-5: Dean R. Brimhall and family
2 2
Mission to Germany
  • 1-7: Dean R. Brimhall L.D.S. mission to Germany
2 3
Fawn Brodie
  • 1-13: Fawn Brodie
2 4
Mountain Ranges and Mountaineering
  • 1-28: Mountain Ranges and Mountaineering
2 5
Maze drawings
  • 1-3: Canyonlands, the Maze area, drawings
2 6
Homestead and hunting
  • 1-13: Homestead cabin and hunting in Utah County
2 7
Mountains in Utah
  • 1-64: Twin Peaks, Provo Peak, Little Mountain
2 8
  • 1-4: Automobiles, circa 1920s
2 9
Southern Utah
  • 1-9: Capitol Reef, Fruita and Mañana Farm
2 10
  • 1-4: Negatives
2 11
Timp's first winter defeat album
  • 1-47: Timpanogos hike, circa 1915-1916

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
2 1
  • 1: Dean R. Brimhall, photo by Walk Treadwell
  • 1: Dean R. Brimhall, top of Timpanogos, 1916, photo by Dr. LeGrande Hardy

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  • Petroglyphs--Utah--Photographs
  • Rock paintings--Utah--Photographs

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  • United States.Works Progress Administration--History--Photographs
  • Utah Pacific Airways--History--Photographs

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  • West (U.S.)--Photographs

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  • Photographic prints--1912-1964
  • Portrait photographs--1912-1964